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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – tell miami pimp that this is my corner…he is trying to take bidness away from me….make him go over a few blocks

  2. nice to see Zuccarello finally get called up. Should have been called up when Cally went out in the first place…

  3. How is Zuccarello going to get into the flow of a game by playing sparingly on the PP? Give the guy a chance, and if he doesn’t do much for 4 or 5 games, then don’t use him as much.

  4. Rangers West on

    Torts said there were a few guys they were talking about at the whale. Any ideas as to who else they talked about?

  5. eddie eddie eddie March 11th, 2012 at 5:17 pm e

    read about my thoughts on tonights game….only $10

    You mean, tonight’s Must-win game.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – tonight’s game is virtually, in every respect, nearly a must win game….and btw, that is $10

    please send a money order to e3, care of, “why didnt i think of this idea sooner, i will be rich by middle of next week”

  7. Jokes aside, the next 2 games are must wins against 2 non-playoff teams. I’m sure people will disagree, but it’s “go time.”

    Really, though, what’s the point of MZA being up if they’re not going to give the kid a shot to play regular shifts?

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    that will be $10 Gmen – btw, for additional $5, read about brandon jacobs getting released…..jerry reese JUST called me and told me…

  9. I guess the point is, with Callahan out they need another forward who can play a little bit. And they weren’t 100 percent sure Dubinsky would play tonight, so they needed another forward here, period.

  10. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – would you ask torts in the post game presser if he would like to subscribe to my blurbs on all things rangers?….thx, there is $2 in it for you

  11. Well, the goal is to have Lundqvist play 60-62, I think, and he’s played 50, so four or five for Biron.

    Probably depends on what the standings look like that final week, too.

  12. Carp,
    I know that I’m not a big contributor on this blog, and I do have a descent, if not great sense of humor, but I regret that I mention and obviously started “must win” crap few games ago, which became a subject of sarcastic jokes. But these funny jokes about it are out of the context of my post. Try to clear my position and probably misused term “must”. What I meant at that time, was that after two lost games in a raw, the next one is a”must win” game not because of standing (which I specifically mentioned), but for the team’s collective psyche, to continue successful run and to prevent loss of confidence and healthy arrogance about themselves, which I believe itself is a huge psychological contributor in winning strikes and, as a result, to prevent some slide down, associated with it, which then not easy to stop. I do believe that it is important for the team this symbolic “not more than 2 lost games in a raw “notion. Maybe I overrate psychological factor, but being played plenty of hockey myself, I know how emotional this game is and how collective infusion of adrenalin from emotional state lead directly to physical results. As for the team, I’m more than satisfied by this season, no matter what happened in future – it will be objective reflection of real team condition and ability. LGR!!!

  13. 4ever

    The whole “must win” thing has been around longer than a week. Most of it is a friendly poke at “Must win” Eric, who I believe had Game #2 of the entire season down as a must win.

  14. 4ever – it’s mostly used to poke fun at Capt. Pessimism, eric. It’s fine if some people truly believe must win games exist. I personally think that there is only one must-win situation, Game 7.

  15. 4ever, you weren’t the only one to use “must-win” this week. That’s why it’s become a source of humor.

    Manny, looks like Scott, provided Dubinsky gets through the warmup OK.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – you grew up playing chess with GM Misha Tal – you are on a pedestal as far as I am concerned….LW is correct about eric……but i began poking fun with “must win” because i am a lunatic and I wasn’t even aware that you said something to the effect……

  17. Hahaha. Good point, Carp. I guess those games were must wins in the same way a Game 7 would be. Win or your out type games. Save your skin games.

    Carp – is that the largest size difference ever for a substitute player?

  18. with the way Pittsburgh is playing and with Crosby’s impending return, the Rangers absolutely need to pick their game up and build back their lead.

    If we finish as the #4/5 then there is a good chance we don’t even win a round and that would be terrible given where we were in the standings just a few games ago…

  19. “Must-win” has been around the blog for years, 4ever….as long as trade everybody. And longer than “fire Torts!”

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    the first period is a must have period…the rangers need to be ahead after 1!!!!!

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – did you know that 4ever is from Riga?….and whose bro gre up with Misha Tal?…..THis place is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  22. Am I alone, who feel shame when John “Gianome” ask players this silliest questions?

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