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John Tortorella:


Brad Richards:


Marian Gaborik:


Brian Boyle:


Henrik Lundqvist:




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  1. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    sorry Lloyd, was not ignoring you, gotta get some veggies cut up and food cooked for lunch tomorrow.

    That Jets lost was a heartbreaker. I’ve only owned 2 football jersey’s in my life (typically they were both gifts lol) and Chad’s is the only one I still have. SOOO freakin close.

    I truly believe the Rangers WILL beat the Pens on Thursday, just a gut feeling.

  2. Great ending to a long weekend! Ranger wins, Bonnies win the A10 Tourney and are dancing on Friday. All after a wonderful day in Nashvegas with Linda on Saturday.

    I think I shall go pass out now. No more negative nancies for a day! Laters gang!

  3. Hobbit Wizard brought his magic last night.

    His vision on the ice during the PP was fun to watch. Hope he stays for a while!!

  4. zucc gets next game. if cally is back rupp or mitchell go out…..

    see what zucc can do and go from there. nice win. got zero breaks, ref’s sucked(prust pantom call) and the OT call was a penalty.

    henrik is in a little funk maybe, Rangers dominated the game and deserved the 2 points.

    Tavares is a monster…The Islanders secondary players stink considering most of them are first round picks; niedereitter, okposo, bailey, etc….how many years of stinking before your team is good edmonton and the islanders??????????

  5. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Hank is tired from late night wings, ice cream and pickle runs for his wife.

  6. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    GySgt, I’d like to buy a hyphen

    Have a great night everyone! 2 points so we keep all the Boneheads until Tuesday!

  7. would not surprise me at all if Callahan returns on Tuesday and Zuccarello gets scratched. evidently, Mike Rupp’s presence in the locker room is far more impressive than his presence on the ice.

  8. but realistically, either Mitchell or Rupp could stop playing and hardly anyone would notice

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