Guest blogger Ted Smith: Rangers-Blackhawks in review


A Tough Night in Chi-Town.


1) Welp, it’s official. Your 2011-2012 Rangers have finally hit a slump. First time this season the Rangers have lost 3 in a row in regulation. It was bound to happen. We all know every team has that one time of the year when nothing is going right and this is ours.

2) But what I think we are all concerned about is the timing of this one.  I am a huge Tortorella fan, but I have to disagree with his assessment that this is a good time of the season to hit a losing streak. I don’t want encourage the “chicken littles” or incite gloom-and-doom, but I think this might actually be the worst time to lose. Any way you slice it, a team wants to be playing its best hockey at the end of the season. We need to enter the playoffs confident. Luckily, there’s still time to right this ship and there’s 15 games to catch fire.

3) The Rangers are being too casual clearing the zone lately. The D are getting the puck in the corner with time and space for a clear, but they’re doing so without any authority. We need to not only send that puck out, but send it out hard and fast. Take the icing, it doesn’t matter. Just get the damn thing out of danger.

4) Stu Bickel. Tough game, buddy. He was on the ice for the first Blackhawk goal, as well as the third, which really hurt. On the first, he had the opportunity to get control of the puck as it was being rimmed around to the point. He was unable to do so, and before we knew it the puck was in the back of our net. On the third, he made that errant hand-pass behind the net and boom, in the blink of an eye, Blackhawk goal and that God-awful song “Chelsea Daggar” blaring. I love his willingness to stick up for his teammates, but he hurt us tonight.

5) Ansimov played a strong game. Generating offense and lugging the puck up the ice. This season he has done a better job of keeping his head up when he enters the offensive zone, too. We haven’t seen him get rocked yet crossing the blueline, which he’s usually good for at least twice a year. For such an unassuming Russian, he really let’s it all go when he scores too. Celebrations we haven’t seen since the days of Vinny Prospal, who Torts once said “had the enthusiasm of little kid.” Keep it up Artie, as long as you don’t go shooting up the joint.

6) Beautiful tic-tac-toe from Kane to Hossa to Sharp. They make it look so easy, while when the Rangers score, they have to kill themselves in the process. That concerns me.

7) Speaking of hard work, the Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust line was the Rangers’ best tonight. Banging bodies and grinding in the corners. Nothing pretty, just wearing the other team’s D down like it’s their job. Well, it is their job. Good for Prust getting rewarded with a well-deserved goal. They can’t be our best line, though.

8) I counted 4 scoring chances for Mitchell and 4 missed nets. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight. Maybe it was that Chicago wind.

9) Too little, too late from Broadway Brad Richards. He’s underperforming and we need him now. I didn’t notice him tonight other than when he scored the third goal. Well, I didn’t notice him as much as I should notice a former Conn Smythe winner.

10) Last night was the third game in a row where the Rangers have lost the game in the third period. The fatigue and wear-and-tear of the season is setting in, and we’ve been dozing off in those last 20 minutes recently.

11) If Wojtek Wolski had scored in the shootout for the Panthers tonight, the Penguins might have been denied a point, and the Rangers would have some more breathing room right now. Thanks for nothing Wojtek.

12) Lastly, I would like to thank Carp for writing an awesome blog that we all love, and for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to give a big shout-out to all the Ranger fans out there, my good friends and everyone reading this, and most importantly, to “cell phone” boy. Bring on the playoffs.

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My three Rangers Stars:
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. At the risk of sounding like an optimist- this one looked like the last game of a losing streak. Probably played well enough to win- just the weight of the previous couple of games and wear of the season got them.

  2. I avoided the 700+ comments in the game post. I hope no one jumped off a ledge or bridge.
    How did the Rangers look in the 2nd half of the 3rd period? I had to get out of the house for awhile. Thought about watching the entire 3rd on DVR today, but it will probably just piss me off, so I’m moving ahead to the Icelanders.
    Starting last night, I predicted 5-2-1 in their next 8, so they have a lot of work to do on this 7-game home stand. They have to get these first 2 against non-playoff teams. I know Carolina is not technically out of it, nor are the Fish Sticks, but realistically, both are not making the post season.
    Any word on Del Zotto, just a maintenance day, or had a setback with the hip?

    I still don’t understand why they won’t at least try to add a spark and let MZA play. Tortorella changes lines like water, so what’s the hurt in giving this kid another shot for the at least 10 games, and putting one of their goons in the press box?

  3. On their way to winning the cup last year, Bruins went 1-3-3 during a stretch in March.

    Blackhawks, cup winners year before, went 3-6-2 during a stretch in March.

    Much as there is a lot to appreciate about this Ranger team I don’t think they are winning the cup. But it’s not because they’re in a slump in March.

  4. Czechthemout!!! on


    The Rangers are not winning the cup because the have no offense and no power play.

  5. Czechthemout!!! on

    They also are not playing enough goons in there as well. I could at least handle it better I suppose if one of these goons would ever win a fight.

  6. Czheck, Sather had a chance to address those concerns at the deadline and he blew it. I’m sure there’s great chemistry though.

  7. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Let’s not leave out Staal , who often gets a free pass.. he was horrendous,ok awful.

    What looks bad for NY is that the other teams are thriving pens, devs, while the NYR start to swoon.

    Lack of scoring will be their the playoffs

  8. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree on Staal. He takes too long to make a desicision and than even longer to do something with the puck. He is an overrated turnover machine.


    Sather did not want to part with another one of his overrated dmen in MDZ, who is adequate on defense, is nothing more than decent outlet passer who no shot from the point.

  9. Watch the Tape on

    Czech – did you miss Rupp smashing overhand rights last night during his fight? Go to hockey to see replay if need be

  10. I often type on

    Bickel and the rest of the D are challenged moving puck out because certain forwards are making horrible plays in moving the puck out, specifically Prusty who rarely picks the puck off the boards cleanly and passes on the tape to the forward.

  11. Brad Richards on

    Really, really excited about playing here the next SEVEN seasons.

    How you like me now?

  12. Ya. how’s that chemistry workin for ya.

    This is a ok time for this losing streak. Ample time to right the ship. I for one am glad they are keeping the afterburners off til PO time.
    the last five games have ment absolutely nothing…

  13. Dare I bring up the notorious “passing game” again?Oh yeah.And don’t you just love those 80 yard down field passes to somebody, anybody?

    It is of course a method of not having to skate, but who’s gonna point any fingers in this mele eh?

    You do know that this is not something that just happened. It’s been coming for some time now and now it has become embedded in their
    DNA. Their passing game is infantile and always has been. And until they get some coaches who know how to teach this and show them how to advance a puck up ice while maintaining control of it….they’re still going to stumble their way up ice chasing a puck that they no longer have and then look around in wonderment with expressions like ” Wha’ Hoppn?”

    I know that I/ve been a voice crying in the wilderness on a single theme, but I cain’t hep it. I am amazed that they are this far along in top slot…truly amazed.

    I don’t know if this is carved in stone somewhere, but
    somehow some way some intelligence has to be pounded in to some cranial matter on this team…starting with the coaches. Like asking the question, “When you see that something doesn;t work…why keep doing it? Loooong uncontrollable passes…that will be their epitaph if they lose it all. And it’s a’ comin. Just around the bend.

  14. The fatigue excuse is nonsense. The Rangers haven’t played any more games than anybody else. Are the Rangers the only team playing games and the other teams are just resting up preparing for them?

  15. Morning all,

    Ted – fine job on your post.

    There are ebbs and flows in seasons as well as games.

    Only the first time the Rangers have lost 3 in a row in regulation.

    But – the seven-game home stand starts tomorrow and no better opponents to kick it off than the Islanders.

    Better get used to adversity folks, because the Rangers will certainly face some of it in the play-ons.

    Remember, the Bruins lost the first two games of their opening-round series to Montreal last season – at home! And look what happened there.

  16. I don’t know whether it is Tortorella, because I’m no judge of bench coaches. That’s a specific task and skill, but when I use the word “coaches” I’m not picking out Torts, it’s the “Instructionaries” ***that are with them day in, day out, the teaching and correcting aspect of the game and what goes on thruout their “practices”, because it sure looks like they must practice something that is flawed…and they’ve learned it well.

    ***The ones who are charged with taking these “skulls full of Mush” and make hockey players of them. As old man Kingsfield would have put it.

  17. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Well done Ted!

    Points 3 ,5 and 10 stood out for me.

    AB, glad I was not the only one who thought that

    Gmen, Mickey and I were discussing the MZA thing a bit last after the previous game. No, he’s not the saviour, yes he does have some skills. Why the hell not bring him up? Obviously the ‘chemistry’ is suffering a bit lately, maybe he brings a little pop to it for a few games.

    I will not let this losing streak ruin my day in Nashville!

  18. guest bloggers stink on

    I can see that Fran knows hockey.

    As far as the guest bloggers, well you know my feelings about that.

  19. Manny Astronomo on

    Thanks, Ted!

    Agreed- Ben. This is annoying but it doesn’t spell the end or doom and gloom. Giving up two goals in 1 Minute and 2 Seconds or whatever it was really depressed me and after slamming my fist into a wall I realized it wasn’t the end of the world. Let’s just win a few on this homestand (especially against the Pens).

    Remember, at one point we had a 1 point lead. We expanded it to about 10 because other teams were mired in losing slumps. Now we have to prove how good we are by cutting this one off at 3 and turning it all around.

  20. the collapse of the div title is upon us. no doubt crosby and company take the lead thurs night in the garden.

    the pp is a disgrace and im so sick of the saying we got chances we moved it better. 0-3 thats the bottom line last night. a pp goal up 1-0 gives you a 2-0 lead in 2nd per instead 2 min later hawks tie it 1-1.

    no gamebreakers. rupp scott are useless and if stu bickel is playing extended mins you might as well blow up this season one that will find us 4th or 5th and who knows what to expect from there.

    the crazy thing would be to blow home ice advantage all together.

    5-2 homestand nothing less is a success

  21. Manny Astronomo on

    I think the person I most wish was a Ranger is Marian Hossa. (This one – not the other one) Then we would have two slovaks named Marian.

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Ted, thanks for helping.
    Watched it late last night, probably won’t go back to scroll through the Go Time thread. Anyone suicidal? :-)

    I, too, think this game looked like they are on the way out of this rough patch. Admittedly, I didn’t think it would be this game, but it sure looked like they had their intensity back. Remains to be seen whether they’re truly out of this slump. I’m not sure why it’s a bad timing to have it now, unless you expect it to continue for 6 weeks or so. I think they’ll be fine. Realize this, they were gaining all these points while Pittsburgh, Boston, NJ, etc. we’re all going through their respective rough patches. Remains to be seen whether the Rangers accumulated enough points to maintain their position, but they sure are in a good spot to do it.

    McD was our best defenseman by far, but I actually thought that Bickel, despite a couple of mistakes mentioned by Ted, had a very solid game. I believe he went up a notch on the Torts list, and was given more ice time than usual. I’d very surprised if he isn’t resigned in the offseason. He, on top of being simple and physical in his own zone, knows when to go deep and support the offensive game.
    In terms of their inability to clear the puck from their own zone. It isn’t only D-men fault. First of all, the opposition watched the tapes long enough to learn it. I mentioned a few games back that the oppsing team clogs up the boards forcing the Rangers to go through the middle. What they are lacking is a reliable and predetermined puck support from their forwards.
    Sunday should be a perfect game to get back on track.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Agree on Stu’s Bickels. Playing solid, can’t blame him on deflected goals that WERENT deflected by his man.

    Em however is struggling

  24. czechthemout!!!! on

    Watch the tape
    I saw Rupp punch a lot of helmet. But I also saw Rupp eat about a half a dozen lefts and about two solid right

  25. A young team, which this is, needs to deal with tests of the heart. This is one. They come home now to find their game which is lost. I can’t blame Torts for anything but overplaying the top 2 or 3 lines all year long AND insisting that these guys block everything in sight. That works for the first 65, but it gets you all tired and banged up by years end. That’s where we are now, with welts on Girardi’s arm, Callie bruise, MDZ with a bad hip, etc. The only one not overplayed is Henrique, who has NO excuse except that teams are standing in front of him, deflecting, cutting his view, and his team ‘d’ ain’t so strong a team anymore. He needs to deal with this. If he wants to be the Vezina winner, if he wants to be the KING, you make more big saves than you have your last 3. The first 65 were NOT his test. These last few and the playoffs are.

    HOWEVER, we never expected this group to finish first at the beginning of the year. They fooled us all year long. This team is still quite incomplete and when a few key players get banged up or out, we’re cooked. Other teams have much more depth and that will take some time.

    Sather has had, what, 11 years? It should have been done in 4. Look at Lou across the river who consistently rebuilds and finishes high and competitive. That team is ready to do it again. We have a sometimes great goalie. We have a good top 3 ‘d’ (Girardi, McD, and you can pick with MDZ and Staal, WHERE IS SAUER?), and we have some ok forwards, but we are STILL missing a strong ‘D’ stay at home banger like Beuke, and a strong point ‘d’ presence (like Zubie…gosh I was even watering at the mouth watching sad), and some finesse that can finish WITH size and speed, up front.

    I know he’s hoping for MDZ to become the Zubie, for McIl., to become the Beuke, and for Kreider to be his shooter. It isn’t enough, Bozo. Even if they get there, we are still lacking depth. Guys like Anisi, Step (who I personally love), Hags, Dubie, Callie, all need to be willing finishers along with a commitment to team ‘d’, which they have shown they can have. I’m not so sure that’s happening. More finesse, please. (Take a look at the Devil’s top 3 lines. Watch them, sadly, in the playoffs).

    These things have been known for a few years. Sather can use the ‘build from within ‘bs’ after his years of free agent failures (“if it’s the most prized free agent, I’m buying it…and I’ll think later”, attitude.. Thanks for slowing this process down with dregs like Drury, Gomez, Richards, and so many more. Moron). He has taken WAY too long. Torts has done a good job with a slightly better than average team. The wheels could be falling off the bus right as we speak because of the lack of the above.

    Dig deep. Make this look good, boys. Go into the second and get close to moving on. Play with heart. Next year, hopefully our poor excuse for a general manager will get some advice from others in or out of the organization (because he sure can’t think on his own) bring in more players that are needed and year 12 of his regime will get us closer to the goal.

    The worst part about this is that we have improved, he looks to Dolan like he knows what he is doing and he has solidified his ‘job for life’l scenario eternally. Will we ever get there with a crapola GM?

  26. Watch the Tape on

    I guess the blood coming out of Bolling’s cut above Left eye was from his helmet?

    Don’t be a hater jackwaggon!

  27. Stranger Nation on

    They lost to 3 playoff teams on the road. Thought they played well last night against a good team.

    Injuries are hurting D and Erixon must really not be ready if Em is playing over him.

    Big home stand starting, above 500 on stand and all is good

  28. Not that it matters much, but I just wanted to go on record that I never wanted Richards here for that money or length of contract. Yes, he passed up some more money to sign with the Rangers. Boo hoo hoo….I know that extra 6-7 mil he could of earned and passed up makes him an angel now…Puhlease…..I know it’s season 1, but until he proves me wrong, this guy is not a superstar. I’m not blaming him solely for their malaise, among other things, but this guy has 47 friggin’ points with that contract. P.A. Parenteau is outscoring him, that’s all you need to know.
    And I keep hearing that he was a Conn Smythe winner in 2004, which he was. 2004, Really? Helloooo? It’s 2012.

    As far as whose teaching these guys the game of hockey, I have no clue either. The biggest things to me year after year under Tortorella is their lack of Skating and Passing. Why hasn’t this improved at all? I understand not everyone is going to be a blazing skater, but other teams, for the most part, skate rings around them. (obviously the more talented offensive teams)
    The lack of tape to tape passing is so troubling. Do we ever see them complete 3 passes in a row to the tape? I never do, and I didn’t know this was such a “skilled” part of the game to learn and bring to the ice every game – to complete tape-to-tape passes at this level of hockey.

  29. Callys foot still isnt 100%, MDZ has gotta get his hip straight, Dubi needs to get his caricllo together and Richards needs a full on labotamy. And if that Michael Sauer could play it would really sure up the 4-6 D-man problems. This is the perfect time to bring MZA up for a game or 2 during the homestand. Whats the worst he can do, win a game in a shootout?

  30. One other thing….just once before Lundqvist retires, I want to hear analysts, fans, sport’s talk show hosts, etc. say someone else will be part of the reason we have a deep playoff run. I love Lundqvist, you can tell he’s humble and ultra competitive, but I want someone else to share the brunt of the pressure with him, giving playoff teams someone else to worry about than just him. Lundqvist is not going to win a cup on his own, we’ve seen what he can do in past playoff runs as basically “THE” guy, with no one else to support him.
    Paging Brad Richards…

  31. Nice job, Ted!

    I disagree with two points:

    1. I don’t think Bickell was the problem on that defensive pair; Staal played an AWFUL, tentative game.

    2. I thought Gaborik was a beast last night – one of his best games, actually. He was all over the place, working his tail off. Clearly the first Ranger star, IMO. Unfortunately, Richards STUNK UP THE JOINT.

    Oh, and Mitchell did make a nice play on that Anisimov goal… and did appear to be taking the body (though I haven’t looked at the box score yet to see if he had more than one hit).

    Anyway, nice job!

  32. Anyone looking for two tix for tomorrow’s isles game let me know. These are my season tickets (probably my last year in two decades) but I can’t make it. 426 row c right off the aisle.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great cally deflection on the hawks third goal. He does get credit for the GWG for that brilliant effort, yes?

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mitchell made a great play on artie’s goal. Thought stu played a good game. Staal had a bad game – the game appears to be too fast for him. Dazed and confused. Cally was -4 but after scoring the chi 3rd goal, they gave him -3.

    Boyle needs more skating lessons or a big refund. He lumbers on ice and looks terribly slow. Hank made some good saves but the team is often too cute in their own, too many drop passes, blind drop passes to, before the puck leaves their own zone.

    Stupid plays like cally 2-2 shorthanded trying a triple lindy move and coughing up a turnover when he should be just dumping it in deep. Speaking of which, why when shirthanded the rangers play cute with the puck – not just firing it in deep but yet on the PP they are content to play dump and chase and throw the ruck along the boards and behind the net for the whole they have possession?

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wonder if there is a YouTube video upload showing a dog taking a leak on mario’s new statue. Barf!!

  36. I think standing pat at the deadline is a huge mistake. John Scott is a sideshow attraction at best.

    Therefore, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Sather signs Chris Kreider is signed after his college season ends, if for no other reason than to justify not trading him for Nash.

  37. I think Sather has said a couple of times that he expects Kreider to sign with them this year. While I don’t think a rookie straight out of college is going to cure all their woes, I hope he does get to play a little bit this season so that he’ll have a little experience to draw on next season.

    I don’t think signing Richards was a bad thing. It wasn’t enough. They still need more skilled players. Maybe Kreider ends up being that guy. I hope so.

    Reading some of the comments makes me shake my head. A 3-game losing streak and the wheels are falling off, the season is crumbling, the team is going to pot. Geez, didn’t Detroit just get over a 5 game losing streak or something similar? Nobody I know is predicting gloom and doom for the Red Wings. It happens. They’ll get over it. Will you?

  38. Kreider better be reeeeally good. Holding onto a college prospect rather than acquiring one of the games elite scorers? Gutsy or foolish call by Sather, time wil tell.

  39. Yes would should have sold the farm and some out our current key players for Nash, instead of staying the course and building a team…Bwahahaha!

  40. This team is in the middle of a lonnnnnnng losing streak. One that will go 4 games into the postseason.


  41. By the way does anyone still think $4m 7 goal Dubinsky plus an ok pkg of 3 prospects and a late 1st round pick was a serious offer for an elite top scorer? One who is actually a better fit for this team than Koval-choke?

  42. Turned-on late last night, what I saw was Brian Boyle blowing this game on the crucial goal am I wrong?

  43. Stay the course, please. They did the right thing and stayed the course for years. Built core the right way. Now they were in the position to take the next step and trade from strength.

  44. Thank you Cross Check Charlie.

    Nobody ever said winning the Stanley Cup was easy. I think this home stand is coming at a perfect time.

    Bench Richards. Give the guy some time to think, get his head cleared.

    Also, stop playing John Scott, I am not impressed at all. What was the point of acquiring this guy if he doesn’t hit, fight, or intimidate? Plus he can’t skate, which in hockey I hear is kind of important.

  45. How the heck is Lundqvist one of the three stars? Im not saying the 4 goals were his fault, but in my opinion Richards was more of a “star” with his one goal than Lundqvist was by being outperformed by Emery, who did have a very good game, and who actually shouldve been a star. And im really not understanding the Richards criticism….a handful of guys have single-handedly credited Richards for helping their game this year, and for being such a huge force in the lockerroom (one of the main, if not THE main reason he was brought here for). he’s not a scorer, he’s a passer, so expecting 30 goals from him is unrealistic….and you definitely need someone to pass to to get the assists to pile up. For the sake of the team I hope he and Gabby can work it out for next season.

  46. the Rangers played welll last night and could have and maybe should have won.

    Hank did not come up with his usual and they are short a few guys in the lineup.

    richards the last 2 nights has played well.

    emminger again stinks…scott is a waste. this team will be fine….

    need dubi and mdz back and give mza a try. torts will not give mza a try, he is 1 stubborn dude. they need a little more skill, why not give him a peek?????

  47. mitchell is a nice 4th liner, the problem with guys like him is they do not hit the net that is why he is a 4th liner. the problem on the rangers is there top 2 lines are good but not dominating so they need there 3rd and 4th lines to add some scoring besides grit and for the year that is notthe case.

    their everyday 3rd line has boyle 5 goals, prust 5 goals, and dubi 7 goals. 17 goals from the 3rd line. 4th line production ins probably about 10 goals for theseason or less…

    that is the problem unless your big 2 lines are very very strong….not real complicated dubi’s and boyles regression offensively has killed teams scoring……

  48. I think this team has more than enough character to overcome this. Instead of battling for an actual playoff spot this year, we are battling for that number 1 spot. We have to just screw it on and get down to business on this home stand. Also, if it comes down to us and the Pens, don’t we hold the tie breaker when it comes to wins. Pens have a ton of shootout wins. What is the first tie breaker? Is it head to head or points?

  49. Lev, Stuart A…

    How can you say Richards has played well? Yes, a part of the reason he was brought in for locker room leadership, which is fine and I”m sure that’s worked out.

    My problem with the guy goes like this: his passing his atrocious, he coughs up the puck constantly, he doesn’t hit, he hasn’t helped this power play at all (I mean, wasn’t he brought in to be the “quarterback”?), he doesn’t win face-offs (another reason he was brought in), and all of this leads to him being absolutely invisible on the ice. You’d have to be stupid to expect this guy to score 30 goals a season, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he hasn’t done much of anything to help his team on the ice.

  50. Also, when we have gone through mini slumps this season, we have then rattled off a bunch of wins in a row. I am not quitting or giving up on this team. Neither should any of you. Sure, be mad, and get angry, but I don’t see this being us folding up and losing out for the rest of the season.

  51. This is our schedule the rest of the way. For no other reason than my gut, is how I see us finishing down the stretch. 12-3

    Isles-Home W
    Hurricanes-Home W
    Penguins-Home W
    Avalanche-Home W
    Devils-Home W
    Red Wings-Home L
    Sabres-Home W
    Leafs-Away L
    Wild-Away W
    Jets-Away W
    Habs-Home W
    Bruins-Home W
    Flyers-Away W
    Penguins-Away L
    Washington-Home W

    Call me crazy, but I think we are going to bust out of this funk starting tomorrow night.

  52. Nasty, the first tiebreaker after points is wins in regulation and overtime. Not by SO. The Rangers have 39, the Pens 32.

    Going to airport in a few. Talk to you all from Florida!

  53. Maybe another loss or two sprinkled in there, but I am thinking with the glass half full mentality.

  54. Ilb, thank you. That is what I thought. We hold a nice edge there, we just have to get our wins and points now. Which I truly truly believe we can.

  55. We have, what, 7 home games in a row coming up? I can see us going 5-1-1 and if that’s the case I will be a very happy Ranger fan.

  56. “By the way does anyone still think $4m 7 goal Dubinsky plus an ok pkg of 3 prospects and a late 1st round pick was a serious offer for an elite top scorer? One who is actually a better fit for this team than Koval-choke?”

    Unfortunately that’s not what Columbus was asking for Nash.

  57. Tony, it’s because he’s not gonna go off the rails over a little 3 game losing streak. That’d be ridiculous!

  58. “I think the person I most wish was a Ranger is Marian Hossa. (This one – not the other one) Then we would have two slovaks named Marian”


  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Must win coming up vs isles. This is the biggest game of the season, until the next game after that…

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fire torts and hire muckler or his corpse…depending on which one is available. This ship needs to righted and the corpse is capable of getting it done

  61. First of all, this MZA talk is a waste of time. The little guy is not physical enough and I don’t know about his defensive abilities but in the playoffs he would be invisible.

    Second, the team showed some more signs of struggle by beating themselves in many situations. Too much behind the back, dipsy doodle stuff rather than getting it deep and grinding it out. They don’t seem to want to play that game right now. Is it that they can’t because other teams are faster? For the first 60 games we had wheels.

    Seems to me that they have hit a physical or mental obstacle. They either can’t or won’t make that extra effort that was putting them regularly in the ‘W’ column previously. Mental mistakes in our zone seem to be due to fatigue perhaps. But Marc Staal cannot be that fatigued can he?

    Cally is not 100% yet. You can just tell. Also Joe and Sam keep talking about him wearing a boot.

    But as someone said earlier, the last few games haven’t mattered so much. Yes we let the race get tighter. But we still control our own fate. I think the team needs a little reality check.

    And let me just ask: Who here thought this team could win the President’s Cup this year or contend for Lord Stanley THIS year, in all honesty? So here we are in control of our own fate with 15-16 games left and still in 1st place in the conference. Let’s not act like we are 5pts out of 8th with 15 to play.

    We just need to tighten up a little and stop beating ourselves.


  62. President’s Cup is a golf trophy. :)

    Somebody said last night, and I apologize for forgetting who said it, that the game in Chicago looked like a typical loss at the end of a losing streak. Because you hear/see all the time how a team wins a few games it shouldn’t win before a losing streak, and then loses one or two in which it played much better before coming out of a losing streak.

    That is, IF you think two or three games is really a losing streak. How many of youse would have signed up for that at the start of the year … if somebody said you would have one three-game losing streak this season?

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mza was invisible for sure during last year’s playoffs… I get why Avery is not beloved… But I don’t the fascination with a guy, mza, that can barely stay upright on his skates. Not impressed one iota. Seems torts and slats agree

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – is a corpse still eligible for the jack Adams? Or would the JA go to the guy who stuffed him and holds him upright?

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just don’t want to see a losing streak come mid-April – lose now – ok – but lets win at least 12 of 21 come postseason

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – thank you – prolly the five greatest minds in the game today agree… Torts,slats, kenny g, shinny, and me

  67. Torts being calm means he gets it. Good coach understands when to crack the whip and when to be supportive. It also means he understands it’s a real slump.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mza is a career minor leaguer…. Certainly a little leaguer and by no means a big leaguer

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – I hear the calm torts is due to the fact that he is heavily sedated

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I predicted in a guest blog before the season – conference finals. I stand by that so long as we actually make the playoffs. If we finish lower than 8th, I rescind my prediction

  71. We beat the fish sticks and all will be good in the world at least for a couple of days, if we lose Carp, shut down the boards ….. Please

  72. I think Gernander and Shoenfeld have done a good job of evaluating talent. After all, where are the prospects like Grachev now? They haven’t done anything since leaving the Rangers organization. If MZA was dominating the AHL I’m sure they’d put a bug in Sather’s ear to call him up.

  73. fran is correct. Passing is not their strong suit. I don’t see how they can ever have a good power play if their primary game is to grind, dump, chase, and win battles for pucks. The Rangers lack of elite playmakers makes them a dump-and-chase grinding team.

    Now, they have been great and it’s been quite remarkable how they’ve become a top team. But, is this type of a game sustainable to win in the playoffs? I’m not sure it is.

    That being said, MZA knows how to pass. He knows how to set a play. He has very good vision on the ice. He can’t grind. He can’t win battles for pucks against men twice his size. He plays a different game then the Rangers play.

  74. Staal, fair point, but that wasn’t the question. :) I think Sather had the right idea that Nash was a necessary piece, but he misplayed it thinking he had the upper hand when he really didnt. If there was a more credible offer from Sather there was a much higher likelihood of getting Columbus to come down from the rumored demands they made.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olivia wilde’s real name is Olivia Cockburn ….. Hmmmmmm why did she change it?

  76. last I heard, Dubinsky was hopeful of playing tomorrow (0-3 since injury, BTW, if you include the final 57 minutes of the game in which he was hurt).

    hedberg, won’t shut it down if that’s the case. traffic will be off the hook.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – the little fella flails around on the ice more than a mitt Romney during a press conference

  78. Czechthemout!!! on


    This is by no means the end of the world. Far from it. Many teams that have gone on to win the Stanley Cup have gone through slumps in the middle of the season. So no big deal yet. They need to stop this tailspin at three games tomorrow and come up with a good solid home stand. Anything less than ten points is unacceptable.

    That said, many of us come to this blog to vent and express our frustration when things go south, and our glee when things go well. That’s what made this blog one of the best in the Ranger sphere. When Sam ran this blog the one thing that was missing from it was the participation from him. He rarely responded or interacted with the posters. What you do very well Carp is you participate in the discussion and add your insight from all the years spent covering this team and this great sport. In general, you have dramatically improved the content here.

    However, what has really gone bad here is the ridicule many posters have to put up with simply for expressing their opinion. That has caused a lot of the good posters from the old days who were very insightful and brought a lot to the table to stop participating. And that’s a shame. What we have instead is a bunch of snot nose, basement dwelling punks who look to get little cheap shot digs and insults and bring nothing to the discussion. I guess what I am saying is this.

    There was a blog run by Dubi Silverstein and his partner Jess Rubenstein called Blueshirt BULLETIN. It was pretty decent at first and then became a no critic zone where any comment critical of the team was met with scorn and ridicule. It went from being one of the most popular blogs to extinction in a very short time. I hope you take steps to stop it from happening here. Just so you know, many of the posters here also used to post there. I am not just speaking for myself but several of the posters here who express concern about how thier posts will be received.

    Anyway, just a suggestion in good faith.

  79. Matteau, I think CBJ were being very unreasonable in their demands, thus no Nash. I think Sather was willing to go pretty far.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pimp -.we need a healthier dose of pessimism to snap out of the funk soul brutha check it out now, that they, and we, are in

  81. Czech, point taken. Just so you know, I’ve saved my ridicule and scorn, for the most part, for a few special posters who have decided it’s a good idea to question how I do my job, or if I should even be employed.

    So, sorry, no I won’t accept those.

    And I have tried to be helpful with my experience in talking people of ledges … and have learned that some don’t want to be talked off ledges.

    Otherwise, I have no problem with disagreeing.

  82. Czech, Dubi Silverstein is an egomaniac and it’s not that you couldn’t say something negative about the team, but you couldn’t disagree with him because he knows all. He eventually cut off all discussions so that all you could do is go to the blog and read his jewels of knowledge.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – on a more serious note, some people are going to dislike you simply due to the shampoo that you use. To them, I say go byfugle yourself. Otherwise, disagreeing on the merits of an agrguement are extremely valid. No one is ever so correct in an absolute sense given the relative subjective ness of the topic.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doobie Silverstein inhaled far too much of his first name to make any sense

  85. We’ve disagreed about a lot of stuff, Carp. And we’ve both been Dick cheneys to each other.

    That said, I have a lot of respect for your hockey insight, and am grateful for the community you are largely responsible for forming here. Ive met and become close friends with some of the best people Ill ever know in my lifetime. Thank you.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I went downtown to look for a job, but I looked down at the holes in my jeans and I turned and walked out….

  87. dont look now but Universe has played some pretty darn good hockey of late…. 2 of his last 3 games have been shutouts, and I watched Flyers games when they went on that trip to the West Coast. he’s kept them in the game….

  88. btw, Carp, did someone actually win the ticket contest by predicting the Rangers lose by 3? ugh……

    and of course, Crosby is eyeing his return against the NYR…what else is new

  89. Despite his lackluster scoring stats this season, I think it’s apparent that this team is better with Dubinsky in the lineup.

  90. great post by the new guy, thanks Ted.

    Nothing good to say about this game except for the Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust line, as mentioned by Ted. Hoping to get a W Sunday night against the lowly Islanders, maybe take out some frustration and start a winning streak to forget about these past 3 games. If not, we might be in trouble.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Love love me do, you know I love you. I’ll always be true, so pleeeeeeeease love me do

  92. I will remember that Trip Eddie! Excuse me for a moment while I perform some satisfying self lovin! ;)

  93. Lev, Sally won by not predicting that.

    eddie, re: my employment, I ask myself that question all the time :)

    Thanks, Tiki.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If there’s anything that you want, if there’s anything I can do, just call on me and I’ll send it along from me to you

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – no one does it better!!!!!

    Ohhh ohhhhhh will you be good to me, you make me glad when I was blue

  96. I stopped visiting Blueshirt Bulletin the moment Mr. Silvertein started asking people to pay for his “Premium Content”.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, imagine I am in love with you…. It’s not likely, but Ill get you, get you in the end,,,,yes I will

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is crazy eddies and I will here spinning your favorite fab four all day long – if you have a request – post it here at wrrblog, 104 FM – this one goes out to all rangers fans…

    Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away ……

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That boy took my love away, he’ll regret it some day, but this boy wants you back again…..

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This boy wouldn’t mind the pain, he’ll always feel the same if this boy gets you back again

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I rarely speak – they go 0-7 on this home stand and they won’t be so little

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    my love don’t give me presents, I know that she’s no peasant – turn me on when I get lonely, people tell me that she’s only foolin but I know she isnt

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    She’s a woman – that one goes out to all those ranger fans that happen to be woo-men

    Any word on John M? Hope he followed my advice from last night

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would remember all the things we planned…… Please don’t wear red tonight, this is what I said tonight

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Im down , how can you laugh when I am down really down, I’m down, really down how can you laugh when I’m down – I’m down on the ground –

    That was a request from Lloyd to the blog

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s a dirty story about a dirty man whose clinging wife doesn’t understand

  107. Yeah, that just happened. Are we rooting for Caps or Boston? I don’t think Boston can catch us, and I guess of the three possible teams we could face in that 8 spot if we finish 1st over all, I would rather not face a hot caps team that fought to make it in.

  108. We cant worry about who we’re gonna face in the 1st round. But I also wouldnt mind exacting some revenge on the Craps. We need the Bruins to beat the Penguins I think tomorrow, so it’ll be nice if they lose today. If Ottawa can supplant the Bruins at the top of their division, it will make it more difficult for the Bruins to win this year.

  109. Eddie 3

    Why do they do the things that they do when they do them?

    What is it that little ones do when it’s time for nighty night, and Mom wants them to retire…they want their blankie, and their Ba Ba, and whatever little animule
    that makes them comfortable and safe…………think of the things that our little ones do when pressed, they throw the puck to someone else, anyone else it seems on far too many occasions. It’s gonna take some weaning to get them away from habits long since tolerated and which show no signs of receding.1’m not sure that Nursie is ready to let them go out on their own yet. What makes them comfy?…well, slapping the puck away along the boards for one, dumping it behind the cage is another ( let the other two guys scrum for it) pass quickly to a team mate ( oh he’s being checked already by an opponent, Oh dear, try to remember that next time.. ( Next time is usually the very next play)……….And it’s not Mom on the bench it’s DADDY! Ooooh. Grow up kids and do it pretty fast…growing pains are normal but you’ve all extended them beyond puberty………Ohhhh kay………

    ( You see they are still feeling the aftershock of having spent so much time learning the way of Daddy Renney,
    and Tortorella is the step Daddy.)

  110. LOL. Either that, or he is suffering some sort of medical condition, possibly as a result of getting out of paying a cab fair when he didn’t have his wallet.

  111. eddie eddie eddie on

    Fran – i agree with you…..but their inability to pass goes back before renney….i remeber walking out of the garden april 2, 1999, after a loss to the ducks and on the walkout, a guy turend to me and said, you think by now they could make ONE tape to tape pass the entire game……i used to think it was the garden ice….but the rangers pass like crap even on the road… really befuddles the mind…..keep bringing it up fran, cause it aint going away

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    tim thomas wears a white sheet under his mask and uniform, that is why he cant see

  113. I am a die hard Ranger fan , but I & all of you need to admit our passing is real bad, you see maybe one pass tape to tape per game , our decision making is slow . the last 2 games our opponent when on offence seems to pass well and be on top of the puck . when we’re on offence we are helter skleter all over the ice . & mostly out of position . what’s with the constant pass from down low cross ice to the nuetral zone. you know it’s coming from your couch, so don’t you think our opponent knows ? I agree with most of you that we carry to many 4th liners . if not Zucc , then bring up the whales best offensive guy . Tort’s refusal to bring up some help & his love for all of our 4th liners , has me confused. LGR

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    ralph – sounds like we agree…RECALL AVERY !!!!!!!! tape-tape passes????? what pray tell, are they????

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    ralph – are you also requesting Helter skelter off the white album as well?…..

    welcome aboard and keep posting… owner of this blog, i am happy to meet ya

  116. rangers passing is not bad their whole offense is bad. not enough skill. also amazed they have no one at the point with a big time shot…

    the rangers win with their goalie, defense, and forecheck. offensively they are inept the good newds is they have some young offensive talent that will get better…

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    yeah yeah……helter skelter……tell me …tell me….tell me the answer………….yeah……wooooooooo…… you want me to love you…helter skelter……..dont let me break you….look out

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    lucy in the sky with diamonds, follow her down to the bridge by the fountain

  119. Thanks eddie eddie eddie , glad to meet you too. I don’t know how you post so much, but keep on keeping on. I’m a tranplanted Brooklynite living in Albuquerque, n.m I watch our guy’s on center ice every game . And I’ll keep watching win or the other option . LGR

  120. They aren’t 24-1, but their record in that span is very very good. 16-5 is their record.

  121. Yeah, theyre 20-4-1 since January 3. Still damn good, but not 24-1, thats for sure.

    Heia Chickenbone!!

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wednesday morning at 5 oclock, as the day begins, Silently closing her bedroom door, leaving the note that she hoped would say more…….She goes down stairs to the kitchen, clutching her hankerchief

    Stepping outside she is free…..

    She, we gave her most of our lives

    Sacrificed most of our lives

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ralph – as owner of the blog, I am here 24/7….. I drink lots of mountain dew

  124. just noticed eddie’s little Beatles tribute

    that runs by so beautifully.
    usually think of them for pop lyrics
    but that’s just stunning for its poetry

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ralph – have you met cccp? He is a pimp that lives in Brooklyn. Not to be confused with our other pimp – that guy from Miami – who by the way is the most optimistic ranger fan on my blog.

    Also Jimbo from wood side is originally from Brooklyn, I think Jimbo from Flatbush

    My brutha from anutha is from queens…. He has the chronic

    One last thing, pay no mind to this carp fella … The dude acts like he owns the place

  126. maybe i’m thinking of “words” because i just watched
    the trailer for “On the Word”

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When I get older losing my head many years from now, will you be still sending me a valentine, bottle of wine…..

  128. Just coached the first game of my life that I will never forget, and last season my team won the championship.

    First round of the playoffs; we draw an undefeated opponent. My girls, who are usually pretty light and easygoing, had this steely-eyed expression on their faces before kickoff. It was just different. The crowd was as electric as a small gymnasium crowd can get. Our best player was unable to make it, as was another one of our girls. We went into halftime leading 1-0, and ultimately lost the game 4-3, but there was just something so special about this game. It was unlike any other I’ve been a part of. My girls gave 110%, I don’t have a single complaint. (And you know me, Carp, I always have something to start.)

    Coaching is very difficult at any level, and as such I’m very hesitant to throw criticism Torts’ way. The only thing I have to say about Torts is that I hope he enjoys it, because this afternoon’s match was one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and truly unforgettable experiences of my life.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Lovely Rita meter maid, lovely Rita meter maid

    , Lovely Rita meter maid, nothing can come between us, when it gets dark I tow your heart away

    Jpg – I know you are a deadhead —- I have prolly 200+ shows most soundboard – Betty boards when Betty was running things …. Some great stuff going back to 68

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    1 2 3 4 ……..we are sgts peppers lonely hearts club band….. It’s getting near the end…….

  131. eddie


    are you on fb? you can send me a message.

    i’ve hot 100s of hours……started really organizing the shows, then stopped but i’m
    heading back to it.

    otherwise i can give you an email

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade
    And though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh
    I saw the photograph
    He blew his mind out in a car
    He didn’t notice the lights had changed
    A crowd of people just stood and stared

  133. Brooke is doing well, eddie. I actually had her older sister on my team this year. Brooke’s team was winning their playoff match 6-1 at halftime.. she had a goal. Thanks for asking.

  134. i AM the most optimistic blogger here

    I predict that these clowns will get swept in the first round, thus saving us the agony of watching them falter in, say, 7 games.

    that’s optimism

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – not on Facebook but we can go thru email…. Carp has mine… Shall we go thru him, or just post our Addys here?

    Some great spring 77 shows too :) my fav tour

  136. duck the bill on

    Duckbill’s Three Points for 3.10.12


    2. Eddie cubed is hilarious

    3. Latona is akin to Botticelli’s Primavera , aka, BYFUGLIEN AMAZING!

    4. There is only one hockey authority: the Carpmeister aka Carpster aka Carpfather…please deposit all other authors in the nearest garbage receptacle…THAT IS ALL!™

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – yep – no little girl should lose her daddy – so much pain – sometimes I wonder what any of this means? Why so much sorrow? Makes no sense

  138. duck-bill, you rule.

    E3, I think it’s “When I get older losing my hair” … not head.

    Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. That one’s head, not hair. Interesting.

    Good afternoon, or evening, Sally!

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight. Or forward, or whatever the clutterbuck it is. And sleep two extra hours tomorrow to gain an hour, like I do.

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – you say tomato i say tomato….and you are just splitting hairs now, arent you…

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    spring ahead….. fall back….but there is no such thing as time, it is just a collection of moments…’s accounting tool…

  141. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Just popping in for a moment from a chaotic weekend, shocked the blog didn’t implode after last night…glad we are still here ;)

  142. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – there were several deaths, but it wasnt widely reported…..mickey was urging everyone to slit their wrists and jump….god, i love that woman….so gentle… pure, like the driven snow,,,,

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    i need a fix cause i am going down
    mother superior jumped the gun, mother superior jumped the gun, mother superior jumped the gun
    happiness, is a warm gun……….
    happiness is a warm gun
    when i hold you in my arms and i feel your arms around my trigger

    (that must be one byfuglien big trigger)

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    remember me, martha my love dont forget me,martha my dear…hold your head up, you silly girl

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    when you find your self in the thick of it……be good to me, martha my love, dont forget about me

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    Im so tired, i havent slept a wink, Im so tired, my mind is on the brink
    i wonder should i get up and fix myself a drink, i am so tired, i am so tired, i dont know what to do

    i am going insane, i would give you everything i got for a little piece of mind

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    this is e3 from WCARP FM, spinning all the hits

    shoot me a request with a dedication, and i will cue that byfuglien beatle song as soon as i can

    this one goes out to my main man S. Avery

    How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
    now that you know who you are
    what do you want to be?
    when have you have travelled very far?
    as far as the eye can see
    how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
    how often have you been there?

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    not what the girls tell me

    It wont be long, yeah
    it wont be long yeah
    it wont be long

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    since you left me i have been so alone
    now youre going, youre coming on home
    every night the tears coming down from my eyes
    everyday, i have nothing but cry

    every day, we will be happy, i know
    now i know you wont leave me no more
    it wont be long yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

  150. eddie eddie eddie on

    whenever, i want you around yeah
    whisper in your ear, the words you wanna hear
    you just gotta call on me…oh yeah, you just gotta call on me

    and when i , i want to kiss you yeah, all i gotta do, is call you on the phone and youll come runnin home

    you just gotta call on me….ohhhhhh you just gotta call on me


  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    since she’s been gone i dont want no one to talk to me
    its not the same, but i am to blame its plain to see
    so go away, leave me alone, dont bother me
    i cant believe that she would leave me on my own

  152. For you, triple Eddie,
    I tried to send you a link, but unfortunately it is either secured, protected or has programming error and couldn’t be posted (rejected), but the clue is – www. then metro lyrics in one word, dot com, slash beatles dash lyrics.html LOL
    It will make 75% of your posts much easier for you to make…

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    4 ever…..thx……i have access to those lyrics’ sites….but i am sitting here playing correspondence chess (email chess)..and i am playing the beatles catalog….and i post some lyrics as i listen……

    are you a beatles fan?

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha…this brutha be diggin nothing from arizona, ‘cept tony…and then, only if his pants are on… lil naked tony in a room, is one too many naked tonys

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – first line LW carl from die hard; C hans gruber; RW jeremy irons, hans’ brother

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    ya treat me badly
    i love ya madly
    ya really got a hold of me….

    (2 minutes – holding)

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    if anyone want to play correspondence chess, the coolest and more better site is

    hope i can post that (i am not the president, but i am a customer)

  158. Oh, yeah 3eddie, big time! I’m afraid, my musical taste was formed (and still is) in 60-ies. Their lyrics was my first lessons in English and thanks, it was simple enough. Lol.

  159. As for a chess play, my first lessons gave me my older brother and his close friend – Mikhail Tal’, long before he become a world champion. (on a regular desk, of course).

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – 60’s made amazing music…..are you a WHO fan?..Zep? Animals? Kinks? stones? clapton? mammas and pappas? mowton?….pink floyd?…..beach boys?…….there are MILLIONS it seems

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    are you serious, 4vever?

    Ilb has played Kasparov in a simul……but to have grown up in Latvia and played with him before ……ahhhh beautiful………wow

  162. eddie eddie eddie on

    i have 2 personal favorite chess memories….I met GM David Bronstein (another beautiful, creative player) at a tourney in LA in 93.

    and i sat at the table that Bryne-Fischer played on in Oct ’56, “the game of the century

  163. Absolutely, eddie. We were distant relatives and lived in the same town – Riga, few blocks of each other. His aunt, who raised him after his mother died, was very close friend with mine. (they both were doing time in the same labor camp in GULAG before) and visited us pretty often and always with him on “leash”. Misha and my brother, was killing time playing with me first observing, then started to play. They were 10 years older than me and attended chess school in local Pioneer’s Palace. Except him, nobody of us did it for living in future. Talk about role and measure of talent…

  164. As a kid, he was slightly crazy (supposedly like all geniuses, which I didn’t realize at that time), with a very short fuse, and sometimes even got physical with my bro, who was much stronger, but very kind and generous his entire life after all.

  165. bull dog line on

    the 79 rangers went 2 wins 7 losses and 3 ties down the stretch, the 86 Rangers went 5 ws 7 Ls, and 3 ties. in 79 they went to the finals, and in 86 they went to the conference finals. the 92 Rangers, the team that this Ranger team is most often compared to, went 13 wins 5 losses and 1 tie down the stretch. they of course went out in round 2. I bring this up because, I think that this IS a good time to slump ( if there is such a thing).there is plenty of time to regroup, and they are safely in the playoffs. not being the number 1 seed may take some of the pressure off.

  166. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – the Tal “stare”…,,,,,that is the coolest thing ever….2 other great Latvian players, Alexander Shabalov – i think he still in Pittsburgh and Alex Shirov (whose play are both of the “latvian school”)

    that is wild and way cool……4-ever

  167. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – i agree…..i really think tomorrow’s game is the teams first test….not must win….but pretty byfuglien close to a must win…

  168. Good point, Bull Dog. The teams that don’t slump, especially the teams that have to win nearly every game, tend to burn out once in the playoffs. Rangers are a good example of that.

    Hopefully they can still finish first though.

  169. eddie eddie eddie on

    they could lose the next 10 in a row, if beginning rd. 1 they win 4 out of , rd 2 they win 4 out of 7, CF, they win 4 out of seven……i dont even need the cup to be mega happy….i think next year, we win the cup

  170. eddie eddie eddie on

    4 ever – that blows my mind… grew up playing chess with M.Tal……

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – do you still play chess for fun?…do you follow the game?..are you in NYC?

  172. Yes, eddie, I reside in Queens. No, for other Q. However, I was playing till my marriage (even making some money occasionally in a “chess park” on some unexpected “experts” amateurs, (not unlike our “specialists” here)and followed chess world for a long time, while still living in USSR. Was much more preoccupied with other stuff after that .lol.

  173. Last 2 Stanley cup champs had stretches in March winning 1 of 7 (Boston) and 3 out of 11 (Chicago).

  174. eddie eddie eddie on

    i see……i love chess and its history……many great soviet players……..Have you been to the Marshall Club, 23 east 10th street?…….Capablanca and Alekhine gave exhibitions there among others…

  175. Eddie Eddie CEddie on

    Oops , Marshall chess club is on W 10th stree

    I be not even knowin where I be goin

  176. as i mentioned earlier, dont look now but Universe has been on fire as of late. 2 of the last 3 games have been shutouts and Philly/Toronto are 0-0 after 2…. 3 out of 4 games could be shutouts. He’s been one of the best goalies in the league in the past 3-4 weeks.

  177. Rangers West on

    Should we have used our 2012 1st rounder for Kostitsyn or some other decent depth player? Was the 5th round pick for Scott a waste when one we don’t need any more bottom six guys. Even if we did, isn’t Bell Biv way better than Scott? I guess at this point it doesn’t even matter. For the future some time in the next few seasons i have a good feeling about Yogan, Miller, Thomas and the Saviour when they get to the big club. I’m hoping that Mac-Truck, Erixon and St. Croix are good too but not as confident in them right now.

  178. Rangers West on

    Also, word on the street is that Danny Hobbs is evolving into a decent prospect as is Fasth (Sp?).

  179. holy carcillo, Islanders fuggin SUCK. are you serious, blow a lead with less than 2 minutes to go in the game? Flyers-Toronto going to OT 0-0…..

  180. wow Kessel stopped on a breakaway in OT…. he was horrendous on breakaways earlier in the year. by horrendous i mean worse than Biron.

  181. TheMessiah94 on

    The Islanders will be irate over this loss tonight. Will make sure they make up for it tomorrow night.

  182. just hope the icelanders save their worst for tomorrow. We gotta win. We will win!!!!!!

  183. So, for tomorrow, the B’s are my ‘favorite’ team. They need to end their slump for ONE game. Tomorrow they beat the Pen’s and actually try. We’re up 6 at day’s end tomorrow.

  184. carcillo…..there’s no place like home….I assume most of you brilliant heads got that error and figured it out…..

  185. JimboWoodside on

    Slight correction – aforementioned teams suck, *except* when playing the NYR…..

  186. JimboWoodside on

    I hope that you’re right, Mama – these last 3 road games were a horror show – we desperately NEED to win some games early on in this homestand to keep our boat afloat.

  187. Ah, yes – we just lost Davy – sad.

    I hope that you’re right in those beliefs – this last week or so has been tough to stomach, especially since all those teams chasing us just keep on winning.

  188. billybleedsblue on

    nice write up mister ted smith, if that is your real name.

    keep the faith everyone!

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