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Leave it to my friend CCCP to make perfect sense. He did just around midnight as I was wrapping up the day with a headache. He’s right.

A blog is a place for people to vent, and if that means a place to be negative or pessimistic or positive or optimistic, if it means a place where they declare which players are their favorites, and which they can’t stand, and a place where they can point out what’s good about a team, and what is not so good, and can just state their opinions, well then that’s what this place should be.

CCCP made me realize that maybe I try to force people to see things my way, and that perhaps because I’ve spent an entire career being analytical without emotional ties to any team, I’ve discounted that element. Maybe it’s easier for me to “understand” that every teams has ebbs and flows, that the best team in the league loses a lot of games and the worst team wins a lot of games, and they both have very good streaks and very bad streaks, and that there is no such thing as a must-win game until along comes a game you actually must win.

You guys are invested in this team, and I should not try to convince you that everything’s OK when you don’t think it is.

So I’ve learned a little lesson. And I will cut back on my preaching.


1) I know a lot of you are jumping off bridges, and if you already have, well, then you aren’t reading this anyway. But the Rangers were the better team for the first and second periods. That said, they weren’t nearly physical enough, weren’t nearly tight enough — though they gave up almost nothing except for their few gigantic mess-ups — they didn’t have the requisite snarl, didn’t make things difficult enough for the Senators. They didn’t. But they weren’t terrible, and it wasn’t a complete lack of effort.

2) Marc Staal committed two beauties. After a few steps forward, this was a step back. On the first goal, Brian Boyle lost it near the blue line. Bad play. But Stall regained it, then he lost it. Terrible play. On the second goal, Staal had a chance to bang the puck up the boards and didn’t, instead giving it to John Mitchell, who turned it over. Then Staal was beaten badly, and was soft, to the net against Foligno, who scored. It’s never Staal’s fault on TV, though.

3) And at that point, the Rangers had allowed six goals in their last seven periods directly off turnovers. Just plain old ugly cough-ups.

4) How many Rangers ever score a goal like the one Ryan Callahan scored? Answer: One. Pretty awesome pass by Brad Richards, too.

5) But Richards, I thought, was the culprit on the 2-on-4 that turned into Turris’ easy tap-in rebound goal that won the game for Ottawa in the third. He was back, and when Alfredsson “spanked” Anton Stralman (John Tortorella’s word there), Richards froze and went down to a knee. Marian Gaborik was also slow getting back with Michael Del Zotto trapped in the offensive zone.

6) Other than the Callahan goal, and a couple of near misses by Gaborik, and two chances in close by Derek Stepan (he couldn’t get a decent shot on either one), it seemed almost all the real scoring opportunities were by the grinders — Ruslan Fedotenko, John Scott.

7) How about Scott on the breakaway? Good comedy there. Reminded me of the game at the Spectrum where Jeff Beukeboom came out of the penalty box to a breakaway pass. Beuk roofed his with a move that would make Brian Leetch jealous. Scott hit the glass.

8) I thought the first two PPs stunk, the third — I’m sure I’ll get killed for saying this — was really good, the fourth relatively lousy again. I know I harp on having threee guys above the circles, but not only is that still going on, but two of them are just barely inside the blue line. Not only can you not create any good scoring plays from up there, but it almost guarantees the PK unit will get to every rebound and loose puck. Just awful.

9) That’s some story about Senators owner Eugene Melnyk saying upcoming RFA Erik Karlsson is going to be the best defenseman in the history of hockey. Better than Wade Redden? Hope Karlsson’s agent takes Ottawa to the cleaners.

10) How good would Chris Neil look in blue, with the way this Rangers team plays? I know, he took a hometown discount to stay there as a UFA. Just sayin.’

11) Meant to mention this the other night in Jersey, with the way their P.A. guy hollers and screams like a carnival barker. Makes you appreciate a straight-shooting pro like the Garden’s Joe Tolleson who just tells you who scored or what the penalty is without trying to break your eardrums. And it’s not like the Garden always gets it right, because the Knicks have one of the biggest carnival-barking buffoons in sports, manning a mic once used by the great, great John Condon.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Dan Girardi.
Russell Tanenbaum’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Derek Stepan.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.
AP photos, above.


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  1. This current swoon is typical of any team. Boston was ridiculously good after a slow start. Then they hit a skid. Cup champs. Happens to the best of them.

    This compressed schedule right now isn’t helping the NYR.

    From what I see, the PP is the key. If the NYR could muster an AVERAGE PP, we would probably see an end to this skid.

    I bet Sather prepares one helluva Easter basket for Krieder…

  2. Good morning, boneheads! 

    I have to confess. It’s all my fault. I usually go on skiing vacation last few days of February and first week of March. That’s usually exactly when they start playing well and  win a few games in a row. And get out of poor stretch. That is what happened for the last few years. I am not going skiing this year, and I had to delay my vacation by one week. But I have a good excuse, trust me. It has something to do with two women. Long story, maybe some other day :-).
    Anyway, I’m tired. Just like the team is. And I’m finally leaving tomorrow for Florida. Rest assured everyone, they are going to put a nice winning streak right after I leave :-)

  3. Seems like a lot of.ignorance from a lot of people on this blog.
    Go ahead and jump, then after a second round win… jump back on, shouting “Lets go Pens”

  4. Richards pass to Cally was so ridiculously good that its hard for me to believe it was by design. Be that as it may, Richards needs to watch a game from upstairs. Of course he is Torts boy so that will never happen. Prust sayin.

  5. Ilb

    If you’re gonna be anywhere around the Kennedy
    Space Center and museum give me a call and I’ll meet you somewhere and have a cool one with you.

    (3210 634-5950 IF NOT…HAVE A GOOD TIME.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Richards and Gabby can’t play on same line because of defensive liabilities in this system.

    Sens are a bad match for this team and I thought Neil was taking liberties and needed a John Billy Jack Scott introduction.

    One more on the road than back home for a decent stretch.

  7. Carp, any chance these guys think they are so far ahead that thye may be playing without that edge to save themselves? Not gonna jump off any bridges, already paid for the playoffs and committed to next year.

  8. I don’t think it is as much physical fatigue as it is mental fatigue. These kinds of mistakes are mental. This is where having the extra gear on offense would help. When you have to fight for every goal, every play, every inch, you start to wear mentally. However, as long as they get things back in line by the end of the month, they will be that very dangerous team again. Since they don’t play a game based on skill but mental and physical toughness, that is something that can be turned on to a point. That attention to detail can be brought back. It is just about getting over that hump. I have faith that they will. This team may not have a super star at forward, but they do have a lot of guys who can be very dangerous when they are covering those details. I predict they will get this thing together again by the end of this month.

  9. I must agree with a previous poster who said they lost their edge when Lundqviat announces he is having a kid and hopes to celebrate two things in the summer. He has ‘slumped’ since then. It’s sort of like Dolan having a press conference after they beat Nashville to pronounce they are SC contenders and the team hit the skids after that until Torts got them focused again. I hope he can do that again b/c this team is playing like they have accomplished something when in reality they have not.

  10. Carp, nice write up. Disagree on Neil, was thinking about that during the game…would still hate him if he came to the Rangers, just like I did when Brashear was signed.

  11. Nice job as always Carp! At least it’s another game day and take the positives from the last 2 games and take it out on the Hawks. (sounds like I watch too many post game shows…lol)


  12. Ryan from NJ on

    A double root canal would be more enjoyable than watching this teams poweray. Ever notice it normally takes them exactly 1minute to setup in the zone? If only minors were 3min so we could get a full 2 lol

  13. This team is an epic disaster just waiting around for doomsday.

    See you next October, clowns.

  14. Good morning everyone. Not to worry. Losses like these happen to the best of them. I believe we will be fine. Just a slump they’re going through right now.
    Have a great vacation ilb! ( :

  15. Watching this team play is like watching the Hindenburg collide with a sinking Titanic.

  16. Good Friday morning to all.

    This game should have been two points in the bank but the same failings that are this team’s weakness did them in again. They weren’t physical enough, poor passing which led to unforced turnovers, lack of puck possession and a mostly laughable PP which tends to turn the momentum for the opponent.

    Why is nearly every team able to set up shop in our zone for extended periods of time until they’re able to get a quality scoring opportunity? We may end up winning a round or two in the PO’s but our lack of an offensive threat will make it very difficult for us to sustain the energy, focus and health necessary to be playing in June.

  17. I remain optimistic. It’s a slump and we will regroup and gain momentum going into the playoffs. This can be a good thing as we have had no adversity yet. This will build character. And we cannot expect to win without our 2 best players. Hank & Dubi!

  18. Chris Neil is what I envision Avery would look like if he put on 15 pounds of muscle and pulled his head out of his ass.

  19. stranger nation on

    Home cooking coming over next 2 weeks after Chi town tonite starting with Icelanders Sunday night.

    Teams taking away outlet pass on boards and making Rangers D pass puck up through slot with dangerous results every now and then.

    Where is Sauer Power – this D needs some back up.

    Staal takes step back – being targeted by Neil with more than one hit to the head along boards. Looked good in week prior, hopefully a just hiccup.

    MDZ starting to level off – not a big body – could wear and tear be affecting him more? Needs to develop a slap shot

    Girardi – has played like Carcillo since break and if not for McD as partner would be much more exposed. Giving blue line way too early, down on his knees in slot to block shots, break out passes intercepted. Looks a step or two slow, needs a breather.

    McD – couple of minors recently , but this guy is a stud – can’t do it by himself.

    Bickel – up and down like any young player, aggressive on the body and not afraid to shoot the puck, has trouble with speed to outside.

    Stralman – very inconsistent since AS break – teams seem to rush his side, bad tendency to get wide in D zone, leaving middle wide open for trailers. Trouble moving crease

    King Hank – seems to be on heels more, but the scoring chances are up and front and center (Devs)

    Beer-Off – just adysmal in 2012 – form is horrendous – 5 hole is ridiculously big.

  20. BTW, as I said yesterday, I really feel that the Rangers PO aspirations need to be tempered because of that pathetic PP, a disaster that’s season long in length (and actually extends through Tortorella’s arrival).

    It’s mind boggling to think that the PP is 29th overall in the league and the Rangers 3rd overall – it’s like an oxymoron.

    I wonder if it’s unprecedented.

    Bottom line for me is if nothing else, it’ll be the team’s undoing come PO time no matter how strong they finish the regular season.

  21. rangers drop from 1 to 4 seed by next week. meet the devs in the 4 vs 5 matchup in first round lose series in 6 and this great regular season is all for nothing.

    pp is brutal there is not enough scoring depth and biron is awful. too bad hank cant score as well. he be the best player ever

  22. eric, while this team may fall out of 1st in the east, they will not lose to the Devils in the 1st round. mark it down.

  23. No…no…no….and yes…this is a place to vent…some place we come to share our love for the B’shirts…but when we arrive either giddy or down (usually the later)…we (as in I) depend on your “genius insight” to keep us focused on reality…therefore I feel you must continue to do what you’ve been doing…treat us differently we’d start to suspect something is wrong (like “Invaders from Mars” wrong). Get it? Got it? Good!!!

  24. Is that outcome better or worse than the 5-game defeat to the Jets in the #1 vs #8 matchup you had lined up last week, Eric?

  25. ATT: All NYR Full Season Subscribers . I have uncovered the Dubinsky Deveaux Disappearance aka Triple D Conspiracy. Please follow these simple steps.Go get your 2012-13 Season Subscriber Renewal book you got in the mail this week. In the back pull out the Exclusive Offer Sheet .Look at that photo. Where any of you at this event on Nov.16th 2011. Now to see the real photo,go to the NYR web site. Click on top> Fan Zone ,then down to >Photo Galleries,then to page #5 in the galleries>find the Subscriber Event from Nov.16 click on that,then>go to Photo #5 of 15. Then come to your own conclusion’s .

  26. rather lose to jets then a div rival after blowing the div in which you led since dec 23rd.

  27. We lost to a Storm Trooper, OK? We didn’t have the force on our side. Probably because our Yoda, the ^hobbit wizard^ is mired in CT selling used cars or working at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru. It happens.

    Carpster. The Carpinator. The CARPowski. Kelly CARPowski. Having an emotional night there big guy?

  28. eric – I love you. You’re one of the nicer people I ever met. But you’re bringing me down, man. I need to put an “eric” filter on this thing.

  29. Rangers just need to get back to the details. The offense looks pretty bad right now, but it didn’t look great before either. They won games with absolutely air-tight defense and stellar goaltending. This is what happens when the PP continues to fail, the defense makes some mistakes, and the goaltending is mortal… they lose close ones. They haven’t had the snarl to their game, or used the kind of physicality that makes them good. The defenseive and neutral zone turnovers have really hurt them lately.

  30. I agree, Joe. It’s all about turnovers in the neutral zone and piss-poor passing. The passing has been horrendous. If everyone was just thinking SHOOT and if all else fails then pass to someone, that would be better than this. Some of these “no-look-up-the-middle” passes are just insane.

  31. can we actual see the rangers blow the lead. The rangers are 6 points ahead of the pens. Lets wait until the season is over before we have the rangers blowing anything. Stay away from pointed objects and steep ledges.

  32. They just need to play the Flyers the rest of the season. Can that be arranged?

  33. Yes, Michelletti certainly has a thing for Staal. And how many times do they have to say “he’s close to looking like his old self” before they just outright say he is still just a shadow of his former self. Stop sugarcoating it.

    Also makes you appreciate Girardi that much more. Talk all you want about the D, but you can’t win without scoring.

  34. We can all complain about turnovers and mental breakdowns but when push comes to shove the Rangers SHUT DOWN the Senators last night, at least for two periods. The Sens had like 7 shots through the first two periods. Yes, the Sens capitalized on the Rangers’ mistakes but the Rangers muster NO OFFENSE!

    Someone on this forum threw out some stat about where the Rangers rank as far as scoring goes. Stats are not all that. There have been a lot of lopsided games this year where the Rangers won big. But the rest of the time they score 1 or 0. That skews the stats. So let’s not bring up “The Rangers rank 14th in goals scored” or whatever was said. That means poop.

    Someone needs to pick up the slack. You can see Gaborik getting into that mindset that he has to do it himself. We all know where that got him last year – pasted into the boards, having his worst offensive season to date.

    Where the hell is Richards? What happened to this guy?

    Callahan can’t be the only one scoring big goals for the team.

    Dubi having the crappy year he’s having is REALLY taking its toll on the offense. They figured they could count on him for a good 20-25 goals. Hagelin should not be outscoring him.

    Then you have Boyle who is also not scoring at all. That’s another 20 goals to subtract from last year. But he’s more of a role player who is being counted on for other things… and he’s doing those things well. The point is that SOMEONE needs to get the offense going so that other teams have to worry about more than just one player (Gaborik).

    Put Dubinsky in a position to succeed, at least! But him back with Callahan and Richards. He DOES have offensive ability and works hard in the corners. Do you REALLY want him on the 4th line? Seriously?

    They need 2 lines that pose a legitimate scoring threat:

    Stepan – Anisimov – Gaborik
    Dubi – Richards – Callahan

    They’re gonna get spanked tonight.

  35. As much maligned as the Rangers offense is these days, keep in mind there’s only been 2 streaks the entire season where they’ve failed to score 2 or less goals in 3 straight games. The first 3 games of the season and then shortly after at the end of the season starting Western swing including the home opener.

    I really don’t understand why so many people doubt that a team that has responded fairly well to the slightest bit of adversity all year isn’t going to do so now.

  36. stranger nation on

    They did have a mini-slump in mid-Dec after Sauer went down:

    MON DEC 5, 2011 LEAFS @ NYR TOR (4) – NYR (2)

    THU DEC 8, 2011 LIGHTNING @ NYR: TBL (3) – NYR (2) SO

    SAT DEC 10, 2011 @ SABRES: NYR (4) – BUF (1)

    SUN DEC 11, 2011 PANTHERS @ NYR; FLA (1) – NYR (6)

    TUE DEC 13, 2011 STARS @ NYR; DAL (1) – NYR (0)

    THU DEC 15, 2011 RANGERS @ BLUES NYR (1) – STL (4)

    Had 4 losses with sandwiching 2 wins against a struggling Sabre team and a horrendous Panther team. Lost 3 out of 4 at home.

    Cannot be stressed from losing close games to playoff teams on the road (Sens, Devs, Pens)

  37. Morning all,

    Last time I checked, the Rangers record was 42-17-7.

    Did they suddenly become 17-42-7?

    There are many people suffering bouts of manic depression on this board. Geez.

    Stand back for a moment and review the body of work – from the European vacation ’til now.

    If you cannot see the development of the team from last season to this season, you are truly missing out on something very cool.

    Can’t even imagine what it will be like around here if the Rangers go down 2-0 in a playoff series.
    And if you have no confidence in the team, stop watching and become an Islander fan.

  38. Carp, any idea why the team isn’t bringing up an extra forward from Hartford? It kind of seems like a no-brainer at this point.

  39. Was able to get home from work in time to see the last period and a half. They need another scorer and what do they pick up at the deadline? A professional wrestler masquerading as a hockey player.

    I’ve been a big supporter of Torts all year. In fact, I still think he’s Coach of the Year. But, the power play problem has to be partially by design. If it’s not working then do something different! Having 3 players up high is crazy. I can stop shots from the blue line with nobody in front. This needs to be fixed by playoff time.

    OK, now go out and beat the carcillo out of the Blackhawks.

  40. Carp, takes a big man to admit he’s wrong or in your case, learned a lesson. I was always thinking, how does Carp expect a fan to act when his team has started to look human the last few weeks? We want it all!!! We are all in agreement that the PP is horrible but is been a Ranger disgrace since Renney got here and beyond!!!! Not sure how that’s possible; we had Jagr!!! But when he was here, all the opponents knew that the other 4 PP Rangers were going to pass to Jagr!! Certainly, this team looks like they’re out-of-sync, mentally tired and/or physically beat-up because of their style of play. We may see a few more losses in this crazy month of March but this team is not going down the tubes!!! Even our boys between the pipes are looking average. But Carpie, us fans do live and die with each win & loss and this streak of bad play lately is a HUGE concern to us!!! But we’ll wake up again tomorrow!!! You’re the best, Carp!

  41. Carp- you see, reviews like make me disagree with your decision to step back and watch what develops on the blog. No matter how much many of us think we know about hockey, no matter how much ( or any ) hockey we played in our lives, we are all *AMATEURS*. You are the only professional here, isn’t that the reason why you run this place? So while I do not suggest that you get into peeing contest with people who disagree with you ( especially if it drains you mentally. And I imagine it does), I would like you to continue voicing your opinion the way you have, and continue defending it if you feel it’s right. And someone gets offended- asi es la vida.
    It is just my personal opinion, though, but what you think is one of the main reasons I’m here.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    must win game tonight. Every game a must win. My prediction, the rangers finish 23rd in the east.

  43. stranger nation on

    must…learn…to…ignore…comments…by…those…who…spill… vitriol…


  44. The neutral zone play of late has been predictable and stupid. They need some new ideas….

    The Rangers don’t really have any passing game or skill with set plays. They’ve stuck with winning relentless one-on-one battles to beat the other team. It’s been a recipe for success so far this season.

    Yet, the passing skills on this team are average, at best. Richards just isn’t a guy (maybe he used to be) that slows down the opposition with his passing….

    Stepan is the only forward with a threat to pass. At least, it seems like that to me…and he wasn’t very good last night.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On the other hand, my money is on at least a CF finish and perhaps the cup itself. If Hank can go midevil and guys start scoring – we should go very deep this spring

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Muckler, or his corpse, would be steering this team into the cup finals with ease.

  47. Are Sather and Torts blind? John Scott may be the worst hockey player ever to play in the NHL!

  48. “Probably because our Yoda, the hobbit wizard is mired in CT selling used cars or working at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru. It happens”

    How did I miss this comment earlier? Manny, thank you for putting things in perspective.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The key to success is good passing …. I am ready to pass ….anyone readyvto receive?

  50. Amen, NYR. Vibin’

    Let’s practice passing today and take it easy before getting on track tonight.

  51. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    My guess is the Rangers go 11-4-1 in their last 16 games here and end up with 114 points. That includes losses to the Devils, Sabers, Penguins in regulation and Penguins in OT and then a loss tonight to Chicago.

  52. I think the way the Rangers are playing is very intentional; they want to remind people of what it’s like to be a Rangers’ fan. We, as fans, have been incredibly spoilt this year with how well they have been playing. Even if they do fizzle out in the opening round, which I doubt, it’ll still have been a promising look at what the future holds for this franchise. LGR!

    And for all those that regret that the Rangers did not get Rick Nash, don’t you kind of wish that they had also missed out on getting Brad Richards.

  53. The lack of getting a player in front of the net on pp’s is disturbing. They need to be aggressive on that so when a shot comes from the point, it has the chance to be deflected in or screened from the goalie…

    And lately I’m tired of seeing the puck dumped behind the net on even strength play… Try crashing the net from time to time

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabbed my coat and my hat, made the bus in seconds flat, went downstairs and had a smoke, somebody spoke and I went into a dream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggg

  55. My guess is the Rangers go 11-4-1 in their last 16 games here and end up with 114 points.


    This is 150% possible. And yet some people think the season is in misarray.

  56. Jim

    You are absolutely right about everything you mentioned. It’s been YEARS that I have complained about the poor passing game of this team, and year after year it’s the same old same old. Nothing changes…( do they really HAVE coaches?)

    The bottom line here is that this team really isn’t as good as they are hyped at being. They caught a shooting star, hooked onto it and rode it as far as they could and it has begun now to run out of juice. And I still am in wonder at the quickness of so many of these contributors who are ready to proclaim Joe
    Spfztlxson a bum, and should be relegated to Fort Zindeneuf. This after perhaps one shift on ice during a game, where he fails to shine like Gretzky at the same time frame. It also shows that a surprising number of contributors have no clue as to what constitutes a completely rounded attack and defense ( as was demonstrated by the Sens last night). And some of the bonesters are actually playing on teams now somewhere or other and they at least know what I’m talking aboot.

    They complain about the power play………cart before the horse. You can’t possibly have anything even resembling a PP unless you have total command of your passing game…and they don’t.

    Ah well…..I know, I know, I’m spittin in the wind.

  57. It’s definitely a mental thing. I wonder how much the big lead they have played on that. When Boston was right behind them, they kept cruising. Now I feel like they have some space, so they are mentally easing up.

  58. I have a question for you people that know more than me (almost everyone except, ORR): Why does it always seem to me that people are on the wrong side of the ice to shoot? It always seems like lefties and righties are out of place on the PP and everyone has to flip some weak backhand. Why is this?

  59. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I don’t see us winning tonight, and when we lose. I still won’t be worried.

  60. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Manny, because as Torts put’s it “they don’t have a big shot” and Del Zotto can’t hit the net. The Powerplay is based more on getting it low and well i guess losing the puck after that because they don’t do much else.

  61. Haha. Great explanation Mike. I just always see guys in the corner with their back to the net and their head down. They get all miscombobulated in there. I guess that’s why…work it low…turnover.

  62. I like Eddie’s subtle RFK reference. One has to be of a certain age to get it. I also agree with Tony F. For Chrissake put Dubi back with Callly already. And is Richards morphing into Chris Dreary?

  63. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Actually I have a perfect explanation for why the power play isn’t working. I said this a few days before there power play scored 2-3 times in one game earlier in Jan or Feb. Here’s the story —

    I was watching the Detroit Red Wings play. They received a power play. Lindstrom took the puck from the back end and held on to it to the redline and drew 2 players to him and then flipped it through to Datsyuk who entered the zone. Then I watched their star players hold onto the puck as their other players moved around and found gaps. They scored. I then realized the key to the Power Play — SKILL.

    When the other team is down a man, you have more space, you have more time. Those are the times you can make moves or skate around and be selfish.

    I don’t think it is any coincidence that the best PP in the league this year is the Edmonton Oilers, they are young, they are selfish and they have loads of skill. MDZ, Richards and Stepan have to hold onto the puck and let Gaborik and Callahan finds holes especially if were not going to be bombing the puck from the back end like Nashville.

  64. Ryan from NJ on

    John Scott should join Avery in NeverNeverLand as in should NEVER NEVER be in the lineup again.

    Someone like Scott is useless in the new NHL. If you’re gonna be 6’8 and fight, you better be able to contribute in other areas whether its sound defensive skills or at least be hard on the forecheck. He’s too big, slow, and lacks the hands to do any of these. We already have Mike Rupp, don’t need Scott to take up another roster spot.

    I’d much rather have MZA or another guy who can actually SKATE take that last roster spot. Think about it, for as much ice-time Scott gets, MZA could be given the same amount of ice-time and guarantee you he will contribute more just with his speed alone, not to mention he could be used for the Super Skills Competition at the end of regular season games.

    People used to complain about having someone like Christianson or MZA in the lineup solely for possible shootouts, but you have no problem with someone like John Scott who contributes in ZERO ways????

    UGH so bitter about this trade lol. Let the HOCKEY PLAYERS make the team and let the boxers go compete for golden gloves.

  65. CCCP makes perfect sense?! you gotta be kidding me! LOL

    CCCP and sense are NOT friends! Last thing i want is to tell you not to voice your opinion, Carp!

    I’m gonna use ilb’s post to say what i said last night and wrote in my email to you, Carp, one more time… i’m 99% sure that most of us on here will agree.

    *”Carp- you see, reviews like make me disagree with your decision to step back and watch what develops on the blog. No matter how much many of us think we know about hockey, no matter how much ( or any ) hockey we played in our lives, we are all AMATEURS. You are the only professional here, isn’t that the reason why you run this place? So while I do not suggest that you get into peeing contest with people who disagree with you ( especially if it drains you mentally. And I imagine it does), I would like you to continue voicing your opinion the way you have, and continue defending it if you feel it’s right. And someone gets offended- asi es la vida.
    It is just my personal opinion, though, but what you think is one of the main reasons I’m here.”*

  66. I then realized the key to the Power Play—SKILL.


    BOOM! Nailed it Mike. Nailed it.

  67. stranger nation on

    I fixing a hole where Avery fell in
    that keeps my mind for wondering
    where did he go?

  68. Apparently the last 5 Stanley Cup Champs had major slumps in March or February.

    That being said I do wish we traded more for Nash. Take him on my team over Koval-choke any day.

  69. Mike – there is one solution to skill though. Jason Garrison. At $650K he is a bargain and has one absolute nuclear bomb from the point. That can help. Obviously, it’s no substitute for skill but it’s a step. Maybe get Garrison and Nasher?

  70. Ryan from NJ on

    Time to switch the power-play to an Umbrella formation. This Overload crap is obviously not working. Whoever’s job is the powerplay (i’m guessing assistant coach) should be held accountable.

  71. stranger nation on

    They do have skill – Gabby, B Rich, Step, Cally, MDZ, even throw in hags and artie, but as Manny *(please no email)* pointed out – they are never ready for the one timer from above the circles. Part is no one has a great Righty shot so we are out of balance with Leftys. Political conspiracy I say!

    Gabby had an impressive blast a couple of games ago. I would look to set him up on the right side for one timers.

  72. Actually, @CCCP@ , interesting that you ask. I play guitar right handed, I can switch hit in baseball and I play gold right handed. This is because my father told me, “we don’t have left-handed clubs so you will learn to play right-handed.” Interestingly, Phil Mickleson is right-handed but plays lefty. This is a good theory for golf because you keep your strong arm forward.

    Any other questions?

  73. stranger nation on

    Cally and Step are only Righty forwards, so I would move Richards down low and put Step above Left circle if 1-2-2 is the formation. Step has good vision and a decent wrister from outside.

    MDZ up top midde
    Gabby on Right slot
    Richards low right side
    Cally low left side
    Step high left side

  74. Not happy with this stretch obviously. But, get it out of your system boys. We have seen the very high level you can play at. Work through the adversity and come out of this stronger for a playoff run where we are hoping that you win a couple of rounds.

    I do not expect a cup this year. If we could win a couple of rounds in the playoffs and know that we have more young talent in the pipeline coming, I think this would have been an amazingly successful year.

    If you get knocked out in the first round, then I join the Miami Pimp fan club….

  75. stranger nation on

    Use that group for the first minute of PP and then use Scott, Rupp and Boyle to screen the goalie at the same time!

    it would be the rarely used 1-1-3 formation with McD and Stralman on top.

  76. Manny – I think it’s because we don’t have any players that play on their off wings. Since we keep the puck on the boards, we want guys with lefty shots on the left and guys with righty shots on the right.

    When you have cross ice passes or rebounds and guys are playing on their normal wings, the puck has to go across their body for them to one time it. Not easy to do. When you are on your off wing, everything is in front of you and your stick is towards the center of the ice, so its easier for one timers and most rebounds that get kicked out to the slot.

  77. My coach actually used to put wingers on off-wings all the time because on 2 on 1s it made it so much easier to one time the puck in the net. I scored a ton of goals playing left wing as a righty shot because I’m basically shooting from the slot and shooting far side was much easier since I wouldn’t have to cut across the ice to get the goalie off his line.

  78. stranger nation on

    Ranger Trivia Friday:

    What current player’s first job was as a landscape artist?

  79. Good morning all! Now I know the world is off its axis if C3 is the voice of reason. Carp, don’t ever change. Except your pants. Unless you’re like Tony.

    wtb were those essays last night???


  80. Carp-I read your book “Nightmare on 33rd Street” (again). Do you think that Muck was worse than Low?

  81. That’s too bad, @CCCP@ you really should type it into a calculator and hold it upside down!

  82. fran hit the nail on the head:

    “They complain about the power play………cart before the horse. You can’t possibly have anything even resembling a PP unless you have total command of your passing game…and they don’t.”

  83. Me too, @CCCP@ ! I have ’em

    It is the only calculator joke I remember from grade school

  84. Mama, you’re welcome. Still working on plans for next weekend. You better get ready!

  85. Take a deep breath everyone. I don’t like us hitting the skids at this time anymore than anyone else.

    We have been in first place since December. We have earned the right to have a soft patch. We barely had one in 3 months aside from what Manny pointed out after Sauer went down.

    Am I happy for this hiccup? No. The team gets up for games where there is something on the line but lately in games that are less than “must win” play flat. Can they all be “must win” games? No. And I think that is what gets hard for this team, especially when all the other teams are thinking, “This is the top team in the East.”

    We have lost some physicality. The Devils outmuscled us. We were far too wimpy against Ottawa last night. Chris Neil absolutely should have gotten a beatdown. I was surprised that Prust didn’t go after him. Since John Scott has been in the lineup it’s as if everyone feels it’s enough of a deterrent from the other team. I got news for you: It isn’t.

    And Dubinsky is an idiot. Did you see him call off the refs before he got pummeled? Dumbass. We should have packaged him for someone at the deadline and I am not saying that becuase of the last 2-3 games. He signed a monster deal this past offseason. Since then it feels like he is coasting 4 games out of 5.

    At the end of the day, in our last 3 games I count 6 self induced gaffes on 9 of the goals (not empty netters) that caused the goals. Girardi, Staal, and Stralman just being lazy or sloppy or both. Plus last night we gave up a 2 on 4 goal because guys were watching the puck not the man. I am hoping and praying this is just fatigue both mental and physical.

    But it doesn’t get any easier from here. This team needs to stop crying and making mistakes. We need to outhit and out hustle teams. Currently the other teams are taking it to us.

    We all know the playoffs are a different season. We want to be playing as tough and as well as we can come April 10th. Let’s focus on the positives.

  86. You’re right that Rosen and Mic didn’t call out Staal on the air but Maloney called it right on the postgame. Staal had a rough one.

    I think you are seeing a tired group out there. Real test tonight against Chicago back to back. My guess is we’ll see a few penalties taken tonight from a tired Rangers group. May be time to cut back on the ice time for some of these guys to give them a little blow. Even if it means giving up a few down the stretch.

    Keep the faith Ranger fans. If this team is rested, they’re a tough out against anyone.

  87. ORR is still a kid! that’s why he eats so much crap w/o any consequences…yet! Few more years and all that sugar he whales down will be depositing very nicely in his tits and gut lol

  88. ilb, CCCP, I’m not saying I won’t voice my opinion anymore, or to try to convey what I know, or any of that. I’m just done talking people off ledges. I’m going to let them have their panic attacks, because there’s nothing I can do after one of these unbelievable, unprecedented two-game losing streaks that can change their minds.

    You did make perfect sense. I mean it, and I wasn’t offended whatsoever. No, thank you, CCCP.

    Vitaly, after Lundqvist announced he was going to be a dad, he beat Buffalo 3-2 and shut out the Devils back to back. After the Nashville/Dolan game, they lost to Pitt then went 8-1-1. So much for your theories.

    ANF, Muck was worse than Low because he was more destructive to the organization. By far.

    Good morning, Sally! Yes, everybody’s fired.

  89. after how lousy Biron has been this calendar year, I have to wonder how rigidly Tortorella will stick to the plan of holding Hank to 60 starts. They have two more back-to-backs this season. If you let Biron play 1 game in each of those and no others, Hank would finish the season with 63 starts – but why would you even want Biron starting another game at this point? the lone issue is that you’d be going into the playoffs with Lundqvist having played like 19 games in the last 35 or so days but it’s at the point now where the team is conceding the game if they start Biron.

  90. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The key for the rangers is to score more goals than the other team. Even better is if the other team scores less than the rangers. When both of the things happen – “when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will fill the stars. This is the dawning if the age of the rangers age, age of the rangers..

  91. easy way to make money. take the pens at home vs the panthers tonight. coupled with ranger loss tonite our lead down to 4.

  92. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    CCCP = Brooklyn pimp – of that is true re Orr and his ice tits…. Let’s hope he gets on the catwalk and giggles like Kate upton

  93. ilb, I won AGAIN!

    I’m going to the 3/17 game against the Avalanche!!! It’s been THREE YEARS since I’ve been to a game at MSG! I am one HAPPY HAMBONE! The Garden better look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. LMAO @ you…Happy family! Meantime, I’m still at work ad haven’t packed carcillo.

  95. I just checked with the Elias Sports Bureau and I was surprised to find out that three other teams this season have not gone three consecutive games without a point (in other words, three straight regulation losses) — the Flyers, the Blues and the Canucks (goes to show you what the Bettman Bonus Point has done to the game; it’s actually hard to not get a point). And that three teams went all of last year without getting a point in three consecutive games.

    I was thinking they’d have to go back to the late ’70s.

  96. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Eric – you need some of the eddies finest antidepressives … 10 minutes with me and this years cup, next years cup, and the one after that will be all you think about ….

  97. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Sorry I was gone for so long but Manny, Garrison might work for a little while but teams well start shutting him down. For his shot to be effective from the point, he has to have time and space to get it off. Most of his goals were early in the season when nobody knew who he was, now they know he will shoot it and the defend accordingly. If Del Zotto and Richards would just hold onto the puck longer and maybe take someone one on one like Malkin, Letang, Kovi then someone else has to step in and compensate for the other mn being beat thus leaving callahan and gaborik open down low for easy goals. You see plenty of teams score open nets or get shots from the circles and its because the PK guys are being drawn to the passers opening up room for the shooters. Thats how Kovi scored his hatrick last night. Gaborik has that shot but the way this team plays they are scared to take players one on one. Our best hope is if Richards, Stepan and Del Zotto use their skill. Another reason why Dubinsky was good last year, he held onto the puck and it was hard to take it away from him. That’s why we covet players like Nash, because they can play by themselves. It’s time some of these players start playing a little solo hockey on the PP at least. We have a goalie back there that will save us from suffering to many shorties IMO

  98. Sioux-per-man on

    Fella’s I feel like it’s my fault. I didn’t get to watch the game. First one I’ve missed all year. Sorry!!!

    Sky is still blue!!! Scott get’s to play against his old team.

    Carp – do the players still put up some cash to the player that gets the GWG against his old team?

    Toews scares me a bit. He is the real deal. Up there with Parise.

    Toews, Hossa, Kane, & Sharp are all over 50 pts. They are going to be tough at home.

    I feel better with Henrik in net. (I’m starting to lose a bit of confidence in Biron and the barn door between his legs)

    Game Day —- Now back to work!!!

  99. Oh, so now Carp hates Sally. That’s why our PP isn’t working. Everything is related and complex. Fire Torts anyway!

  100. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Eric – one of side jobs is to write pearls of wisdom when are feeing Ron low.

    This one I offer you.

    The fragments of your mind are the essence of that is seen and unseen. As you embark on your journey, you leave here and you end up there. The forces within you take all that is and remind of what isn’t. In other words, what was then is soon now.

  101. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Sioux if I am not mistaken, I don’t believe Toews will be playing in tonights game. Still Sharp, Kane, Hossa, Keith and Seabrook are still a scary combination. I think we lose tonight by 1 maybe 2 if they grab and empty net.

  102. what did Eminger do to piss Tortorella off? did he step on the logo or something

  103. Dubinsky did used to be able to hang onto that puck. How did that happen that he starting coughing it up so easily?

    I don’t know about Gaborik being a type of player that can play on his own but I think Artem Anisimov has the potential to be that guy because of his size.

    The only guy that can hang onto the puck is Prust but he, of course, is not the best at shooting.

  104. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    The Rangers have 16 games left. Some people think we should ride Hank to the end. I think should play 9-10 of those games max. We are basically guaranteed a playoff spot within a few days and once in the playoffs everything changes. A health Hank can take this team or any team for that matter pretty far.

  105. I think we will beat the Hawks tonight, beat the Isles Sunday, beat Carolina next week, and against the Pens, I have no idea what will happen in that game. I hope Cindy back in lineup has a negative impact on the team. It probably won’t, but it might.

  106. Toews skated first time yesterday since mid February. Presumed concussion ( 99% sinusitis ). He isn’t playing tonight.

  107. Carp, HAHAHA. I’m beginning to wonder if you really exist. You’re like a unicorn or something, right?

  108. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Eric – another – the energy that implodes upon the collusion of the atomic is mere the nano of the pico. The quantum nature of every particle contains the answers we are seeking. Trust in thy and thee shall be.

  109. I want home ice in the playoffs, and I want that number 1 spot. I think home ice can be our saving grace in the playoffs if a series happens to go to 7.

  110. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Haha it would be great if Purst just started skating around with the puck. After Dubinsky’s benching due to his stupid penalty, he played very well –> why? because he held the puck along the boards Jagreseque and this allows other players on your team to sneak into holes and cause offense. That’s why the Pack Line was successful last year –> Callahan and Dubinsky holding onto the puck.

    But seriously I am not worried we have 16 games to figure all this out and they are a good/smart enough team to get over this tiny tiny hump that some people are going crazy over.

  111. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Eric – one more – and you shall soon be levitating:

    The eradication of the indignation is a relevation of the manestfestation of the constipation, and the education and elucidation of my unification is the clarification within the constellation.


  112. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—-I read the blogs from the papers back there (I am in CA). For me, the best read is your recaps of these games. The years of failure having far outdone the years of success………..Ranger fans do tend to have a fatalist attitude and panic. For me personally, I am of the opinion that this group has accomplished a ton………with hard work and a great goalie but not necessarily with talent. I think that is one reason that many people fear the fall off that they feel is inevitable. If someone would have asked us all if we would be happy to be firmly in the playoffs at this point before the season, we would all have signed up. As the season gets late and the points become more precious, all the teams amp up their work rate and talent then becomes the delta. That is why Pittsburgh and Boston are serious threats to derail the Rangers express in the playoffs. Heck, even the Orange Crud is playing better now.

  113. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids. It’s lonely out in space and it’s cold as hell.

    All this science, I don’t understand, it’s just my job 5 days a week.

  114. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    This one is for all ranger fans:

    The purity of what glistens is tangential to the parabolic and hyperbolic lines of symmetry which are created by the Tao. Eternal splendor equates to the divisible and the invisible. The quotient of what is infinity and the absence thereof produces a matrix of possibilities.

  115. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I am on byfuglien fire today – anyone recording my thoughts? They need to go into a time capsule to be shared with future ranger fans.

  116. Thanks, Carp. Seems pretty even to me. I just assume playing on better ice would be good for our boys. Especially in a hostile environment so they get some fire.

    1-3-0 against the Sens!

  117. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Your limitations are the containers locking in the spirit that yearns to be free. The polar opposite’s opposite is the is of enlightenment. Pursue the wonder of all that is light, and not dark, and your path will be visible to the naked eye.

  118. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Statistically, home ice doesnt mean anything in the playoffs, so it’s very beneficial that we’re good at home and on the road.

  119. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp is there a widget that translates my inspirational pearls of wisdom, so that lesser men and women will understand and benefit from them?

    I feel I am to Eso in my esoteric deliverancies.

  120. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Tonight’s must game is the first step along the journey of where are and where we are going. Once there, we will no longer be here. The here and now morphs, magically, into the there and then. When in the then, the moment of clarity becomes finite and thereby measurable. I can’t change time, but time can trace me.

  121. Rollin Dubi's on

    I watched tonight’s game already….4-2 rangers win. Scott gets 1st star with goal and a helper.

    (happy hour starts early in Milford, Ct)

  122. Honestly- I think the timing is perfect for this little slump right now. Would you rather we were on a tear and lose the last 5 or 6 of the season going into the playoffs? By having a little hiccup now the team will realize they are not unbeatable, and need to work hard and show “urgency” if they are going to win. We have seen them beat the best in this league quite convincingly when they show up, are physical and pay attention to details. These last couple games I have not seen the “Jam” . The NHL season is a long one folks. I don’t care who you are. It’s hard to get up for every game and to keep everyone motivated every night. No Worries :)


  123. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – what becomes of the here as you near the there? The path of serenity is overcome by the particles of the existence divided by the perpendicular angle of momentum added to the counter clockwise of the torque.

    After this, Eric should be ok….

  124. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    S nation – joeseph smith would have made a great right wing on the rangers…

  125. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Thank you Sally – If you read between the lines you will see vacuous space that leaves more to the imagination than my words alone can produce.

    I believe hence therefore ergo.

  126. stranger nation on

    In fluid dynamics, an *eddy* is the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid flows past an obstacle. The moving fluid creates a space devoid of downstream-flowing fluid on the downstream side of the object. Fluid behind the obstacle flows into the void creating a swirl of fluid on each edge of the obstacle, followed by a short reverse flow of fluid behind the obstacle flowing upstream, toward the back of the obstacle. This phenomenon is most visible behind large emergent rocks in swift-flowing rivers

    Buy you know this, of course…

  127. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    S nation – the second coming is upon us, Christ kreider will deliver us from evil.

  128. stranger nation on

    Ranger Trivia Friday: Clue #2

    Current Ranger who helped lead his HS hockey AND HS baseball team to state championships.

    And NO – he does not own a pizza place…

  129. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    S nation – hence the application of the Bernoulli equation dating back to 1756.

  130. …Carp is too busy eating rainbows and getting his hair brushed by 8 year old girls in bright colored sweatpants.

  131. if only there was some way to go back in time and bundle that photo of Rupp’s face hitting the glass with the announcement of his contract signing

  132. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I am currently in a trans medicated state of being. All that is me isn’t not me – thus what is can never not be.

  133. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Time travel is possible. In just a few minutes I am heading to the forum in Philly for game 7 between the flyers and rangers, 1974.

    Wish me luck

  134. guess I’m going to have to lay off Erik Christensen after his performance last night

    oh wait, he did nothing again

    that’s 18 straight games without registering a point now

  135. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    And with that, I must go and profess to young minds.. See youse on the flip side

  136. to be fair to Erik the Great, he did have another shootout goal last night. guy is an absolute monster when there are no other players on the ice.

  137. Anyone notice that more than half of the Rangers losses are blowouts? It’s like when they lose, it’s just because they don’t show up to play.

    Don’t think that’s the case, just interesting.

  138. Erik is the best in the league when it’s just him and the goalie. Guy can snipe from anywhere as long as nobody is pressuring him.

  139. ==>Time travel is possible. In just a few minutes I am heading to the forum in Philly for game 7 between the flyers and rangers, 1974.

    Wish me luck

    Don’t choke Eddie! ;)

  140. Rangers didn’t do much of anything last night. Even when they’d only allowed a handful of shots, it didn’t seem like they were really controlling the game, just killing time. Usually when you hold a team to 8 shots through 3 periods, you’re dominating. They didn’t dominate at any point in time. So while I don’t think you can say they didn’t show up, they didn’t do much that mattered either.

  141. Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Provolone. Baby Spinach& Balsamic. Wrap.

  142. Haha. On Purim! That’s right, ilb. Sorry about that. But Pork is delicious and when Moshiach returns to earth not only will all the layers between us and Hashem be removed revealing Hashem in his most beautiful form but PIG will be KOSHER!!! WOo Hoo!! I am just getting a jump on things.

    Oh also, we can start sacrificing animals again because Moshiach will rebuild the temple.

  143. I’ve asked many a christian friend when and where in the bible that pig is now on the menu. Never get an answer.

  144. Pig *IS* on the menu. We just can’t eat it as Jews because we are in a stage of mourning and in between having Temples. Thus, this phase is not the best.

  145. 4-1 with an empty netter (as the last two games have been) is a blowout now?

    Worst defeat all year is 4-0 and the team still hasn’t conceded five in a game (excluding SO).

  146. Yea – we don’t have to worry about being Kosher at all. Everything is kosher then. We aren’t trying to follow rules to bring the Moshiach to earth because he is already here (upon returning).

  147. Rangers were never really a factor in that game despite the lopsided shot totals and the final score.

  148. Something tells me that ths Moshiach doesn’t care what we eat at long is there is beer!

  149. So I’m walking down the street and the Moshiach walks up and says “I’m here!”

    So I say, what took you so long?

    He says BANJ I saw you eat cheeseburgers.

    I say, so if I eat kosher you’ll fix the Ranger’s power play?

    He says, I sent you a savior in the 90’s. Now your on your own.

  150. That’s essentially it. That’s why Chabad and other Jewish Organizations want other people to do “Jewish Stuff” because they think that, for example, if 50% of Jews on the earth keep Shabbos than Moshiach will come fix the Rangers PP.

  151. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Whats the point of eating Healthy Choice meals to be healthy if Im just going to eat 3 of them at a time? I wish I had some self discipline.

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    Did anyone make note that yesterday was the five year anniversary of Chris Simon two-handing Hollweg’s face?

  153. stranger nation on

    When the Rangers get a PP tonite, they can just defer until later in the game according to the NHL rule book when we play the Hawks.

  154. stranger nation on

    Everyone did Doodie – there was moment of silence on the blog between 2:13am and when ilb woke up.

  155. Has anyone ever tied a game after pulling the goalie and being down 2 goals? I don’t see the sense in pulling the goalie down 2 goals. I know I’ve never seen a team pull the goalie and score 2, but if it’s been done I would think that it hasn’t been much.

  156. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    lol stranger.

    We need Brittney Griner to be the big body in front of the net on PPs. She is a beast! There’s no way to stop her.


    gonna ask my girl to bring it after work for dinner! Steak burrito with black beans!


  158. The problem with Chipotle is the sheer size of the burritos. I am ready to pass out.

  159. stranger nation on

    I’ve read pulling the goalie in the first period when losing by 2 or even 3 or 4 goals game is an unused, but effective strategy…

  160. Manny, Chipotle is bush league compared to some other spots in the Midtown area…

    If you want Mexican taqueria delights, there is only 1 place you must go: Pompano on 51st & 3rd.

    Best quesadillas, burittos, and tacos in the city…and the dipping sauces are phenomenal…

  161. When you look back over the past few weeks, you’ll see that the Rangers have not been playing very well since they last faced Chicago, 11 games ago.

    Including that loss to the Hawks, in those 11 games they’ve won 5 and lost 6 (after winning 7 of their previous 10 games before facing Chicago).

    It would be nice to see the Rangers start a new positive run with a win against the Hawks tonight….

  162. I like when we pull the goalie down 2 goals. Why not ? I shows me we didn’t give up. Because I think we can win any time, no matter how many goals we’re down.
    Down 3 goals with 3 minutes left – all we have to do is score a goal a minute & we’re in OT.

  163. tonight is a must-win in a sense that you don’t want the wolves of Pennsylvania (Pens and Flyers) breathing down your neck. a win tonight would be conquering a fairly big mountain and make the homestand that much sweeter

  164. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    We’re winning the Stanley Cup this year. I know it in my heart! It’s meant to be.

  165. It’s important to me the Rangers finish with home ice advantage. I have tickets to the first home game in the first round. The first round needs to be the week of April 9-14 because that’s when I’m in NY.
    So ……………………. Let’s Go Rangers !!!

  166. Oh, here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask, but it keeps slipping my mind! If NYR wins the Cup would John Scott get a Cup ring? Even if he barely plays for NYR?

    Not saying they’re winning it, I’m just curious!

  167. 34 games, right? I think he has to play in 34 regular season games. I don’t know if that includes his Blackhawks games.

    I asked the same question about Sidney Crosby the other day.

  168. Oh? I thought you get your name and ring if you were on the roster at any point in the season…I could be wrong….

  169. I think the organ-eye-sation can petition the league for special additions, though.

  170. LOLs

    “I’ve read pulling the goalie in the first period when losing by 2 or even 3 or 4 goals game is an unused, but effective strategy…”

    If it’s unused how do you know it’s effective?

    “all we have to do is score a goal a minute & we’re in OT.”

    If you couldn’t score that many goals in 57 minutes what makes you think you can score them in 3?

    and, “Charlie, It’s happened before. Not many times, but it has.”

    And Pavel Brendl scored a goal from the red line. So, why don’t teams put him out there when down by a goal and have him shoot from center ice? lol

    Anyway, Let’s Go Rangers.

  171. I am pretty sure it’s 34 games with the team. I thought that was why Sean Avery didn’t get his name on the Cup with the Red Wings (30 Games)

  172. Here is what I found through *intense* research:

    @They have to play 40 games throughout the season, and at least one final game to get their names engraved on the Stanley Cup, for example, last season Dominick Haesek didn’t play in the finals, but because he played during the season, he was listed on the cup. Also, Darren Helm was also listed on the cup because he played during the finals, but did not play during the season, because he was playing with Michigan State.

    The rings are solely based on who the owner wants to give them to. Usually everyone who has played during the season gets one, but like I said, its based on the owner.
    I’m not too sure little Stanley Cups; I would assume they’re just like the rings.@

  173. Same, Latona. Hope you feel better bro. Be glad it’s Friday!

    A loss wouldn’t be the end of the world. I just want to see some good solid Ranger hockey and crispy passing…

  174. czechthemout!!!! on

    Not a must win game but at least aist play better game. If they lose tonight, than Sunday is a must win game for sure.

  175. You’re gonna thank me even more after this one, NYR.


    Prior to 1977 only players who had completed the Stanley Cup playoffs were eligible. Since then, players appearing in 40 regular-season games *or* one final-series game for the championship team have seen their names engraved on the Cup. The NHL makes exceptions for players who do not meet the standard because of injury.

  176. Carp,

    Take you and your math somewhere that you’re respected. Oh, wait.


    Thanks, man. I am happy it’s Friday! I’d like to see some more urgency in their game.. something I always tell my soccer team, courtesy of the late great John Wooden, is “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” The Rangers effort has been there for the most part, but their decisions and feet have been a little slow IMHO.

  177. Much as I would love love love for them to end the regular season at the top, at this point for me must-win games start April 9. Oh, and we need home ice advantage for Tony.

  178. I am sad ….My favorite earphones died! Cables broke in half! Paid $500 for them few years back! :(

    btw Doodie, how are your Shure earphones holding up? My finally completely broke down and out of warranty! Bastards at Shure want $240 to replace outta warranty earphones! Im gonna try to scheme Shure… my friend has an online store on Amazon and promised to give me a receipt with a purchase date within 2 years so i could claim my warranty!! HAHA! Lets see if this is gonna work out.

  179. @CCCP@ what brand are they? Shure I take it? I have a pair of Grado GR-8’s that have been keeping up for a while. They were $299 and sound like God is singing in my loins. Check out Grado man. Nothing compares in my opinion. I do hear that AKG makes a fine product though.

  180. >>Paid $500 for them few years back! :(

    What type of music did you listen to with that super expensive set?

  181. “must win” implies serious ramifications if they lose….a loss tonight would be serious – we would have endure another round of useless interviews with Richards, Boyle & Co. about how they need to get “details” right and play with “edge”…and a John Giannone post-game headline, “Great Scott! Ex-Blackhawk’s Return Spoiled by Defeat”

  182. eddie eddie eddie on

    i just worked the equations using an easel and some graphs…this is a MUST game

  183. Yea Esther did an awesome job. Seduced some guy and saved the Jews (a/k/a Israelites – so really only once sect of Jews at the time). Yay. Cookies and mandatory drunkenness.

  184. Manny

    Shure ES530 model… ive had many different expensive earphones but nothing compares to ES530 model…nothing!


    I listen to a lot of Electronic music (Psychedelic trance, Dub, Goa Trance, Ambient, etc.) I guess it varies in mood and tempo but its a complex layered music…lost of weird sounds…the ES530’s are a pro. studio earphones and are perfect for that type of music or any music, for that matter.

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    before there was then is known as the period not yet, thus if it is always was, could it ever have not been?

  186. ilb:

    If it makes you feel better, we can exclude the 74 seconds they led 1-0. So, yes, they absolutely dominated the game at that point.

  187. Oh – I wasn’t talking down to you. Just making sure people didn’t think of something dirty (a/k/a crease clearing D-Man) when I said CANS

  188. And the Cup winning players don’t get any money right? Just their names on the cup?

  189. well Manny.. yes, Infected Mushroom is one of the projects i listen to… you should try them sometimes… they’re good for you ;)

  190. For my Birthday, my wife got me some clothes by a designer named VINCE. There was no A after the Vince (VinceA) but I am hoping these aren’t europansy clothes. That would SUCK.

  191. CCCCP
    many thanks for your comments last night that
    gave Carp a different perspective on matters.
    if lucky stays with me i may end up seeing Shpongle in pittsburgh
    or at Bonnaroooooooo!!!
    are you into Ozric Tentacles?

  192. Rangers West on

    Anybody remember Lindy Ruff’s penalty shot as a Ranger? Skate in and take a slap shot two feet away from the goalie. It’s one of the funnier Ranger moments in my memory but, hey, he scored. What a bummer on Sauer. Chances are he would have been traded this year or next but then again maybe as he matured they could trade Blockness or Staal down the road and keep Sauer if he had been injury free and continued to develop the way he has. Oh well, the sad truth is we might not ever see the guy in an NHL game again. Too bad he had become a really good d-man and teammate.

  193. jpg

    yeah i like Ozric Tentacles… great band.

    You should definitely find a way to see Shpongle! Shpongle Live is much better but the DJ set is great too! Hope you can make to one of the venues…

    btw, have you heard of Simon’s original project “Hallucinogen”? There is a CD called “Hallucinogen in Dub” which is a Live instrumental version of some of the Hallucinogen hits… it is absolutely amazing! I can share if you want ;)

  194. imagine rangers need dubi and his 7 goals. seeing John scott out there is a scary sight. the guy is slower then rupp who is slower then roszival.

    with dubi they have 9 forwards or so who can at least skate………

    mdz should shoot and try for the beautiful play way last often…….

    the turnovers last night were not that horrendous, Biron is just not Lundqvist…

  195. CCCP:

    dunno…always thought of him as a prototypical stay at home d-man who likes to cheapshot players. also, he’s 11-33 in 424 games played.

  196. John LoPreto on

    Nobody is saying anything about the sub-par performance by Biron. To me it changed the whole game. The Rangers are up 1-0, they have momentum, then a minute later, he lets in a soft goal from the top of the circle. Anyone think that Hank wouldn’t have stopped that? Then drops the puck (yes, the d coverage was bad) for that last minute killer and the game was done. What makes Marty untouchable?

  197. Eric Karlsson? Anybody of these children ever hear of Brian Leetch, (who Messier said was the greatest Ranger of all time,) let alone Bobby Orr?

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