It’s Go Time!


Game 67.

Ya boys looking to avoid the first three-game (regulation) losing streak of the season.

Brandon Dubinsky (sinus/hand) is out, and hopes to return Sunday vs. the Islanders. Henrik Lundqvist is in goal.

The rest of the lineup has not been announced, but it is speculated that Steve Eminger may replace Anton Stralman on defense, and that ex-Blackhawk John Scott will play against his former team. Scott told reporters that there are a few Blackhawks who might drop the gloves with him tonight.

The Hawks remain without Jonathan Toews (concussion symptoms). How do you like the old-school logo from the ’30s?

Oh, and for some of you, this is obviously a must-win game.


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  1. Evening gang!

    I am stuffed full from an awesome dinner after a busy day and now ready for the game. Awesome old school logo, Carp.

    How you all shaking?

  2. No DZ, huh. His skating hasn’t looked good since Kaleta shoved him into the goalpost hip first.

  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    that tattoo looks like it says STARLEY CUP CHAMPIANS… that definitely looks like an R

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on





  5. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    the beak is very prominent in the pic of him kissing that girl, she nearly lost her eye lol

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Lets do this thang!!!!!

    go gogog oggo go go gogo!!!!!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    NO time to fool around , in comes LUNQVIST . Ranger win tonight …I GAURENTEEE!!!!

  9. Dubiiii,

    I would reconsider that. Hackensack isn’t somewhere you want to be, although there are many worse places nearby.

  10. I have a bad feeling about this Original Six matchup. One goal in each of the two losses. They cannot keep relying solely on shot blocking and Lundqvist to win matches.

  11. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    asshats! i hate how this network operates. just go to the damned game!!!

  12. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Game. FINALLY.

    And for once, I don’t mind having the other team’s announcers. I kinda like Pat Foley and Edzo.

  14. 1) bloody ‘ell, have opposing team’s broadcasters again

    2) bloody ‘ell again. a breakaway in first 15 seconds

    3) bloody ‘ell to the third, are the lights on? (where’s tim thomas?)

  15. Tiki i dont think it’s NHL Network… the quality on MSG sucks tonight too.. i think it’s the lighting in the arena

  16. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    it looks like film from a game in the early 80s wtf?

    nhl network doesn not love technology

  17. It’s dark on NHLN too and I have Comcast’s Chicago feed. I think it’s just the arena lighting

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    almost looks like a barbara walters special, where they put vaseline on the camera lens to make her look younger

  19. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lol Model! he must have had a hand transplant with Brashear over the summer

  20. How many times are they going to mention the Steve Larmer penalty shot this game?

  21. Words of Wisdom:
    Don’t EVER Think you’re going to get a taxi after a game at United Center!

  22. I thought the pass was there if he sent it earlier. And he wasn’t on his off-wing. So I don’t necessarily mind the thought process there.

  23. Honestly, If we replaced Rupp and Scott with Herman Munster and Lurch could you really tell a difference?

  24. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    girardi’s long one again!!!!!!!! is this guy Chicagos version of Joe?

  25. How is there a WORSE team on the PP than the Rangers? That does not seem possible.

  26. just said after goal:

    jpg’s sister: was that a power play?

    jpg: who gives a carcillo?

    high fives all around

  27. the pens wont lose again. if they werent on this freakign streak this last two losses would have been ok

  28. do you have a link?

    i don’t see that anywhere

    was going to see him in Cleveland next month

  29. I read it from Joe Scarborough’s twitter.

    Joe Scarborough ? @JoeNBC

    · Open

    Within You and Without You RT @BeatlesNews Beatles sitar instructor and Indian music legend Ravi Shankar dies –

  30. Chad Kolarik ? @CKolarik Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Cleared for contact, but because I was not on the AHL roster on Feb 27 I cannot play this year. Next goal is to be ready for camp #NHL #AHL

    Poor guy! Just saw this!

  31. spiderpig

    obv pens will lose again may not be much though. i just dont see how we match up with them

  32. is CCCP around?
    went to dinner — flounder with crab stuffing, penne w/ marinara, fried zucchini strips —
    and i never got a chance to respond to something he said in an earlier post.

  33. philly vs pitt in the 4/5 matchup would be best…battle of PA, they can meet at three mile island and fight it out

  34. ibleedrangersblue on

    NICE! for some reason is letting watch the birds/cats shootout

  35. Let me guess, that staged fight is going to fire up one of the teams. It’ll be responsible for whichever team scores the next goal.

  36. ibleedrangersblue on


  37. i like how the Blackhawks kid didnt want to fight Scott and chose Rupp, and Rupp still beat him. Carp asked yesterday when’s the last time a Ranger actually won a fight? i couldnt remember, but that one was clearly in Rupp’s favor.

  38. Should we just cancel the rest of the season and the playoffs and hand the cup the Pens? Jeez folks, chill out about the Pens.

  39. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    I’m going to say it, and prolly be disparaged for ‘suchness’. Rangers will beat Pens in the playoffs.

  40. MickeyM

    i’ve lived in NE Ohio all my life.
    unfortunately, you can’t count out
    pittsburgh steelers or pens

    they’re worse than Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

    it sux!! big time!!!!

  41. I am not saying to count them out, jpg, but for the love of god, Rangers fan need to stop obsessing over the Pens every damn second.

  42. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Latona, i feel continually blessed by the power of your positive words… they pour over me in similar fashion to the magical water of Lourdes (No Madonna).

  43. yeah MickeyM

    i can use a little less stress lately.

    but NO Ranger ready for those juicy rebounds
    brought up my blood pressure!!

  44. duckbill,

    It is the least I can do for a most paramount yet forthright individual.

  45. good to see the rangers back to playing ranger hockey with there top 5 goalie in the league :-).

  46. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i hope OLivia gets her patrick kane mouthguard on her 100th birthday

  47. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    whaddaya mean only ’til AUgust?!! you’ve been withholding information young man

    oh poop on a shingle

  48. many years ago during a really bad winter
    we had WOR and MSG on our cable system.

    wasn’t even into hockey at the time but i was bored
    and there were a lot of Rangers games on
    so me and jpg’s sister became fans

    same thing happened with the Mets

  49. Uhhhhhh, permanently here until August at minimum. Taking trip back at end of March. Next trip looks like it’s in June, was trying to get it for May. :( One day…

  50. >>we had WOR and MSG on our cable system.

    The first time I saw hockey was on WOR; I thought it looked like football on ice. I became an instant fan and started fighting the rest of the family for control of the TV.

  51. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    could you imagine the sound of him sucking his teeth! i’d have to move across town lol

  52. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    brookhaven cable channel six was my first hockey viewage. bwana jim commercials, and Jim Gordon and the Big Whistle

  53. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    J ‘Bits’ & Bytes,

    We used to watch the Rangers on WOR-9 in was mostly saturday night and often competed with the Duke Ferdinands of Hazarad County.

  54. I agree Mickey. Im all about loyalty. My hope is that he also supports the Rangers, and chose this game for that reason.

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    John Scott has really added a lot to the team, eh? What a terrific get by Slats.

  56. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    son of a betch.. NHL Network for the pen()s game Mickey………i hope SOMEONE can provide us with a link to sam and joe

  57. yep i remember Jim Gordon and the Big Whistle

    when WOR was taken off of our cable system
    (for some goofy technical reason)
    we had to be creative for years and years.
    had to find sports bars in the area and talk ’em into showing Ranger games.

  58. WOR for me. My father in another room yelling Ef’n Giacomin! I decided to check it out. Tim Ryan and Norm McLean.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Also, he cost Sather a fifth round pick. Slats never picks anyone good until about the 7th round.

  60. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    I want Sydney back for the playoffs. So when we beat them there will be no denying the glory of our thermopylaen victory!

  61. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Chris Neil’s skin looks ragged and quite aged. He needs some Olive of Olay.

  62. ok MickeyM

    a pens win and Rangers looking pretty chaotic in last period
    and 4 points now separating the team with the two meeting
    next week.

    i’m starting to stress out!!

  63. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    this is seriously the 5th time they’ve shown this mario interview

    golfing and collecting wine………..

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m willing to let this game go to OT. Both teams get a point and then the better team wins.

  65. Don’t like Gabby and Richards together. EZ to play best D against them cuz their ain’t much left for us after that.

  66. Ya know, Bickel’s turned into a pretty darn good 5/6 dman. Come a million miles since he was called up

  67. Spider
    Oberlin, eh?
    i used to write for the Morning Journal in Lorain
    contributed a weekly concert preview column and other stories

  68. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    just noticed the 30s logo that Carp it..reminds me of some of the old Petroliana items…duckbill is a fan of the old Red Crown Gasoline pump globes.

  69. Rollin Dubi's on

    Come on guys….so good till then

    If you are looking for a great cheap single malt. I suggest OBAN!!!! Tasty..

  70. all Boyle’s fault — TWICE!! — because he screwed up behind the goal line and
    couldn’t get control of the puck.


  71. yeah MickeyM

    stressing…….gotta bad feeling about what’s gonna happen
    when we play the pens. (conditioned from too many bad things in the past)

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERSSSS !!! down by one now!!


  73. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i swear do you guys have a tub of hot water and fresh razor blades next to when you this team plays Pitt?

  74. Who woulda thought we would be just 4 points ahead of Pittsburgh two weeks ago. I was polishing the President’s .

    Nice Fold, boys.

  75. yes Boyle fell but earlier in the play in their zone he screwed up in getting the puck away from the hawks player and out of danger.
    stayed in the zone cause of that and they got the tie

  76. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan March 9th, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    i swear do you guys have a tub of hot water and fresh razor blades next to when you this team plays Pitt?

    + a million

  77. in a span of 5 days our 10 pt lead has dwindled to 4. a div we have led since dec 23rd we may piss away just like year after lockout

  78. Big difference I’ve noticed all season between Rangers and other good teams: for all the possession the Rangers might have, they don’t generate many shots off of board play. Other teams do.

  79. Listen to these Chicago guys cheering their team. Saying nothing on the Prust goal. Real broadcasters.

  80. I will read Carp’s review tomorrow, as usual, but may have to stay away from here until Sunday….can’t handle the doom…..:( mama love….TA!

  81. Torts is unusually composed. Like he knows they’re finished. Well, it’s been a good year. We thought we had a good team.

  82. simply outclassed in the 3rd. otherwise not a bad game. but boy oh boy theres a lot of work to do.

  83. sorry. it’s not a matter of jumping off the bandwagon.
    just depressing reality.
    pens are going to be in first place next week.

    just trying not to bring the smell of this game home with mrs. jpg and jpg’s dog


  84. Game over. Standing pat at trade deadline = big mistake. Nothing we can do now except hope against hope that our boys can beat the Pens next game.

  85. Gee, that’s why he’s on our team? Wow, how clutch he is. When their down by two.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Why does Callahan throw his stick out in front of odouya’s shot? It deflected and changed direction. Henrik had a completely clean view of that shot and it would have been an easy save. Why do the rangers block shots when they pay the goalie to make easy saves? I don’t get it



  88. Seems like the only logical thing to do, NCountry, considering all the negativity around here recently.

  89. Too bad they got another 3 win day. But at least the Knicks lost. One step closer to the firing of Mike ‘Antoni

  90. Rollin Dubi's on

    It’s just so funny because a loss like this last year to a team like Chicago would prob give us hope….

  91. btw Gaborik and Richards were pretty good today. so asking where’s Gaborik and Richards is pretty dumb. you cant expect Gaborik to score every fuggin game. i could ask however where’s Stepan? where’s Boyle?

  92. Ok, I changed my mind. This does suck very bad tho. My best friend grew up in nj as an isles fan. When the devs arrived he became a huge devs fan too. 4 yrs ago he moved 2 chicago now he has season tix and and rabidly follows all 3 teams. He is killing me. Thiis blows!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! losing sucks!! But heyyyy we don’t need to FREAK OUT!!! Were just not used to losing : (

  94. tough loss. missed the first, had the blackhawk feed. 3 goals given up in the 3rd, is that 3 games in a row? WOW.

    eminger stinks..

    this is a good team but they are not deep enough to deal with a lot of injuries. no mdz and sauer and no dubi. therefore the 4th line is total dreck and boyle and rust cannot score either so you are a 2 line team. I know Purst scored tonight hallelujah.

    boyle is so friggin slow it is painful, he fell(blew a tire) on the 3rd goal…….

    tough tough loss……….

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t get why that play by Callahan on odouya’s shot. It makes no sense. That would have been a cake save. But no, let’s try to deflect it past hank. That is a stupid play. Period!!!

  96. so now on the 7 games in a row at home stretch, what would you be pleased with? we’re playing the Islanders, Hurricanes, Penguins, Avalanche, Devils, Red Wings, and Sabres. First two games we definitely should win. Id say third is probably a loss. Avalanche we should beat. Next two will be tough, should get at least 2 points out of the possible 4. And Sabres we should beat…. Just my expectations. No doubt will be disappointed LOL.

  97. going home will help, dubi on sunday and mdz also.

    they will be fine….they just do not have enough good players and when they have to use rupp, 28, emminger that hurts a lot.

    btw Bickel is a legit d man in the NHL….

  98. Seriously, folks, go ahead and jump. It would make things much more saner in the world.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemkowski said on radio one time that in his day they didn’t block as many shots because it was Smarter to move out of the way to give Eddie or Giles a better look. That is a stupid play.

  100. Goes to show what coaching can do, Rollin Dubis! Knicks have a roster filled with talent and balance and are failures because of coaching. Hopefully, we lose out the rest of the season and the D’Antoni man gets his ass fired. Then look at the Rangers, and how they succeed with significantly less talent, because of effort, hard work, resiliency, and coaching

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – no one is jumping but that was a terrible finish. Pollyanna herself knows this team is running out of gas.

  102. ThisYearsModel on

    Worst loss of the year. The alarming thing is that this was their best game of the trip. Unfortunately, Brian Boyle, an NHL player, cannot keep his feet in the defensive zone, Callahan and Stralman are pylons and the points are gone. Perhaps we are now moving to what our trule level is…….middle of the pack, seed 4-6 in the playoffs and maybe get past the first round. Sure glad we traded a draft pick for John Scott. He has been a huge help. Hank should have had the 3rd goal, but it should never have come to that.

  103. who is slower; boyle, rupp, or scott???

    boyle plays hard and all that stuff but really 3rd line center….get feds on the 4th line put dubi on 3rd line, get eminger out of the lineup…sit scott in the press box….

    the problem is Detroit has 5 starters out of the lineup and they are fine the Rangers cannot absorb any injuries because they just do not have nough skilled players……..

    how about give MZA a chance and sit some or 1 of the slugs????????

  104. No chance the Rangers win the conference, let alone the division. Just not gonna happen. Right now their only hope is to find a way to somehow right their ship and get their game back in time for the playoffs.

    They’re imploding for sure, and are not handling adversity well at all.

    This 7 game homestand will let us know just what this team is capable of. They’re a young team, by and large. Can they bounce back? Or did they simply peak too early and are now gonna limp into the playoffs as a 5-8 seed?

    Yes, they’re still in first with a 4 point lead. But they look like a scared and frustrated team right now.

    And it figures, just absolutely figures, that they would go on a losing streak when the Pens go on a hot streak.

    All that idiot talk last weekend about how they were “running away with the eastern conference title” sure looks even more idiotic now.

    Seven straight games at home. First up the Islanders…the Rangers had BETTER be ready for that game.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – the third goal was callahan’s fault – he deflected past hank. Stupid play

  106. the Rangers will be fine, they will not be 4th. They are not a mirage…………..

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie- I think blocking shots is just asking for a broken hand/wrist/ankle. It happens too often to good players on this team. You’re (Stemmer) right. Let the goalie see it and let the goalie stop it.

  108. A week from now the Penguins, who just keep on winning, will be in first place. The New York Ranger turnover machine will keep on losing, unless they stop gliding after pucks in their own zone and figure out how to get a puck across a blue line. News flash – try skating it out of the zone once in a while, instead of blindly trying to dump it out.

    It’s difficult to understand how (and why) they have suddenly abandoned what has been successful all year, and have reverted to last year’s style of play. Has Redden been running their practices?

  109. CJO.. classic. no chance they will win the conference..

    then why watch? there is no chance..

    they could have easily won this game and maybe should have. the devil 4 to 1 games was much closer etc.

    they need to eliminate the loser players that add nothing and cause the likes of Girardi to play tons of minutes. Bye bye emminger, scott, adios….eminger spends half the game on the ice flopping………

  110. Tortorellas lack of rage suggests he’s either exceedingly (and unprecedentedly) confident in his team or he feels they’re on the verge of collapse doesn’t want to shatter what little confidence they have left. My money is on the latter.

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boyle, Rupp, and Scott- the tallest line in the NHL.

    Kinda like being the best skaters on the Knicks…

  112. JimboWoodside on

    Well, sky-isn’t-falling friends – any cause for concern now?

    Pens 4 points back, and gaining fast….Flys are also playing well….those Swamp Rats across the river are, too…especially against us.

    Tell me when I should start worrying, please?

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – that cally deflection was the stupidest hockey play I have seen this year. Roll the tape. Hank has a clear unobstructed look at odouya’s shot. I don’t care what anyone says, professional or amateur, that is a STUPID play

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – watch a replay – Callahan deflected it – you obviously have never played goalie. Deflected shots are a goalies nightmare.

  115. In the sense that the Rangers are going to make the playoffs no matter what, should you panic? Probably not. But not winning th conference will hinder this teams chances in the postseason and given how they look now, you can’t have any confidence they’ll be able to beat anyone come April.

  116. Bad day all around. Rangers lose and Carp declares emotion the winner over logic.

    (Last time we lost 3 straight in regulation, the only goal was Avery from Prospal and Christensen. We were due. Its going to be ok.)

  117. I almost broke my hand tonight. I kicked the ottoman across the room. This was after cursing my wife out yesterday. I cannot be any further into the chateau bow wow than I am right now yet I don’t give a flying you know what. This team cannot let this season derail. Stop the nonsense Sunday.

  118. That said, this recent stretch would be far less of a concern if the Rangers werent packed to the brim with 3rd and 4th line talent.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John m – go buy a dozen roses tomorrow first thing. Make your wife breakfast and serve her in bed.

  120. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Still, having the conference lead is better than losing the last playoff game to Philly in a shootout, or backing into the 8th spot.

    A little perspective, Please.

  121. shades of 04-05 again blow the div lose in 5 games in first round prob to devs again

    u agree jimbo

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Make your wife breakfast and serve her in bed.”

    Just serve her in bed. To Hell with the breakfast.

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am not terribly optimistic. Not sure what is going to happen come the playoffs. At this point I feel they could lose in the first round or win the cup.

  124. shoulda never let wolski go!! ahah j/k. look hes scoring goals and assists though, while we got a player that actually cannot play the game at all in scott. all he can do is fight. andwe have drury 1.5 doing nothing and is softer than drury by a longshot. at least drury had 2 pretty good seasons here. richads is having a comparable season to an anisimov or pap-smear maxing out a 50 points a year. cmon its ok if ya score like 25-30 but what does he have 16?? next game we better win or im gonna be joining eric andjpg on the ledge.

  125. They absolutely cannot surrender another shot on goal the rest of the season, because the Penguins won’t be allowing any shots on goal the rest of the way.

  126. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah. Ride Lundqvist right into the ground. That will sweeten our playoff chances…

  127. It’s not much of a surprise that this slide has coincided with Lundqvists weakest stretch of the season, is it

  128. eddie

    the cup is the furthest thing from this team. they overacheived all year. this is who they are a middle of the pack team that has no game breakers after gabby. they have to grind and grind and you wont be able to grind all the way to june.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John M – buy a dozen roses, get a card, and write a note telling her you are very sorry. It also cannot happen again. Tell her you love her and it will *never* happen again

    As your family and marriage counselor do what I say

  130. They’ll probably get in on a tiebreaker over Winnipeg in the eighth seed and have to play Pittsburgh, which won’t be giving up any more shots on goal. Hope Winnipeg doesn’t go 15-0.

  131. JimboWoodside on

    Eric – I do agree. It may not be the Devils, though. maybe Pittsburgh, if we slide down far enough in the standings.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – they cannot afford to have the other team even skate out of their own end much less give up a SOG

  133. Rangers West on

    I pegged them as 4 through 6 winning one or two rounds in the playoffs back in August. If that happens, oh well. However, I still think they’ll hold on to the division. If that happens, chances are better than not they’ll be number one. If Kreider joins the team I don’t expect him to be the playoff MVP but he’ll add a lot of speed to the bottom six and that could help. A lot like how Avery sparked the team his first time around. Eventually (I hope) bottom six minutes will be a detriment to Kreider’s development but to be thrown into a playoff situation I think the reduced minutes and expectations will be healthy for him. DO we call up MZA? Bell Biv has more points…just wondering what options we might have and if we even need them.

  134. Other then it was terrible night for Staal and Boyle, and Cally (who, I’m sure still playing hurted), except 2 hits, being invisible, it wasn’t a bad game. By default, team with more skills won. Rangers desperately need some finishers, at least one more. That’s how it will go- low scoring games, with lack of just 1 extra goal (and few missed chances) and occasional empty netters. Oh, and all you Biron bashers, want apply same carsilloanalyses for the last bunch of goals against, to our best goalie (who, BTW, besides advantage in talent, is also not so much “rusted” on a long wait between the games). Guess not, -different standards for favorites and untouchables. I’m just saying both of them are very good in *their* roles and tasks. It was great and long “fluking” run. The real fight and fun just started. Too bad I can’t see in our current roster too many tools and reserve for quality improvement. But, maybe that’s why I never could be more than just back yard’s kids couch…

  135. Spiderpig

    i agree… gotta play Hank the rest of the way… these odd days off got him outta groove i think.

  136. 04-05 lundqvist was a rookie and hurt.

    this is not 04-05. this team has 4 premium defenders; staal, girardi, mcdonut, and mdz(Even though they are young) and they are just a better all around team then 04.

    THEY WILL BE FINE. they also have a better coach. imagine this team misses DUbi’s 6 or so goals….the rangers top 2 lines are good lines, not exactly the french connection therefore they need at a minimum the 3rd line to do something and limit the 4th line getting pinned in there own zone for 45 seconds.

    again the only issue in my mind is there lack of depth, no ability to absorb injuries. detroit and pittsburgh can lose 4 guys and they keep on rolling because there top end players are just better.

  137. this is funny stuff. The Rangerrs are just hitting a tought patch. Theyve shown all year their resiliency. What makes you think theyre gonna allow this to continue in the next several weeks?

  138. Rangers West on

    “Carp March 9th, 2012 at 11:30 pm
    They absolutely cannot surrender another shot on goal the rest of the season, because the Penguins won’t be allowing any shots on goal the rest of the way.”

    Who’s your source for this? Are they on the level?

  139. richards has actually played good the last 2 games at least…

    if scott plays on sunday i will blow a gasket…..

  140. if they were to end up in the 4 vs 5 vs devs/phil pitt awaits in round 2 assuming no upsets in 1st round and top 4 seed hold.

    the only way i see this team going far is winning the div if not there done

  141. oh so Scott should sit against the Islanders who will undoubtedly come out playing physical and hard…basically the reason why Scott was brought here for… ye sounds good.

  142. Really? Really? on

    So if you thought they are a lower PO seed and were not that talented, than WHY DO YOU CARE IF THEY PERFORM TO THAT LEVEL? They are just proving you are right which is the real goal, right?

  143. And the topper to this delightful night is the loser Jets organization ended their pursuit of Peyton Manning and extended that filthy disgusting dirty Sanchez. UGH!

  144. Grabby, I don’t really care aboot the Celts, but, I want them to win because they’re the Knickerbockers hated rivals. I don’t watch the games though. I’ll tune into the 4th period every now and then.

  145. Lev:

    Can’t blame it on Scott but there’s been a bit of a Slapshot vibe to this team lately that doesn’t seem to be accomplishing a damn thing.

  146. ok can we stop focusing on how many goals Dubi has and focus on what he brings to the team overall? They miss him… he’s aggressive forchecker, great with the puck, can skate and score (occasionally)!

    Getzlaf and Patrick Kane (just to name a few) are having terrible offensive year…so it happens even to the best of them.

  147. You don’t have to apologize, eric. That’s my way of dealing with my frustration, nitpicking everyone’s posts, so I should apologize!

  148. What’s CARP going to write tomorrow, eh?

    This team is bush-league, as I’ve said since … I don’t know, 3 years ago?


  149. Lloyd Braun March 9th, 2012 at 11:38 pm e

    Because most of the players on this team arent very good, Tiki

    Seltzer came out of my nose with this one.

  150. CCCP

    They have lots of guys who can do those things and score one goal per month like he does, though. The talent deficiency is a bigger issue than lacking another grinder and that is getting exposed now that team are tightening up.

  151. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, that post-lockout season was just great – Jagr scores a bunch of goals but gets jobbed out of a trophy, we lose the lead we had at the very end of the season – and then the Devils oust us from the playoffs – after Gomez goads Jagr into injuring himself.

  152. A++++++++++++++ on the trolling, Carp.

    The whole team should be flogged at center ice. In front of a packed house.

  153. Lev

    Scott does not scare anyone… players just avoid him. Playing him for 4 minutes a game doesn’t help this team in any way cuz he sucks as a hockey player.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – they have to be perfect in every phase of their collective being…. If girardi drops an egg – the season is over, if Stephan dials the wrong phone number, the team is doomed

  155. Chris, skip the rest of your college season and come save this woebegone ship that has already taken on too much water and probably won’t win another game until Lundqvist steals one in Europe next October.

  156. What makes him filthy and disgusting is his lack of desire to get any better. Instead, he kicks back on the sidelines in the shade after every INT he throws. He’s content to be smushing Kate Upton, and no real desire to win. I think Im done w. the Jets org. for being such losers and that classless clown Rex Ryan.

    The Lakers are the Celtics’ most hated rival.

    Grabby, he cheers the Celtics because he doesnt like me and he’s very childish.

  157. Rangers West on

    Maybe if we all made them a card to let them know how special they are to us, they’d get a spark. Maybe each of us can make a personalized card for each of the players. I call Hags because he needs some help getting taller.

  158. Teams are tightening up down the stretch. Thats part of the ebb and flow of the season, too. Rangers are getting pushed to the perimeter because teams have a book in them and are upping their game. It’s up to the Rangers to make some adjustments now.

  159. I would start Biron against the Avalanche and @ the Maple Leafs (alternatively the game @ the Wild). That would give Lundqvist one b2b out of two the rest of the way and 62 starts on the season.

  160. right now nobody makes much of a difference on this team..not even Hank…but Dubi is an important part of this team as a whole… him being out of the line up hurts them. As much as Mitchell ‘s been playing well lately he is no where near as good as Dubi…

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – not correct on staal misspelling his name causing doomdom – he is concussed and can’t spell anything much less a difficult name such as his own

  162. OK, I give up. Got things to do before bed and then heading to Nashvegas tomorrow so thankfully won’t see all the depressing NN’s. Hopefully I will be back in time for Sunday’s game. If you DO decide to jump off the bridge or slit your wrists between now and then, i shall think somewhat fondly upon you.

    Laters gang

  163. Hi guys,

    I just closed the pizza shop for the night. Yum, that’s some good pizza … just can’t get enough of my own pizza. I’m a master pizza-maker.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t let this latest loss ruin the rest of my Friday night.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newberry is certainly one option – best pure scorer in the organ eye zation

  165. I wouldn’t mind playing Rupp a little more, as long as Scott is not on the ice. Put him on the ice with faster players like Mitchell and Dubinsky. Rupp actually plays with heart and can bring some energy as I saw tonight. He’s not so bad. Just get Scott out of there. I still can’t even believe that trade.

  166. Yeah, the 5th round pick is more valuable. What was Henrik, a 6th rounder? What’s Scott? Probably one of the 5 worst players currently in the NHL. They should have paid us to take him.

  167. ORR

    your love for Dubi is well documented! So… according to you Mitchell is better than Dubi…i’m not surprised to hear that ;)

    I rather have three hands than two nutz lol

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Never should have traded ec. He is on pace to finish with zero goals this season

  169. czechthemout!!!! on

    Marc Staal= overated, turnover machine.
    McD= best dman on the team.
    Once again zero offensive pressure for long stretches of time just isn’t going to cut it.

    Sunday= must game!

  170. I will say this. I’d still rather have Scott in the lineup than Woof-ski or Fredo.

    And I’d rather have Avery than Scott. There, I said it.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Scott should play wearing duguay’s clothing underneath his sweater and pants

  172. Hmm, interesting Latona. Why isnt MZA here when he might help our offense a smidge as opposed to Scott, who is a subtraction by addition.

  173. You could have one MZA standing on another MZA’s shoulders and it wouldn’t equal Scott. And it would probably still be faster.

  174. Ill never have sex again if the Knicks fire D’Antoni, hire Phil Jackson tomorrow, win the title, the Rangers win the Cup, and the Yankees win the Series. Boooooom! Get it done!!

  175. I agree, Tiki. MZA would probably aid the power play as well, he showed some proficiency there last year.. although we are talking about NYR.

    I will say this, however, I wouldn’t replace Rupp with MZA. I think that he’s filling his role effectively.

    A thought I had during the game was to use Feds in front of the net on the PP. Doesn’t he have several tip-ins this year? And it doesn’t require much movement, so, he’ll fit in fine.

  176. czechthemout!!!! on

    2012=still a mOrron!

    2015= a three years older mOrron!

    2035= grandpa mOrron!

    2055= late not so grate dead mOrron!

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