Live chat at noon tomorrow


I am such a stupid head. I forgot to tell youse all earlier that we will have a live chat tomorrow at noon.

So that’s what I’m telling you now.

Make plans to join us, even if you have to do it secretively from your desk at work. Or if you want, I can write a note to your boss to excuse you for an hour or so.

We will hopefully go for at least an hour, probably more. Bring questions/comments/suggestions. Just do me one favor. Use a screen name, and not just “guest” when you chime in.

See yas then.

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  1. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Thanks, I clearly had no idea where that term came from!

    Welcome aboard

    You should do a live chat again sometime!

  2. Oh, I might be able to join. Thursday is better for me than Wednesday in general.

  3. Johnny LaRue on

    I would love to take part but I have to go to France tomorrow. You’ll be getting a post card though.

  4. Shame on me, but I didn’t notice today’s headline: *“Rangers cut ties with Avery for good.” *He was informed of that Tuesday, according
    Strange, that this Epic End of Era wasn’t reflected much more on this blog.

  5. Yep the Leaves re pulling another fold job. Those Penguin footsteps are getting a little scary especially with the crybaby coming back

  6. here come the pens will probably catch us next week when we play them. they are rolling. it makes me sick

  7. No, we can’t, ORR. Not in this season. BTW, speaking of Toronto; what’s going on with Colton? Still injured? Plays in AHL?

  8. Guys, we saw it coming…so stop trembling and whining. Don’t you underestimate Rangers strange ability playing good against really great teams, when challenged. I don’t know why and how…but as irrational, as it sounds, it is a proven fact. At least it is giving you a hope.

  9. Ooohhhhhh here come the pens. Boo fricking hoo. I am so worried. Oh my gosh what a bunch of concern trolls we got here on this blog. This ranger team is a team/. They will go as far as their goalie in the playoffs. But seriously. What a great year. What a great story. The rangers can beat the penguins. The rangers could lose to them but you know what? I am not gonna sit here and carcillo my drawers in fear of them. They don’t make me sick. Let’s take em! Let’s go rangers.

  10. Manny Astronomo on

    “Baby. I love you. But you just gave birth to a lizard.” – Bill Crosby

  11. Manny Astronomo on

    If the Pens win the cup, has Crosby played in enough games to get his name on it? I doubt it.

  12. Evening all,

    For all you Chicken Littles out there – here’s one thing to note:

    The Rangers play 10 of their last 15 regular season games on Garden ice – including a seven-game home stand which starts Sunday night.

    They are 22-7-2 at the world’s most famous.

    The sky isn’t falling.

  13. Manny Astronomo on

    The sky is indeed *not falling* ! We rule! Let’s just play .500 and stop freaking out. Sheesh!

    Get over it, ORR! It’s all your fault!

  14. It is my fault. I ate sausage today, and a few hours later, this news breaks!

    “Who cares if sausage lips is returning this Sunday?”

    Well, seeing as how every team has 24/7 Crosby updates, it’s safe to say everyone cares…

  15. Manny,

    They’ll play a lot better than .500

    Come on, people – they’re 42-16-7!!!!!

    Ease up.

    You all thought they’d be remotely close to a record like this?


  16. Manny Astronomo on

    How could you, ORR! Stick to iced Cream!

    Did you hear about the new Dunkin Donuts with pulled pork in them?

  17. Manny Astronomo on

    I know they will, ben. I am just saying….even *if* they only play .500 from here on out it’s NO BIG DEAL. We are in fine shape Let’s calm down. They will probably end the season with a record for points and wins (for a Rangers team). That’s if they just keep going.

    One loss ain’t that bad. Let’s not make it two.

  18. Orr,

    Crosby’s health is a huge wildcard.

    How is he going to hold up in the playoff cauldron?

    Doesn’t even have to be a shot to the head to put him on the shelf again.

  19. I don’t trust Dunkin Donuts food. I had some kind of sausage & bacon thing, and it tasted like how I imagine cat would taste.

    I gave up B&J’s! Had my final three pints yesterday. But, if they make new flavors, I’ll check them out.

  20. Denis Potvin on

    When will the Debbies go into that lonnnng overdue rebuilding mode??? I’m so tired of them.

    Ditto for the Penguins…

    At least Boston is an opponent I can respect.

    Hope the Isles can take one or two more against the Debbies this weekend.

  21. No comments on “Rangers sever relationship with Avery”…this blog giving him the quiet treatment? It’s over!

  22. It’s not the hot shots on that team that we have to be aware of it’s the slew footers and cheap shotters , that has to have some serious soreness put on them to teach them the errors of their ways. And we also must be wary of a lad who I thought the Rangers were daft to let go some years back and that is Dupuis.

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