It’s Go Time!


Game 65.

(The ticket contest is now closed. No more entries please).

The Rangers are hoping to have captain Ryan Callahan back after missing three games with a bruised foot suffered the last time the teams met, blocking a shot by Ilya Kovalchuk. He will be a game-time decision after warmups. Looks like Anton Stralman will be prucha’d along with Jeff Woywitka, and Steve Eminger goes back in on defense. If Callahan returns, John Scott will be prucha’d.

CORRECTION: Callahan is playing, Scott is playing, John Mitchell is prucha’d.

Ya boys are 4-0-1 in their last five (seems worse, doesn’t it, because of all the nit-picking?) and 13-3-3 in their last 19.

Henrik Lundqvist is 22-6-5 with a 1.72 GAA, .936 save percentage and five shutouts against Martin Brodeur.

Check out future Ranger Zach Parise tonight.


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  1. might be a mistake not playing Scott today…’s game is one of those games why Scott is here… i hope we wont regret it…

  2. Johnny LaRue on

    Callahan’s not out there. He can’t be out there because I’m out there.

  3. scratching Mitchell wouldn’t be surprising if not for the fact that his replacement is John Scott

  4. Janssen is one of the few guys in the NHL who has fought him (lost badly) and will fight him. Not a chance Clarkson fights him. Doubt Office Joe Boulton would.

  5. Rangers 80, Devils .39. GWG: Stralman. Shots: Rangers: 3. Devils: -9

    Evening gang!

  6. Agree, Lloyd. I think it’s stupid to think that if you dress this goon, somehow Prust is better protected. Idiotic.

  7. should John Mitchell be on an NHL power play? No.

    is John Mitchell anything more than a 4th line NHL player? No.

    is John Scott an NHL player? No.

  8. If Scott can somehow keep Prust from having to fight Janssen and/or Office Joe Boulton, then he’s doing his job. We’ll see.

  9. like, this is a move that will be justified by Tortorella in somehow and whatever the explanation is will be totally b.s.

    more jam, need someone to take on more of the heavy lifting, blah blah blah

    you took out a guy who’s been contributing for an AHL goon to fight another AHL goon. spin it however you’d like, that’s what you did.

  10. Great, I picked Mitchell for the game-winner in the ticket contest, because he was an uncommon choice. YOU OWE ME TWO TICKETS TORTS!

  11. Carp, I have very, very serious doubts that Scott does *anything* noteworthy in this game. Not sure that Janssen wants his face beat in again…

  12. If Scott can somehow keep Prust from having to fight Janssen and/or Office Joe Boulton, then he’s doing his job. We’ll see.

    Steve Cangelosi, Mickey.

  13. I also think Mitchell’s got a hand issue or something, Lloyd.

    But, yeah, the coach has pretty much been wrong at every turn this season. Turderella.

  14. Why are we making a big deal out of nothing? Callahan’s appearance today is much more important than whether Scott is playing or Mitchell. Really crucial.


    Bets that he’s there for like 2 shifts at most.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    what would a radar gun say is faster?…a Verlander fastball, or marty sprinting from the parking lot to an all you can eat buffet?

  17. Carp,

    You just said the move makes sense because it’s protecting Brandon Prust. Now you’re saying Mitchell is hurt so obviously pushed the right button.

    Got to pick one, bro.

  18. Lloyd Braun March 6th, 2012 at 7:05 pm
    like, this is a move that will I somehow justified that Tortorella screws up.

    He banished my favorite player that has fallen out of favor with every organization he’s ever played for and all he’s done is have the team in contention for the first time in over 15 years.

    I’ll spin however I’d like, that’s what I do.



  19. Carp,

    Not sure you’ve gone a whole day without referencing Avery this season and you surely mention him more than anyone else does. What’s your obsession?

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    i guess we know how much wood a kovalchuk could chuck, if a kovalchuk could chuck wood

  21. Lloyd – serious question: Is there anything about this team or this season that you haven’t pretty much hated?

  22. Didn’t Mike Richards teach Dubi enough about losing fights? He doesn’t need this too!

  23. so how many mistakes have Sam and Joe made so far? ive counted 3 during that fight alone.

  24. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb, remember that time at dinner when Mrs. asked me how often youre on RR? and I said “I have no idea” Not sure what, but something just reminded me of that LOL

  25. LW3H:

    Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Callahan, Derek Stepan, Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto, Carl Hagelin.

  26. Very nice of Dubinsky to softly lay Carter down on the ice after the fight. Carter looked tired.

  27. Boulton running away from Scott behind the play. Scott’s begging him to fight. He literally sprinted to the bench.

  28. Boulton would be a moron to fight him, especially since his team his winning and the only reason Scott is in the lineup is to fight someone.

    Rosen just sounded really proud of himself for saying Rupp, Scott and Boyle are the tallest line in NHL history.

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    Scott needs to start hitting Kovalchuk and Parise. Then see if the devils fight….

  30. why would you ever play John Scott opposite Kovalchuk and Parise? did you bet on the Devils?

  31. no seriously can we PLEASE get new announcers. Sam is talking about fuggin Johan Santana during a hockey game.

  32. Was doing so laundry, so I guess Dubi got his assen handed to him again in a fight. He needs Mike Richards back in the east. He could at least beat him.

  33. Carp, Carter’s last punch connected right with Dubinsky’s nose. most likely broken.

  34. Good evening all! Sorry I’m late…trying to seriously multi-task…I hate faith!!!

  35. MickeyM:

    I’ll give him credit for being able to take a punch, but he accomplished nothing other than getting Carter’s right hand sore at the expense of his face.

  36. Tortorella is conceding this period by having Scott and Rupp out there as much as he has

  37. leetchhalloffame on

    Dubi really needs to take some boxing lessons this off season. He fights like his mother.

  38. Yeah let’s get a new announcer…someone like Billy “I know everything therefore I’m amazing” Jaffe or Butch “I’d like to molest your boy” Goring or better yet Doc “true professional” aka “perpetual orgasm” Emrick! Or both of those guys from the Penguins…they can really spice things up :)

  39. e#, we’re still waiting for Scott to show up and fight. Don’t let the radio fool you

  40. if not for the words “power play” on the upper left corner of the screen, you’d never know the Rangers were up a man

  41. JR and Milbury! Excellent choice, Nora! If they join the Rangers as new announcers we might as well just cut our ears off…

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    rollin dubi’s – love thy name but vaporizers and bongs are more efficient :)

  43. Carp,

    Surely you know what “referenced” means, right

    How’s that John Scott move working out

  44. Boy, the rangers look like a spent team tonight. They look awful, there skating and fighting looked slow and sluggish.

  45. As a whole we look atrocious. We are lucky we are not down by more. I am not a NN just being honest. We need to wake up, and fast! I have a great business idea if anyone wants in. The Dubinsky Punching Bag!!! Sales slogan… “Guaranteed not to punch you back!”

  46. How come Rangers never dominate anyone the way other teams dominate us in our zone seems like every game?

  47. Rupp plays six minutes a game, Lloyd. As you so passionately argued at the start of the season, six minutes is nowhere near enough to influence a game.

  48. No, Carp, Lloyd is rooting for whatever negative the Rangers are doing, or have done. That’s what makes him go, I guess. Too bad they have only given him 15 regulation losses….

  49. eddie eddie eddie on

    trade hank, cally, hags, McD, girardi, dubi, staal, and gabby and lets rebuild

  50. hey guys, worry about the Rangers waking up and not me complaining about them

  51. Sam Rosen just said this is an even game other than the Kovalchuk goal

    what the hell

  52. I love you guys. The Rangers play like crap, I criticize them for it. You start whining like beaten puppies.

    Please grow a pair and not be so extreme about everything.

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd, you should see my pair…they are dragging on the ground as i type

  54. Kinda rings a little hollow when it feels like they’ve “played like crap” for 65 games though. Apart from the Nashville game, which they dominated from start to finish.

  55. eddie: you’re not a whiner, though. I’m sure you know who the ringleaders of the pity party club are.

  56. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    What a joke Sidney Crosby and the Penguins are. He misses all of last playoffs to help another team out. Now, we’re the best team in the league and he’s coming back. If he faces us in the playoffs, I hope we cripple him. /sorry in advance

  57. I seriously have to switch my hartnelling channel!!!! That is tremendously adismal and a bunch of bull carcillo.

    Geez, Dolanvision really has everyone by e3’s short ones…..and that’s a lot.

  58. Mickey!!! Been thinking of you tonight as one of my tasks has been mad cleaning while watching game :) and um, having dinner…..:)

  59. N.CountryNYRFan on

    great now i have to watch the rest of the game with the Jersey broadcast. How lame of MSG, to pull a game mid game in order to watch the precious Knicks try to get to .500!

  60. kinda shocked to hear the Daily News guy questioning playing Scott. the guy is basically Tortorella’s p.r. man.

  61. Now who’s being extreme, Lloyd? I’ve not said a word about the performance.

    -Because I never watch the games-

    Yes, it was a crappy period. And they’ve played quite a few crappy periods this year. I’d go as far as saying the crappy team’s uncrappy record flatters the crappy team quite a bit. I’m just not into flogging the dead horse named My Opinions on the Rangers’ Repeated Crappiness so I can take the satisfaction of being proved right when the crappy team loses in the first round.

  62. Talking only about this game, LW3H. Not going to debate with you your issues with my opinions. Sorry.

  63. Thanks e3, and by that I mean, oy vey….off to switch the hartnelling channel and resume the many tasks that are me tonight…..but always one eye/ear on the game!

  64. you guys were spot-on with your assessment of Dubinsky’s injury as per usual

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty playing like he did back in the early 70’s when he stopped the GAG line regulary

  66. It looks like this is going to be another shutout. I’m going for a nap; I’ll wake up when Richards scores one of his rare goals.

  67. realize it’s in hindsight now that Dubinsky’s out, but that John Scott move was really bad.

  68. so how long until he splits up Richards and Gaborik again

    because, like, this just makes too much sense to keep, right

  69. Rollin dubi's on

    Stop it Sam…..that was an easy save on a backhand with fatso embelishment.

  70. noremy, lol….looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

    and Stepppppppperrrrrrrssssss!!

  71. I didn’t see what Mark Howe did, eddie (not old enough), but his #2 is now hanging from the rafters in Philly, I think.

  72. eddie eddie eddie on

    i want my original post re: tonight’s game to be the official e3 pick

  73. There’s been enough Avery chat here for one day…ahem….yes, I read :)….move on….it upsets mama what’s evolved….

  74. Stepan developed this lethal shot in the last two games. Dunno where it came from but it’s awesome.

  75. What a non crappy period I’m sure that crappy period observer LW might agree with his opinions.

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    DUMP, i got my back up against the flushing machine, you know what mean…go head and DUMP

  77. For like a year and two-thirds Stepan looked like he couldn’t break a pane of glass

    Now he’s absolutely smashing the puck

  78. C3 no predictions from Steven McDonald this year I hope – he ruined us last time.

  79. Gotta say, other than the awful play 49 seconds in, and two awful fights, and an awful PP, the Rangers have not been outplayed in this game.

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – i get all worked up, and then left holding the bag…..know what i mean? :)

  81. this game turned around when Tortorella did something some of us have been begging for since October: he put Richards and Gaborik together. It’s been nothing but strong shifts ever since.

  82. Yeah mama Janssen fought Scott. He still had time to beat up Voros on the way to that fight though.

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – trade AVERY for NASH…and then put NASH with GABBY and RICHARDS…the GNR line

  84. How is a player’s “Hockey IQ” measured anyway? Do they have to solve logic puzzles scribbled on a whiteboard by Mike Sullivan?

  85. Hello…just checking in real quick.

    Anyone know what the extent of Dubinsky’s hand injury is? Is this guy a dope or what? I know he’s having a brutal season, but they need him on the 3rd line, preferably the 2nd if he’s playing his game.
    They don’t have the depth to be losing “non-fighters.” This is one of the things I was talking about the other night with Dubi. This was an immature and flat out dumb move on his part. He’s missing the rest of the game, on top of getting h a** whooped by Carter.
    Please don’t tell me he’s a tough this or that. I get it. He’s a tough guy. When he grows up and learns how and when to use his noggin’, then he won’t have to worry about making these dumb choices.
    Please tell me he didn’t bust his hand.

  86. Great we get to hear Carter and Fishface pontificate about the beating of Dubinsky.

  87. Orr:

    Mitchell isn’t hurt. The Daily News reporter said on the radio that he’s a healthy scratch.

  88. JimboWoodside on

    John Carter!? Who TB is he!? Well anyway, sounds like a stupid thing he did.. :-(

  89. The board does get used, CTB. Occasionally, Sully writes strategic information like “WORK GODDAMN HARDER, DAMMIT!!!” or “JAM. BALLS. PROCESS.” on it.

  90. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ORR, just dying over your magical boner comment


  91. Someone needs to draw Sam a picture to help identify Lundqvist and Brodeur. Once a large enough piece of paper can be found.

  92. Nothing worse then watching the Debbies broadcast. Debbies picked up their play. we need to score early in the 3rd.

  93. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lundqvist and Brodeur standing next to each other look like the number 10

  94. Annoying as it sounds, this ryan carter actually seems like a real decent dude.

  95. Probably because Gaborik was in the box and played a long shift after he got out Lloyd. If you haven’t noticed this season the lines get mixed a little when they come off special teams play for a rotation or two.

  96. ok Jets fans, Colts are dumping Manning

    if there was a way to work out the finances, would you sign him?

  97. Carp, I think LW has to be designated our over the pond captain…ilb can keep this side….. Now we just need someone in Canada (Sally?? close enough and she visits) Mexico and Japan…..

  98. I wish I could FF the next 20:00 so we can get to OT. You know this is going to be a dump, dump, dump period.

  99. Off to finish last task of night! See you after I return from the trash room!! Boy, I need more of a shower than the boys tonight…..not that you care …..

  100. *MSG150 KniCrosbybocker special update*

    Good to see the Flyers line-up shaking Gordie Howe’s hand, but not sure the flying elbow at his head by Rinaldo was entirely necessary.

  101. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i think they’ll try. Question is, would he want to come here, with all the drama and knuckleheadedness that surrounds that team

  102. Linda:

    I hope so but I’m not sure they’d be able to afford him anyway – unless he was sincere when he said he’d take a severe pay cut.

  103. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    that’d be a pretty huMANgous pay cut! Going to be interesting to see where he winds up.

  104. JimboWoodside on

    My mistake, fellas – we did lose 2 in a row to them though, didn’t we!?

    Maybe I’m in the Twilight Zone – don’t mind me! eddie3 must have sent me some of his Dairy Queen…

  105. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    holy crap sam sounded like michael corleone’s first wife there

  106. Anyone know if timewarner has the Rangers broadcast on an other chan. Watching the Rangers Debs broadcast suck

  107. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Jets should be the favorites, they have Peyton’s off. coordinator and best pal, Moore. It’s a no brainer. Can that Dirty Sanchez.


  108. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Anyone know if timewarner has the Rangers broadcast on an other chan. Watching the Rangers Debs broadcast suck

    Channel 197 on TWC in Queens…

  109. i finally get home after working
    election since 4:30 a.m.
    and i’m treated to this carcillo!!!!

    why do we always make these aasens
    look like Cup contenders and we look
    like we’re playing for a lottery pick.

    what the byfuglien is wrong with us
    as far as being a step behind all the time


    says a cranky tired jpg

  110. Whatever this game means a lot more to the Devils than it does to the Rangers

  111. Man that was a terrible play by Girardi. Now, if Torts truly didn’t care about the name on the back of the shirt, he’d be missing some shifts.

  112. whoever said the Devils were coming on at the end of the last period had it right.

    this started in the latter stages of the 2nd and has continued into the 3rd. Rangers look totally lost like they did in the 1st.

  113. Devils might be my most hated team. Can we trade Dubinski for Carter straight up?

  114. Girardi has done it all season…not going to rip on him for a few lousy games (though he has been poor of late).

  115. I suggest we get the tranq for Danny for the next game. Give him a nice long nap :)

  116. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    maybe he needs a lil rest Lloyd

    i HATE this stupid fuggin penalty

  117. JimboWoodside on

    OK, NYC – you’re welcome – sorry channel 197 doesn’t have a better score…I’m officially bummed..

  118. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    The Giants could get Peyton and run the Steve Spurrier offense LOL!! Or they could have 2 QBs on the field at a time, and you never know which one’s getting the snap LMAO!!! Woooohooo!!!!

  119. I guess the refs did not see the follow up crosscheck that we all did on the replay

  120. are the Devils known as a great power play team? because they cycle the puck like the 83-84 Oilers when they play the Rangers

  121. DJK March 6th, 2012 at 9:14 pm
    If we lose this one, the PP is to blame.


    Right because two bad even strength turnovers in the neutral zone are completely innocuous.

  122. Not got the Devils feed, but I’m guessing Chico wet himself thinking Brodeur stopped that one until he saw the replay. And maybe still after seeing the replay.

  123. losing 3-1, under 9 minutes to go…and he’s got Mike Rupp on the ice. come on.

  124. It’s a miracle Clarkson doesn’t have 50 goals already given how shots go in off his leg without him looking and how often he gets set up perfectly by Rangers D-men, stanchions, Stan Fischler…

  125. “We haven’t lost this yet”

    LOL … BUSH-LEAGUE comment

    This was lost the millisecond the Devils scored te third goal.

  126. Miami:

    Whoever said that is deluded. This game ended the moment that 3rd goal went in.

  127. Playing John Scott on defense with 5 minutes to go down 3-1.

    Can we just admit Tortorella is having a terrible game tonight?

  128. The forward line of Callahan-Anisimov-Boyle-Prust just broke the record for the tallest the Rangers have ever iced again.

  129. Yeah we pretty much blew this one. Suck it up and move on and take 2 points from Ottawa next game.

  130. Ok….turned off sound. Chico and the other idiot are the worst. Where is Emerick? These guys SUCK.

  131. “Can we just admit Tortorella is having a terrible game tonight?”

    Oh, totally. Girardi was scoring a hattie if he were on the ice. Torts cost us a win.

  132. Do you guys comprehend things that aren’t hyperbolic?

    Like, should I just say, Tortorella suited up and put 3 goals in his own net rather than bother to make any sort of nuanced argument

  133. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, why have one of your top defenseman expend more energy down 3-1 with 5 minutes left when you can throw in a nobody (Scott), when youre 1st in the East by a wide margin?


    God, I love Rangers fans

  135. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    No, we do not understand hyperbole here. We are more of an onomatopoeia sort of crowd.

    Kind Regards,

  136. Tiki:

    I don’t believe in conceding games, and definitely not to a division/conference rival who’ve basically dominated you for 2/3 of the game.

  137. Rollin dubi's on

    We really missed “pillow hands” tonight……more garbage points for Patrick Elias.

  138. The Debs are only great against us. unreal… We sucked real bad tonight. embarrassing

  139. speak of looking tired, beaten up and not prepared to play. Could this be the beginning of the end of just a bad effort? Do our guys check anymore?

  140. Wonder if boom boom thinks pulling the goalie was an unfair advantage there.

  141. This was a complete abdomination.

    An abortion of a game.

    An epic meditation on ineptitude.

  142. NYC Ranger,

    That’s because teams like NJD and NYI hype themselves up to play us; they treat these games differently than normal. For whatever reason, the Rangers seem to not make as big a deal out of these games as their opponents do, and it shows, IMO.

  143. Terrible loss that started with a terrible personnel move that blew up in Tortorella’s face

  144. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    well, that game was just a steaming pile of ugliness!

    i was hoping they’d cheer me up after getting hammered all week with 70 patients a day… but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    lmfao these devils fans are clowns

  145. oooooooh David Clarkson, now he’s the best. But Patrick Elias, what a wonder. Kovie, what a great shot he’s got. Best ever. And…oohhh Marty. Best goalie ever. I mean really, he stops everything. Shut up, you homer, Chico.

  146. Lloyd Braun March 6th, 2012 at 9:34 pm
    Terrible loss that started with a terrible personnel move that blew up in Tortorella’s face


    I know that bastage tied McDs skates together causing him to trip on the Kovalchuk goal.

  147. CT:

    Is it all just flukes to you or have the Rangers legitimately lost a game this season

  148. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, making mistakes is a legitimate way to lose. I believe that’s the point CT is trying to make. The Rangers lost legitimately because of their own mistakes, but not because of Torts.

  149. The Rangers made mistakes. Tortorella had a bad game.

    So, like, it’s possible more than one thing caused a loss, right guys?

  150. Lloyd tell me where I said the Rangers haven’t legitimately lost a game this season? Unlike you I don’t blame the coach for a lineup decision that had zero effect on two goals against in this game.

  151. Brodeur made some good saves when had to but he definitely wasn’t under a whole lot of pressure

    Lundqvist played pretty damn well and still had three go by him

    Just a thoroughly bad loss

  152. Lloyd, can you elaborate in that possibility of NY having to do it again in about 6 weeks?

  153. Hopefully, Dubi opens up a spot for someone else to get minutes…Prust sayin’!

    He needs time out of the lineup…

  154. Not losing atleast 1 out of 4 in the NHL would be the real fluke. Freaking out and needing a scapegoat for every loss implies 82-0 is possible. Its not.

  155. I never said Torts never has a bad game either.

    Or not nearly as many as you seem to want to think he has.

  156. ilb:

    I’m pretty sure this team won’t make it past the first round of the playoffs if they play anyone better than Winnipeg

  157. What a night! …and Philties are leading…Crosby coming back for PO and even Olga’s Chicago losing big time, which is sad too…Total gloom!

  158. So did the Devils win in spite of De Boer’s decision to dress both Boulton and Janssen?

  159. That doesn’t answer the question, Lloyd. It’s just a general statement of yours..What does 6 weeks have to do with Ny and NJ?

  160. Oh. Well…. At least next week we are at home. Still a lot of travel before then….but then home home home!! LGR I have no need for Nancy’s…..

  161. stranger nation on

    Looked slow all night. Danny G has hit a wall, making some mistakes we didn’t see first 4 months. Hopefully he rebounds.

    they really, really missed Mitchell.

  162. ilb:

    a repeat of this Ranger performance in six weeks would mean crapping the bed in the playoffs.

  163. “Ok so has Tortorella ever had a bad game”

    You’re confusing a first-guessed decision that didn’t work out with costing us a game. What cost us the game were the giveaways, that seems pretty obvious. I don’t think Mitchell prevents McDonagh from falling or Girardi from flipping the puck across the blue line.

  164. So if/when the Rangers lose in the first round, Lloyd (which I don’t think is beyond the realms of possibility either), you’ll have no complaints at that time about the coaching or half the roster because they’ll have only lived up (down) to your expectations?

  165. “a repeat of this Ranger performance in six weeks would mean crapping the bed in the playoffs.”

    A repeat of 2/3 of our games this year would lead to a super awesome playoff run.

  166. Then what’s your argument, Lloyd? That Mitchell should have played over Scott despite you having no idea what the extent of his hand injury is?

  167. If I was other teams, I’d bang the Rangers hard all game long. This team is banged up.

  168. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, you do realize that a team must lose 4 games in a series to be eliminated, right?

    So, the Rangers can crap the bed like the Penguins did in Game 5 getting blown out against the Red Wings in the 2009 Cup Finals and still win the final 2 games.

  169. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    17 games in 31 days. they are bound to lose a few. yes it sucks losing to the debils and fat bastard, but it happens. Maybe some guys need a rest, maybe call someone up. But seriously, its loss number 16 on March 6! SIXTEEN!!!

    They are gonna crap the bed in some games this month, but they’ll right the ship and be ready come playoff time. All you ledgers, please simmer down!! 82-0 is never going to happen.

  170. Really, Lloyd? Whatever. Another general statement of yours. Similar to Torts breaking Gaborik and Richards. He didn’t. Gaborik came off the ice after his penalty, he had to stay on. Somebody said it to you, you disappeared. Got the point, or should I continue?

  171. Girardi only got one shift after the giveaway with 15 minutes left in the third, for what it’s worth.

  172. Tortorella SUCKS….

    Ooops….sorry….didn’t mean to be negative here! Will I get banned?

  173. Jimbo …… hahaha!

    Ok all, have fun among yourselves….niters…and TA!
    see you all tomorrow….

    carcillo happens :(

  174. Ilb:

    You didn’t actually say anything that refuted my opinion that the Rangers won’t make it out of the first round unless they play Winnipeg.

    You think the efforts they’ve put in lately have them cakewalking to the Cup, huh

    I’m guessing 16-0 with the cup-clinching goal scored by Fedotenko set up by Rupp and Tortorella. Sound about right?

  175. Rollin dubi's on

    Lloyd- are you a limo driver on a cross country trip to Aspen to return a beautiful red head a brief case you believe she left at the airport…….just checking.

    Back at it Thursday, get the 2pts…LGR!!!!

  176. stranger nation on

    Hags – Artie – Step line was an interesting mix of youth, talent, and speed.

  177. NYR is 0-1 with Cally in the lineup in March. Prust saying!

    If I learned anything from Czech (which is very little….thankfully) it’s all aboot @chemistry@

    Mitchell gives the team @chemistry@ and Cally takes away the teams @chemistry@

    Waive someone!

  178. Mister D:

    Unless you’re saying that the Daily News beat reporter is flat out lying, Mitchell was a healthy scratch. Go check the twitter feed.

  179. Refuted your opinion? Your opinions are exclusively placed on the blog in order to create a response from everyone. That’s what makes you go for some reason. When it comes to real hockey knowledge, it’s similar to my knowledge of different methods of growing potatoes. I have no clue how to do it, but can talk about it all day. The only reason you post those -idiotic- …controversial posts is to bring some anxiety and rage from people around. Ignoring them is the best way to go. It’s too bad you do not realize how transparent this is…

  180. Ironic that Bill Clement was moaning about a player being laid out down on the ice and play was allowed to go on. I wonder how many times he saw that as a member of the Broad St Bullies?

  181. “Unless you’re saying that the Daily News beat reporter is flat out lying, Mitchell was a healthy scratch. Go check the twitter feed.”

    And Zipay reported an ice pack on Mitchell’s hand then hypothesized it was a deterrent, which is probably the first time in hockey history a team has been accused over identify a fake injury rather than lying about a real injury.

  182. I’m guessing 16-0 with the cup-clinching goal scored by Fedotenko set up by Rupp and Tortorella. Sound about right?


    John Scott will be the first player handed the Cup after Cally gets it from Bettman.

  183. ilb is cute because he actually believes the only reason anyone comes here is to read his insights about the Rangers

    great stuff like, “Rangers really stepped it up tonight” or “We showed we’re solid for the playoff run.”

    you can’t find truth like that anyplace else

  184. I wouldn’t accuse you of wanting the Rangers to lose, Lloyd, but would you admit to feeling just a sliver of satisfaction at being right if/when the Rangers flame out in the first round?

  185. You guys want the truth?

    This team is PRIMED for a playoff sweep at the hands of _____ (just name any team).

    Clowns are always primed for epic fails.

  186. LW3H:

    No because I don’t want to see this team choke for the umpteenth time. Believe it or not, I’ve been a season ticket holder for 7 years and a fan for the last 28 years. I’ve been through enough disappointing seasons. What some of you don’t seem to realize is that it’s ok to be a fan and still have issues with the team. It’s not like this franchise has earned even a shred of unassailability.

  187. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    TORTLES!~ ORR, that’s our name for the new ben and jerrys flavor! TORTLES!!

  188. Help?!

    We can only PRAY that someone from a top-notch league like that or an equivalent (say, the Nicaraguan early-dawn, rural league) can be signed in time to save the season.

  189. BTW, how many minutes a night did Girardi get for the first 50+ games. Could be this guy is tired!!!!!!

  190. But it wouldn’t be a choke, Lloyd, if you are fully expecting a first round exit to happen because it is the limit of the team’s ability.

    And likewise, not pounding away repeatedly at the “issues” (real or perceived) of the team shouldn’t be taken as anyone else thinking the team and/or coach is infallible.

  191. There’s a flavor called “Turtle Soup”! LOL! Should be renamed “Tortle Soup”

    It has to look ugly like Torts’ suit though. Maybe it can have gummy veins in it, since Torts’ veins are always bulging.

    “‘they want to suck you in deep and bang you off the boards’


  192. girardi hasnt scored a goal since last year it seems like, and hes been getting worse in his own end lately along with mcdonagh. get those on the 2nd pair for awhile. give staalsy some big minutes now. along with dz. rest mcmonster and bgirsrdi. theyre banged up and tired.

    lloyd, i think u have negative nancy disease, along with me, and some others, but me and a lot of positive pansies here get along swell. cmon be a sport. we all love the rangers

  193. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ORR are you watching Hawks and Blues!? i nearly fell off my chair when the dude said that

  194. “It has to look ugly like Torts’ suit though.”

    This doesn’t seem fair. Torts is really polar, he either has a nice classic look that he pulls off well or a jumbled disaster. There’s no middle ground. His suits are Anisimov.

  195. And at the risk of being lambasted for being negative (a sin in here it seems), the Rangers have not played well consistently for weeks, IMO.

    Suspect this may have as much to do with their overall talent level as anything else (because there have been many games where the biggest reason they got 2 points was because of their goaltender).

    Let’s not forget that this team backed their way into the POs last year – adding Richards and Hagelin are clearly pluses, not to mention the continued maturity of so many of their young players, but drastic upgrades did not place.

    Sooo, is first place a mirage or for real? Hopefully, the latter! We’re about to find out, however….

  196. stranger nation on

    Don’t think McD is tired – jumped into play nicely a couple of times and just got skate caught in rut.

    Danny G looks worn down. Been giving the blue line too easy and now is making mistakes on break out passes – usually a strong suit. Looks exhausted.

    On the other hand – Staal had another strong game.

    debbies just had the jump tonite.

    Debbies did ‘obstruct’ the Rangers on the fore-check – constantly having weak side D pick Ranger fore-checker.

  197. “National Lampoon’s Vacation is on AMC … never gets old.”

    That version of Audrey is turning 46 this year. Thats just awful.

  198. JimboWoodside on

    >>>‘they want to suck you in deep and bang you off the boards’ WOW

    I beg your pardon!? Was that the motto of the Madam House that they just busted in Manhattan earlier today?

  199. agree jim. im negative too sometimes but i dont give a sh#$. i say mean hurtful things about players cuz i like to vent. sue me. i want them to do well so bad sometimes that i forget that these guys are human(lidstrom im not sure about) and have off days jus like all of us.

  200. “ya got space invaders”, “naa” ya got asteroids”?? “naa, but my dad does, “!! lmao

  201. she played the girl in willy wonka too? nyrfan? veruka salt or the other one. th blueberry girl

  202. “the Rangers have not played well consistently for weeks, IMO.”

    Wah? They had one regulation loss in the last 8 heading into tonight. Or 2 in 13. Or 3 in 19. They’ve been playing outstanding.

  203. “she played the girl in willy wonka too? nyrfan? veruka salt or the other one. th blueberry girl”

    I never saw Willy Wonka as a kid so until about 2 years ago, I had no idea where the band name Veruca Salt came from.

  204. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i would think over the grind, they’d be exposed if they weren’t for real. They’ve been one of the top teams for a better part of the season, and yes, Jim we all agree, a lot of that has to do with Hank. This month is going to go a long way in revealing exactly how good they are. I figured they’d go 12-5 or 11-6 this month, there are just so many games,several back to backs, and a lot of guys are banged up. Jim, i also agree, they have not been consistent in their game the past few week, but they are finding ways to win on most nights.

  205. Jim- of course they’ve been playing with less consistency and less intensity over the last few weeks. Bad first periods, having to come from behind etc…Every team goes through that, they are lucky that they’ve been able to tough it out, and, thanks to Hank, able to still gain points. That’s why you create that healthy cushion in points. The timing of that slide isn’t bad though, enough time to get it back together for the PO run.

  206. No, Carp. It’s Torts fault. If he didn’t play Scott today, things would’ve been great on the blog…

  207. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, i think we need an Official Blog Hat and every couple of weeks, we give or send it to another ‘head. That hot dog hat is NOT in the running!

  208. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao ilbzo! stop reminding me of those things, the man was born in 1980 lol

  209. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    some idiot paid $8100 for a chicken mcnugget that looked like george washington? WTB

  210. I Rarely Speak on

    42-16 42-16 42-16 42-16 42-16 42-16 42-16 42-16

    thats all that needs to be said.. the nn’s should go dig a hole and sit in it

  211. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    and here i was, last night, as the man was telling me about this $8500 Gibson Les Paul that is currently his profile pic. I told him you got yourself a $14000 motorcycle 2 years ago, no expensive geeetars until you get me my house lol, or my classic, restored Mustang!

  212. i watched tv ilb. haha. my dad worked all the time so my mom made the tv my babysitter. kinda like cable guy.

  213. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    I think you’re all Byfugliened in the head. We’re ten hours from the Byfugliening fun park and you want to bail out. Well I’ll tell you something. This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun. I’m gonna have fun and you’re gonna have fun. We’re all gonna have so much Byfugliening fun we’ll need plastic surgeory to remove our Hartnell smiles. You’ll be whistling ‘Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah’ out of you’re assens! I gotta be crazy! I’m on a pilgrimage to see a moose. Praise Marty Moose! Holy Carcillo!

  214. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    But… where’s your Super Bowl 42 and 46 titles??? You can win a couple meaningless regular season games, but the Super Bowls are in our hands!!! :)

  215. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HAAAAAAAAAA! well, it WOULD bring me back to the Northeast!!

    I wonder if Carp would siphon some of the blog megabucks over to me to afford that lol!!
    I kid i kid!!!

    You guys up for a Bonehead Fest in May!? I’ll be in NY for 10 days!!!

  216. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    GySgt.. it’s a Harley Fatboy. It’s a great bike, I actually have a helmet now, so he’ll finally get me on it this spring.

  217. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Ed, I’m not your average everyday fool. Now I want my blue sports wagon and if you can’t get it I’m gonna take my business elsewhere! Where’s my old car?

  218. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    landing on the 16, flying back to alabummer on the 27, BUT, if we are moving and the boys are STILL in the playoffs, i might stay longer lol

  219. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    If I had one it would just tip over at the stop light and I’d be done…

  220. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i’m kinda nervous about ride number 1… and then having helmet hair lol!!!

  221. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Why are all cars required to have expensive airbag systems but we let folks ride cycles?

  222. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Kinda like it’s OK to require a photo ID to buy cough medicine but its somehow racist or disenfranchising to require a photo ID to vote….

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