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1) The Rangers have thieved games like this the past couple of years, but in most of those, it was Henrik Lundqvist doing the stealing. This one was hard to explain. Except that, as usual, the Rangers stuck to the plan, kept on playing, and somehow got two critical goals and another win.

2) Speaking of those two goals, how nifty are Marian Gaborik’s hands, and how cool was that little play he made to tuck the puck past Tim Thomas? And then Derek Stepan’s shot. He’s had more than a couple of shots, in the games and in the breakaway contests, that made you go “Wow!” this year.

3) There were some fluky goals in this one, too. The third Boston goal was a play that Dan Girardi actually broke up with a dive and a stick on the ice. But the puck hit the stick and ended up right on Krejci’s stick. Otherwise it’s a nothing play. And the Carl Hagelin 2-0 goal never should have gone in … but give the kid credit. That was some kind of use of that amazing speed to get to the puck and sweep it around the back of the net.

4) On the other hand were the two up-the-middle cough-ups by Anton Stralman and Girardi. I don’t recall a game all season in which the Rangers did that twice. I can’t even remember one of those that ended up in the net this season. Both of those did on Sunday.

5) I don’t blame Lundqvist for either of those. I really don’t And you can’t fault him for the third goal. That said, I thought he looked a little bit off, especially early on. And he got some help from his posts. Nevertheless, he was good when he had to be, especially at the end, and he deserved to win.

6) The Rangers got five out of six points in three games in less than four days without Ryan Callahan. Pretty impressive. But, man, they miss their captain. Also, Girardi, Michael Del Zotto and Ruslan Fedotenko played despite being pretty banged up. Why, with such a big lead in the standings and a playoff berth virtually assured? Because it would take an elephant tranquilizer for those guys to not play, especially against a team like the Bruins. Says a lot about the Rangers, doesn’t it? The Block Ness Monster’s arm was hideously swollen and discolored. And how about that hit on Lucic?

7) The game was as rugged and mean as expected, and the Bruins sure showed their nastiness again. But that garbage Milan Lucic pulled after the buzzer, jumping Ryan McDonagh, that was way over the line. The Rangers might want to file that. And since Lucic is never going to fight John Scott in a million years — nobody wanted any part of Scott yesterday — the best way to get revenge is for somebody to rough up one of the Bruins’ skill players. Why not?

8) How about that brief time when John Tortorella used a line of Mike Rupp (6-5, 243), Brian Boyle (6-7, 244) and Scott (6-8, 270)? I am almost certain that was the biggest line in the history of the NHL.

9) Did the Rangers first power play really begin with John Mitchell on the ice and Marian Gaborik on the bench? Really?

10) Can NBC show a replay of a goal that’s not shot by a camera nine miles away? And did NBC jump out of MSG quickly enough because Tiger Woods was making a charge in the PGA event to follow? Missed what nearly became a really bad incident when, after the Lucic cheap-shot, Scott and Zdeno Chara went toward each other with both teams completely on the ice.

11) Continuing the Garden concourse dining tour: Finally tried the prime rib sandwich. Very, very good. Very, very expensive. I woulln’t do it again at that price (like $19). Special thanks to somebody who knows what the hell I’m talking about.

12) So it’s a 10-point lead on the Penguins in the Patrick Division, and a 12-point lead on the Bruins in the race for the No. 1 seed. Just wow.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Derek Stepan.
3) Carl Hagelin.
@HagsToRichards’ Three Rangers Stars:
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Brad Richards.
3) Michael Del Zotto.

Photo credits:

Stick salute, Girardi, Hagelin goal — AP photos.
Prust — Getty Images.

Here is my column on the game, in The Journal News and on LoHud.com today.


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  1. Carp, It’s 8PM, here in Tokyo (I moved last month- sadly, my last game at the garden was the hawks debacle). You have no idea how close to NY I feel when I get home to find your Rangers review. Now if only I can watch the games live. About the Prime Rib, I’ll say it again – huge disappointment especially knowing last year $19 would have given you a better sandwich and a beer.

    I saw the highlights, I read up on as many recaps as I could, I can’t wait to watch the replay (shout out to Slingbox)!!

  2. Carp, I will be at the st patricks day game. Prime rib sandwich is on me! Hock-0-lees

  3. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I think the Rupp signing was one of the best in years..I like the way he plays.

    I didn’t see the game.. 12:30 on a Sunday in the spring ?
    The NHL isn’t the NFL..
    I don’t think the ratings are anything to get excited about and I doubt if the NHL will make new fans in the south where nascar reigns..
    I guess everyone will try the food at MSG and Yankee stadium and Citi field ,it beats the DOA hot dogs..maybe Anthony Bourdain will do a show on sport dining.. but I go to games to watch not to eat and drink.

    I’m sure Tort’s has his eye on the Prize in June… maybe it will time to rest a few guys to avoid burnout will can lead to injury. There’s no parade for the best record.

  4. Another bush-league-game-gone-lucky.

    These clowns are well on their way to sweep-dom at the hands of the Jets.

    Of course, there’s still time to call up Redden and save the season.

  5. Hey guys, Not a very good game overall, but wow, for this team to pull out of this brief stretch the way they did, not playing their best, and with Henrik Lundqvist not playing his best, shows that this team has some stones.

    I want to focus on the Prust fight with that piece of sestito Lucic. In all honesty i don’t think Pruster should have taken that fight. Rangers up 2-0 or 2-1 i forget, but we had the lead. I really felt it unnecessary, and you knew Prust would be outmatched. Can’t say anything about the kid’s stones but he really needs to let the big guys handle that. If Lucic doesn’t touch them, it’s time for the big guys to deliver some punishment to their better players, Seguin, Poulliot, Corvo, etc. And MAKE Lucic or Chara answer the bell. I think Prust played right into their hands by answering the bell there.

  6. Ogerp – check Hiceystreams.com. What I use to watch internationally
    A bit home-business, but all games live and archived.

    Enjoy Tokyo! Great city!

  7. Sioux-per-man on

    Another big win against a good team, 12 point lead. 5 out of 6 pts when we are not playing our best hockey.
    The Rangers are the toughest team to play against and the toughest team to beat.

    Now back to work!

  8. nyrmessier011 on

    Thomas was terrible and for a while it was really eye opening how our game was shut down. The second period was wildly ugly for us offensively. But good teams find a way.

  9. nyrmessier011 on

    Oh and carpski, ill star it up for a game if yous still need some people. Just don’t be upset if hank potentially gets all three, or if I give one to dale purinton by accident

  10. stranger nation on

    Encourage Girardi to get a night off. He has regressed to some old bad habits (giving away blue line too easily, slip-sliding away, puck watching…) We need this guy at 110% in April for the POs.

    Don’t care if they won’t come out of lineup – the job of the coach is to look out for the better interests of the team. Torts has pressed the right buttons this season, time to think about the real season coming up – Playoffs!

    The GAS line has heated up again and Hags is a one man dynamo getting Line 2 going.

    This team looked like they were going to give one away yesterday but had the resolve to get it done. What a run they have been having all season.

  11. carp,

    great job as always.

    I thought Staal was starting to show some what made him a “monster” last year. some really strong play in 1v1 and along the boards

  12. stranger nation on

    Marc Stahl +3 – he is getting closer and closer each game.

    Stalman – moving further away. He needs to watch a game. Puts a LOT of pressure on MDZ in his own zone.

    Where is Sauer Power?

  13. stranger nation on

    Gabby’s goal was something that did not happen last year – getting a rebound goal in the ‘dirty’ areas. Artie needs to follow suit. Kid has so much talent, but lack of physical nature is holding him back. Needs to start downing banana shakes on the hourly basis and fill out that frame.

  14. Nobody wants to come out of the lineup. They are afraid it might be tough to get back. That’s why Feds is staying in. When Cally returns, it’s either Feds or Scott to sit.. 2012 Rangers = LOADED!

  15. I thought this was a good come from behind win after a blah 2nd period. The Penquins are playing some good hockey now too so I am glad they are in our rear view mirror (but close) to avoid a first round matchup.

  16. Great win by our Rangers while not playing at their best. At some point in the season, I should start waiting for the other shoe to fall because it hasn’t happened yet and we’ve only got 18 games to go!

    I love how Hagelin has come on strong down the stretch and Gabby has been flying.

    It blows my mind to read negative comments about this team. 42-15-7. No team or player will be prefect every game and it says a lot about the team culture that our Rangers have found ways to win SO MANY less than perfect ones.

    I love this team.

  17. You guys are dillusional.

    This team is garbage on its way to a demotion to the AHL.

  18. I hate to keep harping on this, but they really have to do something about their PASSING GAME!

    Or that silly sloppy set of maneuvers that passes for it. This isn’t like they don’t know how…they just don’t. Get the puck and apparently their first thought is to get rid of it…any old way. The haste with which they unburden themselves of the puck from, their stick is really , ah, what would Miami say..?…oh yeah..bush league. Get the puck and then, oh oh, a tarantula on the end of the stick. DUMP IT. Come ON coaches!
    Lady luck ain’t gonna bounce their way when the
    really good teams come along. Anyone keep track of how many times they iced it yesterday? ( not counting killing a penalty?) I know, they won an ugly one……..
    now batten down the hatches for the really good ones.

  19. The only thing at this point in the season that concerns me about the rangers is what condition is this team going to be in when the playoffs start. This months schedule is brutal and I’m concerned this team will be beat up and injured by the time the playoffs start.

  20. Most other teams are playing a packed March schedule. And a lot of other teams are either fighting for their playoff lives or better playoff position. I don’t see the Rangers being worse off than any of the other teams.

  21. like to know who the head of player personnel/drafting was from 1997-2004 because the rangers were drafting fairly high. Who ever it was didn’t do a good job. It might have been don Maloney but not sure, don’t remember.

  22. I am not concerned about the conditioning. I am sure the guys that need the rest (and can handle resting and then coming back without a regression) are getting it.

  23. Per Carp #5 Henrik, “I thought he looked a little bit off,…” I mentioned yesterday that he looked like “30+” today. Hey, everyone has an off day, even a KING!!!

  24. My biggest concern now is that Torts will run his best horses to total attenuation before a PO. Our defense keep taken a real beating night in and night out (by definition of the team system and the way of playing), where the best, obviously, suffer the most. Isn’t it a time, without particularly high risk, considering strong and relatively safe standing, to try some D-men from Strategic Reserve (namely Erixon, Bell, Valentenko) in this tough scheduled month, to give some rest to our banged heroes? Besides, it will be a good check overall for their readiness (or not) for nearest future, if something happens to our main guys (which is highly probable, the way they perform). How bad Whale wannabes could be? Am I wrong?Opinions…?

  25. I can see doing that with a few games left in the season where the points don’t matter but not yet.

  26. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp – come to my place, I make a great rib sandwich for a lot cheaper at 18.99 ….I also have watered down ice filled cups of soda for a mere 14.99..my fries are $8 each… That is, each French fry is $8..$20 for 3 of them.. Best of all, the ketchup is only $6 a squirt.

    Hank for a 5th round pick

  27. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    e3 saw Orr vs Salty on previous thread. Always seems to be the same person in the middle of a feud.

  28. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Eddie, I think you’re on to something with those food prices. Shoot an email to the Wilpons. I think they’ll be very receptive to implementing your pricing plan at Shea… er, Citi.

  29. Do you not understand this team and their coach? Want rest? Anytime from June 10th through the middle of September. Torts is all about peddle to the metal. At all times. No let up.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Lundqvist was definitely fighting the puck yesterday. I can understand his troubles though, you know, because of the lighting.

  31. Manny: Sure, but coach him to stop doing that sucky crap he so often pulls.

    All that does is inspire the opposition.

    But, that’s the Bruins concept – intimidation via cheapshots and gang mentality, plus an arrogance that says ‘I can goon you, but don’t you dare do it back’. The latter is precisely what Chara’s all about (another prime example was him getting his stick in Dubinsky’s face yesterday when Dubi tried to hit him).

  32. I liked watching Hagelin check Chara into the boards on the forecheck. Hagelin is amazing on the forecheck despite his lack of size. He steals the puck away with such ease.

  33. Any comparison between Tim-I-hate-everything-Thomas and Henrik Lundqvist is a joke.

    And will NBC please get rid of their analysts and their Edzo’s? If I have to hear Doc say the word “ricochet” one more time I’m gonna hit somebody over the head with my “Waffleboard”.

  34. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Fragile Frankie – are you really a merman? I bet you are a good swimmer. Is Ariel as hot in person err in mermaid? :)

  35. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    My swimming isn’t so good, but whenever Jerry makes me feel bad I run to Central Park to dig a hole and sit in it.

  36. >>I know we all Hate Milan Lucic but who here wouldn’t take him on this team?

    We only hate the fact that he plays for a team not named New York Rangers. The guy is a pretty good hockey player.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, do you think we can get any reaction from the players to Tim Thomas complaining about the MSG lighting?

  38. The problem with the lighting is that the ice is shiny and the lights shine off the ice. I would suggest making the ice black with a matte finish.

  39. Lucic did hit McD to get him started and McD retaliated. I’m glad that Lucic at least got the penalty for throwing punches, but I don’t think that was anything suspendable.

    I’m no fan of his, but if I were Lucic, I wouldn’t fight Scott either. Fighting Prust is pretty fair because he’s a key guy for the Rangers just as Looch is to the B’s. Scott is pretty much there just to scare people (which he does exceptionally well), so no reason for Lucic to drop the gloves in a game this close. I think if it was out of hand on either side, he throw em with him because he rarely turns down a fight and early in his career he fought some of the big guys like Ivanans and Eager and guys like that.

  40. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    If the ice were colored like sherbet it would look better, but wouldn’t last past the warm ups once Marty saw it..Marty likes sherbet.

  41. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – What is the best record the Rangers have put up? 52 wins?

    I know the points are different now with the extra point for a overtime loss. But this team is getting seriously close to breaking a regular season record, if they keep up this winning percentage.

    Thanks for waking up and craving a Prime Rib Sandwich for the rest of the day!!

  42. First of all I do think Lucic has some skill but he is a dirty player like most of the Bruins.

    Lucic checked McD’s face into the boards, while he was digging for the puck. Did you see the gash on McDonaugh’s face? Watch this video and you’ll know what I’m talking about: http://blueshirtsunited.com/videos/884/players-postgame-sunday

    If that’s not a dirty play, than I don’t know what is. Do you expect McD to do nothing?

  43. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The garden ice votes democratic is the real reason tiny Tim and his 70’s porn Stache doesn’t like it

  44. “Every [goal] was a screen or a weird, goofy bounce,” he told the Herald. “It wasn’t a normal game for a goaltender. Let’s put it that way.”

    Lightning must have been so bad he didn’t even see where Stepan shot that clean wrister from.

  45. What’s the point of getting an enforcer so intimidating no one will fight him, so the same guys who have been fighting all year still have to fight?

  46. Lucic’s fight with Ivanans was in 2007, in the begging of his career. I guess he realized he can’t pull his act with the tough guys in the league and stopped accepting the invites.

  47. Good question about who was in charge of the draft from 1997-2004? When did Gordie Clark take over? The post lock-out drafts have uncovered some nice talent!

  48. I’ve thought all year the new lighting, angled spotlights, could be an issue, and I’m suprised that it took so long for somebody to complain. I’m not surprised that it was Thomas, though I was unaware of this.

    FYI, Hagelin hit Chara, hit Lucic, cross-checked Lucic in the back.

    Good morning, Sally! Welcome back to the United States!

    Yev, thanks for the link to the Sather interview on Kreider. Sure sounds like he’s coming and he’s going to play.

    Was that a Monty Python reference, African or European? What’s the wind velocity of a swallow?

    I don’t buy the “resting players” thing. Not now. So, if you rest Girardi and Staal has to play more minutes, what if Staal gets hurt? You can’t bring up 18 skaters. Every team is banged up now, and most are playing a brutal March. The benefit for the Rangers, if they can maintain their position, is that the final week they can give days off to guys who most need them instead of going hell-bent for the eighth seed … for a change.

  49. “What’s the point of getting an enforcer so intimidating no one will fight him, so the same guys who have been fighting all year still have to fight?”

    Its up to those guys to stop fighting. Nothing gained by Prust going with Lucic; no matter how much better of a natural fighter is the size disadvantage was stupid. Wish he’d just shut it down and play unless its a similar sized guy like Campbell or an on ice situation really calls for it.

  50. I believe it was Monty Python (which is why I followed with another Monty Python Reference).

    They were really concerned with Wing Speed.

  51. well, 97-99 it was Neil Smith with Larry Pleau/Don Maloney, etc. They made some massive mistakes. But a lot of scouts felt similarly about Brendl and Lundmark, if those are the two you’re thinking about.

    From 2000-04 and today, it’s been Glen Sather, and I think it was Tom Renney, and I’d have to look if I had time to see who else he had in the player personnel department.

  52. “When was the last time the Hammers won the UEFA cup?” Anyone? Karl Marx? No? Well I am not surprised you didn’t get that one. It was a trick question. The Hammers have never won the UEFA cup.”

  53. it’s time for the big guys to deliver some punishment to their better players, Seguin, Poulliot, Corvo, etc. And MAKE Lucic or Chara answer the bell. I think Prust played right into their hands by answering the bell there.


    Dead on again. We specifically got Scott to lighten the load of our enforcers. If bothers me that Prust got involved with Lucic….shows that Scott was just an ornamental piece really.

    That was a major turning point.

  54. Two European swallows can carry a coconut using a string held under their dorsal guiding feathers.

  55. “Good idea, Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies, brother… sister, sorry.”

  56. It’s not a question of where he grips it! It’s a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.

  57. Agree with those who advised Prust walking away from Lucic. The point here is, Boston engaged first in all 3 fights, and I just don’t think we should allow other teams to dictate when we fight. WE gained nothing from any of them.
    Also, Im beginning to get concerned that we can play this style, and this style only, through the playoffs. We’re already getting banged up as if it IS the playoffs. Why not trap after we have a 2-goal lead once in a while?

  58. That’s Coventry City Manny. They finally won the FA Cup in 1987. There was much rejoicing.

  59. They also play a form of a trap, or a lock, most of the game. And they not only can play this style, they have to play this style.

  60. two main objectives moving forward.

    1. clinch div and conf as soon as possible and get guys rest in late march early april. would love the last 5 games to mean nothing

    2. puck possesion/faceoffs we need to play with the puck more. yes we find ways to win but i dont want that recipe come playoff time. that 2nd per was hideous yesterday but give the boys credit they gutted it out.


    Yev, thanks for the link to the Sather interview on Kreider. Sure sounds like he’s coming and he’s going to play.

    You are welcome CARP. I think a lot of it will have to do with how far BC goes in the Tournament. If they win the National Championship, I am not sure Kreider will be available for any regular season games and I have doubts that he would play in the playoffs barring an injury. But, (regardless of what others have said on this blog) if there are regular season games left when BC’s season is over, I feel confident that we will all get a look at Kreider in Ranger Blue!


    In my opinion, the hiring of Gordie Clark has been a KEY to what is going on now in the organ-EYE-zation. The drafting and development of talent has been excellent since gordie took over.

    hearing really good things recently about JT Miller. Also hearing that mcIlrath’s game is improving and he is becoming much more than just a tough guy/ fighter. Also, secondary picks like Michael St Croix, Jesper Fasth and Christian Thomas are making some noise.

    Things look rosy on the horizon…


  62. “What’s this, then? “Romanes eunt domus”? People called Romanes, they go, the house?”

  63. Carp, yea, I knew Maloney was doing it for a little while and having Sather and Renney doing it for 6 more years would explain why it took so long to have a good farm system. The best thing sather has done is promote Gordie Clarke as the head of player personnel/drafting and making trades.

  64. “Under the terms of the Roman occupancy, we’re entitled to be crucified in a purely Jewish area.”

  65. Thanks for posting that link to the Sather video Yev, I hadn’t seen that and it has changed my mind completely. I was one of the guys saying 95% he doesn’t sniff the NHL this year, so I was wrong.

    Carp – you’re right it sure does sound like if Kreider wants to be here, they are going to give him a shot, according to Sather….”he’ll be successful here, if he chooses to do so.” He sounded really high on him. Of course he then ruined the interview for me when he said, “If Chris(Kreider) can turn out to be as good as Brian(Boyle) I’ll be overwhelmed with joy.”

    I have a ton of respect for Boyle and I think he is a solid player and a key part of the team but I sure hope we have higher expectations for Kreider, not just becoming the 2nd coming of Brain Boyle. I’m sure it was more of Sather being a Boyle supporter and not wanting to talk Kreider up too much. Still that quote made me laugh…..you want us to believe that but you wouldn’t part with him for Nash? Silly Glen.

  66. Emirick is the worsk. I am sorry. He actually said, “That puck chizzled when it should have chazzled.” WHAT!? Who in their right mind says that. And can he please for chrissakes shut up for a minute or two? Stupid Devils.

  67. “There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia-work base, that has an attachment. At that time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock.”

  68. All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

  69. Coordinator: Crucifixion?
    Mr. Cheeky: Er, no, freedom actually.
    Coordinator: What?
    Mr. Cheeky: Yeah, they said I hadn’t done anything and I could go and live on an island somewhere.
    Coordinator: Oh I say, that’s very nice. Well, off you go then.
    Mr. Cheeky: No, I’m just pulling your leg, it’s crucifixion really.
    Coordinator: [laughing] Oh yes, very good. Well…
    Mr. Cheeky: Yes I know, out of the door, one cross each, line on the left.

  70. 1940!I think it was a little bit of both, but I do think Boyle is a very, very valuable commodity. On the other hand, I don’t think they necessarily see Kreider being a 40-goal scorer.

    Gordie Clark: Another one the Islanders let get away. Oh, but they have Garth Snow.

  71. Sioux-per-man on

    10 more games to win, out of 18. That mark is within reach, to tie are best record.
    11 out of 18 breaks the record. Best regular season team EVER for the Rangers.

    It could happen……

  72. “He has a wife, you know. Do you know what she’s called? She’s called… Incontinentia. Incontinentia Buttocks.”

  73. Boyle = Dime-a-dozen, Carp. So quickly you forget what we have learned from the detractors on this blog.

  74. Mother: Oh, well, I suppose I should have told you a long time ago, but…

    Brian: What?

    Mother: Well, Brian, your father isn’t Mr. Cohen.

    Brian: I never thought he was!

    Mother: Now none of your cheek! He was a Roman, Brian. He was a centurion in the Roman army.

    Brian: You mean…you were raped?!

    Mother: Well…at first, yes.

  75. This team = full-blown-amateur-hour-that-never-stops

    I have nightmares about us losing the first-round series in 3 games … ’cause it’ll be so ugly, we just won’t even show up for the last game

  76. I absolutely agree Carp. In no way was I trying to pile on Boyle. It is hard to see anyone being a 40 goal scorer, there aren’t many Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos’s, etc. out there. I mean how many times has Gaborik hit 40? And I don’t expect Kredier to be Gaborik. But to say that if in a couple of years, Chris Kreider is our 3rd line center putting up 25 pts a season, you’d be overwhelmed with joy……thats a bit much. That is not a guy you wouldn’t part with to get Nash. imo.

  77. Sioux-per-man on

    Sather says it’s up to Kreider if he wants to become a Ranger THIS year.
    From college to pro – lots of Sioux players have done it. Frattin,Blake,Toews,Green.

    Kreider does NOT pass up the opportunity to play for the BEST team in the east, with one of the BEST chances to the stanley cup this year. Nobody passes up on a chance like that. If they don’t make it to the frozen four, that will give him 7 regular season games, and 20+ in the playoffs :)

    It could happen. I’m thinking its going to happen. Pass on Nash…..add Kreider. He would make a solid 3rd line winger for the playoff push.

  78. stranger nation on

    Why does one feel ill upon hearing Doc Emrick?

    Could it be the jarring high pitched screams regarding nothing?

    Could it be the personality of dish soap?

    Could it be the introduction of terms not associated with hockey in any way shape or form?

  79. Sioux-per-man on

    I can see a Kreider-Stepan-Hagelin line hitting the ice for long time to come. I can also see Torts mixing it up a bit at the end of the year if the team gets flat in the 3rd period ….it could happen.

  80. Listen, strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

  81. 1940, I completely understand what you were saying, and agree.

    But I think the organizational look at things is different than an outsider’s view. They think, any draft pick that makes it to the NHL and becomes a contributor is a good one.

    They don’t see this guy as a 30-goal scorer, or this guy as a first-line player, etc. Boyle was a first-round pick. He’s now a legit NHL player. That’s a good pick in their eyes, because plenty of first-rounders don’t become that. And if you go to a draft and in seven rounds you get four NHL players, that’s wild success, no matter what roles they play on your team, or what they bring back in trades.

  82. I think the whole league can see how MSG’s terrible lighting has affected Hank’s play. Oh, wait. $%^ you, Tim Thomas.

  83. Carp – I totally get that. I’d imagine that I would like at it the same way if I were lucky enough to have that job. I guess I just took umbrage with, “overwhelmed with joy.” Nit picking? maybe, but thats what fans do.

  84. “Well there you have it, two say will, two say won’t. We’ll be back again next week, and next week’s “Great Debate’ will be about government interference in broadcasting and will be cancelled mysteriously.”

  85. I got busy at work and did not read the plethora of entries above…sorry, time is short today.

    Who saw Girardi steamroll Lucic on the boards? My favorite hit of the day….

  86. Peoples’ Judea Front-Splitters! Wait, aren’t we the Peoples’ Judea Front? Other than roads, schools, oragnization, government, and peace, what really have the Romans done for us?

  87. I understand that Prust loves to fight…but that is the kind of thing a coach needs to manage a little more.

    When Scott was brought in, the first person thing that came to mind for many of us was restraining Milan Lucic from taking liberties with our guys. We won the war, but we lost the battle with Lucic.

  88. Sioux-per-man on

    No blood no Winner. Outside Lucic had to sit 5 minutes vs our Prust.

    Lucic is a beast. Can’t say I see him as a dirty player. Just glad we have 3 guys like him on our team. Another reason we are tuff to play against. NOBODY intimidates the Rangers. Now if we can just shut down the speed teams.

  89. Glad we got the win…that shot by Stepan was ridiculous…

    Don’t like how certain things went down…didn’t like seeing Prust get beat up, but hey, at least he took Lucic off the ice for 5…

    I have to agree with Fran…the Rangers passing isn’t particularly good…

    If I would have told you in October that Richie and MDZ would have the same number of assists come March 5…what would you have said?

    ….you can only win so many games when you get out-shot 33-17…

    Need more skill upfront…duh

    Can Kreider sign his contract first before he comes along for the playoffs? I hope they don’t burn a year of his ELC…that would be shortsighted….

  90. bottom line, if Stralman and Girardi don’t make those woeful passes up the middle, we’re not looking at Prust-Lucic as any kind of turning point, because it’s not.

  91. NYR, if he comes and contributes, then the ELC isn’t a factor. If he signs and doesn’t play much, then I agree it’s a waste.

  92. “Can’t say I see him as a dirty player.”

    I had respect for him until the buzzer yesterday. That could have been ugly, like Claude Lemeiux/Kris Draper ugly. Something tells me that doesn’t happen if Scott gives him a a mouthful of teeth early on.

    The message was not sent.

  93. If I would have told you in October that Richie and MDZ would have the same number of assists come March 5…what would you have said?


    Damn, Richards waived his NMC to play in the AHL with Del Zaster?

  94. Sioux-per-man on

    Lucic is there 3rd highest scorer with 48 points. Prust fights and takes him off the ice for 5 minutes. That’s advantage Rangers, beside Prust is tuff as nails, he got hit – but he didn’t get hurt. No square punches were caught by Prust unless you count the ones that his his helmut.

    Carps right. Take those 2 passes away it’s a 4-1 win.

    This could be our toughest team to play against in the East. But I don’t see them winning 4 out of 7, this year.

  95. So you want Scott to take an instigator in a game that’s tied or one-goal either way the entire day? And maybe a five-minute PP, too?

    Because Lucic wasn’t going to fight him … neither was Thornton.

  96. Prime Rib sandich this year is a disgrace. Previously they were huge sandwiches on buttered toasted bread with amazing dipping sauce. This year it’s a disgusting version of Hill Country prime rib.

    Hill Country is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, easily the best and only true texas BBQ here in my mind…but that sandwich is terrible. Bring back the one from the previous garden that was no-name and amazingly delicious

  97. McD was ducking down when Looch hit him. If McD stands up its a regular hit. The hit I don’t have an issue with, the two punches to the face when the linesman steps in is.

    And as I said, he throws down against heavyweights. He’s stopped the last two seasons because he’s one of their top offensive guys. It’d be like us having Callahan fight Thornton. Doesn’t make any sense.

  98. Sioux-per-man on

    Salty – I think the junk at the end of the game was pure frustration.

    I’m sure the boys wrote it down for the next game, he will have to answer to the Great Scott.

    Carp – I see Kreider as a big body on the 3rd line, giving the Rangers a chance to rotate 3 scoring lines. I see him as an addition in scoring potential, and with his speed he should gives us another Hagelin on the ice. Thoughts…..

  99. Thanks, Carp! I’m happy to be back! I got to see “Goon” in the “theatre”!

    I love this team. Holy moly.

  100. If in a few years we are worried about having to pay Kreider because we used up a year off his ELC, I’ll be a happy camper. That would mean he has panned out(to an extent) and we want to keep him around.

  101. Rangers 3-0 vs Boston this year.

    Lundqvist > Thomas, even when the team in front of him gets massively outplayed and outshot.

    They’re not intimidating the Rangers when the game is actually going on. If they want to go after guys after the final buzzer, that’s their stupid choice.

    Message to Boston…YOU CAN’T BEAT US.

  102. LOL, CT!

    If you guys want a good Prime Rib sandwich, go to Hillstone (formerly Houston’s). They have 2 locations in Manhattan. Order the Prime Rib French Dip.

    It’s about the same price as the Garden. But, so so so much better….and they give you the au jus dipping sauce….heaven on a plate

  103. See the link I posted earlier, of Lucic going toe-to-toe with Tostitos. He’ll fight heavyweights, too. I just don’t think he’s ever going to fight Scott.

  104. Lucic will take liberties, whether Scott is in or out of the lineup. He’s not gonna fight Scott, and he shouldn’t have to.

    That was a pretty damn good draft year for the Bruins. Kessel in the first round, Lucic in the second, and Marchand in the 3rd. Good drafting.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    “If I would have told you in October that Richie and MDZ would have the same number of assists come March 5…what would you have said?”

    I told you we should have signed Kovalchuk!

  106. Whats with people saying Lucic pummeled prust? He landed one punch, albeit a hard one, but big deal. Since when does landing one punch destroying someone? Pruster got the edge in their last tilt.

  107. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I posted this on the previous thread http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/97926
    but I don’t think anyone viewed it due to orr giving someone a verbal beat down!!

    I still think prust can hang with lucic, but lucic is a bigger stronger guy without a doubt and clearly got the bad end of that scrap yesterday.

    Two things I have to say about the “rangers reply”. First of all, guys like scott, or bickel, or rupp need to actually be on the ice meaning they have to be put out there (unless they pull a goddard, which would also be fine with me). And I do not mean this in a bad way, but that is on the coaches to be aware of who is out there and who to put on the ice.

    the second part of this relates to the first, what is more important to the coaches? Retaliation and line matching, or getting the points and hoping your team can stand up for themselves with who is on the ice.

    I said it last night, I would have had scott out there in the last minute or so and told him not to move more than 5 feet away from the net. You had to know lucic was going to be out there and would pull something goofy if they didn’t score (I like that about him actually, just not against out team). I’m obviously not the coach though, so mcdonut got roughed up and lucic gets nothing!

    Next game against the bruins some body rough is out there every time lucic is and if we don’t win the game due to some odd line combos so be it…see you in the playoffs either way!

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, the Kessel pick was risky. His scouting rankings dropped the whole year leading up to the draft. So they get extra credit for picking him over a lot of the other names in that draft.

    Interesting footnote on that draft re: the best player from the first round that wasn’t taken in the top 3: Claude Giroux. The Flyers wanted Sanguinetti, and when the Rangers took him the Flyers GM (Bob Clarke) went to the podium and had to ask his scout what the name of the kid they were taking was.

  109. Anyone who thinks Prust would be bothered by one measly fist to the face is a punk and a dirtbag. Lucic’s hand was obviously destroyed beyond repair the second it connected with Prust.

    We’re talking about *PRUST* here, guys.

  110. I love Thomas whining about the lights. Someone should tell him that the best goalie in the league plays the majority of his games there……and it is obviously a non-issue.

  111. Carp – What are the Captain’s chances of playing tomorrow night vs NJD?

    Also what is the status of Sauer?

  112. ORR – I disagree – if Lucic is going to have a tough guy image and fight people that are seriously smaller than him than he should step up when a real fighter challenges him. If he turns down Scott Johnston and other “super” heavyweights than he is nothing more than a punk (like LW).

  113. That makes me sick, Doodie. Such bad luck.

    It would have been great to have a guy like Giroux on this team. Hopefully Kreider will be that guy. Though, I don’t have any expectations until I see him in the NHL.

  114. Lucic may or may not scramble with Scott, but he needs to realize that there will be consequences for his actions. Otherwise, what is the point of Scott anyway?

  115. tim thomas complaining about the lighting is classic. he is a real good goalie but he says a lot of stupid crap.

    have not been to the renovated arena so no idea about the lighting but it would be hard to believe that it is a issue….

    rangers are a tough team, physical wise no team can push them around it is not even a remote concern…. the speed issue may be a problem but toughness, no chance.

    my fear again is the Pens and or a hot buffalo and miller in the 1st round…..

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony, did you get it on Netflix? I’m excited to see it but refuse to get Netflix.

  117. My only point it – Lucic doesn’t get to have it both ways. He can’t beat on Prust (or try to) and pick on Ryan Miller (150lbs) etc. and then not accept challenges from big guys. I don’t think Scott Johnston is really representing himself. If he’s been here for an hour or three years, he’s wearing a New York Rangers Heritage Sweater. The only excuse for refusing that challenge (if Scott made it directly to him) was that he’s a punk who only does things his way. He’s a brat.

  118. Agree Manny….and thats the kind of challenge that shouldn’t be muttered at the face off…it should be a direct confrontation in front of the crowd so Lucic either accepts the challenge or is exposed as being wet in front of the whole crowd.

  119. Yeah, I like a lot of American player, even if they play for a team I don’t like, but I can’t stand Thomas. He reminds me of a Cult leader, or something.

    Lucic is like a goon version of Avery. He’s definitely a “punk”. The only way to deal with a guy like that is to draft someone who’s family is connected to the Mob, and send him a “message”, otherwise, you’re going to have to take roughing minors or majors, which only hurts your team, and doesn’t stop him from doing what he does.

    The thing with Lucic is, at least he *does* fight tougher guys. -Pinocchio- Marchand, on the other hand, is a cheap shot artist who wont drop the gloves with anyone tough. Now *that* pisses me off.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    WOW. Got my season ticket info today. My ticket prices are going from 56 a game to 79. That’s absurd. Going to have to see what I can do for a new section.

  121. Amen, Salty!

    And Amen, ORR. Everything bad I say about Lucic would be the converse if he was on our team.

  122. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    agree on speedy teams

    you are pardoned

    I also agree, but it is not scott’s fault, do we think torts tapped him on the shoulder and said “so i don’t care how, but get lucic” and scott refused? No way, this is 100% on torts. I am not saying torts is bad or anything like that, but he had a choice to put scott out at any point (and also has that choice next time we play them) and he chose not to. Scott is an asset (probably a very rarely used one, but an asset) and if he is not used that is not the GM or the players fault, that is 100% on the coach.

    No way scott isn’t game for giving lucic the business…put me in coach!!!

  123. Doodie, are you in the 300s? If so, that’s outrageous…most definitely will not be renewing next year….

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    I sit first row in a 300s section just before the corners. They are moving me to the 2nd row (because they charge 50 bucks more for the first row) and upping my ticket price 23 bucks. Oh, and the second row is also a raised expense row, but by only 6 bucks from the next 7 rows behind them.

  125. Lucic is tough but that crap on McD in a decided game is totally uncalled for. As far as the deal with Prust, personally, I have no issue with Scott grabbing Lucic and denting his skull whether Lucic is a willing combatant or not. I’d much rather try to kill off a 2 minute instigator with Lucic off the ice for 5 than let him beat on guys smaller than him. If Scott is going to take up a roster spot, he better be useful. If he’s not going to fight or crush people with huge hits, we could dress an offensive player or supplemental penalty killer instead.

    If Lucic still doesn’t want to fight, then somebody needs to run Seguin or Bergeron through the glass. That’ll teach them a lesson. Somebody needs to answer for play like that.

  126. wicky, you really want Scott on the ice in the last minute of a 4-3 game? Huh?

    Lucic, as I noted earlier, fought Tostitos last month, and has fought guys like Orr and Carkner … Those are heavyweights, folks. And I really don’t want to be sticking up for him.

    Scott is not an asset, wick. Salty, there is no point in having Scott. Just like Brashear and Boogaard. No point. They can’t play, so they can’t be a factor. Just like Tostitos. He stinks, and the Rangers pray that Laviolette puts him in the lineup, and Rinaldo, too. Scott can’t intimidate anybody because they don’t have to fight him.

    Doodie, you can’t be surprised by anything that Cablevision does, right? Surely they will use this great season for a future jack-up, too.

    Sally, thanks for the French lesson.

    Graves, well, if Callahan can possibly play he will. I have no idea how you put odds on that. And no update on Sauer. There isn’t and there shouldn’t be until there’s significant improvement, because it’s meaningless. He is miles away from playing if he can’t even skate yet.

  127. Joe, you can say that now out of your fan-anger, but it would be idiotic to throw away a game for something like that.

    And don’t worry, you won’t be seeing much of Scott once Callahan returns. He’s redundant. They have plenty of toughness and size. They don’t need him.

  128. Joe, also, that last part is the way you do it. I have always said that Prust needs to be more of a jackwagon, to give out a few more facewashes, etc., and dare players to come back at him. Like Kaleta — hate him or not.

  129. Leetchhalloffame on

    I know McDonagh has never dropped his gloves in an NHL game, but I think it’s time that he gets his Irish up and beats on someone instead of always being the punchee. He is not a small guy and he’s got get some backbone or the after the whistle cheap shots will continue.

  130. Thanks Carp.

    One more thing – do you think the Rangers will bring up Erixon this month to get some time even if it is not to replace an injured D-man?

  131. Exactly, Carp. Scott’s days are numbered. Let’s get the most out of those days!

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I expected a significant bump, no doubt, but this is over 40% for worse seats!

  133. Sioux-per-man on

    I feel for guys on the ticket prices. If they get too high the “World’s most famous arena” could become the “World’s QUIETEST arena”. It’s no fun getting loud next a suit that doesn’t know what’s going on.

  134. Carp, I don’t agree that doing something like that would throw a game away. The Ranger’s PK is among the tops in the league. Not to say that you want to give the opposition any more opportunities than they may alreaydhave, but there are good pentalties and bad. I’m sure watching Lucic rearrange Prust’s face had a uplifting effect on the Bruin’s bench, and likely a counter-reaction on the Rangers’. That’s probably not much a different result than giving them a 2 minute PP, except if the Rangers can weather the storm, they’ll be on the other side with a key Bruins player thinking twice about playing his physical game. Instead, we get what happened on Sunday; a key PKer for the Rangers gets mangled, Lucic runs around without consequence, and then feeds McD at the end of the game.

    It’s not out of fan anger, it’s out of playing the game with respect. To be honorable, Lucic, a heavyweight himself, needs to fight Scott. Period. If he doesn’t want to, that’s fine, but must understand that if he doesn’t pay the conseqences, someone will. That’s when Boyle, Rupp, Bickel or someone totally unexpected runs one of their star players hard. And whoever does it should make it totally clear to Lucic that he should apologize to his injured teammate, he’s responsible.

  135. You’re right, Carp. We did get him for a reason though, and we all have the primal desire to see him beat someone’s face in. He is a pretty terrible player though and you could clearly see our guys start resisting giving him the puck on the break out.

    And yeah, you did clearly see Thornton decline the challenge which I found amusing.

  136. stranger nation on

    Understand not having Scott out there in a one goal game, but the Ranger forwards on the ice were Gabby, B Rich, and Hags; not exactly the best Defensive set. Artie had been playing with Boyle and Dubi in the prior shift, so they were a little gassed.

    Why not Rupp, Prust, and Feds out there? Not to start anything but to provide some D and be there when the horn blows (just in case).

  137. Thanks Carp for saying the obvious. I cannot believe that there are people here on the blog that wanted Scott on the ice with the empty net in a 1 goal game. Incredible. Enjoy this guy down the stretch because he will not be dressed at all in the playoffs. If he is it meant we have 4 or 5 guys out with season ending injuries.

  138. Can you guys imagine Step centering Hags and Kreider. The speed of that line would be off the charts. Kreider is an amazing skater for a guy his size.

    I knew that I loved this place when I realized it was populated by Seinfeld fanatics. But now, Monty Python? I love this place even more!

    My favorite Monty Python movie moment. The life of Bryan… The new religion is about 2 minutes old when there is a schism between Sandal worshipers and Gourd Followers.

    Two guys are screaming at each other. “it is a sandal”…. “NO, it is a shoe!”


  139. Stepan is not exactly a fast skater. He gets to where needs to go but he’s not nearly in the same category of guys like Hagelin and Gaborik.

  140. OK then, how about a centerless line of Gabby, Kreider and hags? How is that for speed? ;-)

    I think that Step is deceptively fast.

  141. Good point, ORR. When he winds up I just scream “GET OUT OF THE WAY”

    I am sure on the ice they yell, “Fire in the hole!”

  142. DuBeliveau, I’m not advocating Scott on the ice in a 1 goal game with a minute left. I want him on the ice in the first period beating the hell out of Lucic. The fight with Prust should have never happened.

  143. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    is it game seven of the cup finals and we are up by one…no, I probably wouldn’t have him out there

    in the game yesterday with a 8 or 10 point lead over the bruins in the standings and it is already really chippy and no other remote counter to lucic on the ice, yep I probably would have.

    I also have no problem with scott doing what joe mentioned either. I’m just a bit old school that way I guess. I still see him as an asset, and let me elaborate on that..an asset only if he is used as one, if the coach never uses him in any “goon it up situations”, then he is NOT an asset. If I was coaching, he would be a rarely used asset, but an asset never the less. OBVIOUSLY I AM NOT THE COACH!!!

  144. Actually…I apologize for ribbing you and starting with you last night ORR…we’ve both been around here WAYYY long enough that we shouldn’t be after each other like that, espcially over nonsense. And I started it. Sorry buddy.

    FWIW it was your proud support of the Boston suite of teams that set me off…not sure what that’s about but to each their own…my foul.

  145. I respectfully disagree all about this Scott-Lucic nonsense. Lucic was not a bully during the entire game. He was a disgrace the moment it ended. But there was no reason whatsoever for Scott to instigate a fight with him, which Lucic would surely have declined. None. Now, if he had done to McDonagh after a whistle during the game what he did after the buzzer, I’d have less of a problem with what some of you are advocating.

    No, the game wasn’t crucial. But if you want to potentially throw away two points because you don’t like a guy … that makes zero sense to me.

    Also, as I said, I don’t buy that the Lucic-Prust fight (in which Prust was more than happy to oblige) had any effect on the outcome. If Girardi and Stralman don’t throw those passes up the middle, we’re not even talking about a momentum shift.

    There is no place for Scott on this team when everybody’s healthy.

  146. Salty, nobody really knows. He is a enigma, unless carp has some inside information.

  147. Interested to know what you guys think about the “Hockey Rodent”?

    He drove me a little nuts when I read his piece today. He was very critical of Del Zotto being in so deep when Step scored. Had step missed the net, it would have likely been a 3 on 1 or 2 on 1 going in the other direction.

    Personally, I think that one of the instinctive things that you can’t teach a D-man is when to join the rush and pinch in. MDZ smelled it and went for it. He drew people towards him and curled a pass back to Steps trailing the play and MDZ’s actions allowed Step the room to get that wicked wrist shot off.

    Does anyone know who the Rodent is or what his story is?

  148. carp the macho fisticuffs routine is the way the under 30 tough guy crowd look at things.

    the need for fighting is totally overblown in the nhl. detroit never fights and they are a fairly good team.

    scott cannot play. lucic whom i dislike can play and play well.. you need guys like that not boogey or scott or shelley. if the guy can play and once in a blue moon drop the gloves that is the optimum.

    if mcdnut got hurt fighting the rangers would be screwed therefore he should only fight as a last resort……….

  149. i read the rodent. my complaint with him is he points out the mistakes constantly. in hockey there are mistakes on allmost every shift…..most mistakes are not critical..

    he knows hockey for sure…

  150. Sioux-per-man on

    There’s a spot on this team when we are playing Tostito’s Flyers & Clarkson’s Devils. He will be in the line up for these games for sure.

  151. HockeyRodent is a true Ranger fan, in that he is never (or rarely) truly happy with the team. He’s great on analysis of where things go wrong and where things go right, but in general, he is a prime example of a ‘nitpicker’….which I have to respect.

    I read his blog for a long time, but after a few years, and with a team now that’s very hard to complain about, I’ve given up reading for the most part. His writing tries to be way too cute and he is great at taking the enjoyment out of a win.

    Example, when Stepan scored a hat trick in his first NHL game, Rodent focused on how he really should have had 5 goals instead!

    His blog is certainly unique though, and he’s the biggest non-fluffer you’ll ever meet, which is what I like about him. He’s never truly content with the team, and I respect that perspective that there’s always room for improvement. Just like Torts.

  152. Let’s get one thing straight, Mike Rupp is NOT an enforcer. He is a tough guy who will check and occasionally drop the gloves. John Scott is an enforcer. He must do what needs to be done when the time calls for it.

    I just don’t understand why the team would not re-sign him. He will not cost much and will provide invaluable insurance against divisional opponents (Devils, Flyers) and Bruins.

  153. Vitaly, you mean like he did what needed to be done yesterday?

    It’s not the ’70s anymore. those guys are toast.

    And Sioux, Tostitos might fight him, but he’d prefer a smaller guy. And Clarkson wouldn’t fight him in a zillion years.

  154. I don’t understand how Scott can be an effective “enforcer” when no one is going to fight him anyway…players like Lucic and Clarkson will take liberties with the Rangers whenever they can. The only thing Scott can do is chase them around and possibly end up getting a dumb penalty.

  155. if you want to get lucic back, all the rangers need to do is hit lucic with a bone crushing check like the one girardi hit him with and not just one time. Rangers need to do it as many times as possible, hopefully with his head down. Those are the ones that do the most damage.

  156. If scott could skate he would do more damage body checking people. I taped yesterdays game and from what I can see Scott not only can’t skate but pretty much can’t play hockey period. I don’t understand why sather wasted a 5th round pick.

  157. “wicky, you really want Scott on the ice in the last minute of a 4-3 game? Huh?”

    Funny, because this is a definite no, but its a definite no for Richards too. Found that weird.

  158. Didn’t we have this discussion Boogard passed away so prematurely? I thought we all agreed that enforcers were being phased out of hockey in favor of guys like Lucic and Mike Rupp.

  159. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Well put Orr on Lucic and Marchand. And I too would take them both on the Rangers in a heartbeat.

  160. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Callahan is too important to us, Salty. Marchand is good, but he’s replaceable.

  161. Marchand had a really good game…I thought for sure the puck went in under the crossbar on that one play.

  162. Salty, thanks for the “Rodent” info and analysis. Impressed by the way he breaks things down; but driven CRAZY by the negativism this year. I mean for goodness sake, 42-1-7 best record in the NHL.

    Yes, there is always room for improvement; but enjoy the ride! It was like the 1998 Yankees, I knew it was special when it was happening and really tried to soak it in. (And they ended up closing the deal!)

    this is a special ride too. But I think for it to have special meaning, they need to get to the conference finals.

  163. Me too, Salty. I remarked to my wife that I thought we should make a Chanukah type holiday based on that play. Due to the luck and miracle it took to keep that puck out of the net.

  164. Just watched the game highlights on Blueshirtsunited.com

    That hit by girardi on Lucic… WOW! The sound of it.. Thunderous as Lucic hits the boards/glass. What a freaking body check….

    And Stepan’s wicked wrist shot taken while on one leg with a little pump of the other leg was .. dare I say… Messier like….

  165. Also, it was not just gabby’s great hands on that goal, it was his entire shift. A great low wrist shot that Thomas had to make a great save on, a fantastic cross ice backhand pass to del zotto when he broke his stick on the slap shot. Then he goes towards the net and uses his amazingly quick hands to score that goal. Man crush on Gabby today…

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