Another ticket contest tomorrow


Our gracious and generous donor has given us another pair of tickets to give away, so we’ll have another contest tomorrow. The winner will get two tickets to the March 13 game against Carolina at Madison Square Garden.

So let’s review the rules, shall we? (answer: yes).

1) This is the easy part. You pick the score, then a bunch of tiebreakers: game-winning goal, Rangers shots, Devils shots. Your entry should look like this (with different numbers and names): Rangers 17, Devils 1. GWG: Avery. Rangers shots: 18. Devils shots: 44.

This is new!!!!: Don’t use NYR or Blueshirts or NJ or Debbies or anything other than Rangers and Devils when you make your pick. Don’t use abbreviations, nicknames, colons, dashes or semicolons or any other punctuation between the team name and the score. Just keep it very, very simple and do it exactly like this:

Rangers 17, Devils 1.

If there is anything other than the name of the team then a space then the score, as shown here, you may be disqualified. Then add your tiebreakers.

It just makes it much easier for me to scroll through all the entries that way. Thank you.

2) The score of the game must be exact. Not closest. Not margin of victory. You must have the exact score to move on to the tiebreakers, if needed. Note that the game-winning goal is the goal that provides the margin of victory, whether it be the second goal in a 17-1 game, or an overtime or (God forbid) winning shootout goal.

The Rangers’ shots tiebreaker shall go to the closest prediction without going over. If contestants are still tied, the Devils’ shots tiebreaker shall be used, and also will go to the closest prediction without going over. If all remaining contestants are over the number of Devils shots, the contestant closest to the correct total wins.

Finally, if still somehow tied, I will either give the tickets to Sally or flip a coin at Blog HQ … or I will wait for the next time I see the donor at a game and let him flip the coin.

3) The most important rules regarding entry into the contest: DO NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT ENTERING MORE THAN ONCE. I will check IP addresses from any entrant whose screen name I do not recognize. Entries open when the Tuesday morning post goes up, usually before 5 a.m., and will close when the It’s Go Time! post goes up shortly after 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Only entries in the morning post Tuesday will count. In other words, don’t put your predictions in any other thread.

4) Don’t get me aggravated with dumb questions or details.

5) *-The judge’s decision on all issues will be final. (*-I am the judge).

Good luck, and have fun. And don’t make your pick until tomorrow’s pre-game notes thread.

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  1. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    that hurt carp, that hurt!

  2. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    début btw!!

  3. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    so who is the judge in the ticket contest any how?? LOL

  4. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    new jersey 7

    john scott 3

    shots jersey 34 scott 5 (same as minutes played)*

    gwg broduer

    *if scott is a scratch the shot total will predictably be 0

  5. Chiefs 832, West Bromwich Albion 4. Hole-in-one: Jerry Bailey. Chiefs aces: -9. West Brom aces: 17

  6. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    you got my prediction ok already right?

    also, if you could maybe post the contest rules at some point between now and the game so I make sure I followed them correctly that would be great!!

    TYIA and LYLAS!!!

  7. So Carp, you want my guess now? How about I post it now, then a few more times later.

    Debbies – Nuthin
    GWG: Dubinsky
    Rangers shots: 4 MILLION
    Devils shots: Nuthin

    Did you get it? I’ll make sure to post this five more times tomorrow. HOPE I WIN!!!!!

  8. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    is this the one??

    Wicky©Proud owner of the world’s most persistent cold March 5th, 2012 at 9:46 pm
    It just aasens me up about the ticket price hike…we’ve had our season tickets since 1931 and this is ridiculous!!

    We paid $.38 damn cents a seat for those tickets in ‘31 and they were gouging us then at that rate. Damn moon pies were a nickel at the concession stands, if you wanted a pepsi with peanuts in it, it was an additional $.03.

    Box of cracker jacks $.02…$.02 unreal!!!!

    It cost a dime to tie your horse up 7 blocks away, and don’t try to bring your family along in the old conestoga wagon, 2 damn bits to leave that in a lot 5 blocks away that you didn’t even know if the cover would still be on it when you got back.

    Dolan screwed us back then too!!

  9. You probably have a 50-50 chance, Sally. Especially if we’re going to get so many entries who don’t read the rules.

    LYLAS, Wick?

  10. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    Love You Like A Sis=LYLAS

  11. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    oh, those were jokes?

  12. I was just about to type that I’ll bet CCCP is going to be P.O.’d about this.

    Um, thanks, I think, Wick.

    Voice, did we ever find out if the guy at the end of that commercial is a pro athlete?

  13. “Maybe one day we’ll do a ticket contest based on the best Brodeur joke.”

    YES please! More creative ticket contests please! EVEN BETTER, winner gets to decide the name of the next baby born to a RR regular…

    LITTLE HAMBONE or bust!

  14. Wicky©Not giving Dolan another dime, getting rid of my season tickets NOW!!! on

    at least we regulars are all consistent!

  15. if you think the rangers are winning in winnipeg com playoff time think again. i want no part of a 1 vs 8 matchup going there

  16. So, great that the Rangers beating the 2nd place team was all over the Post’s back page and front page of sports sections, right? It is SOOOOO sad with the Knicks barely at .500, they, baseball pre-season, even football and golf (your kidding me, right?) get the headlines.

    Carp, why aren’t the Rangers ALL over the media? It’s an amazing story and no one but us knows……

  17. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR another ticket contest involving the Devils .I agree with 3CP

  18. eric, say they don’t win in Winnipeg. What makes you think that the Jets will win at MSG? We have a similar home record and they’re one of the worst road teams in the league.

  19. ORR

    I m more afraid of the atmosphere and the rangers being rattled. lets say they fall behind 2-1 in series can they win a game 4 knowing if they lose its 3-1 and a boatload of trouble

  20. latona

    i agree just saying if we slip up at home we could be asking for trouble. not saying we will lose series just scared of the building

  21. I hear ya eric. I’m just trying to be an optimistic Rangers fan for once. It’s difficult though!

  22. Eric, you’re stuck in the past. This isn’t the Rangers team of the last few seasons. They’re not as easily rattled as they used to be.

    They have a pretty good road record too. I’m not worried aboot it. But, I get what you’re saying.

  23. eric, so who would you want to play? I mean, they’d sweep the Jets. Way easier than the Capitals or Devils or Senators or even Lightnings.

    c giacomo, did you get my “language” warning earlier :)

    Ishom Jones. Ted Fiorita. Johnny Lester and His Toy Piano.

  24. matty, because sports editors (other than mine) are idiots. All they see are the TV ratings and they figure hockey is irrelevant.

    The Journal News and treat the Rangers like the Yankees and Giants, and much better than the Mets, Knicks and Jets. If only we had more money to travel. Sigh.

  25. iDoodie Machetto on

    I don’t want the jets because of the travel tiring them out for later rounds.

    I dont want the send or leafs because they just give our boy trouble.

    I don’t want the pens because I think they are the best team in the east on any given night.

    I don’t want the caps because they should be much better than they are.

    Anyone else, bring em on.

  26. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    “because sports editors (other than mine) are idiots.” LMAO!!

    I really dont wanna face the Lightning in the playoffs as a 1 seed. I think theyre a team that can beat us.

  27. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Sens and Sabres we can handle. Leafs and Lightning would likely give us trouble. If we face the Caps, I feel we’ll win because we’re better than them, and our last 2 playoff series losses to them will motivate us even moreso.

  28. >>NYR_FAN March 5th, 2012 at 9:57 pm
    >>Rags 4 Debbies 3

    Why are you referring to our team as “Rags”?

  29. In re ticket prices, what kills me is that my seats in old Section 102 were $65 in 2005-2006 after the lockout…same basic place in the arena today and going to be paying $132 per seat next year (101% increase over seven years).

    A couple of thoughts on the relocation process as I went through it last year:

    – NO ONE is going to be happy and expect that your reps are going to be inundated with angry complaints all week. My only advice is try and have some patience with them because there is no immediate remedy as all changes to your new seat assignment won’t occur until after the season in all cases. My rep is Dan Asip who is a great guy and genuinely wants to help (and helped me). Because nothing will happen until after the season, I strongly recommend trying to build a relationship with your rep, if you don’t have one already as they become the gatekeeper to any and all potential moves.

    – Given the new configuration there are many fewer aisles given the larger (and fewer) sections and fewer overall seats (I’ve heard that actual seats is going to be about 1,000 less than the current 18,200 before the bridges are installed which will make up the difference so lots of people who were on aisles and wanted to remain on aisles are screwed…

    – The best thing about the new lower bowl is the sight lines…they are much much improved and I assume will be the same for the upper bowl

    – The worst thing about it is that if you are not happy with your new seat location, the relocation process is all based on tenure. You’re literally put in a queue and get called in order after the season and you have to commit to new seats or keep your assigned location on the spot, even though you’ve never seen the seats before.

    – Finally, my last piece of advice to everyone is work with your rep throughout the summer. What you’ll likely find is that things open up throughout the summer as people move around the arena.

  30. billybleedsblue on

    lol, Rangers 17, Devils 1. And no, that’s not my prediction. And, Kathryn Tappen.

  31. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Hahaha! I was watching some of my Super Bowl coverage, and Torts was asked if he reached out to Tom Coughlin after the Giants won the Super Bowl, and his response was an angry and concise “None of your business!” LOL

  32. Rangers 3, Devils 2
    Game winning goal- Callahan
    Rangers shots: 38
    Devils Shots: 41

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