It’s Go Time!


Game 64.

NBC 12:30 start, Edzos.

Ya boys have won four in a row and eight of the last 10 against the defending Stanley Cup champs, including both meetings this year — both in Boston.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Tim Thomas. The Rangers will be without captain Ryan Callahan (bruised foot) for the third game in a row. Dan Girardi (arm) will play. Michael Del Zotto (hip) is probable, but he and Ruslan Fedotenko (leg) will be game-time decisions after skating in warmups. John Scott is expected to play, and if Del Zotto and Fedotenko can’t go, then Steve Eminger will be de-prucha’d and Stu Bickel would probably play some shifts up front.

The Rangers play their third game in less than four days, after getting three of four points in a Carolina-Tampa trip. They are 3-0-1 in their last four, 12-3-3 in their last 18.

Boston has lost five of its last eight. The Rangers lead the Bruins by 10 points, and lead Pittsburgh by eight with a game in hand on the Penguins.



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  1. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    LGR and LGD!!

    off to work, later aasens!!

  2. NYR_FAN – Great stat ”…Blueshirts have posted a record of 19-1-4 in games when tallying a power play goal…”

    Miami – LMFAO

    eddie- Enough about me already , what do you think about me eyes?

    Gmen11- You might be nuts.

    Mama – mm probably not, but when you’re done with Dawn send her my way

  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Carp, did not wake up in Oz!

    The poor people in Indiana and Kentucky got the worst of it. We’re not debating on if a move back North would be worth it. A lot of pros, plenty of cons. I guess when we get my daughter’s results back on Tuesday, we’ll take it from there.

  4. hey guys. early game. too early for me. only 11:30 here. hope hank plays better today. gonna need it. when the hell is richards gonnaput some goals in? drury 2.0 in his first season. yay

  5. fran – the things that I know -that you would love to know, but I can’t say, Prust sayin

  6. we had some nasty winds here in iowa few days ago and again yesterday. tornado season started early lin.

  7. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Grabby, give Bplus some credit, i think he has something like 5 game winning goals.

  8. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Grabby, tornado season never ends! they say october to april here, but you’re always thinking about the in the back of your mind

  9. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ya know ilbzo, that was my first thought! Should have followed my instincts lol. I apologize to BPlus!

  10. Is there any place in America where there’s no really bad weather issues? Because up here the last few years has been brutal with the hurricanes, occasional tornado and last year’s miserable 70 feet of snow. I was thinking Arizona until Tony sent us those pics of those — I forget what they’re called, when an entire city is engulfed in a smoke-like fog.

  11. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Grabby, the apartment complex i live in, had 5 building totally demolished in November of 1989…it jumped the mountain, hit Redstone Arsenal, jumped over the parkway and annihilated the main road outside my building! They said they found cows in trees 5 miles away. Only a matter of time before this area gets hit again… hopefully we’ll no longer be living here then!

  12. Did you hear about the baby that was blown 10 miles away the other day? She was alive, but in very bad condition.

  13. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    yea Carp, they have those sand/dust storms in Arizona during the spring and summer i believe. No matter where you are in the country, you do have some specialized weather to deal with. Only thing is, you know when the snow is coming, you know when hurricanes are coming.. you can prepare for them. With a tornado, hell, ya never know when one’s gonna form. You actually have to have a pair of shoes next to your bed in case that alarm goes off at two in the morning. we actualy have a wind up radio with a flashlight in it… ya never know.

  14. “I forget what they’re called, when an entire city is engulfed in a smoke-like fog.”

    Over here, we call those “Scotland”.

  15. yea flying cows are hilarious. i was in a tornado in texas. holy crap. it was the scariest thing ive ever seen. the sound it makes is amost as bad as the tornado itself. my car was damaged bad, but i couldnt believe how big the hail was. like golfballs. the streets flooded with water about 2 feet in about 10 minutes. i had to swim back to my house. im not kidding.

  16. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    thats freakin crazy Grabby. while at work we had the radio on, they were saying there was baseball AND softball sized hail in one of the surrounding areas that got hit. My car would be totally beaten to the ground with that

  17. omg carp. how can aything survive tht? let alone a baby. imagine the story shes gonna tell her grandkids. hope shes ok

  18. NBC just billed the final round of that golf tournament as Tiger versus the course. The same Tiger that was nine shots off the lead going into that final round?

    The *Crosby update* of golf.

  19. Was watching a show on the History Channel once where they said the safest state to live in was Hawaii. I could live there year round.

    Ohhh, Heritage Jerseys!

    3 big’s in one sentence. Pierre is pumped up.


  20. oh yea hail hurts linda. it stings like being hit with a weedwacker, but thank god ive nevr been hit wth big hail. n

    anyway, its go time!! go boysgo! goin in the other room. cant watch here. my kid has nickelodeon on, and i cannot change the channel

  21. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i love this jersey! I have to freakin get one! Argh, damn you bills and the possibility of moving in 2 1/2 months

  22. trade deadline marchard joke? Marchards nose is so huge, big john scott, brian boyle and Stu Bickel could cuddle for body heat inside

  23. That’s just unfair of Chara. The man is a mountain anyways, keep your damn stick down jackwagon.

  24. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  25. Not sure about you guys, but I can’t take Doc as a play by play guy. The inflections drive me NUTS! Every shot sounds as if it could be a goal..

  26. That terrible Stralman play got the B’s right back in the game and now they are buzzing. CRAP!

  27. I hope Scott takes on Lucic later on in the game…. Let’s see how he does against someone more his own size.

  28. hate to say it but maguire is right.
    bruins know all about our board hockey
    and taking that away
    so this is a BIG example of
    how Torts needs to have a better PlanB
    away from board hockey

  29. Rangers now losing the 1 on 1 battles. Amazing how one bad play can turn things around.

  30. 2 lucky goals by us ad then we take the rest of the period off?? not very good mindset

  31. good point jpg.. we need to be adaptable. But I think we are. I think Torts is a great in game coach..

  32. I wonder if Lucic will have to fight Scott now since he obliged a much smaller player….
    I understand the idea of taking hom out for 5 min by Prust, but I don’t understand why risk an injury…

  33. He said the Rangers want to play north-south, not so much about the bodies, and Pierre gave him a leading question about their bad forecheck and he agreed.

    Latona – Lucic is crazy too; he would fight Scott.

  34. Lucic will never fight Scott, and rightfully so. Lucic is an important guy, and Scott is not.

    I don’t like it when Prust fights goons, or any guy that’s a lot bigger than him, but I don’t mind him taking Lucic off the ice for five minutes.

  35. I agree with Lloyd. doc is overrated! The inflections are terrible. Every shot and every chance sounds like a goal could be scored. Just the way he just said “Another Drive” and then added that went wide. Drives me CRAZY!

  36. come on guys, start a fight, because you sure as hell can’t do anything else

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    those are some tremendously tremendous men..hopefully one of them can put the puck in the net and get us a sorely needed goal

  38. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i scored a few in high school gym class floor hockey when i was not playing goal lol

  39. oh so he’s popular so therefore he’s great

    thanks for straightening that out, Orr

  40. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i think you’re missing the sarcasm in ORR’s posts lol ;-)

  41. wonder if bruins are used to early games
    and playing livelier
    whereas Rangers look like they’re stiff
    from just getting out of bed
    rather than STIFF on the ice

  42. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ok, enough of the man dancing! Lets get back to putting the puck in the net boys!

  43. bruins danced with just about everyone on
    our team
    still waiting for Scott
    (and i’m hoping against hope that
    he lives up to his past!)

  44. all 3 fights so far have been horrible for the Rangers. First Rupp against some guy fighting for the first time in the NHL, Rupp did well but took some punches as well, then Prust got manhandled by Lucic, and now Bickel took some punches and hugged…

  45. I don’t think it’s been that lopsided since the timeout, but the Bruins have done some stuff with their chances and the Rangers have ham-handed their chances.

  46. Just because a guy wins an emmy, doesn’t mean he is a great announcer. I have the sound on mute now. Doc is way annoying. Seems like a nice man, but not my cup of tea as a play by play guy. Would take Kenny or his father Marv or Sam any day of the week over Doc.

    Unfortunately, my favorite Play by play guy, Howie Rose left us for the Isles.

  47. are you kidding me?
    they’re going to call that
    and not the earlier one?

  48. Mike Emrick: what it would be like if a crow could call a professional hockey game

  49. LOL, Carp. They’ll construct a special steel cage just for that.

    OK, that is weirdddd

  50. “driiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee”

    and then he mentions that the drive was 10 feet wide of the net….

  51. Rangers had better put in a wake-up call during this intermission or they’re going to lose this game

  52. You might be in commercial. Cracked glass. Last 2:53 of first will be played after intermission. Then switch sides and play the second.

  53. they just explained that they’re going to tack the minutes on to the next period so they can fix the glass now

  54. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i just got the chills………that little baby that was found alive 10 miles away after the tornado

    her name is Angel Babcock

  55. omg!! milbury makes sense. agree that Prust shouldn’t have bothered to fight lucic.

  56. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    I really hate these analytical nuggets by Milbury between periods.

  57. we needed nash. not scott. hes terrible. no purpose at all. guy can barely move out there. hank looks a little shaky not bad but hi decision making is way off today. hank do not go behind the net ever!!! andaside from afew lucky goals,our offense is wa too cute with the puck looking to pass around too muh. this is not gonna work in the playoffs. its ok that we dont hve to win at all costs but they cant start a trend here where they get outplayed like this for long stretches. i see it in a lot of games recently

  58. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Ok, since we all pretty much hate everyone on the NBC/Versus/OLN broadcasts

    who are the five guys you’d rather have. Two for the game and 3 in studio… we’ll make like TPCH doesn’t even exist

  59. they showed a slow-motion replay of that Prust massacre…jesus h. dunno what he was thinking or if he was thinking at all. unfortunately, I think his “big as the buildings” dwarf the size of his brains.

  60. I do not understand Prust fighting Lucic either. I don’t think Prust needs to prove to anyone he’s got guts….

  61. Any idea where i can listen to the game online. Bloomberg radio 1130 isnt on tunein or iheart. LGR!!

  62. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Gary Thorne or Doc Emrick and Joe Micheletti for the play by play with Don Cherry, J.D. (I know, he doesn’t do analyst work since he took the position with St. Louis), and Chico (purely for comic relief) in the studio.

  63. I saw today something really stupid!!!! Prust challenging Lucic, Why? what is the point of having this guy scott. If there was a problem with something lucic did than scott should have been sent out at the face off circle next to lucic, really stupid. It also seemed to energize the bruins.

  64. CraigWeather on

    Carp… As the board Meteorologist… The dust storms you mentioned in Arizona are called (get ready to spit your coke on your monitor) Haboobs.

  65. lol @ i scored a few in high school gym class floor hockey when i was not playing goal

    need more chazzle this period, less chizzle.


    Girardi has been poor over the last stretch of games. Or at least playing below what we’ve come to expect of him.

  67. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i think every coach has done that during a timeout before, it’s not new

  68. rangers look mentally and physically drained to me. Hopefully they can at least get a point out of this game but there is plenty of game left.

  69. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    have they even mentioned McMonster?

    i can feel it, the Rangers are gonna score a fluky goal in the next few minutes

  70. This broadcast is a crime. Doc and Pierre should be arrested.

    Thanks Shenrik, we got 2 cheap goals, so he had to give one back.

  71. Almost happened again … near-altercation on the ice while these guys with the shovels were flying onto the ice. It’s going to happen, and it’s going to be ugly.

  72. getting shown up by both the bruins and their fans in our building. thats the crime tiki

  73. Watching my first game while in NY…..I didn’t leave 80 degree weather to see carcillo like effort.

  74. >>We’re getting outplayed badly…..

    That’s all due to the timeout called back in the first period.

  75. Nice Budweiser commercial…help save dogs so d-nuzzle who are too lazy to get their own beer can abuse them

  76. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Hank seems a bit off in placement today… doesn’t seem as confident, it’s weird to see

  77. We’re getting outplayed in this game. We started to take control, keeping the puck in their zone for over a minute and a half, and then they bs called a too many men.

  78. JimboWoodside on

    Oh – OK, Carp – I thought Richards got hurt in a prior play – sorry he’s invisible, but glad he’s not injured.

  79. Yeah a lot of shots get through to Hank today…and Hank’s been fighting the luck all game long…Rangers look pretty bad

  80. i think tomorrow’s review needs to point out Boston’s timeout in the first period…really woke them up. Because if this was reversed and the Rangers took that timeout, everyone here would be singing praises to Torts

  81. You folks getting on lundqvist, put Biron in there and this game is about 7-2 right now

  82. i cant watch this anymore. ranger will not beat this team in a 7 game series. holy hll. last game hank had to make 45 saves? he’ll have to equa that for us to win today. they dont have horton or peverly savard so we cant blame this on missing cally

  83. ye Hank looks way off today, for the first time I dont feel 100% confident with him in net.

  84. Carp

    I’m not blaming Hank for the goals. Im talking about all these rebounds and not knowing where the puck is.

    He looks lost…

  85. WOWSERS….the Rangers have been dominated by Boston since they used their TO. I really thought they’d be sharp for a full 60 minutes today – not even close.
    More egregious errors by Strahlman and Girardi.
    Yes, they miss Callahan, but there’s no excuse for injuries. Let’s stop focusing on whose not on the ice, but whose in the lineup.
    Boston is missing one of their top power forwards in Horton.

  86. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    not getting ON Hank, he just looks a bit mortal today. He’s allowed that every now and then. I expect the immortal Hank back in the 3rd. i

  87. First goal was not Henrik’s fault. 2nd goal was. Cant allow that cheapo goal to a loser.

    Its like the Bruins have 10 men on the ice.

  88. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    some pretty sloppy play in front of him also… which does NOT help

  89. It’s on a matter of time and luck until one of those bombs ends up in the Rangers net.

  90. well, Danny G forgot they were changing, coughed the puck right up, then screened the goalie. But if you want to blame him, I’m not arguing.

  91. Tiki im sure that’s how Bruins fans feel about the goals that Thomas allowed to the two “losers” Stralman and Hagelin.

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    30 yr. old goalies are like 45 yr. old tennis players…past their prime

  93. Timeout or not the Rangers cannot match the intensity of the Boston…They look like the teams of the past…total defensive disarray

  94. the first game we played these guys we won simply because of that idiotic major that the Bruins took in OT….the second game we had no business winning but Hank stole it with a shutout…and this game we’ve been outplayed since 5 minutes into the game.

  95. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    IMMENSELY IMMENSE to get out of that period still tied! FREAKIN HUGE!

  96. Girardi may be hitting the wall after playing so many minutes all year…hope McD holds up.

  97. Damn, time to institute a minimum 2 pass rule before you can shoot in the next practice….these guys can’t even complete one pass.

    They look absolutely horrible…

    Get out of this period and be grateful you’re not behind by 3 goals…


  98. N.CountryNYRFan on

    that bs too many men call did take some wind out of our sails, it was after the big Danny G. hit and some good forecheck pressure.

  99. You can guarantee 11 shots on goal through 2 periods aint gonna cut it in the playoffs against better opposition.

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    Big Bad John, paul, george, and ringo scott with a natural hat trick in the third…rangers win 5-2 i just fast forwarded to the end

  101. Is this going to be one of those games where they get a late goal and win 3-2 and you shake your head and wonder what the hell just happened? Because they’ve had a few of these the last couple of years and won a few.

  102. N.CountryNYRFan on

    we are just doing the rope-a-dope, we’re gonna knock’em out next round (period).

  103. >>…that bs too many men call did take some wind out of our sails…

    Nah, it was the timeout in the first period that did it.

  104. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


    the puck is your friend it is NOT a live grenade!!

  105. You could point to a lot of turning points … the Lucic fight, the timeout. Bottom line: Stralman and Girardi passes changed the game.

  106. Carp, as long as this is one of those games we just win, I could care less how it happens…..

  107. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, gotta agree, those turnovers killed!!

    Gonna be a different 3rd. Gonna be a fluky assed goal by Boyle or Rupp that wins it lol

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    mama – next year we will make the playoffs…no worries…this yr. no way….we will finish 12th in the east

  109. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Carp – how does the crowd sound? On the radio feed, it sounds like they’re playing in an empty arena.

  110. Ill tell u whats more depressing Laurel. Its that a guy like blankety blank Milbury isnt rotting in a max security prison being Bubba’s girlfriend.

  111. stralman with about 3 huge turnovers including the inexcusable to for the first goal….

    can someone tell prust that he can look right once in a while when he has the pcuk. the go only goes backwards.

    the rangers are getting totally outplayed.

    milbury is a dick but fighting lucic for prust served what purpose?????stupid stupid decision.

    john mitchell is right where he should be on the 4th line, lucky torts has him on the PP. again no logic on that move….

  112. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    torts is torching paint right now.

    Guys gonna come out fired up for the 3rd

  113. That was one of our worst periods of the year. Cally must be puking watching this from press box. We look like we have cement in our boots. Time for some red bull and cocaine between periods. Wake up time.

  114. Why do the Rangers look like they are playing not to lose, while the Bruins are playing like it’s the 7th game of the conference finals?
    Maybe Tortorella has to continue to drill into these guys that they cannot let up being 10 points up in the conference, because things can change fast as we know. Throw over a table during the 2nd int.
    If they continue to play like this, Pitt will challenge them for the division title.
    It boggles my mind how they were abused against the Lightning, and they have played maybe 10 minutes of good hockey out of 40 so far – 10 might be generous.

  115. so this is a must win for the rangers. intersting.

    why if they lose it will ruin your day? this is not a must win… not even close.

    thsi would be a nicve game to win to bury the bruins but it is not a must win…….

  116. CCCP March 4th, 2012 at 2:12 pm
    Timeout or not the Rangers cannot match the intensity of the Boston…They look like the teams of the past…total defensive disarray

    dont u mean misarray?? cmon bro learn the language! ;)

  117. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    steal a victory from the jaws of defeat! LOL

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    we need an enforcer like an Anderson Cooper…that guy is a tough dude

  119. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao i thought that said ALICE COOPER


    Hank has amazing eyes lol

  120. stuart, you obviously don’t have a cousin from Boston just itching to text your afternoon away with misery, as I do. This is a must win game.

  121. dont think prust needs any coke nasty. he’ll be fighting linesman, refs, pierre, oh wait, give him a line!!

  122. its a must win game for the Bruins if they want to catch the Rangers. Rangers gotta come out strong…

  123. better beans (always positive petunia) on

    Hey! Youse Negative Nancies! Knock it off!

    I have been enjoyin’ the darker blue “New York”
    jerseys. Muy nice….

  124. The good news, Rangers are one shot away from taking the lead.

    The bad news, Rangers are one shot away from losing another game after taking a two goal lead.

  125. Tiger update?? BARF

    Hope the boys mainlined red bull and espresso in the locker room. Come out firing on all cylinders, guys!

  126. marchand is the reason for tornadoes in winter. prust needs to break his nose. maybe we’ll just have tropical storms instead

  127. I hope they wake up, get it screwed on straight, and come out and play the right way. Let’s get a nice win here for Cally. LGR!

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    3000 miles away, i am having trouble breathing because of marchand….complete O2 depletion

  129. The end of this game means I either enjoy the rest of my day, or I unplug everything and go to bed at 3.

  130. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    damn it Grabby, i was gonna mention Marchandornados but felt it was too soon

  131. N.CountryNYRFan on

    everyone here is acting like the score is 6-1 Bruins and the way the Rangers have played it could be, but it’s not, it’s a tied game against a very good team going into the third. I’ll take that.
    But c’mon boys wake up and get some offense going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Bruins played less than 24 hours ago…Let’s see if they can keep up the pace…Still, it won’t do much unless the Rangers clean up their defensive play and put some pressure

  133. no, tiger carrying a lot of money in his back pocket….and a putter in his pants

  134. Probably because this game really does mean a lot more to Boston, Gmen.

    Jimbo, it’s really not a bad crowd. Quite a few Boston fans, as always. But there have been a lot of games a lot quieter than this one.

  135. Rangers look very much like a team that can only play defense. And when those teams have a defensive lapse, they get manhandled and lack the tools to did themselves out.

    I hope Tortorella woke them up

  136. JimboWoodside on

    >>>im not sure what is more depressing, this game or Putin “winning” the election

    Well, the game is still in play – that election never was!

  137. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    my daughter was at the game yesterday and she texted me afterwards


    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Carp – thanks! Doesn’t sound too lively on the radio feed, but that just might be some techie thing…

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    marchand gets a bloody nose and the players will all drown in the flood

  140. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    cant blame tim thomas, he is wearing a white shhet under his uniform and cant see a thing

  142. stranger nation on

    Love the fact they are pounding Chara all game – he looks a step or 2 slow. Step skating around him earlier in game.

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiger shagging 3 at a time on the 11th green…other player trying to putt

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiger, out of babes, now shagging the 11th hole….an amazing perfmorance

  145. Another great story, Emrick. Maybe next you can tell us about the price of milk in the 1920s

    Please retire

  146. Man, if they could pass worth anything, they could easily break that deep 2 man forecheck

  147. BTW Carp, it’s about time to slid over to experience the dark side, even if it’s temporary and you’ve only stuck a toe in!!!

  148. Nothing better than Welcome to the Jungle to get a crowd pumped up.

    What? It worked in college.

  149. What Bruins did during second period required a huge amount of energy….They tied the game, but playing back-to-back is tough….That’s why you’re seeing odd-man rushes against them. If the Rangers keep their play, they should be fine.

  150. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiger still stuck in the 11th hole…assessed 2 strokes for slow play….

  151. Disappointing, concur. Not really sure what the problem is, although I still maintain part of the problem is the lack of skilled linemates for him, especially with Cally out.

    He does have 2 assists today, tho…

    For whatever reason, save for Gabbie (last year not counting) the Rangers rarely do well on UFA signings.

    Something to think about if they start pursuing Parise this July….

  152. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    this year Richards is here for leadership, and reintroducing himself to the PROCESS. he has 7 game winners and some timely assists mixed in with periods of Swayzeness. he’ll be more comfy next year


  153. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  154. stranger nation on

    Girardi having a VERY rough game. he just givees the Blue now when the opposing forward is still on the other side of the Red Line.

  155. N.CountryNYRFan on

    no replay of course of the possible non-call


  156. Terrible defensive coverage on that goal – not sure who’s man it was…Richards or Hags…

    Nice shot by Stepan, tho….

  157. RIGHT BACK!!!!!

    RIGHT BACK!1!!

    THE AnSWER!!!!!!!

    RIGHT BACK!!!!!

    NOW FINISH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. BTW, the way the Bruins are closing down the Rangers style of moving the puck up the boards is something they need to adjust to because it’s gonna happen in the POs….

  159. WHAT?????????????

    The puck can go cross out of play and end in the Rangers bench!!!

    When did that rule get made up? 5 minutes ago

  160. So wish I’d gone into city today…..uh oh….that. ‘s a lot of torts bombs

  161. Prust, BTW, has had a great physical game…working the boards/body very effectively…

  162. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    true carp, especially since he won’t talk about other players lol

  163. How about that play by Anisimov. Bang the guy off the puck and clears it. Should have traded him when they had a chance.

  164. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Prustie has been pretty huge today!! Dirty work and heavy lifting

  165. Carp – with MDZ back in the lineup and Girardi obviously hurting and a liability out there for the most part, why don’t you think they sat him for a few games? I know Woywitka and Eminger don’t get anyone excited, but they are healthy.

  166. I hate Sunday day games for two reasons…kills the whole day, and NBC….not in that order…GO RORY!!!!!

  167. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    chick with the Olympic style necklace, i’m sure you guys will be talking about her non stop now too lol

  168. BTW, rumours up here were going around a few weeks back the McGuire will be the next Canadiens GM!

  169. stranger nation on

    NBC itching to show Tigers Charge – that and what Ex3 mentioned about the 11th hole

  170. Hey Joe, you looked like that woman you met at a bar in Boston way back when. Too bad no one kicked you while you were on the deck, though.

  171. Well, maybe if NBC let the game start on time and didn’t have all those extra-long TV timeouts, the golf would be on right now.

  172. What girl with the necklace, Carolyn Manno at the timeout promoting Tiger or someone in the Garden?:)

  173. stranger nation on

    Does richards bend his knees in the defensive zone – what a floater – can’t watch him play D it is horrendous

  174. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    yes Gmen,the time out promoting chick. i’m shocked orr’s not all over that yet lol

  175. Guy hit with a puck, bleeding like crazy, towel on his head, and pumping his fist at the Rangers as he leaves. those who noticed gave him a standing O.

  176. JimboWoodside on


  177. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Rangers the best in the League!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Helmet nuzzles and a stick salute! Hartnell NBC just cut it off!!!!


    There’s that dirty player Lucic sucker punching our McMonster. Pussycat piece of carcillo.

    Ya lost 3 in a row, deal w. it you Kaletas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BIG WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HEART and DESIRE and they bring the FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  181. I called a 3-2 regulation win, so not too bad, especially after that dreadful period and a half after the TO.
    Lucic is a beast, no doubt, but he’s such a punk, dirty player too. I hope next time, Scott fights him and rearranges his past busted nose or noses one more time, and wipes that dumb smirk off his face.

  182. Awesome win…third game in less than four days, missing Captain Cally and they STILL beat the Big Bad Bruins for the third time this season.

    Man, this team is just impossible not to love.

    12 points up on the Bruins, but more important they are 10 points up on the Pens. They’re gonna NEED as much cushion as possible.

    Good game boys. And yeah, Lucic = punk

  183. No coincidence the suckhole Bruins get cheap at the end….gawd, I hate that team almost as much as I hate the Flyers.

    And they are the ugliest team in hockey (Lucic, Chara, Marchand, Kelly, etc) – even their coach is funny looking – reminds me of diseased duck.

  184. JimboWoodside on

    I hope that Scott corners Lucic the next time they play, and slaps him around like a beeotch, whether he wants to go or not!

  185. Boyle!!! Ha, my cousin won’t pick up the phone or answer my test! LOSER!!!!!!!!

  186. Five points out of six without Callahan. I think that proves the team doesn’t need him, so the Rangers should investigate trading him at the draft.

  187. If there was ever a play that should be reviewed by Shanahan, its Lucic’s behind the head shot on McD behind the net. What a pussy/loser.

  188. better beans (always positive petunia) on

    As a certiified Positive Petunia, it’s not my place to speak for Negative
    But I will – and I suggest anyone who, beyond the initial rush of the win
    that sweeps most certified grads of Fan College away, takes anything
    but caution away from this game, the Cap’n’s absence notwithstandin’,
    is a Delusional Delilah.

    Echoing The Big Whistle, some of us have been sayin’ “Shoot, Derek,
    Shoot!!!” Nice to see he reads the blog, and takes it under consideration:-).
    What a sweet, big-time wrister. What we mean when we say we need more

    On Brad “floating.” Reminds of a technique taught by Peace Corps, among others.
    You can do it for hours, without gettin’ tired.
    But in his defense, he’ll break out of it, time to time, and make a valuable play
    on that end. I did think, a time or two today, that the fear about his contract
    was that he would get too old too soon. Don’t think most of us were worried about 2012:-).

    I’m a Brian Boyle guy, all season. But if he doesn’t go back to his excellent faceoff
    results of December/January, then his typical “Watch me turn a three-on-one int
    a one-on-three” sub-magic will loom larger, and his critics will get credits.

    Faceoffs a problem all game long, ’til they were amazing (except for BB) in the last
    four minutes. Way to go, Other Faceoff Guys!

  189. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    42-15-7 91 points! WHO ARE THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  190. I am not going to engage in NNism…..We won!!!! I am happy….and off to do chores, so later all….LGR!!!!!

  191. Better Beans- Boyle won 13 out of 23 faceoffs, Rangers, as a team, won 32 out of 63…

  192. Did NBC cut away before the near-fracas at center ice after the game? Scott and Chara were almost nose to nose, and the teams almost got together.

    McDonagh has a nice bloody welt on his face from Lucic.

  193. Now, Carp, they preferred to show Tiger Woods walking up the hill. Leisurely….

  194. JimboWoodside on

    What are you looking for though, Chris? Nothing is on those channels right now.

  195. JimboWoodside on

    NBC didn’t show any of that, Carp – they cut away to the excitement of Golf…

  196. Yes, Carp, they did…NBC = No Brain Coverage….they also cut away milliseconds before the stick salute…..hate, hate, hate NBC afternoon games…

  197. JimboWoodside on

    Oh! OK, Chris – yes, Time Warner uses 197 and 198 as the sports “overflow” channels for MSG…

  198. Carp – the announcers said that Torts had to split up Scott Johnston and Charra. Is that true? If he got in between those two Giants then Torts has Bickels the size of the building.

  199. thank g-d the rangers won this must win game so the fans can implore them to win the next game which also will be must win.

    rangers are just on a roll, not sure how they are playing this good. I thought this team could be good just not this good.

    staal is now in the top 4, having him with bickel is jsut a waste. play mcdonagh-girardi, staal and MDZ 23 + each and leave it at that. stralman is not great and same for bickel. bickel has not played bad lately but he cannot be trusted when it counts.

    if they had sauer the ywould be totally loaded…thomas played like crap today….

  200. John Scott isn’t much of a deterrent if no one will fight him and instead go after other players on the team. With all the fights in today’s game, no one wanted a piece of him? Total chickencarcillo of the other teams “tough guys” to dance with everyone but him.

    Not sure if Prust started the fight with Lucic to try and get the team going…

  201. eddie eddie eddie on

    is that a bad moon rising at 16?…..oh nevermind…its tiger’s backswing

  202. JimboWoodside on

    There’s those horrible jerseys on the Isles again – where do they get these designs from? The Lighthouse!?

  203. eddie eddie eddie on

    every game from here on out is a must win……tiger looking long at 17

  204. goal for the rangers the rest of the way are most importantly stay healthy…

    next most important win enough that they finish first.

    do not overuse Henrik down the stretch.

    that is all the rangers should be concerned about for the final 20 or so games.

    91 points, that has been where they wound up more or less the last 5 years at the end of the season………..

  205. What a thug! Lucic made a rucic behind the Rangers net at the end. Hope Shanahan fines him for that one. What a cheap shot. Glad to see Rangers come out on top…they survived an amazing and dominating 1st half first period and full second period by the Bruins.

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