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1) Rangers snuck away with a point here. Even with a two-goal lead early on, TB outshot and outpossessed the Blueshirts. The absence of Callahan and Del Zotto was evident in puck possession, grit and creativity.

2) Pre-game, I knew that we’d be talking about Dubinsky after the game. I’m actually surprised and extremely satisfied with the way he rebounded from Torts’ benching, criticism, and demotion. He played himself off of the fourth line and ripped a spectacular goal past Garon to guarantee a point in the contest.

3) I’ve been screaming at Artie Anisimov all season to HIT THE NET. He unleashes that wrister where he drags it back slightly and uses the defender as a screen. When it’s on the cage, it’s a very tough puck to stop. When it goes 100 feet above the net, the opposing team has an odd man rush going the other way.

4) All three Rangers goals were sniped top corner. Artie, Gaborik and Dubinsky all beat Garon high. Chalk it up to a combination of film and the fact that we have some guys who can flat out shoot.

5) Early in the game, Rangers had trouble clearing the zone. The new defensive pairings may have contributed (DZ out, Woywitka in) and seemed to lead to confusion. The confusion led to two of TB’s later goals. Stamkos and St. Louis are even more dangerous against a tired defensive corps.

6) Too much time on the Florida beaches before the game? Sticks were flying all over the ice (six minutes of high-sticking penalties) and guys were falling all game long.

7) I always wondered when Hank (who turned 30 last night … happy birthday!) was going to improve his puck handling. Not asking him to become Maaaaar-ty in that regard, but just improve another skill in his arsenal. He made a gorgeous pass to Gaborik for a scoring chance in the second period, so maybe he and Jim Schoenfeld are working at it after practice.

8) John Mitchell’s recent play has been impressive. He’s creating scoring chances and can play in all situations.

9) Give Richards some open space and he’s deadly. Clutch, too. Can’t wait to see his game take off in the playoffs (based on previous stats).

10) I love John Tortorella. I know the media isn’t enamored with him (Sorry Carp, had to throw this in) but he’s built the mentality of this team. His intensity on the bench tonight against a non-divisional, non-playoff opponent further sets the tone for his players – showing that every night means business.

11) Still undefeated in regulation when leading after two periods: 26-0-3. Similar statistic to last year. Proves that they are improving in other facets of the game while maintaining certain strengths that the team culture has fostered.

12) Record against Boston (#2), Pittsburgh (#4), Philadelphia (#5), and New Jersey (#6) as of tonight: 11-3-1. Fodder for thought as we’ve crossed the 20 games remaining threshold. Are the Rangers built for a playoff run?

SG21’s Three Rangers Stars:
1)  Brandon Dubinsky
2)  Marian Gaborik
3)  Anton Stralman
Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars:

1) Brandon Dubinsky
2) Marian Gaborik
3) Artem Anisimov

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  1. Gmen11 March 2nd, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    On Dubinsky real quick. The Rangers of old would have shipped him out already. Be patient with him. I know his season has been a bust, but he’s only 25, not 30. He has plenty of tools as we know. I think he needs to mature and flat out grow up from what I’ve seen. In most post interviews, he just doesn’t come across like he’s real mature yet. Whether that develops as he gets older, we’ll see, but sitting him down was the right thing to do. He’s got to think about the team, and stop making dumb, careless penalties.
    It’s great to play with a chip on his shoulder, which I think he does, but when is it too much? If Richards spoke to MZD and straightened him out, it’s worth a shot. He’s too young to give up on yet, whether he maxes out at only 50 points a season or not. With everything else he does, I’ll take 22 and 28 every year from him.

    I posted this a tad too late in the Hurricane’s review after the ‘new post’ by Carp was showing.
    I’m happy he responded the way he did tonight. I don’t think you can blame him for not doing much on the 4th line with those slow behemoths. but I wouldn’t like to see as many back-handed passes into the crease when no one is there. That’s an Avery specialty as well. It creates a quick break out for the other team more often than not.

    I haven’t been a huge Torts fan, but I like him more, because as was said, he’s in their face and intense every night, regardless of the opponent or where they are in the standings, and knows this team needs to keep it’s foot on the gas and not let up.
    But then again, where is all this tiredness coming from? I know March is their worst month, but it’s only March 3rd. They had 2 days off after Monday, only had to ‘travel’ from Raleigh to Tampa, and were 8-1-1 in the back end of back-to-backs before last night.

    Just a random observation….the more games I watch, I love how Sam and Joe talk about how these guys run set plays off the face-off. Oh really? You mean like, draw the puck back to MDZ, Gaborik – you run a fly route – and I will try to hit you with a slapper deep in their zone. Found it rather amusing that these are ‘set plays’ as identified by Sam and Joe.

  2. Second..

    Why did it take a benching for Dubi to play like that? Ticks me off that he coasted until last night.

    take the point and run, Pinella always has his team ready to play NY.

    good job sg

  3. better beans on

    SG: Very nice. I’m gonna play some friendly devil’s advocate
    withya on some of these, ok?

    1)Yup – front to back.
    2)I wanna be talkin’ about Dubi after MOST games, in a positive way. Until that happens,
    he’s still Dubenchsky:-).
    3 and 4) Gabby a little under 15%, Artie a solid 12+, and Dubi a dubious 6.5.
    That last made Dubi’s shot for the point even a wee bit more surprising.
    5)I’ve been a nuisance about that zone-clearin’ stuff a while now. They were a little
    worse tonight.
    6)I’ve often wondered that myself – how do these guys see/use the Tampa area in
    wintertime? Up 2-0, the Tampa announcers tell how Hank has struggled to win here.
    Boom…seemed like ten seconds later, it’s 2-1:-). Slow starts/better finishes being their
    most frequent pattern of late, thought they would step it up and hold on. And for all
    the legit moans and groans about poor play, if Stamkos, of all people, doesn’t make a
    fine defensive play, Rangers steal away with two! So they didn’t exactly stink it up, says the usually tough grader.
    7) Shoulda been done long ago; not rocket science. And, yes, he’s been makin’ a nice play here and there of late.
    8)Yup; I’m in the fan club; but the time for creating nice-looking chances should be done;
    Mitchell/Dubi/Boyle/ gotta start creating goals, if there is to be playoff magic. No Bobby
    Sheehan (for old-timers) on the horizon:-).
    9)some fans, this site and others, think his game might be slidin’ again. I’m with you.
    I’m seein’ good signs more often than not. Near game-winner a picture of poise.
    10)This would take a long time to answer the way I’d like. Now, I’ll be brief. He deserves
    all the accolades he’s getting. for the most part. Some serious questions, though: eg. the
    ower-lay (no consistent plan/pride/purpose/poise/precision/production – hence no P’s in
    Ranger ower-lay. How will the choice to push Dan G and others earlier to max TOI play out in the next two months? How long will these guys stay receptive to that intensity? I’ve seen some good signs of late that he knows he’s gotta stifle it from time to time – but will that be enough?
    Interesting next year or two.
    11)Well observed, well said. Nice take:-)
    12)Yeah – certainly impressive on its own. But Pens are on a better level of late; last two with Devs, not much to separate. They caught Bruins at right time, and Bryzgalov has been better
    at his fundamentals the last few, while team looks to integrate new defenders. But still, impressive. I would not be shocked (or greatly disappointed; I don’t discount regular season as much as some) if they lost first round (suppose they meet Tampa or Buffalo?). Not be surprised if they won first two. Would be both if they win in third round or beyond. But real happy for this hard-workin’ bunch.
    How much has their style of play left in the tank for second season? Can Prince Hal (no kings in this corner without a cup;-) save them as often as he has to date, and play at the same world-class level? And how will they respond to a whole new galaxy of expectation (at the deadline, most reporters heard from – about a dozen, in my case – had the Rangers in their final four)? They didn’t exactly shine in that last regard last year, even at a more modest level.

    Once again, SG – very nice work. Much appreciated.

  4. better beans on

    Gmen: Hope you, and ILB and others, are right about Dubi needin’ more time.
    I get it that all of us mature, in different venues, at different rates. And I share
    your take about his apparent youth in interviews – comes off as a young soul.

    But he’s been around the NHL block a while now, so I’ll remain a skeptic with fingers

    The fatigue is predictable from the “hard” way they play, as many national commenters,
    as well as our own, describe it. Torts is takin’ a high-risk, high-reward position here, and I admire that in the world of games, but I think he might lose his gamble this year, in terms of
    product at least, and will have to learn, eventually, as Tom Coughlin did much to his credit at a more advanced stage of his career and life, to ease up on that intensity. He’ll burn himself and everyone around him out before he gets to the prizes.

  5. Nice review! Enjoyed that.

    Was so happy for Dubi. If we could just get the Dubi from last year who scored on a more consistent basis, it would be a huge plus.

    I hope Torts gives him more quality time down the stretch.

    Last night was tough to watch, they really didn’t have their “A” game.

    Can you imagine STUD like steven stamkos on the Rangers?? Oh my!

    BTW, Hat trick for future ranger Zach Parise last night. ;-)

    Bruins seem to be playing with a little more oomph lately. I think we are going to have our hands full on Sunday.

    That record against the top teams in the east is IMPRESSIVE!

  6. Didnt see a lot of this game but I saw enough to know this:

    Good point without key players

    Good bounce back by dubi

    AA gabby and step still have chemistry

    Not enough credit to stralman this season. Been a pleasant surprise (would love to see him play with stark more often)

    Can wait for April

  7. that would be stralman with staal (not john starks)

    if all are healthy the d pairs could be:


  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice write up, SG21.
    I, honestly, am not buying this they’ve looked tired lately theory. Banged up, yes. What I’ve noticed is the second game in a row they lacked intensity for long stretches. Both games looked initially like a friendly contests. Not much at stake against Carolina. They woke up after the goal was scored against, put it in a different gear and won. Last night, similar. Not much animosity despite that AA-47 debacle back in MSG some time ago. Much more at stake for Tampa. It showed. I don’t mind that, honestly. Inevitable for a team that pretty much made it. Torts was the only one who showed intensity. And Dubinsky. Look, don’t blame them for spending some time in the sun, they need to recover mentally. 3 points out of 4? Move on.

    I’ll tell what I found to be most positive in their game lately. Brad Richards. Shhh, don’t say it too loud, but he is skating much, much better, makes very good decisions, and his passes are getting more and more dangerous. Maybe it’s a veteran’s way to know when to start getting ready for the playoffs. Or maybe whatever was bothering him physically is getting better. I don’t know, but the fact is he is starting to show why they signed him. Let’s all hope.

    Lastly, about that Torts’ decision of playing Biron vs Carolina and Hank vs Tampa. I think if it was other way around, they would’ve returned home with only 2 points.

  9. Gmen11- what Better Beans is referring to is that, I said almost exactly what you did yesterday about Dubinsky, I think in the morning, can’t remember.

    There was a lot of back and forth going on about Dubinsky yesterday, including the game thread.
    Let me explain my position on Dubinsky, folks. He is not my favorite player on the team. Not even close. He gets it from me when he deserves it, and this year he has. But I also do not understand constant bashing and throwing a player under the bus by fans when he struggles, and it isn’t because of laziness. Look, he was drafted by this team, was groomed by this team, was given a hefty contract, but most importantly, he wears the sweater. Everyone knew he’d be gone in Nash deal, but he is here. I root for him to to succeed. As I root for John Scott to be successful.
    Dubinsky hasn’t matured mentally as well as Callahan. Doesn’t mean he won’t. I’m willing to give him a chance. Because this a is the place he wants to be, because he’s shown he can be a better player, and because this team needs him to be a better player. And Tortorella is known to get the best out of players (just ask VL). One bad year could as much be an aberration as some people think was a great year last season. We are in good position, and we can wait.
    And he responded yesterday. For all three periods. The fourth line was excellent, and it wasn’t because of Mike Rupp( who actually skated much better), or John Scott. Dubinsky made them go.
    Just my opinion, Better Beans, but being around the league for awhile doesn’t mean you’ve reached your potentials. 25 doesn’t mean you can’t improve more, and mature more. Doesn’t work like that for everyone. Young men mature differently.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman, really? You have got to be kidding! Please review the goals against and the Bolts best scoring chance in 3rd and you will notice a common factor, Stralman. He was covering Stamkos, or let me say, he was watching Stamkos on his goal. He was on Malone on his OT goal.

    He does a good job moving puck with outlets and can skate, but in the defensive zone, especially 1on1 play, is atrocious. Watch the tape.

  11. Everyone is singing high praises for Dubinsky’s game last night.

    Did ya not see him standing flat footed in the defensive zone helplessly swinging his stick at the 2 Tampa players as they danced right by him to go on and score the GWG?

  12. Strahlman was a beast. I feel so badly for Dubinsky after getting that goal and then the team loses in OT.

  13. Yeah, you mentioned that last night, Barry…In fact, you mentioned a couple of other “sharp” observations on Dubinsky last night. Except your posts were nowhere to be found when he scored…
    I’d go further and say you do not post any other single observations at all, except your negative Dubinsky comments. We used to have someone here by a name “nosepicker”…Wonder what he is up to now….Hmmm.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Given the way Dubi skated last night, one could say he had been ‘lazy’ or just not trying enough. It was the first time he went balls-out on every shift. Contract aside, he does not have Top 6 skills and needs to play the way he did last night. He definitely had been coasting this season waiting for others to make something happen. If he skates that way every game, he will make it happen for others, especially against teams with weak D like Bolts.

    He should have been a watching a couple of games in the press box 2 months ago to get him going. Immature? Seems that way but hard to judge from afar. Distracted by NYC lights? Not sure why this season more than others. Struggling with contract expectation? Probably. Seems like he is either feeling sorry for himself about demotion or thinking about his model girlfriend.

    To repeat again, Best trade is getting last years’ dubi for this years’ version. Last night we saw a glimpse why.

  15. Sorry ilb. I cant constantly sit in front of the computer.

    What did you want me to do last night? Praise him for finally hitting the net?

  16. Stranger Nation on

    Yes Stralman was beastly, as in scary to look at and creating a lot of fear in others (teammates)

  17. The good news is that the team is willing to give him a chance. Even though it was pretty obvious he’d be gone to Columbus if it wasn’t for Howson. But he is here now, and as long as he is going to give his best, he will be given a chance by Torts, that much is obvious. I do not look at his production from a contract point of view. First, we are not paying him, Dolan does. Second, if you start looking at money piad/production ratio, there will be plenty of players who are under performing. It is a business part of it. And, yes, I know that we pay for TV, season tickets etc. But if it’s not Dubinsky, would be someone else. Dolan is willing to spend up to the cap anyway.

  18. Tiki, txt me when up….Sorry you had a bad night last night. But I’m very proud the way you handled yourself with this guy at the game! Atta boy!

  19. I would be happy if Dubinksky’s ceiling is a 3rd line grinder with 20 goals. It’s not his fault that he took the contract and may have exceeded what will eventually be his average last season. The only “problem” is that this would put more pressure on Kreider (eventually) and Anisimov (very soon, like, right about now) to perform like top 6 wingers.

    Anisimov’s shot is nasty. I can see him being a Gaborik-lite if he ever puts it all together consistently.

  20. czechthemout!!!! on

    John Mitchell? Really? LOL!!!! This guy is nothing more than a fourth line scratch/ AHL player.
    Did you not notice that he hardly play in the third? And exactly what offense did he create? It is Torts who seems obsessed with playing this guy on the PP for some reason. How many PP goals has he scored?

    Stralman was terrible yesterday as well. But overall, he has been ok.

    But the bottom line on this team is this. We don’t have enough offense and we also don’t have a really pp quaterback. So this has been a fun season to watch in many ways but we will not go far in the playoffs. This season should be used as a stepping stone towards going for the cup next year because anything short of that next year will be seen as a failure.. And no, I am not giving up on them because of one loss. I add this before I get accused of giving up.

  21. I thought stralman was soft in his own zone last night. Looks like I am the only one who thought that.

    glad Dubi played well last night. The guy should be able to play much beter then he has. He needs to not be to cute and just shoot the puck especially if he is playing with less skilled guys.

  22. i also think john mitchell is a nice 4th liner that is it. yes he skates well and appears to battle for the puck but at the ned of the day he cannot score… guys like mitchell are easily repalceable. the rangers have enough plumbers they need more scorers……

    this team is great, play poorly stil lget a point and easily could ave gotten 2.

    did not realize MZA only got 3 games with the big club this season, they should give him a game or 2, scott plays against the bully teams only.

  23. I dunno. I thought Dubi did well as a fourth liner but he engaged in his usual overskating with the puck. He scored because st Louis fell down. That’s fine, but I think all this talk of him being back (not that was ever great to begin with) is overdone.

  24. Even though they got outplayed, you can’t blow a 2-0 lead. I was disappointed with the 3rd period. Usually this team closes other teams out when we get that lead.

    I’m not as enamored with Mitchell as well.

    Can someone loan Brian Boyle some hands? As hard as this kid works, he has hands of stone when handling the puck. I think if he had an average set of hands, he could be a consistent 20 goal scorer.

    I noticed that when John Scott has the puck in the corner, he usually doesn’t get body checked into the boards. Maybe TB is a smaller team, but when he was working the puck out, no one was even trying to shove him into the boards.

    Can’t win them all I guess!

  25. I wasn’t surprised when Torts benched Dubi for his thoughtless act against Carolina but I was shocked when he continued to discuss it the next day w/ the press. This is a coach who strongly protects the inner workings of his office and the team’s locker room. Could this be a sign of Tort’s frustration with motivating a player who he believes is better than he’s been playing?

    Richards was flying and more physical last night clearly showing another gear. Was this his response to Cally’s absence or to his “banged up” team needing him even more?

    WOW, two consecutive games where Artie shows off his wicked wrist shot! More please, STAT!

    Tomorrow’s game at home against the Bruins starts three consecutive weeks of 12 games in 21 days, (4 games a week for 3 weeks). Fortunately, there’s seven consecutive games at home during the back end of that stretch. Hopefully, this helps lessen the fatigue factor as we wind down the season.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The dubi-rupp-Scott line was the best line last night…
    They had the puck deep in the offensive zone for huge stretches of time. The Boyle fed Proust line horrible in their end as they were on ice for the first 3 goals. Funny enough is that Boyle and Proust are better on the pk and control the puck better down a man…. Maybe it’s Fed….take the point and gear up for bahhhhston

  27. for next year remove mitchell and feds and add 2 younger skilled guys.

    if boyle stays boyle he and prust can play the glue, low mistake forecheck role nad they need to get faster and more skilled.

    the problem with prust is he is not great in his own zone, he loves the backhand thru the middle pass, that works about 33% of the time.

    it is amazing that this team with this offensive talent level is so good. just shows you that if you win puck battles and control the middle of the ice, with a great goalie, and very good defense you can win a ton of games……………

  28. Wow, there is a serious amount of deep analyses today. Much more than proverbial 2 cents of opinions. Aha-aha, I like it.
    All I know, our team this season is *overachiever* and all components, regardless of skill, talent and marital status work at their *max* to create this “whole is more than sum of individuals” slogan. Even Mr. Slumping sparring boy – Dubinsky. I’m very much in peace with team present and future achievements. Triumph of the Will continues!

  29. Barry

    Regardless of the final outcome, he had the best legs on the team last night, and this is the sort of thing that happens with these back to back games. i’m not gonna get into his psychological frame of mind, or what his inspirations were..LAST NIGHT…he was almost ubiquitous, and if he wasn’t super human we can relax the reins a bit on him..the rest of the team looked … t i r e d. So they got by him at the end….

    But they got by everybody for most of the game, and Hank has the sweat sox to prove it. I’ve watched a LOT of the Bolts games this year, and this is one of the best games I’ve seen them play.

    Put it to rest and like they used to see in old Hell’s Kitchen fuggeddaboudid.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stuart – while the former attorney general under Richard m. Nixon will never be confused with TGO, he is not all bad. fed tho, I think is nearing the end of a career. I am not impressed with his play. If kreider is ready next year, fed wont be back. Whose spot does Avery take year? That is the real question.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Recall Avery!!!!!! I still see either Avery for nash or avery for ott deal in the next week ….. The trading deadline was extended which helps make this trade a go.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Watch dubi score 20 goals this playoff season and score the Cup winner. Any takers on this action?

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery will be the surprise mvp of the playoffs if he isnt traded for ogden Nash and a poet to be named later.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 5
    Bruins 0

    Sog rangers 34
    Bruins 11

    Gwg – John Paul George ringo Scott

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thank you in advance for the tickets mysterious donor – I see my pick as easily winning.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tim Thomas is attending a John Bircher meeting tomorrow afternoon and will miss the game.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – any chance instead of tossing t shirts into the crowd, MSG throws out giant elephant trunks in honor of Marchand?

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I must be at the wrong site…. Either that or I am a day late and a dollar short.

  39. Playoff run?

    The only thing this team is ready for is a 4-game sweep at the hands of [insert any team].

  40. Scott seems to skate well for a big boy.He seemed to be where he needed to be on every shift.I don’t see him being a liability like our previous enforcers.Nice to see Dubi play with such intensity.Anisimov was also in high gear last night.Now if the 2 of them could bring that every night it would help the team alot.

  41. LMAO, e3.

    Good observations on Dubinsky. I think the key words are “immaturity” and “fragile confidence.” …

    Mitchell? He’s done fine in his role and is a gigantic upgrade over the Christensens and Wolskis, who, you may remember, were borderline fourth-liners/AHLers who also saw time on the top lines. But is Mitchell a fourth-liner too? IMO, yes. Replaceable next year? Yes. If he’s playing top six, or even top nine minutes, that’s not a good sign for your team.

    Good morning, Sally!

  42. CARP,

    Yes, they will luckily squeeze in. But only because they’ll get some more fortunate bounces.

  43. Dubinsky as the first star? Jesus Christ what are people smoking nowadays, can I have some of that? otherwise probably one of my favorite guest reviews.

  44. Last night, Dubi was engaged and had a chip on his shoulder. That’s the way he needs to play. He needs to be mean to be effective. That’s the right way. No more Mr. Nice Dubi.

    He needs to be a force with the puck. Not quite there yet. He needs to make the opposition sweat. He loses too many battles and needs to maintain control of the puck deep to be effective. Cycle and grind. He should be our third line center.

    I think, in a perfect world, Dubi would be your 3rd line center and Boyle would be your 4th line center…He’s versatile and can jump on the wing, if you need some grit…

    He will always be an enigma, so Rangers fans need to temper expectations…He just can’t keep his head on straight long enough to be a top 6 guy….

    if he isn’t moved when our prospects graduate, expect something like this at that this time next year….

    Artie – Stepan – Gaby
    Hags – Richie – Cally
    Kreider – Dubi – MZA
    Rupp – Boyle – Prust

  45. Hank was the first star.
    We got the point only because of him.
    And to me this is the first game where they looked tired.

  46. i also think they’re going to look relatively tired whenever the don’t have their tone-setting captain.

  47. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Im tired Tony. I was sleeping during 2nd intermission last night. Im worn down. There’s gonna come a time when I cant live and die w. my teams any longer LOL.

  48. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Morning ILB and all (and tiki)!!

    The problem with this team is they don’t have any Dime-A-Dozen players on it!!!!

    Take the point (still hate the 3 point games) and move on. This team is very good, and yet people still complain and have the roster set for next year already. Really?

    I think this game was lacking intensity due to the lack of a certain mr moore and his cheap shot ability!

    Once again, I thought for the shifts he took, Mr scott (heavy on the MR) did just fine.

    Speaking of mr scott, any one see the shot of him and msl standing by the benches next to each other prior to a puck drop??? LMFAO!!!!

  49. Thank you all for the discussion and comments regarding my review. I very much appreciate it.

    Re: Mitchell – to clarify – when I say “impressive,” I’m talking in regards to his potential. I did not see him creating scoring chances and playing on the PP and PK this year. Thus, in that sense, he has overachieved and been a useful piece to the NYR puzzle. When Krieder, JT Miller and others mature (hopefully soon), Mitchell will most likely be displaced but for the here and now, you can’t discount him stepping up his game.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    i would rather see john paul george and ringo scott go with lucic…..this ranger team has some major snarl….and i love it

  51. “This team is very good, and yet people still complain and have the roster set for next year already. Really?”

    Sorry, wick. I just like to talk hockey.

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha…..tell the bruthas to chill out, i am sending in the wolfe

  53. The day of Essays?
    “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity,…” (Ecclesiastes)
    The real moving fuel, making this blog’s engine run, is people’s cute, touching, or in opposite,- brutally atrocious emotional attachment to certain players on this team, which reached absurd apogee in Avery case. The funniest thing is – people take pride of their subjectivity (over objectivity) in such seemingly obvious and simple things, like facts of a game, viewed from the same angle, but then expressed surprisingly opposite “reading” of it. Genuine hatred and unconditional love (both unwarranted)and highest degree of emotions by some boneheads, even to the least controversial players, make this blog easily challenging real life vanity department, and is much better, than reading Vanity Fair by Thackeray or any novel by Dickens. Truth is however, that sometimes, before start to reading posts, you have to hold tight your lower jaw by both hands to prevent following trip to dentist.

  54. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Eddie x3
    I actually was just looking at that…you might just make it if you win this week and it counts for about 15 wins LOL!!!

  55. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I honestly wasn’t directing that at this particular thread, more at the last few threads…Now that you mention it, I didn’t see eminger on your roster! Strange!

    so no worries bro!

  56. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I doubt chara and lucic will fight each other

  57. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I wish orr was in our league eddie x3. It would be interesting to see how the little ben and jerry’s eater would have done when you can’t do the ol goalie shuffle every day!!

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    wick – i wish i knew my password….i have had more concussed players than healthy…as for for Orr…no comment

  59. if this is the blog for the top team, i can only imagine the blog for the worst team!

    take my winger, please!

  60. I just thinking that Scott will get shifts while Chara is out there….Dont think Chara would fight him either…Lucic, no way….

    LOL! No worries, wick, I was kidding! But, McIlrath is on my roster next year….

  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – thoughts on resting cally till 100% healed….why risk anything with so much at stake….

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    did you guys see THE PRUST’s finger late in the 3rd when his glove came off?…looked to be a bloody mess

  63. I’ll tell you one thing…i wouldn’t like to be a member of the Bruins team.Why? Because this team is peeed off..they are right now as irritated over that loss as they were chagrined that it happened…and they’re ready to take it out on any club that gets in their way.. Just happens to be Bruins. Watch for this nastiness to make it’s appearance..could possibly be early and often. Might even result in a parade to the box, but watch for

  64. they might have to put him in a cell in order to keep him out of the lineup if he feels he can play, e3.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    john, paul, george, and ringo, scott, the prust, dubi, rupper, boyle doyle, soil, and foil…..bickel, girardi, staueaheaull and gabby….that is a lot of nasty snarl

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo…..absolutely….cally has the heart of a lion, if not a marchand nose, but it would be worse than awful if he gets hurt and is out for an extended time

  67. Thoughts that Torts would be more inclined to green light Cally tomorrow because of the opponent?

  68. Carp, I completely agree with you that neither Chara or Lucic will fight Scott. I would be very surprised if they do. I do hope they fight him b/c they will get their derrieres handed to them.

    I think what Scott’s presence will do is make the Bruins think twice about taking a run at someone on the Rangers. I said this before but I really like the way he looks out there. Does not look out of place and actually looks like a decent hockey player. I hope they sign him to a multi-year contract in the off season.

    I doubt S.Thornton will want to dance with Scott as he had his butt handed to him in one of his recent fights against Minnesota Wild’s Matt Kassian (

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    after boogy passed i posted going after john scott….someone busted by chops, i think doodie, very happy to have him….his fights are not to be viewed unless a disclaimer is attached…

  70. i don’t think Scott even matters unless they take a dumb run at somebody while he’s on the ice … and if they do, they won’t exactly be running Gaborik or Richards or Callahan or Hagelin. His presence in the lineup means nothing in terms of prevention.

    If, for example, Lucic takes out Gaborik, and Scott’s on the bench, then what? exactly. Nothing.

    They won’t fight him.

    He might be a factor April 3, so that somebody else can fight Tostitos. Everybody else has.

  71. Lev, don’t read too much into people being given a day off during three games in less than four days.

  72. The thing I also like about Scott is when he plays and does not fight, he does intimidate the other team by checking and playing somewhat chippy. I really like this about him as it sets the tone for the rest of the team and really allows the skilled players to play with freedom and confidence and not be afraid of anybody out there.

    I really hope he finds a place on this team and gets a nice extension.

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    if lucic takes a run at gabby…at some point scott will be on the ice at the same time as lucic and then judgement cometh and ye right soon…..especially if our boys have a comfortable lead…and we play those turds one more time on home ice with last change…

  74. not so, e3. Lucic isn’t going to fight him, and unless it’s 5-0, Scott isn’t going to take an instigator and jump him. Won’t matter even a little bit.

    and, in fact, Scott should be the one taking runs at Bruins and forcing them to respond, rather than being passive and hoping he can respond to one of their hits.

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – i am happy with your scenario as well…..take and seize the initiative

  76. Tuuka Rask just got hurt and was replaces by Tim Thomas….looked like a groin pull or something…. had to be helped off the ice

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    its is going to be a great game…cant wait for pierre, edzo, and doc……3 professional professionals

  78. 4generations 4 cups on

    That was written so well that I thought it was Carp before I looked at the title.

    FANTASTIC job SG21!!

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    lev – interesting…..thomas has already RSVP’ed to a right wing – wing nut convention hosted by that lover of all things female – rush, i need some oxycotin, limbaugh

    sorry in advance for the quasi political post!!!

  80. Good afternoon all! Nice job SG!!! I won’t repeat what’s already been discussed, but I will say this. I’d rather Dubi responded the way he did, rather than not at all (duh…even Torts gave him a double butt slap) and I’d rather we lost to Tampa last night than lose to the Bruins tomorrow.

  81. Thornton would be a fool to even think about fighting Scott. He got wrecked by a much lesser dude M.Kassian …. it wouldn’t even be close with Scott.

    Can’t say enough about this guy. We’ve been used to the other team having the goon taking runs at us and beating our enforcer. Now we have the toughest guy in the league who can play a regular shift and not look out of place. He could be an important part to the team in the years to come. I hope they realize that. I’m pretty sure they do. There is a reason Sather first signed Boogaard (RIP) and now got Scott. He understands the role he can play on a good team.

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    …trying to get to holland to france, the man in the mag say you gotta go back you know they didnt even give us a chance…..christ, you know it aint easy…you know how hard it can be the way that you’re going they are going to crucify me….

  83. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Right on Blogmama! Agreed 100%. Dubi responded, which is what you hope for in a situation like his.

  84. Thornton did fight Boogaard last season. I remember calling a breastfeeding class, not a fight because Thornton tried to keep his face against Boogaard’s chest, lol

  85. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I agree with carp. The only way scott would get in on someone is if torts “tappens” him on the shoulder after someone runs another ranger and we go a bit old time hockey on someone!

    off to work, later aasens!


  86. Yes, at that point Boogaard already wasn’t himself. I remember that fight. I couldn’t believe Boogy didn’t do more. It was the beginning of the end.

  87. Callahan wants to play, but he should be careful here. There is no rush, we are in good position at the moment. And if you think he won’t block any shots if he plays tomorrow, think again. Even if Torts tells him not to. That’s the only way he knows how to play…

  88. And tiki, I’m also glad you didn’t go all Scott or Prust on the aasen you sat near last night :) Carcillos will be carcillos, better to say hartnell em and move on….

  89. Can you imagine that Minnesota had Scott and Boogaard in their lineup at some point?

  90. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I was upset about it all night, Mama. But now I look at it as a good thing. No jail, I probably wouldve been beaten up anyway, to add injury to insult. Ive learned that I cant go to away stadiums any longer. And most importantly, it just lit the fire inside me even to win it all this year. Ill stop at nothing to get us the Stanley Cup, Ill “Callahan” aka give blood, sweat, tears and my life for it! LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember that morning of the Super Bowl like it was yesterday. I was out walking Redbone, and was about to come inside. I was nervous, sick, shaking, and had tears in my eyes. And I looked up to the sky, and I said, Dad, theyve got Myra Kraft, but Ive got you. Look out for me today!! And He did! And He will in June!!!

    And Mama, guess who is coming to FL next week, and who Im gonna get to see and introduce either Jay or Marcus to?!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  91. I’m very glad you got over it Tiki…and don’t avoid stadiums, just learn to ignore the asshats, as they are everywhere in this world…(try driving in Darien, Conn….I wanted to kill about 14 people yesterday. Don’t know what it is about that town!!!)

    That story about your dad brought tears to my eyes :)
    And who’s coming??? I’m gonna be jealous ain’t I….

  92. Tony, that story sounds more Prust-like….and I’m sad to admit, but I will…..took me a minute to get it…Duh!!!

  93. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Go Isles!!!!!!!

    Ill let the other person tell you and the boneheads Mama. I dont want to steal the opportunity to tell you guys away from the person.

  94. Folks need to come down with the Dubinsky bounce back game thing until he’s able to break the 1 goal per month clip he’s been on since 2012 began. I thought he looked a bit better at points, but also saw the same moronic backhand that he tries and fails at repeatedly. He was also in total cruise control on the backcheck prior to the game winning goal (even though the scorer wasn’t his man). It’s the kind of stuff that calls into question his hockey sense and why I think he lacks the ability to be a consistent 50-point forward. All this being said, I’m sure Tortorella will play him 20+ minutes on Sunday afternoon.

    This may be a minor point but did Brandon Prust play more minutes than Gaborik? I realize one is considered a penalty-killer but that doesn’t excuse the fact that your best forward saw less ice time than one of your bottom 5 forwards.

  95. come = calm

    As for Richards, he had a marginally better game but he literally invisible for far too long now. I’m one of the guy’s bigger supporters here and even I’m starting to grow weary of him.

  96. hahahahahahhaahha!!! Nice job Fishies!!! Wonder what this means for Boston’s ‘tude tomorrow though….maybe nothing….Oy…the stomach pains begin……

  97. JimboWoodside on

    Wow! Fishsticks!

    Rask left the game early with some kind of leg injury – looks like Boston is gonna have to call up another goalie while Thomas does most of the work…

  98. Does anybody know Del Zotto’s status for tomorrow? If he’s out, Eminger has to play. Woywitka stinks.

  99. CARP: did you get my email? Sent from my personal account not my work account.

    I sure hope that Cally and MDZ are back in the line-up. We missed them both. Amazing how far MDZ has come in the past year.

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    not sure why anyone should have any problem with any of the ranger players….best record in the league……its a team game….team results are all that matter….individual stuff is immaterial…..if the flop in the first round, then we can all go ballistic….my money is on a very deep run…well into august

  101. Kreider is on tv tonight – Vermont at BC 7pm CBSSH (some cbs sports channel) 143 for me on nj dolanvision

    gonna check out our near future conn smythe winner! ;p

  102. Billybleedsblue on

    Nice point about Dubi. I was up in arms about him all game. A good point for the far outplayed Rangers.

  103. mama fading to black….til tomorrow….LGR!!!!! Good night, Sally! mama love….

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    sally – i am of the pollyanna school of thinking…rose colored glasses… half full……..that said, i can complain with the best of them when necessary……injustice, people in pain, the list is longer than john scott :)

  105. Dubiii thanks for the heads up about Kreider on TV. Anyone know if Time Warner carries that channel?

  106. Yev Kassem (467 in HD) if you have the Sports Package. (Leafs-Habs is on 468 (NHL Net HD)

  107. Followed by an equally classic Don Cherry moment.. on the opposite end of the spectrum, however.

  108. Nothing classic about it…disgusting and idiotic really. Was just discussing it on twitter…was it Lindros, Graves, Beuk, McCarthy, Johnny Mac, Manny Malhotra, et al’s fault that they missed the playoffs for 7 years? (

  109. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Evan. I classified Cherry’s rant as “classic” because he challenged Burke after calling him out on attempting to get him fired, didn’t give Ron MacLean a chance to speak, and spewed forth his typical Canadian ethnocentric nonsense.

  110. anybody else watching BC right now?
    not only did Kreider position himself in the right spot
    to get the goal
    but just as important (and hilarious)
    a vermont player had fallen on top of
    K’s BC player and K just casually shoved him off.

    pretty damn good!!

  111. HEY!!
    if you have CBS College Sports channel
    they’re going to talk to Sather very soon
    about Kreider.

  112. Kreider scored to tie the game at one. Scrum in front of the net and kreider was positioned perfectly on the right side of net to slam home the rebound. Sather is coming up next after commercial in a telephone interview.

  113. My only point was that the subject of Cherry’s rant about the Leafs not having any players from Ontario was idiotic. All of the above cited former rangers are from Ontario…who were all the members of some of the 98-04 teams that all missed the playoffs.

    I agree that it was Classic Cherry

  114. Rangers West on

    NBC, The post and few other hockey writers are claiming the saviour will hit broadway in April. This will be interesting, whether he stays at B.C., joins the Whale or comes to New F@$%ing York, this will be interesting to watch. If losing a year on his rookie contract is the only sticking point, is that really an issue? In three years, even if he scores 30 goals every season, he’ll still be less expensive than Mr. 7.8 Nash and we don’t have to trade anybody to get Kreider.

  115. Rangers West on

    Yev Kassem “I sure hope that Cally and MDZ are back in the line-up. We missed them both. Amazing how far MDZ has come in the past year.”

    I agree. MDZ is a beast. The transformation from training camp to now has been ridiculous. In camp, I didn’t think he’d make the team. In the first ten games or so I read an article hinting that the Oilers might trade a young forward for MDZ and thought, “Do it!” But now I think he’s becoming one of the top defenders in the league. Imagine if he still has a ways to go in his development–how good he’ll be in a few years? Scary good.

  116. not that i’m 100% happy with Richards
    don’t forget his mentoring of MDZ
    this year
    which has probably helped him

    i think Stepan has credited Richards as well
    for helping him

  117. Ah, I had realized where you were going with the players, but didn’t tie it all together. Gotcha, Evan. Sorry about that.

  118. I’m late- I’ll typically read the posts and jot down my responses in notepad which generally become redundant once I post them, but anyway:

    “I know his season has been a bust” (Dubi’s)

    His season’s not over yet!! I think his season has the potential to be tremendously rewarding. (at least from this fans perspective)
    Sometimes it’s about perseverance, no. Is there anything more honorable than the willingness to fight through rough times? What’s better than a guy that refuses to stay on the canvas, even if he’s just fighting himself.

    What does Dubi’s response yesterday say? I’m not 100% sure but: “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire” – Fred Shero

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DDe hundreds of people spontaneously combust every, it’s just not widely reported.

  120. Rangers West on

    Come playoffs, if not before, Dubi will be one of the most valuable forwards on the team.

  121. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    three stars of the day:

    1. latona
    2. iMannies
    3. Rangers ‘Adam’ West
    4. Polynomial Eddie aka (eddie)(eddie)(eddie) aka E cubed.

  122. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    dde, those monks in vietnam that time set themselves on fire, but they never did a repeat performnce…take my wife, please?

  123. duckbill,

    You profess humility in your non-declaration of yourself being the number one star of the day, when, in fact, you are the true victor of today and, perhaps, of all time. I thank you kindly for your recognition of my beneficent deeds, although my position as number one is most undeserved.

  124. It is bothersome for me how Pissburgh and Buffalo pick up their game. One can dethrone us and another we could face in first PO round. Is it for you?

  125. I was just thinking about that, 4ever. One season can’t get the ever-worrisome Rangers fan out of me!

  126. Somebody threw out the hypothetical trade scenario with the 100% guarentee that the team would win the Cup,. Would you accept it?
    MMMMMM NO! I As much as it’s about winning it, it’s more about what it takes to win it.
    That’s what makes it GLORIOUS! Does that make sense?

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – not to worry about this team…this is the first ranger team in my lifetime that i am real comfy with…..come april, i may be singing a different tune…but as we speak, nobody does it better….

  128. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Not sure what youre referring to ddebened, but it doesnt matter how you win the Stanley Cup, its about winning the Stanley Cup.

  129. Let’s see how much business Torts means when they run completely out of gas in the 1st or 2nd round of the Playoffs. No team can play all out checking and blocking shots almost every game. Injuries are starting to build up.

  130. loneranger- not sure exactly what you’re talkin’ about but I think Cally and MDZ would be playing if it were playoffs. Just my opinion.

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