Rangers-Hurricanes in review


Without arguably their two most valuable players and leaders, the Rangers just chug along. Then they have to come from behind, have guys benched and banged up during the game. Doesn’t matter. No problem.


1) Martin Biron needed a good game, and let’s be honest, the Rangers needed him to be good in this game. He made big saves. Yes he did. Including the two before the gigantic Artem Anisimov goal.

2) Anisimov was good most of the game, really he was. But he still tries to force those “wish” passes instead of shooting the puck sometimes. That’s why he’s got only 12 goals playing on the No. 1 line with two great passers. I mean, did you see the rocket he launched for the goal? Geez, kid, shoot it.

3) Obviously, Brad Richards-Carl Hagelin missed Callahan. But Ruslan Fedotenko looked awful there early on. Then considering that line was bad, the fourth line was the two giants, and Dubinsky was being doghoused off the third line, I kind of figured the first line might have to win this game.

4) And seconds after I though that — and just after Anisimov turned down a chance to shoot to try to thread a pass to Marian Gaborik — they made that great length-of-the-ice play to tie the game. Yes, it started with two good stops by Biron, but also two plays by Stepan, one behind the net, one at center ice, to spring Gaborik and Anisimov.

5) Then they did it again. Gaborik now with 30. Wonder if he will get to 40 this year.

6) The Gaborik goal came with a big assist from Stu Bickel, who had to play the whole game this time with Michael Del Zotto knocked out of the game. Man, this team is really big. Bigger than it’s been in a long time, and maybe the biggest team in the NHL, even when John Scott doesn’t play. And I’m not sure how much Scott’s going to be able to play, barring injuries, because of how he skates, because of how unfamiliar he is with the system, and because there are so few practice days left.

7) Brandon Dubinsky. Penalties don’t get much dumber than that. And the coach sure got his point across, even when he could have used Dubinsky on the PK late in the game

8) How about when the figure skater Skinner cheap-shotted  Marc Staal? The Rangers get away with about five or six extra punches by Mike Rupp and Bickel, and no penalties.

9) OK, it’s one thing for Sam to tell us how great the Knicks are, and how great Boomer and Cockroach are. But when he starts selling Fran Healy as great … well, that might be too much of a stretch there, Sam (I kid, I kid).

10) That first period was about as boring as it gets. Tell y ou this, the officials aren’t calling the pansification penalties as much anymore, but they’re also letting legit holds, hooks, slashes and, especially, holding-the-stick, go. One time, it like Hagelin was trying to pull a sword from a stone with a loose puck right in front.

11) How about that 2-on-1 Boyle to Prust? Looked a little like Stepan and Gaborik. Boyle+Prust=Two-headed Monster.

12) Right back at it tonight in Tampa.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Prust.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Marian Gaborik.
Doodie Machetto’s Three Rangers Stars:

1) Derek Stepan.
2) Brian Boyle.
3) Ryan McDonagh.

AP Photos, above.

(To repeat, if you’d like to pick the Three Rangers Stars for one of the remaining 20 games, email me at rcarpini@lohud.com. We still have some openings.)

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  1. 2nd! Nice win!

    totally agree about AA. He is big, he can skate and if he would use his offensive skills, he could score 25-30 goals a year.

    Worried about the injury bug hitting. Any world on Del Zotto?

  2. The silver lining behind the MDZ injury is that Staal will finally be forced to log some serious minutes, and he needs that because it should get him going come time for playoffs. It’s possible MDZ isn’t even out that long considering we don’t know how serious it is.

  3. I fear Dubinsky has reached the point of no return. I dont know what could happen for him internally or externally to become the player he needs to be RIGHT NOW as we start wrapping up the regular season and gearing for the run.

    Just when you think Callahan sitting one or two out might be the opportunity for Dubi to step up…he ends up playing 5 mins.

    Guy is supposed to be a KEY in this movement.

  4. I missed the game last night, been under the weather, but I DVR’d it. I just read that Del Zotto got knocked out of the game. What happen?
    Callahan on crutches can’t be a good sign. That’s why I hate all the shot blocking they do with their bodies instead of their sticks. Looking at the Kovalchuk replay, there wasn’t much Callahan could do there anyway with Kovalchuk’s crazy hard wrist shot.
    I guess this is as good a time as any to ask. Whose are the top 3 guys on their depth chart if they sustain anymore injuries? (praying they don’t)
    I know EC and Wolski weren’t playing, but they were good depth to have. So who do they turn to, Zuccarello and Newbury first, then Deveau, etc? I can’t imagine Scott being in the lineup much, but I know nothing about him, except he’s 6’8 270.

  5. Good morning all! I hate being up at this hour!

    Love that photo of Boyle riding the pony. So what was the point of Scott then if he’s just going to sit on the roll, er, roster, and not play??

    Injuries in March make me very thirsty……

  6. Was hoping Prusts line would get a goal, they work there assens off.

    Thought AA had his best game in a long time, even with the spinorama.

    Scott Johnson didn’t look too bad, definitely not a liability..IMO

  7. Hopefully, last night was rock bottom and Dubinsky finally starts to get it going.

    Flu tearing up the Lightning now, don’t need them breathing on us tonight.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Artie can skate

    Artie has great hands

    Artie is 6’4″

    Artie has no jam or grit to his game.

    Once he learns how to win 1on1 battles in the O-zone he will net 30 getting some ‘dirty’ goals along with the pretty ones.

  9. Carp, any idea how the coaching staff handles Dubi’s crime of the century after the game is over?

  10. Staal has a way to go before he gets his skating legs back, and that seems to affect his game significantly. I thought McDonagh was the best defensman on the ice by a long shot. To me, Girardi seemed to have a rare off game last night. Dubinsky needs some attention from the coaches to get him back on the rails. This team could could go deep into the playoffs if they stay healthy…

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    88 points, beginning of March? 2009-2010 they finished with 87 and almost made it, if it wasn’t for that infamous shootout debacle…2010-2011 they finished with 93 and almost didn’t make if not for Drury’s goal against the Devils (;-), and Tampa’s decision to play their hearts out for former coach. I’d say they are OK this year.

    Biron’s saves notwithstanding, I thought the game was a snoozer until they let the goal against and decided to wake up. I feel that they developed a little arrogance ( in a good way ) of being a much better team than most and have the ability to shift into next gear, if need to. Should help them in the playoffs, they know now they belong.

    Carolina has been playing much better as of late, mostly due to resurgence of Eric Staal. He is a monster. But I felt that McD essentially rendered him mostly a non-factor last night with his play, while Girardi had a tough game. This kid, if he shows more offensive abilities, will be right on top of the league in a couple of years. Not sure it’s worth spending around $7M on Suter this summer, especially if MDZ keeps progressing. I, too, thought McD deserves a star last night.

  12. I agree with Carp on AA. I believe that Torts has to define his role as a shooter more for him. AA still thinks like a playmaking center. They need to say, “You are the left wing on the 1st line. Let that puck rip!!” I tell this to my son all of the time. Just last week I told him that nobody can score rebound goals if he doesn’t shoot. This team can score a ton more goals if they put pucks on net and jam the rebounds. Instead, they spend so much time trying to pick corners and miss the net quite a bit.

  13. I hope they are just being extra careful with Callahan. And they should. But crutches and plastic boot mean that they want to see if the swelling and pain go down. If it takes longer than a few days, he’ll go for MRI. Negative X-ray doesn’t mean there is no fracture. Either way, he’s got enough time to heal before the PO. Don’t expect him to play this weekend.

  14. Carp: Love the nickname you have for that Carton nob. I’m in Southern Ontario so I can’t watch MSG TV, save for the games on the center ice package, but the commercials alone on the Ranger broadcasts featuring that guy make me wanna puke.

    He comes across as a loudmouth punk who knows way less about sports than he should (given his job) and got to where he is because of nepotism.

  15. Artie-Partie has been SO much better over the last, say, 3 weeksish. Maybe the last 9 games or so. Much stronger on the puck and much more willing to beat a defender in the Gaborik style of tossing the puck ahead and using speed and muscle to get through. That show was incredibly beautiful. It’s really great to see him maturing. Now we understand why every other GM in the league likes him.

    Brian Boyle = Dime-a-dozen

  16. Morning all,

    Two things that stood out to me in last night’s match:

    1- Once again, the grunts could be counted on to perform when needed most. Boyle was the best player on the ice last night. He really skated with authority and asserted himself in all three zones.
    Brandon Prust gets the game winner. You’ll be hearing from both of these players in the play-ons.

    2-The swift retaliation against Jeff Skinner last night by Rupp and Bickel – for that cheap shot on
    Marc Staal. The Rangers will not be intimidated and will not let anyone – regardless of their size – take liberties with one of their teammates. This is the type of intangible that never shows up on the scoresheet. But its exactly what makes this team so Byfuglien tough to play against.

  17. That holding the stick penalty that Hagelin drew but was never called was egregious. His last goal was the little guy getting great positioning in front of the net and banging one home. That was remarkable given his size. I like that he was trying to do it again last night.

  18. Do we think Dubi got the message? What was he thinking? I expect all to be forgiven and this might be the wake up call he needs. That was the longest stint in le chateau bow wow I can remember. Torts is like Tom Coughlin. Discipline discipline. Great coach imho.

  19. authorben: You’re second point is bang-on.

    You know what is totally cool? Unlike nob teams like the Devils, Flyers, Bruins and Penguins, the Rangers rarely, if ever, initiate that sort of crap, but like you say man oh man, do they respond when it’s done to them.

    Such discipline. Such commitment.

    Kudos the coach for preaching it and enforcing it (don’t think for a single second his mates don’t recognize the punishment handed down to Dubinsky last night) and the player for embracing it.

    So refreshingly wonderful to see (and a significant part of their current success, IMO).

  20. Manny you are funny. Trying to draw some neagtives into the discussion. Love it.

    Team continues to grind it out like Torts said in the post-game chat.

    They just have to keep focused….and to be honest, give these guys like Cally a little time to heal. If we can keep winning while Cally rests his shot blocking body parts, Hank takes a breather, etc. it will do us good in April and beyond.

    We have 20 guys contributing every night. Just a good thing. Even the 4th line is playing strong physically, getting some shots, giving guys a rest. Everyone helps. I credit Torts for this, btw.

    LGR. Stay strong tonight…keep it going.

  21. I just really miss the people that referred to Boyle as dime-a-dozen. I can’t even remember who it was at this point. I think Prust was also dime-a-dozen and Fedotenko was even worse than that. Torts was a bum. Where are you now “firetorts’ and co.? We are left with Pimp’s mild detractions in iambic-pentameter.

  22. DFTT, folks…

    Carolina, until last night, had one regulation loss since January.

  23. Carp – do you know if this team has a “song” that they play in the locker room a lot? I think we need to have something to listen to.

  24. Since no one else is here – I will suggest that the team make “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, their song. They should sing it to Torts after every win.

  25. Sioux-per-man on

    My 3 Stars:

    It’s a real toss up what pair on the ice was better last night Prust & Boyle killing on those penalties, and getting a game winning goal, Gaborik & Step creating the first two goals.
    Gotta give it up for Pruster when he gets a goal, they should have gave him the Broadway for the game winning goal.
    McMonster was everywhere last night. Great game blocking shots, and grinding out there top line. He really has become our #1 on D.

    Dubi needs to pull his head out of his arse. If he doesn’t play smarter then that last night a college kid is going to take his place before the end of the year.

    Marty had some really good saves last night. He almost had the barn door closed on that first goal, just couldn’t get it closed fast enough.

    I thought Mitchel and Bickel really took advantage of the extra minutes last night. Both were solid in their own end, and played really smart hockey last night with no mistakes. I can see both players being a part of the core for a long time.

    Scott will get his 5 minutes on the ice and 15 minutes of school on the bench. He didn’t get alot of time, but with Carolina being on of the cleanest teams in the NHL why would he have to. Looks like the guy for the job, and at 54-0 he should fit right in with Pruster and Rupp.

  26. stranger nation on

    A critical question as we pass the quarter pole is the effect of playing Torts style hockey over the first 60 games can be extended through the finish line and into the POs.

    Dave Maloney noted Cally’s injury was the first missed game *this season* by a Top 6 forward unless you count Dubi’s brain farts a medical issue.

    Like most teams, an injury by a Top 6 forward or Top 4 Dman is damaging any time of the season, but with this team starved for O and already weakened on back line (Sauer) can we let the ‘best’ goalie in the league stop some shots and not block them with our instep.

    Special shout out to Bickel for an assist last night – he is ready to go on one of his patented tears for point scoring. Kid does not mind ripping it at the net.

  27. Awesome game last night.

    Agree that Scott is not a liability. He seems very mobile for a guy his size. I’m really glad we got him. His presence should be most felt in the games against NJ, Philly & Boston. You can tell how nobody even wants a piece of this guy.

    He’s a UFA at the end of the year so sign him to a 3 year extension.

  28. Sioux, glad you mentioned Mitchell. Double shifted and was still flying. His confidence (and the coach’s confidence in him) really showed. That’s a great game by the kid that doesn’t show up in the stats.

  29. Mitchell rules. I know some people liked to claim he should be demoted to the AHL in favor of Fashion Forward (Sean Avery) but I think this kid is a solid player. A future Fedotenko.

  30. Hopefully last night represents Dubi bottoming out. He is not going to put have a good season number-wise so it is important he builds on the benching and start elevating his play as we head to the playoffs. I would like to see Torts pull Dubi aside and tell him that last night is over and for him to start playing like he should.

  31. I think it’s hilarious that the call for “throwing the stick into the corner” was called roughing and not interference. I know it doesn’t matter but it’s funny that a penalty was called for roughing a stick.

    And following: I have never in my life seen anyone get called for picking up a stick for a teammate or throwing an opponent’s stick away yet the Rangers have accomplished the feat twice in two games. Kudos boys.

  32. MickeyM (in stealth mode) on

    Dubi just needs to nuke this season and start over. I’ve stood up for him all season, but last night was the dumbest thing he’s ever done.

  33. It should’ve been unsportsmanlike conduct. It also is a penalty. You can’t have guys throwing sticks around like a javelin.

    Also, Mitchell is a beast. He does all the little things right and the coach rightfully gives him credit for that.

    Props to Scott for coming in and just trying to play simple and fit in. Torts was working with him on where to be and how to play the system and I thought considering he barely had any time to work with the team, he did well. Doesn’t mean he should play much, but he’s not that big of a liability (despite the fact he’s slow, he has some hockey IQ) so when we throw him in there to handle the Flyers/Devils/Goon teams, he can handle his business.

  34. Also, I don’t really care if Dubi contributes offensive anymore this season as long as he starts doing the little things right. If he’s physical, holds the puck in the corner, and blocks shots (all of things he’s been doing, not too consistently though), then I’m absolutely fine with his contribution for the rest of the year.

  35. >>…and Tampa’s decision to play their hearts out for former coach.

    In light of that huge favour last season, I’m wondering how hard will the Rangers play tonight to deny Tampa two valuable points that could help their playoff chances. Hmm!

  36. Somebody needs to tell Dubi that if he wants to stay out of trade rumors, he needs to play in a way where they don’t want to lose him.

  37. WEll they say you learn something new every day. I never knew ( after watching Rangers etc since that late 40’s) that teams had SONGS.

    I recall the old Whalers had brass Bonanza, but that was more a call to arms than a song. But songs….I dunno. How does one judge which s o n g is appropriate for the team.. For instance is Montreal’s song, :La Marseillaise?( No that would be too French…might disturb a few Limeys who would prefer Hail Brittania)

    But how would they assign one to Rangers, William Tell Overture ?( Lone Ranger son? agh, too predictable)

    But if they keep repackaging the team with monster warriors rather than scoring specialists, you might wind up with Battle Hymn of the Republic……but…..
    Florida,Tampa, Tennessee, North Carolina, etc, might prefer “Dixie)………… ahhhhh………. Richard Wagner…the overture to the Flying Dutchman……
    a theme that prefaced every Pirate ship appearance in every movie………………..or even Richard Strauss
    and his overture featuring the pounding of kettle drums
    from ” A Space Odyssey” it’s limitless.

  38. stranger nation on

    Dubi as a grinding checker the rest of the season and POs…hmmm…I thought the grinders score the goals in the POs. As stated earlier, the best deadline deal would be *this years Dubi* in exchange for *last year’s Dubi*, ENGs, knee-hockey and all.

  39. I knew this team was for real when I was watching them last year. They really are greater than the sum of their parts…

    Dubi has reached the point of no return….is this the guy we really want getting big minutes in the playoffs? He’s been weak on the puck for over a year now and is not very bright….as shown again last night…

    I think the team has shown the can win big games without him being a factor…I don’t want to hear how great he is defensively or how great he is on the PK…Blair Betts was better at that stuff….

    This team may not be fancy or flashy but they are for real…watch out NHL…

  40. Last night I realized that the 2010-11 Rangers are the New Jersey Devils of the late 90’s/early 2000s: a team of interchangeable parts. It doesn’t make for the most exciting hockey but at least you know their system will win them games. And that interchangeable part make-up got the Devils three cups in seven years.

  41. Dubinsky doesn’t even have the opportunity to get an ENG because Torts doesn’t trust him to be out there in those situations anymore. He rides the pine.

  42. Was pretty surprised Dubinsky never saw the ice after that asinine penalty but only because Tortorella would have let him off the hook in the past (even if he only benched him for part of a period). I think Dubinsky’s whole frustration act has gotten really old, particularly because he’s really not that great of a player to begin with. Dude just needs to accept that he’s a third-line forward and get on with his life.

  43. I do not see Mitchell is a beast thing.

    Dubi needs to play better and smarter.

    rangers st a whole still look to pass more then they should, with any traffic in front of the net shoot the puck……

  44. Heave, after that dog-housing, I don’t imagine anything further needed to be said. Some dumb, undisciplined penalties have been creeping in lately (Islanders game), and a statement needed to be made. Dubinsky was the example. I think that’s the end of it.

    No idea if there’s a song. Didn’t hear one on 24/7. When reporters are allowed in the room, the music gets turned off or down so we can do our jobs.

    Good morning, Sally!

  45. yeah, I mean Mitchell to me is just another example of the NJ Devil thing. He’s not really going to wow anybody individually, but fit into this system, he’s successful.

  46. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a dozen on

    Nice mood here between two victories. The only very funny thing is, how heralded was “Skinner after Staal” incident, by some of our boneheads. Everything was done right of course in terms of quick lesson. But to praise so admirably our biggest 3 guys with total weight about a ton, punching lightweight figure skater kid, is absolutely laughable. C’mon, guys, you have to have a sense of reason, if not a sense of humor.

  47. hope the injuries to Cally and Del Zotto are not a sign of things to come…there was a scare with Girardi too…the biggest enemy down the stretch are injuries. guess there eventually could be hefty price to the Rangers’ style of play.

  48. Lloyd – the Devils were much better offensively than this team though. I know people think the Devils trap was completely boring, but they led the league in scoring or were top 5 in a bunch of those years. The 99-00 season they were 2nd behind Detroit and in the 00-01 year they were tops in the league with almost 300 goals.

  49. Dubi had a huge year in a contract year, got paid and is not performing offensively. It’s really not a surprise.

    To be fair to him though, he’s playing with Prust and Boyle, two other guys who aren’t doing much offensively (Boyle had 20 goals last season). Their job though is to shut down the opposing teams best line, and they’ve been doing it pretty successfully. That’s the one thing I love about Torts is that he isn’t playing guys in spots because of their contract, just where they fit. He did it with Drury when he made him the 3rd/4th line center, and now he’s doing it with Dubi.

  50. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I thought the team played another “playoff style” game.

    The best parts about the skinner incident were when rupp starts giving him the business bickel get ahold of him and kind of pulls him away like it’s my turn. The other thing was scott during that scrum was holding 2 canes players!!

    speaking of scott, not that he would be confused with hags or anything, but he was a bit better of a skater than I thought he would be. He did ok.

    I don’t think it is coincidence that bickel is paired with staal nor do I think it is coincidence that you see bickel on the ice with the gabby line quite a bit.

    How about the cheapie that white from mtl threw while another mtl player was holding the guy from minny…bad, very bad!

  51. I too have been a Dubi supporter (hence the name). Carp is probably right that the message was given with clarity. I expect him to be in the lineup and play better. The moronic play last not, even I could not excuse. If we are to win a cup, Dubi has to play the strong Dubi game. I expect him to rebound. I wonder if he addressed the team with an Animisov style apology. I sorry. I no mean to hurt team. I sorry.

  52. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Last night’s win was one of those that shows you the difference between this year’s (special) team and those of other years. They had every reason to lose, falling behind relatively early, Captain out, injuries mounting, etc.; but they battled back and didn’t back down to some of the nastiness. And Biron played solidly– haven’t felt that in most of his starts.

    With Cally out, I want to see Mitchell on the line with Richards and Hagelin. He and Hagelin have some chemistry and Mitchell’s got some skills. I don’t really want to see Newbury up again– maybe its Zuccarrello time?

  53. am I the only one who thought Biron was bad last night? Yea he made some “big” saves but he was fighting them off and giving up big rebounds. The guy just didn’t look right all game.

    He literally made one save while tripping over himself…

  54. and they have to keep Fedotenko with Prust and Boyle. Maybe its a complete coincidence but every time he is paired with them, they all of a sudden can put the puck in the net…

    Keep that line together please…

  55. 4generations 4 cups on

    Does anybody else (spare the nay-sayers, and the doomsdayers) feel like these past 6 months have been a complete hallucination that is just seriously hard to get a grip of?

    I’m just completely out my element here. We’re at the top of the east standings? We’re formidable? People see Rangers Blue and say “Damn, we’re gonna have a tough night.” That’s really just the best thing ever.

    I never thought that this coaching change would really start to run heavily though a former “buy-your-wins” organization. Many Ranger haters would say we bought our last cup, (Sir Captain, Anderson, Matteu, Larmer, Beuke, etc.) I just would really like to not PREDICT a cup but even if we win the East, it’ll be amazing to have it done with OUR players.

    Boyle, Prust, Callahan, Hagelin, Mitchell, Bickel, Stralman, all of these guys were mercenaries at best (save Callahan and Hagelin) before the Rangers system made its way into their bloodstream. I love the team, and Rick Nash would have added a piece, but at the cost of our beloved boys? No way.

    LOVE them Rangers! 88 POINTS with 20 GAMES LEFT!?!? OH YEEAAA

  56. Dubinsky has been one of the most frustrating people to watch all year. I really was behind him most of the year. The first part of the season, I didn’t care that he wasn’t scoring, he was grinding it out in the corners, piling up assists and hits. Then the middle part hit, he went up and down, a couple of decent games, a couple of crappy efforts, etc. And now lately it seems he can’t even stay onside and is doing some dumb things.

    I honestly don’t think he’s mentally tough enough for a grinding NHL season to truly give his best effort for an 82 game season. And I think Renney knew it his rookie year, and I think Tortorella knew it too. There are flashes of brilliance, the kid’s a great skater, has a good shot, is great along the boards, but all when he wants to have them. Most times he’s going through the motions. Tortorella, after he was brought back, really wanted a full training camp to “sink his teeth” into Dubie, and make him into that Vinny Lecavalier. Clearly he held out and Tortorella never was able to do that with him.

    He has the talent to be a very good hockey player. But if you look at the best players, none of them go through a season like this. Yeah they have off games, even weeks, but they get through it. Some could look at Dubinsky’s skill set, see his speed, see his defense, see his shot, see his vision, his hands, his strength, his board work, and see this kid should be a top 6 forward on almost any team. You could even say he has more skill than Ryan Callahan. But he’s just not mentally tough enough to bring that night after night, practice after practice, for a full 6-8 month season. If Dubinsky wants to live up to that contract, and not be traded, he needs to get it through his head that hockey is a long season, and he has to be able to bring it night after night and realize you get 3-4 months off to rest, but you can’t have dog efforts in this seaon. Especially not on a team that is built on defense, and a relentless effort.

    Am I crazy? I might be, but I expected a lot more of Dubinsky from the time I first saw him play up here. Especially when he worked his ass off to be the Center for Jagr that both Chris Drury and Scott (Thank god we got McDonaugh for you) Gomez couldn’t be in his rookie year.

  57. I didn’t think Biron was bad last night, but I didn’t think he was particularly good either. The team was really good in front of him and they basically never left him exposed. He played an adequate game for a backup goalie.

  58. 4gens, I don’t buy the bought-championship thing. Yes, the Rangers took some high-salaried players off other teams’ hands. But they also gave up a lot to get most of those players in trades. They even felt they were giving up a lot for Graves, Messier, Beukeboom (Mallette, Nichols, DeBrusk, Rice, Shaw) though it didn’t turn out that way. They sacrificed Amonte, Weight, Turcotte, Patrick, Marchant, Gartner to get the other pieces.

  59. as for Dubinsky “piling up assists” in the early part of the season, he was averaging 5 assists per month. that’s not particularly good.

    the biggest problem with Brandon Dubinsky is that he’s being judged as if he’s on the same level as Callahan. he’s not. if you assess Dubinsky as if he were Brandon Prust, a mediocre talent, than Dubinsky is having a decent season.

  60. Only one championship has ever been “bought” : The 1997 Florida Marlins. That was a team of stars that were all on their way out and all signed 1-year contracts to make it happen.

  61. Lloyd: I think people are assessing Dubinsky based on his salary and what other players around that mark produce.

  62. Sioux-per-man on

    Dubi needs to start playing like Cally. Once upon a time they were the same type of player, now Dubi isn’t even close to Cally’s shadow.

    Get into the Game!!!

    Play Smart, Play Hard, Hit someone, and score a goal……….. or go somewhere else!

  63. If you could buy a championship then the Miami Heat would have a few rings in the last few years. They don’t.

  64. Ok, I get your point Lloyd, It seemed like he had decent amounts of assists early in the year, b/c he was on that line with Cally who was burying them. And yeah, for a 3rd line, role playing guy, he’s having a decent year.

    My only problem is that why shouldn’t we judge him on the same level as Callahan, we picked Dubie in the 2nd round, and he was brought in relatively young and had some good success and like i said worked his way from the 4th line to playing with Jaromir Jagr. He has it in him. We’ve all seen it. I just don’t think he’s tough enough so that we can see that same player night after night for a whole season+playoffs.

  65. Look, he got the money he got because he had the best year of his career. In my opinion, he overachieved to absurd level. I’ve never seen 50-point potential in him. 40? sure. The skillset simply isn’t there. Sure, he’ll have a nice shift here or there, but you could point to just about any player in the NHL and find some excellent shift he’s played once in a while.

    So he had a big season and cashed in. This season, however, he’s going to be lucky to finish with 40 points. In case people haven’t noticed, the guy has 7 points (2 goals, 5 assists) this calendar year and he’s down to a pace of 1 goal per month. There are plenty of guys on this team who can do exactly that and cost far less money in the process.

  66. Carp, I would have guessed that nothing was said to Dubi but the ‘punishment’ seemed to be a little over the top. IMHO, I believe that sitting out the remainder of the first period and the entire second would have been plenty to deliver the message and humble him enough to get a great effort out of him in the third. But what do I know since EVERY player interview shows the player’s lips moving but Tort’s words coming out. Dubi’s effort tonight should be worthy of a certain hat by game’s end.

  67. Lloyd Braun

    Dubinsky is being judged based on his past two seasons where averaged 22 goals and 27 assists and given his age he was expected to improve. His offensive game has regressed significantly to the point where he is on the same level as Brandon Prust.

    It has nothing to do with Callahan, it has all to do with the expectations we had for him based on his play the last two seasons and his contract. If the Rangers need cap room down the road (we should be good for next season) he will be the first to go (should he not have a big turn around) and rightly so…

  68. Totally purchased. I’m a lifelong Yankee fan, but it’s getting progressively more difficult to root for the team.

  69. Carp,

    If that’s the case, then it’s attributable to an issue with the coach, sort of like what went on last year between Gaborik and Tortorella. The problem is that Dubinsky isn’t even in the same universe as Gaborik, so assuming he manages to get more or less on the same page as Tortorella, could he score 20 next year? Sure. I just don’t see consistent 20-25 goals in him and certainly not the level of scoring to justify $4 million+

  70. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – with his contract he should have a 30-30 year and crack 60. With 54 last year, where did he go this year?

  71. Dubinsky has way more talent than having a good shift here and there though. I’d be on Carp’s side for that bet, because he clearly has the talent to put 50 points at the very least on the board. Which is why it’s frustrating to watch him this season.

  72. i don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t eat sugar. I do swear — my only remaining vice, sadly.

    how about a hot dog?

  73. Carp – come on, they didn’t build that team from scratch. Yes they gave up young assets, but they paid for other players. The only guys who were Rangers’ prospects were Leetch, Richter, Karpovtsev, Kovalev, Nemchinov, Joby Messier (who barely played), and Nordstrom (also barely played).

    Everyone else was brought in from another team and for the most part, had success. They mortgaged their future for a cup in 94. We saw that after 97 when they sucked for 7 years.

  74. Just don’t know where you guys are seeing the evidence of this talent. It’s sort of like the people who think Staal is an offensive force. I hear a lot of talk about it, but I never see the proof.

  75. One thing about Dubi, the years he put up a ton of points, he was playing with Jagr, Zherdev, or Anisimov (and Cally too). He also had success with Avery to a certain extent.

    This year he’s playing mostly with Boyle and Prust lately. I wouldn’t expect him to add numbers. I think he’s a 40 point guy, that’s all he’ll ever be and all I ever thought he was, even though Fischler said he’d be the next Lecavalier haha. He’s better than what he’s shown, but he’s not that much better.

  76. oh, and I’m going to say that I think Sean Avery is every bit the offensive player Brandon Dubinsky is.

    go ahead and flame away

    sorry, I just had to go there.

  77. I get the impression that Torts really likes Dubi. I think Torts is just being Torts. Just last week Torts was saying that Dubi is doing the little stuff, and that his game would come around. Dubi was dopey last night. Torts set him straight. He will be back at it tonight.

  78. Graves9, you are spot on with everything. This is more than a bad season for this type of player. He has not “bounced back” at all from his bad nights this season, I don’t anticipate good things to come from him down the stretch or the near future.

    One of the daggers of the Nash trade falling through is that it would have been an understandable/clean break from Dubinsky and his contract.

    Might be a matter of time before Tort’s starts to really have a problem with the kid, I wouldn’t put that beyond the realm of possibility.

    Is Dubi too arrogant to let Brad Richard’s give him a brush up lesson on being a pro like he did with Del Zoster?

  79. cw:

    there’s no doubt Tortorella loves him. if he didn’t there’s no way he’d still be playing. when a guy makes $4 million+, makes countless bonehead plays and has 2 goals in a calendar year, he’d normally find himself watching the games from the press box.

  80. Paul in sunrise on

    That picture of Bickel not exactly what he had in mind if upon being told he would be riding a figure skater.

    Great win. Gabby has been great all year. Small lull in productivity but now a point per game player the last quarter. Feds Boyle and prust looked good when reunited.

  81. Sabathia and Burnett were two of the primary reasons the Yankees won the 2009 World Series. How many times did they fail with the Yankees before or after?

  82. Sioux-per-man on

    Torts will get the best out of Dubi. No doubt about it. Last night was a shot fired over every player. Play smart and don’t take dumb penalties that cost this team a goal against. He even sat Gaborik earlier in the year.

    Now with Cally and DZ out tonight. Richards and Dubi need to step up and make a difference. I wouldn’t mind Dubi getting a few shifts with Richards and Hags. He needs to play hard and with an edge, just don’t go over it like last night. Mitchell has enough talent to stick there if need be.

    9pt lead in the East. Crazy.

    Carp – We need 11 more game to tie the all time best record correct?

  83. I noticed in the NHL.com writeup of tonights game with the Bolts that Dubi has a sore shoulder and may not play…first I have heard of this.

  84. Seems like some folks who thought Dubi, a couple of prospects and a pick for Nash was a fair deal for Columbus are now saying this yr’s Dubi is about what you can expect, give or take. If so, then how was that deal fair?

    No doubt he’s not earning his contract this year but I for one still think he’s an important piece of this team (and part of its future).

    Will be interesting to see how he responds tonight and, more importantly on Sunday against the B’s.

  85. Burnett sucks. He is no reason for anything occurring that is positive. Ever. Sabathia had been beaten by the Yankees in the playoffs and he had lost with the Brewers.

    Burnett is an absolute failure and a money pit and the Yankees were ridiculously stupid for signing him. The guy is a clown, joke, other Pimp sayings, etc…

  86. Even though all your points are valid against Dubinsky ( both ways ), there is no reason to give up on 25 yr old player with his potentials and physical attributes. This year may as well be an aberration as much as people think last year was. We have a luxury of having the coach who knows how to get the best out of players. Tough love? Deservedly. Tortorella used two sentences to describe it:”It was a stupid play. Dumb.” His maturity level is nowhere near Callahan’s yet. I expect him to improve.

  87. Any of you dirtbags want to sell me first round playoff tickets ?
    All I need is 2 or 3 or 4 tickets to one home game between April 9-April 14

  88. Dubinsky has the 2012-13 season (or at least up until the deadline) to prove he is a top 6 player on this team. If not, his cap hit is too high and will need to be traded to fit in the RFAs with expiring contracts and bring in anyone else we might want…

  89. i havE FOUR concerns heading into playoffs.

    1. can we get a timely goal on the pp

    2. will we generate enough offense especially in games that are long. what i mean is can the rangers find a way to get a goal lets say in ot or double ot against teams that have pure snipers. malkin ovechkin giroux. perfect example look at last year double ot loss to caps in game 4. they could have played 4 ot that game the rangers werent scoring that night.

    3. win faceoffs in key spots. this is a major weakness and one that shouldnt be overlooked


  90. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I love you guys! Just wanted that out there in case some crazyassed tornado rips through town! the day is only half over and there have been two or three not too far from us,so its gonna be a long afternoon and evening. Right now its quiet, bit thats gonna change in about an hour or two

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!! Hank with the birthday win tonight!

  91. Manny, they had the best lineup in baseball, then went out and bought Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeira in an unprecedented spending spree.

  92. Are Cally and MDZ out tonight?

    What about Brandon Dubenchski? will he get off the pine? ;-)

  93. I don’t think the 1994 Rangers “bought” the cup. As Carp mentioned, we had to trade assets to get those players.

    However, I was sad to see Mike Gartner go in the trade that brought Glenn Anderson. Mike was a consistent 40+ goals a year guy, and I always felt that Anderson was over-hyped in his playoff run with the Rangers.

    Here’s a question: Do you think all of the deadline deals that were made in 94 were necessary? I often wonder if the team, as constructed and through their magnificent run through the regular season, would have been Cup champs without those trades.

  94. Hope it isn’t too bad, Linda. Stay in touch….Maybe it’s time to get out of there anyway? :-)

  95. Those guys are signed to long term deals that are fair market value. Mets made similar expensive moves. Those didn’t pan out. So did plenty of other teams.

  96. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    No arguing, but after the Red Sox missed the playoffs in 2006, they went on then unprecedented spending spree, committing over $200 million to Daisuke, JD Drew, and Lugo.

    And Manny, AJ Burnett helped us win the 2009 World Series, although the rest of his Yankees career was historically bad. The 2009 playoffs alone were worth $85 million, only $73 million of which we’ll have to pay.

  97. I still think Dubi has some warrior in him and that he will come around. I think he will be back to a 20-20 guy next year if he is still on the 3rd line. The line of Prust/Boyle/Dubi should be scoring more. Imagine if they get going again in time for the playoffs. Dubi should be helping to elevate the other two’s play. That is a dangerous third line on any team. Very good defense, toughness, and the ability to score some goals.

  98. Baseball needs a salary cap. It seems crazy to me that there isn’t a level playing field for all teams, and I’m a Yankees fan.

  99. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    There is a level playing field. With luxury tax and revenue sharing. The only purpose a salary cap serves is to eliminate the financial advantage that New York has. Imagine what the Rangers could do today with the way their current management operates and no salary cap.

  100. Matt L – I thought the Weight for Tikkanen trade was truly worth it. I wasn’t so sure about the Amonte trade (was just coming into his own and went on to have a great career right after he left) and the Gartner trade. At least with the Amonte trade, those players scored some big goals and played big roles (I still say Noonan scored the game 7 winner, and not Messier). I also think Gartner would have been more useful than Anderson.

  101. Tiki

    the question is would the Rangers have operated this way had there not been a salary cap? My guess is no and guys like Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin etc. would never have been in the system to begin with…

  102. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a-dozen on

    4everanger March 2nd, 2012 at 12:38 am
    As for Duby, I truly believe, that this season is lost for him, unfortunately. Psychologically at very least. He can’t assemble himself – and the harder he tries, the worse is outcome. Feel sorry for him, but he have to find the way back, I’m afraid thou, he is over “point of no return”, so, not in this season. Too bad, it would be a huge help for team run.

  103. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a-dozen on

    Sather is too busy, cutting paper for Parade in Canyon of Heroes.

  104. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Why wouldnt the Rangers have? The 2 are not mutually exclusive. You cant go out and buy every player, you still need a mix of youth, veteran leadership, stars, etc. The Yankees have signed numerous guys, but theyve also either developed or traded for multiple stars. Cano and Robertson, developed. Traded for Granderson, a reasonable contract, a bona fide star. Traded for Swisher, a reasonable contract, an average player. Still had Jeter, Mariano, Pettitte and Posada. Phil Hughes, developed, had an 18 win season, and stands to be in the rotation this year, alongside Ivan Nova, developed, and Pineda, a young stud with tremendous upside and under team control for another 3 or 4 years, traded for.

    Point is, even the eternally win now Yankees have perspective and have management, Cashman (whom I dont like personally, I think he’s a dirtbag), that operate smartly and with no salary cap.

  105. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a-dozen on

    please, don’t insult absolute garbige, it did you nothing wrong…

  106. Tiki,

    I disagree. I don’t think that the revenue sharing and luxury tax tell the full story as to what teams can spend on players, and thus it doesn’t level the playing field.

    Basically, teams that have owners with DEEP pockets can always outspend small market owner teams, because the additional overspend would have to be divided up amongst the other 29 or so teams.

    I understand why the PLAYERS wouldn’t want a salary cap, but I think it hurts the sport that the teams aren’t given the same financial limits to create a team.

  107. Dubinsky is the only asset this team has going into the playoffs. Dude is a warrior and…coiled like an angry snake…saving up his lethal injections of vulcanized venom for when the team finally really needs it.

  108. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a-dozen on

    No offence, but more than baseball, I hate only it’s any comparison to hockey, even businesswise.

  109. Tiki, it’s not a level playing field. Most teams pocket the revenue sharing so that they don’t lose money. The Pirates for example are already in the green before the season starts. There is no incentive to field competitive teams due to revenue sharing/luxury tax.

  110. Miami Pimp > Miami Salty on


    Good point. This team is absolute third-world sewage. Dubinski leads the stench.

  111. Orr

    that guy was with the Rangers for Traverse City last year (possibly year before as well)

  112. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Matt, if you look at a list of the richest owners in sports when George M Steinbrenner III was living, he wasnt even in the top 3 or top 5 of richest owners. Carl Pohlad, when he was living, was the richest owner by far. The owner of the Twins, he refused to spend money on the Twins. He treated the Twins like a business, while GMS III wanted to win, for himself, for his organization, and for the fans of New York, so he spent the money. Cant fault owners that are willing to spend money to win, but you can fault rich owners that refuse to put money into the team and pocket the revenue sharing money that they receive.

  113. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I will agree to disagree, but Im letting it go right here, because I have no desire to turn the blog into the Tiki show.

  114. 4everanger, dirtbag for dime-a-dozen on

    I hate you with a passion, you little dirtbag, you. However, we have to check, if you’re entitled for this title. lol.

  115. absolutely MLB needs a salary cap since the same teams win the championship each year!!!!Not.

    so the yanks can finance teams like kc, pittsburgh, and others. the greedy owners of those teams do not spend the money on the teams but deposit those checks in there accounts while they bilk the citizens of there areas of even more money. the great business owners in MLB that love the free market bs until they want to put in a salary cap to help them.

    for all the econ wiz’s out there salary cap is a predefined restriction on spending to try to make it so there is parity…. the salary cap bringing parity is BS. Look at all the major sports.. NFL,NHL, and NBA. How many teams are winning championships in the sport and having success? No more or less success in the salary cap leagues then in baseball. how are the browns doing, how about the jags, and I can go on forever, good management wins in all sports over time not money…. red sox had 2nd largest payroll by far last year, how did that work out. Philly 3rd highes payroll….yanks highest payroll.

    management wins over time not money….the small market steelers have more success then the bears almost every year, why? They draft better and have better coaching consistently.

  116. Baseball will NEVER ever get a salary cap. In fact, there is more of a chance of Avery coming up and playing top line minutes than Baseball getting a cap.

    Have you guys ever heard of the MLB Players Association?

  117. Also, terrific scouting costs a TON of money. It just isn’t reported. As does having an effective minor league system, international scouts and building a gigantic stadium.

  118. the MLB absolutely should have a salary cap although obviously it wont happen although they also need a minimum so the small market teams spend also.

  119. Can we start game already, please…Face off: country boy – Boyle against Chevalier de La Cavalier.

  120. Rangers play another team that doesn’t fight so no real need to play Scott. Would have liked to see Zuccarello for the one game but not really a big deal…

  121. scott has less skill then RUpp. He should play against the flyres and maybe bruins that is about it.

    wasted spot. torts is a great coach but when he decides something no convincing him otherwise.

    mza should get a game or 2 now, what is the big deal……..

  122. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Dubi’s only 25, a heart and soul Ranger player. Plays hard and give everything he has in the tank. He should be a 50 – 60 point guy as a 2nd line forward.

    His contract at 4M is tradable. It’s not to high, but high enough to trade to get a better return. I think he knows this, this is his year to win a Cup with the Rangers. Because it could be his last.

  123. No reason to bring MZA just to send him back down in a few games…if Cally’s out for an extended period, that’s another story…

    There’s needs to be real spot for the kid…

  124. stuart a

    not surprising really. Woywitka is a LD so it makes sense to have him paired with the RD Bickel…

  125. In regard to this current Ranger team and it’s interchangeable parts and single team concept, I have no concerns what type of ‘positive’ Dubi we are seeing this year (the checking Dubi as opposed to the offensive Dubi) as long as the ‘negative’ Dubi (the ‘dumb’ Dubi, which comes in many forms) is totally suppressed. There will be a place on this team as long as he minds his coach and he defeats his inner demons . . . at least i thought that until . . . . .
    Someone mention earlier in the post Dubi as a possible Prucha if management decided to inject Kreider into the lineup. The only names that were on that table in my mind were Feds, and, to a lesser degree, AA and Mitchell. But after last night you might want to add Dubi to the list.
    I think on a good club this could be healthy if players feel their playing time and spots are not secure. We might be seeing some internal competition whether it’s derived on a hunch or the real thing.

  126. actually i forgot they are still at 23 so calling anyone up isn’t possible atm…

  127. duck the bill on

    doodie, the duckbill really likes you as he does all the boneheads save for 1, but leaving Prust off is a great injustice to what was Prust’s best game of the season…guy was everywhere and seem to be skating faster than ever.

    the duckbill aka DBPLTYPUS

  128. Yes, how _would_ the current Rangers GM do with no salary cap restraints? Those of us under eight years old will simply never know the answer to that one.

  129. I would’ve liked to see Zuccarello up here as well, at least for a game or 2. Last year he did show a propensity to put the puck in the net.

    The only problem is that the team is on a road trip. So MZA would’ve had to travel with the team the whole time. So Scott would be going being that he made the trip. That’s why the guys always prucha’d, like EC, or WW always travelled with the team. It’ll be interesting to see what direction Torts would go with vs. Boston Sunday. If Cally can’t go (Which my friend is staying at the same hotel right now just talked to him and said he was out of a cast/boot and hanging at the pool with MDZ with just a bandage on, so it’s a possibility he can go), do you Dress Scott? Or bring up an MZA? A guy who’s had some success scoring goals at an NHL level? I think you bring in MZA because Torts seems to rather put the best players who fit his system out there, he doesn’t care what team’s playing, and it’s worked out (aka not countering Sestito with Avery). Plus we see what bringing in Sestito has done for the flyers against us this year has brought them.

    By the way, can we replace Piece of “Clarke” with Piece of “Sestito”? I think Sestito is the perfect mix between Sh*t and Carcillo, my 2 favorite nicknames for the S-Bomb.

  130. iDoodie machetto on

    Not a strong start to Dubinsky’s “22 game season.”

    I would have given Callahan the 4th star. The team is so much easier to defend when he isn’t in the game.

  131. iDoodie machetto on

    Oleo, there are no more roster limits. They can have as large of a team as they want.

  132. stuart – the NBA has had 10 different champions in the last 26 years I believe. That’s not that many.

    And why is everyone making a big deal about MZA? Look he’s a good player that is small and slow, but it’s not like he lit it up here last year outside of the shootout. He had 6 goals in 42 games. He was basically putting up Christensen numbers.

  133. has woywitka passed eminger on the dept chart. i still think eminger should be in over bickel.

  134. MZA is more of a playmaker than a goalscorer. He doesn’t have that great a shot, to be honest. But, he has some creativity, which could help, specifically on the PP.

    Not expecting much from him, but I’d take him over Scott in a game like this.

  135. Eminger took a few bad penalties before he was prucha’d…

    Ulfie- AA was that high on your list of potential prucha’s? He is tied for 3rd highest point getters in February….

  136. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Did not say “Current GM.” “Imagine what the Rangers could do today *with the way their current management operates and no salary cap*.”

    I dont quite get the love affair with MZA either. I like him, but he’s just a nice player.

  137. Orr – I’m not saying he’s not a good player, I think he is nice to have. I just don’t get why people think he’s going to come up here and start scoring goals like crazy when he never really proved that last year.

  138. A lot of people here all season were asking when MZA would get a chance since goal scoring was needed. It’s just like how people think Kreider is going to come here for the playoffs and lead the team in scoring.

  139. His best asset is his vision on the ice. His passing ability is what makes him a desirable player…he has a good shot but he doesn’t always look to shoot…as Orr said, he’s a playmaker…

    Dare I say, he is the Jeremy Lin of the CT Whale… LOL!

  140. Avery is definitely the Marbury. Erixon is the Novak.

    Would love to see him Discount Double Check if he scores a goal haha.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    >>>LGR – The Team of “Triumph of Will”!!!

    I don’t think we want to have that phrase connected with our beloved NYR team – it has bad historical connotations. :-(

  142. Go Blueshirts on

    Why do you keep talking about MZA? Torts said its tough fit him in, its tough to get him ice time.

  143. johnny d. lakers and celtics have almost half of all nba championships. 2 teams….

  144. if they’d been getting great reports from the staff in CT, Zuccarello might get a shot.

    Not sure if they’d have to make a roster transaction to clear a spot for him post-deadline. Anybody?

  145. fair point about Zuccarello

    so when, if ever, does Dubinsky get scratched for a game or two

  146. Miami was wrong with his rest-of-the-way prediction. He said they’d go 0-21. 20 games left, any suggestions, Miami? I say they go 0-18 and forfeit the last two….

  147. JimboWoodside on

    >>>i don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t eat sugar. I do swear—my only remaining vice, sadly.

    Saint Carp! I think this might be the first saint named Carp! ;-)

  148. The latest reports are the worst should be over in town where Linda lives…..Texted her, no answer. I don’t think the cellular service is working there. I’ll let you know if I hear from her.

  149. Linda txted back, they are fine for now. Still expecting more craziness between 7 and 10.

  150. better beans on

    Let’s see what the leaky brain can hold:

    Carp: 50 points for Dubi – that would be on his driver’s license?
    Graves9: excellent post on Dubenchski! (way to go, Yev!)
    I’m just havin’ trouble with this concept: Dubi – no visible
    enduring positive effects from previous 171 “wake-up calls”
    (sorta like Torts and staff with “our-play” ). What is so special,
    so promising, about 172?
    Eric: 1)worry since September and before; 2)yes – 5-star take!
    3)worry since December – esp. Derek S 4)no hope:-)
    LW: the Return of Mad Glen!
    Sorry, I forgot who said “Torts will get the best from Dubi.”
    Didja mean to say the “best of?” To borrow from my backpack
    of fav questions (Hillel, I think, for this one, part 2) “If not
    Dubi, who? If not now, when? 2017? 2018? He can’t even
    stay on sides these days….
    And so to ILB, with whom I mostly agree, but don’t at all
    on Yev’s Dubenchski: I don’t agree he’s “only” 25. Been around
    long enough to have forfeited his apprentice status.
    And as for insufficient reason to trade him – how ’bout 4 million
    of them – assuming anyone, watching this season/last month,
    would be interested.
    Excellent point, Rick C., about the fair value Rangers gave up
    in ’94. But that doesn’t change the Hessiantigers’ stripes.
    And reinforces those of us who wonder what just a wee bit more
    patience mighta meant to long-term organ-eye-zational success.
    So, this lifetime liker of the Rangers, son of a lifetime liker
    (very nice post, 4cups, except for the “hater” stuff), has these
    teams as favs;
    Herb Brooks’ Smurfs – who defeated the Philly Bottom-of-Rocks
    in two consecutive years, when CW said they had no chance.
    No, sorry. Not defeated. Dominated. Embarrassed. Ran rings
    around, full of joyful laughter. Like Snow White’s Gang. Showed them
    the error of their pathetic, struggling-thuggling ways.
    Next would be the Donnie Maloney side that got past the Isles and
    beat the stuffing outta the Habs in the Cup round – first game:-).
    The GAG line teams. (Dammit, Emile, get a strong-willed coach – there
    will be enough credit to go around!!!)
    The Islanders of Clark Gillies:-). A New York champ for the ages.

    Notice, no mention of the Hessiantigers. Though I enjoyed the hell
    out of them at the time.
    I will pay dues in the Mitchell Fan Club.

    Ulfie: yup.
    NYRanger Fan: I like it (on Lin). Wild hyperbole, but I like it!

  151. Better Beans- that gave me a migraine……:-). Need a drink, wanna join me? I might be able to comprehend it better :-)

  152. better beans on

    I notice a lot of folks who were as skeptical as
    I about Ranger Cup chances last fall have started to
    abandon ship. And I understand the tempatation, as they
    continue to amass the points.

    I am stayin’ the course (Eric mentioned some of his concerns;
    I share most of ’em). I listed mine a few days ago.
    They were 200-1 in September. They are 20-1 now.
    They could close to 10- or 8-1 if the “our-play” gets
    goin’ FOR MORE THAN A NIGHT OR TWO, or if they can find
    the faceoff magic they had earlier in the marathon.
    They can’t do better than 8-1 until YOUR King shows he can
    rule in Cup play the way he does, at world-class levels, now.
    Unless and until he does, he’s YOUR King, not mine. He’s just
    one of my all-time Ranger good guys, for now…

  153. Torts says that if he had more people healthy, Duby wouldnt be playing tonight. GOOD FOR TORTS!!!!

  154. better beans on

    There were a ton of other posts I liked today.
    Many thanks for the insights, and the grinzz.
    Fran – nice!

  155. bull dog line on

    better beans,
    one of my favorite Rangers teams was the 81 Rangers. they were a goon squad with skill players all around. the 81 Rangers made the playoffs with about 65 points. they had a ton of injuries, plus Espo retired during the season. they then beat the 2 seed Kings, and then the 1 seed Blues before being swept by Isles. they just beat up the Kings, and Blues.

  156. better beans on

    Why, thanks, Rick C! I think:-).

    ILB: Migraines ‘R’ Us! And they’re free!

  157. Johnny LaRue on

    I got Carp off sugar.

    Remember that night I found you at Dinky Donuts? You were all hopped up on cinnamon swirls! They wouldn’t serve you anymore.

  158. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t eminger a healthy scratch for the rest of the season about this time last year as well?

    Bickel has certainly passed those others on the depth chart and deservedly so!

    No email

  159. Torts said if there were more healthy posters, i wouldn’t be posting tonight! but there aren’t and i will be!!!

  160. wicky, I know how you hate those crease-clearing d-men who get extra punches in at the end of a scrum. Me too.

    Glad you’re not prucha’d Dubiiii.

  161. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Well, none of it was really my choice, Jimbo (lol).

    Oh! Sorry, Carp – and since you’re probably a married man, you most likely don’t chase women anymore, either!

    I still think you are qualified for the job, even if you were compelled to become a saint! ;-D

  162. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah! Have the women sing for you – they probably have nicer voices, anyway! :-)

  163. JimboWoodside on

    How are things down there, Lin!? I’m hearing lousy weather stories on the radio…..

  164. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    just gotta hope the next 3-4 hours are uneventful. Some places got hit pretty badly, and wow, those poor people in Indiana! Oy. I’ll tell ya, it’s freakin scary from October until April, when the weather is ‘just right’ (or all wrong) for these things to happen, especially at night.

  165. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    so, Torts melted Dubi’s flesh? someone give me the cliff notes please!

  166. hahah, Jimbo. I would say more like threw gasoline on the guy and threw a blowtorch on top of him.

  167. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    thanks for that link Mickey. The guy who said Torts was being too hard on Dubi… REALLY? Torts probably should have scratched him once or twice already! Maybe the benching AND the Prucha will get his freakin head and skill back in his game.

  168. sally is at game ;)

    there is a lady alongside boards by rangers bench with sign “hey dubinsky how bout that phone #”

  169. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Thanks Carpy! We seem to have 3 of these types of days/nights a year.

  170. JimboWoodside on

    Wow! OK, Mickey – poor Dubi – but he deserved some hell for that idiotic play last night – he should go join Karl in “An Idiot Abroad” after that penalty…

    Hang in there tonight, Lin – and come back to New York!

  171. Anytime, Linda.

    Man, I hate that weather you are having, Lin. Would prefer a blizzard

  172. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i’ve been told by the boss it’s time to end this southern experiment and move back north lol

  173. I agree that he did, Jimbo. That was insanely stupid, even for him.

    OH and Happy 30th to Hank! He shares his bday with my sister, which makes today even better!

  174. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    the boss is my daughter Jimbo. she said she’s had enough of worrying about the weather from October to April where I am lol

  175. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Happy 30th to the King – he had his present last night, in the form of a game that he didn’t have to play in – I hope the team plays well in front of him tonight.

  176. On Dubinsky real quick. The Rangers of old would have shipped him out already. Be patient with him. I know his season has been a bust, but he’s only 25, not 30. He has plenty of tools as we know. I think he needs to mature and flat out grow up from what I’ve seen. In most post interviews, he just doesn’t come across like he’s real mature yet. Whether that develops as he gets older, we’ll see, but sitting him down was the right thing to do. He’s got to think about the team, and stop making dumb, careless penalties.
    It’s great to play with a chip on his shoulder, which I think he does, but when is it too much? If Richards spoke to MZD and straightened him out, it’s worth a shot. He’s too young to give up on yet, whether he maxes out at only 50 points a season or not. With everything else he does, I’ll take 22 and 28 every year from him.

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