Happy Leap Day!


The Rangers leap into the final quarter of the season tomorrow in Carolina.

I was looking at their record again and thinking, if they go 12-9 these last 21 games — which is conservative — they’ll have 52 wins and 110 points. The 1993-94 team holds the franchise records with 52 wins and 112 points.


They also leap into March, which is the busiest month of the season with 17 games — five of the first six on the road, plus a home matinee against the defending champion Bruins Sunday. They will play four sets of back-to-backs, three of those with both games on the road, the fourth with the second game on the road. In the middle of the month is a seven-game homestand.

Then comes the closing kick, final week of the season in April, when they go every other night: Boston, at Philly, at Pittsburgh, and Washington.


Was talking to Mike Rupp about John Scott the other night. He told me that when Chicago came to town a couple of weeks ago, he didn’t really know much about Scott and how he fights. Rupp said he usually goes over some video of the opponent’s past fights, and while doing so, he thought “Scott’s a handful.” Then, when the game against the Blackhawks got to 4-0, Rupp felt he had to try to start a fight with Scott to fire up his team. Despite Rupp’s talking to him, Scott declined — the smart thing to do when you’re up 4-0 on the road. But now, because of the yapping, Rupp thought, “Well, I’ve opened that can of worms; I’m going to have to fight him in Chicago (next week).” And Rupp smiled when he said that. Because Scott will be on his side when the Rangers go to Chicago.


Speaking of that, we got a few glimpses into the human side of the trade deadline the other day, didn’t we? Scott talked in Chicago about leaving his wife and  new baby. We heard about Nick Schultz crying because he’d spent his whole career in Minnesota before being traded. We saw the nervousness, even if he didn’t admit it, of Brandon Dubinsky. And we read the tweets of Christian Thomas and Dylan McIlrath as they celebrated not being traded.

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  1. 3rd!

    amazing how they would have 110 points with only a 12-9 record. They have given no indication that they will go 12 and 9, so I believe we will be seeing a record breaking regular season.

    So glad this team is intact and all our prospects are still here. If they win a couple of rounds in the playoffs, I will be thrilled. I think they are clearly ahead of schedule and with the talent in the pipeline and smart managing of the cap, I think we can compete for the cup for the next 5 years!

    Too bad the King is 30 as opposed to 27.. ;-)

  2. Carp:

    If Kreider signs after BC is done for the year, do you expect the Rangers to let him play in some games? Do you think that is the plan or are they worried about losing cost control by forfeiting a year if he plays this season?

    Have you spoken to anyone in the organ-EYE-zation about this?


  3. Was flipping between a documentary on the Amish and the Isles game last night. Went to sleep with 6 minutes left in third period and Isles up 2-0. Just went to paper to see they LOST IN OT, 3-2.. Unreal!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Can’t wait till game time , can’t wait.

  5. Good morning all! Seeing as I have to haul my aasen to New Brunswick for work today, I could do without the extra. I would prefer to leap back to bed.

    Nice post Carp. I like that Rupp story. Good thing he’s on our team or you wouldn’t have had that tidbit :)

    I find it mildly amusing how we could win the same amount of games, but earn fewer points.

    OK. It being barely dawn, that’s all I got. Later!

  6. Oh, but Yev, for some reason, this comment cracked me up….”Was flipping between a documentary on the Amish and the Isles game last night….”

  7. Check out Larry Brooks’ article in the Post today about Kreider. Interesting comments by Slats.

  8. I wouldn’t disrespect the Islanders team at all. They are very fast and have a superb passing game. They may be a bit shaky in goal, but they are very potent everywhere else.

  9. And the Rangers don’t win in the SO much anyway. It’s added what 3 or 4 extra pts above what they would’ve been in 94, meaning ties?

  10. And subtract the OT loss point for any game lost during the 5 min OT period because that didn’t exist then either. I’d count SO losses as ties and thus still 1 point.

  11. Amazing how little consideration these writers, coaches and fans have for the player’s personal development and college life. It’s a shame. I think the Rangers can wait until September without throwing Chris Kreider into a trial by fire (and ice, ahem.)

  12. And in the lockerroom, I heard it quakes when Chris Christie Capuano waddles his way in there.

  13. I wasn’t around last night. Not MY fault. Blame Howser for that. I’ll assume all you dirtbags were talking about me again.

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Thanks for the article, NJ Heat # 24 and Yev. Good read. Interesting tidbit about Kreider having an additional incentive money-wise if he signs this year.. What he is referring to is that the entry level contract for players under 21 is very restrictive. They have to sign 3 year deal with maximum salary $925K starting in 2011 season ( before current CBA it was $1.25M), signing bonus at 10% of the salary max ( used to be 50% ), and performance bonuses at the maximum of $850K, with many variable restrictions ( used to be very few, easy to achieve individual benchmarks before 2005). LB predicts that the new CBA will be even more restrictive for ELC, hence he may be willing to go for guaranteed amount as opposed to wait until after the new CBA is ironed out.

  15. I was watching Boston-Ottawa last night. Ottawa has a very good PP ( Erik Karlsson is impressive, but their defense is average at best, no wonder they wanted to add Gilroy). But what I noticed is that Boston’s defense all of a sudden is less than impressive. Zdeno Chara is either hurt, or he is slowing down. He was never fast on his feet, but he can be blown by by anyone who has an average lateral speed with ease. He is still a big force in corners, but is a liability in open ice.

  16. Saint Kreider.

    And what kind of people patrol hockey message boards 24 hours a day, contributing nothing to the discussion, trying only to get off lame-ass one liners and insults?

    The LW kind. The CCCP kind.

    The dirtbag kind.

  17. I think it would be a mistake for the Rangers to sign him immediately. If Kreider becomes the player we hope he does then waiting until the summer is the best decision. Give him an ATO, let him play with HFD in the playoffs as that will be a good measuring stick for training camp.

    The 2014-2015 season will likely be another contending one for the Rangers and how much better would it be if Kreider’s cap hit was 1 mil instead of 4+ mil. I’d rather have the cap flexibility down the road than throwing the kid blind into the lineup and hoping he outplays John Mitchell…

    Plus I have severe doubts that Tortorella would even play him in a playoff game unless he was tearing up the AHL. If anything he would be getting 4th line minutes which is a waste really…

  18. ilb2001

    I don’t mean leaving early, i mean at the conclusion of his semester in the first week of May. For someone who is considered to be adamant on graduation, it would seem odd that he would turn pro and leave college a few weeks before he is set to end his last semester…

    He would join the Whale in the second round of the playoffs, should they advance that far…

  19. I bet Kreider comes in and contributes right away.

    Just get that feelin’

    Finally someone who would make this team moderately respectful and not a total pushover in the playoffs.

  20. Or he turn into a two-bit, cookie-cutter, amateur-hour clown who can only light it up in a Uruguayan, second tier summer evening league, right Miami? Does he speak Spanish, btw? :-)

  21. Its all meaningless since Kreider will never see the ice this season. Anyone who thinks Tortorella is going to play a kid with zero professional experience, has never attended an NHL training camp and has no concept of “the system” is fooling themselves.

    If he is smart, he’ll sign an ATO and get his pro hockey career started to give him a bit of a measuring point going into training camp.

  22. ilb2001

    I forgot about the World Championships this summer as he would likely be a member of Team USA again. That might be the likeliest route for him…

  23. lib2001,

    you forgot “bush-league” and gave him way too much credit … he wouldn’t even cut it in the 2-4PM, third-tier Guyanian league.

  24. Don’t get me started, Manny :-) Has he officially retired, btw?

    Miami, do you have any predictions on how will their March record look like?

  25. ilb2001

    what Sather is saying goes completely against everything Tortorella has been preaching all season. Do you really think Tortorella is going to play him in a meaningful game?

    The only thing I can think of considering the Rangers have such a large lead they might clinch the East with 4-5 games remaining. If BC were to get knocked out before the frozen four, its possible he can make a 4-5 game cameo in meaningless games.

  26. actually tortorella has shown the opposite. he’s shown an incredible willingmness to give young players a shot — and big minutes if they produce. not to give kreider a look would be nuts. most good players don’t need any time in the minors.

  27. I am fine with Kreider coming up for a few games, playing some 4th minutes lines and getting a taste of the NHL. Wet his palette and get him motivated!

  28. Manny,

    When you’ve been to the places like La Paz and see the sheer passion (almost everyone wearing an NHL jersey on Saturday nights), then you realize how popular and global this game truly is.

  29. OK, so Slats says that there is a good chance that Kreider will play this year… who should I listen to? Oleosmirf or Slats? hmmmmmm …….


  30. Nobody can fully predict what will happen. But the team has to be ready to go in the playoffs the way it’s structured now, and not expecting any additional help. That should be their mindset.

  31. stranger nation on

    Kreider will come in Top 3 in speed and size, Top 5 in hands with probable move up – play him with a real center to see what he can do. Bringing him up to play wing with Mike Rupp and John Scott George, & Ringo in the last week is not a good use of time.

  32. Derek Stepan was 20 years old and didn’t spend a second in the minors if I remember correctly? I think he plays for a coach named John Torterella, but I am not sure about that?

    Seriously, I think the evaluation of whether a young kid can play in the NHL under torts comes down to an individual evaluation.

    I have high hopes for Kreider as Hags, Mac Truck and Stepan showed at a very young age that they were all NHL ready with little or no AHL experience.

  33. Well, I see no point in bringing up Kreider now unless he is playing on the top two lines. What is the point in burning a year of his pro time on 4th line minutes? Erixon is getting the benefit of playing major minutes in a major role for the Whale. Let Kreider do the same after his season at BC ends.

    Even if Torts gives him a shot on the 4th line, what is the point? If he is only going to be playing 6-7 minutes a night, you are wasting a great learning opportunity in Conn. where he will probably get a chance to play major minutes in their playoffs.

  34. fchamps

    yes but all those young players have attended a John Tortorella training camp and were under watch of the coach for over a month where they learned the system and in most cases were taught further in HFD under the same exact system.

    Its a completely different situation…

  35. Derek Stepan, went to development camp then Traverse City then Rangers camp before making the team. He spent 2 months under the careful eye of the Rangers coaching staff, played in preseason games and then earned his way onto the team and made his NHL debut.

    There is no evaluation period for Kreider. No camp, no preseason games, no chemistry, nothing.

  36. Carp,
    Take a peek at my blog which you should have the address to as it goes over the remainder of the games like you just did.. I did it prior to the NJD game so it shows 22 games left but its interesting for sure.. http://www.ericnyr.blogspot.com

    It’s Called remainder of the season…



  37. Leetchhalloffame on

    Would love to see Kreider here after BC, but let’s face it there is not much of a chance that Torts throws him right into the fray of the playoffs. No chance.

  38. I don’t see the rangers signing Kreider this year and playing him, don’t see it. Plus Kreider wants to finish school, plus with the new CBA in affect in the future the rangers would be smart to wait because the entry level most likely will change. Also Tort’s way has been to have a entry level player get some experience whether in Hartford or tournaments, etc.

  39. Jean Beliveau, 80, suffered his second stroke yesterday. Wishing this classy guy a speedy recovery. By the way…I think it’s a lock that we will eclipse our best pt total this year.

  40. E No:

    You had some criticisms of Kreider in something you posted the other day and attributed this to “sources”.

    would LOVE to know who your sources are.


  41. It will be interesting to see if Kreider can play the game the way Tortorella wants it played. By all accounts, he has NHL talent, but will he be trusted to play with this team coming straight from college? I certainly do not know the answer, but it makes me skeptical as to how much we will see him this year.

  42. Max point totals for each team:

    NYR 127
    BOS 118
    FLA 112
    PT 117
    OTT 110
    PHI 115
    NJ 114
    WSH 107

    WPG 102
    TOR 103
    TB 102
    BUF 102
    CAR 99
    NYI 99
    MON 94

    Given that Washington has the 8th highest points potential, I guess the Rangers would need 21 points to mathematically clinch a spot.

  43. kreider was already in development camp. if he’s good enough playing in hartford does nothing for him. he couldn’t be any worse that fedotenko has been.

  44. if the Rangers think that Kreider can help them this year they need to sign him after the college season. they are not the islanders(cheap and stupid)…

    Brooks stated today, they may sign him and he may play in the NHL this year… LOOK IT UP..

  45. rangers are finishing with 119 points no chance… more like 110……

    if they have 1st sewn up with 3 or 4 games to play they will not go full bore. why risk a injury……

  46. someone stated yesterday that mcdonagh today is better then staal ever has been.

    baloney.. staal was great last year and will be great again just a little off…..

  47. I saw what Larry Brooks wrote and heard/saw what Sather said but I don’t believe it will happen. In fact, I’m not sure what Sather said is anything more than wishful thinking and/or trying to stir up the media…

  48. I saw Kreider interviewed when playing in the bean pot tournament and he said his focus was on finishing playing hockey in college and than he will sit down with his parents and decide what to do. It’s all specualtion, nobody knows what Kreider or his parents are thinking at this point, if I had to guess it would be to finish school but who knows. Before we all have him playing for the rangers this year can we at least wait until he actually signs a contract?

  49. But that ruins the fun of speculating on whether he’ll sign a contract and what level he’d be assigned to, no?

  50. CT, wouldn’t you go off the ninth-place team’s total?

    I still have a hard time seeing Kreider go into a playoff game without playing regular-season games. Maybe Slats is counting on BC losing before the Frozen Four?

    Rod, they’re also the funny kind. the lighten-up kind.

    Good morning, Sally!

  51. stuart, theoretically you may be right … but they can’t call up an entire new lineup for the last three or four games, and I don’t think this team or coach even knows a phrase like “pull back” or “let up” or “take the foot off the pedal.”

    They’ll go full bore through Game 82 because that’s the only way they can play. It isn’t the NFL.

  52. Carp,

    21 points gives them at least a share of the 8th spot. They could technically lose out on tiebreaks but 107 points means they could most likley finish no worse than 8th. 22 points safely clinches the 8th highest total in the conference no matter what.

  53. CTB, the Rangers need 17 points to clinch. They are on pace for 115 and can max out at 128. I do a whole Playoff race analysis for my hockey website, so I can post the data here if anyone would like to see it.

  54. I am the somebody who said Mc D right now is better than Staal has ever been, and I stand by that.

  55. stranger nation on

    Staal also needs to play with a partner who he can trust. I like what Bickel brings, but he is still learning on the fly.

    Someone said Girardi was better than Staal now…yes, better than miss-half-the-season while recovering from concussion Staal, but not the Pre-concussed Staal.

    Girardi has come a long way from flip-flopping around on his belly last season, but he is only the second best D-man in his pairing (hands down).

    Coaching staff needs to encourage McD to take more chances on the Offensive side – his skating gives him a huge advantage in the O-zone.

  56. whoever said Staal seemingly never made a mistake seemingly never watched a game Marc Staal played

    and I’ll say again that inside of a year, Ryan McDonagh will be the best defenseman on this team, and that includes a team with a totally healthy Marc Staal.

  57. bulldog – agreed

    CTB – to explain further, Toronto can only max out at 103 points. The Rangers don’t need to worry about Washington since they are already in 8th place and in a playoff spot. Even if the Rangers tie them, tiebreakers don’t matter since they are getting the 8th spot. The team that decides if the Rangers clinch a spot or not will be in 9th place.

  58. I said that about McD yesterday. I also said that I never though Staal was as good as they hyped him up to be. I think he’s a very solid d-man, but he’s not and never was this superstar elite d-man like most analysts say he is.

  59. Jonny D,

    How’d you get 17? I’m not saying it’s wrong because realistically the rest of the conference isn’t going to run the table (and realistically can’t because teams will obviously play each other and cannibalize pontis).

    Does it have something to do with forecasted win probabilities with for each going down the stretch?

  60. of all the likely 8 seeds, the one the Rangers would least want to play is Washington.

    that being said, Washington will probably go on a bit of a run and win that division.

  61. Ah right, I didn’t account for the fact that if the Rangers drop out of first, one of the other teams moves up.

  62. “Jonny D February 29th, 2012 at 11:28 am

    I said that about McD yesterday. I also said that I never though Staal was as good as they hyped him up to be. I think he’s a very solid d-man, but he’s not and never was this superstar elite d-man like most analysts say he is.”

    I haven’t chimed in on the trading staal debate or how good he is but your post is exactly how I always felt about staal. I thought it was just me but happy to see somebody who feels the same way.

  63. Jonny D:

    Staal at his absolute best is great to have, specifically because he has a history of playing really well against some of the best players in the league. That’s an extremely valuable piece to have. However, he has been prone to huge defensive lapses in his career and doesn’t have the offensive skill set to make up for it. I’m going to give him a pass this season since he’s coming back from a major issue and probably won’t be back to full capacity (barring any setbacks) for quite a while. But I think he’s been pretty lousy since returning.

  64. I do have a stat that takes takes into account the adjusted projected point totals based on their record over the last 10 games. I took it out of my analysis for my site for now, but it gives a better idea of who is going to make it since it shows who is hot now and who isn’t.

  65. But I’m sure there is the matter that not all the teams can reach those max points unless they were all playing out of conference schedules the rest of the way.

  66. who cares about the max out potential. No team is going to lose out or win out, not even Columbus…

  67. and personally, I’d like to see the Rangers get the President’s Trophy. not that it really means anything but it would be a pretty big gesture to have this team basically come out of nowhere and finish with the best record in the league. right now they’re only 2 points off the mark and have three games in hand on Vancouver.

  68. Chris Kreider cares oleo. And maybe Rick Nash too. Although he’d claim he didn’t care and then let his GM take the blame for when CBJ doesn’t win out.

  69. CTB – No they can’t. Or at least it’s not likely just because they usually play each other (I haven’t taken the schedule into account). My calculation there is just based on the total record and max points without including the schedule.

    Lloyd – I agree, and I wouldn’t want to trade him. Staal as a 3rd or 4th d-man is an incredible asset and shows the depth of the defensemen that we have.

    However as you said, he does have some seriously mental lapses on defense at times. Most of his lapses occur when he tries to do too much with the puck. His puck handling is sub par in his own zone. Going up the ice he’s fine, but he struggles to get back if the puck comes back around and goes the other way. He also has a tendency to poke at the puck a lot and fan on passes in the d-zone. So many times I see him just kind of poke at it and swing wildly at a puck instead of settling it and making sure the puck moves.

    It’s little things to nit-pick about and as I said, I definitely wouldn’t trade him, but he’s not this elite shutdown d-man. I mean he usually only contained guys like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk. McDonagh shuts those guys down.

  70. only 4 out of the last 15 years has a president trophy winner won the stanely cup. If you ask me it means nothing and the only two things that matter to me is 1- making the playoffs, 2: getting a favorable match up in the first round, all other stuff doesn’t matter.

  71. Rangers could lose half of their remaining games in regulation and still finish with 106 points.

  72. Presidents’ Trophy is meaningless … unless you lose in the playoffs. then it’s a feather in your cap for a great regular season.

    That said, if they come to the final days of the season with a shot at it, they’ll go hell-bent for it. Any team would.

  73. it will be interesting what happens in the summer with the Nash saga. I wonder if Doogie Howser, Oh sorry, I meant Scott Howson :-) will be still GM of the BlueJackets.

  74. tomg,

    Well it also goes to a point I made last year that the best record or even #1 seed teams can come from weak divisions. Vancouver last year was a great example, nobody else in their division made the playoffs. So you’ll certainly see situations where a 4 or 5 seed that might have been only a couple of points off of winning the conference (but lost out on their division) emerges as a finalist.

  75. I wonder how many GMs in the league would like to have that “lousy” defenseman in their line up.
    McD may well be much better all around defenseman than Staal, and I believe he will, but let’s not minimize what 25 yr old has done, and will still do for this team.

  76. yeah duh of course GMs would take Marc Staal. If Nick Schultz was “the face of a franchise,” why wouldn’t GMs want Staal.

    that McDonagh will be better doesn’t necessarily imply putting Staal on waivers.

  77. If it is, as they are saying, a bruise and not a break, no concern here… especially if someone goes to BC with a rag and some chloroform and comes back with Kreider to solve all of our past/present/future problems.

  78. I said Staal never made a mistake. And I meant it in the literal “the only time goals were ever scored while Staal was on the ice was when someone else screwed up”, not “Staal was an insanely good and safe defenseman given his matching up against #1 lines every night”.

  79. staal was there best d man last year by far. he played a ton of minuted and agaisnt the top lines every night.

    offensively mcdonagh appears to have more upside but defensively I do not see it.

    it is a good problem to have. to many good young d men………..

  80. kreider is not stepan. when stepan turned pro he had less experience then Kreider has today. 2 world juniors, 3 years in college etc.

    we will see how things play out with Kreider. It is not unprecedented to go from college right to the pro’s after the season ends. it is very unusual but has happened more then once(go right to nhl) and Kreiders ability is not your classic college guy, he is a stud……….

  81. he did score the ENG, right? But he wasn’t in the lockerroom afterwards … didn’t think that was a big deal. Now he’s skipped Casino Night and Boomer and Cockroach this morning, and didn’t skate.

  82. I think Staal’s best season was last season. like everybody else, I am giving him a pass on his play this season. he is starting to flash a little of the old Staal, and I hope he finds his complete game by the playoffs. having said that, I do not believe Staal has ever played at the level McD is playing at this season. it is not a knock on Staal, but a compliment to McD.

  83. How big of a deal is it for two defensemen of the same handedness to play together? Like is Erixon being lefthanded a bigger reason he’s not up than guys like Stralman and Bickel?

  84. Would love to see how many cups of coffee could Hagelin gobble up while waiting for Scott to arrive in the zone, if that is our 2nd line, Carp….

  85. ilb – depends how hot those cups of coffee are. It’s tough for me to drink very hot liquids at a quick rate.

  86. if Cally misses any time MZA comes and plays with Richards. of course you could move AA to RW, and bump Dubi up with Step and Gabby. AA has played center and LW, why not RW.

  87. Rodney, Rodney, Rodney

    You’re right, I only ever “contribute” when you are on one of your many self-imposed hiatuses (hiati?). I would be much obliged, therefore, to contribute to that discussion about your implicit allegations about the use of PEDs by the Washington Capitals that we started a while back and that you never followed up on.

    Also, I think you’ll find I have not insulted you on here once, despite what I think would be fair to say, a staggering lack of reciprocity.

    Yours sincerely

    Lord Dirtbag of Punkington

  88. I don’t know why any member of the New York Rangers would go on a program hosted by Craig Carton.

  89. Why does Boomer, a self professed hockey fan allow the phi beta cappa in the back to do the “nobody cares about hockey” bit?

  90. anybody concerned about Callahan’s foot?


    Yes. I said this on Rotter’s blog:

    If Torts is going to sell it that these guys need to be stepping in front of shots, and he’s already taken the measure that every single player wears extra padding on their gloves, he really needs to have players wearing those over the skate protectors too. We CANNOT afford to lose players (CAPTAIN?) because of blocking shots. At the very least, these guys need to protect themselves if that is going to be a large part of their game.

  91. phi beta cappa? is that slang for something else or are you significantly overestimating Craig Carton’s intelligence?

  92. Lloyd, I’m too much of an optimist. I was talking about the other bald stooge in the control room (next to the poor woman’s Tappan).

  93. Please tell me it is just a bruise and there is no break.. PLEASE………

    We can not afford to lose our captain having the best season of his career….


    Carp, how about digging a bit to find out what is up??? Are the rangers that tight lipped about injuries that you can’t find anything out.

    As my grandmothers (RIP) used to say… OY!

  94. It would be the second season in a row we lost Cally to a blocked shot.

    I guess it’s a bruise because first off, he finished the game and then it got worse. Second, The Dr. and I just broke out own feet without sedation (ilb was nowhere to be found).

  95. Lloyd, it’s because MSG pays those two peabrains huge bucks to simulcast their WFAN show.

    Yev, all the Rangers are saying is “bruised foot, day to day.” I believe them. But it must be a pretty bad bruise.

    Doubt that Zuccarello comes up … Scott goes to fourth line, Fedotenko or Mitchell moves up.

  96. Carp:

    Can you please suggest to the rangers that they start making their uniforms and skates out of Kevlar or something?

    Look, I love the whole blocking shots thing. It takes guts and dedication. But, if we lose a key player to injury………………………………………..

    Bring up Kreider now. Have him renounce BC, drop out of college, come to the Rangers and be the beast that oleosmirf refuses to admit that he will be!


  97. Even if he broke a bone he still has 6 weeks to heal up. Better now than like last year when his leg was broken on April 4th.

  98. Good point. It’s just pain. And it hurts oh so good. Saving Callahan’s foot was the best idea we ever came up with.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    So, Kreider, eh? I think Sather’s comments today were puffery to get Kreider to turn pro after his season. I think if he signs, it’s more likely he plays in CT than in NY.

  100. Ah, I forgot that when you say something slightly negative about a player here, people think you hate the guy and want him traded haha.

    Nobody wants Staal traded, just saying he’s not perfect. Some think he’s as good as people say he is, but others like me don’t. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a great d-man.

  101. Salty – they did that with the gloves last year. And not that many NHL players wear them. They usually only wear them when they are protecting a foot injury. I actually haven’t seen one in awhile on an NHL player. They are great though.

    Carp – The human aspect of the trade deadline was great to see. I hate it when people say “well they make millions of dollars so it shouldn’t matter if they get traded” because people forget that they are humans who just happen to play a sport. They have families and lives outside of hockey. I’m sure most people wouldn’t like it if their boss said “oh we’re moving you to Winnipeg” without even asking you.

  102. What, we are not going to see Rod’s acute prognosifications till June now? Can’t believe it…

  103. I think Carp was insinuating that Dubinsky should have been more forthcoming with his feelings about maybe being traded Sally.

  104. Why wouldn’t Bickel step back to forward and Scott on D??
    Games I’ve seen, Scott isn’t a liability on D, like some think. That would be the toughest lineup I’ve seen since. Binghamton Rangers in 94..I believe.

  105. Good afternoon, Sally!

    Salty, Rotter’s blog? You went to Rotter’s blog to say something before you said it here? Unacceptable. I’m fining you the maximum $2500. :)

  106. I Rarely Speak on

    speaking of the couch change fine.. clarkson got NOTHING for the launch? how does that happen?

  107. C3, I love it. “Prust – He can leap an entire year at any given moment.”

    CT, you were probably right. Trade him!

  108. Yeah that is absolutely ridiculous, but intent means absolutely nothing apparently. Unless a guy is taken off on a stretcher, it is as if it never happened. It’s a shame. I used to like Brenda Shanahan.

  109. The way Torts assessed Scott as “He is big” dont think we will be seeing Scott at all

    Scott has as much hockey skill as Rod has insight knowledge… which is ZERO LOL

  110. yeah I mean playing John Scott anywhere at this point suggests a level of desperation that a team with 9-point lead in the conference should never have.

  111. Scott Johnson will surprise you.. bet there will be some fans after they actually see him play.

  112. “I’m sure most people wouldn’t like it if their boss said “oh we’re moving you to Winnipeg” without even asking you.”

    Seriously. Look at Jack Johnson, same pay but now instead of the team and city he signed to play with, he’s going to Columbus, OH. You could offer me a 50% raise and I wouldn’t go there.

  113. John Scott has 5 career points. Considering he could literally double his career productivity with even a marginally successful game, I’d say it’ll take a lot to be impressed by the guy.

  114. Afternoon all,

    Question for the room:

    Right now – is there a team in either conference that can beat The King four times in a playoff series?

  115. thanks Carp

    i’m still coming out of my
    working on my taxes til 5 a.m. fog
    and i have to read about Cally being
    that horrible horrible upcoming schedule.

    …back to chowing down (supposedly) non-fat yogurt
    for some relief

  116. I’m an Equal Opportunity commenter Carp….Rotter may not post much “original material” but he’s constantly posting whatever updates he can get his hands on. I’d love it if he could get real access to the team. Probably too much of a fanboy deep down though.

  117. authorben:

    probably a fair number of them if the Rangers go into the toilet offensively and are forced to have Lundqvist bail them out every night, something I feel is extremely possible given the offensive deficiencies on this team.

  118. John Scott has 5 career points. Considering he could literally double his career productivity with even a marginally successful game, I’d say it’ll take a lot to be impressed by the guy.


    What part of *6’8″ 270lb GOON* don’t you understand?

    This guy is just a sand wedge in the bag of clubs heading down the stretch. You don’t always need it, but when you do need it…you better have it.

  119. the only thing that concerns me is injuries, especially key injuries. If the rangers can somehow stay healthy, this team has shown it has allot of fortitude and I am confident they can do well in the playoffs this year.

  120. Thus far in the NHL, John Scott has won every single fight he has ever been in. That is 21-0 and most of them have been very one-sided.

    While he is a goon in every sense of the word and is likely a horrendous player/skate, the guy is the best fighter I’ve ever seen (at least from the videos and that is worth the useless lumbering he will do in the 2 minutes and 30 seconds he sees a game…

  121. Scott is only playing against Philly and maybe NJ. He won’t see much time.

    Also Scott is a much worse skater than Bickel (and Stu isn’t a great skater at all), so that’s why it’s Bickel on D and Scott up top.

  122. The entertainment value Scott will provide against Philly, NJ and NYI is enough for me. The guy will get 2-3 shifts a game where his sole purpose is to participate in the staged fights that Rupp or Prust would normally have to.

    Scott will never play in a playoff game but the idea of him beating Clarkson or Hartnell’s face in is worth playing him on those rare occasions…

  123. “so wait, we’re saving Mike Rupp now, too”

    My god, could you be any more short sighted, Lloyd? What if a playoff game gets shifted outdoors at the last minute? We need Rupp’s scoring!

  124. These NHL fines are just beyond stupid. “Well, he intended to hurt him, but didn’t succeed.” People are rewarded for failure to carry out their intentions? On top of that, how often do you hear prosecutors say, “He tried to commit murder, but failed to do so. Therefore, I recommend 1 hour of community service.”

  125. There’s been way too much hockey talk going on lately.

    @What’s everyone dressing up as for Purim?@

  126. Stranger Nation on

    Rupper is going to sit out the next few games so he can become a full time locker room mentor. He will be spending time counseling younger players, telling stories of his past Play-off series, and nodding his head agreeably when Torts exclaims, “right rupper?”

    When asked for a quote about this shift in focus, Rupper yelled, “it’s irrelevant! Just ask Shelley.”

  127. Rupp has been playing on one leg all season. Plus that hand isn’t healed either. Rupp actually has some skill, along with the ability to fight. He’ll be needed in the playoffs on the 4th line while Scott will be useless. So might as well let Rupp heal a bit so he can jump in during the playoffs again.

  128. “Tony from AZ February 29th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    a monkey died today – Davy Jones at 66 years old”

    Tony, I could be wrong but most people who post on this blog weren’t born yet. I remember watching the Monkees on TV in the 60’s. I grew up with two older sisters with one tv in the house hold so it was either Elvis, the monkees or the beatles when they were on TV.

  129. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I always said Gianluigi is the poor man’s Henrik Lundqvist!

    Im getting too old in a hurry! ilb, you have any recommendations for something safe to provide me energy. I dont know anything about the safety those 5 hour energy drinks, and Id trust you before any internet reviews.

  130. tomg

    what does it matter whether you’re 25 or 26 years old
    on this board?

    pointed out a loss. EVERYONE knew the Monkees from the tv show but the “group” had a good writing team behind him and produced a lot of timeless tunes.
    as far as i can tell
    he didn’t seem like a major league hartnell.

  131. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I quite honestly don’t think the rangers have any GOONS prior to adding scott (even the bahama bomba, played reliably until the elbow)…you guys are dead wrong thinking any of the ranger players are GOONS (again prior to the addition).

    loves this quote by scott (from ranger rants…sorry carp):
    “With my size, it’s expected,” Scott said of being a protector. “I don’t want anybody taking liberties with my teammates. I don’t think this team needs too much protection. It’s pretty tough.”

    love it that he has only fought one current ranger player at some point, and you guessed it…Prust

    Rupp..”do the little things and the rest will come as long as you have the will to do it”

    LOVE the Rupp!!

  132. Carp – any chance Sather signs Kreider for the end of this year? And plays him on Varsity.

    If BC doesn’t make the Frozen Four, that would give Kreider 7 games before the playoffs. Or do you think Cally would have to break an ankle for that to happen?

  133. jpg,

    my post wasn’t a negative towards Davy Jones or the Monkees. All I was saying is people on here might be to young to know who he was, that’s all. If that is not true, ok, no big deal.

  134. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    We have a well balanced team, but the only thing this team is missing is a GOON. The Bruins have at least 4 goons. They have Chara, Marchand, Lucic, and Ference (not saying the first 3 dont have skill also) that are willing and able to hurt and maim any player on the ice including goalies. And Id be the 1st to admit if our team had any goons, like Hollweg or Purinton. Even Boogie wasnt a goon.

  135. I was born…1965. i LOVED the Monkees…and the episode on the Brady Bunch is burned in to my memory.

  136. well, Sather said the possibility exists. I have a hard time seeing how he’s going to jump in without some regular-season games if BC goes to the Frozen Four.

  137. carp, the good news is the rangers are going to be busy in march so the boneheads will be busy with the actual games instead of looking to nit pick at certain players with to much time on hand. Than again while the games are going on there will be nit picking anyway, Oh well, I tried.

  138. LW, if you think it’s appropriate to basically accuse players of using PEDs without foundation, that’s your choice, not mine.

    The irnoy for me is, if I ever did say who & what I know, No ONE would ever question me.
    Instead, in trying to show some discretion, I get suckerpunched by the CCCPs off the world.

  139. nah tomg
    not looking for a fight.
    just the wording got me a bit up.
    i think Monkees actually span several generations
    just like this board
    maybe not so much current teens to college as much
    due to the tv show not being broadcast.

  140. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    The best part about this team is that we werent expected or supposed to contend this year, and yet we’re the top team. This organization is built for the long haul, and we didnt jeopardize our plan for Nash.

  141. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Did Boogie go out of his way to intentionally hurt other players, or was he not a fighter that respected the game of hockey, and simply fought other team’s fighters?

  142. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    sorry carp, had to (still laughing though)!!

    Ok, so serious question from the mrs…anyone here know if hank’s band actually has a cd out and where it could be purchased?

  143. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    thanks…oh, you meant the actual “I rarely speak” :)

  144. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    We have different definitions of goons. Goon to me is someone that goes out of his way to injure people, like Carcillo. Boogaard had no hockey skills, but was simply a fighter. To liken him to Carcillo is inaccurate and an insult to Boogie.

  145. Rod,

    if you can, when directly posting your comment to me could you address me as Mr. Dirtbag, thank You.

  146. Carp – BC would have to lose in the Regionals (could happen – one and done). We have 7 games after March 25th, with the first one in MN. 7 games + playoffs. Would he be an upgrade over Feds or Dubi. In for sure if someone breaks something blocking a Chara shot.

    If BC makes the Frozen Four – no NHL regular season left. Here I don’t see the gamble pulling him up to Varsity? Play him in the Whale on an ATO.

    Something tells me we might need him for scoring? His speed is alot like Hagelin’s.


  147. I also know who and what Rod knows, but I also know more that what he knows because, while his sources are also mine, I have sources that are not his due to my being better Rod. And the stuff I know you also wouldn’t question, but you wouldn’t question it even more emphatically due to my status. Of course, I will not tell you this. I am content in presenting my knowledge in hypothetical terms. Respect this, dirtbags.

  148. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    LOL! To disagree with me, you’ll even side with Carcillo!!! hahahaha!! Carcillo tries to injure people. Boogie didnt. End of story.

  149. I’d love to see Kreider become our very own Jeremy Lin.

    The advantage of bringing Kreider up before the playoffs is that he’ll be a “secret weapon” that oopposing goalies won’t have seen before.

  150. Tiki – Chara, Lucic, and Marchand are not goons. The Bruins and Rangers are actually very similar in the sense that they are tough yet don’t really have goons. Lucic is physical, but he’s actually gotten away from fighting like he used to, or at least being someone who is out there to protect guys. Chara doesn’t fight anywhere near as much as people think either. Marchand is just a pest, similar to Avery. Definitely not a goon.

    Thornton is really the only guy they have out there to go out there and fight, and even he doesn’t go out there all the time looking to fight.

  151. “Hurts me to say this, but that piece of carcillo Carcillo is 100 times the player Boogaard was.”

    Isn’t that the biggest issue with guys like Carcillo (and Marchand and Cooke)? They could be players in this league just on their talent and antagonization skills but they always add the third dimension of cheapshots. They don’t have to do it, but they do. Boogaard had to play like Boogaard or else he’s as much of a hockey player as I am.

  152. OK, then what do you call cement-heads in hockey who do nothing but fight?

    or is just everybody from Boston is a goon and nobody from New York is a goon. Just like there are felons and criminals up there, but a convicted felon pervert is your hero?

  153. BC is 23 & 10 currently ranked #1. While it is possible, it is tough to seem them getting bounced early.

  154. You guys would freakin’ love Marchand and Lucic if they were Rangers. And I’m done with this most idiotic of conversations.

  155. I would absolutely love Lucic. Like a billion percent. Marchand is dirty, I’d feel dirty defending him.

  156. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Ive matured to the point in which I no longer need to get into the back and forth with you.

  157. Avery doesn’t even play for an AHL team anymore.

    I’ve never thought of Avery as a dirty player. He may have dropped the gloves early one or twice, and stood there and waived hi to Marty. But never a guy to elbow to the head and end a guy’s career dirty. If Avery wasn’t such a side show he would still be playing.

  158. I live in Boston and I watch Marchand on a regular basis. He’s not that dirty of a player. He had the whole Salo “incident” a few months ago which was pretty questionable IMO. He doesn’t go out there and throw high hits (he’s like 5’9″ anyway). He’s a pure pest. He’s a lot more like Avery than Carcillo. It’s just whenever he had an incident, it was blown up since it was first in the Stanley Cup finals then second in that rematch around Christmas.

  159. Avery’s cheapshots were always subtle, and I don’t think he did anything in his time as a Ranger that would make you think he was intentionally trying to injure somebody.

  160. Also Lucic used to be pretty dirty. Kid cleaned up his act this year though. He is an absolute beast for the Bruins. I actually thought they overpaid him when they re-signed him since it was when Savard was still around and they had Kessel. But after a start that season that was pretty poor, he’s been money since then.

  161. You legalized suckerpunching too Carp.

    When you refer to even the snidest remarrks as being humourous and make them permissable, you legalize dirtbags being dirtbags on your blog.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with some clever quip or deviation, but that’s a fact.

    And its not right.

  162. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Mister D, Id love Lucic, Chara, or Marchand on my team. Id welcome all 3 of those to the Rangers w. open arms. They have superior skill and are dirty. I have no issue with a player on my team being dirty, as long as they actually provide some quantifiable skill to help us win.

  163. I live in Boston (Somerville, home of Johnny D’s, coincidentally) and I watch Marchand too. I find him quite dirty. Salo was just his worst low bridge, he’s done them before and after and the reason I find it so offputting is because they aren’t necessary. Yes, he’s short, so are a lot of guys. But he goes low to make the hit rather than throw the shoulder like he should. And when you go that low, you’re either taking out a knee or flipping a guy or something else. Its a predatory play by a guy who doesn’t need to play like that. And I bet he nose it.

  164. Kreider won’t be Lin. Lin was a guy on his last shot in the NBA picked up by a team with nothing else to lose. Kreider is one of the most highly anticipated prospects on a team that’s actually figured out how to grow players and build a cohesively functioning team.

  165. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    DJK –

    Well, if Kreider is the “next Jeremy Lin,” the Rangers are in trouble. You, see, Lin, that veritable turnover machine with the “cold shooting hand” just about every other game now, is the second-best guard on the Knicks. Landry Fields, not nearly as “spectacular,” actually brings a better all-around game to the arena, night after night. Not to say Lin doesn’t have a major upside, because if he every disciplines himself to restrict himself to taking high-percentage shots and starts to reign in his reckless “show time” passing game, yes, he could be something special.

    There is a good Kreider analogy as regards Lin. And that is that Lin, with his defects, is not on the Knicks developmental league team roster, he is learning his trade at the top level. Credit the Knicks for this because it has been established in all sports that talented young players challenged at the top level develop higher on the learning/production curve, and enjoy a longer career peak production term, too. Having said that, I can’t wait to see how the Rangers mis-deploy Kreider’s natural resources and abilities. Hey, maybe we can even trade him for a Boston goon, right coach?

  166. Where in Somerville do you live? I lived over by Charlestown for a few months when I moved back up from Hoboken last year. I’m in Southie now.

    And that low bridge was questionable. I didn’t think it was as bad as people made it out to be. And I think if any Ranger player did that, people here would defend them and say it wasn’t that low/at the thigh. Kaspar did that all the time when he was here and fans loved it.

  167. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Avery was never a goon or a dirty player so much as he was a less effective, more distracting (in a bad way) version of Esa Tikkanen without the benefit of Tikkanese. Not that too many of us complained when Ulf Samuelsson wore #5 here for a few years.

  168. stranger, we should have an all-Carcillo team. Maybe I’ll do a poll. ——–>

    but do we include guys like cooke, carcillo, clarkson, or what?

  169. Tiki & Carp,

    I love you both, but you are both being goons. Back to your corners!

    Sincerely, Dirtbag Sal

  170. Kaleta, Neil, Haley, even though Jarkko Ruutu isn’t in the league include him too, Ott, Tostitos and Redundantnaldo

  171. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Sally, youre a dirtbag!!!! And just so u know, because of you and select others that are family to me, I did back to my corner. Arguing with Carp, a person that most people on here respect, is a lose-lose proposition. Mama is gonna be proud!!! Yay!!!

  172. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Salty, yeah Ive laced up a pair of skates with Blogmama, and I was the worst skater on the ice and she boarded me from behind!!! LOL

  173. Elm Street, more or less dead even between the Porter and Davis stops.

    I think we just disagree on the hits. There have been several where the only two options are knee buckles or guy flips skates over head. To me, that’s dangerous, not rugged or chippy or whatever. And I always hated Kasparitis so maybe its all the same.

  174. I won’t deny that some of his hits are borderline, but I still wouldn’t consider Marchand a goon. A pest that can be kind of dirty?

  175. stranger nation on

    May need to define criteria prior to posting…one mans ‘Carcillo’ is another mans ‘Hartnell’ is another mans ‘goon’

  176. Right, goon isn’t the right term because he’s a legit player regardless. Dirty pest works for me, pest seems to cutesy for what he actually does.

  177. stranger nation on

    Marchand definitely nose it. It’s all over his face for everyone to see. He knows how to sniff out an ugly goal, but for the most part he is sticking his nose where it does not belong…between Salo’s knees.

  178. Atta boy, Tiki!

    Maybe we should go in our corners with Rod too, eh? It’s not pretty, to be honest….

  179. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Cant disagree w. u there, Carp. I am an agitator, or so Ive been called much of my life :)

    But the thing is, I actually dont try or intend to agitate, but as Ive been told, I simply have no filter for what I say.

  180. Where in Southie, by the by? One of our softball fields is Evans, all the way around Day Blvd. Awesome place to get distracted by the planes flying overhead. And wear a Yankees hat.

  181. Tiki, you’re not an agitator. You’re a harmless puppy who’s never been shown the limits…May I say Casey? :-)

  182. Yeah, that sounds about right for you guys. Glad we cleared this up!

    Ilb, good idea. But then we’d have to go back to trading everybody, and we can’t do that anymore.

  183. I’m the biggest agitator of all, though, according to Carp. So it looks like I won’t be getting in anytime soon. Plus, ilb tends to dislike upstanding lunch arbiters.

  184. Latona, don’t start. (notice no smiley face … not because I’m not kidding … I’m just tired of putting smiley faces at the end of my peabrain comments).

  185. Carp,

    With the parentheses in that comment, it would have been easier to just throw a colon in there and roll with it.

  186. what????? I didn’t use ur toilet ilb because I didnt5 wanna clog or destroy it. so I went to the gas. station.

  187. The irnoy for me is, if I ever did say who & what I know, No ONE would ever question me.
    Instead, in trying to show some discretion, I get suckerpunched by the CCCPs off the world.


    see but you never say who and what you know because you don’t know anybody and you know nothing…there is no irony here…at all.

  188. I’m on F street off West Broadway. Most likely moving to the East side in a few months though.

  189. I ha a ‘rhea e3xplosion on a plane recently and they hadx to close off the pilot’s bathroom at the front of plane. my bro’s girlfriend called it a weapo9n of ass destruction and whoever had to clean that pool of carcillo should’ve worn a hazmat suit. I feel bad for the lady flight attendant that had to cle3an it, I tho7ught about tippingv her but they’re not supposed to receive tips

  190. Wait, so _I’m_ the one who “basically accused players of using PEDs without foundation”? I think the appropriate word is “huh”?

    And for what it’s worth, nobody is asking you to waive your discretion with your many inside contacts, nobody is blaming you for Nash not being a Ranger (why the hell would they?), nobody cares whether Carp got your emails and nobody cares why Willie Mitchell wasn’t and isn’t a Ranger. And personally, I don’t give a Carcillo who has sources and I’m barely interested in trade speculation anyway.

    Point is, if there is nothing to reveal, nothing is being said. Or we end up with pseudo-prophetic statements such as assurances that certain players WILL be traded, when it there is nothing assured about it whatsoever.

    And for someone who takes mortal offence at even the lightest ribbing, you seem strangely comfortable throwing dirtbags around like syringes at an Ovechkin house party (according to my sources).

  191. NYTimes article on blocking shots

    Ten months have passed since right wing Ryan Callahan planted himself in front of Boston defenseman Zdeno Chara, whose slap shot has been timed at well over 100 miles per hour, and tried to help the Rangers sit on a late lead by taking one for the team.

    While helmets and pads have been improved over the years, skate boots remained unchanged. Now, players can wear Kevlar protection over their skates.
    Callahan blocked the shot, and the Rangers won the game and made the playoffs. But Callahan was not available to play in them because Chara’s shot *broke Callahan’s right ankle*.

    Callahan, now the Rangers’ captain, is no more cautious than he was before the injury. Heading into the Rangers’ game Tuesday against Chara’s Bruins in Boston, Callahan is fourth among N.H.L. forwards this season in blocked shots, with 60 in 54 games. Two of his teammates, defensemen Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh, are among the top five over all, each with more than 130 blocks.

    “We don’t want anybody getting injured, but things happen,” Callahan said after a recent practice. “There are going to be guys getting hit and being injured, guys blocking shots and being injured. It’s a physical game, and things happen, but that’s not something you can worry about. We’ve got to keep blocking shots. We can’t let those shots go through.”


    Asked if he wore extra protection on his feet, Rangers center Brian Boyle sheepishly replied, “No, I don’t, but it might be something I go ahead and do in the summertime.”

    *After a pause, he said, “I probably should, to be honest with you.”*

  192. better beans than these on

    Manny and Mister D: get well soon! Wear “soft” casts as soon
    as you can:-).
    Like you, Manny, I have worried about Callahan’s foot all season
    long. And other parts. And every other Ranger’s other parts.
    Mentioned it just yesterday, as one of my “playoff’ concerns.
    We don’t need no stinkin’ bruises to remind us that Rangers,
    admirably, are often substitutin’ grit for grace – and so as
    difficult a sports grind as there is in the galaxy becomes just
    considerably moreso.

    If it were up to me, all sports would be “local” – and no one would ever
    be uprooted, especially guys with kids.
    I have only recently noticed that it is not up to me. Having done that,
    I think I may be responsible for the “Trade Staal” fooferaw.
    I appear to be one of the few who thinks Kris Kreider may not score 50
    next year, thus leaving the Sather Gang, as usual, a little short on
    the scoring side of the cap ledger. So, given the impressive depth those
    same Gang members have managed to accrue on “D” – I thought a
    restored Marc Staal would be a possible lure for a genuine scoring threat
    (Glen can hire Paul from Philly as a temp consultant:-). Having inadvertently
    offended so many who keep Donnie Maloney shrines only days ago, I now
    offer my apologies to those whose devotions and candles are burned mostly
    for Marc. That I would identify him as a lure was meant to be, and properly
    understood truly is, a compliment (Just as Donnie, Keystone Kop he often
    was around the net, will remain on my Ranger All-Time Startin’ Five, forever.
    And he can come General Manage this crew anytime.)

    I think it was Fran from Florida who was brave enough to offer the initial
    question about M. Staal’s contris. Then Jonny D and a few others, self
    included, agreed with his take.

    Sad to see some of the “lighthearted” well-meant teasing of a somewhat
    socially bewildered insider continues to look like an ugly, unfair gang
    beat-down, to this outsider. (And, yes, a few guys/gals have done
    yoeman’s work, gently and creatively, to help that “insider” see some
    healing light. I urge them to keep it goin’:-).

    You hear it from legendary GMs all the time. “Always lookin’ to get better.”
    Lots of you take exception to that when their amateur and self-appointed
    kin do that on this site, especially after a win. Grads of Fan College of
    Sarasota, my guess, complete with special hand-shakes, and secret decoder
    The critiques are not in any way mean-spirited; they are part of a constant,
    healthy process, by which individuals and organizations grow. Thought the
    win, personally, against the Devils, was great hockey in its way (absent the
    anger-control issues), smilin’ from ear to ear when it was done.
    The pleasure of my witness did not exclude me noticin’, f’rinstance, Dubi
    bein’ ten-cent Dubi, half a dozen times and more. And noticin’ that, and
    what it might mean this $4 million cap hit and next, this goal-drought and
    the possible next, did not in any way diminish that genuine pleasure
    watchin’ skilled humans at hard, shared labor. (I sorta expect the
    Rangers to start breakin’ out in communal work songs DURING GAMES,
    any day now).
    Nope. Confession: actually increased it, since, in the end, I’m lookin’ at
    the Whole Picture (as much as my pedestrian vision allows that in hockey),
    everything this complex and challenging universe hast to offer.
    Nit-pickin’? Horsefeathers…

  193. LW, why don’t you just get out of here you self-centered you-know-what. It’s always about you. get a sense of humor while you’re at it.

  194. Leetchhalloffame on

    Would love to know why that flying leap by Clarkson into Dubi’s head the other night was not addressed by the NHL.

  195. Oh yea…..Flying Leap and Leap Day. Interesting. Maybe it will get addressed tomorrow because of the double Leap thing.

  196. anybody see the interview Cerny had with Scott? sounds like an awesome guy. kind of reminds me of why Shelley was acquired a few years ago, goon (scott is much better though) and a great lockerroom presence.

  197. Read somewhere (forgot where – me again, with no sources…) that Clarkson and Zubrus were both spoken to by the league, but no fines. That’ll learn ’em.

    And Rinaldo with a controversial hit last night too? Shocked face.

  198. ilb2001,

    They already won.

    No chance they’d bush-league it. Who do you think they are, the NYRangers?

  199. So, I leave my computer to go shoot some work & I get back & everybody is fighting & Tiki’s in the gas station taking a Carcillo .
    What else did I miss ??

  200. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    better beans than these:

    You are right about Kreider not scoring 50 goals next year. In fact he will have to push hard to get to 15. You see he will not be getting any PP time. The “coach” will not be putting himself in the position of giving Kreider PP time, and then having to answer why Kreider gets it but Hags doesn’t. I

    If Torts were smart instead of a Rock with a bad comb-over, he would gently ease Hags into some PP time, starting right now, so that he does not have to suppress Kreider getting PP time, to be “consistent” in the crap way he treats young players. Imagine, next year, no PP time for Hags and Kreider!

    Also, since we know Kreider is going to be treated like he is the reincarnation of Ryan Hollweg by this “coach,” I have changed my stance as regards his call-up, from in favor to “Why the puck even bother?” Imagine, Kreider and Hags being treated like Steerage passengers in any other organization. Cherepanov is lucky he died.

  201. “Carp February 29th, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    what can I say? I’m a dirtbag.”

    Well it’s nice to hear you finally admit it!

    Let’s get to it Carp. You love having these NHL neophytes you call ‘contributors’ sucking at your kneecaps, because you need their support.

    You haven’t reported a damn thing since the 90’s, but at least here, under arcane rules that see lifelong hockey people like me ridiculed & banned again & again while the bums who offer nothing but insults (and who ALWAYS get away scott-free) pretend your their Blogfather, some sort of revered figure.

    It is a total joke.

    And here’s one little secret for ya. We have some of the same friends.

    It’s been brought to their attention. And they think it’s a joke too.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you (self-professed) dirtbag.

  202. No, say what you want, but we are a really unique blog, with special and extreme features, like no other places. Take this Rod “The Informant “character. With exception of few communist leaders, rare you can see such a meaningless nonsense, disguised in a pseudo hockey terminology and rhetoric, expressed with so self- significant seriousness and straight face. His long and boring monologues can be used as a medical treatment to put asleep the most neurotic patient of any, hockey fan’s filled, psychiatric facility. He built himself a pedestal from own whining material (mostly dirt bags) against the rest of the boneheads world, and, like a real lightning rod , despite of multiple burned stains in credibility, is not going to move anywhere soon.( like one on a top of 100 years old church spike). Exceptional !

  203. What I don’t understand seriously, is for how long this caricature character can throw insults on the hard working keeper of this very blog, he is posting his byfuglien cookecarsillo, without being punished or banned.
    Do we really have to call Mr. Scott?

  204. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    What in bloody hell is going on in this blog????


    If you guys don’t knock off all this smiley crap I’m going to beat the carcillo out of all of you!

    Too goonish?

    I can say this because apparently there are no corners left for me to be sent to.

  205. Holy crap. I totally wish I wasn’t on my iPhone right now.

    Hey Rod: who are your sources for such accusations?

    Speaking of people in the inside (for real) what happened to HWirth? That guy ruled.

  206. Hey Rod: I just checked on this. Carp isn’t in Middle School so your taunts if “my friends said _______” are kind of juvenile?

  207. Now I have read everything! “Cherepanov is lucky he died.” WTB? That is the craziest thing I have read on this blog and I read it every day.

    Nobody cares what I think but I’m with Tony. If you don’t like it here, nobody is making you hang around. YOU (and you know who you are) act like you’re offended but you love every minute of the attention you get. And I just contributed to it. Shame on me.

  208. I’ve never pretended to be anything other than a hockey outsider in a far flung corner of Europansyland, armed only with a few Brodeur fat jokes and a stunning lack of credibility.

    If I ever became lucky enough and old enough to be a “lifelong hockey person” with a close association to people within the game, I’d hope I could do so without becoming a condescending braggart with an enormous persecution complex, but maybe that comes with the job.

    I look forward to this blog being a daily monologue of inaccurate trade speculation once all us NHL neophytes are excluded.

  209. better beans than these on

    Just to add to my attempt to create utter confusion where there
    was nuthin’ but serene clarity before – I generally like LW, whenever
    he’s not channelin’ Butthead. And he’s not channelin’ Butthead
    most of the time…
    I generally like most folks, whatever generation, skin tone, geography,
    sports affiliations, facial structure – as long as they’re not channelin’ Butthead.
    I even like Carp most of the time. (I don’t like rich folks
    almost ALL the time. I’m with Balzac on them…)!

    LW is not part of the Poison Clique, grads of Roger Clemens Mittel
    Skool:-) :-) :-0 ;-) to which I previously referred, who are lookin’
    to kick some benighted soul in the kidneys whenever they sense
    the time is ripe because said soul is
    missin’ a few important clues in a very dynamic and complex process.

    Smoke ’em if y’got ’em (that means you, E3).

  210. it’s chilly in here today.

    hey Rod, you gave yourself away. i’m a journalist — and though journalists might have sources they almost certainly have no friends. so your attack on carp must be b.s.

    moreover, there seem to be some neophytes on here (and sometimes it’s annoying), but overall it’s a pretty good discussion (i read a lot; comment rarely). And as for breaking stories, what is there to break? Trade rumors? Break news on the Scott trade. Boy, that must have been in the works forever. Nothing happens since the cap was instituted. Nothing.

  211. Rod, I very much doubt we have any common friends. You are an uniformed jackwagon of the highest order. My friends would not like you.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not on the beat anymore. Been since, like, 2002. Get a clue.

    I love having these “neophytes” around because they’re bright and funny and they love their team, and I really get a kick out of doing this because of them. There aren’t too many donkeys around, and when one comes stomping around, the smart and funny people tend to take exception. If the donkey-shoe fits …

    Boom Boom, that last set of comments was beyond idiotic.

  212. By the way, Rod, thanks for breaking all those trades for us. I think the only one you missed was John Scott. Oh, wait, that’s the only one they made.

  213. Boom, one more time, this coach loves Hagelin. He’s bringing him along slowly. You are too prejudiced against him to realize it’s called coaching, teaching, nurturing, and too dim-witted to stop rooting against your team so you can ultimately blame the one person you hate. Eventually they might lose, and then you’ll have your opening to throw your misguided blame around.

    But there is no excuse for that last comment. None.

  214. Nice…I came home, talked to mrs, walked the dogs, and I have to read THIS?

    Remember I proposed to go in our corners with Rod? FORGET IT!
    And I tried not to say a word about it since the whole trade fiasco was discussed because didn’t think it was necessary to rub it in, even though I’ve been insulted by Rod many times without any substance. I also enjoy Rod’s hockey posts and stopped paying any attention to his trade talks. It was working for me. Rod, my guess is that you’re at least over 40-45, no? Do you realize how immature and childish the whole situation is? Why would anyone need with even intermediate level of intelligence require that type of attention? Baffling…

    Boom Boom- I truly feel sorry for you. You need help, and I hope it’s not too late.

  215. Rod’s comments would be accurate if Tortorella hated Hagelin – it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t. There have been guys who’ve passed through this organization who the coach, for one reason or the other, wanted nothing to do with it and effectively banished them. Hagelin isn’t one of those people and it would take a meteoric plummet for him to become one of them.

  216. I thought you were a dirtbag, Carp….Don’t confuse me, I had a long day at work…I was under the impression it was Wicky’s job….Is he an UFA next year? If not, I suggest we buy him out.

  217. actually, I don’t even know if Rod was the guy who said the stuff about Hagelin and Krieder. I don’t even really care.

  218. oh, is this the rod who has all the pretend sources.

    i have to catch up.

    and that cherepanov comment. oy vey.

  219. But there haven’t been many. Obviously No. 16.

    Torts loves speed, and wants Hagelin to be an important piece, and I think the way he and the leaders on the team have mentored him — and the way he’s had his eyes and ears wide open — is quite impressive, actually.

  220. by the way, can anyone name a rangers coach more willing to give young players the minutes they deserve than tortorella? then again, if a young player doesn’t buy in or isn’t ready, he’s been just as willing to send them away. there might be some things to complain about, but the coach? i don’t see it.

  221. By definition, goon is someone who *intentionally* and *continuously* try or does injure and hurt other people, regardless of his own weight, right?
    …then, who is /are a dirt bag(s)? Following rod’s comments? I’m confused…

  222. Hagelin looks like a good player, but lets be honest, no one (including the organization) really had a whole lot of belief in him before he got his shot. I’m glad the dude has made the most of his opportunity, but this is one situation where you definitely don’t overextend the guy before he’s had a chance to fully acclimate himself.

  223. 4everanger — i don’t think that’s the definition of a hockey goon, no.

    i think a goon is a player who has fighting skills but little else. years ago, there were more players who could fight and play (neely, graves, etc …) . nowadays we mostly have specialized fighters. they don’t, by definition, try to “intentionally and continuously” injure and hurt other people (though some of them might). they fight. i would say most of them are pretty honorable players, actually.

  224. Hagelin is being developed exactly the way he should. He is being used on regular shifts daily, and on PK because his speed keeps the opposition honest. He is already projected to play in much more games than he is used to in college. Adding PP at the moment might simply overextend him. Playoffs, remember? He’ll have his share….And for everyone complaining about Girardi/ McD playing time? It’s back to low 20s as of now, and Stralman/ Bickel are in teens. Clueless coach.

  225. If Tort’s loves speed, he is going to have a huge man crush on Chris Kreider. Man that kid can skate!

  226. I didn’t say one word about Carl Hagelin.

    But, let’s be honest like Loyd said. No one had any faith in him.

    He’s here entirely by accident! Hahaha…. NEOPHYTE!

    Carp, you want to talk transactions, near transactions, and rumored transactions?

    Let’s go back to where this all began.

    You swore up and down the Rangers never went after Kovalchuk.

    I swore they had (with a discreet, significant offer).

    Elliot Friedman, only one of the best reporters in Canada, backed my assertion.

    To this day you’ve refused to acknowledge it.

  227. What’s kindergarten ILB?

    Defending myself for never having said something about Hagelin?

    I never did.

    Defending myself on Kovalchuk? I’d never backtrack on that.
    We should’ve never had the Nash fiasco if IK was (dealt for and then )signed like he should’ve been.

    Somehow Sather never even offered half the trade package he just did for Nash.

    I never had a problem with you, but you wanna drop’em, let’s go!

  228. True Blue Mike on

    and once again i have decided to read every comment on the blog instead of writing my paper… sigh

  229. The whole is childish, Rod. Why does it even matter? Who was right or wrong. Defending yourself? Against what? Let it go. Someone needs to make a first move. Whoever is more mature, eventually will. So I hope. And you have insulted a lot of people, often unsubstantiated, IMO. If you are willing to admit it, you may want to be the first one to make that move.

  230. True Blue Mike on

    “I never had a problem with you, but you wanna drop’em, let’s go!” ^^[Rod]

    Wait aren’t we all on computers?

  231. Rod,
    I know I am in the minority, but I have always enjoyed your comments. I do not care if you have sources or not, I just like trade rumors.

  232. True Blue Mike on

    Anyone ever read the book “The True History of Chocolate” and know’s a little bit about Latin American Commodities’ from the 1500s-2000s, want to help me write my paper? For some reason I have a feeling nobody will, just a guess though.

  233. True Blue Mike on

    Yea! Even if they are complete out of left field! This just in: Ovechkin and Semin rumored to be heading to Minnesota at next years trade deadline!

  234. It’s mind boggling how some of the people hate here and yet can’t stay away.
    I find it really funny when Rod gives his “inside info” and continue to do so after being called out so many times. Rod just stop, nobody cares what you have to say.
    Boom Boom you and your hate for the coach is unbelievable. The team is in the first place.
    There is more young guys that came through the system then ever before.
    Yet the coach hates everybody. And Cherepanov comment is totally bush-league.

  235. Miami Pimp knows a bit about Latin American Commodities, I think. At least he knows all about their different hockey leagues….:-)

  236. As for Hagelin…he has exceptional speed, above average wrist shot, good hockey vision/IQ and a lot of character and passion. His only downside IMO is that he tries sometimes to do too much (to the rustle), like most of the young rookies. Coach task is to “slow” him down time to time to be tighter implemented to system. This type of players the more they play, the better they become; and Hags is very coachable, quick, smart and appreciative learner, with a bright future. Oh, and of course, Torts like him a lot, no doubt about it.

  237. True Blue Mike on

    Hey Boom, any chance you would switch places with Cherepanov, considering his luck and all? We could really use a solid first line winger right about now. R.I.P. Cherepanov

  238. Evening all,

    Boom Boom – you cannot be serious about your comments

    Seems you know very little about the psychology of coaching – and what it takes to bring a player along at the NHL level.

    If you think there’s a better coach out there for the Rangers than Torts, well name him.

    And that Cherepanov business you wrote is beyond reproach.

    Come on, man.

  239. True Blue Mike on

    In all honesty, I see Hagelin being a Dupuis type player for most of his career with a possible 2-3 above average season’s but I have been wrong before and sure hope I am wrong again.

  240. every time I see Hagelin play, my expectations for him go up. at first I though 4th line/ 3rd liner penalty killer. now I think he is the top LW on the team, and capable of being a 20 to 30 goal scorer.

  241. I know something you all don’t. Here’s a fact for you… (pulling out his Wiz hat) They’re bringing me back. Yeah. I’m the Wiz again. I’m the Wiz! And nobody beats me! I’m the Wiz!

  242. Well actually Cup94 (who I never heard of; have u ever posted before even once?
    That’s ok. Feel free to take a shot at me like everyone else. Cause that’s what I am. A punching bag for dirtbags), you know, if you read Bulldog’s remark, it kind of renders what you said untrue.

    ILB, I’ve turned the other cheek here more than Jesus Christ. Enough!!

  243. Punching Bags for Dirt Bags. Awesome. Your’e definitely a “bag” Rod.

    I don’t think Jesus Christ was known for turning the other cheek. Maybe some other stuff. I never knew that people were always trying to pick fights with him and he refused. You might be confusing him with “Ned Braden.”

  244. I can’t tell you what to do, Rod….But I believe that you want to be around the blog. And you’ve insulted a lot of people, often with very little reason…I think if you just stick to hockey related talks, plenty of people would enjoy them. Trades? Who cares?

  245. ilb,
    there were a few guys on here who were really high on him( Hagelin) coming out of college. I took more of a wait and see attitude. but I can’t help but like what I see. I think he is going to be a good one.

  246. Now tell us the about the time where Jesus Christ loafs and fishes… that’s one of my favorites.

  247. Thanks Manny Astronomo, another guy I don’t think I ever heard of (unless you’re Manny, just Manny; that guy I remember being pretty knowledegable & a gentleman)

    I mean, people are attributing remarks about Hagelin to me and then nailing me for it,
    and I never said anything at all about him!


  248. Another season, and we’ll have an idea, bull dog. He is absorbing the Torts style of the game, being careful and trying to fit in. Once he is more comfortable, we may see what type of hand skills he has.

  249. That’s your opinion ILB, that I insulted people.

    I fought fire with fire. They started it FIRST.

    They do it now when I say nothing, when I AM talking nothing but hockey.

    Maybe if I had a strange but colorful name like PlattyPuss-whatever-the-hell,
    I’d seem more like them and they’d cool it.
    But they won’t. Wait till that bitch CCCP shows up.

    Tell ya right now, we can meet at a game anytime. I’ll go with the whole lot of’em.

    Effin’ Dirtbags.

  250. True "Looney" Mike on

    What does everyone think of Dubinsky’s struggles? A one season melt-down? Or is this his true form so to speak?

  251. ilb,
    if Kreider is on the team next season, he and Hagelin could be the top 2 LW. that would allow the Rangers to move Dubi, or AA back to there natural position, center. that would make the Rangers a very deep team.

  252. Let it go, guys. Please. Why make it uncomfortable? Is this the place that you all want to come in and read all the bickering?

  253. LOL
    Fire with fire. They started firs.
    This is priceless.
    Ilb you think Rod is 40-45. Seems like child to me.

  254. True Blue Mike on

    Back to hockey talk? And yea Manny should be hopefully turning 20 in May, unless of course I get lucky, as Boom would put it.

  255. True Blue Mike on

    Bull Dog, you think Anisimiov should be used as a 3rd line center. If that were the case I would like to see him traded and get a Paul Gaustad or Brian Boyle type 3rd line center.

  256. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    ILB (and carp)
    I’m right here and at this point to avoid scaring the hell out of the “long time reader, don’t post very often crowd” (I’d like to keep the numbers for carp up), I am biting my tongue quite frequently this thread, however if this continues I am certainly not against taking a couple majors from carp to let some of these JACKWAGONS know what is and IS NOT acceptable here.

    I am also willing to travel if necessary!!!!

  257. True Mike,
    I think Dubi’s season will end up being a one time thing. he will get back to 18 to 20 goals, and 50 pts next season. I also have a feeling you are going to see him have a real good playoff. playoff style hockey fits his game.

  258. Nursery, Rod….Kindergarten would be too mature. If you don’t realize it, the whole issue is hopeless.


  259. Paul in sunrise on

    Back to hockey talk

    When I watch this team I don’t see much of a difference from last year. I know most of you have been critical of some of the boys but look what BRich has done for this club. No he is not a point per game pace but he adds a credibility to the team. A second line to worry about. And also up front the team is healthy (cally is ok right?). BRich has done the mentoring and leading as promised. Worth it. Let’s make a deep cup run. Let’s go rangers

  260. I think Anisimov could play any number of roles Mike. but, yeah, checking center is probably his best spot. I think Ansimov scores 15 to 18 goals no matter who he plays with. I think those 15 to 18 goals are more valuable on a checking line instead of a scoring line.

  261. True Blue Mike on

    I hope your right on that one Bull Dog. Dubi back to a 50 point pace would really help this team. I hope Tort’s tries the whole Stepan-Richards-Gaborik, Dubi-AA-Callahan thing again at least once before the play offs but I doubt we will ever see those lines again.

  262. Good what in holy hell evening all! ilb, even a year’s worth of Sunday Times…New York and London…aren’t enough for today….Good Adam Gravey, what nutter butters everyone is today! I’ve been going since 6 a.m. and don’t have the energy to contend in this ring of ding-a-lings :)

    My goal is to kick some Boston aasen on Sunday…got a bet going with a Beantown cousin and I want him to eat carcillo!!!

  263. True Blue Mike on

    I see your point, just think their are better suited players there but I guess at 1.75 a year we shouldn’t complain. I wish AA would score 30 goals on the 1st line, because I have always loved him as a player.

  264. Hey all, it’s Carp.

    I just wanted to tell you guys that the Rangers weren’t in on Ilya Kovalchuk when he was a free agent.

    Somebody in the front office, who is in on all of the meetings on such decisions, put it thusly: “If we were in on him, he’d be a Ranger.”

    Of course, there is an attention-starved nitwit who claims to know otherwise.

    You guys can choose who you want to believe.

  265. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    so let me get this straight…we have someone who posts about AC’s death and then another one who posts and complains about validation from others and in the same thread, complains that someone else started it first??

    What the HELL is wrong with you….even if you get past AC’s death, I’m sure you could ask his family, friends, and teammates (and his fans) how it was a good thing that he died as well and I’m sure they would be ok with it too.

    You don’t have enough teeth in your mouth for me to knock the fugg out, but I think the ones you have would be a deserving start!

    And mr he started it, grow up! I mean seriously grow up! Most tolerate you (should I say tolerated you), but to go after carp and ILB who do everything and anything for anyone at anytime is beyond stupid. And if you can’t take some ribbing (most of us do here at one point or another…that is part of the charm) from CCCP and LW, two quality human beings, then do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and don’t come back!

  266. Checking two-way center who can pop in around 20 is what he should be, bull dog…Who can occasionally move up and contribute, if injuries occure. Shouldn’t be very expensive to keep. Those are very difficult to find. I believed from the getgo that was how the Rangers were grooming him. Nothing wrong with that

  267. Here comes the goon! Told ya! :-)

    Bull dog, don’t know if you remember, but when AA started to play in NHL I was comparing him to Jere Lehtinen. I still think they play a similar game, even though I doubt Anisimov will score 30+

  268. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    ROFLMAO at mention of the senor duckbill, as you know I am from foreign lands aka stranger in a strange land.. the duckbill, contrary to unpopular belief, likes when the Rodster posts. Those posts are colorful in a technicolor dreamcoat sort of way. they are animated in a hanna barbera (not barbarella!). admittedly, at times his posts are better than E.T., the Gremlins or even the King and I with Yuletide Brenner. As such the duckbill is flattered to be mentioned so loving by Rod and fellow boneheads.

    Thank you for your volley of kindness towards the duckbill.


  269. Olga Folkyerself on

    I note the disparaging remarks earlier concerning John Scott but I tell you all this: The first time that John Scott is holding some piece of carcillo flyer/islander/devil at arms length while delivering bunches of fives to his head, you all will smile with sadistic delight.

    He will keep a lot of teams “honest” thru the rest of the season. I haven’t found a video of him scoring a goal, but he sure has won a lot of fights.

    Oh and Dallas just tied it up.

  270. I just don’t see him getting a sweater most nights, unless somebody’s hurt, Olga. But I think he might get a shirt April 3.

  271. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh, they gotta try out the new guy a couple times, don’t they? He’s like getting a new toy for Christmas. A BIG toy. Obviously it will depend on the opposition. And the standings…

  272. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I can’t wait to see Scott get an instigator penalty because I really don’t know who would fight that beast urrrr, I mean man.

  273. carcillo, a wicky!! But I had thank the duckbill for that video!! My best friend Susi and I (as adults mind you) looovvveee the Monkees, and would always do what I call the Davey Jones shuffle dance….But I actually liked Dolenz the best as a singer. Some stupid paper also said JOnes sang Last Train to Clarksville…not!!! That was the Mickster!!!!

    OK, now I’m spent….niters all! LGR!!!!!

    Olga, LOL…..

  274. the best was that little tough guy on Columbus instigating with Scott, and the look on Scott’s face, like he couldn’t believe this guy wanted to fight him so badly. which, of course, turned out to be a big mistake.

  275. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know, with our penalty killing, an effective instigator penalty by Scott (a real beatdown, mind you) in an otherwise harmless situation would put the fear of Jesus’ Daddy into some of those tough guy wannabes.

  276. I say put Scott and Hagelin on PP. Deadly combo. The goalie would not see a thing until Hagelin skates in with the puck behind him. If Torts can’t see this as an option, he should coach that Bolivian 2-4pm summer team Miami has been drooling over…

  277. Olga Folkyerself on

    Funny you should mention that. We had a guy on our adult hockey league that we called Big John. Didn’t know what a blue line was. Once we taught him, we also taught him how to stand in front of the net. We would actually try to bounce pucks off him onto the goal. If it didn’t go in, he learned real fast how to find the rebounds.

    He finished the season with 10 goals, no assists.

  278. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Davey Jones and the Monkeys — more hits than Whitney but less fanfare in death?

  279. Good game, Latona. Dallas is desperate for points. First time in years we can enjoy this time of the year, when everyone seems to be desperate for points and we can just enjoy these games without worrying much who wins and who doesn’t.

  280. watched the video of the Nystrom hit on Letang…

    don’t think it’s suspendable, personally. Nystrom didn’t stick his arm out and if anything looked to holding his arm close to his body. they met at a weird angle and Letang took it in the face. just bad luck for Letang, imo.

  281. Olga Folkyerself on

    Only problem I have with the hit Lloyd, is that Nystrom had no intention of going for the puck, he just targeted Letangs head. “Legally”.

    As in “Scott Stevens Legally”

  282. Rod – “Wait till that bitch CCCP shows up.”

    I just love him! He’s too cute! Yeah Rod and I go WAY back! Rod can’t get over the fact that i was the first one to call him out! Yup… i am the original dirty bag punk who started it! LMAO!

  283. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Tough for Letang, that hurt, but at some point players have to start holding themselves responsible. Letang has to protect himself there. Head down and reaching for the puck in the corner is just asking for a concusion.

  284. don’t really agree with that. if you watch the slow motion, Nystrom is actually moving toward the loose puck and hits Letang when he sees Letang coming toward him. don’t have a problem with that.

  285. Messier used to protect his head by handing out Sherwood sandwiches. That’s what these guys should start doing if Shanahan and the Dept. of Player Safety are going to be wishy-washy-wussies.

  286. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gunny, point well taken. He should have protected himself better. But it still seems an un-necessary hit to the head.

  287. would not surprise me if Scott plays against Tampa, most definitely will play against Boston and NJ….i think he’ll play more frequently than we all expect. cant wait for his first fight. this guy knocked down Parros!

  288. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    You’re right! I remember him doing that, but in today’s NHL wouldn’t his stick get fined?

  289. Those two days were the last two between the games until the end of March….Crazy schedule is starting tomorrow.

  290. does anybody know, in this reebok commercial with ochocinco and the red-haired woman throwing the medicine ball around … who’s the guy who says “I got next?” Must be a pro athlete, right?

  291. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Since reebok sneeks are the “cool” sneeks, my guess is the guys’ a metric footballer.

  292. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Found this on the interweb. Its Annie Thorisdottir. She was named The Fittest Woman on Earth at the 2011 Reebok|CrossFit Games.

  293. The forecast predicts hurricanes with some lightning soon afterward. More is bruin over the weekend.

    I’m so funny!

  294. Yes, she does, Carp – but, I’ll bet it would “hurt so good”….. ;-p

    Don’t know who the other guy is – I didn’t even know the guy she beat was “famous”…I thought he was just some thug..

  295. Maybe you should look into that, Carp. Maybe you should look into that.

    I thank you kindly, Jimbo, Esq.

  296. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Fine, children, take my comment out of context. I know it’s hard talking straight hockey when the “Rod” volleys are sallying back and forth, all over the place.

    My point is really in the form of a question as to what the coach does with Krieder as regards the PP? Because if he puts CK right in there with PP time, then all this “nurturing” and bringing Hags along slowly becomes smokescreen nonsense. But what if, consistent with his absolute refusal to even test Hags on the PP, he does the same with Kreider? In that case, why the puck even bring Kreider up – other than to give him “Hollweg Minutes” and garbage-time responsibility.

    Can you not see the corner this coach is painting himself into, here?

    By the way, NO ONE here, liked and respected Chere here, more than I did and still do. I am the one – NOT YOU – ME – I am the one who October 13th every year, adds the R.I.P Chere line here, in his remembrance. No one else here even knows that date except me. So don’t give me your usual condescending crap and take my implication out of context, which, for the record was that any talented young player, be he Hagelin, Kreider, or Cherepanov, had he been blessed to live and get here, gets put in a doghouse by this coach, as though as he much to learn and nothing to contribute until, what (?) he has played 500 NHL games?

    Let’s just wait and see, if CK comes up this year, what role he is given? I think many here are going to be disappointed when, after he shows he belongs, he is still treated like a raw rookie who can’t be trusted in pressure situations.

    Now go back to your sewing circle nit-picking and trash barrel slandering.

  297. Nice Gameday to everyone tommorow. No, not a “must win”, lol, but just a win will satisfy me quite well.

  298. So Elliotte Friedman’s a nitwit too Carp?

    (Once again, your kindness and sense of fairness has overwhelmed me.)

    “It didn’t help that some of the biggest spenders – Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Rangers – all of whom showed interest in trading for Kovalchuk at the deadline, weren’t really players in free agency,” an agent added. “That eliminated a lot of his potential openings.”

    A couple teams called about shorter-term deals, but were rebuffed. (I was told the Rangers offered $15 million over two years, but the organization denied that.) ”

    Elliotte Friedman Elliotte joined CBC in October 2003 and is a commentator with Hockey Night in Canada. As part of his duties with Hockey Night in Canada, Friedman hosts Inside Hockey, a feature airing every Saturday during Scotiabank Hockey Tonight that tells the stories of the people and places that shape the game of hockey.

    Hmm, so Friedman has been on the beat since 2003. Carp’s been off it since 2002.

    You decide.

    “ilb2001 February 29th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Wicky, I don’t think Rod actually went after me. But thanks, anyway…”

    That’s okay Wicky; no need to apologize.

    It’s always safer & more fun to just pile on.

  299. BBB, you just made it from bad to worse, IMO. Even more disgusting…unwarranted usurped exclusivity on his memory against unknown others… What blind hatred to Torts can do. As I said – shame…

  300. And CCCP, we do go way back.

    Back to the very beginning, when certain people told me this place is a skull**** and not to come here. Back to when I said Rangers Report was (unfortunately; there are some cool & intelligent people here, like Jimbo) nothing more than a circle jerk, and it was you in the middle.

    I know; get your shinebox, blah, blah…. get some new material too, people, seriously already….

    Now go run and hide behind your BlogFather and the JOKE that is the mutually beneficial relationship which lets you slander away 24/7 and lets him sit in his bullspit throne on his leather ass.

  301. Olga, absolutely agree this time.
    …and it’s not out of context or political correctness, just “luck” and “death” could never coexist in one sentence for most normally sane and dissent people.

  302. Rod,
    Do you have any other 3rd grader’s insulting words in you vocabulary except “dirtbag”? Just for change…
    It’s become an honor title, getting from you.

  303. Olga Folkyerself on

    We could not be ENTIRELY in opposition, now could we?

    It appears I have reached dirtbag status? Have You?

  304. Wow, if Rod’s for real, and not some kind of a bionic, lab-created, super-troll then it really doesn’t get better than this. The guy just wants to be taken seriously and respected for his knowledge so badly, yet doesn’t realize that the way he presents himself and this so-called knowledge makes people want to lampoon him more and more. I’m not sure if it’s comedy, tragedy, or a mixture of both, but I love to watch it unfold.

  305. Wrongo again, there Rod boy. As usual. As always. You are a big floppy-footed clown who craves attention in the worst and most childish ways …

    “Oooh, oooh, I know something everybody. I know something. Do you want to know what I know? I can’t tell you. But it’s something really good. Do you want to know what it is? I could tell you, but I can’t. But you wish you knew, because I know, and it’s really cool, but I can’t tell you what it is, or how I know. but I really do know. Honest. I know a lot of important people who tell me a lot of important things, but I can’t tell you. Too bad because you’d really think I was cool if I could tell you what I know, because I really do know. I just can’t tell you.

    And I’m never wrong.”

  306. I noticed when you cited your Ranger source carp, you didn’t name names.

    I see. I’m the big floppy footed clown.

    I’m childish. Ok, all.

    Good evening.

  307. Rod,
    Based on your own posts, I seriously question your intellect or lack of it thereof. So many people, whom you trust, said you many times not to come here, you got a constant beating here, 0(zero) credibility and 0(null) respect and still you’re here and keep going. Unless it is pure, quintessential masochism, or clinical case, what does really motivate you?

  308. Now go home and get your big floppy shoe shinebox! (with all due respect to CCCP or whoever usually quotes that here)

  309. Ted,

    You missed the essential point, which is when it comes to knowledge I could really care less what any of you think.

    Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. WOW!

    Enjoy chewing on the single tidbit of info Carp provides you once every six months, when he deigns to throw his loyal minions a small bone to keep them in lap dog mode.

  310. Ted Sheckler on

    I know. You prove how little you care with every long defensive post. It’s exactly what apathetic people usually do. Consider me checkmated.

  311. Carp,
    you do not need to prove anything, or have a civilized dialog and reasoning with this type of creatures, so why bother?…

  312. Funny, Rod, I was about the only person who tolerated you for a long time. And you come out and attack me today and expect me to be your buddy. You’re dumber than you sound, if that’s at all possible. Floppy-footed clown.

    I hope you don’t tell our mutual friends about this.

  313. This Rodster, who never made any hockey roster, makes me thirsty and hungry to the point, that I start to understand cannibals. Where is Hannibal Lecter, when we need him the most?…

  314. That’s a good question, 4everanger, though it’s obviously of the ‘do you still beat your wife’ variety. I guess the answer is some kind of quest for virtual dignity.

    I’m just not taking this crap. And you people are crazy for how you behave.
    Because it won’t be long at all, give it 24-48 hours, before an actual Ranger fan here will wonder what’s going on with this or that, and want answers.

    But because no one can read between the lines AT ALL, no one understands subtlety, and because people have their knives sharpened for me no matter the circumstance (like a GM running a month-long, couldn’t-be-more-public sweepstakes and then burying his captain from the podium) and lastly because of their insane preoccupation with who & how I know versus what I know, it gets shouted down. To put it mildly.

    And so, you know, the margins here for what is permissible are plain enough.

    Davy Jones & The Monkees? Ok.

    Ilya Kovalchuk? Joe Resnick? Eff Off!

  315. Oh, I don’t have to tell our mutual friends anything Carp.

    They’re reading it all!

    Sorry man, just can’t play the suckup game.

  316. GySgt. Hartman is Jeff in CT on

    Annie Thorisdottir Is hotter than Kathryn Tappen — yea I said it!

  317. It is totally incoherent, Rodsky. YA-A-A-WN.
    Oh, and btw, Rod, don’t confuse Trojan Horse with a Trojan Condom, please. Big difference. You may be look like 1st , but definitely sound like 2nd.

  318. And Carp, since you say you know Mr Friedman so well, why not call him and get his source for the Rangers offering Kovalchuk a contract?

    It would require picking up a phone I realize, and you stopped doing that in 2002. Oops. Sorry.

    Btw, Friedman called it a 2-yr, $15M deal. My understanding from 2 different places was it was 5yrs. Whatever. But I find it STUNNING when I point out Sather never came close to offering what he did for Nash for Kovalchuk last year, and not a single poster thinks on it.

    Goes to show what the tone is here, and the tonesetter would be you, Mr Carpiniello.
    And if you choose to set that tone with those with whom you disagree by calling them floppy-footed clowns and buttwipes, well there’s not much I can do BlogFather.

    It is, after all, your house. And it’s dirty.

  319. How could I forget?

    Davy Jones. Platty-Puss. And of course, Miss Kathryn Tappen.

    It’s all good.

  320. Here’s an idea, Rodney, why don’t you slink/slide over to another blog where people might care about your bizarro info and behavior? Because you have less than zero credibility here, you FFC. There’s a whole bunch of other sites over in the right-hand column. Maybe you can find one that tolerates you, you FFC.

    Maybe buy a personality and a sense of humor, too. You ffc.

  321. Rod, do you know where your children are? Hope all are asleep, follow their example, please.

  322. Ted Sheckler on

    Yeah Rod, way to go! You’re really blowing the lid off this corrupt den of iniquity! Forget it Jake, it’s Carp-town.

  323. It’s settled then.

    I just a few final questions. Kindly elaborate.

    What’s an FFC?

    Is it, oh BlogFather, language which is in compliance with the Rangers Report’s Terms of Service?

    And why not call Friedman?

    God Bless.

  324. Symptoms of non-stop poison tongue obsession, with mouth diarrhea and brain’s fart. That, all it is. Good bye, good people of RR and Rangersland.

  325. “Maybe buy a personality and a sense of humor, too”

    Right, don’t forget that part, Carp.

    Play the humor card one last time to cover up the HIDEOUS way you run this place.

    Nice touch.

  326. Carp is hilarious! lol

    One of the great things about this place is the amount of information that goes through here on regular basis…people who actually contribute share that information and *want nothing in return*(plus we have a twitter widget that has virtually every single hockey insider and writer)…

    What I’m trying to say is…


  327. Well if you spoke to Friedman and inquired about Kovalchuk offer(s),
    you would have known what he reported and perhaps from where he got it.

    ‘Inquired’ would be the key word there, and you’re retired from the beat.

    I do understand.

  328. I forgot to ask him about the Kovalchuk offers BECAUSE THERE WERE NONE. After kicking the tires and finding out what it would cost, the Rangers were not involved.

  329. Wow, I just went back and re-read the blog tonight … some of you ARE clowns.

    Bush-league to the max.

  330. JFC, what is wrong with two of you? Kindly go take a long walk off a short pier and save the rest of the world from your sheer idiocy. And for god’s sake do NOT spawn. There are enough morons in the world already.

  331. I’m happy for you CCCP (and really, it’s beeter to sign off all this with you than Carp; always had a much bigger beef with you, you nasty pr*ck of a dirtbag.).

    You’ve got a widget. Congratulations.

    Now go sit on it.

  332. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    And don’t talk hockey, Carp, just set the tone for the back-biting, here.

  333. CARP:

    Is it still true that the players don’t step on the Rangers logo that’s in middle of the floor in the locker room?

  334. Boom, why not make a few more racist comments, or rip on dead people. and root against the Rangers while you root for them so you can blame the coach who banned your poor Sean out of hockey.

  335. After Kovalchuk did not agree to their two or 5 year offers, the Rangers were not involved.

    You forgot to ask, you said. I understand.

    A reporter’s pencils can’t stay sharp forever.

    Guess that’s why you’re retired from the beat now.

    So see? Everyone can & should be happy.

    Adios Amigos!!!

  336. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    At least Im not in the middle of it this time. Hopefully never again, either.

  337. I have half a mind to invite some people to STL, drop them off in East STL and see if they can survive the night. I highly doubt they would.

  338. Miami, they finally did the smart thing … they drag out this big blue piece of carpet and lay it over the logo when media and others are in the room, so they don’t have to step on it, or on players’ bare feet trying to jump around it.

  339. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Rod, werent u the guy that announced his refusal to offer condolences on the blog to John Giannone’s deceased nephew, because others doing so was phony? And you hate animals?

  340. CARP:

    Do the players mind that they have to walk though that all-glass area? Any complaints?

  341. But inviting Kevin Stevens would be a GOOD thing in this case, Carp. Make sure that certain things actually happen ;)

  342. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Hey Mickey! Just got back from seeing the nephews! I posted a couple pics on FB.

  343. Yes Tiki, though I was making the general point that strangers offering their virtual condolences was strange on their own; plus, many such offers seem so disingenuous.

    See there Carp. You still got it!

    You provided your readers with some inside info.

    About a rug!

    Atta Boy!!!

  344. Goodnight, fellow pimps.

    I need to rest to get ready for the 21-game-losing-streak-to-close-the-season that’s fast approaching.

    Good night and good bush-league to all.

  345. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t they just get the logo off the effin’ floor? Put it on the wall for Cripes sake!

  346. I saw those Tiki. They’re getting pretty big.

    Did someone take a huge dump just now? Cause something sure stinks. PEEE-EWWW

  347. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Olga, what if someone accidentally wipes their rear end on the wall where the logo is? They should put the logo on the ceiling so no one touches it.

  348. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    This site is the “Jerry Springer Lite” of sports blogs. jajajaja.

  349. Anytime, Carp. Anytime.

    BTW, if any of your ‘head are readers I highly recommend 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It’s not a horror novel, but instead is about time travel and the ‘what if’ of Kennedy’s assassination. Really awesome and riveting novel. I find it hard to put down.

  350. Mida Will Folkyerself on

    John Scott is tall enough to have his head brush the ceiling where the logo is. They should put it behind glass outside of Sather’s office.

  351. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Mickey, they are getting big! They have a thing for pulling other people’s pants down, but luckily, I had boxers on today! LOL

  352. Pimp, you’re a pisser! I really did get a kick out of you!!!

    You’re one of the few who early saw this team had no offense.

    These people attacked me ruthlessly because I dared say so!

    Yet two days ago, Sather was ready to trade half his system for a 30-goal scorer.

    Hugo, that one last keen bit of hockey knowledge couldn’t be a more fitting end to this.

    THE END.

  353. U. Otto Folkyerself on

    Sather’s cigars would soon stink up the Rangers logo. They should fly a Rangers logo flag at the top of MSG…

  354. Rangers West on

    Wow. Does anybody here think that Boom Boom and Rod are just f@#&ing with people? I know it’s bad to laugh at people instead of with them, but…really? All the things in the world to get your panties in a bunch over and this is it? Talking about a game? There’s something as fascinating as it is sad about those guys and people like them. So tightly wound that they get nasty over nothing. There has to be a great comedy sketch comedy skit or screen play in all of this.

  355. Rangers West on

    How many times has Rod said good night, good bye, the end, adios, that’s all, etc?

  356. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Rod, you do realize that the Rangers are 12th or 13th in the league in goals scored per 60 minutes, right? Yes, we lack offense, but we dont have ‘no offense.’

  357. Good point Rangers West. He MUST be into S&M with behavior like that.

    And with that, I am off to sleep like a log. See you all for the game tomorrow!

  358. Well, we know where your mind is, Mickey.

    Go sleep just like a log, a 300-pound one.

    True though, every time I’d try to sign off, I see yet another shot coming across my bow.

    How to say goodbye to a disaster zone like this? Call FEMA? IDK.

    Just go I guess, and don’t come back.

  359. Once again Rod, I have to point out that it’s rather curious that a person who claims to not care what anyone here thinks has to make drawn out, passionate defenses every time his name is mentioned in passing.

  360. Damien (Son Of Lucifer) on

    Be honest, who’s a bigger disappointment to their mother, myself or Rod?

  361. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  362. Carp – out of curiosity, why do you think the Rangers will leave Zuccarello in Hartford if Callahan can’t play? Isn’t he the most talented player the team could bring in on wing in the event of an injury?

    For the record, I agree with you. I’m just wondering your reasons for thinking as such.

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