Rangers-Devils in review



1) 40-15-6, 86 points with a quarter of a season left. You kiddin’ me?

2) Henrik Lundqvist. Seven straight seasons of 30 wins. Forty-three career shutouts. Eight this season; 10-2-0 with a 1.24 goals against average, .952 save percentage and four shutouts in his last 12 games. A record of 22-6-5 with a 1.72 GAA, .936 save percentage and five shutouts in 33 games against Martin Brodeur. I’m reciting numbers because I don’t have words to describe what this guy is doing this season. If he doesn’t get the Vezina (voted by the GMs, guys like Scott Howson and Paul Holmgren and Garth Snow), they should blow up the trophy, and I hope my PHWA colleagues who vote on the Hart will do the right thing. Not saying he will or won’t win it over Evgeni Malkin, but it ought to be close enough to count the votes, if that trophy really does go to the player deemed most valuable to his team.

3) There sure was a battle for every square foot of ice last night, and now the Rangers can play that game, too. They gave the Devils almost nothing. Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi (and Brandon Prust, Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle) ate up Ilya Kovalchuk and future Ranger Zach Parise. This is why the Rangers, IMO, will be a frightening opponent in the playoffs. They will fight you every second. Not always perfect. But a fight that not every player on the other team really wants to fight.

4) Speaking of fights, the other kind, it would have been kind of interesting if massive John Scott had arrived in time for this game. Don’t know if he would have played, but I imagine his mega presence might have been felt. But … isn’t it remarkable how Officer Joe Boulton won’t fight Mike Rupp, and how David Clarkson won’t fight Brandon Prust? And how no matter how often John Tortorella tells Prust not to fight guys like Boulton because he’s too valuable, Prust still does (and last night he got hurt, though he came back). Did you hear Tortorella’s quote in the post-game interviews about his team not being intimidated by anybody, with or without Scott?

5) Clarkson, the Devils’ sideshow Sean Avery now, was a clown all night, and maybe if the refs didn’t protect him from Rupp and Prust, he wouldn’t have been such a clown. But it really wasn’t funny when he took a long charge, left his feet and propelled himself like a missile at Dubinsky’s head. But, of course, the NHL Department of Player Safety has deemed hits to the head perfectly legal now. $2,500 fine. Couch change.

6) Funny, that even while the Rangers went into a little funk the last few weeks, the lines kind of solidified and stayed together, and I think they’ve really found something with Carl Hagelin-Brad Richards-Ryan Callahan. Hagelin and Callahan have been magnificent lately, and the kid is all eyes and ears, sponging up all the knowledge he can get from the “C” and the “A.”

7) There was a play in the second period where the Rangers were pinned behind their net for a bit, and finally Patrik Elias came out with the puck. But as he tried to make the turn toward the front at the right post, Michael Del Zotto simply and solidly planted his shoulder in Elias’ chest, separating him from the puck. And it showed A) how far Del Zotto has come as a defensive player and B) how the Rangers no longer fish for the puck or look for the poke check. I think that has as much to do with their defensive success as their system.

8) Martin Biron survived the trade deadline. I don’t mean he survived, as in didn’t get traded. I mean, he survived as in didn’t get hurt. Remember what happened last year. Andrew Gross reminded me that last year Glen Sather said he wouldn’t let his goalies practice at the deadlines any more. He was joking, of course.

9) Pretty good day for the president/GM, too. He didn’t budge. He didn’t bend. I thought — and I’m sure they thought — that Rick Nash was the type of player they haven’t had, and they’ve needed. And they weren’t worried about the salary cap issues. But they didn’t bow to Scott Howson’s demands.

10) There’s not a chance I would have done Nash in any deal that included any of the  Rangers’ top four D-men or Derek Stepan, and probably wouldn’t have done Chris Kreider, even though I’ve only heard scouts praise him and seen them drool over his skating and size. I thought Nash was the type of  piece they really have lacked and still need. I think Sather was 100 percent right to say “No.” He also was a cut-up in his press conference.

11) You know what has ruined trade deadline day (and poor TSN’s day-long TV show) as much as the salary cap? The shootout. Yes, the Bettman Bonus Point for Losers. It has kept all these mediocre-to-lousy teams within shouting distance of the playoffs. So there’s a shortage of sellers and a glut of buyers. I’m sure you noticed that Philly, Washington, Pittsburgh and New Jersey did less than the Rangers did yesterday.

12) You know, I think Kovalchuk is a legit top-10 superstar in the NHL (way, way better than Nash), and even though they blanketed him, he was dangerous all night. He’s the one I think the Rangers let get away. They  wouldn’t have been able to do Brad Richards, but can you picture him on this roster?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan McDonagh.
2) Carl Hagelin.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.

AP photos, above.

(I may not be able to see the Carolina game live Thursday. Wondering if anybody’s interested in doing a guest review of that game. Please email me at rcarpini@lohud.com if you’d like to volunteer).


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  1. Actually, I was somewhat surprised at hearing Milbury and crew extolling the Ranger’s style, and his outright
    drooling over the play of McDonagh.

    They really do need some coaching with intensity on handling the PP situations. And they are obviously not getting any.


    If you would have told me 86 points and only 15 losses at this point in the season before the season started, I would have laughed at you. This has been a magical ride so far. And done the way I have always dreamed. With homegrown talent, some good trades and smart FA signings.


    If you think there is a big need for a power forward on the Rangers who can score, why are you sure they are going hard after Parise?

    Are you envisioning Kreider taking that role?

  3. Great job as always Carp, I look forward to these summaries as much as or more than reading any of the papers because I enjoy and value your opinion and perspective.

    One funny thing about milbury – between periods and even just after the game he rippped the Rangers for their style, for not making the Nash trade, for anything he could during the regular telecast. And he and Jonesy went at it. But then on the postgame, Milbury backed way off that stuff. Very clearly the newtork has the two of them just disagreeing to keep people interested because on the post game Milbury was not nearly as bad. Until he took off his shoe and started beating that poor little guy who hosts the show over the head with it for no apparent reason.

  4. The other really amazing thing about this team is how young they are. MDZ, McD, Staal and Girardi could conceivably play at least another 10 years asour top 4, and Hank could easily play another 10 years. Stepan, Callahan, Dubinsky, Boyle, Hagelin, and eventually if they can make it Kreider and Thomas and Erixon on D – Rangers could be very very good for a very long time.

  5. Nice writeup, Carp. Tough, entertaining game, even if low shot totals. I agree with those whom have observed that Dubinsky has not seemed the same since his “broken leg” (or stress fracture?) 1/3 through the last season. He was skating furiously before that happened, then seemed to be trying to adapt to his injury. Don’t know what’s going on with it, but glad he was not traded. I think he’ll turn around his game. Interestingly, Cally’s feed to Hagelin reminded me of his feeds to Dubi… Have to pinch myself, can’t believe the Rangers are playing so well this late in the season. Thery believe in themselves and in Tort’s system, and a perffect mix of talented young players and veterans.

  6. Peter LOL at the shoe comment. Milbury will never live that down. Seems to me he is always looking for a reason to bash the Rangers. Comparing them to the Devils trap teams is ridiculously ridiculous.

  7. Good win against a hot Devil team.

    No Nash is fine, but, how far can this team go with no offense?? Will be interesting…
    As good as Cally is with Hags , the GAS needs to be even better.

    As much as I’m a fan of the pugalist, don’t understand why John Scott. I love it..just don’t understand it. Thought Prust, Rupp and Bickel with Devo in the A were more than enough.
    Philly will most surely dress Sestito and Shelly now, and I didnt think we’d play to their level.

    Holy Cow is the D great.

  8. Morning all,

    Carp – best review of the season, in my opinion.

    Especially like #1


    For all the moaning and complaining that goes on here about certain players and the way the coach run things or doesn’t run things, most of you would have sold your souls to the Devil, pardon the pun – for the Rangers to have a record like this.

    ‘Nuff said.

  9. As much as I dislike the Devils and their style of play when they were successful (maybe apart from their team around 2000), am I offended by the comparison to this Rangers team, as dopes like Milbury would like to think? Nope.

  10. Great write up, says it all. Kovalchuk never truly seemed to be on our radar though as far as I remember…there was so much negativity and question about his game and his personality if I remember.

    Carp, you think Parise is now Plan A and Nash is Plan B? vice versa? and Plan C?

  11. Dubi didn’t score last night but he was far from invisible. If that’s playing with a chip on his shoulder, I’m doubling down with my chips on this guy.
    The King is the gold standard of goalies. I’m so happy for him he has been the backbone of this team for 7 years. This is our year.
    Scott on this team WOW like we needed more snarl.

    Now that we saved all money who whould you like to see in a blue shirt more Parise or Weber? Throw in a Kreider and Erixon and we are going to be Very good for a long time. I’m tipping my hat to Sather for not giving up the future of this team. Big day when our best move was keeping our best prospects.

  12. A few more thoughts:

    1. Good point above about how much I look forward to the Carp post game review. When I sit down with my morning cup of coffee after a night game, the first place I go is to this blog to read Carp’s review and the comments that follow. I know I am a late comer to this blog, but man, I love what goes on here. VERY entertaining.

    2. Wow, did they unearth a gem in Carl Hagelin. You can’t teach speed! That kid has it and uses it to his advantage every game. His feet are always moving. He also showed some good hands last night with that goal. He was in so tight and got the puck through the exposed short side.

    3. Hagelin’s speed is an example of why you could NOT trade Chris Kreider. Can’t wait to see this behemoth flying down the wing! He is a freak of nature.

    4. That glove save by the KING on Kovy was a thing of beauty. wicked wrist shot that hit Girardi slightly and was fluttering a bit. What a freaking save. What round was Lundqvist drafted in? Was that a Christer Rockstrom pick? Whoever it was deserves a freakin bonus.

    5. Even if Marc Staal was healthy; is it possible that 22 year old Ryan McDonagh is the best defenseman on the NY Rangers? WOW!

  13. stranger nation on

    It is not the Dev’s trap – one man in, then sending two to the strong side, “left wing lock” – Rangers send two in and just are fully committed to controlling the neutral zone.

    Is it a defense first system, YES.

    Is it the Devs’ left wing lock of the mid 90s? NO.

    Thought Bickels played well and I would strongly recommend curtailing girardi’s TOI as he looks like he is lagging during games given the minutes already played.

  14. stranger nation on

    Someone last night said Stralman played well – evidence to support? He is not strong in his own zone and any Offense is hampered by the teams’ style. Putting a lot of stress on MDZ with Stral as partner.

  15. stranger nation on

    Hags may be the teams offensive MVP given their need to roll two lines that could possibly score, Dubi’s offensive disappearing act and the inconsistency of the GAS line.

    I know Gabby has the goals and has played great, but Hags is doing soooo much in the offensive zone to maintain possession for a weee man.

  16. NYDNRangers Tortorella calls the Rangers the “tightest hockey team I’ve coached” as far as the locker room being on the right track and chemistry
    8 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    When you watched 24/7, you could tell how tight this team was! The chemistry with this bunch is not a cliche, it is real.

  17. Clarkson has now joined Byfuglien and Clarke and co. as a curse word for me. That guys is a Clarkson punk and he should get a game for his leaping shenanigans.

    Anyone wonder why we got Scott Johnston now?

  18. stranger nation on

    At one point NYR had two shots and were being out hit in the first period. By mid-way thru the 2nd, they were outhitting Debbies 2 to 1 and shots were on top as well.

    Body blow, Body blow

  19. So I see somehow I was still the topic of conversation well into the night.

    Some here lead very sheltered lives.

    Ok, yeah, I was wrong; just like Glen Sather and Rick Nash were wrong; they both thought a deal was about to go down too.

    Youse would be better served discussing No. 11 in the review, which Carp boosted from me last night (and in fairness, which I boosted from Darren Dreger).

    And Carp, the Nash stuff aside, I dont know how Glen Sather had a good day when he had absolutely no backup plan whatsoever, and his team still needs help.

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    Mike Millbury disapproves Slats decision not to trade for Nash? I say it’s the best evidence that Sather did the right thing. May I remind you of the brilliance of Milbury when it comes to trades?

    A. Roberto Luongo *AND* Oli Jokinen for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha.
    B. Zdeno Chara *AND* Jason Spezza for Alexey Yashin….

    I do not know where Yashin is now, but he surely appears in this link:


    Scroll down, ‘heads..That ^amateur-hour^ organization is still paying him $2.2M through 2015.

  21. Man, I have been drooling to see Hagelin on the team for two years. Not because I thought he was going to score 40 and become the teams #1 winger. I thought he was going to be a defensively smart speed merchant who would score 20g from the third line and fill in on the top lines when needed. I thought that was his minimum value. I have seen him play enough times through his college career to know that he was a legit second line wing if given time and chance. Kid is smart, has wheels, and better hands than most people had given him credit for. After watching him play in the tourney last year, I remember I posted on here that he most reminded me of Zetterberg w/o the 40g hands. I would have understood if they had traded him for Nash, but I am happy that he is sticking around. As a rookie, he is on pace for around a 45-50 point season, if he had played from the beginning. Not too shabby.

  22. Carp you are 100% right on #11, the 8th to 15th seeds in the East are seperated by just 10 points. Then with how bad the SouthEast is even though Washington and Tampa sit at 9th and 11th they are only back 3pts and 8pts of Florida to get the 3rd seed. Florida has only 29 wins but thanks to 12 Bettman Bonus points they have 70pts. In the West its nearly the same situation, save for Edmonton and Columbus who was actively trying or not trying(im still now sure what the Howson they were doing) to make some deals. In the West 6-13 are seperated by 9 points, and the 10-13 are only still alive because of having 10 Bonus Points. I was going to call Bettman about this issue but I knew all he would say is “How great it is that everyone is still alive and makes for great hockey”. I’d say it gives job security to gives lousy coaches, GMs, etc.
    Great Team D last night, wish Sau-pow could have been out there too. Thank god Pruster won’t have to fight anymore with Scott around. Although im sure he still will. Millbury is a grade-A, bush-leauge, clown-college, piece of Clarkson. Im glad his analysis was that it was a “boring” game. Thoughtful and insightful as always.

  23. Always a great day after a Ranger victory but it is always a little sunnier out when we beat the Devils!

  24. I would have jumped all over Kostitsyn (but he went early in the day, before Howson’s wig-out). AK’s had 20+ 3 times and wound up going for a 2nd rounder and a 5th, I believe.

    Big talent and an interesting story. He’ll do well with his brother in Nashville, a team we may ultimately meet in the POs. They helped themselves and were tough to start with.

    Gaustad too, though he was supposed to essentially replace Dubinsky, who we’re now stuck with. And giving up a No 1 for him is hard to justify, but you’re either going for it or you’re not.

    An offensive d-man would have been nice too, but the market was horrendous.

    Lou Lam gave up 5 chips for Zidlicky! Craziness….

  25. ilb2001 – right on! If I could have, I would have slapped Milbury across the head a number of times. He wouldn’t give the Rangers ice in winter! So much for being an impartial broadcaster.

  26. Meant to say, the mistake Sather made was not trying to lock down Nash 2 weeks prior to the deadline. Quietly.

    I detest all that sweepstakes fury.

    That way if you know a deal is unreachable, you can make other arrangements.

    But from the sound of it, Howson indicated he was interested in what we were offering.

    Right up until Resnick walked in his office.

  27. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    carp, great stuff! Loved the pic of WC Fields as well, but not sure if the younger boneheads even know who he is! rofl

  28. This is the final time I say it:

    This team has 40 victories, but how many of them are of the “smoke-and-mirror” variety?

    This not-talent Pee-Wee Herman of a squad is legitimately and at best a 1st-round knock-off that is probably going to sink in 4 games without ever scoring a goal.

    Yes, read it and weep.

    Come playoff time, this team will fold like a Men’s Warehouse suit caught in a drizzle. All this “teamwork” and “buying into the system” will equate to zilch when the superior talent of [pick any team at random, including EHL teams] light us up like comets in the night sky.

    Start calling your cable and satellite tv providers right now and ask them if they carry Bolivian local channels, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to watch these clowns play next season.

  29. You said it, Rod. Plan B was to stay pat because nothing was available. Kostitsyn and his work ethic may be better suited to play with his brother. In Torts’ system he would have less ice time than John Scott. And 1st rounder for 30 yr old expiring contract of someone who can win faceoffs? I’ll keep Dubinsky instead any day of the week. Zidlicky got exposed by Hagelin last night twice, including the ENG….And offensive D-man is hard to come by when there are much more sellers, let alone yesterday.

  30. “This team has 40 victories, but how many of them are of the “smoke-and-mirror” variety?”

    Just about all of them, Pimp.

    They’ve been playing the same one-goal game all year, it seems.

    Somehow, they win most of them.

    But it sure ain’t pretty and I don’t know how long it can last either.

    Better hope Saint Kreider gives us a boost!

  31. well ILB, I thought this was the time to force a deal, just as they tried to force it with Nash.

    But they needed to do it much earlier, like around Xmas.

    you pay a little more but get what you need; it’s a convenience tax, like 7-11.

    Off to work.

  32. Did anyone else hear Emerick call Zidlicky “Zidlisky”? All game, it was more annoying than usual.

  33. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    well said, ilbster!

    rod, the playoffs are all about 1 goal hockey, plus this team is fun to watch and composed of great guys w/ best goalie in the league and torts is the best coach this year.

  34. and for the record my 1st choice the whole time wasn’t Nash, but Iginla.

    (and there were plenty of rumblings, though my saying that will bring out the dirtbags enforce.)

    Would’ve been perfect for us.

    But, see Carp’s No. 11……

  35. Well, I find this team torturous to watch, and I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to win by more than one goal.

    But to each his own….

  36. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    the rangers’ team is why we all love hockey and guys like jerry lin make for great story. the nfl and nba are littered with loudmouth morons.

  37. I do not know if he was available around X-mas. But I’m sure if he was, Sather would not surrender more than he offered yesterday. And rightfully so. The package suggested by LB this morning was very generous, and I would be OK with it. But not a single piece of what Howson supposedly wanted. Not sure how X-mas time changes that.

  38. true fans bleed rw&b on

    Whats up salty?!

    Nash is prob plan C. Why get rid of assets if you can get parise for pure cash? And why go back if Howson made the process nearly impossible, even though the nyr were essentially the only suitors?

    Post (post-) season, the new GM (HINT) can come crawling, that’s if by July 3rd that parise kid doesn’t have a realtor shopping for Manhattan apartments already.

  39. My first choice was Iginla too, for many reasons, including his cap implications….He would also require less in return. Moot point….

  40. Boyle is so dime-a-dozen with his great defensive plays, new aggressively forceful forechecking ability and his PK

  41. Is it possible that Callahan is not only going to surpass 30 goals this season but also LEAD the team in scoring?

  42. Clarkson won’t change because Scott Johnson is here, if he won’t fight Rupp, he’ll surely run from Mr. Johnson.

    People need to.get through their noggins that Krieder will NOT be here this season…. how is that hard to understand!??

  43. Five foot- funny, but it is closer to how Zidlicky’s name is actually pronounced in his native language. The letter ‘C” is pronounced as “TZ”

  44. The Rangers could theoretically add Parise, Kreider, remove Fedotenko, Woywitka and Eminger and prucha Mitchell/Rupp and Bickel/Stralman to the best team in hockey.

    That is scary good…

  45. while also having Dylan McIlrath, Tim Erixon, Christian Thomas, Andrew Yogan and possibly JT Miller in HFD…

  46. For the benefit of some of our newer bonesters, I;m gonna relate a previously told tale of Milbury when he was a D man with the Bruins and one memorable night at the old Civic Center in Hartford and Kevin Dineen was a mere broth of a lad playing for the old Whalers.

    There came a set to between them and Dineen threw one memorable punch and Milbury hit the ice like a falling log…out cold. His team mates gathered and helped him to exit the rink.Wonder if he ever hears aboot that from any of the old timers who were there when it happened.

  47. Oleo: I think you can add Erixon to the Parise, Kreider mix. Unfortunately, This is Sauer’s 3rd or 4th concussion and he isn’t coming back this year. What a bummer.

    It is very exciting how much young talent we have. Don’t forget Michael St. Croix and that kid Pierre mcGuire was raving about Jesper faksth (sp?)

    Was listening to Bobby holik’s Podcast and he pronounces the name:


  48. Oh…and for those who are convinced that I’m a doddering old fool so out of touch with the times, but I found out who Bill Maher is.

    A TV talk show host of all things. And a far left gabber from the Hippies days who had the temerity to make a movie and interviewed Christ. Reason I never heard of him is partly due to my TV system…they don’t have his program on. My daughter informed me of this. (No she’s not a fan of his, she just knows who he is etc…….

    …..you see….she’s a bit younger than me.

  49. Yev

    I think Erixon could definitely make the team out of camp especially if Sauer is not ready for camp although you would think by September he would be good to go.

    St. Croix isn’t allowed in HFD next year since he was drafted out of the CHL so it’s Rangers or bust for him. JT Miller, on the other hand, was drafted out of the USHL so he can be sent to HFD.

    Jesper Fasth broke his leg earlier in the year and just started resuming skating now. Last time I heard, he was committed to Sweden for next season and probably the year after although there is no rush with him…

  50. stranger nation on

    Yev – a sad story lost in the hub-bub of the deadline was Sauer not coming back. The team will battle through, but unfortunate state of affairs for Sauer Power. Can John Scott go take out Paneuf next game against the Loafs?

  51. Millbury was hating on the Rangers BIG TIME last night. Saying that they are insane for not getting Nash because they just don’t have the pieces to make a run in the playoffs.

  52. Looks like Rod was the topic all night and I wasn’t. I guess that’s because at no time did I make assurances about Nash, unless the regular version of Rod. I knew all along he wasn’t coming, since November, like I said before. But you guys will not believe what’s going to happen this offseason. Plan is already in place and its mind blowing. Obviously I can’t say a thing, but I will eventually. Stay tuned.

  53. “The Rangers could theoretically add Parise, Kreider, remove Fedotenko, Woywitka and Eminger and prucha Mitchell/Rupp and Bickel/Stralman to the best team in hockey.

    That is scary good…”

    And this is all I wanted, a shot at a ridiculous roster. What you can forecast our regular 20 being, with only one (very major, very non-assured) thing going right, is awesome. Right now, I think its awesome enough to be my silver lining if we get knocked out of the playoffs, although I know that won’t be the case if it happens. Never is.

  54. Thank you Sather for not getting Nash. it was the right non-move to make.

    This team will not back down from anyone. They’ll beat up Philly, then NJ, handle Boston; it’s Pittsburgh I am worried about.

    Let’s win a playoff series before we start thinking we’re legit Cup contenders; the Cup run will go through Pittsburgh and/or Boston. Pittsburgh scares me much more than Boston.

    I think there are moves in the offseason that can be made to bolster the offense, or this team is really waiting to see what Kreider brings to the table before making any moves.

    I guess Brad Richards is who we see out there. limited speed, nice hands, good vision on the ice, but for some reason I remember him as a much grittier, hard-nosed player when he won the Conn Smyth trophy the year Tampa won the Cup.

    Thanks Carp for the review, always a treat!

  55. “Thank you Sather for not getting Nash. it was the right non-move to make.”

    This is the only part I’m having issues with. If he really made that late Dubinsky/Erixon/Miller/Thomas/1st offer, its really more “thank you Howson” and “what the hell did you almost do to us, Sather”.

  56. Good morning, Carp! And it is a good morning, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the helmet nuzzle up top! Aww!

  57. Kudos to Sather for the way he handled Nash. Thanks to Howson’s moronic press conference where he said Nash requested a trade, now there is no way he can be anywhere near CBJ training camp in September.

    Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr anyone? Now CBJ has no leverage. It’ll be interesting to see if we still want Nash in the offseason.

  58. If Brooks’ report is true, Sather was still going to give up a pretty large package to land Nash. That deal was turned down because Howson was unrealistic in his demands, not because Sather was brilliant.

  59. “the Cup run will go through Pittsburgh and/or Boston. Pittsburgh scares me much more than Boston.”

    That is why finishing 1st is so important because given how bad the SE division is the 6th seed (likely to be NJ) will beat either Florida, Winnipeg or more likely Washington. That means we can escape Pitt or Philly in the 2nd round and not have to worry about them until the conference finals.

  60. But if they’re still hot for Nash after the season he won’t have to offer that package again now that Scotty *Howser* (former) GM let the whole world know that Nash is all set to sat Goodbye Columbus.

  61. And although we occasionally clown on Richards here for having cornerphobia and not scoring a point per game this year, he absolutely makes the players around him better and that’s a fact. I dont think Callahan and Del Zotto would have the seasons they’re having without him. And I also think he’s teaching the young guys the right way to play for Tortorella. He also has 7 GWG’s just like Callahan does. I think he’ll score a point a game in the playoffs for sure.

  62. Great review Carp, always look forward.

    MSG had great energy, even with low shot totals.

    I moved on from the Nash saga at 7:30pm last night and am excited to see what the boys can do.

    But I do have to say I find hilarious the comments that Dubi (love him but he is a $4m 3rd liner with 6 goals), 3 ok prospects, and a late no1 pick was a strong offer for Nash. If Kreider would have made the deal happen Sather should have done it, history suggests even if Kreider becomes an impact player it wont be for at least a couple of years.

    The homegrown thing is being taken too far the other way. Like when George is stuck on the idea that the show be about nothing.

  63. First overall would give us home ice, which although our record on the road is excellent, come playoff time, at home in MSG will be a major boost.

    And nobody, outside of the Rangers front office, know who was offered up for Nash, it’s all speculation at this point.

    But Dubi sure played like he was happy to be here last night. He was under the Devils skin all night.

  64. Rod,

    really, now your saying because Nash’s agent went storming into Howson’s office is the reason why Nash isn’t a ranger? This is why you get killed on here, reading your post you have no clue. The bottom line from the beginning was Howson wanted top young nhl roster players and the jewel prospector prospects and a 1st round draft choice. What that meant was the rangers would have had to give up stepan, Delzotto or Mcdonaugh maybe hagelin and kreider. That’s why I went crazy when the rumors first began about Nash. Howson asking price was just off the charts, plain and simple.

  65. CTB: if Brooks’ report is accurate, that’s the most I would have given for Nash under any circumstances. Now their new GM will be begging us to take his contract of their hands in the offseason if 1) we’re the only team willing to take him and 2) we’re the only team he’ll be willing to go to thanks to the NMC Howson gave him. They won’t get anything even close to what Sather offered yesterday. Well played.

  66. The ideal scenario for the Rangers is for the East to play out like this:

    NY, Boston, Winnipeg, Philly, Pitt, Ottawa, NJ, Florida.

  67. I think Howson didn’t really want to trade Nash on his watch because it probably would have ruined the franchise and his career. I think if Howson gets fired in the summer and whoever the new GM is will trade Nash with a reasonable package and start the re-build process.

  68. as i have stated this may be the low water mark for the team. kreider, erixon, and others will be ready next year to be in NY. feds is a nice guy and a nice 4th lineer but the rangers need more speed and potential(Kreider)…

    sauer is 25…..

    mcdonut last night was phenomenal…as others have stated the good news is girardi and mcdonagh only played 23 minutes last night not insane 28+.

    in th eoffeseason the rangers if the deal makes sense can trade a defensive asset or 2 for some forwards. they will still have defenseman assets. bickel is not great but 25 and a piece worth keeping around. he is a legit 3rd line d man in the nhl…

  69. cbj will not get anymore for nash in the future. june or feb. his value will not increase. Howson is a dope…..


  71. I always wanted them to go after Kovalchuk. The only issue with Ilya is that if you get on his nerves (like Avery did), he completely loses focus of the game. If you are just yapping with him, he’ll go out and score a hat trick, point at you and then let it go. But if you start bumping him a bit and giving him taps with the stick, he loses his focus and takes dumb penalties.

    He does however score a ridiculous amount of goals and is an incredible all-around offensive superstar. He’s 25x better than Nash.

  72. Also in regards to the PP. Anybody notice that the Rangers have no issues scoring PP goals on the road lately, but at home in MSG they can’t even setup the play. It has to be the ice. Or maybe it’s all the fans screaming “SHOOT!” before they even enter the zone. I’m leaning more towards the ice though.

  73. What we offered for Nash is a pretty monumental sized package for a guy with a slightly bloated contract. There is *no* way the Blue Jackets get anything more than that in the offseason or ever really.

    The important thing to remember is that the trade proposal didn’t freak anyone out on here and it was pretty hefty. That goes to show how stocked our farm is and the bright future we have to look forward to.

  74. Bickel is nowhere in the class of Sauer. I was nervous when the Devils were able to get Kovalchuk’s line agaisnt Bickel. I like his toughness but the guy is a borderline NHL skater on a good night. I guarantee that the Pens will try to get Malkin out against Bickel as much as possible in the next few games vs them.

  75. 1. On Track for 54-21-7 or 115 points and the best NYR regualr season team in modern day history(since they went to an 80+ gaqme Schedule) AWESOME

    2. Playing off his rocker, perhaps a little of the credit goes to Johnny Mac and his band? Certainly hope he can keep it up throguh the year and through a Playoff run..

    3. Looks like a Pre-Lockout game, lots of grabbing and clutching but within the new rules I guess. A 7 game series with these guys would be really boring to watch for a non hockey fan for sure…

    4. Clarkson and boulton are Soft, plain and simple.. Love prust and the way he controls a fight.. The devils are Floyd Mayweather running scared and the rangers are Pac man who just want to get their fair share.

    5. Nuff Said in response to point four…

    6. Torts finally learned from perhaps his staff or the fans who kept yelling that you can’t screw with the lines so much. Let them stay together through the good and the bad and occasionaly move a player around if they are playing great or poor… Less is more most of the time…

    7. Agree that Delz has come a long way as he has gotten stronger and is not scared of contact anymore. I think he realized that when you are the aggresor, you tend to hurt the other guy more then yourself so thats a good way to play. That said we still have a few guys who love the poke check more then the body, and that is perfect in certain situations, but can also get you hand cuffed in others.. Must pick and choose right times to do each…

    8. 21 games left, 4 back to backs and 17 in 30 days, how many does Marty Get? You have top see him getting at least the four of the Back to Backs, and perhaps another 2 or 3 sprinkled in to keep Hank fresh for a playoff run..

    9. Plain and Simple Howson is an idiot. If the report from Larry Brooks is correct which I am sure it is, how could he pass that offer up, what a jack ass… Good that Slats didn’t give anything of substance away for sure..

    10. Agree on Top Four guys, Disagree of Krieder, but thats me and I am in the Minroity.. From sources I have he is a good year away from being ready for the NHL he is still very Raw, but has amazing upside. We have seen what upside can do for a player at this level.. Time will only tell…

    11. Agree, Agree, and oh did I say I agree… If you want to leave the point for a loss in then, make a win worth 3 points like in Soccer (European Futbal). A shootout win worth two points and a regulation or OT win worth 3 points.. It would definately serperate the pretenders from the contenders… I could go on about this, but I will save my thoughts to hear yours. Thoughts????

    12. Kovy is a freak, Size, Speed, Skill, a killer shot, he is the real deal for sure.. I guess we will see how good he is when Parise leaves in the off season. Kovy is what the NYR are projecting Krieder to be, we can only wish… He is fun to watch even though he is in the wrong jersey… hahahah..

    I thank you all for reading my reactions to Carp’s latest amazing blog.. I have my own blog that I would love for you all to look at http://www.ericnyr.blogspot.com.. Please join and give me your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.. Well I am off to watch Tiger Practice at the Honda Classic as I live on the grounds of PGA national where the PGA tour is this week.. A cigar, watching some great golf, what more could i ask for, oh I know a cup to drink out of in a few months.. GO NYR!!!!!!!

  76. McD had some great one on one battles last night, but he also skated right in front of the net and turned the puck over. But yes his skating allows him to cover up for his mistakes from time to time.

  77. yea and when Parise leaves because of free agency and the devils start to stink, Kovalchuk will be back to his normal self playing on a bad team, can’t wait.

  78. CT – I thought that was Dubinsky that made the play. I must have only seen the “7” on the sweater and just assumed it was a Dubinsky move.

  79. Manny, that proposal completely freaked me out. I sent about a dozen emails and texts along the lines of “holy f-wording s-word, did you see what Sather is rumored to have f-wording oferred?!?!?!?” Scares the hell out of me that we might have been a yes away from paying 3 of our top 5 prospects plus a first plus $3.6MM annually to upgrade from Dubinsky to Nash. Which is no doubt an upgrade, but not worth that price or, IMnvHO, even close to that price.

  80. The thing about Kovalchuk and the like…..

    Good Defense shuts down good offense. Even star players. I would much rather have incredible defense and win every game by 1 goal than have two superstars who’s slumps leave the team mired in extended losing streaks.

  81. Sather, as much as he has been praised on here lately for his “new found brilliance”, is still a freaking coward. Just like his owner Dolan. Second time now one of them show up to speak to the media when the Rangers game isn’t shown on MSG! Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Still can’t face the fans… even through TV! Coward!

  82. This summer there will only be one team, the Cup winner, who won’t still covet Nash and what he could do for their team next season. I would bet the package received for Nash this summer is better than a $4m 6 goal 3rd liner, 3 ok prospects, and a late 1st round pick.

  83. I guess you would start out with terror and then once the trade was made that terror would morph into ire. Fair?

  84. Erixon is a legit 3rd pair defenseman on any other NHL team.

    Matteau – will all the GM’s covet a guy like Nash if the Bruins or Rangers or other similar team win the Cup? I think then they might covet a guy like Dusty Brown more.

  85. I would bet the package received for Nash this summer is better than a $4m 6 goal 3rd liner, 3 ok prospects, and a late 1st round pick.


    Now that everyone knows that Nash wants out you really think that any GM approached by Columbus is going to offer them anything close to what the Rangers supposedly did? He’s Columbus’ headache to deal with until he gets traded.

  86. “Manny what do you project for Erixon and on what basis?”

    I assume you meant me. I don’t project anything, but the scouting projections seem to be a high probability 2nd pair defenseman with the potential for 1st pair.

  87. I think he meant “us” The Dr.

    I don’t have a ceiling for Erixon. Player projections don’t always match up. Eminger and WoyWolski were first round picks. See? I think Erixon could eventually be a 2nd pair D-Man. Maybe a 3rd D-Man depending on the team. I think he is NHL ready right now for 3rd pair minutes and I think if he was on any other team, one not so deep in D, he would be playing daily.

  88. Cmon man, love to have Dustin Brown but he’s not in Nash’s league. For that matter for all the Kovalchuk love today I’d say between him and Nash it’s a pretty close call.

  89. It doesn’t matter if Brown isn’t in Nash’s league, Matteau. You can’t just base it on talent, it has to be talent versus cost (trade + salary). Brown at $3.175MM versus Nash at $7.8MM is a no brainer.

  90. Yea meant Mister D but Manny works too.

    I think you both are saying Erixon is an ok prospect. Maybe slightly better than ok. The other 2 are slightly less than ok. Overall 3 ok prospects.

  91. For that matter for all the Kovalchuk love today I’d say between him and Nash it’s a pretty close call.


    Uh, it’s not very close at all

    Number of 40 goal seasons:
    Nash 2
    Kovy 6 (including 2 50 goal seasons which Nash has never had)

    Number of 70 point seasons
    Nash 1
    Kovy 6

    Goals per game
    Nash .43
    Kovy .52

    Points per game
    Nash .81
    Kovy 1.00

  92. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Great review, thanks.

    So some friends and I were sitting around drinking coffee discussing LW and….oh crap, we weren’t supposed to talk about that, sorry.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m going to somewhat agree with Miami Pimp here on two points. First, we haven’t been very good since the all-star break. How many games did have we won not because of Lundqvist/bad goaltending from our opponent? Not many is the answer.

    Second, if you look at the teams that are likely to finish in the 8 seed, it’s Florida (if they lose their division), Ottawa, Toronto, Washington, and Winnipeg. For some reason, we match up really poorly with Ottawa and Toronto. And Washington, for all its troubles this year, is still the team that has taken us out in the first round, two playoffs running and is a team that is so full of talent that if it just clicks for them, we are in big trouble. The Jets aren’t very good, but I would hate to do so much travelling in the first round of the playoffs.

    Florida is probably the only team I don’t mind matching up with in that 1-8 matchup. Their lousy ice will pay to our strengths as a grinding team as well.

  94. Fair point and salary does matter in a cap system. However it depends on the fit on the particular team. Elite players are scarce, many teams need one to contend, and most teams now have cap space. Therefore while Brown may fit in better on some teams Nash would still be more sought after regardless of salary which i would argue will look like a bargain after Parise gets his contract.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    I wish we had signed Kovalchuk. I said it then. I said it again when we signed Richards. And I’ll say it again this summer when they offer Parise even more money than they would have Kovy and Parise still signs elsewhere.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, if the Rangers go out early in the playoffs (first round for sure, maybe even 2nd round), I fully expect Sather to up his offer for Nash.

  97. Doesn’t matter how many teams want Nash, it’s a matter of whether Nash wants to go to any of those teams. Then it’s further a matter of whether those teams want to open up cap space for now and down the road to accomodate his bloated cap hit.

  98. CT if you’re all about numbers sure Kovie has an edge. Though I’d say even on atlanta he had better players like Heatly, Hossa and others. I admittedly have little to base this on other than my observations and experience but I would bet if you poll NHL gms, coaches and players who they’d rather have it we be pretty close.

  99. Matteau, I guess that’s where we differ. I think Nash is really good, but not elite. Elite, to my definition, is a guy that excels no matter where he’s playing. Tavares making Moulson an all-star and Parenteau a 50 point player is elite. Nash on pace for 60 points, regardless of teammates, is why he’s not in that class. We can project what Nash might do if Richards is setting him up, and it very well may be the case he’d be a point-per-game guy on a better team, but elite players don’t have those ifs and maybes. Their baseline is great and goes up from there. Nash has shown his baseline is below greatness.

  100. Kovalchuk also looks more like an accountant than a hockey player. I like the stealth ability. Also, have you seen the guy skate? Sheesh! Unreal.

  101. Not bloated at all CT lets agree to disagree there and on this topic. I’m moving on from Nash. Until the summer. :)

  102. kovalchuk is a great talent but his game has some real issues.

    he does not leave the ice. his shifts are ridiculously long and he has a great bomb but makes to many mistakes at the point and is a key factor in why the debbie’s give up so many shorties.

    obviously if kovalchuk was on the rangers he would be their best offensive player but he does bave warts….

    nash is not as dynamic as ilya, does not handle thepuck as much but in some ways that is better. Ilya is always the center of it all………

  103. Doodie: I don’t see Nash as anything better than a Plan C in the offseason. Parise Plan A, Suter and trading one of our top 4 for a top 6 winger Plan B.

  104. Doodie,

    But who’s to say that Kovalchuk even wanted to come to NY? He seemed ok to want to play on the Devils. He authorized the trade to them in the first place and felt comfortable even playing for Lemaire. At the time their prospects of remaining a competitive team looked better than the Rangers and despite offering big contracts to Drury/Gomez/Redden, the Rangers weren’t offering the mega/de facto cap circumventing deals. Obviously the Rangers could afford him but it didn’t seem like at any time during his negotiations with the Devils that he was going anywhere but there.

  105. true fans bleed rw&b on

    Ilb! You know it (free time is scarce). Little more than half way through and on medicine now, only psych and ob remain.

    Got any tips?

  106. I have inside information that Im not sure Im able to share with the rest of you…

    And youre all dirtbags, but here goes anyway…

    The Rangers are in 1st place in the Eastern Conference!


  107. Bwahahaha. Poor Gilroy. Yesterday they referred to him as a “prospect” from the Lightning. He can’t catch a break.

  108. Not bloated Matteau? The guy has finished top 5 in goals only twice in his career and never top 10 in points. You don’t pay the 5th highest cap hit in the league for a guy that isn’t even remotely close to being in the conversation for top 5 or top 10 players in the league.

    He has just as many seasons where he’s been slightly above a 30 goal scorer than he has being at or near 40 goals. He’s a good player that can occassionaly put up very good seasons but nowhere nearly as consistent as his cap hit warrants.

  109. On a real team (non Columbus) an elite player like Nash has a lot more points and I’d take him at 7.8 for 6 over Parise at 9 for 10 any day.

  110. CT if you’re all about numbers sure Kovie has an edge.


    Why wouldn’t I be all about numbers in this case. They’re paid to score goals and create offense. Kovalchuk does that more and does it more consistently.

    There’s only one thing Nash has been able to consistently do as a top 10 player in the league and that’s generate shots. He just doesn’t score as much as the other guys.

  111. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Why does everyone discount (or not even mention) mcilrath? I mean he is going to be better than sauer.

    Guess we will see If Nash wanted new york and we wanted Nash, in the off season

  112. Manny: In the future, yes. But probably head surgery since concussions are to hockey players what arm injuries are to pitchers. It will be a perfect analogy.

  113. CTBlueshirt

    I agree although what would Nash’s numbers be if he had a player like Marian Hossa, Dany Heatley or even Slava Koslov…

  114. If it’s all about numbers then NHL GMs should just be accountants seems the hockey experience isn’t very relevant.

  115. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    From now on, it is possible that every time this team makes a personnel move, the overall team will be improved. That is scary. It seems that Kreider & Miller will start running out some marginal veteran forwards,(although we didn’t replace WW with much), while Erixon and McIlrath will start running out the Stralman’s and Eminger’s of the world. Then there are St. Croix, Thomas, and maybe JAM and Fasth, etc., they could be significant upgrades, too.

    Dubi better get his act together or his “reprieve” could be over next summer. Nothing against Dubi, but this train could be pulling out of the station with more steam in the boiler from another source. He has the rest of this regular season plus the playoffs to show that he can still be a major cog in a Rangers championship machine. If all the competion for jobs on this team waiting in the wings is not enough to inspire him to chip in offensively, now, nothing ever will. Over the years we traded Bathgate, Park, Ratelle, Hadfield, Middleton, and Marc Savard, how the hell would Dubi be missed by comparison with anyone in that crowd it was tough to part with? (Not at all.)

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, who said Nash and Suter would be mutually exclusive? They could trade one of the D men for Nash, then make a big pitch for Suter.

    CTB, there is no proof that Kovalchuk would have taken to NY. You’re right. But, it seemed at the time that he just wanted a $100 million contract. As far as location, NJ, NY, same thing. If he didn’t want to be part of our organization, that’s something that couldn’t be remedied, but nobody knows if that was the case. But from what I understand, Sather never even got into the serious bidding for Kovalchuk, cicrumventive contracts or not. Now as far as creating a contract that would circumvent the cap, we did it for Richards, so there’s no excuse why we couldn’t do it for Kovy. And at the time, I said we should have. I think I even made a complete contract breakdown to show how to do it and keep the cap hit around 7.5 million. Lou was even more creative than I was though, and it cost him a first rounder. He fixed it though and still was under what I came up with. Kudos to him. If it wasn’t for all of the financial trouble in NJ, they would still be able to keep Parise in addition to Kovy.

    Matteau, I don’t think they need to win the Cup for them to stay the course with the team they have. This is a team full of young players. I think they recognize that a championship doesn’t happen in one season. Pittsburgh went to the Final before winning. Chicago went to the Conference Finals. Boston went to the 2nd round twice. I think if they reach the conference final then that will show some pretty significant progress and they will want the group to stick together. Probably the previous offer will still be on the table, but no increase (unless Dubi has a monster playoffs). If they go out in the 2nd round, it will depend on whether they went out in a close series to a good team (like 4-3 series in a 1-4 matchup with Pittsburgh) or if they went out poorly (a 1-7 matchup with Ottawa). Losing in the first round would be unacceptable.

  117. oleo,

    Would they be better? I imagine they would. But how much better are you expecting? He’s normally 65 point player. You think he’d increase his numbers by like 50%? Kovalchuk was still putting up good numbers after Hossa left. In fact Kovalchuk’s production was a little down when Hossa put up a 100 point season.

  118. “Mister D, who said Nash and Suter would be mutually exclusive? They could trade one of the D men for Nash, then make a big pitch for Suter.”

    True. Cringe.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    “Bwahahaha. Poor Gilroy. Yesterday they referred to him as a “prospect” from the Lightning. He can’t catch a break.”

    Honestly, calling him a prospect is a compliment to him at this point. If someone thinks he will improve in any significant way, he’s a lucky man.

    Interesting footnote on Gilroy’s trade: He was traded for Brian Lee, who was drafted ahead of Marc Staal. It’s not quite a Hugh Jessiman moment for Ottawa, but it’s pretty ugly for them.

  120. Dubinsky is gone after the 2012-13 season unless he turns into a top line player. Even if he rebounds next season and has a 55 point season, we will have to be moved for salary purposes.

    I think next trade deadline he will be shipped out in a package for a rental like Iginla, Lupul etc.

  121. Anyone else see Thomas and McIlrath tweeting “We survived!” to each other. I thought that was hilarious.

  122. Anyone who knows the cap well: Is there anything we can do in terms of getting deals with guys like Prust, MDZ and Biron done and working some bonus money or something into this year?

  123. Doodie I’m not saying anything short of a cup is disappointing. Agree most cup winners had a couple of disappointments before winning. My point is I don’t think the offer Sather made was very compelling and he knows he could have done better and will take another run, deterred only if they won the cup and then he wont feel a need, his legacy affirmed.

  124. “Dubinsky is gone after the 2012-13 season unless he turns into a top line player.”

    Or Rupp? He does less for his $1.7MM than Dubinsky does for his $4.2MM.

  125. “To the best of my knowledge, can’t defer bonuses anymore in the last year of the CBA.”

    Figured. And I imagine you can’t redo a current year deal 3/4 into the season either to flatten out the cap hit.

  126. Mister D – the only players eligible for bonuses are rookies (entry level contracts) or players over the age of 35. They did away with bonuses in the last CBA.

  127. Mister D

    getting rid of Rupp saves a maximum of 1 million so getting rid of him really doesn’t help much. It’s not about value, its about cap space…

  128. Rupp is being paid to be a 4th line checking forward. We’ll see even more benefits of having such a physically imposing team in the playoffs when our guys physically abuse the opposition over the course of a 7 game series. The beating those teams are going to have to deal with, each game will be a battle and the series will be a war of attrition. We may not be able to score a lot of goals, though we’re something like 12th in the league, but we can impose our will on other teams by battering them. Guys like Rupp provide that.

  129. Guys like Rupp are supposed to provide that. Tough to say he really has.

    (Oleo, maybe that $1MM is all we need? I don’t know. I’m really attached to Dubinsky.)

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, I still disagree. I think that if the team shows some significant progress in the playoffs this year, they won’t break it up for Nash and will instead try and make a run at Parise and/or Suter in free agency instead. If not, they will roll with the same guys and maybe make a deadline deal next year. They probably can add Kreider next year too if he finishes school (I have been saying it since last year that he intends on graduating before turning pro), even if he does it midseason.

  131. I can’t believe some people are saying Nash is just about as good/elite as Kovalchuk. Nash isn’t Elite. He’s a star player, similar to Gaby and Hossa (not even as effective at them though). Kovalchuk is a top 5 elite Superstar who can carry a team no matter who is on it. The guy is a complete beast.

    Also, Dustin Brown gives you pretty much the same point production as Rick Nash (a little less actually), but for half the price and with a much better defensive game. Plus Dusty has been hot lately. Kid is a great player.

    Either way, we have none of these guys and personally, I don’t think we need them anyway.

  132. Also now people are hating on Rupp? The guy is skating on 1 leg, has been fighting on that 1 leg, is a great veteran in the locker room, and helped win one of the most important games they’ve had all season. Does he get paid a bit too much? Yeah sure, but he’s the least of the teams problems considering how well respected he is by his teammates and the simplicity of his game now that he’s playing injured.

  133. Mister D

    Dubinsky’s departure is inevitable and by the time the 2013 training camp comes around, he will be gone. The only way he can manage to stay is if he has a monster playoffs and regular season next year and even that might not be enough…

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB is right. No restructuring. In fact, you can’t even resign a player that you buy out until he signs with a different team as a further deterrent to restructuring deals.

  135. Or his buyout comes off your cap hit. We wouldn’t be able to re-sign Drury for another 2 years.

    And Dubi might get a 1 year deal if he doesn’t step up. He still fits the system (even though he’s been terrible this season) and I’m not sure how many people would match his current salary.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, I’m not sure that’s right. Wasn’t there all that talk of the Isles bringing Yashin back? How would that have worked.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    I guess his signing in Russia counts as signing with another team?

    I probably should have completed one full though before posting all of that.

  138. C’mon, of course Rupp’s cap hit isn’t crippling us, but it is a bit unnecessary. The annual overpay for toughness that we just got for 40% of the cost and a 5th rounder.

    I fully 100% expect Dubinsky to bounce back. Kid was like our 3rd pick for an A this offseason and now he’s nearing throwaway status? Was it 2009-10 when Girardi was being discussed as a toss out too? I think that was the year.

    Bonus super prediction: Some time down the road, yesterday will be known as the day we nearly dumped J.T. Miller.

  139. DirecTV has just confirmed that they carry TV Azteca (which carries “Mayan Astronomers” games) … so we’re in luck, we can watch Christensen hone his craft in the Mexican league next year …

  140. Lol I bet just 6 mos ago based on last 2 seasons no way anyone thinks Kovie is elite. In september people would have been mocked if they said theyd rather have kovie than nash. Point is its not just about numbers and elite players have off years. Look at Nash’s numbers when he played with other top players for Canada at EKC and Olympics. By the way what team has Kovie carried on his own?

  141. Because there is a hard cap in this league and probably getting tighter, I’m glad the rangers didn’t get Kovalchuk because that kind of contract takes away other areas of the team. To build a winner in the NHL you need to draft well and than fill in the pieces with FA’s that aren’t going to burden your cap hit. This is not Baseball!!!!!. It’s not about having a superstar on your team making top dollar, it’s one thing if you draft one but to sign one in free agency most times than not will not make you a good team year in and year out consistently good.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, the comparison of Girardi to Dubinsky is a bit false. Girardi never took a step back in his development, he just seemed to stall as just a pretty good defenseman. A solid 2nd pairing guy, but nothing more. Obviously he has exceeded that this year.

    By contrast, Dubinsky has taken a big step back in his development this year. He went from a guy with solid 2nd line wing/center written all over him, to a pretty good 3rd line checking player. But he is still being paid as the former for another 3 years.

    Also, I hope you’re right about your JT Miller prediction, but I’ve put myself out there on this one ever since we drafted him. I don’t think the kid is anything special. He will be a good 3rd liner, hardly worth a 1st round pick.

  143. Doodie no one said anything about breaking up the team for Nash. We’re talking about improving on the offer that was reported to be made. As you and I have each posted, you can trade MHz in the Sumer and back fill with Suter.

  144. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Considering expectations, salary, and intangibles I get rid of dubi in a heartbeat before I get rid of rupp.

    Rupp had as many hits as dubi last night with a lot less ice time. Rupp is no where near any kind of problem for this team and as others have said, he will come in handy in the playoffs!

  145. “Mister D, the comparison of Girardi to Dubinsky is a bit false.”

    Sure, that’s fair. Maybe MDZ would have been a better parallel although his was much earlier in his career. The overall point was every year it seems we want to quit on a guy who the year before we loved and the next year is right back into the core. Girardi, MDZ, I’m banking on Dubinsky being next and I’m sure someone we can’t imagine putting in every hypothetical dump trade will be in Dubinsky’s spot next year. (Unless next year that guy is Dubinsky again. Then we’d have a problem.)

  146. CARP is totally a Rangers fan (I’m being serious now). There’s no way to follow a team for this long and not get attached. I definitely don’t buy his previous arguments that he “could care less” if they win or not. BS.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    “Because there is a hard cap in this league and probably getting tighter, I’m glad the rangers didn’t get Kovalchuk because that kind of contract takes away other areas of the team. To build a winner in the NHL you need to draft well and than fill in the pieces with FA’s that aren’t going to burden your cap hit.”

    They gave the exact same contract to Brad Richards. I’ll take Kovy over Richards 10 times out of 10. And to say Richards fills a hole that Kovy doesn’t is laughable. Richards hasn’t filled any hole on this team. Leadership? We have that in spades without him. 1st line center? Currently being filled more than capably by Derek Stepan. 2nd line center? Could have been filled by Anisimov, Dubinsky, or even just by patching in Prospal for another year. PP QB? This one speaks for itself.

    And even if you don’t think we could have filled the 2nd line center role without Richards, you seriously think it is worth 6.67 million for a second line center? Didn’t we learn from our mistakes with Gomez and Drury?

    Bottom line: they gave Richards a deal that they should’ve given to Kovalchuk.

  148. I watched Rupp at the game last night he’s slow and terrible, probably bad knee. I’m sure he’s a great team guy and love him for what he did at WC.

  149. True Fans- email me ilb2001@nyp.org if you want to talk about it.

    Johny D- signing bonuses are still allowed by NHL for anyone, not only rookies and over 35. See Richards’ contract. Unless I misunderstood what you said. But no restructuring.

    I’m not so sure the Rangers will have as much interest in Nash come June as they did now, let alone upping their offer. It all depends on how far they go, what the preliminary talks on new CBA suggest, and who may be available, both from outside and within the system.

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, I’ll play the Devil’s advocate on this one. A lot of reporters become divorced from rooting for particular teams. They become fans of particular players, which I’m sure Carp wouldn’t be shy about admitting to.

    If anything, I bet that these days Carp hopes the team loses. Blog traffic goes up when they lose.

  151. Seems like the alcohol in the Corona wouldn’t melt so the ice would be slushy. Perfect MSG conditions. Like Shortstops learning to field on gravel lots.

    Even if Rupp is 3-years which I assume he is if Wick thinks so – let’s withhold judgment. Guy scored TWO in the winter classic. Big Game Player. I think he has a broken hand also.

  152. czechthemout!!!! on

    I still think Kreider was always plan B Rod. They true hard to get Nash as much as Nash wanted badly to be. Ranger. But I think that when they came back from Watching Kreider in the Beanpot, they made a decision that Kreider is the real deal and will be a big boost to the offense in the playoffs. So they decided to try and get the certainty that is Nash but will wind up going with less certainty in Kreider by the end of March.

    To those who doubt Kreider, fear not! As I said to Carp yesterday. I watch a lot of Derek Stepan when he played in college. I though he was a cant miss and said so last preaeason. All I have to say is that after watching a lot of Kreider, my conclusion is that Kreider is twice the player Stepan is and I love Stepan.
    It’s all good!

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, I don’t think they will include any of MDZ or McD, or Step or Hagelin, or Kreider (the 3 additional parts to Dubi that Howson supposedly wanted) unless it’s one of the scenarios I listed above. The only reason they would up the offer is if the playoff performance is pitiful (like that alliteration?). Otherwise, nothing changes from his deadline day statement: we like our team, we have to be careful not to dismantle it.

    Something has to change for them to not like the team. Only an early playoff exit will do that.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I’ll give you credit. You were definitely big on Stepan. Hagelin too, if I remember. I gave you (or somebody here) crap on Hagelin when they were trumpeting him in college. I was totally wrong.

  155. Hope Cally or Hank don’t have a down year, some people are going to.have to be very creative inhow they throw them under the bus.

  156. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I don’t think u can fill a 4th line like an all star game roster of other teams first liners. It makes zero sense in a cap world.

    Not only are guys like rupp who know there role necessary, they are vital in a cap world.

    Not many teams have 4 million dollar 4th liners for very long.

  157. Maybe I’m just missing something on Rupp’s actual contributions. I get that the logic was bringing him in as a more hockey talented heavyweight but has he actually done that? He’s still sitting in the heavyweight role but not intimidating the opposition and not doing much of anything else (doesn’t score aside from one game, doesn’t kill penalties). Prust still had to go last night and so did Dubinsky. So while the Devils avoided matching up with Rupp one on one, he didn’t appear to be in the back of their minds one bit. Differently put, can’t Scott come in and do the same thing but more effectively for less than half the cost?

    (It seems like people like Rupp, and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s not much different than the last few punchers we’ve signed. Multi year deal? Check. Over a million per? Check. Injured? Check.)

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    johnny, this team only goes as far as Lundqvist does. If he has a bad year, we will be basement dwellers. And I don’t mean bad year by his standards. A bad year by his standards is Cam Ward. I mean Bryzgalov Bad.

  159. better beans than these on

    Nice thread today, guys.
    Old-fart me, I like a hockey blog that’s actually about hockey, me.

    !) Shook my head in wonder at that record when I saw it this
    AM. I woulda been leadin’ the charge about “DreamWorld” if anyone
    had suggested it last September.
    2)Eli finally played to his cap hit this year, from about the third or
    fourth game on, coupla exceptions (eg, Eagles II, Redskins II).
    So the glue players missing from the roster because of his enormous
    hit didn’t cost the Gs the way their absence had in previous three
    Hank now the same. Playin’ at WOW level parts/most of every game.
    Will he do it when it counts? Show me, Henrik.
    3)Loved the contest of wills last night (except for all the fistic follies).
    I am an increasingly Lone Ranger in that I do not yet subscribe to notion
    they will be a “frightening opponent” to anyone. At current levels of play,
    Pens, eg, might even be lickin’ their chops.
    6)as couple other folks suggested, think Torts has to give “gelling” time
    to lines; see many instances where mates guess wrong about each other’s
    intentions with puck.
    7b) Excellent detail, Ringmaster. And one of the reasons I enjoy this bunch
    so much. So polsed when defending. Only continuing complaint: they still
    lose some of that collective poise when looking to clear..
    9) I guess I’m ok with “pretty good” day. The continuing failure of this regime
    (and, to some extent, the one before it, and the one before that) to identify
    and nurture offensive talent is one reason Nash was so overly attractive.
    Henrik’s excellence provides much cover for some mediocre work in drafts
    (and, yeah, maybe they finally have a guy or two now in the system – but
    until they show it at this level, I’m from Mizzou..).
    10) I’m becoming a McDonagh fan, as of this last month, finally. Lotsa rough
    edges to his game have been addressed. Pleasure to watch work.
    Not so much the other Badger kid. He’s gotta get stronger, so he can play
    with something approaching the same impact in Feb and March and longer, as
    he has in Oct/Nov. He gets an “incomplete” from me as a result of this fade.
    (and all Ranger faceoff guys are fightin’ it a bit).
    11) another excellent take.

    Think all the talk about the Nash circus details at draft time is wasted. Too many
    pieces in that kaleidoscope to even guess what’s gonna happen.
    Also don’t think reports about just what was offered are reliable. Only two folks
    KNOW, and their different agendas may not make a public convergence of their
    stories possible for quite a while.
    Think Howson had every right to reach for the max under the basic circumstances.

    Think folks who like to poke fun at Holmgren should look at his record, especially
    the Second Season one, and especially as compared to two playoff series in ten-
    years Glen.

    Dubi? Yeah, some good moments – and I counted a handful or two of Space Cadet
    specials – where am I? what is that little, black round thing? If last night,
    post-deadline stress, was an indicator, I have no particular faith the rest of the
    season will be much different than the puzzling months already in the $4 million dollar
    Echo: Doodie, 10:55; CTB, 11:07

  160. Rupp is not vital in a cap world when guys can make $500K and do the exact same thing. Just because his overall number is low doesn’t mean its not inefficient if it can be halved.

  161. Wicky- signing Scott was exactly to support that: Rupp needs to heal and be ready for the playoffs. as well as Prust. After the PO start, barring any injury to a 4th liner, Scott will have plenty of time to spend with his new baby.

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Misted D, I think he was doing that. But I definitely think he’s got a bad hand right now after the Boulton slash. He’s pretty useless with that.

    I think Scott can come in and be what Rupp isn’t. Remember when he boarded Rupp? Sometimes you have to take a penalty to send a message. If he’s on the ice with Boulton or Clarkson, he doesn’t have to fight them to send his message.

  163. Nice work on the triple P !

    We’re in complete agreement on what happens if exit in rounds 1 or 2. I just think in Sathers mind if we go out in 3 or 4 he is almost equally convinced he is just one player away and convinces himself it’s ok to let go of MDZ and backfill with Suter if it means getting that missing piece.

  164. John Buccigross says the Rangers are the pre-lockout Devils…….. Wow John, you watched one game and decided you’d use that game to sum up the entire season. Good for you.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, I think he looks at Kreider as the missing piece if we are in that 3rd of 4th round exit scenario.

    As for a 2nd round exit , I think it depends on circumstance. We can lose to Pittsburgh in a close series (especially if Crosby returns) and I think he wouldn’t disrupt the core. But that’s about it.

  166. Remember – Rupp has been a large part of a cup run and he has a good locker room presence and he is a hilarious tweeter. That counts for something.

  167. Knowing that there isn’t fighting in the playoffs, and knowing Rupp doesn’t kill penalties, exactly what will his role be?

  168. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I do not think rupp is a heavyweight, more of a light heavyweight.

    Scott IS a heavyweight (he weighs a lot also).

    I agree with doodie, sometimes you have to take a penalty to send a message.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, you’re probably right, But the Rangers’ Brass see him as an almost immediate impact player, moreso than they thought Stepan or Hagelin would be.

  170. If we offered the equivalent of 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks for Nash and Howson turned it down he is done as their GM.

  171. I’m sure Kreider starts with 3rd line minutes whenever he does get here. A la Stepan and Hagelin. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him make the team next year and start on the 3rd line also wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t with the club at all. Kreider = pray, wait and see.

  172. If Kreider turns pro mid season and joins us for the playoff run and lights it up he’ll be our Jeremy Lin. What a story that’d be.

  173. There is always a place for a reliable 4th liner in the playoffs who can come in, bang some bodies, keep the puck in the offensive zone and play for 4-6 min a game. Especially for someone who’s been there.

  174. czechthemout!!!! on


    Thanks for the hat tip.


    Screw the odds. I am telling you that Kreider is going to light it up the minute he gets here. In fact, watch how much he helps the power play when you see him set up at the top of the slot. He has a quick release and will bury and bunch of goals. Plus remember, the bigger the the better he plays. He is just a big game player and a special one at that. Much like Hagelin and Stepan.

  175. “Good point, Manny. Rupp has 2 Cups.”

    Blah. Luis Sojo has 5 WS rings, Ernie Banks has zero. Henrik Lundqvist has never won a Cup, Antti Niemi has. 2 goals in 43 playoff games, right place, right time, etc, etc.

    (This isn’t to say I think Rupp is a bad guy or a bad hockey player, just that he seems to get a pass on his production relative to his contract. Especially considering how harsh this board has been on that exact role in the past.)

  176. You’re giving Girardi some more credit now, Doodie? You had him as “just the same Girardi but playing 28 minutes” a few months back.

  177. Just so I’m not too one sided here, Rupp still has my favorite tweet of the season …

    “Great day in NY!… Now on my way home with a smooth 4+ hrs to kill in Philly (gross)!”

  178. Doodie: Richards’ real value to the team is being the master disciple of Tortorella and teacher of #therightway. That isn’t Kovalchuk. Richards also won the Cup playing for Torts. Kovalchuk’s only playoff appearance before the Devs got him involved being clowned into oblivion by Sean Avery.

  179. If Richards doesn’t play up to his potentials, it won’t be a long run, his intangibles notwithstanding.

  180. Doodie – regarding the buyout discussion, I think they aren’t allowed to re-sign that player for a year. However the buy-out stays on the their books even if they re-sign him the next season. At least I think that’s what the discussion was around Yashin and why people were laughing about the Isles possibly bringing him back. I’m not 100% sure about that, it’s more a guess than anything.

  181. The upcoming March schedule is INSANE. 4 back to backs and only once, at the end of March, do they get more then a days rest in between games. Including games with Det, Chi, Pitt, Bos, Ott and 2 with NJ.

  182. there were fights in last year’s playoffs. I think there will be fights in the Rangers’ playoff series because they will be nasty.

    fran, you twice made coffee come out my nose. Actually, all of youse were hilarious today (as usual).

    Good afternoon, Sally, you little dirtbag you!

    It’s an asinine notion that anybody could play Rupp’s role. Did you hear Torts talking about the tightest team he’s ever coached. there’s a reason for that, and it’s top to bottom. The bottom being equal to the top in that regard.

    I would have loved to have seen what Kovalchuk could be under Tortorella because, as I’ve said, he’s one of the legit superstars in the league … IMO better than Gaborik, who’s been terrific, miles better than Richards, and better than Nash. And when they sign Parise, Parise’s contract is going to look like Kovalchuk’s.

  183. czhechtemout.

    like your positive views on Kreider. Not sure how good he will be long term but I would be floored if he was not at a minimum a 20 goal guy.

    I have only seen him play maybe 15 games and the college game broadcasts are not great but he just seems to have so much skill and speed.. in the world juniors he was great in year 2 and while he does not have stepans vision and playmaking his size and speed are NHL power forward deluxe level.

    the rangers have not had a guy with his physical attributes in a long long time. 6 ft 2, 220 and he can fly. also his shot is hard, not a richards knuckle ball but a real hard shot… playing for BC for 3 years being in multiple big time tourney’s are all good seasoning…..

    trading him would have been insane. having kreider come the the rangers will also help his development versus playing for CBJ where they would want and need him to develop so fast sometimes it hurts these guys. get him on the Rangers start him on the 3rd line and take there time. Like the Bruins did with Seguin last year, if Kreider thrives you give him more time and go from there.

  184. Carp: So is Scott dressing some games going to mess up the team if its in lieu of Rupp? Or is Rupp getting almost $2MM to be a nice locker room guy? Like I said, I don’t doubt that all of these guys fit well together, but if we’re ok slamming Dubinsky for not earning his money, I don’t see why its unfair to question Rupp. He’s not free, far from it, given his role.

  185. You can question the money all you want Mister D, and that’s fair. But the money isn’t a factor anymore as long as they’re under the cap and it doesn’t affect their ability to add whatever players they want to add. I’m just talking player-for-player, you’d have to go a long way and look far and wide to find players like him in terms of what he brings.

    And if you are one of those guys who doesn’t believe in intangibles — I don’t know if you are or aren’t — then there’s no way to convince you of that. But if you do, and you saw the way this guy fits in and contributes, you’d understand.

  186. scott is a UFA his money is not an issue.

    the guy will suit up when they play the bullies and a few other teams so there big guys are healthy for the playoffs..

    not a major issue…..

  187. I’m sure Tomas Kopecky knows a thing or two about Rupp’s intangibles. If he remembers much that is :-)

  188. I am going to assume that Scott dresses over Rupp as a forward while Rupp’s hand recovers. Then Scott dresses in Bickel’s place a few times and maybe in Staal’s place a few times if he needs rest or the game might be particularly nasty.

  189. kreider cannot join the team until BC eliminated from NCAA tourney.

    BC is real good so that may be a problem…

  190. Let me put it another way, what this team has accomplished so far can’t be statistically measured. It’s rare when a team without the skill of its opponents, in many cases, is still a better team. And part of that is the makeup — a huge part of it. Even guys that didn’t fit in on the ice, guys like Christensen and Wolski, guys like Eminger and Woywitka and Bickel and Mitchell, and of course guys like Dubinsky, Prust, Boyle, are not only popular, but singularly-focused. They all see the game through the eyes of the coach and the captain, and agree that that is how they have to play, and if a Del Zotto or a Mitchell has to stand up for a teammate, he will. If they have to make a sacrifice, at risk, to win a single battle within a single shift that might not amount to anything in the big picture, they will.

    It’s something really special, and I think those who don’t embrace that should really make an attempt to do so.

  191. Doodie,

    not sure why you quoted my post earlier because it had nothing to do with richards vs. Kovalchuk. I imagine you misunderstood what I was saying and I agree with you 100% on richards.If you go back to last years post I didn’t want him either, so I agree with you on Richards.

  192. Mike Rupp is the absolute perfect 4th liner for a playoff team. Fedotenko is right up there with him and if he were willing to play for less than a million in a reserve role, I’d bring him back as the spare forward…

    The extra 500K a year Mike Rupp gets over what he really deserves is absolutely meaningless towards the cap…

  193. I could be wrong about this, having seen John Scott just once, and very recently:

    I don’t think you will ever see him dressed as a defenseman on a John Tortorella team.

  194. Nash on nhl.com said that he wants to be a part of the rebuilt in Columbus only he doesn’t want to stick around when they rebuilt. Said that he wanted for the CBJ management to acquire assets by trading him to help rebuild.

  195. People don’t realize hockey is a team game and not made up of big contract superstars, especially in a cap league. It’s obvious the personalities and character and intangibles each player brings is a very good match. That is what makes a good team. Plus it’s nice to have Lundqvist in nets when all others fail :-).

  196. Really, Carp? Thanks for the update on that. I assume that means he gets burned on Defense a lot. It will be great to have a humaingous big body on Offense as well. Fedotenko looks like he is knocking on the door of a serious injury. Could be some ice time there.

    I doubt we are thinking he gets more than 7-8Minutes ever though.

  197. Carp: Thanks for the long response. I’m admittedly a guy who thinks intangibles are overrated (and waaay overrated if we’re expanding the talk to baseball), but I believe in them when it comes to sports where individual success is highly dependent on teammates (hockey over basketball, both way over baseball). Like I believe lines can become better than the sum of their parts because they click (and conversely two players like Richards and Gaborik can add up to less than the sum of their parts by not clicking). In terms of intangibles being more than half of a guy’s contributions … I don’t know. I believe guys like Rupp can be loved by the team and can matter far more than fans like I will ever know, but how much? Do the Rangers fall apart if he goes home tomorrow? Or would they never have become this incredibly cohesive unit if Rupp weren’t signed and Weise (to pick a past alternative) filled that role? I think its probably easy to overstate when things are going good (or when a guy we like isn’t putting up tangible results) and easy to understate when things are going bad or you simply don’t believe in it. If this were last year, maybe Boogaard gets a pass on his contract? Who knows.

  198. Rupp adds another thing to this team: EXPERIENCE.

    On 24/7 Tortarella turned to who to ask about the pressure of playing in the Winter Classic? MIKE RUPP. Why? Because he has been there. I am sure, come playoffs, if the Rangers are in them, he will turn to Mike Rupp to explain what it takes to make a deep run.

  199. “It’s something really special, and I think those who don’t embrace that should really make an attempt to do so.”

    Completely agree with this part, just wonder if the credit is properly assigned. (Dubinsky shrugged off as expendable despite being a part of the building process over the last 5 years, for example.)

  200. Carp

    I was thinking the same exact thing with Scott. What forward do you think sits when Scott goes into the game?

  201. That could be Nash’s way of winning back the fans after his GM through him under the bus and try to get the fans against Nash.

  202. “Rupp adds another thing to this team: EXPERIENCE.”

    Prospal brought experience last year. Again, a matter of framing.

  203. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Maybe Sather didn’t get your emails either… Therefore no backup plan…

  204. ilb – players aren’t allowed to have bonuses. Like I said, only Entry Level and +35 year old contracts can have bonuses added (see Prospal, Shanahan, etc). Richards doesn’t have any bonuses included in his deal. He has an NTC, but no bonuses attached. Jagr’s old deal was the last contract that had incentive bonuses included since he was grandfathered in (which is why had he won the Art Ross in 05-06, he would’ve been a Ranger for one more season at his same 1/2 cap hit).

    They pretty much did away with all of those incentive bonuses and teams paying for traded players salaries once they set the cap after the lockout. So we’d never see another Anson Carter and 1/2 of Jagr’s salary for Jagr again.

  205. I Rarely Speak on

    Rupp is a PERFECT fit for this team.. i mean really we are going to complain about mike rupp for his cap hit that is a non factor? name me another guy you would rather play on the 4th line on THIS team

  206. IRS: There’s no argument to be made because all you have to say is “we’re in 1st by 9 points”. For all we know we’d be there if Weise filled the Rupp role all year or we’d be lower with a player even better than Rupp in the role. Rupp is here now, we’re doing awesome, therefore Rupp can’t be disproven. To my contract point, Rupp is our 10th highest paid player. He’s waaay below 10th in both on ice contributions and irreplaceability.

  207. And his deal goes for 2 more years. At some point, $1.5MM for a 4th line, no PK fighter versus $0.5MM for a 4th line, no PK fighter could become relevant.

  208. Actually, The Dr. Weise is injured in Vancouver so if we had Weise we would be without Weise and therefore we would have Newbury or the like up to replace him.

  209. If Weise were in NY, he wouldn’t have been injured. Obviously.

    (You know what I meant. I was just picking an example of that type of player we actually had control of.)

  210. Mister D

    why do you care how much he makes though? It has no impact on the salary cap so why do you care?

  211. Manny, Butt Prospal?

    Mister D, if Rupp fell off the map, the team probably wouldn’t change. And if Dale Weise had shown he could cut it (and didn’t have to be put on waivers), maybe he could have played that role as well. Those are rhetorical. Point is: Rupp was signed for a reason, and has pretty much fulfilled every hope they had for him. And that he is one of the many guys who makes the sum of parts what it is. The cost? Probably too much. It doesn’t matter, though, unless Jim Dolan is running out of money.

  212. “why do you care how much he makes though? It has no impact on the salary cap so why do you care?”

    1. It could affect future caps.

    2. Pointing out the disparity between the treatment of Rupp and Dubinsky. Neither is playing up to their salaries this year, Dubinsky is contributing far more on the ice and yet he gets slammed while Rupp gets a pass. (And, to further the comp, Dubinsky’s money is about the midpoint between Rupp and Richards. Where does Dubinsky fall in terms of contributions this year, closer to Rupp or closer to Richards?)

  213. Mister D

    1. It will never affect the future cap. They will always be able to get it to work because his contract is not big enough.

    2. Brandon Dubinsky, on the other hand, has a cap hit that is certain to cause problems if he continues to play like Brandon Prust or Brian Boyle. Noone is saying that Dubinsky is less important than Rupp b/c he is a better player and always will be but its about contracts and at present, Dubinsky’s contract is a problem unless he picks up the production…

  214. Rupp was overpaid, but he was wanted by a lot of teams. The guy won a cup in NJ in 03, is well respected by just about every player around the league, and as I said, has pretty much given us more than expected considering he’s playing on one knee.

    I also think that having him around really helped the team handle the cameras and all of that for 24/7 and the Winter Classic. He had gone through it before, just like he’s gone through long playoff series’. He’s a guy that is extremely well liked in the locker room, gives 100% effort on every shift, and is a guy that Torts’ trusts.

    I find it funny that people were ready to sell the farm to overpay for Rick Nash at 7.8 million plus the lost of key prospects and possibly MDZ or McD, but yet they want Mike Rupp and his 1.5 million off the cap…

  215. oleo, I have no idea. maybe they don’t play him at all unless somebody’s hurt. I don’t see who he replaces if everybody’s healthy. Now if they’re playing the Flyers (one more time), he replaces somebody.

  216. Thanks Oleo for explaining that.

    Also, does anyone else give Torts any credit for getting players to play roles despite what their contract is?

    I feel like most coaches would play guys in specific roles because their contract said they were signed to be bigger players on the team (i.e. Drury). Yet Torts doesn’t care about that and just puts guys where he thinks they fit in. He had Drury centering the 3rd and 4th line even though he was paid like a 1st line center and he’s doing the same with Dubi this year.

    I know that it sucks since it takes up cap space, but the fact that he doesn’t care about what a player gets paid and just puts him in a place where he can succeed at the role he’s given really impresses me since I don’t think someone like Renney would be doing it.

  217. I Rarely Speak on

    jonny.. i didnt see anyone or wanted to give up McMonster for anybody.. and only a select few who said including MDZ was the right idea

  218. I feel like I need to clarify my stance: This was mostly a devil’s advocate argument, the kind you can do when there aren’t any real issues with the team. Why does Rupp get a full pass where Dubinsky does not and players in his role haven’t in the past, despite Rupp not contributing any more than them? I get the salary disparity, but that doesn’t wipe out the contribution disparity that also exists or the fact that Dubinsky has been here for a half decade. The entire argument seems predicated on Rupp being irreplaceable from a chemistry standpoint, but I feel like that discounts Dubinsky’s worth beyond Gs and As.

    (And Carp, if I can reel you back in for a second, am I really off base in thinking Dubinsky is also a key player in the locker room?)

  219. Gaborik-Anisimov-Stepan



  220. “Yet Torts doesn’t care about that and just puts guys where he thinks they fit in.”

    I think I agree with this almost 100%. If you sort by ES TOI, you’ll see where I think maybe one guy gets some additional leeway based on external factors.

  221. Rob C, I started to do that earlier and it felt like too much of a jinx. (And it seems like Torts really loves Mitchell. I feel like he has a place next year, probably the 12th/13th with Scott off the roster.)

  222. E no:

    Who are the sources for your opinion on Kreider. Who is telling you this? Is it professional scouts? Dave maloney was gushing about the kid and saying he is ready for the NHL now. I have seen the kid play live once and about 4 times on TV. Man, he sure looks NHL ready to me.

    If that is YOUR opinion based on what you have seen with your own eyes, I am cool with that. but that is NOT what you said!

    You said:

    10. Agree on Top Four guys, Disagree of Krieder, but thats me and I am in the Minroity.. From sources I have he is a good year away from being ready for the NHL he is still very Raw, but has amazing upside. We have seen what upside can do for a player at this level.. Time will only tell…

    SO PLEASE… do tell. Who are these sources? What is their pedigree to make this type of determination?

    I anxiously await your response….

  223. stole this from Jim Schmiedeberg from “Blueshirt Underground Radio”

    *The Devils 13 shots on goal last night were the least by a Rangers opponent in 31 years. In 1981 they held the Flames to 11 shots in a game*

    very impressive!

  224. Parise – Step – Gab
    Hag – Rich – Cal
    Dubi – AA – Kreider

    Although I personally don’t see Parise coming here and I’m not positive Kreider makes the team out of camp next year.

  225. Mister D

    because Brandon Dubinsky was supposed to be one of our leading goal scorers and most important offensive players but instead he has essentially become Brandon Prust. We were counting on him for his offense which he has failed to do all season.

    Mike Rupp was signed to play 5-10 minutes a night, fight people and bring veteran leadership and not be a liability defensively while chipping in a clutch goal here or there. That is what he gets 1.5 million a year to do and was never expected to anything more…

  226. If Weise were in NY, he wouldn’t have been injured. Obviously.


    Haha. The Dr.! You got me!

  227. “should have said Rupp/Mitchell”

    What’s stupid is we’re one major move and two minor moves (agree w/ Prust, get Kreider out of BC) from what seems like a 99th percentile best case scenario roster coming to fruition.

  228. Jonny D- that is incorrect. Signing bonuses were not eliminated by CBA. Richards received signing bonus of $10M last summer and will get another $8M this summer- to protect his contract against rollback:


    Expect Parise, btw, to receive a huge signing bonus this summer for same reasons.

  229. It’s not about Rupp being irreplaceable. It’s because he was signed to fill a different role than Dubinsky. Dubi was signed to play a 2nd line wing/center position and get 40-50 points a season.

    Rupp was brought in to be a physical presence and chip in with a couple points here and there, but also to keep the locker room steady.

    If we signed Rupp to be a scorer (he’d be paid more obviously), then it would be more disappointing. But then that’s kind of crazy because we’d be expecting everyone to put up as many points as Gaborik.

  230. 1940, so who do we throw all this money towards? I am a bit nervous as well considering that nothing good has happened from anyone who came from jersey, but still, he is the best potential free agent since who? Anyone else/

  231. Just a few edits – you forgot that Suter to NYR is a done deal.

    Callahan- Anisimov -Richards


    Backups/Scratches: Bickel/Erixon/Strahlman/Eminger/

  232. ilb – that’s not really a bonus though. it’s the amount he’s guaranteed if the cap does roll back. So it’s not really additional income on top of his annual salary, it’s just included in his cap hit. Most players have that protection in their deals. So Richards is getting his full 12 million this year, but if next year the cap rolls back, he’s guaranteed at least $8 million.

    You can’t give additional bonuses for performance incentives though. That’s what I was getting at.

  233. I didn’t say I wouldn’t want him. I’d love to have him. There are going to be several teams in on him and I personally think he’ll end up elsewhere; Minnesota, Detroit, Toronto. Yes, his contract will also be ENORMOUS.

  234. Manny

    you forgot to include a salary cap in that proposition though. My estimation says you’d be a good 5-6 million over…

  235. Absolutely, if you’re talking performance bonuses, those are only attached to over 35 and some EL contracts. But you mentioned no bonuses were allowed, so I misunderstood.

  236. oleo,

    Did you say Dubinsky has essentially become Brandon Prust?
    I’d lock the door and pull the shades if I were you. And begin tying your apology to Prust immediately.

  237. you dont think we have the edge given that he prolly lives in jersey…potentially loves it here, and could understand we are closer to a cup than anyone else….is there any other big free agents?

  238. Oleo: Then I disagree with what Rupp is bringing, I guess. Or, more accurately, I don’t have a real problem with what Rupp is bringing but believe people overstate his contributions relative to other players. He has 9 fights, less than 20% of our total and taking seemingly none of the workload off Prust, and is not keeping the goons and pests off our guys. Sans Winter Classic, I don’t see how his playing time has yielded much of anything.

    (And Manny, guess how many fights your “injured” Dale Weise has. GUESS! (Its 7. Two less than Rupp.))

  239. Mister D

    Rupp has missed 22 games due to injury. Obviously that has affected his number of fights…

  240. Yea I like Dale Weise. I think he has been pretty good on the Canucks 4th line also. I wasn’t a fan of getting rid of him and I certainly wasn’t a fan of getting rid of him for nothing if there was interest!

  241. His injured hand also limited Rupp’s number of fights. His knee limited his skating at the beginning. So, from that point of view, he underperformed. You can’t really deny what else he brings to the table. The luxury this year is that despite a few players underperforming (Richards, Dubinsky), the team is doing exceptionally well. Come the playoffs, Rupp underperforming may be irrelevant, as opposed to Dubinsky, and especially as opposed to Richards.

  242. I agree that if this blog is worrying about Rupper’s cap hit and Scott’s ice time all is well in Rangerland. The Scott signing is strictly for insurance. He will most likely, injuries aside, never see a playoff game. CARP…you have to admit that fighting in the playofffs are basically gone. It is not like the old days. I remember those days where one could see bench clearing brawls in several series. Now the fights are staged. Usually one goon versus another goon. Talking themselves into a fight…”wanna go?” etc. Much ado about nothing. And Torts goes with 3 lines and 4 D men in crunch time. ALL IS WELL

  243. I am all for Rupp making his money for intangibles and character… especially since he isn’t taking away a position from a young guy ready to play. He doesn’t hurt the team in any way making the money he does. He is fine right where he is.

  244. The Canucks were into Weise. I am just saying. Maybe we get a 5th round pick. Apparently you can turn those into Scott Johnston.

  245. Oleo: Yup, Rupp has only played 39 games and that’s part of the reason he only has 9 fights. Other players might get dinged for missing that time. And its probably fair to point out that Bickel has 7 in 30 games. And that Prust is still fighting more per game. So for whatever reason, Rupp *isn’t* doing part of the job that people are crediting him for doing. Which is my only real point here.

  246. Rupper is fine…he is a veteran, stable guy in the room and fights and enforces when he needs to..lets not forget, lots of guys in this league would rather go with pruster and Bickel than Rupper…

  247. Very interesting and enlightening read thru this posting….very gripping in many respects. It also shows that many of your folks know what you are talking about and an unfortunate several others who do not.

    I keep watching Staal and I see a very fine defenseman,.but for some reason, maybe it’s me, but I don’t see the greatness. Something, somehow is lacking and I cannot put my finger on just what it is….more an expectation than anything else I guess.

    But have any of you others had this feeling about him?

  248. Congrats, Tony. $2,600 can buy just about 100 knockoff Avery Winter Classic jerseys.

    (I know this because I was just given one as a prank by a jerk friend.)

  249. Fran – I agree but I would say, “I don’t see it this year.” I have definitely seen it in the past. I just think he is still getting it together. I think next year, maybe even by this years playoffs he returns to a premier shut down guy…..He also has the best shot of any of our blue liners. imo.

  250. About kreider:

    Doodie, he took extra classes for two summers in a row. He is technically a junior but has enough credits to graduate this spring! I think he is turning pro as soon as BC’s season is over.

    Look, he is playing for a hockey powerhouse in NCAA division 1. How are our division 1 guys doing? Stepan, Hagelin and Mcdonagh? how much time did they need in the AHL BEFORE they began to make an impact here?

    This kid has played against high level competition. PLEASE REMEMBER that he was an integral part of the BC 2010 team that won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! I believe BC went to the frozen four last year as well. He has played in and won 3 BEANPOT tournaments which are pretty intense.

    I think at 21 years of age, he can come in and make an impact quickly.

  251. If I remember correctly, BC’s coach is Torts-esque in his coaching. Kreider should fit right in with a max of two months with the Whale.

  252. fran – I’ve never really seen it ever. I always thought he’d be a very solid d-man, but I never saw anything great. He’s slow and struggles to get back when he jumps on the rush. Plus his puckhandling in the zone isn’t great, seems like the puck just jumps around sometimes when he goes after it (this year moreso than previous).

    That being said, he’s a very solid #2 guy. I’ve seen more from McD this year against the top players (Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Malkin, etc.) than I’ve ever seen with Staal. Not saying Staal was bad against them since he wasn’t, he was very good at defending them, but it seems like Mack Track gets those superstars to go where he wants them to go and do what he wants them to do. Staal always seemed like he was just kind of defending them based on where they went and was reactive instead of active like McD.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep him, I still think Staal is key to our future, but I don’t and never did think he was as good as everyone seemed to think.

  253. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    weise is a horrible fighter in the mold of byers.

    I love how torts in the post game presser said hags blocked a shot and I thought he was dead!

  254. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp I totally agree with your post@1:35 .Have I said lately how much I LUV this team?

  255. Same. Not a single guy is tough to root for or the type to drive me insane. Where have you gone, Dmitri Kalinin.

  256. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Also did anyone one notice that even though Hagelin had a devil’s player hooking and grabbing him at the end of the game was still able to make that pass to Cally for the empty netter? How I luv that kid

  257. DuBeliveau, and I think that was one of the dumbest ideas that spread like wildfire, that you can’t fight in the playoffs. You sure can. And if the Rangers play the Bruins or Penguins in a playoff series, there will be fights, and not staged fights. Those are the three nastiest teams in the East, and that’s just how they play.

    When Tortorella said last night that he had hoped Hagelin could make the team out of training camp because of his speed, that confirmed that I actually already imagined … that Kreider is going to be given every chance to make it. But if he’s not ready, he won’t, a la Hagelin, McDonagh, etc.

  258. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I also think scott will play forward more than likely and that bickel, unless his play tails off, will be #6 (deservedly so).

  259. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    I’m trying Carp but it’s not easy with some of what gets posted here ,but I read every single day & I must refresh at least 50 times + a day.

  260. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I thought you meant my comments were stinking up the joint!!! ;)

  261. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    BTW Wicky how is Mrs. Wicky doing these days ? Will the little wickster be arriving soon?

  262. I Rarely Speak on

    quick question carp.. in the games against the debbies, flyers, perhaps bost? who do u think scott replaces? my guess would be fedotenko?

  263. I know everybody is looking forward to Kreider next season, and I am as well, but the guy I really want to see next is Fasth. He is supposed to be Hagelin with better hands. Having said that, Hagelin is super smart and has a high torque motor that never stops. If Fasth has speed and hands, but lacks those other ingredients, then Hags is the better player. The last time I felt like this about a Ranger (Hagelin) rookie was Kovalev… and I was super jealous because Kovalev and I are the same age.

  264. So much hockey-talk today. Not into it :)
    But I agree with Ria… I love this team!

    Tony, you are amazing! Mazel tov!

    Manny, *no email*

  265. carpster says,”Those are the three nastiest teams in the East, and that’s just how they play.” Never thought I would see the day where Rangers included in that statement. Good times!

  266. Yev

    if Kreider is that adament about his education (which I doubt btw) it will be impossible for him to turn pro right after his hockey season ends since he will have to stay in school until his final exams are over in the first week of May or so.

    Granted he goes to a private school so they might be able to bend rules a bit more but it logic tells you it would be impossible to get your degree if you miss final exams and the last month of the semester

  267. duck the bill – Yeah, thanks for that. I was 14 when Hagelin was born, so I can take some solace in being exactly 2x older than him. Actually, Kovalev is a grand total of 13 months older than me (just checked). So, now I feel a little younger.

  268. czechthemout!!!! on

    To anyone who still thinks Kreider needs to go to the AHL for ” seasoning”, forget it. Stepan didn’t need it,McD barley needed it. Hagelin needed maybe 10-15 games. Kreider doesn’t need it at all! He is better than all of those guys. His “seasoning” will be in the final 5-10 games he plays on the third line with the Rangers for three games and than on the second line for three games and than moves into the left wing along side Gabby and Stepan where he will have instant chemistry from his time with Stepan during the wjc in 2010. Believe it boys. If he signs this is what will happen and happen very fast.

  269. regarding 11) :
    I do agree the nhl point system is awkward, but disagree that it has much impact on the trade deadline.

    I applied the old point system to the 2009-1010 and 1010-2011 season(available upon request) and non playoff teams moved 0-2 points closer to the final playoff spot, not further. One team, New Jersey, moved 5 points closer to the final playoff spot in 2010-2011.

    I contend what created the buyer glut has little to do with the Bettman bonus point, but a lot to do with the trade deadline being moved up from 26 days to 40 days. At 20 games(1/4 of the season) many outside teams still have hope, but at 12 games hope is lost for most outside teams.

    As a test i suggest looking at the standings again in 2 weeks and see if the seller market would still be depleted.

  270. Simple Math

    The bonus point does help although I think the biggest factor (other than moving the date up and parity) is that 2012 is a rather weak FA class and no real good players were out there…

  271. I want to join the Ranger love fest! Complain about this team? ARE YOU HIGH???

    Think about this season so far. Last second victories; Undefeated against the flyers including an unbelievable come from behind win in the Winter Classic; big wins over the bruins; nice wins against the Debbies. 1st place for a large part of the season.

    40-15……… 86 points with a week to go in FEBRUARY!!!!

    I am loving every single minute of this season. Savor it folks, this is a special ride so far.


    They are only the CLEAR favorite for the Presiden’t Trophy. Haven’t lost back-to-back games in regulation since…..I can’t even remember.

  273. czechthemout!!!!

    Stepan and Hagelin had much better season by season numbers than Kreider though. Plus the Rangers are a very good team and are really deep so the need for him to make the team at the start isn’t as high as it was for Stepan…

  274. czechthemout!!!! February 28th, 2012 at 3:48 pm
    To anyone who still thinks Kreider needs to go to the AHL for ” seasoning”, forget it. Stepan didn’t need it,McD barley needed it. Hagelin needed maybe 10-15 games. Kreider doesn’t need it at all! He is better than all of those guys. His “seasoning” will be in the final 5-10 games he plays on the third line with the Rangers for three games and than on the second line for three games and than moves into the left wing along side Gabby and Stepan where he will have instant chemistry from his time with Stepan during the wjc in 2010. Believe it boys. If he signs this is what will happen and happen very fast.

    TOTALLY AGREE! don’t understand why people are saying he will need a lot of time on the Whale? Our NCAA guys didn’t need it and I don’t think he will either!

  275. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    It’s been a special season thus far. If we go out in the first round as a 1 seed, it will all be lost rather quickly. But Im expecting to win the Cup, and anything less than that will leave me devastated and angry and a whole host of oither negative emotions, but I will appreciate the team’s efforts and the fact that theyve got numerous years to contend for the Cup seeing as how theyre so young.

  276. They are only the CLEAR favorite for the Presiden’t Trophy.


    Detroit, Vancouver and St. Louis might have something to say about that.

  277. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, don’t forget the Flyers. There would be plenty of fighting between Rangers and Flyers, even if it’s someone like John Scott pummeling a POS like Sestito or Rinaldo, or an actual meaningful scrap between Prust and Simmonds.

    Yev, I know Kreider has taken extra classes but I still don’t think he is eligible to graduate in the spring. I think it might be that he can graduate with another summer of classes, which means he can still turn pro as soon as the collegiate season ends.

    And let’s temper our expectations based on college performance. You know who had an amazing collegiate career? I’m talking all-time great collegiate career. Chris Drury. He had a good professional career, to be sure, but certainly less than what I’m hearing some fans expect out of Kreider. He also had a knack for big games and big moments, like people say about Kreider. And if you told me that we passed on a prime Rick Nash to keep a young Chris Drury, I’d be upset.

  278. czechthemout!!!! on


    We have a need. That need is a top six power forward to help with the scoring and the powerplay. We are the number one team in the league and that means we have to go for it of all the way. The need for added scoring has not changed. I am convinced as I believe are the Rangers that Kreider is rest for that pressure. If they didn’t believe it, they would have done what they needed to yesterday to get Nash for a shot at the Cup.

  279. Doodie Machetto on

    Simple Math, please provide me with the old point systems for 09-10 and 10-11. On deadline day this year, 25 teams were .500 or better. I refuse to believe that the numbers would be anything like that without the Bettman Bonus Point.

  280. Oleo:

    Stepan had much better season by season numbers than Kreider? And it seems that Kreiders stats this year are similar to Hags. Your words were “much better”.

    Derek Stepan:

    Season U. of Wisconsin 2008-09 Goals: 9 Assists:24
    U. of Wisconsin 2009-10 Goals: 12 Assists: 42

    Carl Hagelin:

    Regular season and playoffs Regular season Playoffs
    Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM +/-
    2007–08 University of Michigan CCHA 41 11 11 22 28 – — — — — — —
    2008–09 University of Michigan CCHA 41 13 18 31 32 – — — — — — —
    2009–10 University of Michigan CCHA 45 19 31 50 34 – — — — — — —
    2010–11 University of Michigan CCHA 44 18 31 49 39

    Chris Kreider:

    2011-12 Totals Power Play
    Team GP G A PTS +/- G A PTS
    Boston College 34 19 17 36

  281. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I think you’re overstating it on the team’s belief of Kreider. There isn’t even a guarantee the kid signs after his college season is over.

    Furthermore, I think they believe Kreider, even if not this year, will eventually be that presence and they didn’t want to dismantle the rest of the roster to try and get there for one shot now.

    They were offering Dubi, Erixon, Miller, Thomas and a 1st. That’s a pretty legit offer without affecting the current roster too much. Certainly Dubi can be replaced by what Nash brings to the table. Anisimov would like take Dubi’s spot on the third line. If Nash plays with Gaborik, than Anisimov just slides down to Dubi’s role. If Nash plays with Richards and Callahan, then you can put Hagelin with Gaborik and move Anisimov down that way. And then when you add Kreider next year, you are very, very deep at forward and on defense for years to come.

  282. Krieder will NOT be playing in NY unless its against the Binghamton Sens or SyracuseCrunch or Adriondak or Rochester………

    one shift with a blown assignment can mean the game and the series, too little time to learn a whole new system. Add the contract issues to that also. He simply isn’t ready.

  283. Doodie Machetto on

    Yev, actually, the numbers you posted show Stepan had much better overall numbers than Kreider while Stepan was a sophomore and Hagelin’s were slightly better as a junior and senior. Kreider is more of a goal scorer than them is all.

    I’m not knocking Kreider, just saying your numbers defense isn’t accurate.

  284. “3,000 years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax you’re [clarkson] Right I’m living in the [byfuglien] past.”

  285. Doodie, are you kidding me….if Kreider ends up being chris drury(in his prime) whats wrong with that? What r your expectations for the kid…u think he is another Nash?

  286. Manny, they can no longer TRADE EVERYBODY. Sadly.

    Doodie, if Sestito or Rinaldo play in the playoffs, the Rangers will never see the Flyers other than a 1-8 matchup, because the Flys will be going down in four in the first round. They might anyway.

  287. then again Jonathon Toews didnt have great college numbers either although he only played one season…

    One thing is given the competition and his age Kreider should have better numbers than he does right now…

  288. Doodie Machetto on

    And if you want to play college numbers, how about these:

    1994–95 Boston University HE 39 12 15 27 38
    (National Championship/Beanpot winner)

    1995–96 Boston University HE 37 35 32 67 46
    (Beanpot winner/Beanpot MVP)

    1996–97 Boston University HE 41 38 24 62 64
    (HE player of year/Hobey Baker runner up/Beanpot winner)

    1997–98 Boston University HE 38 28 29 57 88
    (HE player of year/defensive player of the year/Hobey Baker Winner/Beanpot winner)

    In 2009, named Hockey East’s all-time best defensive forward.

    Prust Sayin’.

  289. Doodie Machetto on

    Those numbers came out like crap. Let’s try this again:

    And if you want to play college numbers, how about these:

    1994–95 Boston University HE 39 12 15 27 38
    (National Championship/Beanpot winner)

    1995–96 Boston University HE 37 35 32 67 46
    (Beanpot winner/Beanpot MVP)

    1996–97 Boston University HE 41 38 24 62 64
    (HE player of year/Hobey Baker runner up/Beanpot winner)

    1997–98 Boston University HE 38 28 29 57 88
    (HE player of year/defensive player of the year/Hobey Baker Winner/Beanpot winner)

    In 2009, named Hockey East’s all-time best defensive forward.

    Prust Sayin’.

  290. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob C, yes, I would be upset if this guy only becomes Chris Drury. Chris Drury ain’t no Rick Nash. They didn’t keep Kreider because they think he will become Chris Drury. They kept him because they think he will become Rick Nash, or very close to him.

  291. Sorry, Carp – I thought the TRADE EVERYBODY deadline got extended. Gotta check with my sources (Rod) and chide them for misinformation.

  292. Carp, are you going to get to cover any away games during the playoffs? You’ve probably been asked that before, but I’m a dirtbag so I’m asking again.

  293. I could totally see the Pens steamrolling over the Flyers in the 1st round if they’re paired together.

    I just really hope that mopey Malkin reappears soon.

  294. The flyers organization knows there in trouble. Holmgren was rumored yesterday trying to desperately upgrade there goalie situation.

  295. The one thing about Kreider is he has been inconsistent his whole college career. He goes on stretches where he disappears for periods/games and then in an instant wows you with a highlight reel goal or huge game winner…

    I dont have a reason why. Might be is effort level or might just be he needs to play with better teammates/opposition but he does have the tools to be a superstar…

  296. doodie, he has 36 points and the season isnt’ over. I don’t see how 50 points is “much better than 36 in a partial season..

    So, I believe my number defense is valid..

  297. Its pretty much impossible to not be ok with knowing Kreider would average 24 goals over the next 10 years for us (Drury from 1998 – 2009) and yet somehow I’d be really disappointed to know that was the future. I’m unrealistic today.

  298. Doodie Machetto on

    Yev, I forgot to mention that Kreider built up a huge pile of points early in the season but has slowed significantly since then. So in a points per game scenario, he hasn’t been very impressive over his last 20 games or so. And if you carry out that ratio for 45 games, it’s not much to look at.

  299. carp, it’s just one of those crazy things in sports where a team is know for something, in this case the flyers won there cup with Bernie Parent and will never have a good goalie ever again in there history :-).

  300. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Boston worries me, not in a one game scenario, but I think if they can get it to go 7 games, their guys would wear ours down so that even if we did come out on top, they’d be gassed for the next series.

  301. I understand that thinking, The Dr. What this team needs is people that can net 30+ every single year. I joked about it earlier but Callahan has a real chance to lead this team in Goals. That’s a scary prospect. As great as it is that Callahan consistently steps up. I am sure we are hoping Krieder could be our 50+ guy. Perry, Stamkos and the like.

  302. I Rarely Speak on

    ottawa in no way scares me.. and toronto doesnt either.. yes we lost a couple games to those teams but that was EARLY in year

  303. Taking out Drury’s last 2 years where he was a shell of his former self and taking out Nash’s only season where he scored 70+ points and your typical Drury 82 game year (25 G 35 A) isn’t all that different than your typical Nash 82 game year (34 G 30 A).

  304. Doodie, Terriers rule!!!

    You all are really forgetting another reason why Ruppers is valuable to the team. He keeps the hottie quotient up…..

    I wish I had the money to attend Casino Night tonight…Just once….

  305. Doodie – I am starting to think that the term “gassed” isn’t in this teams vocabulary. I hope that continues because at this grinding rate, we won’t know until it happens.

  306. Right. Saying you wouldn’t take Drury numbers for Thomas or Miller or whoever would be downright stupid. But for some reason, with Kreider, I feel a little ok saying I expect more goal scoring, even though I know 24 for 10 seasons is better than his (or any prospects’) breakeven proposition.

  307. Doodie Machetto on

    Hextall was pretty good while he was with them. Took them to the Finals and won the Conn Smythe as a loser. I’d say it’s since then (and the unfortunate Pelle Lindbergh incident immediately before him) that they haven’t had one to speak of.

  308. I admittedly do not know as much as you seem to about Kreider, but it appears to be a bit too much pressure to put on an adolescent who hasn’t even used a bathroom in MSG and yet is expected to play on a wing come playoffs time this year. Or be better than Drury and close to Nash?

  309. Mama, that is an important (and often overlooked on this blog) category. Scott will help a little, but only when he has a big mustache.

    Carp, AWESOME! Lets go Buff-a-lo!

  310. I mean I was not a big Drury fan, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of NHL players would trade their careers for his.

  311. Doodie,

    Hextall was good handling the puck but was known to let a few softies in at the wrong time or key moments of a game.

  312. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, if you’re going to take out Nash’s best season, then you have to take out Drury’s too. It’s only fair. 37 goals was way above Drury’s average, just like 79 points was way above Nash’s.

  313. Sally, I consider it my job as mama to keep reminding people of that quotient. Thank your for your support :)

    ilb, LMAO at hasn’t even used the bathroom! Maybe not in the locker room….he has to have used at least one, I would think!

    did anybody post this of Scott? If so, sorry for repeat….but man, Westgarth looks like something out of a horror movie!!!! http://tinyurl.com/2ealwb9

  314. The only team that I’m concerned about is Pittsburgh, especially if Crosby comes back. What really concerns me is this March Scheduled, it’s brutal and I am concerned it will burn the boys out before the start of the playoffs.

  315. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, he still had 87. Vezina, Finals appearance, Conn Smythe as a loser. Philly had the goaltending that year. And they had it, briefly, with Lindbergh before that. So there was a few year window in the mid 80’s where they had goaltending. The problem was the existence of the Gretzky’s Oilers in 85 and 87. Lindbergh’s death hurt them a bit in 86 as well, but their goaltending duo (Froese and someone else) won the Jennings. So there was a 3 year span where they were set between the pipes.

  316. Sally, Scott’s quotient will keep us even, I think….certainly won’t bring us down. Fortunately, we have Hank to keep the bell curve in our favor :) and Boyle, and Rupp, and Steps and…oh hartnell it, I could go on……and Dubi!!!

  317. “… it appears to be a bit too much pressure to put on an adolescent who hasn’t even used a bathroom in MSG and yet is expected to play on a wing come playoffs time this year.”

    Does it change things knowing he’s used the bathroom at the Garden dozens of times?

  318. Doodie Machetto on

    In the duh math department, it’s 110 goals over a 10 year career. Nothing to sneeze at.

  319. But the point was, that in his prime Drury wasn’t that far off from Nash, less goals more asissts.

    So if Kreider turns into a reliable 30 G 60 pts player I’d consider him a success. I’d be expecting him to be more that than Parise of a couple seasons ago.

  320. Doddie and all, I think you guys have the bar raised a little too high with Kreider…to say his numbers could be Nash like…is saying he may already have failed….

  321. kreiders #’s this year are better then hagelin(last year at Michigan) for sure and I think better then Stepans also. He has some big #’s.

    also Kreider has been in a lot of big games already at his age. I am not saying he can dominate today in the NHL I am saying he can absolutely play at this level today and not embarras himself. He will get use to the speed quickly..

    He is a premium talent… The rangers had 1 like this Cherapanov about 4 years ago, they have a guy like this about every 20 years. seriously the guy is 220 +, and skates bettter then Dubi(who is a good skater)…

  322. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, but that’s how Gordie Clark and co. are billing him. They say he will be a 30 goal scorer.

  323. Krieder’s ceiling is higher than Chris Drury in his prime. With Kreider you are hoping for a dominant power forward like Dany Heatley, Dave Andreychuk, John LeClair, Alex Kovalev, Corey Perry etc.

  324. The only thing wrong with the poor kid, in my opinion, is that he’s an Eagle, not a Terrier…but I give him his Beanpot. Maybe Boyle will take him under his very large wing and show him the ropes, and he’ll also earn a Prust elbow dance. As long as Prust stays away from his kreiders…he is young, after all.

  325. Krieder’s ceiling is higher than Chris Drury in his prime. With Kreider you are hoping for a dominant power forward like Dany Heatley, Dave Andreychuk, John LeClair, Alex Kovalev, Corey Perry etc.


    Kovalev was a power forward?

    And I disagree. If he was tabbed to be that dominant a player he probably would have been picked a lot higher in the draft. Top 5, maybe even top 3.

  326. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, Cherepanov was a superior talent to Kreider. He was a truly dynamic talent. The only reason he fell as far as he did in the draft was that he had other question marks, such as effort issues, desire to come to America, and the lack of a transfer agreement between the IIHF and Russia.

  327. one possible knock on Kreider that I read scouts say is he lacks hockey instincts. I would think that when Kreider does sign with the Rangers he will most likely start in Hartford unless he really impresses Torts when he will play in a preseason game next year.

  328. kovalev size and skating was a power forward but he played a lot less physical game but he had the attributes.

    Rangers are the flavor of the week. heard sather on NHL radio with espo about 30 minutes ago and heard the king on 1050 espn about an hour ago.

    the kreider fans(groupies) only point is when his season is over(college) the rangers should sign him and based on how he does that will dictate where he plays and if he contributes.

    theoretically the ranger season can end in June it is only March. Rangers should not worry about the 3 year clock running for Kreider if it affects there cup run in any way…

  329. Mama, Prust.

    Scott without a mustache is a -1, with mustache +1 (maybe +1.5)

    These Murdersaurus fight videos are definitely lowering my productivity today.

  330. Doodie Machetto on

    Assists are easier to come by than goals. I give goals much more credit than assists. That’s just me though.

  331. doodie ,

    Cherapnov skill and vision obviously was a much different playe rthen Kredier.

    Kredier would handle the puck 25% of the time compared to a cherapanov…

    kreider should be a classic, big, fast, shoot first forward. not a playmaker, center, etc…

    i am not comparing him to these guys but kreider is more like; shanny, heatley, and those types of shooters…

  332. CTBlueshirt

    not every great player is taken in the top 5. Lots of star players get picked the middle/late first round…

  333. Kreider has 19g, 17a in 34 games this season. that is his production so far for the season. In the college game those a re big numbers……

  334. stuart a

    you need to drop the whole idea that Kreider is playing in the NHL this season. No chance in the world its happening…

  335. Doodie, disagree…someone has to set up the goal on most of them….and that is a talent in and of itself…

    Sally, sorry… Prust. I didn’t want to list the whole team!!! btw, did you all know (I assume yes, maybe) Prust is not a tall or big guy….makes his Prustness all the more incredible for what he does….

  336. I’ll tell you one thing that I get the creeps about in playoffs, is if Biron has to come in. As long as he brings that OK Corral stance with his legs way apart and the entire arena showing in the opening….I’ll be on nerves edge.

  337. oleosmirf … why not? it happens all the time… it may happen, not saying it will but it may happen if BC gets eliminated early etc.

    these preconceptions that guys need seasoning, blah blah blah . is nonsense.

    certain guys need seasoning others don’t .Landeskog is doing just fine and same with Hopkins…

    No 1 has a crystal ball, let’s leave it at that

  338. ilb, i felt a lot of pressure relieved once I started using the bathrooms at MSG in 1978-79.

    I don’t believe Toronto, Ottawa would be any problem whatsoever for your NYR in a playoff series.

  339. Sometimes, getting to the bathroom at MSG is pressure enough. Here’s a secret only a handful of my friends know….now it’s public….I totally cheat to get ahead on the line…games, concerts, you name it. I will not share my wiles on how I do it here though…let’s just say, I rarely miss game time or a song….

    hate me if you want to. Don’t care….:)

  340. stuart a

    sure but how many players go straight from the NCAA after never being in an NHL training camp to a playoff race on a John Tortorella coached team.

    There is no chance in Howson, Tortorella would even consider it…

  341. If Sather offered Dubi, Erixon, JT Miller, Christain Thomas, and a 1st. Howson would have taken it. But Sather was offering less. Much less. That “offer” may have saved Howson’s job. Thornton, Heatley, and Jagr all returned much less and they were much better players than Nash.

    Sather lowballed Howson because he could.

  342. Whatever the specifics are of bringing a guy on…I have high hopes for Kreider (man, he needs a nickname…hard with his name) but I really don’t see him joining the team and playing in the playoffs! Is it just me? Can’t be….Chris….can’t wait for 2012-13….

  343. Doodie Machetto on

    Mama, for me to be impressed by assists, a guy has to get 40 of them, at least. Too easy to get the secondary assist for doing nothing.

    Hell, if you have a dynamic goalscorer on your team, you might get the first assist for doing nothing. Take Malkin’s awesome goal against the Lightning a few days ago. Niskanen dumps the puck off to Malkin in his own zone before going off to change. Then Malkin skates the entire Lightning team and buries it. Assist for Niskanen and he was off the ice for the entire play.

  344. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I just don’t like how our team looks against them. I think there is no reason on paper why they should give us trouble, but every time we play them, we look so much worse than we are.

  345. The Nash thing….and I am so over it except to see how it plays out over the summer…I think it goes to what Carp was saying about the stupid point awarded for losing….sellers v. buyers…..Howson/Nash wanted to sell for way to much ….. I think the summer will be way more interesting than yesterday……Prust my opinion

  346. Doodie Machetto on

    Mama, I think Howson could have gotten more for Nash in the summer before he opened his big stupid mouth and said Nash asked for the trade. By saying that, he poisoned the well, and the offers are going to be much lower because it went from the team looking to move Nash to the team needing to move Nash because of a messy divorce.

  347. Doodie, I was talking more first assists than second. I hear you, but still disagree….that’s what reasonable people do, right :)

  348. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Doodie –

    You are right, secondary assists are junk. One of our boys got one last night on Cally’s empty net goal. One point. Just think, a seconary assist counts just as much as scoring a short-handed goal, and an even-strength goal. Silly little NHL. In the first place, empty net goals should be team goals with no points awarded. They can make a joke of a scoring title outcome.

  349. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Ok, so what I would do is completely separate the assist and the goal scoring categories. This way you know who your scorers are, and top assist guys get recognition, too. Apples and organges they are, as presently constituted. The NBA doesn’t give two assists on a FG, at least they got that right.

  350. better beans than these on

    I would take a Kreider career in which he was Avalanche Drury.
    No questions asked, then run…

    Roster building: say Hank has an identical twin, plays an identical
    game, works for Flyers. Who wins?
    Yes, failure to find a goalie has been huge (like Rangers failure to
    find power play teachers/players).
    Check how many playoff series, absent an elite goalie (to put it
    mildly), Philly has won in Holmgren’s tenure (including a final)
    then check how many
    Rangers have, with Hank in his seventh season, under Sather.
    Geln would be getting killed here, and rightly so, if he didn’t
    have the cover of that excellent guitarist.
    And I wonder (no special insight implied, just wonderin’, as fans do)
    whether Snider had more to do with the Bryz acquisition than his
    GM? Some speculation to that effect in Philly.

    Fran: great conversation starter about Staal. I’m with Jonny D.
    and you on this one. Further, I think of him as a possible valuable trade

  351. better beans than these on

    Oops! Obvious mistake: should be “how many playoff series
    Flyers have participated in” – not won!

  352. Doodie I agree with you Howson should have kept his mouth shut and that assets that are part of a divorce are often undervalued. But I still say Howson will get more for him than a $4m 3rd line player, 3 ok prospects, and a late round no1.

  353. better beans than these on

    PLayoff teams to fear: (in order) Pens (especially if Geno stays and plays on
    his very own planet). Sens. Broons. Surprise: Flyers, if they get even adequate

    Ranger worries: faceoffs, fatigue (Hank seemed to suggest post-game that
    bot Devs AND Rangers started out tired last night), especially for youngest
    guys (Stepan in particular), clearing and breakout passes, offensive cohesion.

    Ranger concerns:

    Hank in long playoff run…

    Dubi continuing to be Dubi: do Rangers spend too much time salivating over,
    scouting stars (eg. Rick Nash), rather than guts-and-glue offensive guys
    (eg. Simmonds) – so that they might have had a candidate or two to score
    25 or 30 to make up for Dubi?Boyle – neither of whose offensive declines
    were exactly shocking, given both had career years, and both got a heavy
    dose of increased expectations, in part from healthy raises?
    (Forget the unlikely Parise this summer. Focus on a couple/three Wayne
    Simmonds types). See Holmgren and Philly scouts for advice:-).

    Continued good fortune in catching blocked shots with the right body parts/

  354. Beans- I think we forgot how good Staal was the last few years. Until McD arrived, Del Zotto progressed and Girardi became who he is this year, he was our number 1 by a wide margin. And the idea about him being a valuable trade chip is questionable because the way he’s been playing after concussion, the return might not be that great. And if (when?) he returns to his regular best form, his best value may be to keep, considering his reasonable cap hit. Unless they get a puck moving, PP quarterback. Except it will cost much, much more.

  355. better beans than these on

    Never having been a GM with the distinctive problem
    (yes, partly of his own making) that Nash represents
    (and I like the way Rick handled that today, in public),
    for Howson, I have no advice to give him. None at all.
    Especially from a far-away gallery.

    The stakes for him and his family and co-workers are
    huge. The stakes for blogheads? I leave it to you.

  356. what surprises me about howson
    and would make me wonder if i was the team’s owner
    isn’t that he was holding out for a mega-deal
    for Nash (which makes sense)
    but that
    he didn’t bother to do much else other than trade

    he didn’t address team’s goalie problem and much else.

  357. better beans than these on

    ILB: Good points, all.

    But he was good on releatively mediocre Sather rosters.
    How good is that?
    And by using the phrase “valuable trade chip” I meant to
    imply that he would get back to his more consistent self.
    Not sure he ever played with as much impact as I’ve seen
    from Dan G some games earlier this season, from Ryan the
    Younger the last impressive while (even more impressive
    when considering sone of his mates have hit a kind of
    energy wall).

    And you’re right – his best value may be as a keeper. Have
    no particular wish to uproot anybody; no fun. But absent
    deft moves by FO, they still look to need scoring, and to get
    someone dependable, they might have to part with some
    D strength.

  358. ilb

    not saying that i want Staal traded but i do think that Girardi
    may have improved due to NOT being paired with Staal.

    last year, and i think Carp even pointed it out, that the duo
    would either be heading into the same areas at the same time
    leaving the front of the net wide open or one or both were
    sliding around.

    i don’t know if playing better team defense is the reason for it
    or a better change of mind but i am SOOOOOOOO glad that
    our d-men aren’t sliding around all the time this season.

  359. better beans than these on


    the pressures have to be enormous,
    and he doesn’t seem to have had a
    lotta chips to play with.

    Still, Carter, Vermette, and a few minor deals, no?

  360. better beans than these on

    I’m just gonna take a contrarian stab here, as I
    rarely do, and say the market for Rick Nash, if
    he’s as good as so many of you here claimed, will
    be just fine this summer.

    Having spoken publicly MAY turn out well for all
    concerned – Rick MAY be a little more amenable
    to expanding his list, for one.

    jpg: nice take on Girardi/Staal.

  361. One of the better parts of no-Nash situation is that it allows the team to sort out all this jam on D. Good problem to have, for sure. But if every single one of them (Erixon, McIlrath, Sauer etc.) turns out to be what they are projected, the team will have too many capable of playing on first 2 pairs. That’s when you decide whom to keep, and who is a valuable trade bait. It’s cheaper to fill you 5-7 with Stralma’s, Eminger’s and Bickel’s ( who, imo, is perfect for number 6-7 at around $600-700K per)

  362. Better Beans- he may or may not expand his list. The question is whether some teams will be more careful adding his large contract without knowing what the new CBA brings. Teams who consider themselves to be a legit contender may overpay before the playoffs, but may be careful during the summer. Who knows? I, too, believe that his fall out in Columbus may eventually be of less importance than finding the willing dance partner for whoever is replacing Howson.

  363. In terms of Kreider, I side with czechmeout! Maybe I am biased because I saw him play live at the beanpot in 2010. But the kid blew me away. He scored an amazing goal where he flew down the wing, undressed the d man and finished the play when he scored.

    He played the body and was responsible in the defensive zone. I have been a ranger fan since the late 60’s and I really can’t remember seeing a guy as big as Kreider who skates as fast. This guy can fly.

    I think he will make a significant impact on the team eventually. I also think that like Stepan, Hags and mcdonagh, we arent going to have to wait too long to see it.

  364. dont want to see the caps in the first round. would love florida if caps can win div if not i want the caps out

  365. all along i would have been pleased
    to trade for Nash but
    according to what we would give up.
    a lot of prospects for him could have turned out
    badly in the future
    but would have been pretty good in the here and now.
    giving in to howson’s demands
    would have been too too much.

    we’ll see what happens with the rest of this season
    i’ll be very very surprised if we end up getting parise
    but ya never know.

  366. i don’t know how much practice time Torts
    will have but he and Sully
    come up with some new twists in the
    Rangers game
    as in
    different breakout plays
    different approaches to pp
    different approaches in the offensive zone

    i’ll be please to be wrong
    but i don’t think that all the energy
    that’s used for the Rangers brand of hockey of board hockey
    is going to hold up
    for the rest of the season plus playoffs.
    much needed at times but a little more is needed.

  367. Watching Ottawa- Boston. Mike Milbury’s legacy still has a tremendous impact on NHL. Long retired Alexey Yashin is a star for both teams. Chara for Boston and Spezza for Ottawa. And yet, the Islanders are still paying Yashin’s salary.

  368. Can Kreider sign his contract first, before we think about putting him in the NHL lineup this season? Pretty sure that has to happen before anything else. Prust sayin’!!

  369. “When Tortorella said last night that he had hoped Hagelin could make the team out of training camp because of his speed, that confirmed that I actually already imagined … that Kreider is going to be given every chance to make it. But if he’s not ready, he won’t, a la Hagelin, McDonagh, etc.”

    Jack Adams.

  370. I think Torts feels the same about Zuccarello. He’s wasn’t ready to play the minutes he needs to play (he’s not competing for a 4th line role.) All this nonsense about Torts picking favorites is idiot. I am beyond ecstatic that the Rangers kept ALL of their kids/prospects…

  371. as good as Staal was last season, he has never been as good as McD is right now. Staal is no longer the top Ranger Dman, and I think that makes him trade bait in the offseason. McD, MDZ, and Erixon on the left.

  372. Olga Folkyerself on

    I haven’t heard a lot lately from the TRADE Lundqvist crowd? How Come? His “value” is higher than ever. Wish I could remember who they were…

  373. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb, we could really use Ottawa to win tonight in regulation. Also, Ottawa is close to catching the Bruins and taking the 2 seed away from them.

  374. Hank has always been a very good goalie. I find it amazing how much he has _improved_ since last season.

    He’s got a better glove hand. He doesn’t go down as easy and “stays big” longer. Can’t remember a soft goal…

    He’s also having one the best seasons for a goaltender in NHL history!


  375. Latona, if you remember back when NYR recalled Mitchell and Hagelin , Ken Gernander actually said the Zucc was the guy that should have been recalled. Instead, Torts wanted him to stay in the AHL. I found that very interesting…

  376. I think it was the right move in retrospect, NYR. Zucc getting Mitchell’s minutes wouldn’t have helped anybody, and Hagelin’s proven to be a great decision. I don’t think Zucc would have impacted the team in the same way Hags has. Not that Zucc wouldn’t have done so, but certainly not in the same way.

  377. very confident about the post season there ilb? Hank still has an awful lot to prove in the post season. all the great goalies in history have at least one cup. most have multiple cups.

  378. Of course….Like Torts says, Hags’ speed is such a valuable asset. Torts was saying last night how Hags’ play makes other players faster…

    Zuccarello has different weapons…he’s more of a guy who can help the PP, OT, and skills comp….

  379. Avery.

    Not for nothing, but what is happening with him???? Carp???

    And btw, comparing him to Clarkson is just wrong….You ruined a perfectly wonderful review with that….mama love…

  380. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – i just had some DQ that almost knocked me out faster than a PRUST uppercut

  381. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – right on Re: McD…that guy is a future HoF and a 6 time norris winner if he stays healthy….my fav player

  382. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    In about 6 weeks, sorry about the delay in answering!!


  383. Paul in sunrise on

    I tweeted that dude Nick Perri who covers the whale…Avery does not practice with the team. Apparently.

    Probably asked to stay away

  384. Team to watch out for in the postseason, for me, is Ottawa…they have the pieces in place to make a run…

    I actually picked them to make the playoffs before the season started.

  385. Philly unis are in violation of the rules:

    6.1 Captain – One Captain shall be appointed by each team, and he alone shall have the privilege of discussing with the Referee any questions relating to interpretation of rules which may arise during the progress of a game. *He shall wear the letter “C,” approximately three inches (3”) in height and in contrasting color*, in a conspicuous position on the front of his sweater. No co-Captains are permitted. Either one Captain and no more than two Alternate Captains, or no Captain an no more than three Alternate Captains are permitted (see 6.2).

    The C and A are white on their road whites.

  386. “czechthemout!!!! February 28th, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    I still think Kreider was always plan B Rod.”

    So it would seem off of yesterday. Can’t say I agree, for one simple reason.
    If Kreider gets here and shows enough in practice to get an in-game look, his presence and thereby his performance is the controlled by one man, and it’s not Sather, it Torts.

    And with the team ramping up for the playoffs, it’s hard to see how Torts is more lenient than he is during the season as far as where he sets the bar.
    This is a coach who barely let Stralman play for over a month after he was signed, and we were in a pinch on D at the time.

    To all those who continued their ridiculous attacks on me (cause it’s MY fault Nash isn’t here; ok), many of which were barely coherent, while I wasn’t even present all day, what can I say? You know who you are, and what you are ;)

    One last thing; in mid-January, well over a month ago,when Rick Nash was UNIVERSALLY regarded as untouchable around the NHL, when not a single report ANYWHERE even hinted he might come available, out of nowhere Boomer Esiason passed along a rumor supposedly via Ron Greshner (of all people) that a deal VERY similar to Sather’s final offer yesterday was in the works. That came the day after Jim Dolan strolled into the press room for the first time in 6 years to speak with reporters after another terrific Rangers victory, and uttered the words ‘Stanley Cup’ with Tortorella standing right there.

    You may choose to believe in coincidences, but I’d bet anyone here anything they thought they were on the verge of consummating a deal with Columbus right then and there and were jubulient about what was about to happen.

    Believe what you want about it all, even Resnick and Howson.
    But that was a real power struggle yesterday and there was much more than meets the eye going on in all this.

  387. Carp

    is it true that a player can sign an entry level contract and as long as he plays 9 games or less in the NHL, they can slide the contract?

  388. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Torts says Hags makes other players faster on the PK and at even-strength. However, on the PP he makes them slower. Thanks for the clarification, coach. Now go soak your head.

  389. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Can’t wait to get Kreider up here so that no one dares to ask the coach why he can’t get any PP time. lol

  390. Rod trying to save himself with long posts?

    Latona nailed it. Caps on a crazy run thanks to their horse showing up. Gimmick! Vibin.

  391. BTW, Craig Patrick was named by Columbus as a senior advisor for hockey operations in mid-December, some say specifically to prevent the CBJ’s from getting rooked by Glen Sather.

    Not that it’s not strange in itself to add a former GM to look over your current GM’s shoulder.
    But did anyone even notice what Sather quite sarcastically said yesterday about the good thing about all the hubub surrounding the Nash non-trade was ‘it allows other teams to rate your prospects for you.”

    Anybody here have even a clue what he meant? Of course not.

    Resume your dirtbag dialogue.

  392. “the good thing about all the hubub surrounding the Nash non-trade was ‘it allows other teams to rate your prospects for you.”

    makes perfect sense actually…

  393. I know Sauer is no Malkin but imagine how solid our defense would be in the playoffs if he were to come back and play well. Although I fear for the guy and hope he does not have the same problems as his brother. Also, did Sather allude to Krieder joining the team in his press conference? Does management really believe that? What I’ve been hearing is that if he makes this his last year at BC that he’ll still need half a season or more to put his pro game together.

  394. Ilb2001


    It;s good to have another champion for correct spelling and pronunciation of these often foreign names, and it only takes a little bit of attention to the detail and it shows an interest in not just mumbling along like many of the play by play commandos do ……you notice that they gave the proper German pronunciation of the German goal tender Neuwirth’s name as “Noyvirt.”
    Not Nooworth

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