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Looks like a slow deadline day so far. Just one Kostityn joining another in Nashville … so far.

John Tortorella held a dumb press conference today — dumb because we really have nothing to ask him at this hour. He did indicate he’d talk again after the deadline if they do something, but he said he’d be OK if the current Rangers roster is the one he had for the rest of the season and playoffs.

At this point, it sounds kinda quiet around MSG. I’m sure Glen Sather is working the phones trying to improve, but I’m also sure that unless Columbus comes back to the table with a much lower asking price, the Rangers aren’t looking to swap any of their valuables.

Still, I expect they will try to make some upgrades, perhaps with rentals-for-picks or lower prospects.

John Tortorella:




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  1. N.CountryNYRFan on

    At this point, i say stay put, unless like you said Carp, just some minor tinkering that has no affect on the core group.

  2. Carped:

    Just musing here:

    I wonder if some of AA’s lack of significant progress this year is tied to playing a lot more wing than center. He has a very good shot, but seems to look for the pass before the shot. If they could get him to think shoot first, I think he would start burying more goals and turn into a consistent 25 goal guy.

    Some guys just have to really have their role defined for them before they start to feel comfortable. Dubi still thinks of himself as a center. Get him to think of himself as a wing and tell him to shoot more, maybe things start turning for him.

    Not an exact parallel, but I am one of the coaches for my son’s hockey team. At the beginning of the season, they always looked for the perfect goal, and struggled with scoring. Lost of ton of games. They finally grasped the mindset of put shots on net and go for rebounds. Needless to say, they dominated the last part of the season with stingy defense and a swarming pack offense.

  3. N.CountryNYRFan on

    The only way i would take Blomez back would be if Sather can pull off another miracle trade with him again.

  4. “If we don’t get Nash its because Parise is in the plans but that could be LeBron all over again.”

    Or Sabathia over Santana all over again.

  5. Amen, CW. I like Garrison but I think the price that the -Carolina- Florida Panthers want is a top 6 Forward. I don’t know if we have any we can part with despite Garrison’s oh so exciting miniscule contract.

  6. I was thinking Dubi for Garrison if they can get Garrison to sign a deal (not rental). Or dare I say Erixon and a pick for Garrison. FLA is contending so this may not happen, but boy would that help a glaring hole on this NYR team.

  7. Forget Weber and Suter? Never, they’re the guys that are going to haze the Carcillo out of the new guy.

  8. CW – I would actually make that deal. I just don’t know if they think that Dubinsky is a top 6 guy. He certainly isn’t playing like it up here but maybe on that team he would be a top 6. Garrison and Del Zaster would be a great pair.

  9. I am absolutely against the Nash deal. Parise WILL be a NYR on July 1st if Glen can wait one more season for a serious cup run. Glen has been good lately. I hope he holds the course.

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  11. Parise and Suter will be Red Wings on JUly 1st if Lidstrom Retires

    They have 22 million dollars of Space next Season with 16 players already signed

  12. not so sure Manny …

    Sather only seems to deal with 5 GMs in the whole league it seems.

    Luckily, 1 of them is Flordia and Garrison would bean awesome pickup

  13. TSN wondering why Calgary cant improve their Team year after year

    Maybe because they hand out NTC/NMC like candy … 11 players !!! 11 Players with a NTC or NMC

    Iginla, Cammy, TAnguay, Stagan, Jokinen, Glencross, J Bo, Giodano, Sarich, Babchuk, and Kipper

  14. MGB9:

    What makes you say that Parise isn’t coming to the Rangers? If the Rangers stay pat and go out in the first round, I would bet they make a big push for Parise.

  15. Parise is a good fit on this team. Secondly, the other Devils turned NYR you mentioned are not near the pedigree Parise is. Did you watch the last olympics? Torts was coaching him, and we need a top LW. It’s done already. If Sather coulda got Nash for peanuts, maybe no Parise. But Sather knows he can get Parise, and what team in the NHL is a better fit? I have spent a lotta time in Detroit. Without the Red Wings, that place is the armpit of the USA.

    NYR will be Parise’s #1 destination. BOOK it!!!

  16. They can make a push, he is not coming here. If he wants this area he will take less to sign with the Debils…..Lou L will work something out.

  17. manny …

    This is the same thing that happened in Philly but in reverse. Richards/Carter/Gagne were leadership group … Pronger/Timmonen comes in … they butt heads … Gagne/Carter/Richards gets shipped out

    Brown is captain … Philly West Click forming again … Brown will be shipped out

    LA doesnt have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick this year … IF they miss the Playoffs, and have no picks in the upcoming draft, the people will be outside with Pitchforks !!!

  18. you’re right about the pitchforks, somerset. the problem is in L.A. there won’t be anyone to hold the pitchforks because nobody cares.

  19. The Devils can’t even pay their electric bills. Why stay in NJ, when a great young dynasty is emerging on the nice side of the river? Parise will not get shot walking into the Garden. Newark is the OTHER armpit of the country. Marty has run out of sisters-in-law. It’s OVER in NJ.

    Welcome to NYR Zach.

  20. Hey cw I hope your right but i just dont see it although I would welcome it. I would like to see us get Dustin Brown now and worry about free agency later. Dont forget the CBA Sept 15 th.

  21. Kostitsyn for a second round pick. Makes me think we could get someone decent from a bottom feeder team for a second (Even our low first round) pick and maybe a “meh” type prospect. I would have been happy with Kostitsyn for a second round pick.

  22. wow, according to nick kypreos, Nashville made a substantial offer for Nash but was told no way Nash would except a trade to go to Nashville.

  23. Parise will be a Red Wing in July … I will bet a million dollars.

    He’s from the area (Minnesota), why wouldnt he want to go there ??

    Detroit has 22 million dollars of Space

  24. playing nhl 12, im in the trade player screen. i couldnt even trade wolski formichael vernace and 3rd. the florida gm said, “the fans would be calling for my head in the streets if i made that deal.”. i shat u not!! this game is effin retardd. i even included zuccarello. no sale. anybody wanna laugh hard? listen to mony pony by bily idol while playing the game. my daughter who is 5 was dancing to it the other day. i shouldve got it on camera cuz she was dancin her little assen off to mony freakin pony

  25. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    “Parise will be a Red Wing in July … I will bet a million dollars.”

    I’ll take the field for $1MM.

  26. Wow, only one trade so far? Looks like a slow day for the league. Well, I’m glad I’m busy so I can’t check in every minute…

  27. Our 1st round pick will be 28th-30th overall … you gotta think that Slats is going to deal that for somebody, at least in a glorified “Depth Move”

    Roy, Garrison, Gaustad, McCarther, Ott, Vishnovsky … somebody

  28. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Somerset, absolutely. I imagine “1st round pick” carries too much weight in trades when it comes to really good teams. Probably a nice way to gain value.

  29. doesnt look like we are doing anything. im sure other teams will make some deals. but who cares about them? i only want us to do something

  30. If Parise is from Minny, why wouldn’t he play in Minny? NYR is building something special. He is an American. Why play on a team of soft Euros, when he can play with North Americans in NY?

    My $1mil is on the New York Rangers.

    Detroit? Have you ever been there?

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