Post-game interviews


Some interesting stuff. Henrik Lundqvist talking about another 30-win season, and about playing in a game where there aren’t many shots but some of them are dangerous. Brad Richards talking about the way he is re-learning to play. Carl Hagelin talking about being mentored by Richards. Brandon Dubinsky with some interesting things to say about David Clarkson. And John Tortorella talking about his tough team, and about Hagelin, etc. He said it’s the tightest team he’s ever coached, but that it hasn’t had success yet — that success is to be attained later on.

Here we go.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Carl Hagelin:


Brad Richards:


Brandon Dubinsky:



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  1. Thank you, Mickey. I will mostly follow your orders … wish I could do the drink thing, but I can’t.

    Was a long day. Youse made it fun and worthwhile. And, boy, I wish I was really getting paid per comment today.

  2. I think you got more traffic because Nash isn’t a Ranger.

    Thank you Scotty *Howser*, former GM.

  3. *Thank you* for all you do, Carp – We all appreciate it! I never had as much fun being a Ranger fan as I have been after joining up here on RR!

  4. leetchhalloffame on

    Hagelin was good but McDonagh should have gotten the Broadway hat tonite. That was an awesome performance by #27. Also if Dubi could fight just a bit he should have kicked the carcillo out of that carcillo Clarkson on that uncalled, full out leave-your-feet charge by Clarkson. Dubi is a big enough guy and his holding on for dear life is embarrassing. Take some boxing and scoring lesson this off season Dubi. You fight like a woman.

  5. that was an unbelievable performance by the Rangers and McDonagh in particular. I thought Stralman was particularly solid as well…

    Next game John Scott will surely be in there to keep Clarkson in check…

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