Official announcement of the John Scott trade


From the Rangers:

Send a fifth round pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft to Chicago                                                                                 New York, February 27, 2012 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired defenseman John Scott from Chicago in exchange for a fifth round pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Scott, 29, has skated in 140 career regular season contests in four seasons with Minnesota and Chicago, registering one goal and four assists, along with 231 penalty minutes.  He has also recorded 22 penalty minutes and a plus-one rating in four career playoff contests with Chicago.  Scott made his NHL debut with Minnesota on January 3, 2009 vs. Detroit, and tallied his first career point with an assist on March 15, 2009 at St. Louis.  He notched his first NHL goal on November 15, 2009 at Carolina, as a member of the Wild.

The 6-8, 270-pounder has also skated in 173 career regular season games in three seasons with the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League (AHL), registering six goals and seven assists for 13 points, along with 402 penalty minutes.  He established an AHL career-high in assists (five) and points (six) in 2006-07, and tallied a career-high in goals (three) in 2007-08.

Prior to turning pro, Scott skated in 126 games over four seasons with Michigan Tech of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA), registering seven goals and 11 assists for 18 points, along with 352 penalty minutes.  As a Senior in 2005-06, he established a career-high with three goals, and tied his career-high with five points in 24 games.

The Edmonton, Alberta native originally signed with Minnesota as an undrafted free agent on December 31, 2006.

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  1. Repost: nobody in our conference improved at the deadline enough so as to be more of a threat to us in any way, so there’s that.

  2. WOO HOO!

    To all you experts who said Nash to Rangers was a done deal…….. well you just s—. I am happy this lineup could use a year of seasoning and then next year we go for broke…

  3. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    of course I got carped for the second time today!!


    I really don’t understand everyone that says we get parise for nothing but $$$$$.

    Where the hell are you going to put him cap wise?? You CAN NOT get him for “just $$$$” technically! You have to move $$$$ to get him so you ARE NOT getting him for nothing. Something must go in order to add him. Some combination of current roster salary (salaries)/prospect assets that must be resigned(in the next couple of years) must go to make the room.

    Trade them yesterday for Nash or in June/July dump them to get parise, they still have to go!

    Use your heads people!

  4. Good! A western Canada boy – they’re tough. Bring on Sestito, Carkner, or any other opposition goons.

  5. Hope the team does not come out flat tonight thinking about what could have been. I hope they are pumped!

  6. Let the money masters worry about the cap issues – we’re not accountants – MSG has tons of money, and tons of guys who know how to play the system.

    If Parise wants to sign with the NYR, there *will* be the money *and* cap space to accommodate him!

  7. Best last name in the business.

    Can’t see Parise getting $10MM per year, that would top the league. I think he’ll get top 5 AAV and over a decade. And I think I’m perfectly fine with that.

    Parise, Dubinsky, Erixon, Miller, Thomas, 1st



  8. Those kinda guys, except I don’t consider PK or Asham or Lucic as goons – I think they’re above that category of player – Hartnell as well, as much as it *pains me* to say it.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to see Scott demolish them in a fight! :-D

  9. Which team gains most at deadline? I really want to see Nashville make a run; they would’ve knocked Vancouver out last year had it not been for Ryan Kesler. Buffalo I think has to be up there in the winners category: turned Gaustaud into a first-rounder, picked up a high-skill guy in Hodgson for Kassian, but WOW, the Sabres, aside from Tyler Myers, are really small!!

  10. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    imagine if it was scott who hit gaustad ! That visor would be permanently affixed to his grill

  11. Great, Mister D – help me with my taxes! But do you work for Dolan – that’s who will figure out how we get Parise and dump cap dead-weight..

  12. Wicky: It really is just money. There would be a decision to make in 2013-14, but at that point *someone* is either going to be performing well below market or you’ll be able to maximize one in a trade. Or both. The puck will be in the Rangers rink (?), they’ll get to pick who to let go from a much larger pool rather than having to cave to requests in a trade.

  13. I think they got John Scott for insurance in case Rupp’s hand doesn’t get any better, and other injuries. Good add for a 5th rounder. I am glad they didn’t break up the group.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, difference is Parise will be on the open market. Can’t say that for Malkin or Ovi. Plus those guys signed deals with a lower cap ceiling. He gets 10 million per and I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Now, teams have learned to circumvent the cap a bit better, so I expect the hit to be around 8 million, but the real dollars are exceeding Ovi and Malkin, expecially in the early years. I wouldn’t be surprised that with his signing bonus, he has a max salary in year 1.

  15. Not a tax accountant. Do my own and that’s it. And the problem is the answer can very well be “no one, we’re screwed”. The Gomez bailout was once in a lifetime. Richards couldn’t be traded without a NMC, Nash going 20-30-50 next year or the year after and no one would touch his $7.8MM. Carter was tradeable (twice) because his cap hit was still manageable on a year to year basis. The gap between $5.3MM and $7.8MM, especially when the cheaper is younger and performing as well or better statistically, is miles. You can live with one bad deal at a time, not two, and Richards + Nash at 1/4 the cap in a couple of years could be really scary. Especially when you just dumped 3 out of your 5 top prospects, guys who could financially offset bad deals, in the process.

  16. I totally agree, Doodie. That’s why I said $10M per above. I really believe it will be some game-changing contract. My second post was just what he is worth.

  17. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I noticed the TWC logo behind HOWson during his presser, no wonder the trade never went down, its dolan vs TWC v2.0.

    Mister D
    I understand in theory what you (and others) are saying, however there are only so many roster spots and so much cap room available, so it is a very logical to expect there to be “casualties” from a Parise $$$$$ only signing, just like there would be in a trade for a Nash or Brown or anyone of “star” caliber.

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    this guy on TSN…………..what?! only 4 teams that can win the Stanley Cup right now ! DAMNIT i hate when these guys put that bad juju out there.

  19. maybe Sather DOES read the blog?? after the Chicago game werent a bunch of us saying how we’d love to have Scott? i really like this addition and i wont be surprised if he plays instead of Bickel most nights…going into the playoffs id probably feel more comfortable with a guy that has played in the playoffs before and can destroy you with just a staredown lol

  20. tsn the 3 experts all had the Rangers in the top 5 teams in hockey.

    for a team with no offense and no chance they sure have al lthe “experts” fooled.

    Yeah baby……

  21. Nobody else added any players to truly stack the deck for a Cup run. Good move to not get smoked on a trade when we stand a chance to win it all with the group we have. Time to just buckle down and win games

  22. Just signing on now…NO NASH?!?!?! WHAT??? ROD TOLD ME THEY WOULD GET THE NASH!!! How could this trade not have happened???

  23. parise is not getttng $10 per year for 7 years, no chance. the guy is 5 ft 10 190 pounds and over 26 years old.

    Parise is a very good player but again not a dominating no doubt star. the only domianting stars are on the pens and 1 is out with a concussion…..

  24. Wicky: If we can pretend its this year would be the decision year, the casualty would likely be Sauer. He’d either sign for under what he would have projected to make healthy or allowed to walk, that would be the money saved. Odds are in two years any of like a dozen players would fit that criteria. That’s the difference, you pick the guy who lost his value, not you traded five aseets still maintaining their value.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, Richards got 6.667 at 31 for 9 years. Just to put it into context.

    Kovalchuk is getting 9.5 million for the first 9 years of his contract, and then the next 6 circumvent the cap to get it down to 6.67.

    Parise will get more than Kovalchuk did. He’s more of a leader, he’s more north-south, better defensively, and although this shouldn’t matter, it totally does, that he isn’t Russian. A lot of teams are snakebitten with Russian players being “mercurial” or “enigmatic.” Parise’s a “good ‘ole American boy!”

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Semin will be in the KHL next year. I really do. Either that or he does the Zherdev “one last NHL contract to prove myself” thing.

  27. Carp

    Can you answer me this? Why this trade? Maybe it’s because I don’t know who John Scott is? But seriously, We have such good defense men, where are we going to put another one?

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Brian, he’s depth and good to have for games that might get a little chippy, such as against the Flyers or Broons.

  29. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Mister D
    I understand, but what IF (and this is all a big IF) you can improve the team by moving log jam assets to get a “star” player, instead of losing them for nothing so to speak down the road because you have to.

    I’m not saying it will happen and with what columbus was asking for, I’m glad we passed (I would have been fine with them taking the last sather offer though). I just think it is ridiculous for people to say parise will cost us nothing but money, when in fact we will still lose people/prospects getting him just like if we had got nash.

  30. Once again, Doodie. I Couldn’t agree more. I actually can picture Semin playing in the KHL. I think if he wants to stay in the NHL he will sign something around $1M/year and be demoted halfway through the season.

  31. yeah so this is was one of those trades for the sake of doing something at the deadline

    either that or they really hated that 5th round pick

  32. The odds of John Scott fighting Zdeno Chara are about the same as Nash and Howson sharing a beer tonight.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, yes, only money, but that’s money that we will need to resign our young players/use on entry-level deals like Kreider. It’s gotta come from somewhere, which means sending some salary out of town.

    The other thing most people here banging the Parise drum seem to forget is that Parise to NYR is hardly a given. we are one of many teams that will offer him whatever he wants.

  34. I don’t think he’s actually going to FIGHT him. Chara doesn’t really fight. He is just there as another huge presence.

  35. Scott was playing forward on Chicago. I don’t really need to explain the asset he brings in his four or five shifts, do I?

    I still think Parise’s price went up just by having the Rangers involved. Like Richards’ did.

  36. Lloyd – do you think that the road to the Stanley Cup, in the east, does not go through Boston? Last I checked they seem to be the team to beat.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Richards was offered the most money by Calgary.

    I think Scott is just a bigger Bickel. Which is fine. I really don’t think much of Bickel as a player.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, its quickly becoming Pittsburgh, which worries me. We don’t match up well with them.

  39. Doodie,
    I’m not banging any drums.

    I was just commenting on Wicky, “I just think it is ridiculous for people to say parise will cost us nothing but money, when in fact we will still lose people/prospects getting him just like if we had got nash.”

    I honestly don’t care if we get Parise or not. I’m a youth movement kind of guy, build your team from within…

  40. Oh, great day for me…I was too busy at work otherwise I would’ve been refreshing the blog ever 30 sec. More than 1000 posts? No way I can go through them, but I got the gist…
    Glad Sather didn’t budge because if whatever LB posted as their demands would’ve been unacceptable, I’m sure everyone agrees.

    John Scott? A hard cast on Rupp’s hand until April 7th, or until it fully heals. And a little insurance against some EC goons who may run Gaborik of Hank. After that he won’t see a minute of ice time. I guess they figured they want Prust on the ice, not in the box. He means more than just a goon to this team.

  41. Leetchhalloffame on

    Anyone see Howson’s press conference? He and Nash won’t be sharing an ice cold one any time soon.

  42. Lloyd – so you’re telling me that the Rangers will suffer ZERO injuries before the playoffs? Are we positive about that? Are we sure that Scott won’t use this as an opportunity to excel on a team that plays a style conducive to his size? Are we sure he won’t make the roster over Bickel? Just making sure no 4th liner’s get hurt. Last I checked Rupp had an injured hand/

  43. No, it’s not a big deal, but why does the team still need more players who could be “useful for (regular season) games that might get a bit chippy”?

    How many times have the Rangers been intimidated by the Flyers or Bruins with the line-up as it was? Zero? Nil? Gomez?

  44. That’s true, doodie. We do not match up well with them. I doubt Scott Johnston puts us over the top in that category but it might be nice to let him hit Orpik once in a while.

  45. Nash at $7.8m for 6 years is actually fine. Love this team either way but I do think Sather should have traded from strength and gotten him.

  46. I wonder how much Scott will really be used, unless Rupp cannot go. While Rupp may not be the true heavyweight that Scott is now, Tortorella (and more and more coaches nowadays) seem to want players that are more than just the heavyweight. This has the feeling of a guy the team faced that had a solid game that night (when the Rangers were off) and it proved enticing for a trade. A 5th rounder is not a big price, though. Will be interesting to see how much we actually see Scott.

  47. LW3H:

    I actually got a little dizzy.

    I don’t have any issue with wanting insurance policies in case your guys get hurt, it’s just that generally you hope for something more than a body to fill a uniform. But, like, whatever. I just see this as a non-issue.

  48. Parise’s contract, regardless who signs him, will be much more difficult to accommodate than Nash’s…It’ll be for around 9-10 years with close to $8M per cap hit. It will have to include a max signing bonus in July so he gets a protection against the rollback. And will be an NMC for the duration.

  49. I’m yet to hear from Lloyd what exactly he meant….might require some bickels I’m afraid…

  50. Scott-Rupp-Prust
    Apparently Uncle Glennie thinks all we have to do is beat the Howson out of people to win a cup.

  51. so Howson basically had no intention of trading Nash, he established an absurdly high price for him which no one would meet and then tossed him under the bus.

    does this guy expect to get fired or what

  52. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    ilb, Im pretty sure it meant that u always make the best out of any situation. Always happy, always even keel.

  53. ILB: Absolutely, but even if he goes for $9MM per, that $1.2MM gap is made up and then some by the salary gap between Erixon (and possibly Miller (and less possibly Thomas)) and whoever would be in Erixon’s spot.

  54. I do not think we will know for sure what Columbus asked and what exactly Sather was willing to give up. I doubt they will be able to reconcile in Columbus, regardless who the new GM is. It’ll be a tough summer in Ohio….

  55. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, that’s the type of person he is. A happy person, a loving person, altruistic, has faith in the best.

  56. Tiki:

    My experience here has been otherwise. In fact, the only things he seems to be happy, loving and altruistic about are every move made by the New York Rangers.

  57. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, you cant judge someone by words typed on a blog. I dont wanna get into anything w. u, so Ill leave it at that.

  58. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    you are taking that comment totally out of context. You need to read all the comments from that discussion. Doodie and ILB are expressing the exact same thing I am saying. You do not have all of the convo.

    Not being snarky, just trying to make sure you know “the whole stroy”

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