It’s Go Time! … Trade deadline edition


Not sure how this is going to work today, but with the Rangers having a morning skate at MSG, and a game tonight, I’m planning on spending the entire day in NYC and not, as usual, at my desk in my pajamas waiting out the 3 p.m. deadline. …

So I’ll be on the blog all day long, but not sure if I’ll be doing a running list of trades as usual. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I know you guys usually put the trades up in the comments before I put them in the main post, so it probably won’t matter.

You guys know all the trade tracker sites: USA Today’s got one going, TSN has its Tradecentre, and pretty much every other hockey outlet and halfwit.

As of now, there’s not much chance that Rick Nash is coming to the Rangers because of Scott Howson’s demands. But if San Jose’s not interested in parting with Logan Couture, and if Toronto is really out of the running, maybe Howson will come crawling back to Glen Sather with a proposal that doesn’t include Derek Stepan, any of the Rangers’ top four defensemen or Chris Kreider.

Doubt it. Looks dead to me. I imagine that Sather will try to make some minor upgrades, add some veteran presence at one or more positions, rentals most likely. We’ll see. I also think Sather is in a position of great strength in that he loves his team, and so does his coach, and they would have no problem going the rest of the distance with the roster as it currently looks.

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  1. 3:00pm

    Stop the insanity!

    Back to hockey and not wondering what Howson wants…


    Props to Glen and the Rangers organ-EYE-zation for sticking to their guns!

  2. As expected, morning papers are (sketchy) and all doom & gloom, based almost entirely on what was tweeted last night.

    Brooks would have you believe rather than Rick Nash, the Rangers consider Mike Knuble and his 5 goals a viable option. Yeah, ok.

    Bottom line is this; Sather is going to have a very simple decision to make.
    Should he legitimately choose to err on the side of caution, and should the CBJs choose not to bend or discuss further, then that willl likely be that.

    But this has all been heading in a very predictable direction for some time.

    A good deal stings both sides, but both sides get what they need.

  3. Too much parity to fuel an exciting trade deadline day this year. Unless Howson pulls a Rumple Stiltzkin should beunreamrkable. I’m not counting on any bluckbusters, but you never know.

  4. So we traded for Chris Kreider, Tim Erixon and we get a first round pick. And one NHL player. Sounds good to me.

    Winner in this deal is Dubi and Wolski – both get to play for an NHL team in the playoffs!

    Our 2 best rentals for the year look could be Kreider and Erixon. I’m very happy we left room for a Chance at Parise and or Weber and didn’t sell the Future of this team.

  5. Sioux — is it 3:01 were you are?

    Gonna be a snoozer for the NHLnetwork team. Day off ,which to fall asleep to- Driving in circles for 500miles or or highlights of Rick Nash!

    Beat the Debbies…..LGR!!!!

  6. Buffalo is supposedly asking for a #1 pick for Gaustad (you know, the guy that Pruster CLOCKED right in the mug)

    I am sure that their GM is smoking CRACK. There is no way Slats gives a #1 for this guy.. Right?

  7. By the way, I am expecting a subpar night out of FATSO, as this is the first time all year he has started back to back games..

  8. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Trade Deadline Day boys and girls!! All the usual suspects throughout the day, should be an interesting read on the blog! Carpy, you got yourself a busy day! Practice, trades or no, then a game against the debils and the round mound of pounds! All youse guys should be in rare form, especially CT and LW!

  9. Report: Philadelphia Flyers Looking For Goaltender

    The Philadelphia Flyers are actively searching for a new No. 1 goaltender, according to The Fourth Period.

    The Flyers, according to The Fourth Period, are looking at Nikolai Khabibulin (Oilers), Jean-Sebastien Giguere (Avalanche) and Ondrej Pavelec (Jets) and are willing to package goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and winger James van Riemsdyk.

    This past summer, the Flyers traded for and re-signed goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine-year, $51 million contract, but Bryzgalov has struggled, going 22-12-6 with a 2.82 goals-against average and .898 save percentage. Bobrovksy, who started 52 games for the Flyers last season, has also struggled, posting a .299 goals-against average and .900 save percentage.

    LOL!! $51 million for universe. But keep your fingers crossed that they don’t get anyone. With a good goalie, they would become a VERY dangerous team.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Relax. Get some coffee. They’ll do what’s right.

    Gaustad? Who is he replacing? A first rounder for him? Please.

  11. The point is Gaustad and Boyle are essentially the same guy —- if you bring in Gaustad, you are not filling a need as much as duplicating a position player.

  12. Everyone who cant wait for 3pm should remember there are still moves after 3, I have a feeling CABER was one…but Uncle Glennie all I want for the trade deadline is David Jones. Id even sit through a whole Knick game if you can get him. LGR!

  13. First of all, they’re not the same player. Second, this team could use a little depth so Bickel doesn’t have to play up front when someone gets hurt. Rangers could use some depth. The guy is big can skate better than Boyles and wins faceoffs. Sather shouldnt overpay but to say we don’t need him is silly.

  14. stranger nation on

    Avs are trading their goalie even though they are 2 pts out of POs – dont’ think so.

    here is the trade the Rangers have made – 2010-11 Dubi for 2011-12 Dubi.

    If he begins to play hockey and put the puck in the net, this solves a lot of issues. The guy has regressed – started with contract issues, continued with Cally being named Captain and then the unfortunately the poor performance we have watched all season. Kid needs to watch a couple from the press box.

    BTW – what is team’s record over last 2 seasons without Feds – dime-(not)-a-dozen player, right?


  15. “To say we don’t need him is silly.” Yes, Paul Gaustad, the indispensable one. The only guy who can make our dreams come true.

    Hey genius, ask anyone in Buffalo how much they like him over the past fifteen months. Cowered when Lucic ran his goaltender, and disappears in big games.

  16. stranger nation on

    Do we really have 84 pts? Holy mackerel – that is amazing… Need to pound Debbies tonite!!!!

  17. Good morning all! Fingers crossed…I’d really like the boys to be able to concentrate on tonight. A win in regulation would be grand!

  18. You’re right, getting a depth player who can win some faceoffs and skate is nuts. He’s a coward and everyone in Buffalo just hates him. You should be a gm.

  19. over the past two weeks i have been lobbying for gaustad. i like the fact that he wins draws one of the best in league can kill pen and play solid d and grind just like boyle line does.

    he could replace a mitchell or fill in for rupp who looks hurt and whose game has slipped. its more depth.

    would i give up a first round pick prob not but if we do it will be around 29-30 in a draft thats not deep according to scouts.

    a major wekaness of the rangers is faceoffs. he helps there. its not a sexy statistic but we know how important they can be.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m going to be tied up all morning and into the early afternoon. Basically, by the time I’m around, most of deadline day will be over. Enjoy the festivities!

  21. “What is gaustad worth? Second rounder?” If you would surrender a second round pick (NOTE: Second round picks are VALUABLE) for what you yourself call a depth move, you are the plainly the one who should be a GM. Brilliant!

  22. Gaustad is not replacing Mitchell in the lineup. Torts likes Mitchell, who is good defensively and is also good with the puck.

  23. I’d easily give to a second rounder. Lucky for the rangers you weren’t gm in 1994 or they would have had Paul Broten as their second line center.

  24. Good point eric. Faceoffs are not the sexy stat that goals, assists, points, etc. are but man are they crucial.

    How many times have we lost a faceoff in our own end and quickly (within the blink of an eye) given up a goal?

  25. one to many times manny. step and richy are not good in the circle. boyle is decent but we know he lost some big draws recently aka nash goal

  26. Amen Manny..
    stuck in our own zone for many a playoff series, saying “why can’t we win faceoffs “… is gettin old .

  27. 1994 — the deadline need was grit. Matteau, Noonan, Anderson in; Amonte, Gartner out.

    2012 — the deadline need is goal scoring. Paul Gaustad, come on down! (Ahem)

  28. Plan A …. Trade for Brown & Gaustad

    or Plan B …. Trade for Roy & Gaustad (Package Deal)

    or Plan C …. Trade for Nash & Pahlsson (Package Deal)

    Gaustad is a Top 10 F/O guy in the League, 8th in the League in PK (among Forwards), 6’5-212 lb Fighter … His FO skillz alone make him valuable for the Playoffs

  29. no way they trade for both roy and gaustad both are center ice. step richy boyle and thos two would make 5 plus mitchell would be 6 centers.

    would love derek roy for pp help. will be much more expensive then gaustad

  30. Eklund has us trading Dubinsky to MTL …

    although I’m sure its Bogus, I cant help hoping that its true since Slats fleeced MTL once already

  31. Rangers also need a faceoff guy and a depth player. I’d be willing to be that Sather adds one.

  32. Yea johnny – I am sick of hearing Micheletti go, “well it all started by losing the faceoff…”

  33. I can definitely see Montreal taking on yet another contract that looks “bad” as of today. But what would the return be? PK Slewfoot?

  34. I saw an interesting little by play last night in the game between the Wild and whoever it was they were up against, and it was a close up late in the game, and looked like an overtime or a shoot out, and the coach was leaning over EC ( who was on the bench and did not see any action that I can recall, in the game. And the way he was talking to EC and with his arm around his shoulder, and EC sitting there listening, and nodding his head in obvious agreement and it certainly looked like the coach was prepping him to prepare for possible shoot out.

    What did I gather from this? I believe that EC is content with this role, and acknowledges his limited abilities as a regular line player, and whose special skills while not up par with what is required to reach that status ( at least so far), and who does not hear boo birds each time he takes to the ice. Sic Transit Gloria. It is also apparent that his teammates appreciate him as well. He’s evidently found a safe haven. Good luck EC. I watch Gilroy’s work also and there’s another one who got away.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Boyle lost the faceoff on the Nash goal, but the coverage of Nash was pathetic. Before the puck was dropped, Nash was alone in the right circle and it was clear that the plan was to win the draw back, then send it over to Nash for the one-time. It was so blatantly obvious. High school teams draw up more complicated plays. How someone didn’t blanket Nash as soon as the puck was dropped is beyond me.

  36. has our FO guys as Boyle 51.5 %, BRich 51.3, AA 47.7 & Steps 45.4

    we are ranked 15th overall

  37. Yes they need a face-off guy and depth. But if there’s really a serious run to be made, the first priority by far is to generate more goals. Period.

  38. If the Rangers can’t get a top 6 scoring wing, then there is no point making any other moves. I am completely fine with them not giving too much for Nash. Quite happy with it, actually. Moves for veteran depth D are a waste. Moves for 3rd and 4th line depth are a waste. No point in giving up picks for the very things you already have. Scoring is the area they need help. They are strong everywhere else. Could they use some help in the faceoff circle? Sure. However, that is on Richards and Stepan. Those aren’t the big issues on the 3rd and 4th lines. At this point, if they can get Dubi, Prust, and Boyle going a bit more, then things will sort themselves out for the time being. Hunt down Parise later to fix the real issue later.

  39. Richards is doing better on faceoffs than I thought. Step and AA need to pick up the slack. Usually, when you are above 50% on faceoffs, you are doing pretty well.

  40. Winning faceoffs is key in the playoffs, puck possesion is crucial in the defensive end so if we can get an upgrade on faceoffs why not explore the possibility of seeing what we would have to give up to get it. If it makes sense lets upgrade.

  41. I wonder if the Kings would move Jarret Stoll. Almost as good on faceoffs and a better offensive player…

    I’d give up a 2nd rounder and a mid level prospect for him…

  42. oleo,
    I guess his deal is up. I firmly believe the NYR would be better off dealing for a true PP bomber than any forward. Especially since Parise will be a NYR on July 1st.

  43. Yeah Subban is great…he fights his own players in practice


    Well they are Habs players, are we sure that’s a bad thing?

  44. finally people on board with my faceoff theory. u need the puck to score. we need to be strong in that area.

  45. how can this deal be dead? Rod said it is still a go. Who knows? the shadow knows! …and Rod too, of course! A horse of course!

  46. Stoll could also take Brad Richards out of the shootout lineup. 50% success rate in the SO for his career.

  47. If Garrison is available you ABSOLUTELY get him. The guy has a bomb. He can break glass. He scores and he’s good on the PP. Although he does have a great setup D-Man in Campbell. Anywho I think Garrison makes like $650K. GET HIM for depth and PP.

  48. Manny, long time caller/reader here first time poster…wanted to congratulate you on your marriage. Are you still married?

  49. He is available at a high cost (unless we think Fla. looks at Dubi as a top 6)

    @DarrenDreger@ Fla has many teams chasing J. Garrison…decent offers on the table,but Tallon won’t trade him for less than a quality top 6 F. #tradecentre#

  50. So it’s safe to assume that Wolski wasn’t a top 6 if he didn’t return Garrison.

    Oh Phoenix Maloney Brother, why hath thou forsaken us?

  51. Not much point in trading Dubi unless it is involved in an upgrade of some kind. I don’t think Dubi does much for the rest of this regular season, but if he is going to catch fire at any time this year, it will be in the playoffs.

  52. Ok folks here is the bottom line and I know we NYR fans are always of the belief that we are entitled to win just like all other NY clubs. This team as its built right now reminds me of the San Antonio Spurs of the last few seasons. I hate to use the NBa reference, but if you look back last year, the Spurs were the best regular season team in the league becasue they were built for one game series which is what the regualr season is, but when they came up against a team that could exploit them over a 7 game series, bam they were out first round.

    I am going to make this prediction and I know I am going to get hammered over it and its ok, I can take it, I am a big boy.. Without a deal made for a prolific 30+ goal guy this team will be out in the second round of the playoffs and possibly the first round if they end up playing washington and the caps get healthy.. Yes this team is built to play a hard nosed playoff type game, but the problem is when they go down in a game, they haqve serious trouble coming back. I can all but guarantee you that theway isles and the sabres allowed us back into these past two game will not happen in the playoffs.

    I am not going to go on much more, I just want to finish with this… Yes we have a wealth of depth in the AHL, but last time I checked, there is no guarantee that talent in the AHL translates to the NHL. In this day and age where more and more 18 year old kids are playing in the NHL from day one, you can usually tell if someone is going to be an all star type player or another Dubi, Step, Cally type player… I think we have a lot of those mid level type players and the questions is, is that enough to win the cup whether that be this year or next or the one after that? Only time will let us know..

  53. Miami Tradecenter Pimp on

    Completely anti-bush-league.

    If I’m Sather, I’d trade Kreider and more for her.

    Put her on the bench as the “7th defenseman”.

  54. e no

    your correct that could happn however the only name out there is nash and if they are asking for mac or mdz im sorry thats too much esepecially mac who they cant trade

  55. That’s right Pimp. Which brings us back to the “Crease-clearing-D-Man” jokes that almost got about 15 of us banned from this board.

  56. agre that there is no need to trade for depth guys. we need a top lw’er. wouldnt trade duby either unless ur getting another forward. and he has been grat down the stretch and playoffsevery year for us. who in monreal would we get? kostitsyn? i’d rather have duby. hes not gonna be snakebit forever. i garauntee you he takes it up a notch in the playoffs. probably neds a shot on the top line. get him off the boyle nd prust line. howthe hell is he gonna score with those 2 grunts. they play beind the net and aound the side board. dont hold the puck and get to the slot much and when get traffic in front even though there big boys, the dont get decent enough chances, and dont bury them if they do.. get duby with richie or step and sooner or later hes gonna put some in.

  57. E No,

    why do we need to win the cup this year? Keep prospects, especially kreider, see how the rangers do in the playoffs and than in the off season fill the needs. I don’t understand this mentally that the Rangers need to go all in this year to win the cup.

  58. Miami Tradecenter Pimp on

    CARP would never ban the new-and-improved “Tradecenter”-edition of the Miami Pimp.

    Especially when I’m talking about a legit trade that would fill in a definite need for the team.

  59. lets get friggins or booth. we could use a guy like frolov too. he needs a scenery change. wheres forearms kotalik? what a bomb point shot

  60. Miami Tradecenter Pimp on

    DREGGER reporting that the Rangers pick up SOURAY for Kreider, Dubinski, and a 2nd rounder!

    Awesome pick-up!!!

  61. In this day and age where more and more 18 year old kids are playing in the NHL from day one, you can usually tell if someone is going to be an all star type player


    List of players 18 or 19 years old rookies that have played at least 10 games in the NHL during their debut season since the lockout. 52 players over 7 seasons. The list is littered with top 5 picks playing on bad teams.

    While they were inside the top 10 when they drafted McIlrath, but outside of Fowler, none of the guys picked after him in the 1st round have done anything of note.

    In other words, they’ve done about as good as the majority of the league has done with where they’ve consistently drafted the last number of seasons, which is usually outside the top 15.

  62. OK, I say no posting false trades today…nerves already on edge with work and watching what you boneheads write…..

  63. This league has turned over the years to be closer then ever to the NFL where parity leads the way. With that said and to respond to your questions TOMG, what are the guarantees that we are the same next year or in two or three years? Keep this in mind, Hank is having the best year of his life, if his stats come back down to earth and he plays to his career levels of on average a 2.32 GAA and a .919 SP then we will have to make up for that with offensive production. Every year we go deeper is another year older for Hank, gabby, BR, Girardi, etc.. I know we have loads of young talent and potential, but that word potential is bandied about as if its a certainty and such is not the case… I don’t think we would have been salvaging the future to go after Nash, I think Howson would have Krieder in the deal, and to be honest, I would have done the deal, but I guess thats why i am sitting here writing in this blog, not doing any work, can’t even find a viable job, and Slats is where he is… Heres to hoping we raise that cup sooner rather then later…

  64. I’m gonna blame Lou Lam for setting the ridiculous asking price for players.

    Marek Zidlicky for 4 pieces and a 5th conditional piece ………. what ????????

  65. Dreger saying that lots of teams looking into Parenteau, but he would prefer to stay in LI. Never thought I would hear anyone say that they would prefer to stay with the islanders. I guess he realizes that if goes anywhere else, he will lose playing time once they realize how slow and soft he is.

  66. CT Blueshirt

    Vladimir Tarasenko is arguably the best prospect in the game right now and I was really hoping the Rangers were going to take him at 10 instead of McBust…

    He’s gonna be a terrific player for St. Louis…

  67. tomg- any year you have a season like this, u go for it. no matter what, if u make the playoffs, u go for it. im not saying u blow up the team, but you never just know what the future will bring. imagine lundqvist gets injured badly and never returns to the form he is at right now. richards is not getting any younger or better. gabby who is very injury prone could go down again. maybe miss significant time for the rest of his contract. u get into the playoffs playing the best hockey youv been in years and being a top 1 to 3 seed you should get whatever the teams most pressing needs are. no matter what, if u get yourself into the position the rangers have, u go for it. even if u have to part with a few prospect or picks. just like theres no sure thing that a team will win a cup based on that, theres also no certainty that these prospects will become all stars. look at grachev. gilroy, jessman. all were so hyped, and then we could barely get a return for any of them. the reason we stockpile prospects is so u can deal some if u have an oppurtunity to drastically improve the team for a playoff run.

  68. I am happy it looks like we are standing pat. Staying the course. We have as good a shot at the promised land as any other team. We are loaded on D. We have the best goaler. We play as a team and as Torts says…”we play the right way”. I expect great things from Dubi in the playoffs. He can salvage his season by doing so. We have what every cup team needs…Character and grit!

  69. Parenteau wouldn’t be a terrible rental for a team in the short tem, but it’s basically Taveres’ stats. If he isn’t playing on a top line with top-shelf talent, Parenteau is a marginal player. Taveres creates so much room for those two guys on his line. This is his one chance at a big contract so he better be smart.

  70. PAP is in the best situation for himself out there in Uniondale. He excels against the Rangers and he plays with some quality forwards. I think he probably wants to stay there, continue to reap the benefits of his line-mates and eventually leverage the whole thing for a nice FA deal.

  71. “staying the course” and “standing pat” aren’t the same thing. no stanley cup winning team “stays pat” — none.

  72. oleo,

    I didn’t say that any of the post-McIlrath 1st round guys in 2010 aren’t going to be good players. They just haven’t even cracked the league yet. The point was that 18 or 19 year old players even playing in the league are rare (about 7 per year the last 7 years). Some star players still take time develop. The Rangers haven’t really been in a position to draft a can’t miss, instant-star since 2004.

  73. garrison is a UFA at end of the season.

    paranteau for a #1 and a player, no chance that happens.

    silly season in full bloom…………..

  74. E No,
    right and who can guarantee that if the rangers mortgage there future to win the cup this year that the rangers would win the cup, not me and not you. I want to see the rangers be very good for many years like the Red Wings. Do you ever see the Red wings go all in, no. Sather has finally smartened up and is building the team the right way, building from within. Henrik Lundqvist has the body that will last until he is 40, just look across the hudson in farty marty. Lundqvist will still be good when he is 37 so there is no panic to think he will be done playing at a high level. Also, down the road I’m sure the rangers will draft or through trade/free agency get another top flight goal tender.

  75. Miami Tradecenter Pimp on

    TSN reports that Dubinski is now being shopped to Detroit … could it be Lidstrom coming back?

  76. subban for dubi would be a precursor to sending subban to columbus for nash with other assets….

    doubt this would happen . 3 way deals not that common anymore unless detroit involved since there gm(Holland) 1 of the few with a brain…..

  77. Fchamps …

    I agree. No Stanley Cup winning Teams I can think of “Stay Pat ” at the deadline.

    There are always depth pickups, while “staying the course”

  78. oleo, yea but russian prospects are more a gamble now cuz of the khl. so sometimes they ge drafted later on because of the uncertainty of that player ever sticking it out with the franchise and be patient if they dont make it right away

  79. I read on HF Boards that LA doesnt have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick this year

    IF Brown is available …. I think he could be had by throwing some Picks/Prospects at LA only

  80. Red Wings are kind of a freak of nature though. They’ve been blessed to have the best defenseman of the past 20 years and have his game not appreciably drop off and have him not miss more than a handful of games any season. They’ve hit it out of the park with their late round drafting and mid round drafts. Rangers got lucky with Lundqvist, Wings got Datsyuk and Zetterberg. FAs are willing to take a discount to sign there or subvert their roles once they get there. But yes their consistency would be nice to have.

  81. andrei kostistyn mtl to nashville to join brother sergei in nashville. not confirmed according to mckenzie

  82. do it like the red wings, e no? they never “mortgage” their future (without a mortgage no one would be able to afford a house, by the way)? they just traded a first-round pick for kyle freaking quincey. that team is always adding veterans for a cup run. the red wings regularly trade away their first round picks. there would be mass hysteria in rangerland if sather did the same thing.

  83. What’s the status of Erixon? I’d really like to see him come up and step right in to play on the 3rd defense pair. Torts has to change something up so that Girardi & McDonagh don’t keep playing almost 30 minutes a game.

  84. yea, I can see it now, the bluejackets will draft Nail Yakupov and he won’t sign with them and there goes there lottery pick.

  85. iDoodie machetto on

    This will be the slowest deadline in history. I blame the Bettman Bonus Point. 25 teams .500 or better is not only absurd, but greatly limits the number of sellers

  86. man this gonna be the most boring trade deadline ever. i dont se anybody out there worth it. gaustad? no. pahlsson? no. any goal scorers? wish we could get st louis or bobby ryan.

  87. if sather is smart rangers will not be doing much. imagine the rich overpaying rangers of recent history do squat.

    not that far fetched. gaustad would help but not worth a #1 no chance. #2 is ok…

  88. Detroit? really? dubi for…..who? zetterberg? det will never do that? why would they trade anyone? only UFAs coming up is holmstrom or hudler

    i like them but thats not a trade they will make

  89. mesiah, i think erixon should be given a few games here in place of bickel against teams less physical. i think he neds to be more physical though. he doesnt hit much does he? i dont remember any games he played this year or preseason. anybody follow him in hartford?

  90. i like filpulla. i’d love zettebeg too. trade duby and staal for datsyuk andzetterberg. ha throw in eminger for kronwall

  91. As we are mentioning the Red Wings, I looked at Datsyuk’s and Zetterberg’s career stats. Especially for Datsyuk, it took until his third year to really get going. If that can also be the case for AA and Stepan, next year could be a really strong year for the top lines.

    I say that because getting Parise may be a long shot… depends on how he feels about Rangers after playing them so much. Just through natural growth, next year could be a much better season for some guys: McD, DZ, Step, AA…

  92. Trading Erixon back to the team he refused to sign with? Interesting strategy. Then again Slats traded Kotalik to Calgary when he had them on his NTC list.

  93. incarceratedbob is such a fraud. All he does is take a list of the most rumored guys to be traded and “breaks” the story with a trade.

    Guy never mentions where and for whom though…

  94. Haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments … but I see some clamoring for Brown … and I assume you mean Dustin Brown.

    He is not going to be traded.

    He’s their Callahan.

  95. CTB … I was kidding, But I wouldnt put it past Slats when it comes to trading

    so I guess I was half kidding. ha

  96. I think Brown is available. Current captain, that probably doesnt appreciate the “Philly West Click” that will form in his Locker Room.

    It’s gonna make it hard for him to Captain, and the dude gives it his all …. Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me

  97. hmm rights to Alexander Radulov going to MTL. Radulov is easily the best player not in the NHL right now. All-star player on arrival…

  98. I agree, Grabby. Would like to see what he can do. From what I’ve heard, he’s been doing very well with the Whale. Must be from all that one-on-one mentoring from Redden.

  99. somerset

    The Rangers couldnt fit Radulov under the cap. He would need a monster contract to be convinced to come over here…

  100. Dubinsky on the ice at practice. Looks like we’re standing pat. If the LOLfs part with Lupul then (deity of your choice) bless ‘en.

  101. radulov rights werent traded.

    2nd round pick and the conditional back they traded for gill for kostitsyn

  102. Dan Shea, exactly, that’s why you don’t trade Delzotto or stepan or McDonaugh. These guys are just starting out. They will get better and so will the rangers. This idea that Hank is going to all of a sudden become mediocre is duty squat.

  103. CT – in defense of Jordache jeans I think I would have a better chance of scoring in them than Dubinsky would in his Rangers Sweater.

  104. Nash isn’t getting trade today. Howson wants allot and won’t back down. Howson’s job is on the line and he can’t screw it up. Howson will try again in the off season. I read today in the columbus dispatch Nash wants out. The only problem Howson has is he still won’t get what he wants in the summer. What I think will happen in the summer is Howson will get fired and a new GM will come in and drop the price and trade Nash. That’s my gut feeling.

  105. look at dubi’s stats and erik coles. erick cole has been better but is 33 and he had many up and down years.

    dubi can be much better then he has been

    if dubi, aa, and boyle had better rpodcution and for dubi and boyle like last year, this teams scoring issues would be much less significant….making a bad trade makes no sense….

  106. they are firing howson regardless of what he does wit hnash.

    wisniewski for 5 years…lok at there contracts tupid contracts. again why sign prospal at $2.5 for next season? the guy is 37….umberger, nash, carter, how many bad moves can a guy make?

  107. If this is true then the Phlyers are idiots.

    @NYDNRangers@ “@BroadStBull@ The #Sharks offered G Antti Niemi for JVR, but the #Flyers turned it down, according to @DarrenDreger@.”

  108. Just musing here:

    I wonder if some of AA’s lack of significant progress this year is tied to playing a lot more wing than center. He has a very good shot, but seems to look for the pass before the shot. If they could get him to think shoot first, I think he would start burying more goals and turn into a consistent 25 goal guy.

    Some guys just have to really have their role defined for them before they start to feel comfortable. Dubi still thinks of himself as a center. Get him to think of himself as a wing and tell him to shoot more, maybe things start turning for him.

    Not an exact parallel, but I am one of the coaches for my son’s hockey team. At the beginning of the season, they always looked for the perfect goal, and struggled with scoring. Lost of ton of games. They finally grasped the mindset of put shots on net and go for rebounds. Needless to say, they dominated the last part of the season with stingy defense and a swarming pack offense.

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