It’s Go Time!


Game 61.

Trade deadline came and went with no Rick Nash, no trading of prospects or young players. Only XXXXL enforcer John Scott.

Ya boys are 2-1-1 in their last four, 22-7-2 in their last 31.

Same lineup, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal … remember last deadline day, when Martin Biron broke his collarbone and it was too late to get a backup goalie? Lundqvist is 23-10-5 against the Devils in his career. He is 9-2, 1.35, .948, three shutouts in his last 11 starts.

Stu Bickel remains on defense, and Steve Eminger, Jeff Woywitka, and of course Scott, are prucha’d (or is that wolski’d?).

Martin Brodeur starts back to back games for the first time this season for the Devils, who have lost two in a row, but who defeated the Rangers in each of the last two meetings — a 1-0 decision at MSG earlier this month, and a 4-3 shootout win by the Devils in Newark Jan. 31.

The Rangers have 99 all-time regular-season wins against the Devils. And if that’s not daunting enough, Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter AND Stephane Matteau are all in the building.

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ll believe when the Rangers win the Cup… or more than one playoff round.
    Until then…


  2. Lettuce go Rangers! Get rid of that DEvils trash and flotsam and jetsam that the cat brought in!!

  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I vote we keep Prucha’d.

    Let’s go boys, you were kept together, now go out and destroy the rest of the EC. I’m expecting big things from Dubi the rest of the way.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think you will all like John Scott.

    As long as you don’t start complaining about Goals, Shooting percentage, Plus/minus etc. Enjoy him for what he is and what he does…

  6. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    olga, i posted up a link earlier to a shirt my daughter has in his honor, did ya get to see it?

  7. Psyched for the push. Would love to see Dubi make me eat all my skeptical words.

    Still think this teams needs one or two more talent guys. You know, the ones who can hit barns with the puck?

    Go Rangers. Down with Fatso.

  8. Czech, that’s a good tweet (end of last thread) except Sather never said that. Never mentioned Kreider by name. Threw out a very general comment about college kids who could be signing after their school year.

  9. LETS GO RANGERSSS!!!!!!! *LOVE* THIS TEAM!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOooOOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOoOooOOooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. NYR: Extend Sather!!

    Dismiss HOWSER.


    Carcillo, gotta run out for a moment, be back for early in first…

  11. prediction:

    Brandon Dubinsky will have 8 more points than Erik Christensen the rest of this season

  12. BTW..I assume, hope, someone has said this earlier…but THANKS CARP!!!

    what a day you’ve had…from dawn to dark and in between……great, great, great….you have earned soup and bread today!!!!! All hail the blogfather!!!!

  13. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    too bad Carpy can’t have cookies or cheesecake… i’d definitely hook him up after this day lol

  14. Orr:

    Agreed. When they mentioned during the Islander broadcast that he was put on waivers, I was hoping the Rangers would claim him.

  15. Yes! Carp you are the awesomest!!!

    Link anyone? I found one but it’s funky. Maybe it’s my internet?

  16. ye i agree Orr, thought id mention that here but didnt want to get killed for praising the Bruins…. like i said yesterday (and CCCP agreed) i expected the Bruins to make moves and they did…surprised that Philly and the Pens didnt do anything…Pens less so because they are great overall but I feel like maybe Philly shouldve taken the offer from the Sharks…Niemi for JvR

  17. Hey Carp, can you get Sather to refute the offer Brooks(ie) reported? I’d feel a lot better about things going forward if that one weren’t true.

  18. after long day of trade dead line we now have a game. im exhausted.

    we beat the devs tonight we put them in our rearview mirror. would be 12 pts up and a game in hand. get it done

  19. Well, he said he didn’t want to trade any young guys or prospects. I don’t know what he offered for Nash, then. … Rupp? Biron? Avery?

    lmao, jowls and arm fat!

  20. while beating the devils tonight would be great, I don’t think a 12-point lead with 20 games remaining finishes them off.

  21. dang, I’m way too late for any Scott jokes….unless, anyone do something with paper towels and the like….I think of anything…..

  22. Is Doc drinking? Seriously, I already have no idea what he’s talking about and the game hasn’t started yet!

  23. Czechthemout!!! on


    I was just posting what Botta tweeted. He thought that is what Sather implied I guess. But what college kids do we have that will sign and step in to the lineup other than Kreider? And he clearly couldnt mention Kreider by name for obvious reasons.

    Carp I am telling you, I watched a lot of Stepan in college and thought he was a sure thing to crack the lineup right out of camp. And I am telling you, Kreider is twice the player Stepan wa in college.

  24. i just want scott to run lucic on sunday. there is no shot u see scott for playoffs. he is here for last 20 reg games prob wont play them all

  25. Hi ilb!!! I did, thank you. Also, I would like to apply for a job with your country’s tourism department. Where do I send my resume?

  26. Oh dang, ilb, I didn’t even think of that!!! Can we get visas for a special visit before the borders close? :) I think we need to have a new citizen’s party!!!

  27. ilb, are you at the game?

    sorry, I didnt have time for warmups.

    czech, I’ve heard the same things about Kreider. but I think the timing of the Frozen Four and the end of the regular season makes it unlikely he can sign and jump in this year. I could totally be wrong.

    Whhoooooops. jowls and arm fat on that play.

  28. Mama Sassy: “I love you!”
    Me: “And…?”
    Mama Sassy: “I hope the Rangers win.”
    Me: And…”
    Mama Sassy: “I hope STU BICKEL gets in a fight!”

    I have trained her well.

  29. Carp:

    Neither Emrick or the stooge with him had any idea, and that included after seeing a replay

  30. Emrick is a terrible announcer, he’s only slightly less intolerable now because he doesn’t do Devils games

  31. Lloyd, been saying this forever … the TV guys don’t know yet that a ref waves his arms when a puck hits the post or crossbar. So it’s pretty obvious to all.

    Prust and Rupp words with Officer Joe Boulton — who broke Rupp’s whatever with a slash a couple of meetings ago, and fought Prust last time.

  32. getting here late.
    i thought rolston was listed on waivers
    this morning.

    am i wrong?
    if not, why didn’t boston or Rangers pick him up?

  33. better beans than these on

    Power play ultimate result from MDZ casual, indifferent
    clearing attempt. Frequent Ranger flaw….

  34. again, the highlight of any Devils loss was the near-suicidal tone of voice from Emrick and Resch

    you’ll get half of that tonight if the Rangers can win

  35. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I know karate, but Doc Emrick is my favorite announcer. Also, a huge fan of JD as a commentator…Legends…

    Waffleboarding is crime in some US states…

  36. you guys are cute

    Mike Emrick: the “true professional” who blindly supported one team over every other team for a couple of decades.

    please stop

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    so syou can raise BOTH Your arms just before going into the corner and smash someone in the head?

  38. LW3H:

    oh that goal stunk, but it’s a safe bet that on a Mike Emrick broadcast, Martin Brodeur will never do anything wrong.

  39. typical NHL refereeing, you never know what they deem a penalty, it’s like they make it up as they go along.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hagelin is a heck of a player! He will be here for a long time and score 20 goals and 30 assists for many years.

  41. There’s a Rocky Horror Picture Show joke about Dr. Scott, but hartnell if I can’t remember it…And who knows what I’m even talking about…..:)

  42. I’m sure there are bigger homers than Mike Emrick in the hockey world, but his endless grandstanding for the New Jersey Devils was what I had to endure for years. Added to that awfulness, his completely nonsensical vernacular like, “waffleboarded” and his squeak-toy voice make him absolutely unlistenable.

  43. We were spoiled to have both Sam and Doc doing games in the same area for as long as they did. They are both the best in the business.


  44. I Rarely Speak on

    you know what i love? these clowns on verus er oln er nbc sports network were signing the praises of the rangers now they didnt make a trade and its worry city?? amateur hour clowns

  45. “Hagar the Horrible”! Somebody should get Hags one of those Viking helmets like the guy in the comic strip wore…

  46. Mama, I know what you’re talking about!

    “You’re a hot dog, and you better not try to HURT HER, FRANK-FUR-TER.”

  47. Lloyd
    idiocy and homerism and having nothing
    else to watch but pens games
    is why i HATE HATE HATE the pens
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

  48. Bolton has no guts – tries starting with Gaborik on the faceoff and then couldn’t get off fast enough when Rupp came on the ice. I guess Boulton remembered he was late for an appt with his Gynocologist!

  49. the bottom line is what team plays the best when the playoffs starts is the team who does well. It doesn’t matter what your doing in February.

  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I am doing my taxed tomorrow Mickey, then gonna book the hotel! I just hope its a great weather weekend!!! so much better when you’re not walkin around in the freakin rain lol

  51. Based on today’s trades (or lack thereof) by the Rangers, we should expect to see Tim Erixon and Mats Zuccarello get a call down the stretch. I highly doubt guys like Scott and Bickel will dress in the playoffs. Andrew Gross and Kenny Albert were just discussing this….I agree…

  52. if the whole strategy behind a quiet deadline was to keep things intact, suddenly bringing up Zuccarello and Erixon would make zero sense.

  53. Good one Carp. I don’t think he ever said the Rangers had a Nash deal done, but they were in it the whole time, which appeared true. Did say that the staff was prepared to have a press conference on Tuesday, likely because it was a day off they needed special instruction.

  54. “i’m guessing rod is NOT a pharaoh”

    “milbury is as bad as Rod”

    “Rod “I predicted that”?”

    “A legend in his own mind…”

    Well, I’m at a loss as to why some dirtbags here were killing me while I was out working all day…….

    Did no one hear about the clustersuck that occurred in Columbus?

    Entirely unbelievable. Even that madman Brian Burke said Howson wanted the moon, the stars, and about 6 planets, and he wasn’t going to trade his whole damn team away for Rick Nash.

    And even I can’t blame Sather on Nash, who I thought was a critical piece that would have taken this team to another place.
    Best I can tell since I got in, the reports of what the NYR offered are accurate.
    But Christ!!, 5 and 6 assets? No can do…..

    Where you can hammer Sather is in apparently having no backup plan whatsoever (teams like Nashville did add AK 46, Gill and Gaudstad relatively cheap.
    Also, without having gone through all of today’s threads, I did hear it was when Nashville made a major offer this morning for Nash which caused Howson to ask permission of Nash to waive the NMC and was rebuffed that things reached full blown madness, whereby they’d either have to be completely blown away by an offer or were happy to stick it to No. 61. Unreal).

    Even there Sather may have saving grace if Kreider and possibly even Christian Thomas
    (who I’m thrilled to hold on to & think will be the better NHL scorer of the two) join the team for the playoffs. But much of that will depend on the coach.

    Otherwise Im not sure what I or the Rangers were supposed to do here.

    Just an unprecedented, INSANE situation.

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Erixon is not ready or he would be here over Stralman and Em. Bickel plays OK and likes to hit something Stral and Erixon don’t do.

  56. Why wouldn’t they want to give those guys playoff experience, Oleo? They know what they are doing. No need to rush prospects!! We’re in 1st place!

  57. Mike “True Professional” Emrick just realized a puck hit the crossbar in the first period

  58. throw his whiny aasen out of the game!!!
    poor little kovy and parise
    can’t be hit by other players.
    poor little puddycats!!

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    (Do we have a player name for the V-word?)

    Zidlicky, as in did you ever have your Zidlicky’ed?

  60. Hey. You guys want to blame me for Scott Howson losing his mind, embarrassing himself & his franchise in getting into a power struggle with his captain, after working on deals for months?

    I don’t think I can stop you…….

    All I know is as of early evening last night, when nearly every report said the NYR were out of it, a great many people around the Garden continued to expect Nash to be here tonight.

    Howson cracked, quite obviously (and it really sucks for us).

    But you dirtbags think what you want.

  61. “No defending player, except the goalkeeper, will be permitted to fall on the puck, hold the puck, pick up the puck, or *gather the puck into the body* or hands when the puck is within the goal crease. For infringement of this rule, play shall immediately be stopped and a penalty shot shall be ordered against the offending team.”

    Trapping the puck between your legs is OK then?

  62. like I said, the refs make up the rules as they go along, especially when I watch the rangers play.

  63. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Rangers have come out w. a lot of fire tonight. They can say that the trade deadline didnt affect them, but theyre human beings and I believe it did.

  64. Sometimes I go for LOL….but most times I like this….hahahahahahahahahahaha….Prust saying.

  65. “Howson cracked, quite obviously (and it really sucks for us).”

    First of all, I thought his name was *Howser*.

    Next, why would the price go up? How does it “suck for us”?

    The Howser came out and said that Nash asked to be moved. He is going to lose his job and the the franchise might as well start looking at arenas in Hamilton, Ontario because Nash is getting traded in June…

  66. I agree…I think the fire is back cause they now know they’re now solid…..LGR!!!! Welcome Scott…do your job, don’t Muckler it up….

  67. Hagelin’s a really good skater (not just his speed either). His balance and movement are superb – easily the best on the team.

  68. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wait, this HAS been the first time in a long time that Laurel, Sally, Mickey and I have been here together for more that 5 minutes! Seems like old times! Now to get fozzy and noremy here also

  69. well,
    doesn’t look like all the hitting has softened ’em up
    looks like it tired us out and devs are getting better offensive play.

    hoping for a change

  70. i hate to say this
    but boulton waited a second
    for Prust to get
    ready for the fight
    (lose the stick and glove)

  71. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    Fozzy’s got computer issues but she says HI to the boneheads, and she misses us (duh!).

  72. watching Scott fights on youtube
    hope he lives up to his

    would enjoy him doing the same
    to devs, flyers, etc. etc.

  73. Blogmama Dirtbag on

    lol Jimbo!!

    let’s all be dirtbags…..Stand by Sally and the heads!!! Who’s with us!!! Lordy, I never do this, but have to tonight….

  74. You take joy in saying I was wrong LW, you dirtbag?

    Half the Ranger front office was wrong. Maybe all of it.

    HowSON UPPED the original asking prices and never stopped UPPing them!

    Nash’s agent stormed into his office demanding he be traded today.

    So Howson set the prices so high no one could agree, stranding Nash, his own captain.

    Did ANYONE here really think the Rangers should have traded Dubinsky, Kreider, Thomas, Erixon, and a No 1 for one guy not name Gretzky, Messier, or Lemieux?

  75. if clarkson doesn’t get a suspension for that than I’m done, nhl is a complete joke. Didn’t Ovechkin get suspended for leaping with a elbow to the head.

  76. >>>like Shanny will bother

    Exactly! He jumps a foot off the ice to make a check against the boards, but that’s nothing…it was just “incidental”.

  77. Another 7 min without Clarkson. Dubinsky did ok. Clarkson is a much beeper fighter. Good for Dubi not to back off..

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    This game is exactly why we won’t be able to go all the way. We just don’t have a power play point man to take a hard slap shot from the point.

  79. Shanahan has made a mockery of NHL player discipline and interpretation of the rules. The game is on a dangerous path…

    I always loved Brendan Shanahan, great player, great person… This whole disciplinarian thing is ruining him and the game….

  80. If Clarkson acting like a damned fool is the best that the Debbies can do, I’m looking very forward to seeing Scott suit up for the last 2 NYR – Debbies games…

  81. Stranger Nation on

    Clarkson is a better goal scorer as well, prust saying. Although Dubi has lowered the bar significantly!

  82. No joy here. After all, you nailed the Eric Staal trade, Carolina blowing up their team and six franchise players being dealt (Gaustad, Påhlsson, Scott, Gilroy, Commodore and Sgarbossa).

  83. if we had a killer instinct on pp that can extend leads they i say the cup is in reach. without the pp being consistent enough i dont think in the end it will be enough.

    clarkson is a piece of carcillo

  84. ORR,

    I would suggest that this year is more of an off-season from Clarkson, rather than the prior two. But he did have 17 before that, so, it could go either way, I guess.

  85. Carp,

    Well thanks for at least treating me like a human being. Appreciated.

    I wanted Nash here bad, thought he would’ve been just great.

    And I agree, I was stunned that Sather was willing to go that far.
    It’s very out of character for him to go beyond what he feels a player is worth.
    Not to mention going way beyond, which proves how hard they were after Nash, and how based on what he’d been told earlier, he believed could get it done.

    But Howson just lost it today. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that in any sport.

    Not sure if mentioned but Calgary asked Sather to put Sean Avery on waivers so they could claim him. Rightly, Sather said if you want him, offer something for him. Flames refused.

  86. placing a ex-player the head of handing out suspensions is like putting a convict in charge of the asylum.

  87. pathetic pathetic pathetic

    right now
    Slats is probably wishing
    that he upped the offer for

    how uninspired a pp can you get!!
    here comes the tying goal

    (yeah, i’m in a bad mood tonight.)

  88. tomg, and all due respect to Shanahan — a Hall of Famer — he committed many match penalties, both called and uncalled, in his career.

  89. LW, you can continue trying to be a smartass.

    Be serious, look at facts. Look at what people like Dreger are saying about those facts.

    The shootouts in particular are causing teams to stay in the hunt, lessening their ability to become sellers.

    The trade deadline to become less and less, something like 50+ trades 2 years ago down to 30+ last year to 12 or so this year.

    So Iginla didn’t move, Doan didn’t move, Ryan didn’t move, etc.

    Things happen and things change. Doesn’t mean there weren’t negotiations in anticipation of guys moving.

    But believe what you want man. I’m cracking a beer and watching this 3rd period.

  90. >>>Anyone tried that chunky chicken pot pie from KFC? I’m starving.

    Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I’m betting it doesn’t look that good in person!

  91. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lol carp, or at least guys like clarkson and cooke and sestitotostitodoritoburrito

  92. this is a weird game, rangers look like they can’t handle the puck. Is the ice really bad tonight?

  93. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I’m waiting for Yukon Cornelius and Hermie to show up and take out Marty’s teeth and bounce off him

  94. >>>I’m waiting for Yukon Cornelius and Hermie to show up and take out Marty’s teeth and bounce off him

    What language was that last post in, Lin!?

  95. Really? There are talks about players all year and discussions/negotiations that fall through? Well I never…

    That’s almost enough to make me think that people should think twice before claiming that such and such WILL happen or that certain players are “being talked about” or are “available for the right price”, which are generalities that can be applied to most of the league.

  96. Pierre McGuire has a thing for McDonaugh. I know when the rangers got him in the Gomez trade I saw him have a break down on TSN.

  97. Well, Lin – I have – but it was many years ago, when I still expected to see him land on my roof! ;-D

  98. Rangers still get too nervous on occasion with the puck.. don’t always just have to chuck it up the boards.

  99. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HE IS THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UNLEASH THE FURY!!!!!!!!! what the hell was that lol

  100. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  101. I just want to say to all the dirtbags on this blog, it was fun, it’s time to go, this dirtbag is tired, good night.

  102. they should have absolutely thrown mcdonut into the Nash deal a shut down great skating 22 year old d men, they are on every team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    playoff hockey… Hagelin’s speed really helps.

    they played Bickel a lot more then in previous games I think. It appeared that way to me, did not look at the boxscore yet.

    jsut need a little more O….

  103. Habs front office and fans must be spitting up blood every time that McDonut plays such a wonderful, tight-aasened game on defense…

  104. We win the cup if lundqvist plays like this. Nash play tonight? As I said yesterday no team beats these guys four out of seven with this man in net.

  105. i love how milbury insulted the team by saying “no rick nash” hey carcillohead nash hasnt been on the team for the first 60 games of the season!!!

  106. I wish Liam McHugh would just stuff his loafer in Milbury’s piehole. He looks like he wants to sometimes.

  107. Milberry is just pissed the “big bad Bruins” are 0-2 against NYR. Milberry, Jones, Roenick. Why do they hire these fools??I can understand JR, since he at least had a decent career, but the guy has half a brain, if that. Odd!


    golly gee, Brad richards as Claude rains in the invisible man,
    Dubi got his butt kicked .

    I don’t know if the dev’s are on an up streak or the rangers headed down but the rangers look uptight and struggling.

  109. the debbies had 3 shots in the 3rd period down by 1….

    rangers defense was stout tonight.

    very few turnovers… against other teams rangers will be more open in the playoffs it does not work against the debbies.

    fatboy is a liability against henrik…this flawed team has 85 friggin points and they are young, real young look at the roster………

  110. rangers have the best record in regulation in hockey. if I remember correctly no shootouts in the playoffs.

    they are geared for a long run if they stay healthy…..


    goals goals goals… defensive turnovers .. make them pay for their mistakes wins the cup

  112. That was win #100 against the Devils all-time during regular season. Win #30 for Hank. With a SO. Nice end to a draining game…

  113. Milbury being an asshat again? You don’t say. That’s why I changed the channel when they came on.

  114. What’s with the dirtbag thing, carp?

    Your blog, unfortunately, leads the league in them, by a country mile.

    So I have named them as such.

    LW, I dont sit around inventing this stuff; it’s what people all around the game are saying about these things.

    Reminds me of the old Odd Couple where Cosell is berating Oscar for his ‘exclusive’ on Joe Willie’s retirement that never happened. And Oscar says, “he changed his mind”.
    Simple as that. Except in Howson’s case, he lost his mind.
    In case you havent noticed, I dont give two shytes what you or anyone else thinks.

    Columbus received 15 offers for Nash today. Clearly those teams thought he was being traded today. That he was acquired by no one is the real stunner.
    And again, you can look at the facts of why, or not.

    Weird frickin’ things happen. This place did nothing but talk about Avery for months.
    Today, his NHL career was effectively ended (in a strange way), and no one cares.

    Funny thing is, he probably would’ve had a decent playoff.

  115. the rangers have the most regualtion wins in hockey. 12 more then the devils and the rangers also have the least amount of regulation losses in hockey.

    this is not a mirage, they are good. if they get the first goal they are great.

    would have liked 1 more sniper but hoping for KReider to sign and for him to get a peek………


    Great job Carp,,
    Thanks for allowing us to vent.. not much to bitch at with a win..but !!

  117. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    sally,my daughter’s had that shirt for like a year………. that site has some hilarious ones
    tim thomas holding a cheeseburger over his head comes to mind quickly

  118. Folks, it’s worthwhile to remember that Milbury et al are employed by the parent company of the Filthy Flys, and as such, are just acting like the “Scotty” Hartnells of the broadcast booth!

    *Mr.* Snider probably send them their talking points before each Eastern Division game!

  119. Never said you invented anything, just said you were wrong, which is indisputable, whatever the reasons.

    There were plenty of credible “people all around the game” who said last night they doubted (note, not guaranteed) that Nash would get traded today. Just because 15 teams may or may not have made enquiries, may or may not have thought there was a possibility (note, not a guarantee) of a trade doesn’t mean it actually happened.

  120. Hey Rod for what it’s worth your Howson story makes sense as it does explain him suddenly going public – I actually buy that as a viable storyline behind what happened.

    When you make predictions too boldly and then get defensive about them when they don’t happen, people don’t like it. You may have sources but lots of us do, they may not be as good but all of this stuff has to be taken with a grain of salt. What you have heard might happen is, to me, welcome because I think t makes for interesting discussion and we are not journalists here except for Carp. Grain of salt is the way to go, Both your rumors/sources/predictions and people’s response to it.

  121. pretty sure 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% of us that post on here DONT have sources

  122. Carl Hagelin is going to be a special player for many years :)

    Henrik Lundqvist owns Brodeur…how many shutouts is it now in head-to-heads against Marty?

  123. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp and everyone, GREAT JOB TODAY!!! You guys are awesome, and Carp, you are outstanding!!

    Laurel, Sally and Mickey! GOOD TIMES tonight girls! Gotta be on together more often!!

    40-15-6 and murdersaurus is here lol


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