Glen Sather on the trade deadline


Here’s the audio from the delayed Glen Sather post-trade deadline press conference (at the beginning he’s trading some barbs with former teammate Pete Stemkowski; not sure how much of it the microphone picked up):



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  1. MisterD – from your last post. My preference was not to do much, and go for small moves. They did that. But I also mentioned that if they were to add Nash or Parise, in terms of their contracts, Nash’s would more tolerable. Because of cap hit, duration and NMC. Nash has NMC through 2014-2015, after that it becomes NTC, so he is trade-able.

  2. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    a hat trick of carpings today for me..


    Wicky©Proud owner of the world’s most persistent cold February 27th, 2012 at 6:30 pm
    you are taking that comment totally out of context. You need to read all the comments from that discussion. Doodie and ILB are expressing the exact same thing I am saying. You do not have all of the convo.

    Not being snarky, just trying to make sure you know “the whole stroy”

    Wicky©Proud owner of the world’s most persistent cold February 27th, 2012 at 6:31 pm
    stroy or sorty or s-t-o-r-y even

  3. Carp:

    So what do you think changed from the Rangers having to make a move to improve themselves to the team earning the right to not have any pieces moved?

  4. with addition of Scott i will enjoy team toughness
    i’m more concerned with team speed and dealing
    other teams’ speed.

    hope they figure that out in case we go
    against maple leaves or sens or pens…

  5. What LW3H said in the other thread and I agreed with is that this team already seemed to be pretty well set in the whole “team toughness” department. The holes seem to be more at forward than in defense, yet Sather’s press conference suggests defense is the only place they’d even require any help. I dunno, it just seems a bit off to me.

  6. Doodie:

    The point was raised about the Rangers needing to obtain a player who would improve them about a week ago.

    I personally didn’t agree with it since I didn’t think Nash was the right piece; others felt he was an ideal addition.

  7. Christian Thomas ? @cpt27

    “@dylan_mcilrath: @cpt27 we survived! #LGR” yes! Nothing would have compared to NYR. #roomie

    imagine, guys want to be rangers these days!

  8. i will grant this.
    that in the survivors drink from the Cup
    team toughness will be vital.

    still, i hope we bring in faster skaters ala
    Gabby, Hags
    and Torts figures out some way to
    deal with teams that are speedier than us.

  9. of course
    my real worry is that we
    gave up a 5th rounder
    when you all know
    that we find our best players
    after the first two rounds.

  10. like, when these are most of your forwards, you’d think some slight improvement has to be out there:

    John Mitchell, Brandon Prust, Brian Boyle, Ruslan Fedotenko, Mike Rupp, Brandon Dubinsky, Stu Bickel (?)

  11. Well, obviously, the asking price was too rich, Lloyd.

    I still think they’re short some first-line talent. However, I still think there’s not a team in the East they can’t beat in a best-of-seven.

  12. The “need” to improve was really the “want” to have Nash. What changed is that like he said he heard the latest reports on the prospects and the decision was that they didnt want to give up which-ever players.

  13. Makes me really sad that Slats said likely not Sauer this year! He had developed into such a solid D man. Another great draft pick…. God willing he will be back next year.

    Also love McIlrath’s tweets. Kids who are excited not just about making the NHL, but playing for the NY RANGERS!!

  14. Such a shame we wont have a game this year with Staal, G, McD, MDZ, and Sauer all playing. What a great Defense that would be

  15. scott move is a nothing move. Rangers are as tough as any team in hockey already. he can help in a few games down the stretch before the playoffs especially if prust or rupp got hurt.

    rangers 2nd in majors in hockey. this is not the valeri kamensky rangers. thsi team is tough. again they were willing within reason to get an elite player in Nash at a nice price but the price was insane.

    sather under estimated the stupidity of Howson the Columbus GM… The rangers were the best option for CBJ and Howson still screwed it up…. they could have gotten 5 potential pieces but hey CBJ resigned Prospal for 1 more year at $2.5.. The yare morons.. CBJ is as poorly run as the islanders or other stupid teams…..

  16. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    so quick question, if we add a guy off of waivers can they still be on the playoff roster? And are waivers still in effect?


  17. sauer is a good player he is a much better player then bickel, emminger, woywitka, and stralman…

    sauer is calm with the puck, toguh, and plays a nice simple game….

    sauer is only 25 so hopefully he will make it back…..

  18. Carp:

    well sure, but it does seem like Howson didn’t really have any intention of moving Nash, and just set an exorbitant price to give the appearance of trying to appease the disgruntled player. given Howson’s statements this evening, his relationship with Nash is ruined, but perhaps worse, Nash’s public image in Columbus is now crap.

  19. lloyd any callups are elgible as long as they are in the system and no waiver pickups. i think guys like kreider are technically in the system since they are property of there team prior to today so they are elgible for the playoffs…

  20. Linda:

    Howson basically went on a kamikaze machine this evening, and assuming he’s not a Japanese man flying a fighter jet, one would assume he’s expecting to get canned pretty soon.

  21. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i’m sure is awaiting his resume

    so when does craig patrick take over there lol

  22. And I don’t think Glen over or under-estimated Howson, especially since Howson used to work for him.

    But, no, they can still call up players.

  23. 2 quick things:

    it’s possible that Sather was working on
    Dustin Brown as Plan B
    but his hat trick probably made kings
    reconsider and/or want much more for him
    i don’t think Slats or Torts were going to tear the team up
    for ANYONE not named Malkin

    other players they were supposedly interested in
    were being taken off — Rutuu, Kubina…

  24. howson was already going to be fired. management wanted him to be the one to trade nash, so if and when it backfired they could blame the guy who isn’t there.

  25. Good evening all! Wow, I missed a ton today and will take forever to catch up! Sally, welcome bacl and LMAO!!

    wicky, are you happy? Is Scott a crease clearing D-Man????

    what else? cliff notes please!!!

  26. Howson is a amateur. could have said could not work out a deal for a premium player like Nash but no he wanted to throw Nash under the bus. Serves no purpose. Howson is a employee of CBJ and he did not do righ for his employer.

    no sense in saying what he did. possibly reduced value of Nash on the trade market… He took it personally and opened his big pie trap…

    Nash must be pissed… He seems like a good guy, plays hard, I nkow makings $7.8 mill per year is not exaclty slave labor so I am not shedding any ters for Nash but really playing in Columbus presently is ugly………….

    but hey Prospal is back next year. btw he will be 38…jeez, walkaway..

  27. Thing that makes me wonder if he’ll get fired: Why would the owners let him handle this carcillo-show if he’s out the door?

    Good evening, Sally!

  28. with brown, i think once LA said he was in play and they got 29 frantic calls they realized what they had in brown.

  29. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    sitting here earlier, watching Howson’s press conference, pretty much watching his job in the midst of it’s death throes, all you can do is shake your head. it’s gotta be on youtube lol

  30. Not a chance LA said he was in play. That was the essence of this twidiot world in which we live. Brown was never in play.

  31. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    And in ILB country, dreams stay with you,
    Like a lover’s voice, fires the mountainside..
    Stay alive..

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Also just read Chris Botta’s tweet that Sather said Kreider will sign this year and be an option for the stretch run and the playoffs! Fantastic news in that we may have our top six forward here in about one month. Oh yes and he is definately ready. I watched Stepan in college many times and Kreider looks like twice the player Stepan is and I love Stepan!

  33. Cool. good cliff notes.

    Manny ” John Scott vs. Zdeno Chara. That’s why.”

    Good, I was hoping someone would explain….not like he’s bringing his net game here….

  34. Carp, they should have told Brown’s wife that it was all balderdash – she was throwing everything out to get ready for a move. Man that’s gotta be stressful.

  35. Carp:

    The situation with Howson is really strange because, yeah, you’d wonder why ownership would want to create the impression that they want nothing to do with the face of their franchise.

  36. LOL! Linda, we should have! Never thought of that. I was insanely busy all day, but managed to check of things and was all “HELL YEAH’ *fistpump* at around 3pm CST.

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    SO SORRY IRS!!! i’m sure he’ll be back for Free Agency with the Magic 8 ball sauces

  38. what a guy…..hahahaha!

    hmmm. was gonna go on a rant here, but decided to hit the don’t do it button :) Tiki, nice job….that’s all.

  39. My country at the moment is my wife who wants to discuss every single patient she’s seen today. Brb

  40. I hope Prust and Rupp were listening to the no more “heavy lifting”, time for them to use the hands for scoring a few goals.

  41. Yes , she was throwing everything out to get ready for a move. Thanks, really nice article written. This weblog is excellent and so is how the matter was expanded.

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