Deadline passes … reaction to follow


We are expecting Glen Sather to address the media around 4:45 p.m. to discuss the deadline day.

I will put up audio shortly thereafter.

For those just tuning in, the Rangers acquired 6-7, 270-pound defenseman/winger John Scott — a true enforcer — from the Blackhawks for a fifth-round pick.

They talked to Columbus throughout the day, and apparently put on a press near the deadline, for Rick Nash. But did not, obviously, offer enough to get it done. And then Scott Howson, the Blue Jackets GM, said that it was Nash who initiated the scenario by requesting a trade. That’s surprising. Shocking, actually, that a GM would say that about his team’s captain. Good luck with that relationship going forward.



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  1. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Howson, wow just wow. Some things ya just keep to yourself while the guy is STILL ON YOUR TEAM!

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, if Nash requested a trade, the blame ha to fall partly on his feet. If you are going to request that you be traded, you can’t then limit your GM to five teams and then be surprised when it didn’t get done.

  3. Columbus’ demands that the package in return would have to include either Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto plus either Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin, plus Boston College winger Chris Kreider and Brandon Dubinsky,


  4. Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon, JT Miller, and a first round pick is a very fair offer for Nash under these circumstances. If it’s true. Sather did the right thing all around.

  5. Howson probably was mad that Nash asked for a trade and sabotaged the asking price knowing nobody would trade for Nash.

  6. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Thanks Linzo!! A smart deal or no deal at all. Glad we didnt allow ourselves to get robbed!

    I have a serious question for u and anyone else that wants to answer: I recorded the TSN Tradecentre today from 8am to 8pm, but nothing happened of any significance for any team. Should I keep it or delete it?

  7. Sorry Salty,
    Nash is a great player, but he is not the type of player that can carry an entire team all by himself. Giving up what CBJ wanted would have weakened the team overall. Step, DZ, and McD are all players who play major minutes and pivotal roles on this team. I liked the Rangers offer much more. Anybody who knows the history of trades knows that you never get equal value when trading a star away. Never happens.

  8. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Well, slats stood pat, and we’re going to war with the team that brought us here.
    Let the nervous excitement continue

  9. I doubt Slats will name names. He cannot say anything other than he rejected the CBJ offer, but will not say what he offered. He’s not that stupid, right?

  10. get to keep all of the Ranger assets for a rainy day. I wanted Nash, but I am not upset at all about keeping everyone. though my expectations in the playoffs are not that high.

  11. someone has to control that cat!!! he keeps bringing all that trash in this house!! really rotten pungent stench sort of trash with limited edumacation and income potential!

  12. The only thing that will make me feel better right now is to absolutely kick the living crap out of NJD tonight.

  13. Now that we know Nash wants to come here we can always deal for him in the offseason when the pressure and asking price is down.

    Plus we can conceivably sign Parise for nothing but M$G $$$$

  14. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i say delete Tiki. i have only been watching since about 1:25 and it’s certainly not lit the world on fire lol

  15. especially in a cap league when the guy is getting paid 8 mil a year. Can’t have it both ways, Howson is a idiot, no wonder that franchise is horrible.

  16. so now howson has probably pissed off nash. who, in turn, will probably not expand his list of teams. which, in turn, means his value will go down in the market since everyone will know that there are only a handful of teams that can bid for him. unless nash is a super nice guy and expands that list to include a lot more teams, the blue jackets are in trouble.

  17. I found it interesting….I’m eager to see how Gilroy fares in Ottawa. He played excellent D with the Bolts, but apparently his salary situation coming up had a lot to do with his departure.

    The honcho of the Senators seems to appreciate what he will bring to the team. I think he’ll blend in there just fine.

  18. I wouldn’t part with what CBJs wanted either…I’m livid Sather didn’t pull a rabbit out of his hat though to get this done.

  19. I read Scott is available tonight, maybe sather didn’t like how the devils started a fight before the puck dropped in there last meeting.

  20. …actually Columbus could fire the GM in 3…2…1… and actually hire a GM that knows what the hell he is doing. Maybe talk Nash into staying.

  21. Howson is a moron. Yep Columbus has no obligation to trade Nash of course. Teling the world Nash wanted the trade and initiated it helps no one espcecially there best player. Therefore he is an idiot. He could have said; we stink, rick has been a good soldier for years, if we can get fair value back we would have traded him.

    but no the moron Gm said the athlete initiated the trade circus. how is that going to help columbus? there best player is going to hae life and his play will probably show that also.

    CBJ loses because it is run by morons Detroit wins because management is smart and shrewd and use finesse not to throw players under the bus for no reason.

    CAN’T PEOPLE SEE THIS????????????????

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  23. “Salty February 27th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    I wouldn’t part with what CBJs wanted either…I’m livid Sather didn’t pull a rabbit out of his hat though to get this done.”

    don’t know what you wanted Sather to do here when Howson was unreasonable.

  24. sather will not name names. again it serves no purpose…

    sather is not as dumb as Howson imagine that……….

  25. I couldn’t believe Howson’s presser — even the Tradecentre guys were speechless. How could he actually say that Nash approached HIM for a trade? The TSN hosts made a good point saying how when guys are involved in trade rumours (Fleetwood Mac, anyone) and aren’t traded how their play suffers after the deadline. Imagine how Rick Nash is going to play now! Jack Johnson might finish his career at -900 now.

  26. Salty, how can you be livid? The Rangers are having a great season and didn’t blow the team up to get a guy who hasn’t proven much in his career.
    The Rangers are first place in the conference and have 3 games in hand on the Nucks and Wings…

  27. Well Howson probably isn’t going to be GM the second the last CBJ player steps off the ice in April. Nor is he ever going to be allowed to be a GM of a fantasy league either.

  28. IF that was the best and final offer from the Rangers, I’m still glad Howson didn’t accept. We have so much to look forward to with this group of players!!

    I’m really happy we get to support this group of players for the rest of the season.

  29. From Neil Smith twitter:

    “Answer this: If Nash asked to be traded, why would the team allow Nash to restrict the number of teams?”

  30. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Sather made no earth-shaking move at the deadline, last year, and look how improved the club is this year, still intact. Look for more dramatic improvement next year, regardless of whether the club signs a big-name free agent this summer.

    So that, if the club does not win the Stanley Cup this year, it will not detract from the fact that this team is now in dress rehearsal mode for winning it all, next year. Thanks to Slats and company for holding the line and keeping the core together. The payoff for doing so is going to be one hell of a lot more than “making the playoffs.” Get ready for a parade. You heard it here first –

    New York Rangers – 2013 Stanley Cup Champions.

  31. memo: trading Dubi, Erixon, JT Miller, Thomas and a 1st for nash would not have “blown the team up”. a lot of people around here didn’t want to trade anyone.

  32. “I wouldn’t part with what CBJs wanted either…I’m livid Sather didn’t pull a rabbit out of his hat though to get this done.”

    How does the first part reconcile with the second part here, Salty?

  33. if the last rumored ranger trad proposal is true again that is a good and fair package.cbj would get 4 nhl players and a 1st. erixon and miller were first round picks, dubi is a good player and thomas is a wildcard.

    nash has 6 or 7 years left on a monster contract. cbj is 10 players away from competing they would have gotten relatively cheap, valued assets and got rid of a bad contract. nash has a bad contract especially for a small market team that sucks……………..

    howson’s stupidity is staggering, if Patrick approved this insanity he is a moron also…..CBJ have zero leverage.. THEY SUCK………

  34. fchamps,

    Count me in the group that didn’t want to see any big moves made. I think the need to maintain the focus on this year and the future is imperative. Quite happy with today’s (non) result

  35. Yeah, I’d love to see Scott out on the ice tonight for the opening faceoff – bring on your best goon, Elmer Fudd Lamoriello…

  36. Wow, the offer was Dubinsky, Miller, Erixon, Thomas and a 1st? Sather got saved from himself if that’s true.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “McDonagh, Stepan, Dubinsky and Kreider for anyone is a bad trade.”

    Right now, you’re probably right. That’s the kind of package you give for a 30 year old Nick Lidstrom.

  38. What a poor wretched life one must lead when Bostonian referees and teams dictate the temper of one’s insipid, banal existence marked by the lack of fecundity and mental rigor. Never to see the beauty that the world offers…Paris? no. Rome? nope. No time for these moments of wonderment when the DVR awaits with a fresh box of Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese while the duckbill sips a bottle of chilled champagne. Carry on, trash.. carry on.


  39. Completely agree Mister D. I might feel differently if Nash also didn’t come with the albatross of a contract and an uncertain CBA next year but very happy that Sather’s offer was not accepted.

  40. even —

    taking a 6-goal scorer off your roster and replacing him with a 20-scorer is called an upgrade. the chances of miller, erixon and whoever we pick in the first round this year at 29 (or whatever) even making the the nhl is minimal. nash is one year older than dubinsky with a ton more talent.

  41. Rich Nash should pull a Dany Heatley in the offseason…

    Brain Murray didn’t deserve it when Heatley did it….

    *Howser* deserves what is coming….

  42. the ranger proposal to cbj would not have blown the team up. it was a good fair trade….

    the rangers have a loaded system and culd have absorbed that loss….

    it was a fair trade offer….

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    fchamps, I think Erixon is a lock for the NHL. I don’t think he will be a first pairing guy, but he’s definitely a solid 2nd pairing guy.

  44. staalsie, I hate the knicks with all my platypus heart. Each loss, especially Game 6 losses that result in squandered championships warms the cockles of my heart. Was a great moment in the losing tradition of the NY KNicks.. good times!

  45. Salty, how can you be livid?


    Because Nash is exactly what we needed. GOALS.

    Yes, Howson was the unreasonable party and he’ll pay for it in the long run. Sather wanted Nash. Nash wanted NY.

    It’s just upsetting. But yes, CBJ was unreasonable and Sather didn’t budge. Nash would have made this team lethal.

    Let’s see how they respond tonight.

  46. The other thing with Nash – has he really made the guys around him better?

    Look at Malkin, Crosby, etc. Those guys tend to make the players around them better. Not saying CBJ doesn’t do dumb things in FA or draft…

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    @ChrisKuc: More from John Scott: “I just had a baby a couple of months ago. It will be tough to pack up and leave everything.”

  48. manny, actually the cat trash fever is a ted nugent rip..rofl…use that melody please! HOw is my favourite newlyfangled wedded person? The duckbill is next to take the stand of matrimony!

  49. Erixon would be in the NHL if he played for nearly any other team. We are blessed with seriously deep defense.

    I think that package is big. It’s the kind of thing you give up for a star player. It’s a lot. I just don’t see how the Blue Jackets get more than that in the offseason. Honestly, I am surprised they didn’t do that trade. Happy about it, but surprised.

  50. >>>No way Scott plays tonight. That’s crazy talk.

    I know, Manny – but I wish it was possible. I want the Debbies to know that they’re not gonna get past us this season – and that we’re primed to take their best player away from them come summertime!

  51. jt miller is going to be a good pro.. no idea if he will be real good but he will be a good pro and he is cheap. erizon will be a good pro also, jury out on how good. dubi is a top 6 forward on CBJ today. and a first round pick and then christian thomas who is doing great in juniors. not exactly a bunch of slop.

    if nash had a 4 year deal at $5 mill he would be worth more but $7.8 per.. OUCH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  52. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    well that is the last time I listen to my train porter source…jerk!

  53. Matt L, Nash is a totally different player than Crosby and Malkin. Those guys are complete players, whereas Nash is a sniper. He’s not that kind of player.

    I’m hoping the near trade fires up Dublowsky. Fuggin guy’s been pathetic.

  54. That’s great Pico-de-Pato. I am sure the woman is both lucky and exuberated to be marrying such a fine wordsmith and gentleperson as yourself. Carry on my friend. Carry on.

  55. Stuart, its a fair trade in an uncapped league. With the NHL cap, and Nash’s hit, it would have been awful. 3 of your top 5 prospects, plus a roster guy, plus your first for a guy underperforming relative to his cap hit? Brutal.

  56. What bothers me is that the Rangers are now have no depth on forwards. While both EC and Wolski were far from being superstars (to say the least), what are we going to do in case anybody gets injured? And let’s be realistic, it’s almost inevitable, especially in playoffs. Insert Bickel into the fourth line again? What if there are two injured forwards? Or three?

  57. What an embarrassment Howson is to his organization.

    I’ll bet that Patrick was the only sane voice in that room…

  58. Matt L- you’re right. And to Brad Richards’ credit: the man absolutely makes the players around him better.

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    tomg and stuart a – how has the word THEIR become annointed as the word THERE, every damn time you type it. Was sixth grade THAT challenging?

  60. Sounds to me that someone did not really want Nash to be moved – come on, who could possibly demand that asking price for Nash – seriously? I mean even a two for 1 could have been considered – but if what is above is even remotely correct – there are much bigger problems in that club – not just Nash.

  61. Amen, Jimbo. Scott is an absolute beast with the fists. I am actually kind of excited. I know he doesn’t skate well or play much defense or do much besides Phaneuf people but lord almighty can he punch. How much fun will it be to put him on the ice against the Phlyers as we attempt the undefeated season against them?

  62. Yes, manny. The duckbill feathers only ruffle for lowfalutin trash of the feline nature. Away from the one transgression he is a kind mammal. Like Morrissey said, “it is harder to be gentle and kind.’ I shall be gentle and kind with a charminy soft demeanor…AND MORE!

  63. nash is a shooter like stamkos. they do not have the same effect on the players around them that a guy like crosby or malkin have.

    therefore Nash’s effect on others will be different. Nash’s effect on the Rangers actually could hav been even greater since they have 1 true shooter and that is gabby. if nash was on the rangers I tell him shoot all the time, whenever you get the puck, he is not there to set up other guys.

    I am happy they did nit get Nash because the price was outreageous but sad they could not get him at the right price… nash with this team as is minue Dubi would be interesting to watch… Just have to continue on the path to develop within and hope the guys here and in the system continue to progress.

  64. HOwson would not make for a good episode of the American Pickers if he was too emotionally attached to the merchandise!

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “dubi is a top 6 forward on CBJ today.”

    That’s more an indictment of CBJ than an endorsement of Dubi. Damning him with faint praise.

    And Christian Thomas isn’t doing as well this year in juniors. Points per game are down, goals per game are way down. Still a solid year, but nothing like last year. In the end, I think he is a great AHL player, but an NHL afterthought.

  66. my wife and kids complain about my grammar also.

    Sorry. I type fast and do not have spell check on the blog..


  67. ORR!

    I agree with you 100%. He’s more of that Power forward/sniper. But that’s somewhat one-dimensional (although that’s a good dimension!). I think what Columbus wanted was totally out of whack for the individual skillset he brings to the table.

    I think he compares more to Gaborik … and would you give up those assets for a Gaborik? I wouldn’t either.

  68. True Blue Mike on


    March schedule ^^ We have a game every other night with a few back to backs. I hope our boys are ready for this.

  69. All of you should be singing the PRAISES of Uncle Glennie right now – how many times in the past, I dont know, 15 years or so do we sit here on trade day saying ….. OMFG What they hell was he thinking?

    Well – a small hiccup in John Scott – John Scott? Seriously? News to Rangers: You are in first place, you have been grinding out wins with homegrown talent. Fighting is not really a part of the play-offs. An attempt to take some load off of Prust? Well maybe = but can the guy even keep up? Last time I think I saw him – he was struggling to keep up with fourth liners – I am sure this was OK’d by Torts??

    Rangers All the Way – Here come the Play offs!!!!

  70. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    When I pass on, Id like to have a landscape of Paris painted on the underside of my coffin, so I can experience that beauty for an eternity. Perhaps that is an idea you should explore for someone that you know of!!! Sooner rather than later!!! LOL!!!

  71. Sorry when you commit to a player with a 60m contract at 7.8m per year, the player doesnt get to tell you they want out and also to dictate to whom and when it happens.

    If Nash wanted out you can’t blame CBJ for playing the process this way. Put yourself in CBJ shoes and think rationally. They’re going to do what’s best for the organization and maximize value on the return. If they don’t ge ttheir price they have no obligation, they own the contract and the rights for Nash to play for them.

    At the same time Howson shouldn’t have aired this all out at the presser but we already know he’s a dope.

  72. Uncle Glennie is a throwback GM, Manny – he came up with the Big, Bad Bruins of the mid-late 1960’s, and he loves having really tough guys on his roster. I hope Scott doesn’t have any off-ice problems like Boogy (RIP) did.

  73. yeah, erixon is probably going to be an nhl player, but i don’t think he’s looked very good as a ranger in his short stint. it probably makes sense to give him a little time up here before the playoffs so torts can see if he can trust him.

    also, i realize i’m in the minority but i thought jeff woywitka played a pretty good game. i really wish sauer was back, but fact is that guy has always been injury prone. from what i can tell, and i’m no expert on the ahl, we don’t have much depth down there. who could the rangers call up if they had some injuries? erixon and wellman?

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt, the difference between Gaborik and Nash is size. You can’t teach size. I wouldn’t have given up what Columbus was asking for, but what Sather’s supposed last offer was? I probably would do that.

    I should clarify though that I don’t think much of JT Miller or Christian Thomas, so to me, it’s basically Dubi, Erixon, and a 1st.

  75. doodie my only point is the ranger offer was in the realm of fair and reasonable… they did not try to trade only prospects and 3rd tier prospects at that.

    yes there elite talent they did not want to trade like kreider but I assume if CBJ wanted Mcilrath instead of Erixon the Rangers would have been fine with that and same with AA instead of Dubi, or st croix instead of thomas… I bet CBJ did not even think this offer was in the neighborhood….

  76. Matteau! —

    rational? dubinsky, erixon, miller and a first rounder is a fair deal under the circumstances. you’re getting two nhl ready players, one who has the potential to be a very good defenseman. you’re getting a legitimate top-line prospect and a first rounder. that’s a fair deal.

  77. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rick Nash will definately do to CBJ what Heatly did in Ottawa. Howson is a moron! Turned down a very fair trade that he will only wish is on the table at the draft. Nash will use his no trade clause to force a trade to us at a much lower price.

    As for the rest of the day, I am disappointed that Sather did not address as big a problem as a power forward and that is a dman who can shoot the damn puck from the point on the PP like Wideman.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, I’m with you. I think it was a fair offer. They sure as hell weren’t going to get a better offer before the deadline.

  79. If Kreider really has magical hockey powers such that he’d make our lineup right out of college mid-season without training camp, and we could use him, we can always sign him if he turns pro right away.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    fchamps, who is the legit top-line prospect? JT Miller projects as a third liner and Thomas is too small.

  81. It is fair and it’s more than they are going to get come July. Instead they chose to make their star player hate them and play out the year like a zombie complaining and demanding for trades through his agent. Essentially they created a mess when they could have gotten a top 6 forward (for them), an NHL ready Defenseman, a decent prospect and a first round pick. How are they going to get anything close to that later?

    Their only option is to get a new GM, patch it up with Nash, let him be part of the plan moving forward, and start shedding salaries and adding crucial pieces one-by-one.

  82. Haha, Stuart a — unfortuantely we can’t name a player like Nash in the NHL with a four-year deal at $5 mil per? Maybe 10 years ago you’d find that sort of cap hit. $7.8 is just about the going rate for superstars in this league (pre-cap circumvention, of course!)

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, I’m with you. He will sign an enormous contract to protect himself against a potential rollback

  84. i don’t know about thomas. there are plenty of small players in the league. but you may be right.

    but who projects jt miller as a third-line player? he was 15th overall pick and he’s had a nice season in juniors.

  85. Would you trade McDonagh, Stepan, Dubinsky and Kreider for Malkin? Because that is pretty much the only guy that comes to mind with a package like that…and even then, I don’t think I would do it.

    That is absurd.

  86. I think Parise is going to get a lot of coin. Like something absurd. Close to $10M per. He thinks he can be a cornerstone guy.

  87. Come on man, for one of the leagues’s elite players, Sather offered a $4m player with 6 goals, a very late 1st round pick (pretty much a 2nd), and 3 ok prospects, only one of which is currently on the NHL path. Disappointing if that’s the best Sather offered.

    Not saying Sather shoudl have done the rumored Stepan, MDZ, Dubi and Kreider, but something tells me if Sather spent yesterday at the table instead of posturing he could have found some middle ground. I would have given up Dubi and 1 of those other 3.

    Biut it’s ok, we win either way, love this team.

  88. I think Craig Patrick was a good GM – if he’s advising Howson, why would he let him prepare a statement that basically outs the player?

  89. Doodie – really? I think that seems a bit high, who knows. I guess it is within the range of possibilities – I am not sure who else we may have to part ways with at the end of the year – I think some of that depends upon how we fare in the tourny = well see,

  90. say

    mdz hagelin kreider dubi and 1st

    if the rangers had a choice they would keep mcdonagh over mdz and step over hagelin i believe

  91. Parise made a ton of money today, just because the Rangers are sure to be involved July 1 now.

    Worry: Howson worked for Sather in Edmonton. If he gets fired by CBJ, guess where he lands.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if Columbus was smart, they fire Howson immediately. Nash is already going to be pissed at Howson. Ownership needs to prevent spreading of the poison to them by firing Howson immediately.

  93. Noah
    I would do that deal for Malkin, but only after some thinking about it. Stepan and McDonut are very young players (21 year olds) with now over 1.5 years of NHL experience. They are playing MAJOR roles with the team… we are very lucky to have them.

  94. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp!!! Smack your fingers with the remote for typing that! Don’t need another asshat in management lol

  95. better beans than these on


    Hundreds and hundreds of messages from
    utterly selfless, thoroughly objective Ranger fans
    helping their brothers and sisters in Ohio identify
    the components of a fair trade.


  96. Theres also this to consider, too: Nobody in our conference improved their team at the deadline so as to be more of a threat to us in any way.

  97. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I really don’t understand everyone that says we get parise for nothing but $$$$$.

    Where the hell are you going to put him cap wise?? You CAN NOT get him for “just $$$$” technically! You have to move $$$$ to get him so you ARE NOT getting him for nothing. Something must go in order to add him. Some combination of current roster salary (salaries)/prospect assets that must be resigned(in the next couple of years) must go to make the room.

    Trade them yesterday for Nash or in June/July dump them to get parise, they still have to go!

    Use your heads people!

  98. Angry Goldfish on

    I can wait to see the lines when MZA gets the injury call up

    Rupp – Hobbit Wizard – Scott

    Thats a sight to see.


    Small town markets usually have small minded management , I take that back.. let’s see Montreal , Toronto, oh yes the great slats sather legend in his own mind.. “fella’s when I coached the Oiler’s “”‘ yeah yeah


    John Scott may be inspired the first couple of games because he was trashed from the hawks for a 5th rounder.. after that , who knows?

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