Brandon Dubinsky on sweating the deadline … or not


Spoke with Brandon Dubinsky after the skate, on how he handles his name being in rumors, and on whether he can salvage his season over the last 22 games plus playoffs.

Brandon Dubinsky:




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  1. that tweet by gross about duby really kicks assen. love his attitude. keep workin doobs. u just know hes gonna break out sooner or later.

  2. If Parise is from Minny, why wouldn’t he play in Minny? NYR is building something special. He is an American. Why play on a team of soft Euros, when he can play with North Americans in NY?

    My $1mil is on the New York Rangers.

    Detroit? Have you ever been there?

  3. we need another Vet on forward and on D.

    Last year the likes of Steps, AA, McD looked so over matched and unprepared for Playoff Hockey

    They only got some 5 games playoff experience last year, and then add the likes of Mitchell, MDZ, and Hagelin.

    We are sooo young

  4. Dubinsky will score 50 points in the last 22 games! about half of those points will come with his butt facing the net and the other half while he’s sliding on his butt…it’ll be a butt-rrefic finish for Dubi!

  5. Why play on a team of soft Euros, when he can play with North Americans in NY?


    Looking at their current roster, only Backstrom and Koivu are their Euros.

    Instead go to Detroit that’s got Datsyuk, Franzen, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Hudler, Filppula, Lidstrom, etc…

  6. yeah, Detroit is a slum, but they still pack the stadium and they are always in contention … Detroit has no problem getting the guys they want

    Yeah, Parise is from Minn, but why would he want to play for the Wild?? they arent the North Stars (if that was even the team he rooted for as a kid). The Wild sucks !!

    Put it this way, If we win the Cup or go to the Finals at least … we stand a decent chance of competing with the Red Wings for his services

    If we “fizzle out” in anyway from our inexperience this year … its Parise to Detroit no questions asked

  7. How were the Rangers not in on the Kurtis Foster trade?

    Position: D
    Shoots: Right
    Height: 6-5 Weight: 226 lbs.
    Born: November 24, 1981 in Carp, Ontario

  8. wicky, ur still sick? ive had this damn flu/virus/ hybrid thing for about 2 weeks straight. even had infection in my left eye for a few ays. it closed up, gave me migraines too. im just slowly getting over it. never had anything like tht happen to my eye though. strange

  9. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    tweet from giagnome..

    John Giannone ? @jaygeemsg Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    FYI on Dubinsky’s “I’ll be a Ranger at 3:01” quote-paperwork process sometimes runs past 3 pm so deals are often announced later. Just sayin

  10. Wow, Dubi is going to stuff Giannone into a locker or give him a swirlie if he’s still on the team for that tweet.

  11. glad the Nash thing won’t happen but I’m definitely not looking forward to 22 more games of Dubinsky mediocrity

    also, can we drop Wolski from the Twitter feed since he’s now a Florida Panther

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Howson and Snow are the worst two GMs in the league. They both have Snow in their last names. That must be it.

  13. half the league is from Ontario. I don’t see players lining up to play in Toronto and Ottawa…

    All that matters is the money!!!!

  14. im sorry carp. im sick as a dog and am stoned on this realy awesome prescription cough syrup. its making me thirsty though

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, because Foster is pretty much one of the worst defensive players I have ever seen. It’s like Phil Housley, plus 6 inches and 50 pounds, but minus 1000 points.

  16. seriously, what are the tradecentre people gonna talk about if there is 1 trade from now to 3pm ??

    Theyve already exhausted all the “filler” conversation and there is still 3 hours to go

  17. Carp, I liked your use of the word howson as a verb better last night. He “howsoned” the deal is much better than “this howsons”. Can we establish that as the proper use of the word in Carpian dialect?

  18. gia-numbnuts is on my carchillo list now. h better watch out i dont go to ny just to cough and spread my tuberculosis and brown and greenish red smokers cough loogie all over him

  19. rangers get some depth on defense

    @TSNBobMcKenzie NYR trade 2012 2nd round pick and 2013 condition pick to DET for Brad Stuart #TradeCentre

  20. GrabbY,

    I know exactly what your talking about. 23 years ago I had gotten a really bad cold that turned into bronchial pneumonia and I was given a prescription for cough medicine with codeine in it, best cough medicine I ever had, didn’t feel a thing :-)

  21. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    If Dubinsky stays, I’ll make a friendly posters bet that he doubles his goal total in the final 22.

  22. tomg- this isnt codene though. i had that beore too. this iscalled tussinex. its byfuglien incredible

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I think that would be a reason to stay away.

    As for the fake trade, you have to make them plausible for people to be fooled.

  24. Mason Raymond wouldnt be a bad depth move. He does pretty well on the PP, and when you consider John Mitchell gets PP time for us … he could be a good pickup

  25. I’m glad they haven’t made any fringe moves. There really does not seem to be anyone available that would make a considerable difference on this team, at least not for a reasonable price. Maybe a slight upgrade in talent but then a regular has to come out of the line up and the chemistry that everyone was so concerned with Nash impacting, is still affected, all for a slight upgrade. If they don’t bring in a game changer, I prefer they stand pat.

  26. nice try, I got McKezie’s tweet page minimized and there is no mention of a ranger trade, we’ve been HOWSONED!!!

  27. I noticed that some of you had made the observation that Rangers might be trying for Iginla…and then voicing apprehensions over it.

    The worriers might well be right in that he has slipped more than a peg or two…but on the other hand, he just might have enough personal pride and desire to show that he still can handle the scene. If it is true then just relax and let it happen. The worse that can occur is that he cannot handle this style, and it will show. If so, it doesn’t take much genius to adjust to that situation by selective spotting.

  28. thanks carp. i’d feel better if we got nash though. cmon slattipuss, trade miller duby and erixon anda 1st. how can that not b enough? thro in a few cubans.

  29. ” Grabby February 27th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    thanks carp. i’d feel better if we got nash though. cmon slattipuss, trade miller duby and erixon anda 1st. how can that not b enough? thro in a few cubans.”

    one word, HOWSON.

  30. Geez, we are talking cough medicine on a trade day? :-)

    That tussionex ( not tussinex) can really howson you, Mike. It contains hydrocodone.

    I was going to ask someone to text me if anything happens since I’m busy, but it looks like there will be no need. It looks dead, eh…

  31. Wow this really is the worst deadline ever. I thought last year was bad but this is insane. Never wasting another 7 days of my life looking forward to this thing again

  32. Nash = Superstar

    no…we don’t want any superstars on our team! we want to keep our potential… in our case “crane in the sky is better than a rabbit in hand” or however you say it

  33. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Question: If Nash were a UFA after this year asking for a 6 year deal, whats the max cap hit you’d be cool with?

  34. Carp & CT,
    I meany DETROIT has a lotta Euros. And I never called them Europansies. I have a LOT of respect for that team. I have been to MANY games at the Joe. I am just saying that the City is dying. Sadly. NY is a much better place. Away from the hockey team, Detroit has NOTHING to offer Parise. Let’s see how this goes down.

  35. Lev: this is what happens when all but 2 Western Confernce teams consider themselves out of the playoff race.

  36. Ok headz, I’m in Grabby’s zone still recuperating from my back surgery ;-) So I may be off base here, but am I the only one who finds Kurtis Foster’s birth place a bit ironic ???

  37. “ilb2001 February 27th, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    “Geez, we are talking cough medicine on a trade day? :-)

    That tussionex ( not tussinex) can really howson you, Mike. It contains hydrocodone.

    I was going to ask someone to text me if anything happens since I’m busy, but it looks like there will be no need. It looks dead, eh…”


    now I know how you feel. I was in a car accident a little over a year ago and was on Percocets, 10mg/325 for a while and they are extremely addictive and dangerous. I’m happy to say though I am now off of that stuff.

  38. Parise will have half the year (when the weather is better anyway) to spend his many millions of dollars when he’s not playing hockey. But for the part of the year where he is playing, I couldn’t imagine passing up the chance to play on a team that already is a perennial contender over one that may or may not be.

  39. i know it has vicodin in it ilb. my dad has a ton of medical books and a book on all types of pills and meds. “the pill book” i think. i recently read them. some pretty interesting stuff in those dr reference books. read a physicians medical refernce guide or whatever theyre called.

  40. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Ott just said “loved it here” in Dallas on TSN. Does he know something?

  41. “Lev February 27th, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Im surprised columbus isnt dealing yet…, howson publicly said that he will blow the entire team up”

    I think Columbus fans want to blow Howson up.

  42. tomg …

    I hear ya about the Percs. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to taking them for the pain

  43. cw, I know. I was just joking. Somebody called somebody a Europansy last year and we went off about all the great Europansies like Chara and Datsyuk and Malkin, etc … and in the past, Samuelsson and Kasparaitis. And then we carried into the NBA, even, with Nowitski. It became a running joke. “Europansies.”

    I was in Detroit with the Yankees during the playoffs. God, it’s awful.

    Krisy! Hi! How are things in your hemisphere?

  44. im howson’ed yall. holy canolis. be back after a nap. i lov u all. be safe friends. and we will kick assen with thi team we already have if we dont make any trades. i love this team. even emmy and straalsy

  45. “somerset February 27th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    tomg …

    I hear ya about the Percs. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to taking them for the pain”

    just be careful, you can easily become an addict on those things. I can imagined how heroin addicts feel like when getting off those prescription drugs, very dangerous.

  46. ROD=EKLUND!!! who knows, maybe he is eklund considering eklund is a flyer fan, just truing to mess with ranger fans :-).

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    i take a few percs whenever i think i might get a headache…works every time….no headache

  48. Honestly, if EVERY team “stays pat”, the I think we are in good shape for the playoffs.

    The main reason (at least I do), get nervous that we need to make a move is from the “keeping up with the Joneses” effect.

    Boston being rumored IN on Ott, Brown, etc

    Van being rumored being IN on Brown, Ott, etc

    Pitt looking dangerous lately with 5-6-7-8 goal games

    LA getting Carter (dont think the playoffs still anyway)

    Really, as long as Crosby stays out, we’re fine … Crosby comes back , then we dont match up to them this year

  49. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Blech…I wonder if it is one deal holding up the domino effect..who or what could it be?

  50. Name the movie:

    Sinclair: Man, if we get outta this thing, I want you to come to the States. I’ll show you some stuff that you’ll never believe.

    Vodovsky: No way, my friend. I’m told in the States they shoot Communists in the streets.

    Sinclair: Hell, man. In Detroit, my hometown, they shoot EVERYBODY in the streets!

  51. Breaking News: Trade Deadline Day has been pushed back another week to give those on-the-bubble teams time to fall from playoff contention.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled programme.

  52. More precisely, Carp, the Europansy meme was borne out of one of our most popular first-time-long-timers, VinceA, and his open disgust at the franchise altering event that was the Werek/Lindberg trade.

    9 May is now known as VinceA Day on RR and the first anniversary will feature a range of celebrations and/or parades to mark the prestigious occasion.

  53. Hey guys, hearing some really intriguing rumors, some involving the Rangers, but you know I’m not going to say a word. Let’s just say my sources have told me what’s happening before 3:00 and its incredibly interesting. I’ll let you all in on it after its officially announced.

  54. For Orr:

    Dave Molinari ? @MolinariPG Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Don’t know if Shero can make it happen, but ya know who would look great in a Penguins sweater? Kate Upton.
    Retweeted by Bob McKenzie

  55. somerset

    crosby or no we still dont have an answer for malkin. the pens are the team i dont want any part

  56. “I wonder if it is one deal holding up the domino effect..who or what could it be?”

    Not sure, but somebody dialling from a NJ area code has been holding up the Dominos telephone ordering service all day long.

  57. Rex Ryan's Stomach on

    Well, sort of. I’m just a part of Rex Ryan. I’m so big that I can form fingers with my fat and type while Mr. Ryan is bust playing -Words- Toes With Friends.

  58. Darren dreger said in a earlier tweet that Boston Bruins were looking into prying Oduya away from the Jets.

  59. IRON EAGLE 2 … I googled it


    Upon further reivew, the answer is deemed ineligible due to unauthorized internet search aid. Additional penalty assessed for ruining it for everyone.

  60. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on


    You still have 09 MAY blocked out on your calendar for the party right?

  61. @DarrenDreger MTL trades Travis Moen and Chris Campoli to NYR for a 2012 2nd and 3rd round pick, Ryan Bourque, and Pavel Valentenko.

  62. better beans than these on

    CCCP: Nash = All-Galaxy Fearless Snipermonster!!!

    Mister D: And so, I’d just give his agent a blank check and let him
    put his own number on it.

    Better Beans: You have egg on your face. You said something like,
    “there’s always late dealing on deadline day.” Aplogize, dammit!

    RE: Donnie Maloney: I exaggerated a little (Grand Canyon was the
    clue:-). He was/is an all-time household favorite. He went thru the
    frustrating scoring stretch described last night when a winger for
    Phil Espo. Possibly the year they led Lays-Abbey-tantes for the Cup
    1-0, before getting a severe comeuppance in four straight.

    DO NOT, under any circumstances, dismantle your Donnie Maloney

  63. tomg- thanks for lookin out. i know how addicting they are. i got addicted for a little while there myself. only take it if i really need it though like right now. this cough is terrible and i am starting to feel a little better all around, but the cough is still really bad. i hope i dont have pneumonia. anyway, im goin to take a nap. se ya guys in a bit

  64. @therealglensather rangers trade erixon, brandon “3:01” dubinsky and a 3rd rounder to CBJ for rck nash.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    the beatles just traded ringo starr to the who for keith moon…..contingent on moon passing a physical

  66. 12:36 p.m. ET – The Columbus Blue Jackets could be busy later. According to Aaron Portzline, senior advisor Craig Patrick says they have “more than 15” offers, but “we don’t like any of them yet.”

    Are any for Rick Nash? No one’s talking. Not even Nash, who won’t speak to media today (unless he traded, I guess).

  67. “Why the hell would Garth Snow not try to trade Nabokov?”

    DIDN’T NABOKOV REBUKE THE ISLES WHEN THEY CLAIMED HIM? Now he is love with the place? I heard he wants a NTC. Weird.

  68. better beans than these on

    Rangers gotta hope that the Pens are to their drive, what
    the Saints were to the Giants’, which is to say, absent.

    Someone suggested that Nash was not so far from Malkin
    in talent the other day. I agree. Until Geno goes to that
    other planet where he plays hockey from time to time.
    A planet he lives on all by himself.

  69. the fake rangers trades are pretty stupid when the twitter widget is above..


    no! thats what makes fake trades unique! even with the widget, after reading the fake trade people scroll up to check the widget! hilarious!

  70. I don’t get why the Sabres would move Roy when he still has a year left. I would think the asking price will be too high, just like anyone else worth getting.

  71. I’m right here, reading all the amateur-hour.

    You clowns are going to be sorry when all that’s announced at 3PM is that the Rangers have recalled Avery.

  72. isles should trade Nino Niederreiter while he still has some value. 5th overall pick. 39 games, one goal, minus-19.

  73. Sometimes it is all that I can do not to laugh aloud, when I hear comments when Tortorella ( and some
    of the Bonesters also) make a statement like ” the Rangers play this game the way it outta be played….”
    (strangled laugh here), and the inevitable thought pops up, (Does that include their PP technique) you know the passpasspasspassass for ever waiting for the magic moment….and the obvious following situation where every now and then the magic moment arrives, ………..and suddenly they are so surprised that they miss it. Oh sure they now and then seize it, and they succeed just often enough to make them think that it’s “the right way!” And one must also not neglect the very very annoying practices wherein many of these extra long passes go directly past all eligible receivers and land right on the an opponent’s stick blade and then the Lundqvist tremors begin.

    You disbelieve me? Watch for it next time and see how often those passes go astray.

  74. according to McKenzie, the stars are the ones holding up the trade action because allot of teams are trying to trade for Ott but Dallas asking price is high.

  75. “Rangers should target either Greg Zanon or Mike Lundin from Wild for a depth defenseman.”

    Greg Zanon = Stanley Cup

  76. you know it’s a brutally slow deadline when the words “buzz” and “Oduya” appear in the same sentence

  77. tom gilbert from oilers to minn for nick shultz. both under contract next year. best deal of the day.

    better be more then that

  78. my sources tell me this is the worst deadline days since marcel dionne was traded to the rangers for bob carpenter and tom laidlaw.

  79. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    rumour has it there will be another trade and a draft pick will be involved

  80. why would Detroit trade Stuart ?? must be because of the economy ?? or the shooting in the Detroit streets finally got to Brad

  81. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    rather have stuart than stralman…but not bickel

  82. The Winnipeg Jets claimed defenceman Grant *Clitsome* off waivers from the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday

    heh heh heh hehehe clitsome

  83. I Rarely Speak on

    ya maybe the more i think about stuart would be a good pickup.. why would the wings trade 2 D today?

  84. you people who want Anton Stralman and Stu Bickel over anybody should probably watch some other teams

  85. stuart last year of a 4 yr deal for 15 mil. tons of playoff experince with wings def upgrade over bickel

  86. Stuart would be a good pickup. pair him with Stralman on the 3rd pair and move Staal up to the top 4…

  87. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    you should go sell more computers in the garage

  88. ericcson is hurt for detroit, doubt they would trade stuart even though he is a UFA. ericsson out for at least 4 weeks.

  89. Well, maybe not on the Suter/Weber front. I forgot Detroit got Quincey back a few days ago.

    Quincey in … Stuart/Commodore out

  90. I, like Torts, really like Bickel. What can I say. It’s more his attitude than his play. I know that sounds ridiculous but I like having the big guy out there to stick up for people.

  91. there is no doubt the red wings are going to sign sutter next year to replace Nicklas Lidstrom who is retiring.

  92. is the widget not working for everybody, or just some? anybody?

    yeah, other teams all have Norris candidates on their third pair.

  93. again erricson fractured his wrist the other day. they are not going to trade Stuart who can play big time.

  94. The widget is working for me 98% of the time. What I would suggest to people is to open another window/tab and keep it on the RR homepage. That way you have the widget in one tab/window and the chat in another. I know it’s a lot of work but with only 2 hours to go………..

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Stuart would never be traded to the Rangers, especially just for picks. Detroit is going for it and that means keeping Stuart, or at the very least, getting a roster player in return.

  96. doodie, but for those who are giving quick looks while doing work, its tough….i almost choked on my fried rice

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    rob c – this i just heard isn’t fake…….mcd, mdz, dubi, and step for gomez…..the cup is ours

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, can we update the Waseka feeds? Remove Wolski from players; add Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) to reporters.

  99. Pierre McG – Says one reason Minnesota brought in Gilbert was he is very tight with Ryan Suter, they used to be teammates and believes he will be used to try to recruit Suter in the offseason…..interesting.


    I’m glad Dubinski may be sweating this one out.. not that I dislike him. BUT , I as well as the Ranger honcho’s feel that he can play better.. he may even benefit from a move get away from NYC and the distractions..

  101. I got my money on Deb Placey to win a fight between the 3 of them. always bet on the brunettes … they fight dirty

  102. Nick schultz, the face of the wild according to the players wasnt even told he was traded. Talking to reporters he had tears in his eyes and said “this is all that i know”…. Pretty classless by minnesota here

  103. I don’t like him or his tweets. too much personal crap. too many retweets and replies. He’d jam up the whole widget with his asinine stuff.

  104. pierre mcguire is a spectacular idiot. he sucks knowledge and logic from nearly any conversation he’s involved in — and i only add “virtually,” because i assume that occasionally the man speaks to himself.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, where does how Minnesota handled the Schultz trade rate on the bush-league scale, with 1 being the 80’s Oilers and 10 being the present day New York Rangers?

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – pierre is great….i like knowing what elementary school these guys played for

  107. actually, to clarify, Michael Russo, Wild beat writer, said Wild GM Chuck Fletcher told Schultz after practice. players found out about it via media/oilers tweet

  108. Carp it was tweeted by Russo and retweeted by spector and pat leonard. Im on my iphone so idk how to post that here. Its horrible…

  109. In other news, the Rangers better bring it to the Debbies tonight. The last loss was annoying and with Hank in the net, there can be no excuse for a flacid start.


  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, fair enough. I’ve never actually looked at his Twitter. I don’t have one and my only access is what we get through the widget. If you say his Twitter is bad, I’ll take your word for it.

    But I still really like the guy. Really knows his stuff.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    haha, price for PAP is a 1st rounder and a prospect.

    HAHAHA. I love the Islanders. Pure comedy every year.

  112. so if Kurtis Foster breaks his leg chasing down an icing, would you consider that “being carp’d” ??
    when you take into consideration his birthplace and all of course??

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    joe m hoping for some good looking young players via trades…hopefully with groin pulls

  114. AHL deals are now considered “breaking news”…. man, its so lame today

    THIS JUST IN … Jason Krog traded for Hugh Jessiman !!

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    Carter Ashton. I like him a lot as a prospect. He was near Kreider on my draft board in 2009.

  116. dubi is beside himself with nervous energy…4 fingers in his nose…2 are stuck

    kathryn tappen and alyonka larionov have dropped the gloves in the ladies room….

    carp – pierre is great….i like knowing what elementary school these guys played for

    LMOA – guys in my row asking me what my problem is…..

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – those are just stats…they mean nothing….ec is the face of that organ eye zation

  118. to borrow from George Costanza, I think there’s a pretty good chance Erik Christensen will never register another point in the NHL.

  119. eddie eddie eddie on

    aulie traded for jimmy carter ashton kutcher…….i ber demi moore’s head explodeds upon hearing this

  120. Fchamps, teams that are getting low picks in the draft could still trade for him, regardless.

    You have to give PAP *some* credit. Tavares has really helped him, but it’s not like he’s been completely useless. He’s been pretty damn good for the Isles. I wont be surprised if a team gives the Isles what they want.

    Unless it’s a top prospect. Then it’s too much. If it’s a first rounder, and an average prospect, then I can see it happening.

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – my sources are still saying avery for nash…holdup is with slats…he wants tootin too

  122. stranger nation on

    Jay Greenberg was the man! don’t read com-post much anymore, but he could write a great story.

  123. stranger nation on

    Dubi traded for a player never to be named to the Hudson Bay Tribe of the North Canadian Knee-Hockey Association.

  124. I rearranged my whole workday so I could be next to the NHL network to hear the news of the day…I won’t do that again.

  125. stranger nation on

    Avs have some good younger offense – trade strength (Rangers’ young D) for strength (Avs’ young O)

  126. Why do so many out here want a defenseman? Don’t you know that Torts, in the playoffs, plays only 4, or maybe 5? We don need no stinkin defenseman. Does anyone remember how awful McCabe was? And all you Dubi bashers will have egg on your faces after we win the CUP with Dubi being a big part of it.

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    i mentioned this yesterday…..the rangers could go to a trap inverse…… trading hank for nabokov….they could ten trade mdz, mcd, stall, girardi, strawman, and bickel for nash and play 5 forwards and a goalie……slats would be a trailblazer

  128. NHLN just had NYR and now Rick Nash pushing to get deal done. Added may be too late but both sides still trying.

  129. dreger said nash still in play for one team likely rangers both rangers and nash both pushing for a deal

  130. …wow. I am telling you, NASH’s trade value is not that high with that deal. The NYR are gonna get him for peanuts if they do get him at all.

  131. They’re just saying Nash is in play because today has been so mind-numblingly boring they’re desperate for people to continue to pay attention.

    Nash ain’t goin’ anywhere. They don’t HAVE to trade him today.

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    mcd, mdz, step, AA, dubi, kreider, thomas, McI, carl from die hard, hank, beer on, cally, and bickel for nash….folks…nash is that good

  133. no mcdonut. mdz, kredier in the nash affair.

    tjmiller, erixon, dubi, and a pick. .that is some good talent going back…….

  134. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    CW: You weren’t supposed to acknowledge that possibility outloud.

  135. Somebody had just suggested to me that Craig Patrick might be holding things up … in other words, that there was still stuff going on with Columbus re: Nash. Hadn’t had time to confirm, but now this is out on TSN.

  136. My guess is only NYR is in on Nash and its seems Nash only wants to come here.

    Dubi 3:01, Erixon, and a 1st

  137. So funny. It’s 50/50 that anyone gets traded for the right offer. That’s meaningless. And I agree, Dreger wants everyone to watch. Then again, Carp hasn’t posted in awhile, perhaps he is digging.

  138. dubi, miller(good young talent, not elite talent), erixon, and a #1… that is a fair deal…

    for nash and a 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sather has columbus over a barrell, do not trade 21,27, 4, or Kreider…………….

  139. main rivals today no moves

    pens i dont count phil they got kubina and grossman last week

    devs zidlicky

  140. odouya – i love saying that name

    Oh, do ya?

    (I know, I loved that joke when someone else made it above)

  141. I said it all along: NASH WILL BE TRADED FOR RELATIVELY LOW RETURN. Sounds to me like Sather is bidding against himself right now. Nash must be the GM on the other end.

  142. so most of the top teams have made a move in the past couple of days, but rangers are the perfect team so they can’t move anyone. #chemistry

  143. Maybe you’re digging into the pizza….

    Man I hope that byfuglien piece of carcillo slats doesn’t completely howson a good deal. Aw, cooke, who am I kidding?

    (did I get em all?)

  144. Thanks, ORR


    I just heard that Dubinsky-Boyle-Prust are sitting in a shirtless circle, joined at the hands, praying over some incense and a candle.

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    M(x,y)dx + N(x,y)dy = 0 is exact if M sub y =’s N sub x……in other words Avery for nash getting closer

  146. Gretzky, Thornton, Heatley, Jagr, and Kovalchuk were all traded for peanuts.

    I think Sather is gonna lowball the CBJ’s, and they are now in a position that Nash has put them in: BENT OVER.

  147. I’ve known about every one of these trades for hours now, sometimes before the GMs knew. I know about other trades too, maybe involving the Rangers. Obviously, I can’t tell you guys.

  148. But remember that Patrick did everything he could to keep Jagr away from NYR. So, we are not dealing with a Sather crony.


    I predict: Christian Thomas, Erixon/McIlrath, a 1st and a second.

  149. why does pahlsson sound so down ??

    went from basement dweller in rebuild mode to stanley cup contender

    Maybe him and the twins dont get along from their old school days back in Sweden ??

  150. Hahaha I can see Prust staying up at night rocking himself to sleep. Crying…..”I miss Dubi…..It’s just [emotional] pain.”

  151. everyone has to be realistic, to get Nash or anyone that will help us get the cup, we need to trade picks,and players we don’t want to.

  152. Excellent. I dont have the greatest source but he is a source and Im hearing it’s Stepan/Kreider/Miller and the first. But don’t quote me. Dubi’s not nervous because he doesn’t need to be. If this is the case Patrick is in charge and I doubt it gets done. Unless CBJ has to move Nash, which it would appear they do.

  153. Hey Grabby,

    I’m not a frequent poster, but loyal reader. I was sick with pneumonia for 3 weeks…it was sickest I’ve ever been (I thank GOD every day I had my husband to take care of me…and the kids). The doc gave me Tussinex as well, and man, all you need to know about how strong it is…it’s prescribed 1 teaspoon every 12 hours. Well, needless to say with the pneumonia I was using it every 6-8…but it works! Tastes better than the robitussin with codeine too.

    OK, now back to your regularly scheduled trade smack talk!


  154. Darren Dreger: May be too late, but there is a late charge for Rick Nash!! Will NYR pay the price? Buckle up.

  155. Well, we know Dizzy (DZ) and McMonster aren’t going anywhere. There is nobody out there for the Rangers to get and fill their spot. This must mean that CBJs are starting to cave.

  156. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Hasn’t Nash already waived it to 5 teams? Seems like meaningless semantics.

  157. listening to nhl home ice on xm radio

    flyers calling columbus they say to drive up the price on the rangers

  158. I saw that Nash has *not* been asked to waive anything.

    Does that matter though? Didn’t he pre-waive it by making a list?

  159. if Nash does get moved today at the last minute, I’ll bet it isn’t to the rangers, probably The Maple Leafs, possibly the sharks or another team hiding in the weeds.

  160. dreger tweet says “has not been” … not that it matters because CBJ already know where he is willing to go.

  161. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I’m working through lunch the rest of the week to make up my hours for today, something better happen lol ;-)

  162. AARON PORTZLINE who coves jackets tweets

    situation btwn nash and columbus has turned frantic since teams make there push

  163. Aaron Portzline ? @Aportzline

    Situation behind the scenes between #CBJ and Rick Nash has turned frantic, as suitors are making late push for #CBJ captain.

  164. @stevezipay@ RT @Aportzline@: Situation behind the scenes between #CBJ and Rick Nash has turned frantic, as suitors are making late push for #CBJ captain.

    I like Frantic! Freak out Blue Jackets. GIVE him away.

  165. TSN guy mention Waiting For Godot

    how appropriate for today.

    won’t be displeased if Rangers do nothing today
    as usual, it’s a matter of what we give up if we make a trade

  166. either the 2012 draft is very weak or the 2013 is ridiculously strong since teams seam to be preferring the 2013 draft when it comes to acquiring picks…

  167. BS. Vancouver, SJ used up their cap space and made their deals. It’s the Rangers against the Rangers. Portzine is in on it. Maybe.

  168. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Many different offers considered, but the glimmer of hope in New York for a Rick Nash trade is quickly fading. #tradecentre


  169. If frantic is the word, let the other teams throw their rosters under the bus. Very few decisions made in a panic turn out to be wise.

  170. I hope sather doesn’t do something stupid here. I get the impression the flyers are trying to bait sather into giving more than he should for Nash.

  171. Nash has to be chomping at the bit though,he has never played with the talent that the Rangers have

  172. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    only 28 more minutes for Sassy and Mickey… unless that’s NOT the offical trade clock

  173. If Patrick is the one creating problems for us, we need to see if we can get Kurt Russell to contact him with his best Brooks impersonation and tell him to blow the whistle.

  174. anyone who thinks the cbj will ge tmore for nash in the summer has no logic behind that statement. why? with a trade deadline and a few teams with $, prospects, and the need how can it be more valuable in the summer?

    that is just a bs statement

  175. Hey guys – if your twitter widget doesn’t work I think it’s because you have multiple windows with this same page open at once. Close the other ones and at least the one left should work (and refresh the one of course).

  176. i agree, stuart a. the market doesn’t expand but availability of players does. you have a few teams who think they can win the cup now bidding for the guy. this summer, the list remains the same and options shrink for CBJ. (unless nash opens up his list)

  177. i wonder how many people gave up a sick day to stayhome for this? thank god i can wait a few hours to find out we did nothing.

  178. stranger nation on

    AA has to be part of mix over Dubi – send me both with Thomas, no pick (sorry Dubi) for Nash

  179. Craig Patrick hates the NYR. If there is any holdup, it is him. Still pissed that #68 made his way to MSG…

  180. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    And its really impossible to discount Nash opening up the list. Right now he can try and pick his five favorite locations but if none step up and don’t again in the offseason, doesn’t one of the remaining 24 seem better than Columbus? Or any of the remaining 24, really?

  181. carp — seems like it would be, unless the parameters were set and they were squabbling over one player.

  182. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lol Grabby, i left early! Originally had the whole day off, but dr is seeing 65 people on Wednesday and had to get a head start on that mess!

    LMFAO @ “the elephant is beaming”

  183. oh wait, im still home. i work tonight. im having so much fun i forgot where i was and what i was doing

  184. mister d —

    sure, he may. but even then i don’t know if you get more than now. plus, if you’re the CBJ and you take that chance and fail, you’re really screwed because Nash has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to be there.

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    deb placey a late arrival on the marchand nose trade….says “i can beat that elephant’s trunk”

  186. I am still against this trade for some reason. Maybe it is the first time that the NYR have true talent in the org.

  187. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    This has to be the best trade deadline day in years. All this build up for nothing.

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    I heard Pahlsson be mopey, but if he is, it’s because he was looking forward to an early summer.

  189. stranger nation on

    Steve Nash, Crash Davis, The Flash, The Clash and Johnny Cash for Dubi, Ruby Tuesday, Rudy Don’t Fail, Doubting Thomas, Miller Lite and no pick (sorry Dubi…)

  190. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Nick Kypreos
    #SNtrade. Told #Leafs will not make final push on # Bluejackets Nash. #Rangers and #Sharks still trying.

  191. @ Mister D, wasn’t just refering to the Rangers, deadline day in general. Would have liked to see at least one big name moved…

  192. i love this trade deadline. the rangers are no longer a desperate team trying to squek in to the playoffs and pray for lundqvist to stand on his head.

    nash at right price makes them a elite team. they are close to being elite without nash, what is bad with that??????????????????????

  193. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Rangers75: I know, but I would have signed up for 7 hours of coverage and no trades at the beginning of the day if I could have.

  194. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    XO GRABBYcakes!!!

    do we christen the last 5 minutes the “I GOT SAUCES FINAL FIVE” ?

  195. of course nash is frustrated by this…they dangled the chance for him to play on the top team in the east as opposed to being in last place. he’s gonna be one unhappy camper if it doesn’t happen.

  196. imagine nash. stuck in columbus. they are going to be bad for years. the guy will be minimum 30 before he has a chance to win. could be 11th or 12th season in columbus.

    they should keep all sharp objects away from nash tonight…..

  197. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ya gotta feel bad for Nash. he’s been thinking for 2 weeks he’d be moved out of hockey purgatory, and it may not happen.

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, I guess he’ll just have to comfort himself by swimming in his giant pool filled with money

  199. incarcerated bob said Nash was a done deal to the Rangers last night but then today retracted saying he was lying to piss off Rangers fans (he likes the Icelanders)…

    That way he can never be wrong…

  200. doodie,

    I would love to have Nash’s problems but in relative terms and career wise nash is screwed. CBJ management stinks, they are years away from competing, he is screwed.

  201. got work in an hour, and if we dont make 1 mother byfuglien trade, thats it, stuff will hit the fan. watch out iowa, thres 1 crazy ny’er on the loose.

  202. I do feel for him. He was asked for a list of teams to which he’d accept a trade, and it was put out there that he was available. and he and his agent asked them to get it done before the deadline rather than before the summer.

    it can’t be a comfortable thing for the captain of a team who’s spent his whole career there. It’s not his fault.

  203. cbj still has a lot of bad contracts…

    umberger overpaid, nash overpaid, wisniewski significantly overpaid,

    and on and on………

    sign kreider after the NCAA tourney get him in the lineup, get him a taste of it.add some excitement and speed.

  204. Carp the deadline isn’t seriously 3 sharp is it? They always bang stuff out a couple of hours later dont they?

  205. eddie eddie eddie on

    there is a pretty good chance that if nash is traded to NYR today, he wont be with CBJ next week

  206. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    If you think Kreider can contribute (big if, of course), isn’t it worth bringing him in? Figure the cost is a future RFA year is just cash 3 years later which is less than the cost of trading for a player in terms of prospects / picks / new player’s salary.

  207. My problem with Nash is why did he sign this long term deal with CBJ? I don’t think it’s right that a player can agree to terms with a team, essentially locking up the terms for his contract, and then turn around and demand a trade. They gave him everything, including a NMC, and NOW he doesn’t like the direction the team is going?

  208. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    Prediction: Kings freeze the clock and trade for Nash at 3:00:03 EST.

  209. trades do not get approved from the league by 3 pm, they do not all get announced right then. they will announce them for at least 30 minutes after if they are made.

    carp I hope you are wrong on Kreider playing this year but that would not be a shocker. Not sure what Kreider and his family are thinking. Is he staying 4 years in college? WHy? If he wants a degree he can go back in offseason, the college game is not competititive enough for him at this point.

    Kreider move on UP……

  210. rolston back to where he started. big shot. they obviosuly gave up very little for rolston I assume….

  211. stuart, he won’t be able to sign until regular season is over. they won’t throw him into the Stanley Cup playoffs and start the clock on his entry level contract.

  212. Carp,

    On Kreider and the clock on the entry level contract to me is a red herring for a team like the Rangers but obviosuly I am not exactly a NHL exec.

    if he can help the team a lot, so you lose a year on his contract, so what……

  213. Kreider wont even sign a Contract .. he will get a PTO with the Whale,and play intheir playoffs

    the Rangers wont Burn 1 yr of his ELC

  214. eddie eddie eddie on

    tom poit – the greatest ranger D in their fabled history…once confused his stick with marchand’s nose

  215. Mister D (Save the Kids and the Cap) on

    We get the logic of why you wouldn’t bring Kreider up, but there’s a logic to doing it. The cost of his extra FA year can still be less than the cost of bringing in an outside player via trade.

  216. I say it’s all good. We’ve wasted on rentals these past few years which have done NOTHING (Jokinen? McCabe?)

    These Rangers have surprised everyone this year. Let’s see where they can go in the playoffs. Maybe a deep run? Maybe another first round ouster?

    Let’s see what they can do and then make the proper decisions in the off-season.

    The Rangers ARE one of the youngest teams in the NHL AND they are one of the top teams. A decade ago I’d have called you crazy to believe that could ever happen.

    Let’s see what this group can do. Now that the deadline has passed they can concentrate on getting back to their game.

    First up – Beat Freakin’ Uncle Daddy TONIGHT!

  217. Carp,

    I thought Nash asked for a trade. Maybe “demand” was too strong a word. The point still is that he doesn’t want to play for CBJ anymore after just signing a contract.

    “In the off-season, on July 3, 2009, Nash signed an eight-year contract extension with the Blue Jackets worth $62.4 million set to take effect in 2010–11.”

    That’s the point I’m trying to make. I don’t think it’s right to basically get the team to give you everything you want and then ask out.

  218. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao, didnt Cally undress Gaustad the other night? he doesnt necessarily make it harder to score on the preds, he doesnt play goal

  219. Wow..

    Life as a Ranger fan is sure better then it use to be. No moves of desperation. Imagine a team a young team with plenty of addtl talent on the way.

    Marc Crawford is a moron, yep definitely they will trade Nash in the offseason for a huge package.. DEFINITELY…. really why???? the guy has a bad contract delude yourselves all yo uwant that a bad contract does not matter. It is less important if you are not giving up 5 addtl assets also.

    parise costs you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ only….BIG Difference.,…………

  220. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Aaron Portzline ? @Aportzline

    Confirmed by #CBJ GM Scott Howson that Nash has not been traded by 3 p.m. deadline.
    Retweeted by Andrew Gross

  221. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i love this tweet

    Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Rangers did everything they could to land Rick Nash. He stays in Columbus. His list may get shorter in the summer. #tradecentre

  222. In today’s NHL where winners and losers all get points, I can’t say I’m too surprised by the lack of moves. Really…how many teams are COMPLETELY out of it?

    And Columbus…all they have is Nash. That’s it. After him there’s nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

    So if they can’t get a king’s ransom for him, they’re not gonna move him. I totally understand that way of thinking.

  223. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, sounds like a 2nd rounder.

    “parise costs you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ only….BIG Difference”

    Trading for Nash also guarantees he will be on your team. For Parise you are just another option with no guarantee. That is also a big difference. Certainty will cost you.

  224. sather is not a fool.. he is not. he wanted Nash for obvious reasons but he was not going to ge tfleeced……………

  225. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Rangers did everything they could to land Rick Nash. He stays in Columbus. His list may get shorter in the summer. #tradecentre

  226. i know it’s on widget but

    Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Don’t know details, but indications are NYR made a mammoth offer for Rick Nash today and CBJ declined. #tradecentre

  227. This was a good deadline for the Rangers. The prices for players this year was CRAZY! They needed scoring and the price for it was beyond what they could/should do. Depth on D would have been nice, but the prices were too high.

  228. Dolan and Sather agreed way back in 2005 that they wouldn’t trade for Rick Nash in 2012…it’s all part of the master plan.

  229. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Don’t know details, but indications are NYR made a mammoth offer for Rick Nash today and CBJ declined

  230. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Don’t know details, but indications are NYR made a mammoth offer for Rick Nash today and CBJ declined. #tradecentre

    I don’t even wanna know.

  231. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Don’t know details, but indications are NYR made a mammoth offer for Rick Nash today and CBJ declined. #tradecentre

  232. good for sather. trying to get nash was the right thing to do. CBJ organization is just awful. nash’s value will fall this summer.

  233. Dreger says “mammoth” offer rejected by Columbus…

    care to speculate on what roster player was included in addition to Dubi?

  234. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – apparently, the rangers offered all 23 players except the prust….for Nash….Nash and Prust against the league

  235. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger
    Reply RetweetedRetweet
    FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details Don’t know details, but indications are NYR made a mammoth offer for Rick Nash today and CBJ declined. #tradecentre


    Do you have any info or insight on this? would love to know what CBJ’s turned down????


    isn’t it too early for the trades to be announced ? The NHL gods have to approve them.

    just remember Lundmark and brendl not being traded because they were the ranger future

  237. Parise won’t be a Ranger…and if he does he’s gonna be more expensive and more years….AND former Devil star.

    I hope Ranger fans know that the Stanley Cup just got a whole lot harder to get. Wow.

    This kid better be *special*.

  238. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you misunderstood. He offered Howson a mammoth, like the extinct elephantine animal.

  239. Don’t know why all the surprise…Howson seemed to be trying to jerk Sather around the whole time. Glad Sather didn’t end up mucking up the waters with a bad deal for Nash, if it hasn’t happened. I also think that Dubinsky is having an off year…long term, I think he’ll turn out ok.

  240. “If it was “mammoth” don’t you think Nash would be on a plane right now?”

    Exactly. Dreger sounds like an idiot right now.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    johnnyboy, in 2009 I had Ashton within 2 spots of Kreider on my draft board. I may have actually had him higher.

  242. even if parise is more costly then Nash SO WHAT. they give up no players. no adios to mdz, mcdonagh, AA, etc….

  243. True Blue Mike on

    You know what sucks… we are going to have to hear all these rumors again in the summer…

  244. eddie eddie eddie on

    great – the bruins just got greg zanon…the balance of power has shifted to boston…NYR have no chance

  245. I’m happy, sometimes no moves are good moves and in this case it was a good move. I don’t get why Howson thought he could trade Nash and get back a return that would rebuild his club all in one trade. That dude is really clueless and now I understand why the jackets are a bad franchise.


    Carp and 10 boneheads to the NY post for Brooks and andrea peyser and 2,000,000

  247. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Blackhawks trade D John Scott to Rangers for a fifth round pick

    isnt that the guy as big as a skyscraper????

  248. eddie eddie eddie on

    hash on nash, watching norm cash, play first base, spray with mace, without any trace, put me in my place, let’s run a race, look at my face….


  249. So now I can get an official Rangers shirtsey with my last name on the back. Looks like a win for me.

  250. Do we get a car for the most useless trade at the deadline?

    Call Phil Kessel and see what he says…

  251. i know the rangers may not get Parise of course.

    boston just got 3 sr. citizen players. Rolston Mattou, and Zanaon, any of these guys under 34?

    John Scott is a suite him up once in a bluemoon nothing move… Irrelevant. Rangers staying the course, what a concept. They actually have a plan. A simple plan. Build from within, take advantage of the King and their young and talented D. Add high end forwards thru FA if possible………..

  252. That trade dealine sucked. No good deals… BORING. Glad the Rangers didn’t get Nash. Dubinsky better thank his lucky stars he didn’t get banished to Central Ohio and start playing like he wants to stay here. Playing for the Rangers is a privilege, not a right

  253. at least we got some depth scoring!! omg what a joke. was there a plan b? was boyle feds prust n duby all the secondary scoring we will need? top it off, we lost wolski and ec for nothing, so if we need help for an injury, we have to call up newbury! vfantastic win for the rangers. at least other east teams didnt do much

  254. Kudos to Slats for not being stupid and for staying the course. I never wanted Nash if one of our D’s were invloved. Talking Mac & MDZ. It was a non starter. We should be flying high tonight so let’s beat FATTY.

  255. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    NYR, he may be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGER than Antropov.

    I will have to discuss the transfer of that moniker from Antro to Scott, with Sally

  256. Talked to Rupp about Scott the night the Hawks were here. Said he played against him a bit when Scott was in Minny, I think, and that he’s not a bad player. Freakin’ enormous. plays D or F.

  257. oh crap, john scott is that huge tough guy?? thats cool. i like that move. cuz thres tons of fighting in the playoffs.

  258. for the regular season its a great move though. definitely dont need prust getting hurt for the playoffs

  259. i’ve watched a bunch of youtubes fights with scott involved, and i have not come close to seeing him lose one.

  260. “Nash will be a Ranger, or something other than a Blue Jacket, by 3pm tomorrow.”


    “Rick Nash WILL be traded by tomorrow.”


  261. Glad Dubinsky is staying. Confident he will turn his year around before the playoffs.Carp, do they still let you eat in the press room or does the paper make you pay your way? See you tonight!

  262. yep pierre mcguire with some biting insight.

    the treat the rangers like they are a after thought. giradi, staal, mdz, mcdonut, sauer.. name a better young d corps in hockey? does not exist. also have erisoxn mcilrath, and others in the systems.. stralman is 25, bickel, the same.. thsi team has sick d depth.

    i stud forward away from contending, like 8 other teams. they do not grow on trees…

  263. Serious request: Any of you that go to games, let me know if Scott shirtseys become available at the team store.

  264. Also, Pierre said that you create an auction at draft day for Rick Nash.. REALLY? with his total NTC and him being pissed about not getting traded to a contender at the deadline? You really think he is going to open up his list of who he will go to?

    ummmm, I don’t think so!

  265. “ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! February 27th, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Sounds like Pierre is not happy that the Rangers acquired Scott.”

    that means it is a good pickup.

  266. eddie eddie eddie on

    Plus, dubi’s arm is still up his nose…we will need John scott to play forward until we get dubi’s arm free…

  267. guastad for a 1st and a 4th is ridiculous. gaustad is a nice player but not exactly a game changer……

    nashville is insane………..serious overpays all over the place…

  268. hey, everyone’s confident dubinsky will turn it around this year. because if he doubles his out put he’ll be scoring 2.2 goals per month!

  269. John Scott is a top 3 heavy weight…. Sather lives the enforcers

    Scott most dangerous furthering league…when Big Mac is down in the A

  270. I don’t think he does. I’ve heard him singing praises about the way they play, about Tortorella and Callahan and Lundqvist all season … and last season, too.

  271. Mister D: I doubt they’ll become available, but you can have one custom made on the Rangers Online Shop. They generally don’t allow roster players, but I don’t see him cracking the roster.

  272. again nash had more value now then is june, just saying.

    the analysts know no more then the bloggers here..that is scary….

  273. If he doubles his output, he’s on a 22 goal pace to finish and its nice value. Doesn’t matter what happened before.

  274. gaustad and a 4th for a 1st still a big overpay.

    gaustad is agood player I wanted him on the rangers. faceoffs etc.

    he is not that good and he is a UFA……….

  275. I think Bickel is going to play. Tortorella loves him, loves the way he’s eager to learn. Loves his toughness.

    Scott will probably be a scratch most nights … unless Rupp is really hurt. Play him vs. Philly.

  276. eddie eddie eddie on

    pierre will be giving us the peewee background of john scott…stay tuned

    OMG panger’s and pierre’s shiny noodle were just on my screen as the sun’s angle reached its apex…..i have been blinded ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  277. YGG: I’ll need a real number on it, otherwise I’m a dork with his name on a shirtsey. Right now he wears Stralman’s.

  278. That’s just on this thread. We had a lot of comments on the earlier threads today, too. And we still have a game to go.


  279. I think TSN (Pierre) is pissed that we didnt dismantle the Team for Nash so they can do their normal “ranger Bashing” on the air … so Slats makes a minor move that No One should give a damn about and guess what … Tsn Ranger Bashing

  280. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    So now that the Nash distraction is over, I’d just like to remind everyone of the “FIRE SATHER” chants that we heard during the Dark Ages (’00-’05). Believe me, I was the loudest voice screaming that the game had passed Slats by. The most ridiculous moments were when he took over behind the bench himself. Well, now I’m proud to admit I was wrong… for now. In 7 years we went from having no plan whatsoever other than throw money at whatever free agent would make the biggest splash, to having a consistent pipeline of youth and players that actually function as part of a system instead of making passes to nowhere and/or looking like stationary logs on skates.

  281. mister d — i don’t know what math you’re using. if he tripled his production for the rest of the season (there is only a little more than a month left) he’s on a 12 goal pace. for 4.2 million he’s TERRIBLE value. and without first-line minutes the chances of him scoring more than 10 goals are slim. but hey, chemistry!

  282. We traded a 5th rd pick for tough guy John Scott on Chicago, I guess the CT whale needed a fighter ? Lol

  283. Fchamps: I’m using the math indicated by “doesn’t matter what happened before”. 6 goals over 22 games is a 22 goal pace. Because it “doesn’t matter what happened before”.

  284. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    great post somerset!!!!

    Pierre sounds best with a ball shoved in his mouth and a bag over his head

  285. Scott is here just for the Regular Season. He’s going to make sure guys don’t take runs at Gaby and the others. Losing a 5th is NBD so I’m fine with it.


  286. rob m — scott will be the NHL roster, no doubt about that. 1. they can use the toughness. he’s a ufa next year.

  287. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    another great post by CW and “I Rarely Speak’ that’s the question of the day

  288. Frankie Merman

    Congrats, bro. I saw the light last year. It’s a wonderful thing. When was the last time the Rangers had some of the best scouting and prospects in the League? Never. The old Rangers brass would have traded Stepan and Del Zotto and McDonagh for Nash….

  289. Not at all surprised, CBJ was in a stronger negotiating position. I’m willing to bet we won’t be singing Sather’s praises as much if details of the “mammoth” offer ever come out.

  290. remember, the cap had allot to do with sather changing his plan, also when sather took over the rangers had nothing left in the farm system because they traded it all away to win the cup which forced him to buy players through free agency and make the rangers competitive, plus some poor drafting. Promoting Clarke in 2007 has been a turnaround in drafting also for the Rangers.

  291. No bias toward team, just towards teams tendencies…I think anyone criticizing a pickup of a goon is doing so with a bias to HOW THAT HAS WORKED OUT IN THE PAST.

    Boogie, Brashear…etc

    But this may be to save Rupp and Prusts’ fists and add some general toughness for the deep. Tough guys like pronger thrive in the playoffs.

    Bickel is not riding the whale anytime soon -he is playing tonight. Eminger is sitting.

  292. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LMFAO: ? @PuckCentral

    Brian Burke said lack of trades should be seen as endorsement for Leafs players. Endorsement of what? No one else wants your shitty players?

  293. can’t wait til we play the flyers, lets see what there goons do now. Scott will beat all three of them to death by himself.

  294. Love this move. I believe Carp said Rupp got injured on the Boulton slash so maybe they rest him and put Scott on the 4th line as an enforcer.

    I’d rather have Scott taking the 5 minutes than Prust…

  295. Doodie Machetto on

    WOW, why would they trade Hodgson? thta deal makes NO sense. What a coup for Buffalo today. They win deadline 2012, easily.

  296. Good afternooooooooooooon, Carp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda, I approve the transfer of the “HUUUGE” moniker to Scott whoever.

    And what was up this morning with people claiming “everyone in Buffalo hates Gaustad”??? Are you KIDDING me? This town loved him. Fare thee well, Goose!

  297. LOVE the Scott Trade!!! LOVE IT!! After watching the Rangers play the Blackhawks and their inability to impose their will on the Blackhawks b/c of John Scott … I was one of the people who was hoping they sign Scott in the off season. This moves make the NYR the toughest team in the league. Would love to see Scott vs Lucic … next time they play. Lucic will get his ass handed to him. Chara will not want to go near this guy. I hope they resign him in the off season so he can play the role D.Boogard (RIP) was supposed to play.

  298. Bickel is this team’s No. 6 defenseman. Get over it.

    Somebody go wake up Sally! Tell her “3:01” Dubinsky’s still here. Tell her she can come back now.

  299. why is the nhl call center so backed up? can’t they afford an extra operator on deadline day? are they still using the alexander graham bell telephone?

  300. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, Hodgson is an excellent player already and only going to improve. Kassian is just a prospect at this point.

  301. “WOW, why would they trade Hodgson? thta deal makes NO sense”

    Maybe he asked out? He only plays 12 mins a night and has 16 goals! He should be a top line player….

  302. @wyshynski@ Very impressed the #Sabres traded for Cody Hodgson years before they would have offered him a 10-year UFA deal.

    That’s a good one.

  303. i wonder if erixon is called up so torts can take another look. seems to me there’s a problem if he’s more comfortable using bickel than eminger. as much as i like bickel’s heart and his toughness, it would be nice to have a defenseman with some skill — and a monster goon playing limited minutes on the fourth line.

  304. stranger nation on

    Rod is at an underground bunker in an undisclosed location talking to unnamed sources about deals that may or may not have been executed. That’s all we know at this point.

  305. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i swear, why are some people suicidal over us getting Sheldon Cooper on steroids Scott for a 5th! This one kid is going absolutely nuts on my wall, and says he’s never seen the guy play. LMAO

  306. stranger nation on

    Bickel as played well on the back line in limited duty and Em has been a mess in his own zone since his return. Has looked slow in his decision making moving puck out of zone which is a killer against a team with speed like Debbies.

  307. Hey guys. Haven’t talked to Rod, but my sources told me back in November Nash was going to be involved in trade talks with the Rangers but nothing would be consummated. Sorry I couldn’t tell you until right now. Also, I know what’s going to happen with Parise and Suter this offseason. Can’t disclose. Don’t want to tick off the sources.

  308. Lin(sanity), he played vs. Rangers last week. Took a really dumb boarding penalty … the one that caused the controversy, I think, because the Blackhawks were allowed to choose a two-minute 5-on-3 or a four-minute 5-on-4.

  309. Would love to know which Eastern Conf GM loved Hodgson but was told he was completely unavailable.

  310. Three weeks ago I predicted the Rangers would make only one trade on deadline day, and that it would be John Scott for a fifth-rounder at 2:59 p.m.

  311. I can’t stand Pierre, but I have been listening to him on the radio yesterday and today, and he believes in the Rangers and thought trading for Nash was definitely the wrong thing to do. He actually said, “If the Rangers trade for Nash, I am going to be so mad.” Not that I really care what the guy thinks, but he thinks we are the real deal and have some of the best chemistry in the league.

  312. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, i remember him from that game. I thought he looked like Sheldon Cooper all filled out.

  313. “I’m liking Sather much more these past few years…”

    Depends on if he really offered a mammoth but got bailed out by Howson.

  314. Sather is brilliant again. Keep the kids, add some bulk, and sign Parise July 1st. NYR are for REAL!!!

  315. Good point, Carp. It’s uncanny how every year we manage to get a borderline player that has recently attempted to murder one of our own!

  316. We don’t need to add anybody. I just talked to my source that talked to iBob who recently spoke with Rod and they told me that Dubinsky has promised to play much, much better.

  317. It’s true, ORR. It makes zero sense. I guess Hodgson just wasn’t getting the minutes he should be getting and they can’t slot him in so why not move him. Risky, but they can afford it.

  318. I Rarely Speak on

    all i know is since Aaron Ward thinks its the greatest trade in nhl history i think it sucks.. Aaron Ward

  319. Columbus sucks. They sign Prospal for another year, thus taking him off the market. But they trade every other good player while keeping Nash hostage with a host of impostors? And they DON’T EVEN get a goalie?

    Nash is 100% unquestionably going to demand a trade this summer.

    They have given up on everyone but him. And they shot themselves in the foot. Now Nash has no support cast to put up any numbers to justify trading that JOHN SCOTT sized contract this summer. Nor does he have any motivation. His value just tanked. Dubi, Erixon, McIlraith and number one would have been fine. That’s three number ones and a tenatious but inconsistent pro. Sure, you kept Nash, but you dragged his ass through the streets taking numbers and talking tough. He wont forget the shame.

    And Poor Prospal, he got hoodvinked. He should fire his agent. I think he would have been better off trying to win a cup with us as a rental. Believe me, resigining next year with Columbus would have been a possibility, still. But, good news, last time he spurned Torts, they won the cup while he played for Anaheim, and they didn’t even make the playoffs. Repeat!

  320. With Parise on this team with JT Miller, Krieder, & Erixon on their way, I will take the 3-5 cup runs in the next 10 years over the one with Nash. Sure.

  321. I wanted Nash, and I didn’t want Nash. What worried me is bringing him in, could have likely been similar to when the Devils first brought in Kovy. He was not very good on that team, and they are only seeing the benefits of that trade now. I do think Nash is a great player, but I think getting him now, players would have been looking for too much from him instead of sticking to the system that has been so successful for us all year. Now, I don’t exactly know where our goals are going to come from, unless our PP magically gets a little better. We have scored enough to win games this year, but in the playoffs, when games are so tight defensively, Hank is going to have to be even better than he has been all year. That is a lot to ask.

  322. On face value, this deal for Scott sucks. But the more I think about it, the better idea it is. With that move, Sather just implied the road to the Stanley Cup is through Boston, and we need one big gun to 1 up anybody they have when it comes to toughness, and the rest of the team is good enough to handle it themselves. Rupp is the one who has become more obsolete, since he doesn’t need to be the heavyweight on the Rangers now. Seriously, with this addition, the amount of toughness this Ranger team has is terrifying. It goes through pretty much every line

  323. I Rarely Speak on

    scott is a non factor.. lets not all flip out about its face value.. pretty meaningless in the long run

  324. Makes sense for both teams. Buffalo got the better player but Vancouver got two useful and young pieces for their playoff push. Will help their cap space too…

  325. Joe,
    This move has one purpose: To keep the Flyers honest. They are complete scumbags with Sestito and Rinaldo running around. Prust fights, but he doesn’t scare anyone. Scott will end careers. Rupp wanted NOTHING to do with this guy last week. For good reason. Glen got him for what will be a nasty stretch run.

    Not a bad move at all.