Rangers-Baby Buffaloes in review


John Tortorella before last night’s game:

I think we’ve got a good group that’s struggling a bit with some of the details of our game. But it’s Game 60 and we’re talking about these struggles. I’m pretty happy that it’s taken this long to maybe talk about this stuff here. I know the leadership of the team is there. I don’t have a worry at all as far as how they handle this type of situation.”


1) The small things: Missing the net during a 4-on-4 OT can be fatal, and Andrej Sekera did just that. Give some credit to Henrik Lundqvist for taking away most of the net. But Sekera’s miss sent the Rangers the other way, with numbers, with just one D-man back. And it turned out, after Ryan McDonagh’s great play and pass, that it was Patrick Kaleta back, on his knees, as Callahan went around him, which probably made a lot of people in and around the NHL happy. How about that Kaleta, tough guy picking Carl Hagelin out of a scrum earlier in the game?

2) I thought, though they started a lot better than they did against Chicago and the Islanders, early in the game the Rangers were still a little off. They allowed some odd-man rushes, allowed a few guys to pop open in front of Lundqvist, got pinned in their own end a bit. But they battled much, much harder, made life difficult for Buffalo, and overall defended pretty well in what you figured would be a low-scoring game (especially after that 0-0 meeting last time they played).

3) I’m not going to go on and on about the staged fight. I think they’re silly. But Brandon Prust sure got the crowd jacked, and maybe his teammates, too, when he fought Paul Gaustad at :08. And the Rangers are 8-1 when he fights in the first minute. Loved John Tortorella’s quote about it. Listen to the audio in the post-game interviews thread.

4) Carl Hagelin was really good, Ryan Callahan was, as usual, really good. And the last two games, especially last night, Brad Richards has been very, very good.

5) Marc Staal and Stu  Bickel are getting more ice. Maybe because the Rangers were playing back to backs? That’s smart, if that’s it. They had some rough shifts but overall were pretty solid. And Staal, despite that odd, 4-on-4 Buffalo goal on which he actually made two good plays, took another stride forward.

6) Tortorella said he’s going to continue to give Staal power-play time to help him get going. And you know what, last year I thought the power play was at its best when Staal was on it. Not because he’s a prototypical point man. He’s a good passer with a decent shot. But I like his anticipation at when to go deep and how to get open. Again, too much play above the circles for the PP. Staal got down low, and hit a crossbar late in the game on the PP that almost won it.

7) Though, as I mentioned, I thought Richards was excellent, what was he thinking on that delayed penalty late in the third? The Rangers had a 6-on-5 with Lundqvist pulled, and I understand the theory of giving up the puck and getting the power-play organized with time winding down. But he fired it over the net from the defensive side of the red line, which forced the PP to start in the defensive zone. Awful thought process, unless I’m missing something.

8) Artem Anisimov, again, made some remarkable defensive plays. Gaborik, again, was flying. This time Derek Stepan took a bit of a step back.

9) Ryan McDonagh=McMonster. One word for Columbus: No.

10) As we go into this trade deadline homestretch, I can’t figure at all if the Rangers will or won’t get Rick Nash, or what the right price would be. I do know that a lot of rumors have Tim Erixon in them, and he was hurt last night in Connecticut’s game. Not seriously, though, from what I hear.

11) But for a team of second- and third-line grinders, the Rangers sure scored a couple of pretty goals, didn’t they? How about the play of Michael Del Zotto (who’s fine, reportedly, after bashing his hip into the post). He and Stepan didn’t get back on that weird 1-0 goal. But he made some really strong plays, too, and he strafed one of the Sabres into the net just before making the move and the pass that sprung Gaborik for the 2-2 goal in the third. One more word for Columbus: No.

12) Where are all the gloom-and-doomers today?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Marian Gaborik. 

Photo credits:

Callahan and Hagelin: AP photos.

Prust: Getty Images.

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  1. I agree, I’m sick and tired of the staged fights. Going forward, how about this? Give each team a 2 minute PP, followed by 1 minute of 4 on 4 for any staged fights. Not going to happen, but it’s not a bad idea.
    Maybe I’m missing something, but can someone please explain why the majority of the time the Rangers need a 1st minute fight or goal to get a spark and jump in their game?
    I’ve played competitive sports all my life and in college. When I took field, the thrill of competing and wanting to win every game I played in was enough of a spark and motivation for me. Is it the money these guys are making? Worn out and tired cannot be an excuse. Everyone is this time of year, and these guys professionally train their bodies. They last played on Tues as well, and they had a better start last night, but it wasn’t great.
    It was inexcusable at the Isles how flat they came out against their most bitter rival, and how the Islanders schooled them for the first 11 and a half minutes of the 1st period.

    I’m not shocked Wolski scored already last night. How he didn’t fit in with them baffles me sometimes too. Every forward cannot be a grinding, Selke type player in this team, or they wouldn’t score at all! He wasn’t given a chance this year after coming back from injury. I’m not sad he’s gone, and they saved 3.8 mm in cap space. Maybe Zuccarello can get another shot now.
    It does give me a bad feeling, though, that the Wolski trade sets them up to bring in another big salary in the next 32 hours.
    Stay the course, don’t break up the foundation of this team. You can never have enough depth in your organization.

  2. Excellent review Carp! Agree on Staal. He is clearly rounding into shape.

    Man, that Callahan goal was a thing of beauty. Makes me wonder how much upside McMonster has in terms of the offensive side of his game? Sure seems comfortable joining the rush and is a great passer.

    WFAN was reporting last night that the Devs and Flyers are now in on Rick Nash. That makes NO SENSE to me. The Dev’s have financial problems and can’t seem to afford him. It would surely mark the end of any attempt to keep Zach. And the Flyers don’t need offense! They need a freaking goalie and a better Defense?

    Could it be that CBJ is just floating this to make up for the leverage they thing they lost yesterday. The statements by Nash’s agent that he wants to move now and that the list of approved teams will NOT grow at draft day seems to have undercut the BJ’s a bit.

  3. WOW! Just went back to Blueshirts United and watched Cally’s goal again. I know he is not looked at as a real goal scorer, but man, what a year he is having……

    And that was a goal that showed amazing skill. He bangs his stick, McMonster feeds him a beauty of a pass that he takes off his skate to his stick, slides the puck past that douche nozzle baby buffalo, dekes and puts a great wrister under the arm of miller. Just gorgeous. What round did they draft that kid in? Sometimes you gotta stop and say, wow, he is just 24 years old and is the Captain of this team…….

    Man Crush on Cally this am…

  4. Big win, and what a way to get a 100th goal for Cally.
    Still look like they are off, and it starts with their forecheck.

    To me it seems.they are playing to the ability of the competition. The big wins need to be against top tier teams…not B-lo. Not a bad spot in the season to have a funk, but they need to have another two gears a month from now.


  5. Carp, what do you think of Staal’s play since he has been back from his injury for a couple of months now? Is he close to being the shut-down defenseman before his concussion?

    Any news on Sauer’s recovery? I thought he was playing outstanding before he suffered his concussion. I hope he makes a comback like Staal’s…then the Rangers would be absolutely loaded on defense.

    Get Nash here, Sather! Dubinsky + Woywitka/Eminger/Stralman/Bickel + Erixson + a pick. You can throw Avery in there, too. Get it done!

  6. I’m not a doom/gloomer with this team, but I was pretty unimpressed with their play last night, and especially the start.

    It was another “special” finish though, and that has seemed to be a recurring theme to this years success, maybe that will get them back on track.

    I think the trade deadline clearly got into a few heads, especially how long its been dragged out, I think once it passes, whether we “make a splash” or not, we will be a better team than we have lately…knowing …”okay, this is the group we’re going in with”.

    Broadway Brad…I hope he can find that consistency.

  7. 2- There have been many first periods this season dating back to the first Toronto game where Rangers get dominated, including long stretches pinned in the defensive zone, and Hank holds them in. Hard to argue with the team’s success but these weak starts could be more of an issue in the playoffs.

    3- Gaustad seems like a good team guy and is UFA after this season. If Buffalo is a seller and the price is right (ideally the Wolski 3rd rounder but even a 2nd rounder?) he’d be a nice fit for the playoffs.

    4 and 7- I’ve keyed on BR at several games at MSG and it’s strange how ordinary he is and how many mistakes he makes. I’ve also now met the 3rd girl since November who claims to have dated him. Not remarkable in and of itself for a pro athlete but not irrelevant either. Richie seems to really like NYC. By the way I used to hear the same things about MDZ towards the end of his rookie season.

    9- Agreed, I think McD has the highest ceiling of all the Ranger defensemen..

    10- I still think they need Nash. When it was tied near end of 3rd and they had the power play I was thinking this is exactly where he could be a difference maker. Even if he’s not the one who scores the opposition has to pay more attention to him and others get more chances.

    Based on everything being reported it’s fair to guess that CBJ want package to be Stepan, MDZ or McD, Kreider, and no1. And from the reporting I’m guessing Glen probably would do Dubi, Anisimov, Erixon, and no1. Seems like a big gap. And If I’m CBJ I think the assets I’m demanding is the minimum I need back for my franchise player. I don’t think Glen caves and I’m starting to doubt this happens for the Rangers.

    11- The on ice chemistry between MDZ and Gabby continues to grow, something we havent seen between dman and fwd since Leetch and Messier (not saying MDZ or Gabby are as good). I think it’s the main reason you can’t trade MDZ even if you can back fill later with Suter. Thats the kind of chemistry you dont mess with, I believe the locker room stuff is over rated.

  8. I second the update on Michael Sauer. My gut tells me since his setback in mid to late January, and the Rangers being so tight lipped about any updates, I was hoping for a March return. In his situation, I’m not not sure if no news is good news. I’m not saying they are related, but when I remember brothers in the league having concussions, I can’t help but think of the Lindros’. Kurt Sauer has been out for months too right?

  9. No way anyone should count Philly out of the Nash auction. No matter how much offense they have mgmt is aggressive, not afraid to gamble, and are probably drooling over the vision of Giroux feeding Nash for the next 6 years.

  10. “The Columbus Blue Jackets are reportedly hoping to get one or more forwards in return in any deal involving Rick Nash.
    That casts some doubt on the feasibility of a recently reported package that linked the Rangers to Rick Nash. It was reported that the Rangers might send Michael Del Zotto or Ryan McDonagh, along with prospect Tim Erixon and a first round pick in a Nash deal. All three of those Rangers players are blueliners. The San Jose Sharks are also believed to be pursuing Nash.”

    This is the latest I’ve read on Nash. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post from other sources, so forgive me if that’s the case.

    I want no part of giving up McDonagh, MDZ, and Kreider. From what I’ve read, Erixon is one of the best all around defensive prospects in the league. I didn’t know he was regarded so highly until recently – because I thought he’d be up with the team if that was the case.
    Yes, they have to give to get, but this is why I want them to stand pat.

  11. Dubinsky, Erixon, Zuccarello, Miller/Thomas and a 1st rounder for Nash.

    It gives them 2 top 6 forwards they can insert into their top-6 lineup immediately, an NHL ready d-man they can put in their lineup now plus a prospect that will be turning pro this summer and a top 30 pick.

    If that is not a good enough return for them then keep Nash and we’ll get us some rentals now and throw a ridiculous amount of money at Parise in the offseason…

  12. Kurt Sauer will be missing essentially his third _season_ to a concussion, not just a few months.

    Not aware that he’s actually retired (presumably better financially for him and the Coyotes if he doesn’t), but I presume he won’t play again.

  13. I know there have been some slow starts recently, but I thought the Rangers had most of the play in the first period in this one (the shot count suggests as much). Certainly don’t remember the Sabres dominating it.

  14. If the Rangers pass on Nash, I read somewhere that the Rangers were scouting the Kings. Jarret Stoll would be a great addition as our 3rd line centre.

    Also a guy to keep an eye on is Milan Hejduk. Not that I think we should get him but its exactly the type of guy Sather would make a move for…

  15. Always enjoy reading Carp’s game reviews.

    I remember a couple of years ago making a remark in this forum that Callahan does a lot of good things except he can’t finish. Well, he solved that problem hasn’t he? That looked every bit a goal scorer’s goal in OT.

    I wish the trade deadline would hurry up and get here. All of these rumors of who Columbus wants for Nash is getting pretty goofy. Let’s face it, nobody really knows what’s going on in negotiations or if there are negotiations, except the principals for each team.

    It sure looked like Del Zotto was in a lot of pain after running into the goal last night. Glad to hear he’s OK.

    I agree with Carp about the power play up to a point. While it’s good to have numbers down low, you have to spread the defense out. I was always partial to a 2-1-2 power play with a guy in the high slot. If a defenseman goes to that guy, then they’ve got a two on one down low. If they leave him alone then they have a guy in a prime scoring position all alone.

  16. here is my two cents,

    i would make the nash trade if it does not include any of the following:
    and the obvious off current roster

    i would make the deal if it was dubi, erixon, Miller or thomas and a pick. if they want another player off NHL roster i would hesitate to take another player away from this team. if it is hagelin i would not trade miller or thomas then.

    having said that, i would happy to pass on hash and get a rental player, wouldn’t require a roster player of any impact
    Knuble? i think he is a perfect fit for rangers with his style of play

  17. A few weeks ago Torts told Carp and the rest of the press he “hasnt even seen” poor Sau-pow. Such a shame he was having a great year. So im unsure if hes even keeping his conditioning up where ever he is. Best case is he is and once he joins the team its 2 weeks of skating and one week contact with no symptoms then hed be back. I have a bad feeling he wont see him until slring training.

  18. Howson is clueless, I can see why the Jackets have been terrible for years. Howson thinks he needs to rebuild his team in one trade. News bullentin to Howson, Nash is a good player but he isn’t Malkin, not even close. Howson thinks if he doesn’t get what he wants he will try again around the nhl draft. I can see Howson doing this because that would be the wrong move because he probably will get less than he could if he traded Nash now. I hope Sather sticks to his offer because there are no other teams out there anymore in the mix for Nash. If Howson doesn’t trade Nash to the rangers, so be it. I think he would be doing the rangers a favor in the long run.

  19. Callahan’s move in OT was nifty, the shot was a beauty…he has come a long way the past few years. DelZotto’s pass to Gaborik was a great feed that made the opportunity. Howson’s simply trying to see what he can get, with all undue disrespect to his player Nash. I don’t think he’ll be running things at CBJ next year. I don’t think he trades Nash. Would be silly with the high draft picks coming and a decent experienced player to build around. I wouldn’t give up much for Nash at this point in the season. What Sather needs is a rental or two at this point in time. That Howson is toying with Sather and the others at the expense of his players is a sign that I wouldn’t want any part of a Nash deal unless it were simply a cap unload, which it isn’t. They need forwards…do you think he would part with Tjutin for a couple Whale castaways?

  20. “12) Where are all the gloom-and-doomers today?”

    Over at Andrew’s site. Bob has destroyed it.

  21. Atta boy, Carp. Nice review.

    Glad we got the win, but there is a huuuuge cloud hanging over this team until tomorrow afternoon. Our team and it’s future could be drastically changed by 3:01….Prust sayin’…

  22. NYR FAN,

    It would be amazing if somehow it was a three team trade and Rangers ended up with Pavelski or JVR instead of Nash :)

  23. Did you know: Callahan’s OT goal was #1 on ESPN’s top 10 plays last night? Beat out the highlight reel Malkin goal and loads of other basketball crap

  24. Could anybody explain me how Richards was ‘very, very good’ and ‘excelent’ the last two games??? Or the last 20 games? Or in Rangers uniform? What exactly does he bring to the team except life long crazy money contract? Let’s see… He made our PP even worse then last year, he doesn’t kill penalties, he’s aweful defensively and does not play phisical game. Was brought here to center Gaborik but failed at it as well. He doesn’t score a lot of goals or assist. And he’a 0-8 in shootouts. Assuming every player on a team has a certain role, what’s his? And this all happens in his supposed ‘prime’, wow, what a ride we’re gonna have in the next 8 short years!! Drury 2.0? Actually, so far it looks much worse tnen that.

  25. No offense to Callahan and his beautiful OT game winner, but Malkin’s end to end rush and score was more deserved of the top spot.

    I’m not sure where all these great Richard’s comments are coming from either. Forget shoot-outs, they need to get rid of them, but putting him out there at 0-7 is pretty mindless by Torts right now.

    He’s supposed to be an elite play maker, but far too often I see him enter the zone, and instead of pivoting back and lookng to hit a trailer or someone in the middle of the ice, he drifts to the boards and slowly sends the puck in. I don’t want my top play maker dumping it in from inside the opponent’s blue line. Every time I see him do that, I cringe and then curse at the TV.
    He has to stop over thinking like Torts says, and just play his game.

  26. Found this comment on TSN:

    “Richards was the most ridicxulous F/A signing this year… incredibly overrated and to pay him 60 million when he is already on the downside of his career is insane… Torterella wanted him bad and they overpaid in a big way… maybe thats why the Rangers have only 1 cup in 71 year”

  27. Nice OT win – hope the boys are ready for the Devils tomorrow night. They are playing superbly and any flat stretches that the Rangers have been prone to lately will be taken advantage of.

  28. Malkin’s goal was sweet but it didn’t win a game or anything. I think that was like goal number for the Penguins yesterday.

    NYR – what article was that linked to?

  29. guys not every player will or should play a physical game. Richards is playing basically exactly the way he has his entire career. He is a setup man and relies on snipers to boost those assist totals.

    Richards plays with two grinders so obviously his assist total wont be anywhere near it was when he had St. Louis, Lecavalier, Eriksson or Neal on his line. As awesome as Callahan is, he can’t shoot the puck off a pass very well…

  30. Czechthemout!!! on


    I don’t think they played a good game at all. In fact, other than Gabby,Hagelin and Cally, none of the other forwards did much. Perhaps AA made a play or two but thats not saying much. The bottom line is that we have major issues scoring as teams scouting reports are making it easier to defend what we try to do in the offensive end which isn’t much. The last two goals were a direct result of holding on to the puck to create a play up the ice something that is about as rare nowadays as Dubi scoring a goal. Fantastic play on the second goal by Gabby,Hagelin and MDZ. That’s Hockey! And we need to see more of that from this team. Thats why a guy like Nash makes so much of a difference for a playoff run and for the long term.

    And Carp, I have two words for CBJ about MCD

    McDonough=mega monster and the best defenseman on the team

    HELL NO!!!!!

  31. I’ll say this about Richards: He’s been everything Drury was *supposed* to be.

    Locker room mentor
    Small things/Intangiables
    CLUTCH performances in big moments

    This team is NOT #1 in the East without Brad Richards.

  32. I don’t think anyone has gone any further than saying Richards has had s couple of decent games, that’s all. No need to confuse that with him having a great year and a bargain contract.

  33. I know stats are overrated, but I’m curious to see one that shows how often the Rangers dump the puck from the red line in, as well as how much of their puck possession comes from below the goal line.

  34. rangers in first place, rangers leading the eastern conference and yet it amazes me how ranger fans have things to complain about. These same fans would still have something to complain about if the rangers won the cup, truly unfugging believable.

  35. i read all these articles about sources close to sather.. whose the source? his cigar?? the truth his these “experts” dont know whats going to happen plain and simple

  36. Richards has come in and expected to play a style of hockey that constricts his ability to make plays. Add to it that his line mates prefer to cycle and grind instead of set up in the slot and the Rangers d-men struggle with their shooting and you have a major drop off in assists.

    There is nothing wrong with Richards other than the system he plays in and the guys he plays with means less assists…

    He is on pace for 25 goals which is exactly what he does his entire career. The only thing missing is the assists…

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    nyr13 –

    For my money Columbus can have Dubi for nothing. And cannot have Erixon, Miller, Thomas, or a pick for him, not one of them. Nash rhymes with “trash” and that is what millions of cap hit and talent in exchange for an 8.73 shooting percentage and worst forward plus/minus on his current team, is just about worth.

    As I said a few days ago, this Nash business is going to be the final piece in the Sather puzzle. If he acquires this piggy bank breaker, the puzzle will look like Humpty Dumpty. The Lindros, Drury, Gomez, Redden, etc. acquistion legacy doesn’t need another cornerstone entry.

  38. when you hear it from Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie or Nick Kypreos than you know the real deal, anybody else it’s all speculation.

  39. I loved Sjostrom. No idea why.

    I know we poke Brooks(ie), but his analogy column today on Carter and Abreu was dead on.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Re Richards assists, need someone to finish, eh? How bout the Monster Nash? It will be a broadway smash!

    Artie, Erixon, Thomas, #1 2013 – getter done!

    Did anyone see Dustup Brown’s goal on PP last night – wicked wrister from slot, gettem here! (won’t happen though, LA is not that crazy)

  41. Boom Boom Bathgate

    have you ever considered that the reason his shooting percentage and goal total is lower than usual is because of how bad the team around him is and he feels compelled to do everything by himself???

    Nash and Richards together is an absolute perfect match with Cally on the other wing to do the dirty work and create those turnovers and lose pucks.

  42. “Manny Astronomo February 26th, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Except iBob, tomg. He’s 100,000% Legit.”

    and that’s why I posted on here a few days ago Nash won’t get traded because on tsn insider McKenzie said Nash won’t get traded by the dead line.

  43. tomg, that was before McKenzie tweeted Nash’s agents comments that they want a deal done now! That puts a lot of pressure on Howson now because apparently Nash wont change his list of teams…

  44. “NYR_FAN February 26th, 2012 at 11:09 am

    tomg, that was before McKenzie tweeted Nash’s agents comments that they want a deal done now! That puts a lot of pressure on Howson now because apparently Nash wont change his list of teams…”

    yep, true but this is Howson where talking about here. I can understand why Columbus Bluejackets franchise has gone no where. That carter trade alone with the flyers was mind boggling to say the least. Howson thinks he trading Malkin, somebody needs to slap him on the side of his head.

  45. Assuming the same package being asked for, would you guys and girls rather Nash and his contract or Brown and his?

  46. Oleo,
    Thanx! Now I get it! It’s not that Richards dissapears for weeks – it’s his unskilled (Gaborik invluded) teammates who totally waste his offensive genious!

  47. With every passing moment I get this sinking feeling that Nash aint coming…

    and I truly feel we need a top flight guy like him to compete for a deep run

  48. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! I, too, thought that this game was an improvement comparing to the last 3-4 they’ve played, in terms of their concentration, decision making, and in overall intensity level. Not there yet, but hopefully after 3 pm tomorrow they’ll be ready to play.

    It’s getting a little redundant to hear all the negative comments about Richards. He received a fair market value contract last summer because he was the biggest UFA. Some teams would pay even more. He took less to come here. He is here to stay, and will wear #19. He may never live up to his contract, but he already won 7 games for us, and set up a few pretty important plays. I also think he’s shown some leadership during the last two games. The team got into a little slump, and he stepped his play up.

    Stu Bickel, IMO, is making a good case for keeping him around as #6-7 instead of Eminger. I thought he played his best game last night. Solid defensively, made a couple of good passes, and helped Staal’s offensive game.

    Prust clearly went after Gaustad last night after the faceoff. Does anyone know why? Or was it just his way to jump start the team. If thats the case, I suspect his coach might’ve been behind it.

    Carp, you asked to remind you to tell us the story about Bickel’s nose. And what happened in the press box last night, lol?

  49. Found this gem on TSN:

    11 hours ago
    Nash my not be the best….face it he is a winger who played with out a center all his career in jacket town…but he is still a whole lot better than Stephan as of now. What the future holds I can’t tell. “

  50. Staalevar

    You choose to see what you want to see. Has he been as good as he was last year or the year before, no but there is a clear underlying reason why. Not to mention he is on pace to

    Expecting Richards to be physical and grind while being in the top 10 in assists with Callahan and Hagelin/Fedotenko/Dubinsky on his line is impossible…

  51. If we do get Nash, I don’t see Slats giving up anything in return off the current roster (except for Rupp because of the salary cap hit). My trade prediction is… Rupp, C. Thomas, Erixon, 2-#1 picks, & a #2 pick.

  52. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HAPPY Trade Deadline Weekend Sunday Heads!!

    After reading NYR’s recent post, I’m glad we don’t have a guy named StepHan on the team!

    Anyway, if anything’s going to happen, i have a sneaky feeling it will happen today. Uncle Glennie has other logs on the fire, and I don’t think he’ll want to be kept on the line much longer regarding Nash.

  53. NYR_FAN,
    you think that’s bad I read a islander fan comment on the rangers/islander game on friday night on tsn. I don’t remember exactly what he said but something about how the rangers are not that good and how they are leading the eastern conference and how the rangers had no business being in that game and how the refs fleeced the islanders on bad calls.

    When I read that I almost hit the ceiling. What a tool!!!! and I don’t know what game he was watching but that post was as dumb and stupid and as clueless as the islanders organization. The old saying is, Like franchise, like fan.

  54. hope we saw the last game with dubi on our team, I don’t think we’ll trade because who would want him he stinks.

  55. Bishop to Sens for a 2nd. Wasn’t he touted as being worth more than that? Then again, with the goaltending in St. Lous, I guess they didn’t really need to suck too much of out any potential trade partners.

  56. Oleo,
    I’m absolutely not expecting him to be physical. All I’m saying is that each player on the team is supposed to fill some role. His role coming here was to improve our power play and be the centerman for our top line which includes very skilled winger Gaborik and so far he failed at both. That’s why now he plays on the second line with less skilled players.

  57. Staalevar

    Well Tortorella decided to split them apart in preseason I think, which I disagree with but we are in 1st place by a large margain so I guess its working.

    The PP is a problem but I still believe the major reason is a combination of a bad strategy used by the coaching staff and the fact that we have noone on the point that can get a quality shot on goal.

  58. Gabby needs to stop wanting to take the puck in the zone and get to open areas and let his linemates do the work..Why does he feel the need to control the puck all the time? He always gets beat off the puck which is a bit scary if you ask me come playoff time… He could have scored 50 goals this season if he would have let BR do what was intended of him from the beginning… Here is to bashing the devils heads in tomorrow…

  59. I would love to see what nash can do with players that can play at his side. Gaborik,Stephan,Richards Calli,even Prust and Boyle can get him the puck,He never had guys that good on his team.

  60. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Now the Preds may be in on Nash. How do they expect to keep Swebs and Suter by taking on a contract of that size? Unless one of them are involved in a possible deal?

  61. ilb, the players or equipment guys hand their skates on hooks above their lockers, I guess so they can dry.

    anyway, Bickel put his up there right after practice, and Prust comes in and throws his shinguard or something up on a shelf in his adjacent locker, knocks Bickel’s skate off the hook and it hit Bickel in the nose. I know, that’s not funny, and skates are dangerously sharp.

    Anyway, Bickel’s bleeding and hollering, and Prust, from what I heard, was jokingly mocking him, telling him it’s a rookie mistake, that the last thing you do before you leave is to hang up your skates, not the first thing when you come off the ice.

  62. Wow. Even with a win, some mindless nit-picking. And even more mindless trade proposals. Hey, here’s one. Newbury and a second-rounder for Dustin Brown. Eminger for Nash.

  63. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Why does EVERY maple leaves fan think EVERY player in the NHL wants to play for the leaves?

  64. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LMFAO, i just realized that pic was of the big turdloaf on the ice! Well done Carp!!

  65. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    with 22 games left, this team is 39-15-6! That is RIDICULOUS!! who in their right minds expected that this season!??? And that is with some guys being pretty much INVISIBLE offensively. IF those guys could pick it up, and they get back to the bangin, this could be a nifty spring.

  66. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i love that pic Carpy!! Where that asshat belongs, flat out on the ice with his jock in the rafters!!!

  67. … also, when Kaleta tried to pull Hagelin out of the pileup and went to the box, Callahan followed him, chirping at him all the way … and then Callahan goes and scores on him. No wonder the captain celebrated the way he did.

  68. been a supporter of Rupps and again, seems like he’s liked in the locker-room, but if his thumb is broken or hurt or w/e, he’s pretty much useless, no? might as well have Deveaux up here….if Rupp is hurt, he shouldnt be playing. but if he’s not, he needs to fight the guys that Prust/Bickel are fighting with no hesitation.

  69. Lol @ “rookie mistake”. I like Bickel’s game, and I like what he brings physically too. One of the reasons this team can’t be intimidated by anyone. Not anymore.

  70. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Great story about Bickel….(and thanks for the review)!!

    Speaking of Bickel, I think torts really likes him in the line up. I mean, he even used him at forward for a while. At this point, I think he is easily the 6th guy (and deservedly so IMHO).

    I had ZIPPO problem with the prust fight last night!

  71. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Kaleta is a coward! What would have been freakin amazing would have been if SweLi just hauled of and crushed his face!!! One day that guy is gonna get his, like when Evander Kane leveled that piece of carcillo Cooke.

  72. any player on the 4th line of a Tortorella coached team is going to be “useless” Not a fan of the contract but Rupp is the perfect 4th liner for a playoff team…

  73. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I’m going to have to go back and listen to cally’s interview again, I thought he said he didn’t know who it was he was going around in OT

  74. nash on ice in pitt.

    see you tom nash for devil game. make the trade early to get nash here in time for game.

    nash for dubi miller erixon and number one will be the deal. i feel it

  75. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I wonder if Rupp has an injury of some sort, he does seem a bit off

  76. he did say that.

    Rupp is just fine in that role, and a great team guy … though some here think that’s overrated. i don’t.

    torts loves bickel.

  77. This entire team of no-talent clowns is overrated.

    As I stated last night: This less-than-meager squad wouldn’t cut it in the early-morning, alternate-weekend, over-50, Paraguyan pee-wee league … much less the NHL.

  78. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Manny, if Dubi can get this mental block lifted, it would be huge.

    I just have a feeling Slats is not gonna make this Nash trade. There may be one or two moves he makes instead of Nash, which may also include Dubi, but if he’s still here after the deadline, i think he will break out of this slump and be huge the last 21 games of the season

  79. One day that guy is gonna get his (Kaleta)


    Remember when Paul Mara just grabbed him and started beating his face in? That was an entertaining moment.

  80. Apparently the game of hockey is much more developed in South America than anyone suspected, Miami has discovered it for NHL. Wonder if Batman is thinking expansion?

  81. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    thanks, can’t believe I forgot about that slash…didn’t boulton get waived by the devils yesterday??

    bickel the barbarian for president!!!

  82. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    did you guys see this question?

    Dunno. Not a JJ guy RT @pdoug21: @stevezipay Devils pregame saying nash + Jack Johnson might sway #nyr to include DZ or McD. Any validity?

    it was a zipay tweet btw

  83. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    yep…i’m sure just a question, but pretty funny in my book

  84. RE: Dubinsky

    If and when this Nash trade falls through…what happens to his his game? Does it plummet further knowing that the organization was ready and willing to move him at the drop of a hat and that it was the prospects that were the deciding factor? Does he somehow find comfort in knowing he is safe on the team at least until July and perhaps make himself an untouchable with a monster home stretch/playoffs?

    I have a feeling his confidence is shattered beyond repair as a Ranger.

  85. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    no kidding, doesn’t JJ make like 4 plus mil per season? I like him as a player, but sheeesh!

  86. also, in 9 shifts last night, Rupp had four shots on goal, a hit, was in a few scrums, was involved in a few energy shifts, won his only faceoff, had a few “talks” with the bigger guys on Buffalo, wasn’t on for a goal-against.

    Not saying he’s playing great, by any stretch, but you really can’t expect a lot more than that out of a fourth liner.

  87. I thought Rupp had a few good shifts last night. I like the guy. You could either have a prospect wasting away in that spot, or you can have a guy like Rupp. I take the latter. Or the “ladder” as one dope here, would “supposively” say!

  88. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    where the hell are all your fake trades?? I miss those!

  89. I am just going to guess that Nash isn’t being traded. For starters he is playing. I think if he really wanted out he would just sit the game out or tell the coach that he’s not feeling well. Maybe he isn’t leveraging the team as his agent is suggesting.

  90. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    ILB and carp
    I agree 100% about Rupp, in the right spot, makes the right amount of money, says and does the right things on and off the ice…a keeper

  91. The more I think about it, if Columbus trades their franchise player, it’s like Atlanta trading Kovalchuk. Just start packing for Hamilton or Kansas City. They won’t recover from this.

  92. Nash can’t burn his bridges (isn’t there somebody or someplace called Nash Bridges or something like that). He can’t beg out of this game because if he’s not traded he’s still the team’s captain. I think he’s a pretty good captain, too, and good captains don’t pull crap like that.

  93. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    They should bench rupp and call up the guy that scored the 2 goals in the winter classic for the rangers

  94. Carp, from what was reported as his agent’s quotes, is it possible they reached a point of no return in Columbus?

  95. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    columbus is playing him in Pitt so the airfare doesn’t cost them as much to ship him to NY

  96. If you want to know what’s going on with Columbus, you won’t get it on TV first, I guarantee it.

    somebody should monitor the beat guy who’s been on top of this whole story:


  97. I suppose they can reconcile if he stays, but to what extent? Unless the owners decide to wipe out the whole management and apologize to Nash, while blaming it all on Howson and Co….Not sure it’ll be the same.

  98. Care to elaborate on the potential of a bounceback, Carp?

    I really just wish he’d have had himself a 20-25 goal season…his play has really been the single disappointing aspect of the Rangers this season for me so far. If he just puts up his projected numbers, Nash isn’t even a conversation and there’s no knot in the stomach feeling of giving up one of our heart and soul guys or “selling the farm” for a big name. Ranger fans have supported him since he came up, and most have recognized that although he has never really bloomed into what we’d all hoped, he has been an integral part of the young core. His disappointing season just put him in a bad position where although he is a loved Ranger…very few people would be heartbroken if Nash replaced him at this point. Trading Dubi isn’t even the question, it’s a matter of prospects. Disappointing…if Dubi can’t put up “decent” numbers in a year like this when the team is flourishing, what cloth is he really cut from?

  99. @Incarcerated Bob ? incarceratedbob@ Reply Favorite · Open
    **BREAKING NHL NEWS**Source: Rangers have acquired RICK NASH! Deal is done (Announcement after game or Sunday is the word #IBN is getting)

  100. Howson has screwed this whole thing up. Howson wants to rebuild again, so now he lets it be known that they are willing to trade there franchise player. The problem with this is two fold. Howson gives Nash a big contract and expects to trade this contract in a hard cap league and wants the world in young nhl players/top prospects and high draft picks. Somebody needs to wake this clown up. It’s like he wants to rebuild the team all in one trade by fleecing a GM. I can see why Howson is a horrible GM and the Jackets have been bad, not to mention the Carter trade from the flyers. This guy is beyond clueless.

  101. Manny, just because Nsh is playing this afternoon doesn’t mean he isn’t being traded. In fact Howson may be using this as his last attempt to get what he wants- Im playing him until I get the best deal…

  102. ILB,

    Resnick is the agent for both Nash and Wolski.

    I’ll leave the rest to your imagination ;)

    and how stupid do you have to be to dress the player on whose trade
    much of the future of your franchise hinges just 24 hrs from the deadline when you’re 25 points from a playoff spot, all so you can project a carefree attitude?

    Incredibly stupid.

  103. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Manny & incarcerated bob!

    Carpy, Nash Bridges was a tv show staring Don Johnson, who was also in Miami Vice lol!!!!

    Interesting points raised Salty

  104. The more I think about it, if Columbus trades their franchise player, it’s like Atlanta trading Kovalchuk. Just start packing for Hamilton or Kansas City. They won’t recover from this.


    I’ve been under this assumption from the get go…that this is just the first step in a complete deconstruction/move.

    And please make it Hamilton if anything…enough of these awful markets that will never care for hockey…it’s just embarrassing.

  105. Wick, this widget really screwed me up! It’s not like in the past, where I’d post a fake trade, and everyone would scramble, visiting multiple sites until their browser crashes, and then wish death upon me!

    Damn the widget!

  106. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Is anyone here holding their breath hoping Nash doesn’t get hurt today? Hell, I know i’m not lol

  107. Orr,

    Maybe you should go back to your other hobby, besides posting fake trades at the most important time of the year.

    Best I can tell that means cracking a bunch of 5th grade jokes laced with sexual innuendo.

  108. How disappointed is Nash when nothing gets done and he realizes his hopes of escape are gone and he has to finish the season with that sad, sad excuse for an team/organization? Equivalent of a pair of sock on Christmas morning?

  109. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    can we kill whackamole —>for about 28 hrs to give orr a chance?

  110. As far as I’m concerned those types of things go without saying because non of these guys deserve anywhere near the money they are making.

  111. Czechthemout!!! on


    In addition to your point, I think Howson has really played this like the incompetent gm that he is.
    He apparently keeps changing his mind on the players he wants. First he wants forwards. Than dmen. Than a combo of both plus a goalie. Than back to forwards. What an idiot! Than he is floating rumors through some of his sources as to other teams and what they are offering. As an example, ” Leafs are willing to offer Kadri and Frattin plus Schenn” as if that is some kind of wow offer. Kadri sucks! Frattin is a career third/fourth liner and Schenn is a number 4/5 dman. Big Deal! Than they spin another rumor with the Sharks in play. Couture is not being traded and absent him, they have nothing to trade for Nash. The Kings aquired the headache that is Carter. The Bruins have nothing to trade from the prospect pool that anyone would want.

    So it’s the Rangers or no one. It is obvious that we are the only dance partner in this thing. Sather is a master at the art of the trade. Howson is an ameture. The only way this gets done is if Howson accepts what Sather deems to be a fair price to get this done. Because in the off season, the price most certainly will come down!

  112. 1940, I’d imagine Howson will very strongly regret not getting a deal done. Nash Inc. made it remarkably clear that they wanted something done and have zero intention of making things any easier on the organization if this goes to July.

    Nash has been a VERY good sport about this whole circus. Let’s not forget at the end of the day, it is he who is waiving his clause. Howson has (apparently) been waffling back and forth about what kind of package he wants, over playing his hand, at the expense of a guy who has kept his chin up and carried the franchise for years.

  113. Salty – I agree. I do believe something has to get done after all of this but as the rumor mill has shown…..who the heck really knows.

  114. carp, I had read that article that day when it came out. I’ve been on the columbus dispatch ever since the Nash rumors started. In fact I was on the bluejackets blog the other night debating with Jacket fans. I found out how much the fans in Columbus truly love Nash. I feel there pain, Howson is a idiot.

  115. Yes Orr, you didn’t disappoint!


    Don’t forget Howser has Craig Patrick helping him in this.
    Truth is they’re doing all they can but they’re operating from a weakened position.
    And yeah, it’s clumsy as hell, unbearably so.

    It’s not just us in it though. Nashville is in, Burke is still in, SJ is in, or at least they were. JD & StL could still be in, very quietly.

    The whole thing in a Twitterworld is too much. Im yet to be convinced all these machinations amount to even the slightest difference in the packages eventually agreed to.
    Main thing is who has the right fit? And until we hear differently, NYR are offering the best NHL player and can offer the best package of prospects, up to and including their best prospect.

    So it’s really a referendum on Sather.

  116. Mike Keenan, an ex-GM and coach, said yesterday on local NYC radio that he does not believe Nash will be traded before the deadline. He felt Howson could get better value over the summer. It will be interesting to see how it plays out but I trust his intuition.

  117. I have a very hard time believing Nash would accept a trade to the Predators

    although NASH-VILLE would certainly make for tons of vomit inducing cuteness

  118. Have to agree on Keenan. In this instance his thoughts mean very little to me.

    NASH-VILLE is probably their main selling point.

  119. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    the thing that gets me is nash has a ntc, so why would clb say wait until deadline if nash doesn’t change his destination list and those destination teams add other players by deadline and no longer have interest/cap room?

  120. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree we hold all the cards in this soap opera that Howson is trying to prepetuate. We have the best prospects and if any of the offers supposedly made by Sather is not enough, than Howson should be fired! The kid wants out of that shite hole,that is quite obvious. And yes, Nash will stay in Columbus if he has to but I expect him to make things difficult because despite the fact that he will make a lot of money anyway, every kid who plays hockey dreams of one day winning the cup and I thing Nash is at the point now that he is fed up with the losing and wants to go where he has a good chance to get one.

  121. I’d be optimistic.

    I’d also be on the lookout for another deal today besides Nash.

    NYR did give Howser a Sunday deadline (Toronto Saturday),
    and it should serve as a helpful little kick in Howser’s ass.

  122. It’s a good point, wick. I am pretty sure the priority in the offseason will be a man named Mr. Parise. More than Nash. For Parise you only have to give up cap space, Nash would require a hefty trade. Therefore, I think it’s in the Blue Jackets best interest to trade him now (if they have to move him for whatever reason).

  123. Anyone else watching CBJ & Pitt? Thus far I’d say Nash looks pretty apathetic. #word of the day tp.

  124. Hilarious all the comments about CBJ handling. I’m sure CBJ ownership and mgmt are really concerned about the opinion of people who think that they should trade their singular franchise asset for a $4m 3rd liner with 6 goals, a defense prospect who hasn’t yet been able to crack the lineup on 2 teams, and a 2nd round pick (which is effectively what the Rangers no 1 will be).

    CBJ ownership is doing the right thing having Craig Patrick consult, and in getting as many teams involved as possible, leveraging all the offers, and working to maximize value. If all they get are low balls they can wait until the offseason, they are not obligated to make a trade.

  125. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    tweet of the day…

    Jesse Spector ? @jessespector Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    25 hours to the trade deadline, and the most interesting NHL story is that a last-place team’s goalie is wearing offbeat pads.

  126. “Rod February 26th, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    I’d be optimistic.

    I’d also be on the lookout for another deal today besides Nash.

    NYR did give Howser a Sunday deadline (Toronto Saturday),
    and it should serve as a helpful little kick in Howser’s ass.”

    Hey Rod, yea, your right, should give Doogie Howser a kick in the butt.

  127. Parise makes my stomach turn.

    1) He’s gonna want big money and big years…more than $7.8 and for a lot longer than Rick’s contract

    2)There’s no guarantee we get him and we could end up thirsting for a power forward that we need to put us over the top that will simply not be available when we need it badly.

    3)Deals involving throwing mega $$$ at New Jersey Devils to come play across the river have a very, very, very bad track record. It never feels quite right, and the Devils seem to have the last laugh. The hockey gods do NOT approve of these deals.

  128. Salty

    Parise will not get that high of a cap hit since it is now standard procedure to elongate the contract with phantom years in order to spread the money out.

    I would be surprised if his cap hit was more than 7 mil…

  129. CBJ ownership is doing the right thing having Craig Patrick consult, and in getting as many teams involved as possible, leveraging all the offers, and working to maximize value. If all they get are low balls they can wait until the offseason, they are not obligated to make a trade.


    No. Ball is in Nash’s court. As many teams involved as possible = 5 and that number is getting lower and lower as teams drop out. I don’t know where STL and NSH rumors are coming from, but I’m not buying it that Rick would honor these moves.

    Off the top of my head, teams that it seemed Rick would have honored: NYR, LAK, SJS, TOR, PHI, (DET?)

    does this seem accurate? I have paid that close attention…but the notion of teams throwing around last minute deals seems like BS to me.

  130. Parise’s next deal definitely scares me. It is going to be huge. I also worry about injury because of his size but there is no denying the guy is an incredible talent that is soon going to have even more financial security.

  131. Oleo- you don’t think Parise will get Richard’s type of a contract in terms of length, NMC and higher cap hit?

  132. Salty there are rumors of Vancouver also being in on it but the report said unclear if Vancouver is on Nash’s approved list. In any event while he does have a say I don’t agree Nash holds the cards. He has a contract and is obligated to perform. They are not obligated to trade him and won’t unless they get a real offer. I don’t think realistic we’re going to get him for Dubi, Erixon and a 1st rounder (really a 2nd).

  133. is it Monday at 3pm yet??? Really can’t take this! Just want to know what are team will look like for the rest of the year and the playoffs.

    Can you imagine if Sather does manage to get Nash and keeps Kreider. How about those two HUGE forwards in our lineup next year. WOW!

  134. ilb2001

    I would expect something along the lines of 10 years 70 million although with the new CBA, it might be lower, which is part of the reason why I still believe NJ is the favorite…

  135. Parise will be the #1 UFA… he is going to command a MONSTER contract that would not handcuff, but HOGTIE the Rangers for a long time.

    He’s also like 5’10” and no younger than Nash. Nash’s contract also end when he’s only 33.

    Frankly my single concern with Nash is that he has the face of a boy who might like his snacks and I could imagine him getting a little more “husky” after 30.

  136. I have a hunch that Parise’s going to Minnesota. I also have no managerial, scouting, or inside information.

  137. Matteau: What about Dubi, Erixon, Miller and this years #1. That is like Dubi and three number 1 picks as Erixon and Miller were both first round draft choices.

    Why not! We would be taking on a LOAD of salary from a team that is financially strapped. I think this is about as good as the CBJs will do in terms of a rangers offer.

    I do not think they want him with them the rest of the season. The trade talks have been too public.. I think he wants out and they want him gone.. Time to turn the page for both Nash and the BJ’s.

  138. If the over-under on the cap hit per year on Parise’s new contract is 7.5m do you take over or under? I take over.

  139. Salty,

    according to Mckenzie the only teams left were the Maple Leafs, Sharks and Rangers and McKenzie said that none of those teams would give Howson the player/payers Howson was asking for so McKenzie felt Howson will not trade Nash before the dead line.

  140. The new CBA has very little to do with his contract, since it’ll be signed before the old CBA expires. Expect higher numbers than you suggested with a huge signing bonus to protect him from a possible rollback. And a NMC for the duration. His contract will be as difficult to swallow as any other difficult contracts in the league.

  141. better beans than these on

    Salty at 1:21 – I’m withya. Of late, Dubi has even lost
    his compass, turnin’ his back on the play more than usual.
    It’s the perfect Dubi metaphor: “I’m here, but I’m not; the
    $4 million has dragged so far away, I don’t even know where
    the puck is!”

    That’s why I am not an optimist he turns it around next year.

    Carp; For better or worse, you’re job is as ringmaster. You
    keep us clowns in line. Callin’ some of us “idiots” and
    “nitpickers” as tempting as that may be at special moments
    (we prefer “details” to “nits”- as in (depending on your source)
    “God is in the…” “The devil is in the…”:-) doesn’t get it done.
    Nothin’ kills a healthily disputatious blog like dullin’ epithets.

    The best-built teams, long-term, in a cap system, would never use
    the term, re: Parisi, “only money.”

    Shooting percentage. There are dozens of factors contributing.
    The Great Decline Since 2009 is consistent, and troubling in its
    depth (40% less efficient is Bangless now, after incremental drops
    every season) than he was in his last Wow! year. The consistency
    of the drop, with varying contexts each year, tells me Rick MAY be
    at least partially to blame.
    I have recognized that a front office guy, with excellent rep in
    analysis of player tendencies and styles, might forecast that
    Brad and Rick would make excellent hockey magic, after days of
    watching tape, and that the org would write off the predictable
    downs as the contracts age, in exchange for two or three legit
    Cup runs. I wouldn’t take the chance, at almost $8 million. But
    I can see it as a fair, if risk-laden, choice for the current chiefs.

  142. He has a contract and is obligated to perform. They are not obligated to trade him and won’t unless they get a real offer.


    He’s obligated to lace up. And while I don’t get the impression that he’d intentionally stop trying, I think once you put the face of your franchise through an embarrassment of dangling him around the league and then fail to pull the trigger on an offer when it’s been requested…you’re going to have an ugly situation on your hands and you better not be expecting Rick Nash to bail you out anymore.

  143. Yev I hear you on the value of 3 no 1s but I just don’t know that adding Miller to an otherwise unacceptable package gets them to trade their franchise player. I think no way CBG does the Dubi/Erixon/pick package unless one of Stepan, McD or MDZ is added to it. Which is why I’m thinking it doesn’t get done. Unless both sides decide to settle on either Anisimov or Hagelin instead of Stepan/McD/MDZ. I admittedly have absolutely no knowledge, just speculating and drawing conclusions based on the more reliable reports.

  144. BBTT,
    been saying the same thing since the rumors began about Nash and I’m confident now that the trade will not happen. Thank You Howson.

  145. better beans than these on

    Latona: In the entertainin’ area of hunches, I agree.

    Got a feelin’ from somethin’ Suter was quoted as sayin’
    that the two of them might be knee-deep in plannin’
    a Miami Heat for the world of pucks in Lake Wobegon

    That particular feelin’ of mine is not worth the electrons gathered
    to print it!

  146. Nash is the captain and by all accounts a highly regarded one. These guys play for their teammates. If he doesn’t get traded I don’t see him laying down, he will be a professional.

  147. Stan Fischler just interviewed between periods of the Devils game. He said the Rangers will NOT get Nash cause the price is to high. It’s time we move on and forget about getting Nash. I for one am not happy about this.

  148. better beans than these on

    Carp: for better or worse, YOUR job; not “you’re” job.

    I’m blamin’ rugby concussions….:-).

  149. If former Icelander shill Stan Fischler says Nash is not coming to the Rangers, the odds of him becoming a ranger just increased exponetially!

  150. better beans than these on

    The Kids, as so many of us predicted, are worn out,
    in part by the style of play.

    In a particular “nit” – Stepan. Almost as much “not here”
    these days as Dubi…

  151. I Rarely Speak on

    beans i dont think you could be more wrong about stepan.. because of one off night? really?

  152. If he doesn’t get traded I don’t see him laying down, he will be a professional.


    Neither do I…I also don’t see him as a happy camper, especially after this. He’s obligated to dress. He’s not obligated to continue to leave it all on the ice for an organization that tried to auction him off publicly. And the same can now be said for Dubi.

  153. **BREAKING NHL NEWS**Source: Rangers personal have been told 2be avail for press conference Tuesday.. NASH #IBN on the money again!

    That guy makes no sense…

  154. Yev Kassem… Sorry but disagree 100%. Stan Fischler is in the know and I believe him. We need to get him. Elite players aren’t available a lot and when they are you trade for them. A prospect is exactly that a prospect when Nash is young and a star. Not for nothing but if Kreider is so good why does he only have 19 goals playing with college kids. Not impressive. Plus Brian Boyle and Gilroy were college stars. How is that working out?

  155. Oleo- the moment this guy you’re quoting gets to the point where he knows the difference between “personal” and “personnel” I’ll start believing in what he says…maybe

  156. Mike

    Stan Fischler was in know about 20 years ago. Now he is just a gimmick and his insight is rarely anything of value…

  157. If it was Nash who actually intiated all this- and there is some specualtion that his agent quietly did so- then he can’t hold this process against the org.

    In my opinion the only way Nash gets traded at deadline for a low ball is if CBJ are desperate to remove payroll for this season. Not sure I’ve heard this reported so there doesn’t seem to be that kind of pressure but who knows.

  158. ilb2001

    given his background, i find it hard to believe that guy has sources in every league, for all the NY sports teams especially with Glen Sather of all people.

    Not to mention that he would have already played his first Rangers game by Tuesday so an official press conference would be silly. Do the Rangers even do those?

  159. Not getting Nash is going to haunt this team for years. We had an opportunity to add a world class player in his prime to a team that has worked it’s way to the top.

    This will be acid in my stomach down the stretch, through the playoffs, through the Parise sweepstakes, and through all the follies of saviour Chris Kreider, who may never be a Ranger anyway.

  160. Salty

    why would Kreider never be a Ranger? Let me guess he secretly wants to play for Boston just like Carl Hagelin only wanted to play for the Red Wings…

  161. Olga Folkyerself on


    I just dropped my glass of Miller beer. It was the first round, too. Better watch where I’m Stepan. Ranger fan is going to clean up….

  162. Panthers jump from 8 to number 3 in the conference same day they acquire Wolski.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  163. I hope you all are correct but I got the feeling on Monday at 3:00 we will have some scrub dman and that’s it. Having a great season and believe Nash will make us serious threats.

  164. Salty I’m with you on wanting Nash, but would you trade one of Stepan/McD/MDZ plus Dubi, Kreider and a no 1? Because I’m guessing that’s around what CBJ is asking. Again, just speculating based on reports.

  165. better beans, I wasn’t calling you guys idiots. I was calling the TV folks and amateur reporters and twidiots “idiots.” They don’t know. And they throw it out there like they do know.

    as far as nitpickers, well, when you nitpick, that makes you a nitpicker. if you search the world to find one little blemish on a victory, like a fourth liner who might have struggled on a shift or two, that’s nitpicking in my book. so if the shoe fits …

    please don’t give me Stan as a source.

    Parise’s contract will be bigger and longer than Nash’s, and will take him to an older age.

  166. Carp I agree on Parise’s contract and a lot of good teams have good cap space. Which is why I actually think having Nash for 6 years at 7.8m is fine. Especially with Gabby having only 2 more years. I think Nash’s payroll hit is a non-issue.

  167. Chico just suggested that there are a lot of positives to take from Devils loss to a depleted Tampa Bay team. I’d like him to elaborate on that….

  168. this was a twidiot’s tweet on the TSN tradecentre twitter twitter tweeter thing. thought you’d enjoy it:

    TK$ ? @kaner15

    Excited for #tradecentre tmrrw. I am however not excited for the 60 times I expect to vomit after Pierre McGuire speaks #thoughttheyfiredhim

  169. Nash isn’t coming and he will continue to be a elite scorer on Columbus and we as Ranger fans will continue to cry that our PP stinks and we have a team full of 3rd line players except for a few players. Not enough to be a serious threat in the playoffs. If Crosby comes back we have no shot of beating them

  170. Mike, with all due respect, any prospect is a crap shoot. I had the honor of seeing Kreider play live at the TB nothbank in 2010 (the infamous beanpot tournament). I have been watching hockey since the late 1960’s. There aren’t many hockey players I have EVER seen who have Kreiders size and skating ability. (as well as soft hands). You don’t trade this kid!

    All the scouts rave about him and I think it is a given that the Rangers mgt love him and will not deal him. When it comes to college players, the Rangers have been ON TARGET lately. Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh!

    I trust the scouts, Gordie Clark and my own eyes!

    The trade will not happen if the BJ’s insist on Kreider.

  171. Mike to get Nash would you trade one of Stepan/McD/MDZ plus Dubi, Kreider and late no 1 pick? Salty hasn’t responded to that question so I assume he wouldn’t do it. :)

  172. only reason i think theres the slight possibilty he comes hre is tha we havent made any other trades yet. as soon as we hear a trade go down for a forward it probably means its not hapening

  173. I Rarely Speak on

    for anybody to say one way or another has no idea.. i say if by tomm. around 10 hes not been traded the rangers will make a different move

  174. DJK agree Nash is great but would you trade for him regardless of price? Would you blame Sather for passing if the price is too high?

  175. Matteau… I don’t want to trade Kreider at all. BUT I honestly believe that we can make the deal without him if we include MDZ. I would do MDZ, Duby, either JT Miller or Thomas and a 1st. Erixon can take MDZ spot next year and we get another dman on Monday. We were all pulling our hair last year with MDZ hence the name DelZaster. We CAN’T let MDZ stop us from getting a young big elite scoring forward. We are getting him away from making a serious run this playoff season

  176. Latona,
    The situation worsens daily…some prognostications have yielded a year max. Compression of spinal chord with fractured vertebrae indicative of the latter stages of this dastardly disease. Thank you for your thoughts and concern. As you know late stage prostate cancer, at this point, only has palliative treatments. I hope that curative solutions will come down the NJ Turnpike at some point.

    Kind regards,
    Duck the Builder

  177. DJK I don’t think the NMC matters that much as he is under contract and there’s no obligation to trade him. It seems CBJ expecting a high price or he won’t be traded. Would you trade one of Stepan/McD/MDZ plus Dubi, Kreider and a late no1? Of course i don’t know that’s the price but hypothetically would you do that?

    Mike, my concern with trading MDZ is that he and Gaborik seem to be figuring it out together. That’s the kind of chemistry you don’t mess with. Then again do you do it and hope Staal’s improvement continues so he plays top 4 minutes in MDZ’s place? I’d say a definite maybe. :)

  178. Sorry, Mao…I hope he can avoid suffering. The medical field has advanced significantly in that regard. In treating advanced stages of that devastating disease- not so much.

  179. is there a player named Stills in the league? Could put together a nice line of Sydney, Rick & some other player?

  180. ilbster, thanks! The care he has been given has been excellent. I had higher hopes for the Provenge treatment, however. Seems it didn’t lower PSA at all.

  181. Mike to get Nash would you trade one of Stepan/McD/MDZ plus Dubi, Kreider and late no 1 pick? Salty hasn’t responded to that question so I assume he wouldn’t do it. :)


    No, and I also don’t think that’s even close to what Howson is expecting.

    They want Dubi, Kreider, [sweetener], and the #1 pick AFAIK…

    I would give Dubi and almost anything else they want besides Kreider.

    or say Dubi & Kreider and that’s it….

    Basically my stance is LOAD up a deal with Dubi and tons of prospects… make it an offer that a rebuilding team can’t refuse.

    Chances of Kreider, Erixon, McIllrath, JT Miller, blah blah blah blah are all big time contributors to the New York Rangers during our window at a cup are pretty BUFFIN slim, in my opinion.

  182. Would you blame Sather for passing if the price is too high?


    I’d be upset he didn’t make it work, somehow keeping the current roster in tact (minus #17), which is his bread and butter…making it work and getting his man.

    This guy Howson is clearly a BUFFIN IDIOT, I can’t believe Sather hasn’t bent him over yet…and at this point it might never happen.

  183. Salty I just don’t think a 4m 3rd liner with 6 goals plus a prospect and a pick gets it done. Remember it isn’t just Howson, they have Craig Patrick involved. And because it’s the franchise’s primary asset you have to believe ownership is paying close attention. Sather won’t be able to roll anyone here. Unless ownership needs to save the money for the rest of the season, which I don’t think has been reported.

  184. There are still strong rumors that Rick Nash will be traded to the San Jose Sharks.
    There are so many connections with the Sharks’ Joe Thornton. Nash and Thornton have played together on the same line internationally in both the Olympics and during the NHL lockout. Joe’s brother John is a partner and co-founder with Nash’s agent Joe Resnick inTop Shelf Sports Management, a firm that represents both Jumbo Joe and Nash. The Sharks allegedly balked at the Blue Jackets’ asking price for Nash of Logan Couture. However, things can change as the deadline approaches. Stay tuned.
    Related: Joe Thornton
    Source: San Jose Mercury News Feb 26th

    I found this on rotoworld

  185. Sather will call anybody’s bluff. he’s the best in the business when it comes to hardline trading. give him that.

    Is there a Young in the league? You know, to join Crosby, Staals, Nash?

  186. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “We can’t let MDZ prevent us from getting Nash?” Really! I can. I can also let a bottle of squirt prevent us from getting Nash.

  187. I agree 100% with Salty. I am tired of hearing about prospects I WANT guarantees and Nash is a guarantee. Slats needs to do whatever it takes to get him and unfortunately I believe he won’t and we will be regretting this for years to come especially when Kreider is Duby 2.0

  188. Salty
    you’re forgetting that howson also has
    craig patrick giving him advice.
    so, while you think howson is an idiot
    he’d have to be a surpreme idiot
    if he ignores advice from patrick
    who did pretty good with the Rangers
    and pens

  189. better beans than these on

    Speak: He’s been on my list for a while.
    Think his batteries are really low, not surprisingly.
    Wonderin’ if he can somehow re-charge for
    Round Two. Face-offs almost non-competitive
    at important times.

    Carp: From my better self to your better self:
    (if there’s ever a moment they’re breathin’ at the same
    time) You’re very welcome!!!!
    One man’s nits are another man’s treasure…

    ILB: Marty just have a “Bad Marty” day, or were Devs
    lookin’ to tomorrow night too much?

    Interestin’ point by Aaron Portzline: Hitchcock used Nash
    on PK. Successors, not so much, or not at all.
    Maybe, for us skeptics, he will be a much better player
    with different guidance….
    Still skeptical.

  190. Carp!! HAHAHA!! love it!! Crosby, Staals and Nash!! so it is written, so it shall de done!

  191. I Rarely Speak on

    now Brooks tweeting that he hasnt heard anything to make him think that nash will be part of the morning skate.. its obvious since NONE of the tsn guys are reporting anything that howson and sather (who is always like this) has completely shut out the public.. i dont buy that that means anything about a deal one way or another

  192. Carp I definitely give Sather his props on a good number of his trades. I just think CBJ highly values their asset and they aren’t desperate or obligated to move the asset before the deadline if they don’t get their price. In my mind that means they still hold the cards.

  193. Mike, what leads you to believe Kreider will be Dubi 2.0? What round was Dubi selected in?
    Seems appropriate for a 3rd line player. where was Kreider selected?

    Prospects are indeed a gamble, but there is NO WAY (if you have been reading what the Rangers think of this kid) that he gets traded. And there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that he will be Dubi 2.0

  194. the crosby, staals and Nash recording live from Woodstock is a top ten all time live recordings.

  195. Larry Brooks ? @NYP_Brooksie Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    No reason to believe Sather has changed position on rejecting CBJ requests for Chris Kreider. Uncertain about stance relating to JT Miller.


  196. better beans than these on

    Sadly, the evidence mounts that ownership/NY Smart Guy
    put manacles on Shanahan.

  197. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Yev –

    This is interesting, re propects being a crap shoot. You know, sometimes, at the green felt table you do roll 7 or 11 on the come out. This is exactly why you take a shot, and give a kid the chance to run the table or crap out.

    The Maples looked at their young, system prospect Brad Park that way and, my God, for a shoestring, we fleeced them out of one of the greatest defensemen in the history of the game. We lost young Gordie Howe, the same way. There is just too much at stake with a talented young player to part company with him before you know what he will amount to at the NHL level. And, yes, most of them disappoint, but you don’t routinely throw your best prospects out for some temporary relief. A short order cook in a hash house today is not better than a chef at the Waldorf, tomorrow. Tomorrow will get here, after all.

  198. better beans than these on

    When his name came up in previous days, I joined the
    Get Iginla Fan Club.

    Small sample last night against Flyers – I might wanna

  199. My personal opinion about Howson and whether or not he’s really holding the cards; I think it’s all posturing. I think they have every intention of trading Nash still, and the GM’s at play (especially Sather) hold more water in the equation because in reality, they hold the assets that Columbus desperately wants in order to turn their franchise around.

    They know they can’t get fast returns on their franchise unless they upgrade in numbers. The only way they are doing so is with dealing Nash, otherwise it’s going to take a lot longer for the process. The Rangers obviously are interested in Nash in the same way they would be interested if it were an Ovechkin or Malkin… you just don’t pass up on the chance. But when you’re not the desperate party, you can manipulate the process of the trade. Just like Sather did when Tampa was passing the pipe and entertained the notion of trading Stamkos.

    I really believe that Nash gets dealt tomorrow, and even though everyone stated that CBJ wouldn’t have played Nash in today’s game if a deal was close is also posturing on their part. It gives the impression that they may hold onto him. Nash is the captain, and if they sat him today for the prospect of trading him before tomorrow it sends messages to both the teams interested in selling their farms and to their captain who could very well still be playing their after Monday.

    I just think everyone is playing hardball right now… and nothing leading up to 5:00pm today has changed a thing leading up to tomorrow 3:00pm.


  200. I think they have to trade him now.

    I think Howson is not in the driver’s seat here.

    and his franchise is going to be in flames when this is done.

  201. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    While I am pleased to see Staal’s game coming around, for a “shutdown” defensemen to be at least partially responsible for both Sabre goals last night, I still have concerns. I consider McDonaugh and DelZotto to be more valuable than Marc. With Girardi’s development as the number one defensive defenseman on the team, Stall has been relegated to the second pair. Our top four defensemen are the best in the business and cannot be moved.

  202. People people, try to stay cool LOL….

    Once again despite reports to contrary, hearing things are trending our way.

    Don’t forget, should Sather & the Rangers publicly announce they’re out,
    Howser’s leverage decreases by about 70+% with whomever is left.

    So that won’t happen. Rangers will be in till the end, should they decide.

    and the same thing that was true a month ago remains true now;
    it’s a natural fit for both teams.

    Besides, the clock says this can’t go on much longer….. try to breathe haha….

  203. Indeed Boom Boom!

    The Habs had a kid in their system named Ryan McDonagh. He was a first round draft pick like Chris Kreider. Like Kreider, he was a Solid NCAA Div 1 player for a good hockey school, the Univ of Wisconsin.

    As we watch McMONSTER develop into one of the best defenseman in the NHL at the ripe old age of 22, do you think the Habs are kicking themselves because they let him get away?

    I guess I have a strange attachment to Kreider because he is the one ranger prospect who I got to see play live. His performance at the 2010 Beanpot was eye popping. Oh and by the way, he had two goals and an assist at this years beanpot.

    As I said earlier, I have been a ranger fan for almost 45 years. I have seen many players during that time with the size of Kreider who are as good as a skater as he is. His speed rivals that of Hags in a MUCH bigger body. He has goal scorers hands and a wicked wrist shot. IMHO, this kid is the real deal. I want to see him grow and develop on the rangers!

  204. Cape, do you really blame Staal for that first goal, that double-odd-bounce play during the 4-on-4 on which he twice prevented a breakaway?

  205. William I agree Columbus is posturing but again I don’t think they make the trade if they don’t get their price. At a minimum they need to be able to explain the trade to their fan base who love Nash. Unless they already decided about Hamilton and don’t care. He may well get traded tomorrow but I believe if he does it’s because one of the GMs paid a high price. Otherwise he stays.

  206. Bob McKenzie ? @TSNBobMcKenzie
    May be a tactic by CBJ, or not, but teams with most interest in Nash don’t believe he’ll move by deadline. Switching focus to other targets.

    ugh getting so tired of this now….

  207. CARP: on that goal, Staal made a diving save and poked the puck away. Who is blaming him for the goal? That is nuts! The coverage in front is what caused that goal to happen.

  208. Carp we do agree that if they trade Nash tomorrow for Dubi, Erixon, and a no1 or something equivalent with another team, that the franchise is toast.

  209. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Nash is definitely coming, trade should be announced tonight….

    One of my ex-girlfriends had a dog whose groomer dated a guy who was a third cousin of a lady who did manicures and pedicures to a lot of stars in Hollywood. She said she just talked to a girl 20 minutes ago who knows a guy whose sister hooked up with charlie sheen one night in New York a couple years ago and afterwards took $300 bucks out of sheen’s wallet while he was still passed out to take the train back to Jersey and while boarding the train met a porter who she stayed in contact with.

    The porter just sent her a text saying he just saw a guy getting off the train wearing an Avery #16 Rangers jersey with dark glasses and a fake mustache that had the exact same build as Nash carry a bag with several hockey sticks hanging out the back.

    Nash is coming!!

    Source: see above

  210. Not saying you think that package is cheap (I do), just that we agree that if they don’t get a high price they’re in flames.

  211. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    If Stall hadn’t let Ennis behind him in the first place, there never would have a been a scoring chance for the Sabres. Then he focused on Ennis on the sidewall instead of checking to see if there was anyone coming down the slot.

  212. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    sure, but please list me as “anonymous source”

  213. Man, I couldn’t agree with Orr more. End this torture! What will our team look like after 3pm tomorrow… ughhhhh

    Carp: Bread? 5 DOLLARS! (inflation)

  214. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Things could always change at last minute/tmrw, but at this point doesn’t appear Nash to Rangers is going to happen
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    Move on.. nothing to see here…..

  215. Yev

    I 100% agree that Kreider is untouchable and while he wont be a top 6 player on arrival, he will eventually turn into a player of Nash’s caliber as he gets more experience. However, there are some that believe every single prospect with promise is untouchable and trading any one of them will kill us down the road and that I cannot agree with.

    There are so much more busts like Grachev, Sanguinettis and Werek than there are Stepan, McDonagh and Del Zotto that giving up one guy from an area of surplus wont cause us to miss a beat…

  216. Columbus is in flames either way and has been for a while. And I will thoroughly enjoy the crumble whether we get Nash or not.

    They’re another joke expansion franchise, and should just be contracted rather than moved. Enough with this nonsense. Eliminate these novelty teams in NON-HOCKEY markets and you begin to increase the quality of the game and limit the opportunity for the scumbag players who serve no purpose other than to bruise people to have jobs. You want to protect your stars? Start with knocking off about 4 NHL teams…and then keep going.

  217. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Take a look at the celebration picture of Dubi, Cally and Girardi. These guys are the heart and soul of the team. This team has been so successful because there is real bond between the players. Torts will be hesitant to break up our happy family.

  218. Kreider is untouchable and while he wont be a top 6 player on arrival, he will eventually turn into a player of Nash’s caliber as he gets more experience.


    That is an INCREDIBLY bold statement.

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mcd, mdz, staal, girardi, Bickel, and strawman for Nash. Rangers will unveil the no D defense. 5 forwards and Hank.

  220. Salty, I agree with that bold statement!

    I was so blown away when I got to see the kid play. Remember the excitement generated here due to Hags speed? That is what Kreider brings, but he is much bigger and has better hands and is a better finisher than hags.

    I would be OK with trading ANY other prospect in the ranger system for Nash. I would NOT trade Kreider

  221. Trading Nash may not be so rough on Columbus fans….they are sick of losing; they are losing with him in the line up. They have a chance to rebuild, and a pick is valuable to them.

    It is a win win situation for everyone if we give up talent, promise, and pick for proven talent.

    Pitts and Philly have stronger offense, but lack defense. We have a strong defense and need help on offense; Nash provides it.

    Nash for Dubi, MDZ and a pick is a win win for both teams. Erixson can be considered in the mix too. We just got CAP ready yesterday for this.

    I am pulling for it to happen. Nash is 27 and could score 30-40 goals per year, with hard, blue-collar hockey. He will love New York, Cally and Torts.

  222. Oleo, since we are so deep on D, I would give up Erixon or mcIlrath and would even consider trading them both!

  223. I’m with Yez on Krieder because he could end up being a Nash style player. I also want to see McIlrath stay as we will need a hard stay at home d man.

  224. Salty

    that does sound a little bold but when I say Nash’s caliber I mean a top line power forward who makes multiple all-star games. Think low 30s goals and assists…

    His combination of speed, size and skill is incredible, however, he is not ready to step in right away. He still has consistency issues but my guess is he is our 3rd line RW to open the season and give us around 30-35 points over a full season…

  225. My sources down in the Paraguayan league just told me that Nash to NYR is a done deal.

    CARP, go ahead and report.

  226. Yev

    I absolutely hated the McIlrath pick and still do despite the fact that I have never seen him play other than the pre-season games. Drafting a player whose best attribute is their size is almost always a disaster.

    A bigger, meaner Stu Bickel is nice and all but not what you want out of the 10th overall selection…

  227. um, in 21 more hours maybe he’ll be off the table. or if Sather does something major in the meantime. until then, don’t discount anything, despite these premature reports.

  228. Oleo: I agree, but he was just ranked in the top ten WHL defenseman. They had him at # 8 and said he has improved in all areas of the game. Usually you are right on this point. look at “huge Specimen”… a MONUMENTAL bust.

    But, I gotta say that I have enormous faith in Gordie Clark! He has been right more than wrong and has uncovered gems!

  229. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Doesn’t appear Rangers are willing to concede to CBJ demands. At this point, NYR considered out of running for Nash
    5 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    GOOD FOR THEM! Would it be great to have him? OF COURSE, but the price has to be right. Slats just went up a few notches in my book

  230. stranger nation on

    Yev – i’m with you – let coaching staff – Shoney… get their hands on McIlbust – look what they have done recently with young Dmen.

    Always liked Bickel – hope Torts keep playing him – Em has looked out of sorts since return.

    Sauer-power is MIA – hope he can make it back this season

  231. If the rangers were to acquire a forward w/o trading a forward from there NHL roster who do u think would be the odd man out. I would say rupp but I just don’t get the feeling that would happen. Thoughts?

  232. I agree stranger! They have done wonders with the D men. Look, everyone was ready to jettison Del Zaster last year. They knew what they were doing. Sent him down, coached him well. Not only does he have offensive ability, but his defense, and physical play have improved greatly. I have tremendous faith in the scouting and coaching of this organization!


  233. Carp: what do you think about these latest tweets. Do you buy it or do you think it is total posturing by both sides?

  234. what forwards are in most danger of losing their spots on this team tomorrow? Dubinsky is obvious, Anisimov? Feds? Rupp? Hagelin? -Christensen-? -Wolski-?

  235. LOL, you really believe all this gibberish that all of a sudden became available to everyone? Posturing via media by both teams…

  236. Seamus I think I’m with you and I do MDZ, Dubi, Erixon, and pick. Close call because I really like what MDZ and Gabby are developing together. I don’t think CBJ accepts any less and even with that package may still hold out for Kreider over Erixon.

  237. I know it is still too early to finalized… but it looks like this insanity may be coming to an end. I was never afraid of Sather throwing too much to get Nash. It sounds like he knows he is in the position of power and won’t budge. Good for him.

  238. Wow. Did some checking around. Sounds as if, not only are the Rangers out on Nash, but they don’t expect any major moves by the deadline.

  239. can’t trade both Erixon and MDZ. one or the other. I have no problem if the Rangers walk away from Nash, as long as he does not end up traded somewhere else. can’t help but feel though, this may be a wasted opportunity in regards to winning the cup this season. who says they are going to be back in this spot next season.

  240. iDoodie machetto on

    If the reports are true, kudos to both Sather and Howson for sticking to their respective guns. Nash would have been nice at the right price, but that price didn’t seem to materialize.

    Now don’t overpay on a rental.

  241. kreider is going no where… I have been a ranger fan as long as Yev Kassam, they have had very very few guys with his physical abilities. that size, speed, and skill. Not many. On hif he will pan out that is the mystery, no one knows. He may be better then Nash or he may be Jessiman. The odds are against the Jessiman comparison for a few basic reason. Kredier has been a star over the last 3 college years at a big time program, playing in a lot of big games and tournaments(world junior) jessiman never faced that type of competition.

    Ask stepan if Kreider is the real deal they played together 3 years ago when Kreider was just a boy and won the gold……….

  242. Not too surprised. If you don’t get the game changer in Nash, who else is available that is worth messing with what you currently have going with this team?

  243. rangers do not need to make a major move rentals wil ldue.
    i try to get gausatd at the right price or AK 436, on the defensive front for a depth d not sure what is available…

    this team will be a lot happier tommorrow about 3 pm, dubi, aa, and others will be able to exhale and smile.

  244. I Rarely Speak on

    Carp i trust you more than anybody.. but you were the one just telling us 21 more hours so i still wont be surprised by anything

  245. … but, as I said, one of the few I trust is Kypreos … so when he tweeted it, I did some checking. Found out he was right … and then some.

    *new post.*

  246. stranger nation on

    CBJ do not have to deal Nash, esp. since they already got rid of “Hurricane” Carter.

    Howson have to interview for the GM job – jeez, the guy has turned this into a real Carcillo show. He must only have a one year deal…

  247. One more thing about Kreider.. He was an INTEGRAL part of BC’s team that won a National championship. We are talking NCAA Div I.


    This year BC is ranked 4th or 5th in the nation.

  248. All I’m saying, *at the time* and *if* Kreider will become Nash caliber player, he will cost us approximately the same, inflation aside…

  249. But 4everranger, we control him for YEARS at a reasonable cost. That is a fact of life in the salary cap NHL

  250. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    4everranger –

    You could be right, Kreider could become a Nash-type player. My projection is that Miller becomes a Nash-type player and Kreider does even better than that.

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