No Rick Nash, no significant moves for Rangers


As of Sunday evening, 21 hours before the deadline, it sure sounds as if the Rangers will not be getting Rick Nash. It also sounds as if, unless something major changes, they will not be making any significant moves before the 3 p.m. deadline tomorrow.

Guessing that Columbus wouldn’t back off their demands for top Rangers defenseman (Michael Del Zotto/Ryan McDonagh) and/or Chris Kreider in the deal for Nash.

I doubt that dealing Brandon Dubinsky or the No. 1 draft pick would have been an issue.

But it sounds as if Glen Sather is not going to bend on whatever he was offering, and that the Rangers are now out of the running for Nash.

I still imagine Sather might make some relatively minor deals to fortify his team for a playoff run, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if the day goes by without an NHL player coming or going.

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  1. indeed. I proceeded with caution until Kypreos tweeted it. I trust him a lot. So I did some sniffing around. And heard very clearly that they don’t expect any significant moves by the deadline.

    Things could change. But sounds like Nash demands are too high and not changing.

  2. sometimes the best moves are the moves you do not make. It appears like Sather has finally smartened up or he is getting good advice.

  3. i may have to forgive Sather for being a moron for the first 7 years since the new and improved Sather is listening to his coach and top talent guys and has fallen out of love with the sizzle of star players………..

    sather stick to your guns, be smart, do not mortgage the future, often the best deal is the deal you do not make………..

  4. I Rarely Speak on

    if they dont have any thing else planned why back out now?? why not wait till tomorrow? thats the part i dont get

  5. And that just supports what the blog has been saying for some time- we’ve learned to trust our management and they’d what’s right.

  6. now what was the point of trading Wolski? unless we were doing him a favor, something that all the reporters were saying was definitely not the case.

  7. sorry Carp but I don’t buy it, depending on the

    Not saying your source is wrong or questioning you in any way but I have a hard time believing the Rangers are going to stand pat. Either this information is being leaked intentionally or something will change since 1st place teams always do something even if it is Joe Rental player for middling prospect and 2nd round pick…

  8. “I Rarely Speak February 26th, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    if they dont have any thing else planned why back out now?? why not wait till tomorrow? thats the part i dont get”

    how is this hard to understand. Howson wants way to much for Nash and nobody in the NHL is going to give it to him and Howson will not change his stance. It’s as simple as that.

  9. I think Carp said that nothing of substance will be done, that doesn’t exclude small moves….

  10. “Lev February 26th, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    now what was the point of trading Wolski? unless we were doing him a favor, something that all the reporters were saying was definitely not the case.”

    wasn’t going to play for the rangers so why keep a 4 mil a year guy against the cap. Get something for him. Salary dump.

  11. I Rarely Speak on

    tomg my point is why not keep negotiating? i mean if they want too much fine dont make the trade.. but if your not going to do anything else i would keep going with howson.. the guy has a reputation for being an idiot

  12. Good news. The Rangers can get Parise or someone else “for free” in the off-season. Of course, since the trade is a guarantee you get the player and anything can happen in free agency, make the trade if it’s fair. No need to give up DZ/MD/Kr. I like this non-move, if those guys are the hold-up.

    Lev – they still got a 3rd rounder. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing – the Rangers were unlikely give Wolski an offer in the off-season. Still, they might have gotten a better deal if they waited and traded his rights…or a better draft pick if they offered him something negligible.

    Jeeves!: Get the RFA compensation tables! (“Jeeves” meaning anyone on this blog besides me)

  13. And I maintain that if anyone blinks it’s Sather because he sees a Cup while CBJ has no real obligation or time constraint. This one time Sather is not in control.

  14. “I Rarely Speak February 26th, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    tomg my point is why not keep negotiating? i mean if they want too much fine dont make the trade.. but if your not going to do anything else i would keep going with howson.. the guy has a reputation for being an idiot”

    I would agree with what you are saying but Howson is being advised by Craig Patrick and he isn’t a dummy.

  15. “Rangers West February 26th, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    I pity the fool who tries to move McDonagh, Krieder or Del Zotto.”

    Like I’ve said before, that would be organizational suicide.

  16. I Rarely Speak on

    again the fans saying they are relieved.. some of you i guarantee that if they get ousted in the 1st or 2nd round you will be calling for sather’s head..

  17. I Rarely Speak,

    My take on that is who guarantees that if the Rangers had Nash they would make it past the 1st or 2nd round, I can’t, could you?

  18. I have to trust Sather did everything in his reasonable power and Howson is just stubborn enough to stick to his guns.

    Still pisses me off…opportunities like this are RARE.

    I’ll say though…if you’re not gonna do a big move…. F it….stay pat

  19. TERRIBLE NEWS Carp. Very Very disappointed. Can’t believe a MDZ AKA Del Zaster is going to prevent us from getting Nash. This is devastating news. Now all we need to do is either lose in the first round or can’t score goals in the second round and this will just complete the disaster and all the good vibes we had this season will be completely vanished. Very Disheartening!!!!!!

  20. no one can guarantee anything but ill tell you what i sure as heck feel safer going into the playoffs with Rick Nash on my team, having lost Dubinsky, Erixon, Miller, and 1st rounder.

  21. I would be really happy if nothing happens tomorrow. I think this is a very good but flawed team that surely could use another scoring threat like a Nash but I think there is so much good going on with the chemistry, the work ethic, and the development of our young players that the outlook really does need to be this year and the future…not just this year.

    I love this team and there have been many teams in the league that needed to lose a heart breaking playoff series and really learn out how to win in the playoffs and I think that is the most likely outcome this year with next year being the ear where they can be the bona fide SC threat…and so if one believes that train of thought and I obviously do, then I’m happy to see them stand pat and let the natural development of this team continue.

  22. “Lev February 26th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    no one can guarantee anything but ill tell you what i sure as heck feel safer going into the playoffs with Rick Nash on my team, having lost Dubinsky, Erixon, Miller, and 1st rounder.”

    but again, if the rangers has Nash those wouldn’t be the players the rangers would be missing.

  23. I Rarely Speak: I will be disappointed if they go out in the first round for sure.

    But, as I paid for my season tickets during the Dark Years between 1997 and the lockout, I used to pray for a ranger team that was loaded with home grown talent that wouldn’t just be good for a year or two, but that could compete for a decade. I think we have 5-7 years of Henrik at his best. He is in great shape and goalies can stay good longer than front line or back line players.

    We are ahead of schedule this year and have a lot of potential talent in the pipeline. I will NOT be critical of Sather not making this deal. As a matter of fact, I applaud him for sticking to the plan for this organization!!!

  24. I Rarely Speak on

    i cant guarantee anything with Nash but it gives the impression that they are going for it which fans (especially casual ones) like.. I would love to have Nash for the right deal and i would do the dubi erixon miller and a pick trade.. with Nash and only giving up Dubi i think we would have become cup favorites imo

  25. I Rarely Speak,

    Your point is actually made in a different way than you think. Continuing to mull over Columbus demands until 3 pm gives Columbus the idea that you might still go for it. Telling them the Rangers are out is a powerful negotiating tool in itself called walking away from the table. For Columbus to really cave to our demands we have to hold the proverbial gun to their head. Since the Rangers are not desperate at all they don’t have to do anything. And now we know whatever happens will be on the rangers terms.

    Probably Caro use right of course, just pointing it out to you

  26. “I Rarely Speak February 26th, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    i cant guarantee anything with Nash but it gives the impression that they are going for it which fans (especially casual ones) like.. I would love to have Nash for the right deal and i would do the dubi erixon miller and a pick trade.. with Nash and only giving up Dubi i think we would have become cup favorites imo”

    Of course you would have done that deal but that’s not what Howson wants so it’s a moot point.

  27. Yeah kind of disappointing if true…so much talk and nothing at the end. I guess guys like Boyle, Prust, Rupp and Mitchell will have to provide all the secondary scoring in playoffs…sigh

  28. @I Rarely Speak

    I don’t know if I’d like the trade but I would have found any combo of Dubi, AA, MZA, 1-2 first or second rounders and Erixon to be an okay gamble/trade.

  29. if Ovechkin gets traded tomorrow, the Mayans were wrong, the world is ending tomorrow. at least the Capitals world.

  30. Certainly I R S. But I don’t think that’s the deal that Sather is walking away from.

    We can come up with lots of hypothetical “I’d pull the trigger if this was the deal” scenarios, but there is no point in criticizing a non-deal when you don’t know what was needed to make it happen.

  31. Lev: their owner has a massive ego. He dealt Jagr to us under similar circumstances too (although Jagr was a little older than OV at the time)

  32. I Rarely Speak on

    again im not criticizing sather for not making a deal.. i trust him completely when it comes to this type of stuff.. i just want him to negotiate as long as possible

  33. I agree CCCP this decision will be regretted and bite us in the rear for many many years to come. When all our prospects turn out to be adequate at best we will be crying for top notch scorers and we could of had one and we are blinded by our ridiculous love for our prospects. Sickening!!!

  34. I’ve been following this Nash rumor since it started. I followed closely Aaron Portzline (bluejackets beat writer) and he said Howson wanted Delzotto or McDonaugh, Kreider, draft picks and other top prospects. If this was Malkin, that’s one thing but it isn’t, price is way to high for Nash.

  35. another reason why ill be upset if nothing gets done tomorrow is that YOU KNOW that the Bruins will make moves, and Pittsburgh will probably decide that Crosby is done for the year and get some scoring help.

  36. I love how everyone takes this to be so set in stone like the deadline is 7 PM tonight.

    So much can and will change by the 3 PM tomorrow…

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hate on sather all you want, but when it comes to trades he’s usually pretty good. This is the latest tweet from Dreger:

    “DarrenDreger NYR wasn’t willing to pay price established for Nash prior to today + today CBJ asked for more than they were originally after”

    Whether it’s a ploy, or a final decision by Sather, it sounds like it was the right move. We’ll see if CBJ comes back.

  38. DarrenDreger NYR wasn’t willing to pay price established for Nash prior to today + today CBJ asked for more than they were originally after.#tradecentre


    asking for more? are they totally losing their mind in CB??

  39. Lev

    totally agree… i think it will be a mistake on Sather’s part not to try and bring in some help… because all other teams WILL be gearing up for the playoff run…

  40. Howson and I guess his adviser wants to rebuild the Bluejackets all in one trade, good luck with that because there isn’t a GM in hockey who will gut there organization for Nash. Howson is a clueless dope. I can see why the bluejackets have been bad and has never amounted to a winning franchise.

  41. wasnt Knuble brought to the Caps in the first place for the purpose of being like recchi was last year? how’d that work out? no thanks.

  42. I Rarely Speak on

    knuble has been good for the caps.. also the prefect locker room guy and would fit within the system

  43. Malkin is better than Nash but not by as much as some think. In terms of making this great but offensively challenged Ranger team a cup contender, either one of them works.

    Prospects and young guys are great but we’re over doing it with the prospect-love. The lesson of the past was to build a home grown core and culture, which they did, but that doesn’t mean you don’t ever trade the young guys if it means getting the guy that could put you over the top. They are in a good place to trade some of their depth on defense and prospects to get the key guy.

    I’m in the camp that says passing on Nash is a mistake, even at a substantial price.

    Guess there’s still time tomorrow but I don’t think CBJ comes down in price, I wouldn’t if I were them.

  44. OK, first of all, there was no way Zuccarello was holding up this deal as somebody suggested … and I doubt that even Anisimov was holding it up. It was probably Columbus’ insisting that Del Zotto, McDonagh, Stepan be in the package (and probably Kreider, too).

    As for, why stop negotiating. If you go a whole week and they won’t back away from those names, you eventually say, OK. Goodbye. Now, if Columbus comes back and substitutes Erixon for McDonagh/Del Zotto, for example, it could be back on again. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    Second, wait, are we talking the Mike Knuble, who turns 40 this summer, who can’t get into the Washington Capitals lineup, who is almost nightly prucha’d by Dale Hunter? That Mike Knuble? The one who was traded for Rob DiMaio when John Tortorella was an assistant coach with the Rangers 12 years ago? That Mike Knuble?

  45. PAP scored again tonight. I can see it now, PAP having a good year because it’s a contract year. The Islanders will sign him to a big contract and he will become Dubi part 2, can’t wait.

  46. See what happens tomorrow. I don’t believe we’ll do nothing in a year that may be our best shot to win the Cup in like forever.

  47. I Rarely Speak on

    great trade by the Rangers to trade Knuble for Rob Dimaio that worked out well.. if your looking for a rental who is a veteran whose played in big games knuble doesnt fit?

  48. thank you CARP.

    The clowns suggesting we get Knuble are amateur-hour, fallins-asleep-at-the-wheel clowns.

  49. sounds like San Jose’s coach found out Nash might be going to the Sharks and he fainted behind the bench….seriously, hope he’s alright.

  50. The Sabs are not far out of the playoffs, and it would be dumb to move Roy, who’s playing his best hockey of the season. They feel like they can make it, so I doubt they’d look to move him

    There’s not many sellers, I’d imagine, and look at what some teams have been giving up for some of these overrated d-men. I don’t even want to imagine what it will take to bring in a guy like Roy.

  51. so someone in the rangers organizations tells the media the price it too high — and it may be so — to make the blue jackets look unreasonable and sather look like a tough-dealing local hero. everyone who covers the rangers reports the same things. sather doesn’t leak information if he doesn’t have a good reason, and it seems to me that very few people know what he’s up to.

    fact is, the jackets really have no place to go outside of perhaps two or three teams (unless someone jumps in that nash approves), and since the rangers don’t have to make a trade they hold most of the leverage. but i don’t buy for a minute that anything has changed from yesterday to today. sather is trying to bring the price down.

  52. better beans than these on

    Firstly, the report, though from reliable sources, is not “hard.”
    Phrases such as “looks like” provide some caution.

    Secondly, it’s gamesmanship time. May be the Rangers are out,
    may be, as a few have suggested, they are playing a stronger hand
    to the hilt.

    Thirdly: maybe they just wanna clear their desks for the work that
    might net them a decent piece or two in the next twenty hours.

    I think this team is a helluva lot closer to the Cup than I would have
    guessed at the season’s start, but still not close. Unless the power
    play stays as good as it looks a night here a night there, and faceoffs
    get way more consistent, and some key guys get their energy back,
    I still make them around 18 or 20-1.

    Having said that, this is mostly a likeable, honest, hard-working group,
    and they deserve a chance to surprise skeptics like me. Night in and
    night out, with few exceptions, they’ve earned that chance. Big time.

    A first for Mike Knuble? Maybe a few years ago. Maybe. Probably less than
    that now.

    As DJK and a couple others are suggesting, the deadline almost always
    produces a surprise or two. I’m waitin’ ’til a wee bit after three tomorrow:-).

  53. I know Knuble and he’s a great guy in the room, but he’s done. And, if you’re looking for that playoff spark, his career stats: 80 playoff games. Five goals.

  54. I Rarely Speak on

    yes miami i am an amatuer hour clown yet you want a 36 year old signed through 2015.. that will do good things for the team too and would also cost a hell of alot more

  55. I Rarely Speak on

    and if knuble isnt the answer.. and carp you probably know better than me.. they need another forward to provide some timely goals..

  56. The news that CBJ came back today and asked for more supports the point that they are leveraging offers and working to maximize value. Hardly sweating bullets.

  57. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    You guys have certainly provided some great reading today!

    I have a feeling “HOWSON” is going into the Bonehead Lexicon

  58. once upon a time rangers fans were all up for trading away every prospects for any crappy overrated veteran. nowadays, a whole bunch of rangers fans think keeping every overrated player you happen to draft will make you a champion and they lean on most overrated word in sports: “chemistry.” if sather won’t give up kreider, stepan, mcD, mdz, in a deal, that’s great. if — and i doubt this — he’s holding up a deal for a superstar over erixon, dubinsky, anisimov, miller, he has lost his mind.

  59. where the hell are they going to get somebody who’s going to score timely goals without giving up a lot?

    There aren’t many guys who could play on the Rangers’ top three lines available. If they are available, it’ll be at considerable cost.

    Nash was the exception, hence the auction.

    And Zach Parise’s price just went up, because now the Rangers will be involved in the bidding.

  60. You never know who may made available tomorrow. Did we have a clue that Jagr would happen? I don’t remember having one.

  61. OK – late to the topic here I know – but Carp, in your review – no mention of Richards on the third pp (I think to start the third) – where he takes puck behind the net, and goes right up center ice into 4 (yes count them) 4 Buffalos. Surprise: he looses the puck, and the Sabres clear the zone. How can he possible think that he can cut through 4 Sabres to get to the net??? This is not PeeWee level. Until they learn that they have to control the puck and dump the zone if they do not control the blue line, they will never even have possession of the puck in the O zone for the pp to set up.
    They spend so much time above the circles because it sure seems like they dont know enough to get low – I dont really get it. So, I think Richards might actually be the problem here on the pp – and I am not a ‘sky is falling’ kinda guy – just that this damm pp sucks for, oh i dont know, the past 15 years or so!! I am trying to find a percent conversion for the past couple years – any team over 30% is considered quite capable on the pp – any ideas??

  62. fchamps, I think the “great” part is the real deal, and the “lost his mind part” is what he hasn’t done. Erixon, Dubinsky, Miller, Anisimov, first-rounder, weren’t getting this trade done.

  63. better beans than these on

    Columbus is not entirely without leverage here.

    They can play a kind of rational hardball with Nash and agents.

    “You guys want this relatively young star to have a more competitive
    future? OK, that’s reasonable. We want the same thing for the Jackets.
    Help us make it happen for both parties: expand your list in a co-operative
    way, so that teams like the Rangers and Leafs don’t hold most of the cards
    when we deal.

    “We don’t get that kind of help from you, gonna be almost impossible for us
    to find a good home for Rick.”

  64. czechthemout!!!! on

    If Drager is right, than Sather is right to walk away. I am also ok with not trying to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade. I also wouldn’t at all be surprised that Sather is just trying to smoke this guy out and school him. All Howson has done in this hole mess is created one possess off asset who is only going to bring them leas, much less than they would have got today.

  65. Coach … you are a coach, right? … 30 percent isn’t capable. It’s spectacular. And unheard of.

    Leading the league in 2011-12:

    21.6 by the Canucks, who have a fabulous PP.

  66. I Rarely Speak on

    well if your not going to give up something your not going to get something…. I mean really we cant afford to give up some prospects for a top 9 forward? this whole thinking doesnt make sense to me.. even if u overpay a LITTLE you overpay.. your in prime position to make a run

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    hank is over the hill and isnt the same player of several years ago….pull the trigger glen

  68. Carp… If MDZ is the reason the deal doesn’t get done that is a total disgrace and a terrible job by Slats. Plus everyone who is happy we don’t make this trade should never once post on this message board about how our PP stinks or we can’t score enough goals in the playoffs. If you do remember you can go to bed each night thanking God we still have MDZ on our team. This is a terrible decision which will be a black cloud over this team for many many years

  69. Howson howsoned the whole thing by making this public … now what does he do? he has an unhappy captain, and nobody’s going to trade for him at the draft because J.P. Parise’s kid is out there.

  70. Carp,
    if that was the Rangers offer that was turned down, the Howson is making a mistake. 3 players that would go into there lineup right now, and 2 first rounders. if he can do better, God bless him.

  71. The team that gets the best player wins the trade most of the time. Whatever he would have/could have gotten from the Rangers, the Blue Jackets weren’t going to be better.

  72. So can we get somebody like Kostitsyn, Stafford or Brassard for relatively cheap? Is that smart? Like a second rounder and a Bourque, Valentenko, Zuccarello or Thuresson type prospect. Not sure if this would 1) fly 2) be worthwhile for the NYR.

  73. IRS, give me a name. Tell me what scoring winger they could possibly get, then we can talk about what they’d have to give up. Because teams are trading a lot for fifth and sixth defensemen this week.

  74. This isn’t really over. This could pick up over the summer. Maybe by then, Howson will cave. Or they can just wait for Parise.

    Or they can trade for Nash, sign Parise and Suter, and trade everyone else, then start completely over.

  75. Carp –

    Yes I am – for many years. I guess I was thinking that 1 in 4 is very good – I am shocked that 21.6 is the highest. Do you know if this is since the lock out? Always been this low?

  76. sounds about right, carp. the only reason i think perhaps nash might be gotten 1. wishful thinking as a rangers fan clouds my reality. 2. behind the scenes, nash wants out and has let the jackets know that he won’t expand his list of teams. once parise is out there, nash’s value goes down. will nash expand his list this summer because he wants out bad enough? that’s a possibility, no doubt. but i don’t buy that you can get more for him later.

    I wonder why everyone things that Erixon, Dubinsky and/or Anisimov, Miller, and a first-rounder, aren’t getting this trade done. That’s a lot to give up. Historically, teams aren’t giving up much more for a top-line player — in the rare instances they’re traded. it’s hard to believe nash can stay there after all this

  77. when will people learn that zuccarello is useless as trade bait. he’s a free agent. well, half a free agent.

  78. i still dont think we’ve heard the last of Nash till the draft…..Carp does it surprise you that the team is unlikely to get another NHL player by the deadline tomorrow? doesnt sound like theyre going for it all…

  79. I Rarely Speak on

    well i trade from our depth which to me is D prospects and i trade Mcllarth or erixon for an eric nystrom or cal clutterbuck type?

  80. oh, and whomever asked why Wolski was cleared out … he was going to Connecticut (and off the books) if they couldn’t trade him. He was never going to play here again barring a rash of injuries.

  81. better beans than these on

    Wow! I was tryin’ to let the air out of that Knuble balloon gently,
    not having seen much of Mike for a while.

    Had no idea he was Donny Maloney in the playoffs:-). Wow!

    And, as to where they are gonna get a guy who can score?
    Well, nowhere, this year.

    But, they could actually identify and sign some kids who can do
    that thing that Rick Nash of 2008-9 used to do so well. I understand,
    in spite of the league’s anti-Ranger bias, the Blues are still invited
    to the draft.
    And, shorter term, they could consult with Holmgren, and a few other
    GMs, who consistently find kids like Wayne Simmonds (after having
    drafted Giroux), who provide MAGIC GOALS at about 25% of the cost
    of a Rick Nash monster-sniper special:-), and, this year, at least, at
    a slightly better rate, with a much higher S%. Y’think?

  82. Lev, I still think they’ll try to improve the current lineup. It just won’t be a first- or second-line guy, or a top-four D-man.

  83. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I just had to chuckle, thinking about all the power play saviors that have been brought in the past several years, that have NOT worked out. No guarantee Nash would either. Would it be nice to have him, sure, at the right price. But I no longer believe ANY ONE GUY is going to save this power play, unless they replace Sully running it.

    You guys had a 2 year hard on for Richards, Vaunted power play savior, going to reignite Gabby, and he’s been invisible for LONG stretches of time and never really did click with Gabby. Yes, he has won several games for us and made some great plays, but the power play STILL SUCKS. Not laying this all at his feet, because I am pretty pleased we did get him. He’s in a rough spot, showing signs of getting it going, and having him for the next 20 games plus playoffs will be HUGE!

    This team is NOT always going to get everyone the fans want. If Slats doesn’t want to part with particular guys, and 5 of them to get one guy with a hugeass contract, what can ya do. We’ve ripped the guy for bringing in people who just come to collect the Rangers Retirement Nest Egg contract, and they we rip him for not trading 5 guys to bring in an already huge contract. No win situation. All we can do is wait and see what happens, and cheer on whatever guys are wearing the Rangers sweater tomorrow night

  84. better beans than these on

    fchamps: We gotta cut off your Kool-Aid.

    Nash is now a “superstar.”

    By tomorrow, AM, what? All-Galaxy?

    All Milky-Way by tomorrow’s deadline?

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    avery for stamkos, st. louis, 2 #1’s 2, #2’s, and 4 players to be named later…does stevie why do that?… would be adismal…we might be giving up too much

  86. you do not trade young potential d men like erixon or mcilrath for kyle clutterbiuck or nystrom. yep nystron is having a real nice yar but he is a 3rd or 4th liner. you do not draft 1st round pick d men, 22 years or younger for 3rd or 4th liners.

  87. First-rounder for a third-line winger who’s going to replace, who, exactly? Prust? Dubinsky? In other words, you’re going to give up a first-rounder for somebody else’s Dubinsky?

  88. Carp,
    Two words:
    Teemu Selanne
    -i know anaheim isn’t eliminated from contention, but wouldn’t he be the perfect rental?

  89. gaustad or roy would be good, i think gaustad is more probable and obviously cheaper.

    mtl. should trade all uFA’s the yare done.. islanders are toast also they should trade nabakhov for whatever they can get

  90. I Rarely Speak on

    you cant keep every prospect you have.. this to me would be the year to trade one of our pieces for a helpful guy that could help us win a cup THIS year.. maybe its flawed thinking but i think the team is in need of one more forward

  91. Don Maloney 22-35-57 in 94 playoff games … including seven as a rookie that helped reach the finals in 1978-79 … including the infamous late deflection (high stick?) goal against the Islanders in the Ken Morrow game.

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers barely have the best team in the league at this point… getting nash, and upsetting their chemistry, and have a shot to still be in first place ….make the trade

  93. better beans than these —

    yeah, he’s a star player in this league. i’d same the same level as gaborik, but younger and stronger. i’m not sure what qualifies as “superstar” — but it it’s malkin, sedins, and a few others, he’s one level beneath them.

  94. better beans than these on

    Carp: Much laughter.

    Whenever I hear of that kind of futility (Mike K’s), I flash to
    when Donnie was paired with Phil, and Phil would unselfishly
    pass the puck to Donnie, wrapped in gold foil and red ribbons.
    and the net was three-quarters wide open, like a hockey
    Grand Canyon, and Donnie (one of my all-time favs) would fire
    it into the cheap seats.

    Premature continuation, almost every time. I was always amazed Phil
    didn’t tape him up, put him in a box, and mail him to his brother.

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    don maloney was the greatest ranger in the corners i have ever seen….the dude was clutch

  96. better beans than these on

    fchamps: good on yer; you’re sobering a wee bit!

    And I understand the frustration of not having a genuine
    sniper around here in a good while. Rick is tempting…:-).

  97. better beans than these on

    E3: Very clutch in the corners he may have been.

    A comic genius anywhere close to the net he surely was!!!

  98. better beans than these —

    you know how every porn actor is a “porn star” — i deploy superstar similarly.

  99. Hagel..etc –

    Completely agree. We have heard that time and time again this top player or that one was going to ‘fix’ our pp. I remember in the first full Renny year, MSG ran this shows where a small studio audience was allowed to ask questions of some players and coaches.

    THis one small, grandmotherly women gets up to the mic and says “When the Hell is the PP going to Click?” The place just about fell down with laughter – and this is 8 years ago

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    better beans…no doubt his hands were not pierre larouche like…but donnie maloney was a great player

  101. czechthemout!!!! on

    Thus will be the worst deadline day I think I will ever experience as fan of the sport. There will be a hole bunch of rearanging the deck chairs on the titanic with marginal third and fourth line guys changing teams. As well as which of 5-7 th dmen and AHL dregs. That’s it.

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    thx ilb – tho i am serious about avery (my fav player) for nash……nash is a bit better i will admit

  103. Carp, wasn’t there a report that actually Nash’s agent approached Howson to request a trade? If that’s the case, isn’t it CBJ mgmt responsibility to ownership and the fans to get the most they possibly can for him through an auction process? Which would make it inevitable that it gets public? All I’m saying is Nash can be disappointed but he’s getting 7.8m and has to get over it, he and mgmt are big boys and they all had to know this was one of the possible outcomes, especially when he dictates where he’s going. Howson may not be a shining light but I’m not sure I fault CBJ for how they’re playing this.

    Also, yes, the team that gets the best player always wins but sometimes there is a win-win. Look at Lindros for Forsberg etc.

  104. better beans than these on

    Donnie Maloney was an “endearin’ player. Truly a favorite in our house.

    If he was great, then fchamps is right, and Rick is SuperNova.

    But he seems a fine human bean, and a better GM than any we’ve
    seen in a while. Wish he were a little more local.

  105. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Coach, that’s a great story. The more things change, the more they stay the same eh?!

    It’s always a guy on another team that’s going to be the savior. There was only one man that fit that billing and his jersey hangs from MSG. The way this team is put together this year, their strength is in the unit as a whole, and that is going to have to get us through however far in the playoffs they are going to go.

  106. what is the chance we can add a depth defenseman?
    Kinda wish we could have got hal gill as a rental

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    avery and mza for nash and jack’s johnson……if the rest of his body comes to ny fine…

  108. better beans than these on

    Bull Dog: The one who for great stretches drove Phil and me crazy!!!
    (*but I was younger then, and “crazy” didn’t seem as foolish as it now
    does as a destination).

  109. Sometimes, Matteau.

    as far as who’s at fault … both, yes. But if Howson lets it out, then demands too much, he’s howsoning the whole deal. Now Nash wants out … agent said Friday they wanted deal done by Monday and wouldn’t expand list of trade-acceptable teams in the summer.

    Howson won’t get enough to rebuild what is already a lousy team. It’s going to be lousy forever.

  110. about 10-12 guys at tsn tom sitting around starting at 8am on nhl network. 8-5 is the coverage. for there sake nash better get moved

  111. better beans than these on

    Yes: this is a grit and glue gang. That’s their strength,
    such as it is.

    Give ’em a chance. Maybe they continue to surprise, like
    TC’s Giants.

    Wouldn’t that be agreat story? (Better than the Hessians of
    ’94, I think:-).

  112. beans,
    Maloney came up late in the 79 season, and produced 20 playoff points. poor Phil, stuck with Maloney, also had 20 points. they only spent 1 full season together, as Espo retired early in the 80, 81 season.

  113. eric, ye that’s going to be some show if like 5 trades get done all day…last year they discussed one trade for 3 hours…..i think id rather watch paint dry than listen to that again.

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – what are your thoughts on avery for nash, jack johnson, and fedor toot-in?…would you do that deal?

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    don maloney was a great fan fav…always willing to chat with fans and sign before games…, i loved those 78-79, 79-80 teams

  116. better beans than these on

    Gang: I’m talkin’ about Donnie in a very particular
    set of circumstances!
    I even described them!
    And you’re all followin’ with a bunch of non-sequiturs.

    Y’won’t have any luck with that in this corner.

    Good evenin’.

    And a Happy Trade Deadline Eve to you all, even the
    basest Rick Nash worshippers!

    If he gets here, somehow, I will wish him the best.

  117. better beans than these on

    And Mike K has 271, and eggs were way down at Wegman’s today,
    a mere 98c a dozen…

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    would the league ever allow a 3-way trade such as Avery for nash and jerome I.? avery would split his time evenly between Cal and BJ’s…rangers would have 4 captains on ice during their PP…

  119. OK well I guess thats about it boys and girls – I really cant think of anyone else, even a rental, that might help us out – unless of course in the parallel Universe, we get someone from Uniondale and they score tons of goals in the remaining 1 or so games with them – ! HAhah – well but I dont see the Island making the playoffs, so I guess that is not gonna work either – maybe someone from Devs other than ZP – as we play them at least 3 more times I think and if they make the playoffs – who knows?

  120. Hi, folks!

    I think Iginla is done – he had a chance to make a difference in that game last night against the Flys, and he came up empty, and looked old doing it…

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    monday night

    rangers 7
    devils 0

    SOG rangers 38
    Devils 21

    GWG Nash

    hot dogs consumed by marty between periods – i cant count that high

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – jerome’s play was adismal on purpose…he was lowering his trade value….

  123. Czechthemout!!! on

    So what do we know tonight as far as what the team is going to look like going into the playoffs as the leader in the east and very likely as such, have home ice advantage for the entire playoff run for as long as that may last?

    We are a hard working energetic team with a great goalie, strong defense and a bunch of second and third line players+ 1 legit forward that can be called elite or a star. We have a terrible power play . But the best or one of the best penalty killing in the game. We also have a Stanley Cup winning coach who has shown no fear with going with young players in key situations . I am more than ok with that. I was one of the fans hoping to pick up Nash at the right price because I firmly believe we are one big time forward away from competing for the Stanley Cup. But I am not in favor of trading the entire stable of top notch prospects for him. I do however hope that we can find a deal to give us that push over the top to compete for the cup this year. I know that many people don’t believe in home ice advantage in the playoffs, but I would rather play game 7 on home ice than on the road. Its a shame that we don’t have that one extra elite player this year to go for it.

    As it stands now, I don’t think we have the horses to hang with the likes of Pittsburgh and Boston in the East, or Detroit or Vancouver in the west. I hope that Kreider is given the chance to be that guy this season even though it’s not likely. But I will be there every night just like I have beef for the last 37 years and hope that they some how win the whole thing anyway.

  124. I just wish that the NYR team is reminded that they lost the last 2 meetings against the Debbies – and that they are not a team to take lightly – if they take a lead, they become very tough to score against.

    I have always felt, since the early 1970’s, that no Ranger coach has *ever* gotten his players properly prepared to play their local rivals – to the rivals, beating the NYR team is *always* job #1, no matter what the relative standings of the teams are.

    Our coaches always tell the media that “it’s just another team – no big deal – we prepare the same for all our opponents”.

  125. As much as I like to hear this news, I’m still holding my breath until 3pm CST tomorrow. Thank god I’m expecting to pretty busy most of tomorrow so I can keep my mind off the deadline.

  126. eddie eddie eddie on

    czech – detroit is old and if they do make it out of the west, they will be dead….we are 2-0 against boston this year and both games were in boston…..i like our chances

  127. Long time no post. I have kept my on line mouth shut most of the season. Thus Nash stuff has pushed me back into the posting world. Right now the have enough scoring to win the Stanley cup if henrik plays this well in the playoffs. Getting Nash will not beat the wings in the finals or the rioters of Vancouver if henrik does not play this well. They could win the cup with Nash or they could win the cup with this team as currently assembled. As long as the king remains the king. Thats why I don’t do this deal. Nash or no Nash our cup comes from the king this year. No one beats him four games in seven in he playoffs.

  128. Czechthemout!!! on

    Shane O’brien is a pylon and thus is useless. There is no way we would beat Boston in a seen game physical series without a power play. The Penguins have figured out how to play us. That was very obvious in the last two games. We just don’t have enough scoring to compete with some teams in the playoffs no matter how well Hank plays. Think of the last two series with the Caps.

  129. “rangers beat the pens in 5 with or without skid”

    The Penguins are the most the dangerous playoff team in the East right now. If they get anything out of Crosby then they will be overwhelming favorites to win the cup…

  130. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    I thought Rich Pilon was a pylon!! …Shane O’brien too!!! this league is passing me by!

  131. IDK, ORR – our last 2 games against the Pens were pretty brutal – it does look like they’ve figured out a way to negate our strengths.

  132. I Rarely Speak on

    thats the rumored cost.. which is interesting.. dont see anyway them getting that for him

  133. Dkj
    I was actually with the Caps guys the other night and heard First hand that nothing is out there. Didn’t know if they were buyers or sellers then won 2 more in a row. Nothing happening there other than disappointment with Vacoon lately. Fact

  134. Wow, y’all are really buying into this?

    Sorry I couldn’t be here sooner.

    Nash will be a Ranger, or something other than a Blue Jacket, by 3 pm tomorrow.

  135. Umm, the Rangers last 10 transactions (save Wolski yesterday; knew he was shopped as did everybody. Had no idea on AHL d-man they got in return)?

    Just saw a guy describe this perfectly.

    It’s like when his dad used to walk out of the car dealers to get a better price.

    It’s all scenery.


  136. checkthemout, agree 100 % with your assesment. Nash at the right prcie would give them a 2nd stud forward and a big 1 at that but giving up to much for him would be a mistake.

    kreider should sign after the college season about 3 or 4 weeks and why not give him a sniff before the playoffs… and it iaffecting his years and free agent stuff, screw it if he can be a difference maker play him this year, don;t act like the islanders or some other minor league operation.

    sauer back would help….why not gaustad, a ak46, or some other forward with some skill…..why the hell did cbj sign prospal for another year? that is a total rebuild. nash must be hating life.. why will they get more for nash over the summer??? i don’t see it………

  137. Rod

    I don’t buy the whole Rangers aren’t making a move. Its possible they turned the page on Nash but I doubt that’s true either. Definitely a negotiation ploy but Howson might not go for it…

  138. Well technically, many trades get consummated after 3pm, as you know.

    But I sense you’re abrasiveness, so I’ll tell you flat out.

    It’s all bull, choreography. Rick Nash WILL be traded by tomorrow.

    Early this afternoon I posted how Howson would lose 70% of his leverage if the NYR dropped out publicly, and now, he gets to sleep on that helpless feeling all night.

    Common sense should tell you, these talks have gone on for months (not weeks).

    You really think it’d end so abruptly, 18hrs before the deadline?

  139. stuart a

    Kreider will not be a difference maker this season. Expecting a kid with zero pro experience to jump right into the playoffs and produce is crazy and even more crazy is the idea that Tortorella would even consider taking anyone out of the lineup in favor of some rookie he’s never seen play before…

  140. i think lee stepniak is hurt, he is a UFA he would be a good pickup. great speed, streaky goal scorer…

  141. Jpg: too many tight races especially out West, no sellers, so maybe we’ll see….. “HOCKEY TRADES”!!

  142. btw how did the leino and ehrhoff signing work out? plashy moves often do not pay off. these guys both have 5 more years on there deal , ouch.

    bryzgalov for 8 more years, another good move.

    heck overpaying in term and yearly dollar amount no big deal………………………..

  143. gomez only has 2 more yers after this on his deal at a little over $7 mill.


    plekanac has 4 more yers a $5 mill per. mtl has a lot of bad contracts.

  144. luckily mtl traded for kaberle. he is a great player. a more timid version of roszival. only 2 years after this on his deal at $4 mill and change.

    who is a worse gm Howson or the frenchy in mtl.???

  145. In the meantime, if Sather makes no deals, looks like LOU from across the river out did him yet again. Sather is very lucky to have a coach as good as Torts who has these guys that are, for the most part, 2nd through 4th liners playing like a top flight team.

    I’ll go on record and say that they are nowhere as deep as they need to be, Nash or no Nash, to be a final 4 contending team. An injury or two and they are done. This team is Henrique and some good players. Go gettem’ Henrique!!!

    Torts has done a magnificent job with a team that should be lower in the standings. I applaud him and am saddened that since they are performing well we have to put up with more time with one of the most overrated GM’s ever, Glen Sather.

  146. maloney is a very good gm. limited budget he has done a damn good job. langkow, doan, and whitney UFA at the ned of the season. too bad they are ascending else those guys would be on the market.

  147. i looked a few minutes ago DIpietro still has many years left on his deal.

    how can garth snow still have a job??????

  148. Yes, Gomez is still living on his Glen Sather constructed contract. So is Drury. Two GREAT signings by this magnificent judge of talent.

  149. LouLam made a good deal?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! He traded 3 players and 2 picks for an over the hell Zidlickey. How is THAT a good deal??

    The prices for any player are just outta whack this year.

  150. If the Rangers don’t acquire Nash, then Richards and Gaborik will need to play their hearts out for the entire playoffs to have a hope of winning the Cup. Wouldn’t hurt if Stepan and Hagelin went to the next level and started scoring some effin goals on a consistent basis, too.

    The Rangers have fantastic goaltending, their defensemem are solid and the forwards usually play a good defensive game. But their offense STINKS (shut out six times this season, and only scored 1 goal in eight others) and it needs a shot in the arm that Nash could have provided.

    I wanted this deal to happen as much to see Nash in a Rangers jersey as to see Dubinsky gone. He was actually a much better player his first two NHL seasons than he has been this season and the previous one.

  151. – Sather’s team is No. 1 in the NHL.
    – He is sitting on one of the richest collections of prospects in hockey.
    – He’s GM of one of the few teams on Rick Nash’s preferred list.
    – And Sather has the cap space and the resources to absorb the $50M commitment left on Nash’s deal, the one Columbus’ owners have dictated be slashed asap (which no one ever mentions).

    No guarantee we land him, but it’ll be Sather’s call, not Scott Howser’s.
    And though the pool of viable options has shrunken in recent weeks,
    Sather still has numerous options elsewhere.

    So the fundamental facts haven’t changed in the least.

    And Howser’s the one having a tough night.

  152. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nashdebating, pulling out your old wrinkled Knuble and now Rod is pulling you for a change…

  153. Dubi had a bad season last year??? WHAT? A career high in goals and leading the points (ok, it was only 54 points, but still!) is having a bad season? Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  154. haha Howson. and who gives a shyte?

    He’s the turd who’s way out of his league here, and dragging a pretty admirable player through this nonsense unnecessarily. For weeks on end now.

    What ever happened to discretion? Sheesh.

  155. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Mickey, don’t forget Dubi missed quite a few games last year due to injury also.

  156. If they’re not going to trade for a skilled player then I no point of doing anything. Why would they make a “small move for the playoffs?” They have a good collection of 3rd and 4th liners. Really, their only need is for a skilled offensive player. If not Nash then go with what you’ve got.

  157. Ranger*

    anybody saw how The Dictator aka Sasha Baron Cohen dumped “ashes” of Kim Jong-Il all over Ryan Seacrest during pre-Oscar Red carpet? lol It was hilarious!

  158. Rod you say Nash is def not a CBJ after tomorrow. What’s your call on whether they gets a real pkg for Nash or more like a Dubi/Erixon deal? I say he gets a real deal or it doesn’t happen. That will tell us who had the tough night tonight.

  159. Linzo!!!

    Cant believe any media member ever, but certainly not at this point. In most cases, the stuff they report at trade deadlines is stuff theyre spoon fed by organizations for a reason.

  160. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Nash goes elsewhere, I guarantee we are all going to say, “that’s all they got for him?”

  161. Matteau,

    Not sure which variation you mean by Dubi/Erixon and just as soon not get into it.

    I think he’ll go for slightly more than the standard package.

    4 assets. 1 NHLer, 1 real good prospect and two high picks or another good prospect and a pick.

    Yeah, H-o-w-s-o-n will get it. Quality becomes the issue.

  162. Right, Lin. And I am convinced that injury lingered the remainder of last season. AND he admitted that he changed his summer training regime because of it. If you watch him skate this year, its not at all like it was last year. It is in spurts, but not all the time. I have a feeling that the change in training affected his legs and thus his game this year. Not to mention just having some bad luck.

  163. billybleedsblue on

    Not getting Nash is (will be) kind of a relief. Let’s roll with this team. It’s worked so far! :D

  164. Olga Folkyerself on

    If George Clooney married Tommy Tunes, he’d be George Clooney Tunes….

    D-d-d-dat’s all folks…

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga -after marrying tommy tunes and then becoming a moonie, he would be George clooney the moonie tunes

  166. For those keeping track, LOU also traded for Alex Ponikarovsky. Another quietly elegant trade. He does this consistently. No big splash, just adding a smart player. Giving his already good offense more depth.

    There is no one aside from Holland that has his team always being a contender.

    Sather has been here 10 plus years. It’s about freaking time he has a team that might go two rounds. The amount of garbage this guy has signed and traded in successive years is littering the league. There is no comparison between him and the two mentioned above.

  167. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey Tiki! Family is just fine. I need to get them talking more. It PO’s some people to no end, so I enjoy it even more…

  168. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sad but true, mattyboy. Sather has milked winning a couple playoff rounds for 11 years now.

  169. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Olga, I’m going to use that character name at some point if you would be so kind as to lend it to me? ..its a great name!

  170. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Listening to the sparkling tones of Mr Carpiniello through the interwebs! Technology is great at times lol

  171. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    duckbill- you have my permission to use it. If you make any money with it… splitsies..

  172. From your lips to God’s ears Carp…I don’t want this present team and many good to great future teams broken up tonight or tomorrow by Mr. Nash or any other ‘stars.’

  173. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    tiki, you really want to go down that path?? lol …i think not, young man. Do not tempt the person who is a wordsmith.

  174. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    now you will go back on ignore except for cat themed posts about flotsam and jetsam…that is all!™

  175. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    If dubi doesn’t get traded, would be nice to see him really come on towards end of year offensively. He is playing pretty well considering pressure he must be under.

  176. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    olga, do you have a voice for radio?? we could animate the folkyerself family…ROFL..that would be pretty darn funny

  177. billy, I’m just done with this deadline stuff and its assorted asshattery.

    Carp on the radio sounds good here in STL!

  178. Guys, tune to CNN in 10 minutes … I’ll be live talking about the until-recently unknown NHL league development program down in Asuncion.

  179. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    lin, i meant more in a object floating in the ocean sorta thingy…rofl…aka driftless, directionless…jon starks 1-for-17 sayin’.

  180. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao ducky, it was either the metal band or the characters from Little Mermaid, which are closer to objects in the water :-)

  181. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    and ducky, sorry to hear about the family issues. you know i’m keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers as well!

  182. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Thanks a ton ducky. gonna be a couple of weeks of worry. Hopefully everything turns out well for all of us my friend!

  183. billybleedsblue on

    Mickey, I will be totally glad when the deadline comes and we still have the same team. Time to stick to our guns.

    It’s great to hear some hockey talk on the radio. I was totally in the middle of doing something, but what a great time to take a break.

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A good trade for Nash that won’t bankrupt the future would be step, AA, mdz, mcd, dubi and cally for Nash!!!!!!!

  185. i did not say kreider will be a key cog the rest of the season if he turns pro. but guys do go from college to the NHL frying pan and do contribute.

    sather was a bad GM until about 2 or 3 years ago, since then he has be very good. sure he got lucky here and there but all teams need some luck.

    getting nash solves 1 problem but can create 2 or 3 other problems… at the right price(not gut there system) would be great.

  186. Karma comes ’round LMAO!

    I think about ur family all the time, Linzo. It’ll all work out for such an awesome person like you. :)

  187. Amen, billy. I think this team will come out relaxed and fired up if no one leaves. I truly think that the deadline has been messing with their heads, even though they have said otherwise.

    Torts has said it before that this team is a sum of its total parts and that is their key. One player is not above another and its all in for them. And as we saw on 24/7, this team genuinely likes each other and they seem to have fun with each other, while staying focused and workmanlike when they have to be.

  188. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    wait I missed Latona? WTB???

    thanks TIKI XOXOXOX! ya know i’ll text ya whenever i hear anything

  189. For some reason, Carp’s voice does not matchup with what I thought it would sound like. That’s not a bad thing, just an observation from being in radio myself for 4 years.

    And yeah, I would have totally asked Carp to call into our sports show when I was hosting one 5 years ago.

  190. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I agree Mickey! They’ll probably come out like gangbusters tomorrow night…. Uncle Daddy better stock up on the twinkies and pick up the Ben & Jerrys slack from ORR

  191. Im sure youve already got 50 thousand people texting you updates tomorrow, but Ill text u updates too.

  192. billybleedsblue on

    Great point Mickey, who knows how this really affects these guys, especially somebody like Dubinsky… I mean, he’s gotta know he’s on the block. Hopefully he starts turning it around starting tomorrow.

  193. stuart, I will GUARANTEE you that Slats is getting some help from someone. Perhaps Mess. Someone. He is not the guy who could draft well. He is a hard-nosed dealmaker. He can construct a deal and negotiate well. He does not size up players talents well at all.

    If Mess and Gretz were not such standouts, he wouldn’t have drafted them. He was and is blind.

  194. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I think Nashville would be stupid not to go for Dubi, Erixon, Miller, and a #1. Extremely stupid. And it’s not hard to see the Rangers going for it, too, although Columbus would win on the deal.

  195. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao TIKI, i meant about kristin’s status!! but i’d appreciate some texts if anything happens Rangers wise! I’m supposed to leave work early, but I’ll let ya know either way lol

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I take what I said earlier back…. Angelina joilie’s 2 arms weigh less than a tenth of an ounce

  197. nice job on the radio, Carpy!!! You’re the best!!

    Good night everyone!! See you all at the Garden tomorrow night. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!

  198. Cheers to still being Ranger fans tomorrow and the, and the next day and so on and such forth….

    been a helluva ride so far!

  199. billybleedsblue on

    what about an ounce, Eddie? hahaha, oh, wait, are you watching the Oscars? I like Billy Crystal, but I don’t have time to get absorbed in watching so many self-absorbed people. haha, I’ll just get the recap tomorrow

  200. I knew that, Lin. Of course her status is far more important that sports. I was just offering my services. LOL

  201. CARP, I was unable to connect to the feed …

    Did you at any point say “bush-league” or “amateur-hour”?

  202. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i would highly appreciate your services! I am hoping to leave early tomorrow but it may not happen. Docs workload on Tuesday and Wednesday is insane as always! Luv ya!!

  203. Agreed on Dubi, billy. I also have a sneaking suspicion there might be some off-ice personal stuff he’s been dealing with too. I cant explain it, just call it a women’s intuition. Nothing major, but just some stuff that might be always on his mind, like it would be for any human being.

  204. I threw “clown” into every sentence, Miami.

    Thanks all.

    Going to be an interesting day tomorrow, no matter what … and then a game against your favorite round goalie.

  205. carp will check with the person you trust throughout the day tomm. or will today be the last you have contact with them before the deadline?

  206. billybleedsblue on

    Ha! I went to grab a snack and came back to find that radio station discussing the Knicks. Guess who closed that web page immediately? This guy! Ha. I’ve gotta get back to my project anyways. Nice diversion to come around here and hear that interview.

  207. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    FLASH: Columbus shooting percentages…

    1. Brassard 12.22
    2. Johansen 10.34
    3. Dorsett 10.31
    4. MacKenzie 8.93
    5. NASH 8.90
    6. Prospal 8.73

    So their you have it, every contender in the league, it seems, covets, at an exhorbitant cap hit plus the decimation of top system prospects the FIFTH-best percentage shooter on the Columbus team, who has faded into Vinnie Propal – washed up veteran “mentor” country.

    Somebody put Slats in a strait jacket or gag his mouth for a few more hours, please.

  208. Best part of Pirates coming up: ‘Why is the rum gone?”


    Maybe that’s what Nash is saying to himself tonight.

  209. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LMFAO!! I’d buy Prust dinner for a week if he knocked his ass back to 2nd grade in practice

  210. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Imagine having the Slewfoot sistahs in the same division… pk, frankenmalkin and that asshat from philly,

  211. Remember this beauty from this afternoon?:

    Manny Astronomo February 26th, 2012 at 1:21 pm e

    Incarcerated Bob ? incarceratedbob Reply Favorite · Open

    *BREAKING NHL NEWS*Source: Rangers have acquired RICK NASH! Deal is done (Announcement after game or Sunday is the word #IBN is getting)

  212. Cole is 33 I believe. Dubi for Cole would be swapping one bad contract for another except we would be getting the older of the two who happens to be injury prone. A slight upgrade, if at all, no thanks Montreal can keep him.

  213. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao i’m saving all my luv for you Olga lol


  214. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Mickey, are you gonna be able to follow from work? If not, I’m supposed to leave early, I could text ya if anything goes down

  215. Mickey, I think you mean 2PM CST. Unless you’re not alluding to the trade deadline, in which case I am an abject failure.

  216. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Conveniently, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I can chew my fingernails until the trade deadline. I’m going to need some antacids.

  217. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Get a good night’s sleep Carpy, this place is gonna be a freakin madhouse tomorrow!!
    Trade Deadline and the round mound of pounds in net for the game!

  218. Nah, I was talking about the trade deadline, Linda. We all know deals come in late so I figure the later the better! And I should be able to follow online tomorrow- I’ll just pull up TSN when I get in and leave it there all day to check in occasionally. But thanks for the offer.

  219. Oh wow, that was Latona that asked me about the time. WOW. I MUST be going crazy. JEEZ OH MAN.

    See? The deadline is making me not able to do something simple like ready. :(

  220. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you got it kid! you may have to let me know lol.. i can’t bring up anything at work because i’m not one of the chosen few who get to shop, play games and check their personal emails and look at pinterest all day long. I actually have to work

  221. I would have gotten angry had you confused me with anyone else, Mickey, but it’s Linda, so I’ll take it.

  222. Sorry Latona. Blogging, twittering and watching tv at 11pm on a Sunday before the trade deadline is apparently not my forte :(

  223. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m retired. Work is for suckers… The pay is not so great, but the hours are fantastic!

  224. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Niters Latona!!

    Mickey, I’ll text ya in the morning girl!!


  225. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Rick Nash to the Islanders for Alexei Yashin, Rick DiPietro, Level Five Molson and Gollum Goring

  226. Got in, Linda.

    Ok, I’m going to make my lunch and pass out. See you all tomorrow night. Hopefully the team is intact as it stands right now.

  227. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Shaun of the Dead is on MTV!!! gotta put this on upstairs!!

    Get Slats to the Winchester!

  228. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jp praise, Jude drouin, Eddie Westfall for Pete stemkowski, Ted irvine, and Giles villemure

  229. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – what possessed him to trade Middleton…..he was a great ranger…fast, young, great shot, and energetic…. For what? a fossil.

  230. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ferguson was a mole sent from Montreal to destroy the Rangers. He had to be doing that on purpose…

  231. @ Lev.. because they were not going to resign wolski and there is no spot for him now. May as well get a pick for him because he was going to walk at the end of the season.

  232. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " UPGRADE TODAY!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Yo Olga , so what has to happen for Sather to redeem himself to you? …and no , not fire himself.

  233. Olga Folkyerself on

    He can retire and let someone who knows what he’s doing run the Rangers Organization. 11 years with two playoff series wins is enough. Bring on the next guy…

  234. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " UPGRADE TODAY!!! "...says Greg L. on

    But right now , hes the best man for the job. His experience alone can’t be matched. Sather gets us the biggest bang for our buck , is that not true? Sure some players sucked and Sather was to blame . At this point and time Sather is a beast for what he does or doesn’t do. Today will be no different . The beast is out tonight!!!

  235. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Rangers will not win a Cup this year. The team doesn’t score enough goals. Two rounds, maybe. Sather makes more bad moves than he makes good moves. What in his history leads you to believe he will do any better this time?

  236. Is Olli Jokinen available?

    1) Brad Richards hasn’t been good in the shootout
    2) MZA, Christensen, and Wolski aren’t on the team
    3) at this point in the season every points counts.

    So, we desperately need a shootout specialist. He can work on his 5-hole maneuver with Biron during practice.

  237. We desperately need a shootout specialist? R u serious? that could be the dumbest thing I ever read on this blog

  238. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank and biron’s five hole for Ollie – the greatest so specialist in the game. I can only hope that the league changes it’s playoff format to SO’s

  239. i was hearing McDonagh or Del Z, first rounder, and top prospect for Nash

    and some trade that involved Nash AND JJ

    no thanks

    (1st, Dubi, and Kreider wouldn’t have been a problem for me)

  240. “Is Olli Jokinen available?

    1) Brad Richards hasn’t been good in the shootout
    2) MZA, Christensen, and Wolski aren’t on the team
    3) at this point in the season every points counts.

    So, we desperately need a shootout specialist. He can work on his 5-hole maneuver with Biron during practice.”

    Jokinen seems to only do well in Calgary. Let it be.

    (there are no shootouts in the playoffs)

  241. And if we did, it certainly wouldn’t be Olli. Everyone forgot Game 82 already? The Olli Jokinen Beat The Five-Hole Challenge and Picnic, and all that?

  242. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " UPGRADE TODAY!!! "...says Greg L. on

    SCX . that was a good one!!! Yaa got a few people on that one , less we forget our WHOLE season depending on on OLI jokanen …he fails!!! Tha joke to get him was priceless!!! Beuty!!

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