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John Tortorella talked about Wojtek Wolski, and how he was a good guy who lost his job to other people. He also spoke about the little funk the team is in, and that he’s glad it took 60 games for them to have to go through something like this.

Same lineup tonight, Lundqvist in goal.

John Tortorella:




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  1. Carp’d:

    I like these Jets too, ORR – it’d be cool for the franchise to make the playoffs their first season up at the MTS. The only thing going against them are the amount of games they’ve played.. most in the conference.

  2. Hambone! Back from suspension, like Fedotenko’s stick.

    jpg, call the FDA. They can test the yogurt. But don’t let it melt. It changes the molecules.

  3. Carped. repost
    and thanks Carp for getting the reference. watched the episode shortly after you mentioned it on the board but not feeling so great lately so i haven’t been around.

    Tony: ok. someone said something earlier in the season
    that sounded as if management (aka Avery) said no games.
    check first….if you want.

    Grabby: thanks for the info. the comment was Seinfeld reference, Lloyd Braun episode, the gang were crazy for the non-fat yogurt til they figured out it contained fat.

    if anything, could use help with all the headaches i’ve been getting recently. due in large part to sinus pressure and weather constantly changing. had ct scan done, found nothing.

  4. Things seem to be breaking in the right direction for getting Nash on the cheap…at least as far as the players involved go.

  5. no gravy, howsn is not pressured to get a deal done now. nas want out, thats apparent, but my source is telling me hes not geting moved till at ealiest the draft

  6. waiting until the draft gets CBJs less if nash doesn’t expand his list of teams. most of the teams on that list will have more choices and most teams are willing to see how a season progresses before trading away prospects. plus, parise can be had for nothing but cash.

  7. better beans than these on

    Chris Botta had an interesting tweet, in that it actually made me think
    about acquiring “Bangless” from the Jackets, though it was Draem-World
    inspired: Nash for Dubi, Erixon, this year’s first, AND a conditional pick
    based on Nash/Ranger performance over next coupla years.

    85% responded “yes.” Jackets front office not included….

  8. czechthemout!!!! on


    Are you Rod?

    Nash and his agent want this thing done and it looks to me that they want to come here.!

  9. Grabby, “if” he is traded, which is still a question, the deal should be favorable for the Rangers considering the message relayed by Nash’s agent.

  10. Phew. Seems to safe to come out now. Man, I really hate people…

    jpg, that episode is all the one where the little kid says hartnell…a classic.

    Supposed to be in city tonight, but I’m being a grown-up since I have to work tomorrow. Carcillo. Guess I’m stuck with you all.

  11. i just got an email. it said nash will not be traded at all now. his list of teams was only 1 team, the ny islanders and they wouldnt part with deepee and p.a parenteau

  12. actually, i know ur a regular here too czech. just wondeing cuz i guess u missed the whole rod thing

  13. Carp, you had to put that picture of PAP in your wrapup article, eh? Made me nauseous all over again today… ;-(

  14. yeah, that was the desired/intended result, Jimbo.

    Not too many people even saw my review because of this Woofski business. Woof.

    better beans, sounds kind of contrived and not at al likely.

  15. You know what makes more sense, and I don’t know if the Rangers would do this … what if they went light on the players/prospects and threw in a second No. 1 pick?

  16. We need scoring, and Nash at 27 is in his prime. I would throw in a 2nd #1 if it meant we could hang on to someone we value like Erixon or McIlrath.

  17. Woofski, we hardly knew ye….enjoy the sun pal. Maybe you’ll get to play now, and, naturally, do very well against us.

  18. they probably have already included a 2 number 1 picks carp just to save kreide from being dealt. doesnt colombus want a young star player though? they already have 2 number 1 picks in this draft. i think they will keep asking for mdz or stepan,kreider

  19. Well, at least we got Wolski off our cap. Still think he might have done better than 2 out of the 3 shooters in the “BATHGATE” after the game last night – but I’m dwelling in the past – must move on..

  20. what about toronto? are they stil going hard for him? thy would seem to need him more than us just based on playoff implications

  21. >>>Maybe you’ll get to play now, and, naturally, do very well against us.

    Is there any doubt? I think not!

  22. I voted no because it’s just a terrible contract standalone, not to mention to pair with Richards. How is a quarter of our cap hit in those two going to look in a few years? Keep the kids, keep the core unless you can overwhelm LA for Brown who comes at a lower presumed cost and far less risk. The rest of this year plus the next two for him costs less than one of Nash. Stop making the mistake of assuming the best player available *must* be worth picking up.

  23. oleo, no I haven’t. Not many know what’s going on behind Sather’s curtain. I’m sure he has some Plan Bs up his sleeve.

  24. I Rarely Speak on

    nobody will know what the cap will look like in the new cba.. and the cap cant be the reason you wont make the trade.. because they will be throwing out big money this offseason

  25. True that nobody knows what the cap will look like in the new CBA, but you can easily argue that is a reason _not_ to take on big, long term contracts rather than the opposite.

  26. “You know what makes more sense, and I don’t know if the Rangers would do this … what if they went light on the players/prospects and threw in a second No. 1 pick?”

    Dubi, MZA and two #1’s maybe…St. Croix. Seems doable…not great for our team but not a death sentence for the future either. How many good picks did the Red Wings get in later rounds over the years? Wasn’t Hank like pick 260 something? That would be an okay trade for Nash on our end. Question would be what the CBJ think.

  27. actually, LW3H. i disagree since there is almost no chance the cap will go down. they’ve even been talking about an amnesty for owner to buy out a contract.

  28. Yeah, there’s no way the Jackets take any less than TWO roster players. MZA isn’t one of them, he’s just a throw in.

    Dublowsky, Artie, Hagelin, guys like that are far more appealing. It’ll take two or all three, and then the prospects and picks.

  29. i don’t think so, considering better players have been had for far less. but we’ll see. no way of knowing.

  30. Which players? The Jackets are not forced to trade Nash, unless he’s asking for the trade. He has multiple years left on his deal. Their backs are not against the wall. They’re going to get what they want, and if it doesn’t work, they hang on to him.

    Like I said, unless Nash is *asking* to be traded, then it’s another story.

  31. Almost no chance the cap will go down, fchamps? Not sure about that. And the whole point of buyout amnesties would be to assist teams to comply with restrictions of a new CBA, including the possibility of a lower cap.

  32. I really wish the Leafs would blow away Howson with an offer he can’t refuse. C’mon Burke, do ittttttt

  33. better beans than these on

    Carp: I meant to imply that it was contrived,
    by saying even I, not a fan of “Bangless”, would have
    to at least think about it if that were the player cost.
    The conditional pick might turn out to be your second
    I don’t think Jackets would say anything but a quick
    no from everything that’s been published.

    But I’m essentially with Mister D and others on this.
    I see a declining player (for whatever combo of reasons)
    who may not be worth the hit EVEN if he performs at
    levels the optimists cite: 35-40 goals, 70-75 points (and
    I think there’s only one in five chance of that, or less).

    Only way it would be even a little tempting is if someone
    in the Rangers FO has broken down tape and concluded
    there’s an excellent chance Richards and Nash would
    elevate each other’s games – that so, y’might (I wouldn’t,
    but I would see it as a legit choice) write off the decline
    years at the back end, in hopes of strongly competing for
    the Cup in the next three.

  34. better beans than these on

    The “amnesty” is just talk. Y’can’t risk a $50 million dollar
    outlay on uncertain performance on just talk.

    And if “amnesty” is part of your thinking on Nash, what
    does that tell you about what you really think of him….

  35. better beans than these on

    This might already be here, but McKenzie is reporting that
    Nash’s agent has put pressure on Howson by telling him
    Rick’s list of preferred teams won’t expand if he is not
    moved by Monday.
    He also thinks Vancouver will at least explore the Nash option
    now, though he doubts Rick has the West Coast as a preference.

    And remember you guys suggesting you can always move
    Rick in a Gomez deal if he doesn’t fit here – there’s an NMC
    clause working.

  36. After seeing this, I gotta throw this out there: I love the identity of this hockey club, I love the hardworking ethic and I love Torts. Win the Cup or not, this is how NY Rangers hockey should be played.

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