Rangers trade Wojtek Wolski to Florida (updated)


TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports the deal is done; Wojtek Wolski to Florida for minor-league defenceman  Mike Vernace and a 3rd round pick in 2013. I left the Canadian spelling of defenceman in there for your enjoyment.

The Rangers did not put Wolski on waivers today, which was a hint that they had a deal going for him. Otherwise they would have had him on waivers so he could clear by Monday and come off the books in the event that they made a trade that would require the salary cap space. They would then assign him to Connecticut (AHL).

Now his $3.8M comes off via trade.

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  1. Sad that Woofski had to go. Especially after his nice tweets last night! But I think it was the right move for both himself and the organization.

  2. really hoping we got one of their D-men that has a cannon of a shot….but i wouldnt be surprised if this trade is just for a pick or two.

  3. by the way mcdonagh is 22 and mdz is 21. they arenot trading guys like that unless they are getting back a mega stud with a great contract and even younger then Nash.

  4. I imagine that Florida wanted Avery, too….at least, I know that Scottie Upshall is Aves’ best friend and I’m almost sure they inquired…

    Good on Glen to not move Avery. Rangers owe him nothing. And, the last thing Rangers fans would want is to see him play against the Rangers….

  5. Wolski seemed like a great teammate and guy, and the players seemed to like him. Change of teams might be nice for him. Wish him the best!

  6. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    NYR could you imagine the suicide rate if he scored on Hank in a playoff game… all the comments would be


    could have been fun to see him and dubinsky fight though lol

  7. imagine wolski was not a ranger type player……

    they actually have a identity and it is tough, hard nosed, etc.

    only been a lifetime to develop the identity and get away from the overpriced mercenary nonsense…

    wolski was simply soft and did not bring it all the time. just like christensen…

    not many unlikeable guys on thsi team..WOW….Being a ranger fan is good these days.

  8. Since Dubinsky wont be here in 24 hours either, small chance of him fighting Avery unless Columbus has to play Florida this year. Would imagine though that Dubi will be PO’ed when he is traded. And he will be.

  9. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Bob McKenzie ? @TSNBobMcKenzie

    #TradeCentre NYR trade Wojtek Wolski to FLA for defenceman Mike Vernace and a 3rd round pick in 2013.

  10. Oops, BANJed. *Repost:*

    Sally February 25th, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Good afternoon, Carp! Can you do me a favor and ban me from RR for the next 50 hours? I can’t stop looking…

  11. Good afternoon, Sassy! I thought you banned yourself … I’m starting to get the feeling that you have nothing to be worried about. But I’ve been wrong before.

  12. If anything, this would allow the Rangers to finally bring up some fresh blood (cough….^wizard^…cough) from Hartford now that they aren’t at the limit…

  13. ecklund is delusional. he thinks nash is gretzky in his prime.

    if the rangers give up 4 or 5 pieces (great pieces) for him I will be pissed.

    stay the course guys, rentals…..nash at the range rprice only and that does not include any of these guys; stepan, mdz, mcdonut, kreider, and other 4 star prospects.

    if they want erixon, thomas, dubi, mcilrath(?) types then maybe…

  14. Would imagine though that Dubi will be PO’ed when he is traded.


    He picked a bad year to regress to embryonic state.

  15. The _Carolina_ Panthers, er I mean Florida Hurricanes, er Florida Panthers are really an amazing mixed bag of a team. Hope they can make a push and shove the Caps out of contention.

  16. stuart – I think they will get Nash at their price. Columbus has to move him now, the only really interested team Nash will go to is the Rangers.

  17. has Sather ever made real bad trade as Rangers GM? I’m fully confident that whatever move he makes is going to be in our favor. Signings, not so much…

  18. Wolski just didn’t fit. Third rounder for him isn’t bad. What I like most about deal is getting his $3.8 million off books.

    I’d offer J.T. Miller, Tim Erixon, a first rounder and AA for Nash.

  19. If Wolski had played last night, the Rangers would have lost in regulation or OT. But if not, they might have won the breakaway contest.

  20. One thing we can guarantee is that the Rangers are bringing in at least one big cap hit since they had space for small moves even with Wolski on the roster…

  21. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    stepping away for about an hour… can’t wait to have to catch up with youse guys

    and it’s a good thing the panthers felt wowo was good in shoot outs. will really help in the playoffs ;-)

  22. So basically, we got back what we gave for CABER, further cementing that deal was a Seinfeld Deal- a deal about nothing!

  23. Interesting MDZ and McD said to be untouchable and not Staal. Is it because Staal untouchability is a given or because he is available?

  24. It’s a good move for the Florida -Hurricanes- Panthers because those teams that are borderline making the playoffs (7-9) are really in need of those Bettman Bonus points. This could really make a difference for them

    I’d take him on the fourth line over Mitchell. I don’t see Torts love affair with him other than his name isn’t sean avery

  26. I think Wolski was a great pickup for Florida as he will slot in on their top 2 lines and he has a pretty good playoff record.

    Wolski did co-lead our team in points in the playoffs last year…

  27. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    This move is similar to EC’s. At least giving both guys a chance to play elsewhere.

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    i saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand, walking thru the streets of soho in the rain. looking for a place called lee ho phucks, gonna get a big dish of beef chowmein……..awhoooooooo

  29. Staal won’t be traded for anything, and especially not now while he is at (temporarily, we all hope) diminished value due to the concussion.

  30. Rangers now have anywhere from 10.5 – 11 mil in cap space for this season. Plenty of space for Nash AND a defenseman…

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    nash for mcd, MDZ, kreider, AA, dubi, stepan, beer on (and his 5-hole), and carl from die hard

  32. Have to get some stuff done for a couple. Linda, CTB- txt me if anything serious happens. Thanks.

  33. mike, Mitchell is a much better fourth-liner than Avery.

    Staal’s not mentioned because A) he is untouchable and B) teams probably aren’t sure about his physical condition after the concussion.

    e3, A little old lady got mutilated late last night.

  34. You people just don’t understand that Avery doesn’t fit in locker rooms or on teams. He is essentially a cancer. That is why he has been traded relentlessly and banished from nearly every club he has been a part of.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    Avery >>> Mitchell …and what’s wrong with cancer?…not like it kills you or anything

  36. I disagree. I just don’t see it with Mitchell . …
    Not that I dislike him or anything, I just think Avery brings a spark/ a little extra.

  37. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    miked I agree, Avery always brought a little extra…
    turnovers, stupid penalty’s, turnovers, dives, bad defensive zone play, oh and turnovers

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    avery brings spark, toughness, incredible hands, a goal scorer’s touch, beautiful passing skills…and anincredible thirst for OJ….it is what the rangers need

  39. you can debate whether Avery is better than Mitchell, Fedotenko, Rupp, Bickel etc. but, right or wrong, Tortorella does not want him anywhere near the team so its pointless.

  40. Just like Manny said, he’s a cancer. After what Manny said aboot Warren 77, that was officially it for me. Avery is a dork. Can’t even support his friends. So yeah, he’s a locker room cancer.

    Mitchell is not. He busts his ass on every shift. I like the guy. He’s actually a pleasant surprise. I don’t expect goals from him. He’s a solid 4th liner. Fugg Avery!

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – you wanna go? let’s go (drops em)

    staal – i was blind, but now i see….Avery is….. the playa for me

  42. Oleo: Fedotenko (2 Cups, 1 Cup Clinching Goal), Rupp (1 Cup, 1 Cup Clinching Goal), Bickel (Def.), Avery (0 Cups – Not played enough on the one team that won one to be considered “part” of it).

  43. Even if Avery is x% better than Mitchell, Rupp, Feds, etc., IT DOESN’T MATTER.

    This team’s playoff success and chance of winning a Cup depends on Hank, Gabby, Richards, Cally, Stepan, Staal, McD, Girardi, MDZ. And ~maybe~ Hagelin and Dubi.

    The 4th line can be ANYBODY, as long as they aren’t a major defensive liability, have some Bickels, and will fight every now and then.

  44. Mitchell has been a great surprise. No one expected him to remain with the Big Club…the guy is a worker and has earned every second of ice time.

    Will he be around next year? Who knows…but he has done a good job stepping in this year.

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    …And the most valuable player in this year’s playoffs….#16….SEAN AVERY !!!!!!!!!!!

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i am 4’9 387lbs of pure fury…..i throw ’em like the pistons on a well oiled racing machine

  47. A 68.87% improvement over a player who has a 1% impact on our team winning a Cup is still nothing.

    (And I like both Avery and Mitchell, but let’s be real).

  48. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Not necessarily true, while the guy’s you listed are definitely important, it’s guys like Fed’s Boyle, Prust, Rupp etc that make or break your team.

    Does Kypreos, Matteau, Noonan, Olczyk etc ring a bell all those damn dime a dozener’s

  49. Oh. Warren77 Story! (I love telling it)


    OK – so one fine Saturday I head to Warren77 to watch the Rangers battle the Boston Bruins (Jan. 21, 2012). I go into Warren77, which is quite vacant, and I ask if they will be showing the Rangers game (because all the televisions are on college football or some garbage like Curling). The Manager guy looks at me and says, “Nope.” I point to the walls and say, “I thought this was a Rangers bar.” He responds, “We have Time Warner.” I sympathize with that but make a joke, “Can’t Sean pull some strings?” The manager and bartender become visibly upset and say, *”We support Sean. He doesn’t care about the Rangers anymore so we don’t care about the Rangers anymore.”*

    I asked if the planned on showing all the CT Whale games for the season and turned around and split with my wife. We ended up at Mudville and many, many people reported similar experiences.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i dont think there were any college football games being played that day….was this a dream you had?

  51. Oh yeah, in any given year, a 4th liner can step up and make a big play (Rupp, Matteau, whoever) in the playoffs. But you never know who that person will be in any given year, and you can’t predict it. (What has Feds done in the playoffs since Tampa?).

    Maybe if Avery was on the team, he scores a game 7 Cup winner. But maybe Mitchell does too. But without Hank, Gabby, etc. leading us there, it doesn’t matter what the 4th line does. They can chip in, but they won’t be the leader.

    Matteau never happens without Messier, Leetch, and Richter.

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    …i was in warren77 the afternoon of 12/23 (the night of the flyer game) and i chatted up with Rudolfo, the bartender for a couple of hours.(he bought me a few guinness as we talked about mathematics, hockey, and california)……and i got a completely different vibe…tho, to be fair, this was before he was sent down for the second time

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    Manny – this is between yo, me, and soon to be spending the rest of his short-assen life in agonizing pain rapist here…its nobody else’s business

  54. Rhode Island Ranger on


    As your Guinness(s) composed themselves tantalizingly on the bar at W77, did the bubbles swim up or down?!

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am gonna get a couple of pipe hittin bruthas and a blow torch, and go mid-evil on yo assen

  56. Out of all the “rumors” for potential deals for Nash, I don’t like a single one.

    Remember, there’s always the off-season.

    There’s too much emphasis on “now.”

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – hello to you my old friend and comrade…..the light in Warren is dim at best, it was hard to tell in what direction the salmon swam

  58. “I asked if they planned on showing all the CT Whale games for the season and turned around and split with my wife.”

    Not sure it’s worth ending a marriage over, Manny, but I guess you were _really_ upset. Unless it was something to do with the magazine you insisted on reading at the bar.

  59. Bwahahaha. Good point, ORR. I am sure they will *not* have them on. They will probably play the same fashion DVD’s I am forced to watch while my hair is being washed before my $32 haircuts.

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – did you see above that Holden knows my home away from home?…guess how he knows?

  61. Carp – can you please get Hartnell off the top of this blog? It’s making me sick when I refresh. I keep thinking it’s a Sammy Hagar ad for Cabo Wabo Tequila.

  62. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Get real close next pour and watch closely. Due to the luscious visnofsky of the ruby black stout, the bubble fellows rising violently in the center of the pint create a current that pulls the outsiders DOWN along the glass to the launch pad. It’s the Irish space program.

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    I thought W77 was a bit of a dive on the inside (great photo of johnny mac, circa 1984 however)…and from the outside, it looked like it was closed for construction….

  64. czechthemout!!!! on

    Have to hand it to Sather. Only he can pull out at third round pick for some that isn’t even worth a bag of pucks.
    As for the craziness of McD being in the Nash trade, jfk going to happen he is the best defensemen on the team and is not going anywhere. Mdz and Erixon for Nash I would do.

  65. “What exactly is the knucklehead in Columbus smoking???”

    Depends which bong Carter left in the locker room on his way out.

  66. czechthemout!!!! on

    People, take it easy! Stepan,McD,Girardi,Staal,Kreider,Gabby,The King, Miller,Richards,Boyle,Prust,Hagelin,
    The rest I believe are available.

  67. Lou Lamoriello has just confirmed that Marty Brodeur’s toes are untouchable, despite speculative reports to the contrary.

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