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I’m not going to attempt to talk some of you off the ledge. You’re nuts if you are in a panic over this little slide here. And if I knew a bookie, I’d put down a bet that the Rangers, because of who they are this year, will respond in the right manner tonight. (won’t hurt to have the guitarist in goal).


1) I don’t want to sound like somebody throwing stuff against the wall, and I don’t go for rumors and scuttlebutt, so that when I tell you I know something you’ll believe me. I can only tell you that somebody who really, really would know, pretty much said that there’s no shot Dustin Brown is being traded. If he’s wrong, then I’m wrong. But I very much doubt he’s wrong.

2) Yay! The Rangers clinched NHL-.500. Now the other 29 teams can chase that.

3) Still like the BCATHGE (breakaway contest after the hockey game ends)? The commissioner thinks you do.

4) Martin Biron was better than he was against Chicago, but he wasn’t good. And saying that, there sure was some slop being played in front of him for the second start in a row, especially early on by the Brad Richards line. A lot of guys standing flat-footed, a lot of guys not thinking. And even though there was some hitting, I didn’t think the Rangers played with their usual grind where they make it a rough night for the opponent.

5) Ruslan Fedotenko’s stick returned from its six-game suspension for hitting him in the face.

6) I’m not close to saying that Marc Staal is close to being himself again. But you saw a couple of sparks there with the PPG, and the play that broke up the rush that ended up with the great Artem Anisimov touchdown pass to Marian Gaborik.

7) And Anisimov made two spectacular defensive plays. At least two. Ryan Callahan, who was flat-footed on the first goal, made another huge backchecking play in the third to thwart Kyle Okposo 2-on-1 from Michael Grabner.

8) Did you see how the Islanders scored their PPG? By outnumbering the Rangers in front of the net? Did you see how simple and easy that was? Now, even though the Rangers scored a couple of PPGs of their own — and so maybe this isn’t the right time to be critical about it — did you see how many times during their PPs the Rangers had three men above the circles? You’re not outnumbering anybody down low if you have three players above the circles, unless it’s a 5-on-2, and last time I checked, they didn’t have 5-on-2s in hockey.

9) Speaking of checking rules, how about that mind-numbing penalty where Brian Boyle called for Michael Del Zotto to throw him his stick, and Del Zotto did it? How do NHL players not know that rule? “That scares the hell out of me,” John Tortorella said. And, of course, the Hockey Gods never let you kill a dumb penalty like that. And the Rangers didn’t.

10) If they are going to have BCATHGEs, then the Rangers need to re-think their BCATHGE lineup, eh? How are Derek Stepan and Anisimov not in the top four? And I’d put Brandon Dubinsky in there ahead of Richards. Boy, Gaborik has become money in those things, though. I still think it’s an idiotic way to decide a hockey game.

11) Why oh why wouldn’t the Islanders see what they can get for Evgeni Nabokov, who sure wasn’t any better than Biron in this game. Are they really going hell-bent to make the playoffs? Because they aren’t going to make it. Unless the NHL schedules a lot more games against the Rangers.

12) Have I ever told you how much I enjoy that soothing, relaxing, calming ride out to Hempstead Turnpike, where my car was once totaled with me in it? Fortunately I do not carry a weapon in the glove box.

13) Probably stating the obvious here, but tonight will likely be the last time Wojtek Wolski gets prucha’d by the Rangers. He’s a good and decent guy and his teammates really like him, and you can tell he’s thoughtful with his tweets. But there’s no spot for him in the lineup, he’s not coming back next year, and I think they’ll make him disappear by the deadline Monday.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Derek Stepan.

AP photos, above.

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  1. I swear-
    I will never tell a lie,
    I will never tell a lie, No, Noo
    aaah, haa , haa, ha, haa, hooo. ho. hoo. hoo, sucker. sucker, oooh sucker, I am a liar yeah, I am a liar, yeah, I liiike it. I feeeel good. oooohhh, I’m a liaar.

  2. That 5 hole has become a major problem….it’s almost comical how vulnerable he is there, and everyone knows it now

  3. CARP:

    Great review as always

    One thing thoug. During the live chat I asked you if you thought the Rangers made a mistake on PA Parentau. You told me he was slow and soft.

    He looked like he skated well last night, took the body and scored 2 goals. one on a CANNON of a slap shot?

    Care to ammend you answer?

    Also was surprised that you didn’t mention how freaking GREAT John Tavares is. Makes me want to puke that the Isles finally got one right.

  4. God I have always hated the skills competition since it started and I’m really starting to despise it….how you can take a team sport and individualize it is mind numbing to me…

    play 10 mins 3 on 3 then its a tie or play one extra period and its a tie…

  5. none of the players the Devs gave up are worth anything, and the 2nd rounder was Washington’s.

  6. Didn’t see the game but named AA and Gabby 2 of my stars yesterday morning not bad Hun? MDZ was the other, I gather not so good? Spoke with 2 ex Rangers at the Caps game pretty cool and for a little while. Mntrl is horrible except against us.

  7. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp –

    I know I am redundant as hell, here, to the point where no one even responds or puts me down anymore over this long-time burr in my saddle, but, when something is broken and needs to be fixed, it is rather difficult to walk away from it. You know what I’m coming to…

    The outcome of so many NHL games is being constanly tampered with by inane rules. We saw what happened to Detroit’s home winning streak two nights ago because a game that is good enough to be played one way for 59 minutes, in this frilly, little gimmicky league, needs to somehow be played differently in the final minute when everything is on the line, with all too frequent deviations at the end from what the deserving result should be.

    Another crass manipulation of outcome NHL rule has to do with what the Rangers experienced last night, understanding that all teams both benefit are victimized at times by this Shinny Contest at the end of the game. O.T., with its 4 on 4 joke and 4 skaters on 3 when there is a penalty, is bad enough, but not so much as the Shinny joke we have to suffer when O.T. is not conclusive.

    So that, in a sane ( nothing is really “fair”) world, Detroit wins in regulation on Thursday night, instead of the Red Wings losing their home winning streak for the ages; and the Rangers and Isles tie – quite a different outcome from what we disgracefully got.

    I do have a proposal for elimnating the “problem” with tie games in the NHL. I ran it here a long time ago and it didn’t resonate, but, to me, it does possess gut-feeling merit, and would elminate O.T., also, which is a big plus. And that is, as the home team wins approximately 60 percent of the time in the NHL, you could have a points for, and a points against standings column for all teams whereby, a team winning on the road would go 6-0 in points, on the night,with the home team going 0-6. A home team winning would go 4-0 in points, on the night, with a losing road team going 0-4. And a regulation tie would be recorded as 3-2 points for – points against, for the road team, and 2-3 point for – points against for the home team. So that a road tie would marginally benefit the road team, and the home team would pay for a tie, on a small scale.

    It just bothers me that given this manipulative-outcome NHL mentality so often teams lose that should win, teams win that should lose, and teams that earn a tie don’t get one, and teams that should get no more than a tie are awarded a 2-1 points victory, EXCEPT they are not even debited the one point the other team earned. They skate away with two points same as a team that won in regulation, despite the fact that they were TIED at the end of regulation!

    It is a sick joke, this state of manipulated outcome affairs in the NHL, Carp, and entire seasons can be, and have been ruined, because of it. Ok, back to my “Captain Marvel” Dell comic book, where the outcome is always fair and equitable, and justice always prevails.

  8. Carp,

    When did that become a penalty? In the old days, a player would always tap the stick along the ice back or forward to the player who had lost it.

    You did not mention it was another game of panisification calls. Real soft calls. I think the player Callahan “boarded” Hamonic? actually turned into it.

    Rangers will be fine. Be surprised if they don’t beat the Buffalos tonight.

    They have a strong and together team. Will they have enough scoring to get to the finals? We will find out.

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    If that’s their little slump that is expected to happen to every team each year, we can certainly live with it. Still got the point. I happen to agree with Wicky ( last thread) and think that it does have something to do with trade rumors. It’s affecting them somewhat. It’s a young, all for one team that is growing together and is accomplishing something special. I think they don’t want to go elsewhere or lose their friends. They are just not sharp mentally for long game stretches.

    Lol, I remember #12, scary story, but funny. When I saw the Pitbull commercial after the game I thought it must’ve completed your favorite trifecta: Pitbull, the breakaway contest, and the drive to Mausoleum.

    On #13. If they want to use WW’s cap dollars, they will have to put him on waivers before noon today because of NHL 48 hour weekend rule so he can clear the waivers before the deadline on Monday. So if anything, if that’s the case, he won’t be Prucha’d by tonight, he will be Redden’d

  10. Boom Boom

    There is obviously a valid argument about the format of OT, shootouts and the point distribution, but I don’t get the point about playing with the goalie pulled whatsoever.

    It’s quite simple, teams can play without a goalie whenever they want, not just when trailing in the last minute. Doesn’t the fact that teams haven’t trialled your idea of doing so in the first period suggest that maybe the odds become heavily stacked in favour of the team facing the empty net, not the team pulling the goalie? Ask Detroit if they would rather have faced an empty net or play 5-on-5 in that game in the last minute.

    Pretty sure there are way more ENGs than successful tying goals every single year. CTB can check the numbers for us all.

    And you don’t like games right one being worth a different amount of total points depending on whether it goes to OT or not, but at the same time propose some wins could be worth 50% more than others just based on where the game was played?

  11. outside of the glaring need for a 1st line, another thing the rangers really need is d-man that gets shots on net.

    Our d-men don’t get enough pucks on net and the ones that do are usually very weak. McDonagh, Girardi and Del Zotto are 52nd, 54th and 55th respectively out of all d-men in SOG. That needs to be addressed…

  12. Bullet point 8.pretty simple,yet the Rangers just can’t seem to get it.Stick Rupp in front.I thought they got him because he could also play,yet he sits like a goon.Our PK is easy to beat if done right.Do exactly what the Isles did,thats always how we get beat.Sure miss Sauer.As good positionally Girardi,McD,Stall,DZ are,they cannot clear the crease.

  13. Where was th Jam last night? That was the Islanders and supposed to be a rivalry. That weak fight didn’t spark anything (if it was supposed to) and it looked like to me that we were overlooking this game.

    I hope to see a stronger effort tonight.

  14. How many times in a game do we hear the Rangers’ infamous “shotwide” (one word)? They seem to think that by missing the net, the puck will somehow go in.

    It must be a variation of Yogi Berra’s famous golf quote: “90% of short putts don’t go in”.

  15. Just watched the game highlights again. WHAT A PLAY by Mac Truck in OT to save a goal!!!

    We got this stud for Scott Gomez??????????????????????????????

  16. Breakfasts come and go, Renee, but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

  17. The Rangers have 23 games left this season and are on pace for 114 points and that is not taking into consideration that the Rangers will be strengthening the team before the deadline passes.

    If the Rangers pass on Nash, I expect to see a RD and top 9 forward brought in…

  18. “Have I ever told you how much I enjoy that soothing, relaxing, calming ride out to Hempstead Turnpike, where my car was once totaled with me in it? Fortunately I do not carry a weapon in the glove box.”


  19. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    LW3H –

    Thanks for responding, so I will keep this cordial. I could have done a better job explaining as regards 6-0 to 0-6 in points when the road team wins, and 4-0 to 0-4 in points where the home team wins. It has to do with the fact that it is compensation for the home team winning about 60 per cent of the time, in NHL games. So that you have road teams winning 40 per cent of the time x’s 6 points = 24. And you have home teams winning 60 per cent of time time x’s 4 = 24. So that it balances out. It gives more credit for road teams winning consistent with their long term established percentage chance of winning. The tie game recommendatin of 3-2 points for – against for the road team, and 2-3 points for – points against for the home team just splits the difference.

    Yes, everyone who has ever disagreed with me re the pulling the goaltender / extra attacker rule has always pointed out that it can be done at any time in the game, so that this makes it fair. Technically, that is true and undeniable, but the fact is that no one ever does this, and we know the Rangers could not be criticized had they done this after falling behind Chicago 4-0, early, in an attempt to gain momentum and jump right back into the game – or lose by a blowout score with not much at risk, given teams down 4-0 rarely come back all the way.

    It’s just a terrible, and crassly cheap gimmick, to my mind. I would rather see consistency and outcome integrity applied to these games, than a TV-ratings mentally “excitement” factor becoming the overriding consideration in how these games are decided. Obviously, the NHL will never even look at this, so I know I am hollering down a rainbarrel, but I still make the cause of at least bringing my perspective here to public attention.

    My greatest fear, re this trailing team on the scoreboard “accomodation rule,” is that it will cost the Rangers a Stanley Cup, some day, and you know what, I don’t want the team to win the Stanley Cup this way, either, preferring to earn, rather than be given, the ultimate rewards in sports and in life.

    By the way, a major flawed rule was changed because of the way the Rangers lost the Stanley Cup Seventh game, in 1950. In those days a team had the man advantage for the entire two minutes on a penalty, even after scoring a power play goal. The Red Wings scored two goals in two minutes of PP time on the same penalty, late in the game, and beat the Rangers by one goal to win the Cup. Tough way to lose the Cup, yes, and they changed that rule, immediately, thereafter. So, I guess, there is always hope that things can be improved – you just don’t want to have to pay the ultimate price to get to having things done right.

  20. Agree that the boys will play with some jam tonight, but I echo other people’s concerns: do they have enough guys who can put it into the back of the net? Are the boys intimidated or afraid of Pittsburgh? Def not-but can they score enough goals in a seven game series against them to get it done?

  21. No one’s talking about Zidlicky to the Dev’s? I sure hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us!

  22. Zidlicky is a legitimate top 4 d-man. The problem is his age. I’d have taken him in place of Stralman, that’s for sure, but don’t like the draft picks he cost.

  23. tavares was the first player picked he better be good. finish last all the time and you get some good prospects.

    wolski is gone for sute, for anything….

    rental or 2 would be more then fine…

  24. i love panicing like this. being a ranger fan you are usually panicing because you are trying to squeek into the playoffs as hopefully a 7 sweed.

    this is the high rent district on the panic front…

    sauer even working out at all?

  25. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Game Day Morning ‘Heads!

    Glad to see we lost noone to ledge jumping last night! Hopefully the stench has worn off, they are done with their down spot, and rebound forcefully tonight, and for the rest of the season. Always sucks to lose to the islanders, but when they have RangerKiller papsmear on the ice, ya better pay attention lol!!

  26. for 30 yrs on trading dead line i would hope my team made a great deal, this is the 1st yr i’m hoping my team doesn’t do anything. Weird

  27. So today is the day that Toronto and NYC press the CBJ for an answer on Nash. Could be interesting or not.

  28. The pulling the goalie early trick has already been done and didn’t turn out so well.

    1970, Chicago v Montreal. Montreal needs a point to overtake the Rangers for the final playoff spot or 5 goals to win the tiebreaker. They’re down 5-2 in the last period, so with 10 minutes left they pull their goalie.

    End result. They lose 10-2. So yes, it’s been tried, it was a fail. NHL coaches have a looonnng institutional memory. There just aren’t that many Herb Brooks out there.

    Btw, I heard that game, the Rangers won early and I freakishly tuned in the Chicago broadcast while on Staten Island. It faded in and out but back in 1970, depending on atmospherics and the strength of a radio signal, you could pick up AM signals from a long way away at night. Lot less noise out there then.

  29. Carp – great interview between the first and second with Dave – I happen to agree with you on the Nash no trade till summer idea. However, there was word that Hemsky was available (bum shoulder and all) – and we know Uncle Glennie likes to trade with old friends – have you or are you hearing anything about this possibility?

  30. Everybody relax…..take a deep breath….we will be fine. I’d rather slump now than in mid-December with a race to the end to garner a playoff spot. If we win 10 games or so we are in the playoffs…we are in the driver’s seat. We just need to get back on the road again. Minor pitstop.

  31. sportsnet just tweeted that the deal has advanced and one of Mac Truck or Del Z is included!!

  32. Nash to NYR deal has advanced. CBJ gets 1 of Del Zotto or McDonagh, a 1st, & prospect (Tim Erixon). NYR feels offer bests #Leafs. #SNtrade

    sooooooo Columbus not so high on Dubinsky anymore, eh?

  33. i will believe the Nash trade when it happens the rest is noise.

    no chance the rangers are trading mcdonagh, zero chance…..

  34. @stevezipay@ Doubt this. 2 D? Cannot confiirm. RT @SportsnetSpec:@ Nash to NYR deal advanced. CBJ gets Del Zotto or McDonagh, 1st & prospect (Tim Erixon).


  35. rangers are not trading 2 D men under 24 and 1 a top 4 and erixon a great prospect. rick nash is not stamkos or malkin, he is not that good…………

    cbj will not move nash watch….

  36. stuart it’s one of McD/MDZ not both…..interesting that neither Wolski nor Avery were placed on re-entry.

  37. That’s what I’ve been saying for days now, Nash won’t get traded until after dead line but than I read if they wait to trade him in the summer they won’t get what they could if they trade him now. At this point who knows anymore.

  38. ye Manny not sure how that makes sense….Clitsome btw had 19 points in 31 games last season, 14 points in 51 games this year though….he will surely get picked up by someone.

  39. Yev, I still think he’s soft and slow, and he plays hard against one team all year — and his numbers are inflated by having the great Tavares as his center … or I could be wrong.

    I don’t believe that sportsnet rumor for a second, especially the McDonagh part. Again, when it comes from Dreger or McKenzie or Kypreos, then I might believe it.

    And, yes, McDonagh made a fantastic play in OT that I forgot to mention after my death-ride home, in which I was nearly blown off the Throgs Neck Bridge by wind gusts.

  40. Why would the Rangers put Avery on re-entry waivers and have the possibility of an Eastern team grabbing him for the final month or so? Why do they owe him something at this point?

  41. Start of year, most had MDZ either 6d or starting on the Whale.
    Now he is untouchable?? Give me a break.

  42. i doubt the Kings are listening to offers on Brown after the Jeff Carter trade.

    Now I’m hearing Del Z or MCDonagh, 1st, and prospect (Erixson) offered for Nash.

  43. I would’ve been happy with a tie last night. That hockey game was exciting enough for me. Hear that commissioner?

    Richards is now 0-8 on the shootout. Now at what point do we start blaming torts for hurting our team by putting him in? It’s actually ridiculous.

  44. Thought he was still against cap. Bad me.

    but, even though, if he goes to Philly you think he is a difference maker?

  45. It could all come down to being something as simple as this: If Tortorella thinks that Del Zotto will make costly mistakes in a playoff series, he could conceivably be dealt for Nash.

  46. Carp, is there any way I can get my old Intro to Economics book to you to give to Sather before he does something terrible?

    (It’s fun to picture a movie scene where he opens the book, they show a clock do a few full revolutions, cut back to him closing the book and exclaiming “What was I thinking???”)

  47. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Everyone settle the hell down! Ryan McDonagh is going NOWHERE!!! stop getting your panties, thongs, boxers and tighty whiteys in a bunch!

  48. RealKyper profile

    RealKyper #SNtrade talk. Going into the weekend the #Rangers remain firm that moving Del Zotto or McDonagh to #Bluejackets for Nash is not an option.

  49. Maybe, Johnnyboy, but it shouldn’t matter. Trading a 21 year old 20 mpg defenseman off a 1st place team is just hideously stupid. Then factor in that even next season he’ll make like 1/4 of what Nash does and its enough to make a guy punch a wall.

  50. i meant the rangers would not trade wither mdz or mcdonagh. they just will not.

    mdz is still very young and progressing well and mcdonut is astar already, the league just does not know it.

    no way you trade away guys who can be real real good for the next 10 yeaqrs and take back a horrible contract…

  51. CBJ already has JJ and Wiz on D, no need for MDZ. No way the Rangers trade 1/2 of their best D pair *and* the prospect that could eventually replace McD if he were to get traded.

  52. Wolski, MDZ, Erixon, and a no 1 for Nash is a no brainer. Rangers have plenty of D, and can also make an offseason play for Suter to replace MDZ. Players like Nash do not come around.

  53. There’s a difference between value and whether anybody wants him, Lloyd. I maintained all year that I thought he could play a valuable role, especially over certain people who no longer play for the NYR. I doubt other teams want him. But what if he ended up with Philly and the Rangers had to face his shenanigans in the final week of the season, or if he played to his ability and actually helped the Flyers? What’s the point of letting that happen to save a few Cablevision dollars (and zero cap hit)?

  54. MDZ also was Whale’d for the majority of last season and wasn’t on our playoff roster. I don’t know if that factors into anything.

  55. To repeat, from Kypreos, who knows:

    RealKyper #SNtrade talk. Going into the weekend the #Rangers remain firm that moving Del Zotto or McDonagh to #Bluejackets for Nash is not an option.

  56. why isn’t it an option to send MDZ for Nash? Can MDZ score 65+ points?? Does MDZ make our PP better? no and no! Next year Erixon will take MDZ’s place and year after McIlrfath will be here as well…we need scoring help!

  57. really hoping we got one of their D-men that has a cannon of a shot….but i wouldnt be surprised if this trade is just for a pick or two.

  58. I imagine that Florida wanted Avery too….at least, I know that Scottie Upshall is Aves’ best friend and I’m almost sure they inquired…

  59. Good afternoon, Carp! Can you do me a favor and ban me from RR for the next 50 hours? I can’t stop looking…

  60. RealKyper Confirmed #SNtrade. #Rangers Wolski to #Panthers that has a 3rd round pick involved


    just a third rounder? mkay then….

  61. I would like to see McDonagh get traded for something special in return only because it expands the six degrees of separation thingy of the gomez trade, and makes the dowery we received for Gomez even more voluminous.

  62. Hate the breakaway contest. I’ve noticed that unless it’s a Rangers’ game I turn the game off after it ends, but before the skills contest begins to decide the game. It’s just not entertaining—80% of the players don’t even deke, they just skate straight down and shoot it into the pads. So Mr. Bettman, a 25 year fan turns off about half of the games instead of watching the last 5 minutes of a tie game, which should be the most exciting part. It’s even worse when it is something like Detroit’s home win streak on the line. Yeah the streak ended, I guess.

  63. boxcareddiehospodar on

    let’s hope if we trade for nash it is not the same outcome as the miller/ridley for carpenter trade years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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