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John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Martin Biron:


Brian Boyle:


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  1. “”Game starts at 7 pm, gentlemen – right after the anthem! Play accordingly – you too, Marty!

  2. interesting, Cally (that’s Capt. Cally) didnt think the start was too bad, Torts thought it was terrible and was surprised that some of the players didnt think it was that bad. And Torts was “scared to hell” that MDZ didnt know the passing the stick rule.


    Somebody left the *net* open – 2 goals scored on first 4 shots!

  4. are u kidding? i just got home and we lost? not just lost, but to the isles?? yea, thank god were slumping now instead of april, but damn, i think this trade deadline is affecting alot of them.

  5. Lev- I didn’t see the interview but do you think there is anyone that cares more than Boyle does? Anyone that evaluates his his game day to day like he does and is so hard on himself. I don’t.

  6. tomorrow in no way is a must win game.. grabby chill out a little.. i mean if this is considered a slump consider ourselves LUCKY!

  7. at least our golden boy stepan scored. and we got a point whe we probably wouldnt have against a better team. gotta beat the sabres or u can bet sather will make a dumb trade

  8. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather scares me. A LOT. He makes a lot of dumb moves. And some smart ones. Dumb outnumbers smart by a large margin. He’s overdue for a bad move. Sather scares me. A LOT.

  9. dde i agree, Boyle probably does care the most…i see it on his face day in and day out…just like Hank….but listen to the interview Carp posted up…

  10. >>>losing to the isles is almost as bad as turning on your tv and bill maher is on.

    As much as I absolutely *despise* the Isles, I don’t know if losing to them is as bad as anything having to do with Bill Maher!

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Anyone checking out Wolski’s tweets. I guess he had a pity party on his birthday.>>>>>>>>>>

  12. Torts should have played Wolski tonight – he might have scored in the shootout! Mitchell, indeed…

  13. aboslutely must win tommorrow else they may only be #1 in the east by 7 points.

    is zidlicky that good? they gave up a bunch of bodies for him.


  14. Good of the team to go in a slump right before the trade deadline to make the decision-making easier….

    I’m also going to the game tomorrow, and bringing 2 friends to their first ever hockey game. Hopefully the Rangers are sharp and give them a good performance!

  15. Hey…no negativity on here about the Rangers!

    Yes they’ve lost 3 of 4 and yes their is indicative of that record, but no taking off those rose coloured glasses. EVER!!!!

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