Carter traded to L.A., increases Rangers shot at Nash?


In case you missed it, Jeff Carter has been traded from Columbus to Los Angeles for Jack Johnson and a No. 1 draft pick … pending Carter passing a physical.

That pretty much takes the Kings out of play for Rick Nash … which means the Rangers’ chances of landing Nash probably have increased. And perhaps means that the pricetag for Nash might go down, too.

Rumors are that L.A.’s Dustin Brown is also available and the Rangers are interested. Stay tuned.


AP photo, above.


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  1. AdamRotter Agree RT @ChrisBottaNHL: Rangers in on Dustin Brown, who would fit in perfectly and cost less (in assets and $) than Rick Nash.

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    Dustin Brown is a nice player but is not a top notch forward who can be a game changer. He is a second line player which means more of the same already on the team but I would still go after him for the right price.

  3. Take a pass on Nash he isn;t a good fit just another overpaid floater. I am in the trade for Brown camp, he plays like a Ranger.

  4. Nash is a floater? LOL M’KAY! Nash is a competitive BEAST!! put him on a team with structure and he takes that team to the next level…

  5. “Why the hell would the Kings want to trade Brown now? Odd!”

    Need a more natural scorer? Perhaps a polish canadian dude?

  6. I can’t believe the kings traded for Carter and reunited him with richards. I guess the Kings GM didn’t get the memo about those two jabroni’s together in Philadelphia.

  7. I Rarely Speak on

    hey carp, i agree, i said earlier in the thread just how much better is he than dubinsky? doesnt seem like enough of a talent upgrade

  8. i don’t think anyone’s suggesting dubinsky for brown..more like a prospect and a pick. kings don’t want to bring back more in contract than they send away.

  9. IRS, that was tongue in cheek. I think he’s better than Dubinsky, more like Callahan.

    JBytes, even if you hate the other IRS, you shouldn’t say so publicly around this time of year. For the record, I love the IRS.

  10. “hey carp, i agree, i said earlier in the thread just how much better is he than dubinsky? doesnt seem like enough of a talent upgrade”

    The trade wouldn’t involve Dubinsky; he makes over $1MM more than Brown annually.

  11. sure i want Nash! For the right price…who wouldn’t? Dude is a true monster! Legit! and still freaking young!


  12. Wait, I must be missing something. Why would the Kings want to trade Dustin Brown after they traded for a center in his prime?

  13. I Rarely Speak on

    thanks for loving me carp HA!.. im not saying the trade would be for dubinsky.. i would rather have nash.. i think a sniper is more what they need

  14. Dustin Brown really doesn’t make sense. He’s a really good player and all but another grind first score 2nd player is not what we need…

  15. I Rarely Speak on

    isnt brown a RW? where do they put him? or would they move him to the left side if they made a trade for him?

  16. Yeah how funny is it that Carter is reunited with Richards?! LOL

    they gonna be getting cookefaced in Hollywood partying and getting coked out with Lindsey Lohan!

  17. Yeah, Brown is good, but not nearly the talent Nash is. However, he does seem like a guy that would fit perfectly into the Torts scheme and [possibly] not disappear for long stretches on O. Ahem, Dubi.

  18. The Kings do not have any need to unload salary. They have plenty of cap room to suit their needs so it makes no sense for them to move Brown…

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    The happiest guy tonight is Jeff Carter. The saddest is Jack Johnson. With Rick Nash being close second in the sadness dept.

  20. If the Jets win tonight and the Panthers lose, the Jets take over third place in the conference. Granted, they’ve played four more games…

  21. Brown’s cap hit is $3.175 for next two years…any chance that BOTH Nash and Brown get here? we certainly have the prospects to get it done…although the Kings will probably want a D-man in return now that Johnson is gone…

  22. NYR_Fan I did too, 100%. Was convinced Gaborik would never buy into the defensive part of the game. Sometimes the best trades are the ones not made …

  23. I’m watching Minnesota – Florida over here and Chistensen’s been mentioned twice … wasn’t he playing in Mexico???!

  24. @TSNBobMcKenzie I’m hearing NYR is closing in on a deal for LAK’s Dustin Brown. The deal could be worked out tonight or tomorrow.

  25. Don’t watch many Kings games — Wasn’t Jack Johnson like the franchise defenseman??? Why trade him???

  26. Im sure this Dustin Brown talk is all a last second ploy by Sather to get Howson to bite on a lesser offer…

  27. Doughty was / is. Johnson seems like the guy you absolutely love until he’s playing for your team.

  28. Czechthemout!!! on

    This is for Boom Boom Bathgate

    I think the deal breaker so far is Sather’s reluctance to include Rupp in the Nash deal. You see, Howson wants Rupp to provide leadership and a good lockeroom presence for all those young hungry little bees! His experience and presence in the lockeroom cannot be overstated. Howson wants, no needs all those busy little bees to go to Rupp and teach them how to be pros. For example, when say Derrick Brassard goes into a slump, he can go to Rupp and rely on his wealth of goal scoring experience to give him some pointers on how to shoot pass and score. So if we don’t get Nash, it’s Sather’s fault for not including Rupper into the deal.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on


    Right Nash is a 25 goal scorer who has never scored less than 27 accept his rookie year.

  30. He only has 20 goals this year Czech and is a minus 21. Hockey is played in both ends on the ice someone should mention that the Nash.

  31. Czechthemout!!! on


    +\- is a weak argument especially on a team like Colombus that has sucked for so long.

    By your logic, Brad Richards, a career minus player, stinks while Marek Malik should have been a Norris candidate when he was among the league leaders in plus/ minus.

  32. Wow, seriously?! another guy throwing around plus/minus as if it means something. Nash plays huge minutes for the worst team in hockey of course his plus minus look good. Not to mention the whole way that stat is kept is complete and utter nonsense. Plus minus is possibly the worst stat in the game.

  33. I not happy with Richards defensive play either, he gets lazy in his own end too. But at least the Rangers didn’t have to trade away have their team to get him as he was a free agent. Malik was a very solid defencemen for most of his career.

  34. I’m pretty sure there are only 2 guys on the entire Columbus roster that are actually positive in that stat and they are a whopping +2 & +3.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not to mention the fact that for ten nine years, that team has had the worst goaltending of any other team in the league.

  36. Czechthemout!!! on


    Marek Malik was an abortion of a defenseman. A human pylon who Tom Renney thought was a great player. Give me a break.

  37. Malik was past his prime in New York, just as Nashs’ best days are behind him. The Rangers success is built through the draft. Trading away the future for big name past their prime players, has proven to be a losing proposition.

  38. Flyers beat guy on the deal: “On the Richards-Carter relationship one Flyer told me: Mike likes Jeff but Jeff loves Mike.”

    That killed me.

  39. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    LMFAO brown is dime a dozen..Priceless sir, priceless!!!

  40. What if Columbus is planning to flip Johnson to nyr in a Nash deal and so Mdz or mcdonagh are going the other way? Just a thought…..

  41. Seriously. Weekes and Tappen? What I care about is what Rod thinks. But won’t tell us. Until something happens. That he already knew about.

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right. The price is higher. Especially since the supposed front runner in the trade for Nash just traded for a different player.

  43. >>>just telling you what they said they no squat though

    Kathryn can squat here anytime she wants…

  44. Rick Nash and Paul Gaustad will be Rangers on Monday night. JMHO. Dubinski will not. Neither will Wolski, Bickel, Miller, Mitchell, McIlrath and our #1 pick will be gone.

  45. easy there, Jimbo.

    Who is this Kathryn Tappen?

    The price has to go down (who asked earlier, Hartford?) if there are fewer teams bidding. Or at least it won’t go up.

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “LA looks dangerous now,” Mr, Union of Soviet Republics?

    Well, they have been playing the WORST hockey in the NHL since the All Star Break. Their surfacing as something formidable now would be akin to the Titanic surfacing after taking quite a dive. Can’t wait to make some serious money betting against them, if the play on them is top-heavy. Glitz and glamour come with a steep price tag, you know.

  47. gaustad one of the best faceoff guys in league plays great on pk has 7 pts in last 10 games can mix it up. playoff type player

  48. leetchhalloffame on

    I don’t care if EC scores 50 shootout goals for Minny. Just glad that waste of space is not here anymore.

  49. that’s theoretical, obviously. if Toronto ups its offer, for example, the price does go up. but theoretically, if all bids are in and one team drops out, the price goes down. am i making any sense? where’s CTB when I need him to explain what I’m saying?

  50. I’m 49% certain Paul Gaustad has relatives on this board.

    (The price on Nash could absolutely go up. If there are more buyers than stars available, taking 1 buyer and 1 star out of the equation ups the prices on the remaining stars.)

  51. This Oilers-Flyers game is exciting. Great chances for both teams – I can understand why Jagr made those comments about Hemsky needing a change of scenery.. very dynamic player..

  52. Miami, i forgot to tell you, on WFAN yesterday Joe and Evan were discussing the Marlins and they several times referred to Miami as Bush League.

  53. Wings did kinda get jobbed on that icing call at the end of regulation, though. Should not have been icing, I don’t think.

  54. on snyrangers blog

    bruce garroich who works for ottawa sun tweets price on nash has gone down. problem is i dont think bruch garrorich gets anything right.

  55. latona

    fast paced game no d being played hemsky though is an enigma but very talented a better vesrion of wolski

  56. better beans than these on

    Plus/minus is radically flawed. It is not meaningless.

    That Nash was LEADING THE LEAGUE in minus, by a good margin
    a week or ten days ago, says something.

    Legit debate about how much – but it says something, especially at
    almost $8 millions/per.

  57. Yeah, I agree, Jimbo. It shouldn’t have been an icing – Salo clearly slowed down. But that’s how the cookie, or should I say octopus, crumbles.

    You can see a bit more hustle infused into Hemsky’s game, though, in my opinion. The defensive play is horrendous – the puck was in the corner behind Universe and there was an Oiler WIDE open in front of the net for a good five to ten seconds. None of the Flyers even reacted. Fortunately for them, they won the battle along the boards.

  58. jimbo

    dont touch it.

    love when wife goes to bed around 830 get to watch all the hockey i want without interuptions

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rule book “free power play” goal ties game which Wings then lose, along with their streak. But they won’t complain, it’s really ok to get shafted out of what you earned by the rulebook in the NHL

    I wonder who the jerk who invented “Gimmic sports contest rules” was. Sure would like to give him credit for treating cotton candy goals like gold bullion goals.

  60. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “Hey, Vancouver, you need a goal, hell, have a free power play – it’s on us.” Love, The NHL Rules Committee.

  61. Yeah it says he plays major minutes for the worst team in hockey. Columbus leads the league in most goals allowed. There are 4 Jacket’s forwards in the bottom 10 of the +/- category. They have atrocious defense and lack luster goaltending would be putting it nicely. I would argue that with the minutes Nash has played this year, it is amazing his +/- isn’t worse.

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    In the near future, this Rangers team is going to lose a Stanley Cup championship because of that dishonest, disgusting pulling the goaltender rule, mark my words!

    But no one will even have anything to say about it. It’s terrible and everybody complains about the officiating in the NHL, but no one ever complains about all the stilted, twisted, dishonest game outcome results which happen multiple times every single week of NHL play, because of an absolutely tormented rule that gives an advantage to a team just because it is trailing on the scoreboard. That’s ok. It’s amazing how we see human nature to fight inequity and injustice on one hand, and ignoring it on the other.

    The Detroit Red Wings won another game on home ice tonight – except that the NHL and its fans don’t get it, and the announcers never even mention the rigged nature of it all, so that this victory was stolen from them. If I owned a team in this league I would take this issue to court and make this league pay through the nose for running a Ponzi Scheme rulebook, first time it victimized my team.

  63. I hear you, eric – I hope so too. Schneider is no slouch, but I think I’d rather see Luongo against the devs. Somebody needs to slow them down and make them lose their “edge” a bit.

  64. Shanny should have a good look at that footage, but since *Mr* Snider bought the NHL, I don’t expect to hear anything from the League Office..

  65. Right Jimbo? That was a nasty, nasty play. I will lose ALL respect for Shanahan if Hartnell doesn’t get a call for that.

  66. I mean, it’s so freakin’ obvious what Hartnell meant to do – and he did it! What more do they need to see!?

  67. eric, you are dead on regarding B.G.

    Miami, they were crying because the Marlins stole Reyes from their beloved Mets, and because they are going to have fish in a tank in their new stadium, and because they’ll probably start selling off all their good players if they win again, and a few other things that I can’t remember because I lost interest … other than the fact that Miami and Bush League got my attention. I don’t think they said clowns, but they might have.

    Latona, are you starting trouble again? :)

    +/- is useless, especially regarding minus players who play major minutes on dreadful teams. USELESS.

  68. what did Hartnell do? (ps, don’t you love it when Sam Rosen calls him Scotty, like they’re friends, like everybody does with Scotty Gomez?).

  69. Potter hit Hartnell, Hartnell got mad, Hartnell stuck his knee out on Paajarvi. Paajarvi goes to the locker room not putting weight on his leg, Hartnell gets two minutes for kneeing. Edmonton announcers rightly wonder how its an intentional knee with an obvious injury and only two.

  70. Looks like he caused a knee injury to Oilers Paajarvi(sp?) by causing knee-to-knee contact on the kid..and it didn’t look like an accident.

  71. Hartnell, after being angered by something or other on the ice (note that it doesn’t take much to anger the cookehole) proceeded to make a late, late hit with his knee on Paajarvi, who went off in a great deal of discomfort. It was really both charging and kneeing, and there was an intent to injure.

  72. Sam has some friendship and love issues with NYR rivals – especially in Philthy and Pittsburgh…

  73. I’m sure Shanny will slap him with a couch-change fine of $2,500. Or a stern warning.

    Unless Mr. Snider tells him not to. And orders the Empire State Building lit up in Orange Crud.

  74. Not to fan any flames, but they’re not too off on the Marlins hierarchy… They may have been sounding pretty snobbish about it, but there’s an argument there. Not saying I totally agree, but I don’t totally disagree either.

    …anyway still think Lubomir is someone to think about… really think he’d be a great help to this team on the powerplay. Understanding this would be a long shot due to the #s.


  75. Maybe they can festoon the upper part of the Empire State Building with massive pads of Brillo to emulate Sir Scotty’s hairstyle, as well..

  76. If the Oil can get another goal or two, it would be very cool if one of the Oil players could look to make Hartnell pay for that kneeing penalty.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Trade all the Rangers exept Gaborik and Richards for ALL FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS!!!

    Sell everyone , Hank too!! Get like a zillion picks for the next 5 years!!!! With the scrubs we aquire , we call up the whole whale ..maybe half and they with Richards and Gaborik make a run at the cup. Our playoff spot is a lock so with the ( kids) we still win the cup and our future is GOLDEN!! We basicly used them for the position were in and we SELL SELL SELL and still win…heck all the junk and garbage we get will play so hard , torts will have a first line , second line and 2 forth lines!!! Dog house city!!! Rangers will maybe sacrifice a little p[ower this year but were winning the cup anywaysss!!?? just a thought.

  78. Likewise.. is this week dragging or is it just me?

    And nothing new to report – planning to go to a great Italian place in River Edge soon though. Sanducci’s.. ever hear of it?

  79. I actually don’t think the Carter trade affects the asking price for Nash. Although if Howson knew what he was getting he might want to slant the package toward more defensive oriented given that Johnson is a defensive sieve at even strength.

    Trading both of them signals that they’re really throwing in the towel for the next number of seasons and are probably going to want sure thing prospects and guys that are a few years into their career that haven’t peaked yet. Effectively they’d be hitting the reset button on their franchise and build it around Yapukov (assuming they win the draft lottery) so they’ll want to scale the timing of the development of the players involved in the trade package to fit that.

  80. It’s a favorite of mine, Jimbo, although I don’t get there often.. relatively out of my way.. they have a delicious painted bread they serve to the table. I would go there for that alone.

    I did go to Empire Hunan not too long ago, a great Chinese/sushi restaurant on Route 4. I don’t personally eat sushi, but my family raves about theirs, and their Chinese fare is more than good enough for me to keep frequenting the place, whether it be dine-in or take-out.

    I wish the Oilers would serve the Flyers a nice steaming platter of you know what..

  81. Hahaha! Flys might like it though, Latona! Flys are known to enjoy that stuff, aren’t they? ;-)

    No sushi for me, either – I just can’t do it!

  82. I agree, although hopefully not too sweet. Brown is somehow a little over million dollars less of a cap hit than Dubinsky, too.

  83. Are you old enough — probably not — to remember the Ted Mack Amateur Hour? In my family, when somebody does something amateur-hour or bush-league or clown-like we just say, “Ted Mack.”

  84. the thing is, I can’t really imagine why LA would give up Brown for Dubinsky without getting something else pretty strong in the deal.

  85. Oboy – Flys get a PP in the last 3 mins on a slash on Hartnell….refs must have gotten a call from *Mr.* Snider…

  86. Yeah Jimbo, Steve Mason is going to kill a small forest breaking his sticks over the crossbar after JJ and Wiz skate in back to back shifts.

  87. obviously, Lloyd. By the way, your namesake — the original one, who worked for Dinkins — was on the 11:30 Seinfeld here.

  88. CARP, I’ve heard of it but have never seen footage …

    I started using “bush-league” after watching “Anchorman”

  89. >>>Yeah Jimbo, Steve Mason is going to kill a small forest breaking his sticks over the crossbar after JJ and Wiz skate in back to back shifts.

    Hahaha!! Maybe not a forest, though – what are those new sticks made out of!?

  90. I’m not sure which of the two Lloyd Brauns I prefer. In some ways the first one was more believable as the suave, mover and shaker, while the second was an easier sell as a nutjob. Second one was pretty awesome in the chewing gum episode so I guess he wins.

  91. i love Dustin Brown. he is a good 2nd line forward, who hits and can score in the low 20″s. He is from upstate NY and would be a ton cheaper then Nash. He is absolutely not a game changer but another very solid forward and would fit in well in a torts team…………

  92. trade Dubi and a couple of pretty good prospects for Brown.

    how about dubi, thomas, and a high pick????

    I do not understand why the Kings would trade Brown..Lombardi is a worse GM then Sather by far, and that is scary……..

  93. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Oh how I wished Micheal Anthony would have knocked on my door when I was a kid and handed my Mom a check for $1,000,000.00 no questions asked just sign the paper and its yours LOL

  94. MAN ON FIRE is an awesome movie … I cannot watch it enough times … cinematography and soundtrack are tremendous to boot.

  95. dubi, thomas or/st croix, and a 2nd for dustin brown.

    kings have no picks in the first 3 rounds…

    why not?

  96. supposedly the kings want to trade brown so they can get another forward and need to move browns salary to accomplish that, therefore its going to have to be prospects and picks for Brown i believe not Dubinsky

  97. Leaves lose again tonight – fall out of a playoff spot tonight. Tonight it wasn’t their goaltending, though, they only could score 1 goal against the Sharks.

  98. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What was the millionaire’s name, I don’t remember but my guess is: John Baresford Tipton.

  99. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp –

    The value of plus/minus on weak teams is that you can compare the players on the team with eachother. So that, imagine, a player with a weak plus/minus comparison score on a weak team, well, that tells you something about him. Same as a weak score on a strong team would be enlightening.

    You know who did quite well in this category, compared with his fellow Rangers defensemen, a few seasons back, for two or three years? Our old friend Malik, which is why I was never hostile toward him, as were so many here. Malik actually stacked up quite well compared with what else we had on the blue line, in his time here.

    Also, you might find a standout in this category, on a weak team, whose balance sheet doesn’t look so good by league standards, but who, on a good team, would figure to be solid-looking, at least on paper. (And I hope I didn’t just make a strong case for the Rangers acquiring, what’s his name?)

  100. I would be fricking ecstatic if they traded for DUSTIN BROWN. He and Cally are both Central NY boys. They both play a very similar style game. Two awesome leaders who work the entire ice. SIGN ME UP!

  101. Carp,

    Judging by some of the deals we’ve seen posted here, a big chunk of the board thinks Dubinsky is sufficient to land Nash.

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Huge, huge fan of Mr Brown. He is a hit machine with speed and decent hands and fits the teams style to a T. Dubi for Brown ain’t happening, need more juice from our end.

    Frankly, take both he and Nash and run at the Cup for the next 4 hrs.

  103. There would be no point in trading Dubinsky + assets for Brown. If you are going to get Brown, you don’t ship someone of importance out, you give up prospects/picks only.

    I like Brown but he’s pretty redundant plus the fact that it would be nonsensical for the Kings to trade him…

  104. better beans than these on

    On plus/minus:

    I use it as a clue. Nothing more.

    In Brad Richard’s case, e.g., since he played on pretty good teams
    most of his career, I figured it told me something about his attitudes
    and capacities on defense. Having seen him often this year, the clue
    has, so far, been useful.

    In Rick Nash’s case, it gets more complicated. Some folks are suggesting
    he gets a large discount for playing on a lousy team, with a leaky goalie.
    And there’s probably SOMETHING to that. But looking at his career graph,
    what stands out is a strong correlation between HIS +/- and HIS shooting
    percentage, regardless of team dynamics.
    Twice, in full seasons, he has scored on 15% and more of his shots
    (last time in 2008-9, and there’s a steady decline since). In a 54-game effort
    in 2004-5, he’s listed at over 18% – wow!
    BUT – since that plus 15%, he’s succeeded at a seasonal 13%, then 10.5 last
    year, and this time ’round, 8.7 (and his shot totals have been in roughly the
    same range each year since 2008-9). As he becomes less worthy, at least to
    the extent those numbers tell a story, of the sobriquet “sniper” (Hank used
    it about him ten days ago), his plus/minus has drifted to those “caution”
    levels. In other words, his missed shots are part of the Jackets’ dismal story, as well as his declining own (a handful of “non-snipers” on his squad have somewhat
    higher shooting marks, a couple significantly so)).
    Yeah, he’s “only” 27. He’s “young.” But he’s been at this mostly losing grind
    a long, hard while, now. Whatever the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual toll
    has been, his game is showing a decline.
    Is it reversible? Is it that he just needs a change to more lively, competitive,
    and hopeful surroundings? (Even his last World Cup, statistically at least, was
    not nearly as productive as some when he was younger).
    Is the sprint of the Olympics (where he impressed many) a useful test when
    talking about the grinding marathon of the Cup?
    Maybe….and maybe not. Don’t think anyone can say for sure.
    There is only one certainty: whatever he brings, his albatross of a contract will
    present a relatively serious obstacle to completing a roster that makes his
    presence a championship one.
    Absent those pieces, this almost-$8 million dollar guy has to be all over the ice,
    every shift, making his presence positively felt. That what you saw in the Garden
    the other night? That his rep?
    I haven’t seen even his most ardent disciples claim that for him.

    Don’t get orgasmic just because y’hear “power forward” and “monster” and
    “sniper.” Just say no to another Sather albatross…:-).

  105. better beans than these on

    I remember Ted Mack, and the generous way, typical of the times,
    he would treat everyone who came on, talented or not.

    How far we’ve come…..

  106. better beans than these on

    A little patience, a little imagination, a little luck, and y’might
    be able to find a guy (Simmonds of the Flyers comes to mind, as
    previously noted; Clarkson of the Devs) who can get you at or
    near current Nash goal levels for a quarter to a third of the cap hit.
    That’s a part of the job Glen has not done so well (exception :
    Brian Boyle’s 20+ last year:-). Y’might even find a guy like Adam
    Graves! They are out there; y’gotta open your eyes and put in the
    time. Maybe take a tip or two from Paul Holmgren;-).

  107. I have no problem with getting Dustin Brown. Still, Brown is basically Dubinsky with a couple of extra goals. Dubi for Brown is fractionally better. Brown’s cap hit is nicer. I am interested to see what they would have to give up for him since Brown is having a bit of a down year as well. Maybe the price is lower and the Rangers make out in this deal They are goal starved… throw them MZA and a low round draft pick? This will be interesting to see.

  108. Reading around that price for Brown will be high. Question is: what qualifies as high? They can’t ask anywhere near Nash prices. This Brown situation could force the price for Nash down. I can see Slats using this as a wedge.

  109. Brown is not “fractionally” better than Dubinsky, unless you mean a LOT of fractions adding up to a far better player. But since he’s not available, and since Dubi wouldn’t be enough to get him anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

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