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Some thoughts that I expressed in the comments, and some I didn’t, as we argued — again — the pros and mostly the cons of Rick Nash (somebody cleverly dubbed it Nash Wednesday).

1) Jeff “10-foot-pole” Carter … the Rangers would be better off doing nothing than adding him at any cost. Bad guy. He’ll be available again next year at the deadline, by whichever team gets him this year.

2) Henrik Lundvist’s biological clock/age=non-factor. He could play another 10 years at this level. Lots of goalies play well into their late 30s without a dropoff.

3) To play devil’s advocate on all these comments that the Rangers won’t be able to sign all their RFAs and UFAs the next few years if they get Nash: If the Rangers have Nash, Stepan, Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, Kreider on the top two lines, why are you sweating Hagelin/Anisimov (just to name two) contracts? Do you pass up the chance to get a bonafide first-line winger so you don’t have to be creative with one third-line contract in two years?

4) Not convinced he’s coming. And I’m not sure I’m strongly one one side or the other. I’m only convinced they want him. I have no idea how far they’ll go to get him, and I don’t think they will go near the rumored demands that include any of these guys: Stepan, McDonagh, Del Zotto … and I am taking an educated guess that they will make all attempts to keep Kreider out of the deal, too. I could be completely wrong.

5) I think part of the concern is that the Rangers have 15 regulation losses, and six of those were by shutout. And that every slump the last two years, and both of the last two playoff eliminations, were due to a lack of goal scoring and first-line skill.

6) I wonder how married Scott Howson is to the idea of making this deal … if he’ll crumble as 3 p.m. Monday approaches, or if he’ll just say, the heck with it, and keep Nash. Actually, I still don’t understand why Columbus would trade their franchise player. It’s not like they don’t have cap space.

7) Unrelated to Nash: What a shame it is to see the Washington Capitals collapse under Dale Hunter. He’s getting what he deserved for all those years of playing like a filthy piece of clarke. Also, do you think it matters who wears the “C” on a hockey team? Look how the Great Eight is leading his team, and how Captain Callahan is leading his.

8) Missed the big anniversary yesterday. Feb. 22, 1980. Lake Placid, N.Y. Google it if you have to.

9) The two latest Roenickisms were added to the vocabulary the other night, after the esteemed J.R. called Carolina “the Panthers.” In the same, um, thought on the Capitals, Roenick used the words “miscombobulated” and “misarray” … to go along with some of his classics, like “adysmal.”


Been up to my eyeballs in basketballs the last little while, and will be doing split duty between hoops and hockey for the next month. Was at Tappan Zee High School yesterday and saw the latest version of this, which is one of the funniest high school sports antics I’ve seen. This is one from earlier in the season.


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  1. Third!

    CARP: How good are Larry Brooks sources?

    This is what he wrote today in the Post:

    It is believed that Sather, who is not fazed by the ramifications of adding Nash’s contract that runs through 2017-18 at a cap hit of $7.8 million per year, is prepared to send Brandon Dubinsky, Christian Thomas, and perhaps 2010 first-rounder Dylan McIlrath plus a first round pick to Columbus in order to bring the 6-foot-4, 220-pound, nine-year veteran to Broadway.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/rangers/counting_down_the_hours_nIRIzseGsguHqhDbHhkf4H#ixzz1nCNg7AYQ

    As much as I like Dubi and am worried about Chemistry; if CBJ’s say yes to this deal, it is a no brainer in my opinion.

  2. If you look back at all the big name trades: Thornton, Heatley, Kovulchuk,…and even Gretzky, these trades do not net huge bounties. Kovy was a UFA, but the others were not. Nash is NOT going to bring the CBJ a treasure chest of players. Of all the previously mentioned trades, the GOMEZ deal may have netted the better return!!!

    Nash will NOT be a NYR. But if by some MIRACLE he is, it will be for a surprisingly low return.

    And there is no reason to even trade for him when Parise is available July 1st as a UFA.

  3. One bright spot of the CBJ deal would be to dump Dubi’s deal. Nash’s $7.8 mil isn’t nearly as debilitating as Dubi’s $4 mill+.

  4. If Sather trades away the store, I’m out of the forum and out of watching the Rangers for the remainder of the season, except out of idle curiosity. I have been looking forward to watching the rangers play for the first time in years. Will be interesting to see how this poker game plays out.

  5. larry brooks is funny. the piece leads with the contention that the next two games are pivotal in deciding what the rangers will do at the trading deadline. then he tells us nothing of the sort.

    scenario a: rangers lose 2-0 to islanders and 3-1 to sabres. if they’re not prepared to trade dmz, mcd and/or kreider would they have a change of heart? unlikely. would they still be prepared to “send Brandon Dubinsky, Christian Thomas, and perhaps 2010 first-rounder Dylan McIlrath plus a first round pick to Columbus” for Nash? pretty sure they would.

    scenario b: rangers win both games 5-0. they’d still be in the same positions

    scenario b: rangers spilt. the same.

    and about this auction in the off-season. will nash all of a sudden open his list to every team? or are you dealing with the same four or five. i think the rangers would be less inclined to give up a lot at the draft than now actually.

  6. if Larry Brooks is indeed correct then Sather will have pulled off one of the biggest steals in recent years. Would be shocked if Columbus traded him for that…

  7. Oleo:

    I agree it would be a steal. And I am a dubi fan and don’t really want to see him go; but there is no way you turn down that trade for a guy as big as Nash who can score!

    At this point, the trade talks are so public, that I would be surprised if they hold onto him till draft day. I think it would be poisonous to do so. But then again, how much worse can the CBJ’s get?

  8. Brooks reports on Twitter that the Rangers have just traded Redden to Columbus for Rick Nash.

  9. Ilya Kovalchuk: Traded from Atlanta Thrashers with Anssi Salmela and round 2 pick in the 2010 draft (Jon Merrill) to New Jersey Devils for Johnny Oduya, Nicklas Bergfors, Patrice Cormier, round 1 pick in the 2010 draft (Kevin Hayes) and round 2 pick in the 2010 draft (Justin Holl).

    Dany Heatley: Traded from Ottawa Senators with round 5 pick in the 2010 draft (Isaac Macleod) to San Jose Sharks for Jonathan Cheechoo, Milan Michalek and round 2 pick in the 2010 draft (Kent Simpson)

    Joe Thornton: 2005-Nov-30 Traded from Boston Bruins to San Jose Sharks for Wayne Primeau, Brad Stuart and Marco Sturm

  10. Rick Nash: 2012 Traded from Columbus Blue Jackets to New York Rangers for Michael Del Zoto, Brandon Dubinski, Carl Hagelin, Tim Erixon, Matts Zucarello, Chris Kreider, and a 1st-round pick

  11. Funny video. I guarantee you Moses was a picker. That dry desert air. You mean to tell me he didn’t have occasion to clean house a little bit?

  12. Good Morning…wonder what will happen today…hmmm. Probably nothing.

    I’m with Johnnyboy…the weather is outstanding!

  13. Thanks for the Nash Wednesday shout out Carp lol. I thought I was late to the party after all the Nash puns from earlier in the week.

  14. Howson can’t wait until the draft. There’s no desperation there unless its to move up to draft Nail Yakupov which Howson frankly won’t have to do.

  15. dkj,
    why would columbus have to move up in the draft when they will be picking first over all and drafting Yakupov. I still think Mash won’t be traded at the dead line.

  16. Pimp – there is every chance we get Christensen back. Any deal for Nash will obviously be a three-way with the Wild.

  17. What am I missing here? Why would the Blue Coats want to rid themselves of their franchise player for Dubi + some Whales? Do they want to move their franchise? Is Nash a bad guy in the locker room? It makes no sense to me. Can you imagine how tough it will be to sell a trade to their fans if all they bring back is a 6 goal scorer and some scrubs and prospects? Dubi is the perfect role player. What is Columbus thinking?

  18. Howson isn’t going to trade Nash unless he gets what he is looking for and nobody is willing to pay so I don’t see Nash getting traded before the dead line. I hope Sather doesn’t sweeten the pot. I hope sather looks for rentals that can help in the short run, that would be the smart move.

  19. dubi thomas mcilrath and 1st rounder if howson ever took that offer he should be fired immediately. come on uncle glen rip him off

  20. ever stop and think what if avery was still here? no chance in hell we lose that game to the pens. doent everyone remember the avery record? recalling him would be like trading for a 3 goal scorer and we wouldnt have to give up anything!!

  21. we dont need goals. we have boyle duby anisimov rupp feds and prust lighting it up. theres your 30 goal scorer combined between them

  22. The King is signed through 13/14 season. After this season the team has two years with Henrik under his current deal.

    I think that plays a lot into how Sather approaches when to make trades and how much salary to take on. Because Henrik will command $10 million per if he wins a Vezina and goes on the open market.

  23. I wish we’d traded Callahan and Staal and Dubinsky and Anisimov and Stepan and Hagelin and McDonagh and MDZ when they were just stupid “prospects”. In quotes to show how stupid prospects are. Trade everyone not in the NHL for players in the NHL. Now.

  24. “dubi thomas mcilrath and 1st rounder if howson ever took that offer he should be fired immediately. come on uncle glen rip him off”

    There’s rumors he’s being fired after the season anyway, so it’s amazing Columbus ownership is even entertaining the thought of letting him trade their top player.

  25. forget nash, who needs his skill when we have stu bickel to score a goal every 5,000 games. isnt he coming up on his 10th game soon?

  26. Like I said the past two days. Howson wants a combination of stepan, Delzotto, Mcdonaugh, kreider etc.. Today the cat is out of the bad that sather was/is willing to give up and told Howson those players are untouchable. I’m glad to see sather use some common sense. Howson also said his demands are non negotiable. Thank You Howson, you can keep your precious Nash. I still say there is no team right now willing to give up what Howson wants and Nash will not be traded by the dead line.

  27. stu pickle with a dash of redden and matt maccaroni salad baby. pass the salt manny, that combo is just too sweet. throw a no move clause in there. in fact, redden thought it actually meant he didnt have to move on the ice.

  28. Mister D —

    you’re right, trading prospects can be really dumb. and believing you should never trade prospects, or believing that all prospects you have will be in the NHL , is just as dumb.

  29. Larry Brooks source is the same as mine.. No one.
    why would anyone want jeff carter? Deb Placey on the NHL Network said the price is cheap, only $5.2 per year. The guy is paid for the next 10 years. He did not show up this year, why would anyone want that loser , cancer.

    getting Nash for Mcilrath, dubi, thomas, and a first is ok with me except Nahs’s cap hit is huge but if the talent evaluators feel he is that valuable I will go with there opinion.

    I am a lot happier with that package then some of the other proposed packages. My prediction is COlumbus does not move him ……………

  30. I wonder if the Rangers would be interested in David Jones of Colorado for some depth scoring. Had 27 goals last year but has fallen back to earth where he has 12 G 12 A in 51 games.

    Never heard of the guy before but he’s 6’2 220 also…

  31. i think david jones is better then wolski and he is a good skater.

    the dumbest thing Brooks says is the rangers will base certain decisions on the results from the next 2 games. awful awful idea if tru and I cannot believe they are that stupid.

    brooksie Newsflash the Rangers are middle of the road in scoring… That is not a shocking or new fact…. They have been there more or less all season…That probably will not change this season also.. St louis scores less then the Rangers… You can win with this level of offense, it is bad just not LA King bad……….

  32. Carp: Totally concur on your thoughts on the Caps, re nob Hunter getting what he deserves (karma’s a bitch, eh Dale?) and how important the right captain can be.

    The problems in Washington go beyond the coach – the chemistry is all wrong there and shows us all, IMO, that having a ‘rock-star’ try to lead the team.

    The skill is there and I believe for the most part, the heart. But the look-at-me mentally is, at times, all-encompassing.

    And if you’re Cap management, how do you dig yourself out of that significant hole? Hope OV changes? Trade OV? Bring in a totally different surrounding cast, including other significant players (not character 3rd and 4th liners)?

    Yikes…what a mess…

  33. best thing they did was resign laich. they should trade semin and get better defensive d men. ovie has to grow up too. hesa whiny punk. oh, and get a time machine to stop themselves from firing the doughboy

  34. wait no, cuz bickel cant take mdz’s minutes. oh heres an idea, have wolski play as a forward. no, cant have him taking up bickels spot. too much firepower there. hank as goalie, 3rd pair d man and pp qb??

  35. semin us a ufa end of the year. he should of signed a long term deal last year. semin is going to take a huge paycut.

    no swedish center is killing the caps along with the weak d and bad goalie situation.

    things change fast in the nhl. last year the caps looked like a contender for years today they look like a train wreck. 1 move can chagne everything for better or worse. remember that Nash lovers….

  36. Exactly, Semin is a UFA and the Caps are probably not going to re-sign him. Thus, they must trade him. Not to us. But they must.

  37. Bwahahahaha. *up the wazoo*! My wife says that phrase all the time and then I give her the silent treatment for a few hours.

  38. Last years champion Boston Bruins racked up a $156,700 bar tab during one of their many victory celebrations.

  39. stuart: The Caps have looked like contenders the past 3 or 4 seasons. In the regular season. Come POs, not so much.

  40. I’d love to have Semin [the guy, not the goo] if we could only play him on the PP. This way we can avoid his Euro Pansy softness screwing us up and causing a vein to explode in Torts’ head.

    Wouldn’t pay him much though.

  41. Orr: I actually believe Avery was on the ’02 Detroit team that won the Cup but he didn’t play in the playoffs.

  42. imagine avery going down the runway with nothing but his sunglasses and a carton of o.j. with lords stanley strapped on?

  43. orr, im sending you some pizza rolls in the mail. thegoo shoots out the sides if u cook them too long. send me ur address

  44. TSN says caps are shopping Roman Hamrlik, he would be a nice upgrade from eminger on d…if they got him and a ryan smyth, i think that would be two nice additions…

  45. Oh man, Rob. Hamrlik *has* to go to the Islanders so he can be paired with Hamonic. It would be amazing sounding.

  46. oh man im really sick. i just sneezed, then coughed, and a huge brownish green snot just flew out of my mouth onto the computer screen

  47. “The best scene from Sean Avery’s “Cribs” episode, is when he lifts that mini Stanley Cup, pretending he just won it. LOL! Closest he’ll ever come. That was back when he was with the Kings.”

    Avery should buy a mini Calder Cup for his CRIB now. That’s maybe the only thing he’ll be lifting in the near future.

  48. It’s amazing. I was at an Islanders game against the Caps and Hamrlik and Hamonic were on the ice at the same time. It was beautiful.

  49. The danger of possibly facing the Caps in the first round is that Semin might explode all over us

  50. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Good morning ILB, red herrings, and all!!

    If mcilrath is in the deal…well, that would just be stupid!!

  51. I’d love to have Semin [the guy, not the goo] if we could only play him on the PP. This way we can avoid his Euro Pansy softness screwing us up and causing a vein to explode in Torts’ head.

    This post is just wrong on so many non-hockey fronts.

  52. The danger of possibly facing the Caps in the first round is that Semin might explode all over us

    But, he seems to go through more long stretches of shooting blanks.

  53. it was like something from one of those dilophosaurus from jurrasic park.

    lmao 1940 and mister d!

    orr- i was joking about that guy harry plinkett from red letter media who does funny movie reviews.

  54. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I did see a rumour about the rangers were looking into getting shane o brien…that would be a decent addition!

  55. Hey Carp, what is the record for number of comments in one thread? Suspect we will break it on monday….

  56. “Maybe I should take Monday off?”

    One of the best days of the year to be a work-from-home guy. TSN coverage on TV, Onrait chat on the computer and daughter at daycare.

  57. How exactly is Scott Howson still employed? and how exactly is he being allowed to make this decision?

  58. Carp: You, obviously, have way more insight with regards to the personalities of certain players than we do.

    Is your stance on Carter based on the stuff most of us hear, or are you using some insider info, too (and I’m asking that you share that info or reveal the source).

  59. 1940: Craig Patrick was recently brought onboard there as a ‘senior advisor’ and rumours are that Howsen won’t be permitted to make any move without Patrick’s approval….

  60. I keep having these nightmares that the Giants have to face the patriots in the Super Bowl again. Awful awful dreams.

  61. Jim, just everything you hear about him. And then there’s the story about when he got traded to the Jackets and the Columbus GM and coaches tried to contact him and he wouldn’t return their calls for weeks. Real pro.

  62. caps have stunk in the playoffs but have been great in regular season with big stars for at least the last 3 years.. made all the gritty signings/trades the last offseason and look, they stink and cannot score..

    you never know.

    hamrlik is toast, the guy is 38 and slow as molasses….

    shane o”brien pickup. I do not like either , they do not need him. He is an OK d man but takes bad penalties in previous years, not sure of his results this year.

    need a forward or 2; gaustad, AK 46, etc.. Or go big with Nash….

  63. Craig Patrick, the unsung hero of the Rangers all-timers. Drafted Leetch, Granato, Sandstrom, i believe Richter, Vanbiesbrouck, Patrick, Turcotte … all of the assets they used to get the Cup. (i may be wrong on one or two of those — I’ll check).

  64. I throw up also, The Dr. Don’t think you’re the only one puking and sweating (alternately of course).

  65. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on


    o brien is getting about 20 minutes a night according to the rumour stat

  66. S.O.B. played for Torts, I’d like to get him if we are gonna be Sauer-Pauerless for the rest of the year. But the price for D now is astronomical.

  67. Carp: Fair enough, but it’s really all hearsay in that case.

    Of course, where there’s smoke there’s often fire so I get the concern. I will say this: If there’s truly issues with him, you know all the insiders know, meaning Sather will able to know if he should truly stay away.

    It’s funny in that a year ago at this time, I don’t recall any negative noise about him.

  68. Callahan, 2nd highest goals/pts on the team and you want to drop him to the 3rd line to play with with boyle and prust……..are kidding me?!

  69. Good afternoon all! Manny, TOTALLY TMI!!!!


    There are fewer joys in the world than watching Hunter get what he so justly deserves. An original carcillo.

  70. @fchamps ‘and about this auction in the off-season. will nash all of a sudden open his list to every team? or are you dealing with the same four or five. i think the rangers would be less inclined to give up a lot at the draft than now actually.’
    more teams will become involved because they’ll have a better idea of their salary cap situation over the summer and some of the needs they are looking to fill after seeing how the team performed in the playoffs (or what they need to make it there). i’d say go for nash if brook’s asking price is correct — i’d hate to see us give up on mcilrath, but we drafted him when our defense wasn’t really getting the job done, but that ship has sort of righted itself with the emergence of staal, girardi, mcdonagh, del zotto (re-emergence) and sauer (before his concussion) — even eminger, woywitka to an extent. if our only need right now is goal scoring, why not at least make a push for a top 10 goal-scorer like nash or parise? i understand our hesitation to give up picks and prospects for superstars given our embarassing free agent blunders of year’s past, but when was the last time we were in this position in the past (as opposed to hovering somewhere near the middle of the pack)? nash seems to be a pretty good guy from just about every commentator and former player’s perspective. columbus needs a culture change and total overhaul, sometimes the return of parting ways with a franchise player is greater than retaining him (albeit rarely). many saying joe thornton is really pushing doug wilson to get nash because the two are close and have played well together for team canada. i don’t think the rangers this year are as desperate for goals as people think — 12th in the league is pretty good, especially considering how well our goaltending is performing — look at st. louis, think anyone wants to play them in the playoffs?

  71. Just a reminder to Cory. The last time we were in this position, we did not go after a scorer. We went after character and grit. We actually got rid of scorers. Amonte and Gartner. Both all offense. How did it work out? We won the cup!!! Nash is neither character nor grit.

  72. Following your point, Dubelievau (man that’s hard to type) I think Nash will have a serious adjustment period to playing this style of hockey.

  73. eric. disagree with your blog big time.

    So kreider cannot contribute until 2113-14. I disagree right there. 2. prust is not a 3rd line guy..

    3. they can compete as is with a little tweaking and they have… get guastad, or kostisyan or another guy like that and see what happens…

    giving up kreider and erixon types is a bad idea. erixon will be at a worse case scenario anton stralman and I hope quite a bit better for maybe 6 to 10 years……..Kreider can be a version of Nash.

    btw I doubt CBJ is trading Nash the Gm is looking to pull a heist and hopefully no gm will accomodate.

  74. That is a really tough comparison in my opinion. The game today is completely different from the one in ’94. I would argue if we flip-flopped the way the game was played then with the way it is played now, Smith would not have traded those guys, at least not both of them.

  75. DeBeliveau, that team already had the top-two line talent … and had enough grit to probably win without making those deals … but felt, why not add more?

    apples and oranges.

    this team has all the grit it needs, and lacks top-line skill.

  76. … and Gartner wasn’t traded necessarily for grit. He was traded because the maniacal coach hated him and threatened to sit him in the pressbox for the rest of the year if the GM didn’t trade him. So the GM was able to get Anderson for him.

  77. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    DuBeliveau –

    Poor analogy. The Rangers, in 1994, were the class of the NHL, both before (check their record) and after the late-season trades, and during the playoffs, obviously. This Rangers team is far from the class of the league and getting past any combination of Pittsburgh, Boston, Vancouver, Detroit, and even Ottawa which is really coming on fast, now, will be extremely difficult.

    This team doesn’t need Nash, period, considering the futures it would cost, his salary, plus his production, while good, is not all-world.

    Nash is one piece, this team is three pieces shy of champagne, and will be trading a couple of those pieces to land Nash. Not good!

  78. I wonder how this discussion would be going if Matteau didn’t Matteau! Matteau!! Matteau!!! given how heavily the “It worked in ’94” logic is being leaned on here.

    (Or would Amonte have Amonte! Amonte!! Amonte!!!’d?)

  79. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    In fact, Carp, had the Rangers kept Amonte, and Weight, and not stupidly subsequently unloaded Zubov, another Cup championship would have been a much greater possibility than the obscurity the team quickly faded into the following year, although I seriously doubt that “Mr. Excitement” Coplon Campbell was the right coach to coax another Cup out of that team or any team.

    At least 15 minutes of 1994 fame still counts for something special.

  80. I hate comparisons to the 1994 team!

    “erixon will be at a worse case scenario anton stralman”

    Then trade him *NOW*!

    And pass on the creepy Kostitty brother. No need to get the Russian mafia involved in this organization.

  81. I didn’t mind the Weight trade. I could see the Rangers winning the Cup with Amonte instead of Matteau and Noonan. Maybe with Amonte they don’t even go to a Game 7 with the Devils (or Vancouver).

    Colin Campbell: Seven playoff series in three seasons as coach. Did he make some personnel mistakes? Yup. Did he hold some grudges? Yup. Guy could coach, though.

  82. I’ll also add that Campbell was more crucial to winning the Cup than Matteau or Noonan. He’s the guy who held it together — who actually did the, you know, coaching — when Keenan was flipping out and negotiating with Detroit during the finals.

  83. LB usually does have good sources, but his idea that they will decide based upon the next two games doesn’t make much sense.

  84. Love the idea of Nash but hate the cost…trade and cap wise. Wish it was next Tuesday so this would all be over one way or another.

  85. I hope that isn’t true and I find it hard to believe that a professional organization would not make a decision based on the outcome of two games.

  86. I agree it sounds really silly when reading it. However, yesterday I did think to myself I wonder how this all goes down if they play 2 clunkers this weekend? So in certain circumstances I do think there is just a little something to what LB said.

  87. Manny- so if they fall to “only” 21 games above .500, as opposed to 23-24, they will all of a sudden panic, budge and trade away all their important pieces to get Nash? Not buying it….

  88. carp, did u get my email? carp? did you get my email? my sauces say that by monday, there wil be at least 2 of the 30 teams involved in a trade. let me know if youre hearing the same inside information.

  89. 1940!, you know they’re going to have to have a losing streak at some point … and that there will be complete panic here … but none from the coaching staff or players.

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi burnt out?

    Artie added to the party?

    Where is Bangers and Nash?

    Doubting Thomas with Miller Beer?

    Boom-Boom leaves the blog? Say it ain’t so…

  91. And they blow out the Isles and Buffalo Baby Buffaloes and the PP clicks and then get shutout by the Devils on a bad bounce off one of the superimposed ads they place on the glass behind the net….just after the trade deadline ends.

  92. I do believe what he said about other things was true. The management created the list of absolute untouchables. Then they have a list of who they are willing to trade. And the third list consists of players/assets they may consider if certain circumstances arise. But losing two games over the upcoming weekend shouldn’t be the reason to change their options that much. What they offered and what Howson wants is irrelevant. It will come down to some sort of compromise. And, imho, Howson may not get more in June than now. Teams may be more desperate to make a push now, be it for the playoffs or for SC, then in June when everyone will become more cautious in terms of new CBA, salary cap etc. And Rick is unlikely to change the list of his desire by then either. If they really want to trade him, it’ll happen now, not in June.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Why so down on Bickel? Dude does what is asked including his Capt. caveman routine if the gloves drop.

  94. I never said there would be panic nor am I down on this team. I was just throwing out a hypothetical.

  95. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Stranger Nation, you are cute. But, please don’t you leave this blog, even if I do. I will be reading it, from time to time, just not “contributing” if Slats arrogantly goes through with putting the cap on my lifetime of Ranger fandom.

    You just keep me and everyone else well informed, if that happens, ok, Little Buddy? lol.

  96. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp –

    We agree that in a supporting role Campbell was fine, maybe even outstanding. And I would never disparage what Campbell or anyone connected with that team contributed. I do think that he was better in a supporting role than he was as a truly uninspiring head coach. No fire in the belly, no passion, just a glum-looking dispassionate face behind the bench when he took over.

    Keenan, for all his faults, along with his “Little Buddy” Neil Smith, deserves even MORE credit for bringing home the bacon, if in fact he was distracted by outside interests and negotiations, at the same time. Keenan got it done, Campbell did not, is what the record says.

  97. Still arguing over whether they should trade for Nash? I think #3 on Carp’s original post says it all. I’m not worried about them getting rid of 2nd and 3rd liners.

    This thing keeps me thinking though. Why is Columbus trading him? They’re not up against the cap. He’s not in the last year of his contract. He’s their best player. What is the rationale for Columbus to trade Nash?

  98. Every year, me and 11 Navy buddies go to Vegas to play golf. Every year, I bet $100 each on the Giants to win the superbowl and the Rangers to win the cup, no matter what the odds are. I didn’t go to vegas last year for the first time in 12 years. Guess what bets I didn’t make for this year? I am also the only person on the planet who knows me that didn’t put at least $100 on Giacomo when he won the Kentucky derby. And that’s my last name. Carp, don’t laugh!

  99. What Howson has accomplished is to distract Sather from focusing on the trades/rentals he needs to make before the deadline. I don’t see a Nash deal happening. Trading Nash makes no sense from the Blue Jackets’ point of view, particularly if they are adding a #1 pick to go with Nash next year. Sather’s fantasies may be getting the better of him, but I’m waiting for Monday. You never know what he has up his sleeve. I don’t believe it will involve Nash, but he seems to be fixated on that deal.

  100. Finally, a TRADE!

    TSN reports that the Rangers have acquired Hamrlik from the Caps for Hagelin, Anisimov, and a 2nd-round pick.

    Excellent pick-up.

  101. wildplaces

    that is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. So because Sather is talking one GM means he has no time to talk to others. I mean come on, what do u think Sather is spending 8 hours a day trying to talk him down????

    Sather will likely pull off a trade noone saw coming and give up next to nothing, like he always does…

  102. I mean come on, what do u think Sather is spending 8 hours a day trying to talk him down????


    Whoa whoa, when did Sather start quadrupling his work day?

  103. Boom, I know I can’t expect you to know, because you weren’t there as I was. But Campbell’s demeanor on the bench — which is the dumbest thing ever, given that’s the way people also judged Eli Manning, among others — belied his fire and competitiveness. His was probably more than Keenan’s. He had to have cortisone injections in his shoulders and elbows because he was so clenched in bed after losses.

    And, yes, Keenan got it done. Even if he almost sabotaged the whole thing in the end and had to be bailed out by his assistant coach and his leaders.

  104. The only defense Roman Hamrlik can improve is NYI’s. I think he would even be detrimental to a Honduran summer league women’s above 65 hockey team.

  105. Hamrlik on getting scratched by Hunter b/c of penalty: “when he played I think he make lots of penalties himself. He should know better.”


  106. Hamrlik just called out Hunter according to tsn, he is a goner, we could probably get him for a bag of pucks right now…and your telling me he isnt better than Eminger or Woywitka…come on guys…

  107. Colin Campbell was never outstanding at anything. Under Keenan, he was simply a cheerleader and babysitter. Then when he became head coach– he proved his ineptitude fully. Anything resembling young talent on the Ranger roster when he moved up to head coach (Savard, Kovalev) was deposited on the bench by”Colie”. Then, when he was properly deposited in the unemployment line by the Rangers, Mr. Good Guy Hockey Colie proceeded to start a personal crusade against Savard. Those emails that were uncovered about Colie showed what a creep he is. They are indefensible.

    Everything that is wrong with the NHL is epitomized by Colin Campbell.

  108. Carp…you are correct about the maniacal coach (THE BRAIN), but he hated Gartner due to his fellowship of Christian Athletes role and Gartner was soft. So was Amonte. We don’t need to give up any of our gems to land a guy who might not fit into the Torts methodology. Nash is all O…no D. And at 7.8 M I’ll pass.

  109. I agree with Zipilon about E-Coli Campbell. He was one of our worst coaches in my 48 yrs of following the Rangers. Larry Popein, and Ted Sator come to mind…but E-Coli was worse…and still is.

  110. DuBeliveau, that was me. Would have ruptured my eardrum if I flew so I had to drive from New Orleans back to Boston.

    Or did you mean a player … ?

  111. No time to read the thread today, so apologize in advance if this (il)logic may have already been offered up today or prior. 1) Forget Nash but stay in the loop to force any buyers to pay a steeper price, 2) Deal from strength, meaning if we can get some legitimate offensive skill player to help mainly the PP do it for the lowest cost possible (chemistry/grit hit), 3) Wait for Kreider’s season to be complete and assess current state of affairs before deciding whether to thow him into the mix or not. He is not a slam-dunk to perform well but he should be fresh and there is a precedent that he will be of help inlight that he will, in management’s eyes, lose a year of control. 4) spend the cap money wisely over the summer for some Devil who’s father broke my heart in 75′

  112. sorry, one more 5) have enough money to keep as much as your core as possible to be part of the Cup chase for the next 5 years. Obviously anything past 2 years is a crap shoot in this league.

  113. Ulfie is right. Jean Guy, who hated Gilbert (he was a good friend of Fergie) and was the worst dressed coach in NHL history. Made Bill Bellicheck look good. He might have been the worst ever.

  114. Please keep the family of those who died(a grandmother and 4 children) in the awful South Plainfield fire in your thoughts. This happened around the corner from my house, and it is truly tragic and heartbreaking.

  115. CT,
    Hopefully you agree the core is King, McD, Girardi, Cally, Staal, and possibly MDZ and we are stuck with Richards (forever). Just assume that Stepan and Hagelin as financially controllable
    Don’t think we have to re-sign Gabby IF Kreider is the real deal (big IF). Boyle and Prust are smaller cogs that could be signed on the cheap or replaceable. I would sacrifice Dubi, Anisimov if it meant sre-igning as much of the core as possible with rookies or cheaper replacements.

    I’m not a cap expert and I realize this is a numbers game. Parise would be a coup and might be worth sacrificing some of the core players.

  116. Hey Carp,

    I read your comment about Gartner and I’m wondering if you saw Neil Smith’s comment on him not long ago in the Post?


    Smith is quoted as saying:

    “For me, it was, ‘How do we strengthen the team without doing anything to disrupt the core and the chemistry of what got us there — fortifying it, making it stronger,'” Smith said. “We needed a guy who was good on faceoffs and could play that penalty-killer, third- and fourth-line role, and that was MacT (Craig MacTavish). And we needed some good third line, playoff-type worker bees like Noonan and Matteau. And Glenn Anderson was just a better proven playoff player than Mike Gartner when they were about the same age.”

    Carp, I’m with you — the Rangers would have won the Cup had they kept Amonte and Gartner and not added Anderson, Matteau, and Noonan. And they wouldn’t have needed the drama of Games 6 and 7 vs. NJ and Game 7 vs. Vancouver to do it.

    Question for you, Carp: do you own the 1994 Rangers DVD set that has all the playoff games vs. NJ and Vancouver?

  117. ulfie,

    Next year is actually the year where they can load up and gun for the Cup if they throw a blank check at Parise. They have minimal guys coming up as FAs (both restrictred and unrestricted) during this offseason. Del Zotto is restricted and has no arbitration rights so they can probably squeeze him into a cap friendly deal like they did with basically every other RFA of the same status the last couple of years (Dubi, Cally, Anisimov, Sauer).

    After next season is where they’d have to start making difficult decisions, again this is assuming they land Parise, which in and of itself is a big assumption. They’d have Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh, Anisimov and Sauer as restricted FAs. Anisimov and Sauer would have arbitration rights by then.

    Out of all those guys McDonagh is the one that presents the biggest chance of getting a big jump. He’s basically doing the same role that Staal performed at an earlier stage in his career and is providing a bit more offense than Staal did during his 2nd season in the league. My guess is that he could be up for deal that ups his cap hit by a healthy amount.

    And then if any of the forwards see a sizeable jump in production they might be able to leverage a higher cap hit too.

  118. Noonan, Matteau and MacTavish were huge in the postseason. Honestly, I don’t remember Glenn Anderson doing much of anything so I can’t really comment on that one except to say the coach clearly didn’t want Gartner around.

  119. It is easy to say Wannabe that they would have won and won easier in ’94. But there can be no proof. And Neil Smith had little to do with those trades. Keenan forced his hand. It was Keenan that hated Gartner and wanted Amonte out. Revisionist history IMHO. I give credit to Kenan who got us a cup. It was Smith who foolishly traded Zubov (our leading scorer) and screwed up the team for the rest of his tenure.

  120. Anderson had a goal where he was a the trailer behind Messier as he cleared a path to an empty net in I think game 2 vs the Canucks. Otherwise he didn’t do a whole lot. Gartner was my favorite player from the early 90s teams.

    For my birthday in 94 I was allowed to get one of the authentic jerseys and I was debating between Leetch, Richter and Gartner. I was so close to choosing Gartner.

  121. zubov only had 10 great years with Dallas. He was to small for the new NHL don’t you remember?

    giving up on young guys ealry causes Zubov mistakes…

  122. yeah that Zubov trade was probably the biggest miscue this franchise has experienced at the pro level since winning the Cup. I loved Ulf Samuelsson but the Rangers haven’t had what Zubov brought to the team since.

  123. look, those Redden, Drury and Gomez contracts were hideous but you can’t necessarily blame the organization for bringing those guys in. no doubt Sather savagely overpaid them, but it’s debatable whether or not you wouldn’t have taken any of them at the right price. part of the appeal of Redden was that it was hoped he could be what Zubov was – we’ve learned that was a critical miscalculation.

    trading away Zubov (and Nedved) for Luc Robitaille and Ulf Samuelsson shipped off something that hardly exists in the NHL, and something time has proven the organization is unable to replace.

  124. I definitely agree it’s probably the single worst personnel move they made in the last 20 years, maybe even longer. As Sather has shown a remarkable ability to erase his mistakes with FA signings. With trades you almost never get back what you lost.

    I’m just saying there was a lot of other bad decisions that compounded the folly of the Zubov trade.

  125. totally agreed on that.

    have their been any Ranger free agent signings in the last 18 years that, apart from contract size, have been completely befuddling?

  126. Completely agree that the Zubov deal was among the worst though to me at least they got Ulf and Luc back.

    To me the most outrageous one was Ferraro, Norstrom, LaPerrierre and Lafayette for Kurri, Churla and McSorely…

  127. at least when we traded Zubov we did get something in return. The worst Ranger trade, which should be in the NHL top 5 steals of all time, will forever be Rick Middleton for Ken (The Masseuse) Hodge. It was immediately and sickeningly (is that a word?) obvious Hodge ws skating off into retirement while collecting a fat paycheck.

    On the other hand, another Ranger trade that should be in the NHL top 5 steals the other way when their careers are complete is, of course Mcdonut for that $8 million dollar a goal Gomez. Every time I feel bad recently all I have to do is think about that trade and I can’t help feeling better. Better than drugs and, at my age, most likely, sex.

  128. Ziplion, that was not me but an imposter above who suggested you don’t know carcillo.

    But your first post on Campbell shows a complete cluelessness. You have no idea what the heck you were watching or what you’re talking about.

  129. Was it Roger Neilson who said about Zubov:”This kid is talented enough to keep both teams in the game”?

  130. I was too young when it happened, but I also have heard a lot of moaning and groaning over Ratelle and Park for Espo.

  131. yeah I really can’t talk at all about Ranger history before the mid-80s

    the Norstrom trade was pretty bad and was obviously a mistake the day it happened, but only because of him – the rest of the components of that trade were all equally worthless.

  132. … and Carol Vadnais, CTB.

    What made that trade worse, obviously, was the worst trade in Rangers history Rick Middleton to Boston for Espo’s buddy and linemate Ken Hodge. DISASTER!

  133. oleo, Muckler. Low was bad with a bad roster. Muckler was destructively bad. Only good thing he did was hire Torts as an assistant.

    Will do, Nasty.

  134. I remember when Tortorella replaced Muckler and he had that ridiculous moustache

    Tortorella was good on Michael Kay’s hideous show a few minutes ago

  135. “have their been any Ranger free agent signings in the last 18 years that, apart from contract size, have been completely befuddling?”

    Bobby Holik. 5 Years $45mil

  136. I had to do a search of ranger coaches (is that cheating?) to see who’s been left out of the worst coaches discussion. One curious omission is Ron Smith (1993, a non-playoff year if I recall). I was a season ticket holder at went to most, if not all, of the games that year, but this guy has been removed from my memory. Not saying he was bad, but considering the impression he left he was probably a complete non-entity, lost in the shadow of THE BRAIN’s hiring.

  137. heard torts on espn.. obviously he was not going to say they are trying to get or want Nash. I get the feeling he wants to build from within and not sure if he thinks they are ready yet.

  138. I( love to read Grabby…not so much for his ideas but for his sauces..you know tomato, chili, etc. and he gets fine cujsine from his sources…….what fun.

  139. Orr:

    Pretty noncommital about everything. Made a point of saying their record “doesn’t mean squat” and reiterated (about five times) that he doesn’t allow himself to think beyond just winning the next game. Intimated that the team feels the same way.

    Also, though he was pretty circumspect about it, he suggested Krieder is the real deal

  140. kreider is the real deal and that’s why I was upset when hearing him in trade rumors. Why do I know he is the real deal? because everywhere I’ve read, whether it was scouts from other teams or in other organizations all say it, that’s enough for me.

  141. I never posted on here a opinion about Torts but now I realize that he has a big part in the direction the rangers are going. I think Torts does have allot of input and with Gordie Clarke being the head pf player personnel and development the rangers are doing it the right way. Ranger fans see this team this year battling for the highest point total and think they have to go all in to win a cup this year. Why, this is the tip of the ice berg. This team is only going to get better with experience and Tort’s leadership in the future.

  142. it’s funny how much better Tortorella comes off in interviews like the one he just did with Kay than he ever does when he “faces the media.” maybe hockey writers are just awful people.

  143. Heard the NYR final offer is in, and it’s different from what has been speculated upon.

    Also that several other teams put final bids in and will not wait long past tomorrow,
    which makes sense; the entire league has been frozen by the Nash sweepstakes, and there are many other transactions in the offing, not least among them by Columbus.

  144. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The rationale behind trading Zubov was to acquire “grit.” Interesting how talent beats grit, same as (young) talent beats experience that comes with a mediocre talent level. But so many GM’s emphasize experience over youthful raw ability we always have these lopsided trades wherein the over-rated vet predictably fades out, and the under-rated kid, be he a Zubov, a Middleton, a Brad Park, a 16-year old Gordie Howe whom the Rangers cut loose because he was too “skinny,” comes back to haunt the short-sighted GM, almost as his legacy, whatever positives he did accomplish.

    Only in a world where people never learn could we even begin to have a Kreider-Hagelin-MDZ-McD-Erixon-McIlrath trade scenario discussion. In a saner world, these precious young NHL blue chips and future NHL blue chips would be treasured the same way a “gold bug” treasures his inventory of .99999 purity Candian Maple Leaf, one ounce gold bullion coins – because he knows that, even with price fluctuations, he is a dramatic long-term net winner.

    This is really the way talented young players should be regarded, especially as, unlike collectibles, human athletes are depreciating assets – which means that the old or middle aged blue chip you pick up today, for your best organizational young blue chips, will become a white chip long before they do.

    Few, it seems, want to look at the impact of these dubious trades five years down the road. Many talk like Rick Nash will still be 27 years old 10 years from now, while still potting 40+ goals per year, while still leading the Rangers to multiple Cup championships. When actually it’s the Kreider’s of the world who will be doing that for many years after this year’s crop of disposable veterans like Nash are long-gone from hockey. This is exactly how Rick Middleton outscored Ken Hodge by over 300 goals after that John Ferguson donation – sometimes called a “trade” with Boston – Middleton was 23 at the time, and Hodge was a burned out 33. But Hodge had played on a line with Espo, both in Chicago and in Boston, so let’s make this trade to get some “chemistry” back on this team, was the sickening rationale Ferguson used to justify trading the Rangers best young player for a donut and a glass of milk.

    Too bad we have to go through this fear of the current GM also self-destructing the organization, this time every year, but we just have to. It is carved in stone.

  145. It’s an interesting world where Rick Nash has become ‘that’ Ken Hodge.

    Even more interesting where Chris Kreider already is Rick Middleton, despite never having played an NHL game.

    More interesting still where Kreider was 20th in NCAA scoring at last glance, but …. why …. bother?

  146. kings are so desperate for offense and reuniting carter and richards that they are wiling to move jack johnson who i feel is a great defenseman. good luck with carter for 10 years

  147. “Even more interesting where Chris Kreider already is Rick Middleton, despite never having played an NHL game.

    More interesting still where Kreider was 20th in NCAA scoring at last glance, but …. why …. bother?”

    Rod, I was making that same point last night. Kreider is an untested asset. Let’s see him play against men before we pencil him into the lineup…

  148. Also just heard from my sources and they tell me that there have been discussions between teams and that some of the talks are very different than what people here have speculated. Except for some of the speculation here, which has been accurate or close to accurate. Some hasn’t even been speculated upon either way. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  149. “My expectation is that we will surrender the equivalent of 4 1st round picks for Nash.”

    Why do I feel like I got snickered at when I suggested a Pronger trade last week? This is the closest I’d be to down with the trade, assuming most of those pieces are future 1st round picks and its not Kreider + McIlrath + Miller + 2012 1st.

  150. Seriously guys, forget the past & how some here have acted towards me.

    If you think I’d utter names at this stage of talks you’re completely nuts.

    I for one am quite interested to see how Mr. Nash would look on this team ;)

  151. rod, if you don’t want people to attack you than stop with your inside info, I know this, I know that and say nothing, it’s nonsense. Prust saying.

  152. Rod: I have a suspicion about who I think may be included too (whose name had not been mentioned), but I won’t say who.

  153. Paul in sunrise on

    The carter to kings seems like the classic bait and switch. See what kings will offer for Nash the say it does no get it done but would work for carter. So kings bid for Nash end up with carter. Classic.

  154. ulfie, probably not fair to assess Ron Smith as the coach. He came into an impossible situation, where Messier had led the rebellion on Roger Neilson and the team was in the tank, and with Leetch out with that neck injury … then just as he’s getting started, Leetch broke his ankle … and he actually did a reasonable job under the circumstances, but there was no way they were going to pass up Keenan, who was campaigning for the job with Messier’s approval, at the end of that season.

    Smith was a very good minor league coach, and later he was Vancouver’s assistant under Pat Quinn when they reached the finals in ’94 … can’t remember who they played.

  155. By the way, re: the Tortorella interview which I didn’t hear … he has told me many times that in ’04 Tampa Bay “didn’t have a clue” that it could win a Stanley Cup at any point during that season.

  156. It would be a shame for you guys if Carter couldn’t go to an Eastern team and ruin that team and its cap for years to come.

  157. czechthemout!!!! on

    I would not trade a single asset for any of the dregs mentioned in the papers this morning. Maybe I would trade a third round pick and a bag of pucks for Hemsky because he van at least carry the puck into the zone on the PP. The Kings just did the Rangers an favor by probably making that Carter trade. If I am Sather, I offer Dubi, AA, Sauer, and a number one for Nash. I would than trade a second round pick for Steve OTT and go to work on winning the Cup. Nash is the power forward,Steve OTT replaces Dubi on the third line. Prust gets kicked down to the fourth line where he belongs.

    The Rangers are a much better team With Ott and Nash than Dubi and AA.

  158. No one has attacked me, per se, but if you think about attacking me because I have sources who say things that I tell you I hear but not in detail, you’re stupid for doing it. Ok, off to talk about stuff with people.

  159. Kidding aside, I realize you may have been being sarcastic DJK, but if you did know something I don’t think you should say anything either.

    No way, no how, not now.

    People seem to forget how the Heatley trade was essentially squashed because word got out, specifically on message boards.

    No way Jose.

  160. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rod’s situation with not being able to share inside information is alot like my situation with betting (really “banging”) NHL games vs. the line. I have been doing really well, showing a + 28% R.O.I. on NHL game money lines, over the brief three weeks I have been doing this, BUT, soon as I post my picks, we know what will happen. lol. Egg on my face.

    While I realize few, if anyone else here, is interested in betting hockey online, (at least I never see any expressed following of this aspect of the sport, here), there is real significance, so long as you are winning, in terms of your undeniably accurate assessment of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams, in terms of “Power Rankings.” So that the application of what I am doing is not just for wagering purposes, it gives me insight as to who is hot and cold, and over time, who has real abilty and who is not really contending.

    Some concern over the Rangers, here, they are just a mid-level rank since the All Star Game, not enough of a survey, but if this doesn’t improve over the month following the trade deadline, well, it could be a long summer vacation for the boys. This is why I say this club is three pieces shy of glory. One piece coming in, in exhange for solid futures, just forestalls the process of getting to the top of the mountain.

    Another problem, where credibility is concerned, is the fact that I share the specifics of my “Firepower” methodoolgy with no one, not even my best friends. If you have something of value and you go pubic with it, in time it will be worth a box of old Kleenex tissue. Not much value.

  161. Heaven forbid people actually read & then thought, they might find the answer they seek.

    If, as I said, the deal, or the final offer, was different from what has been so bandied about, then that could be taken as pretty good news, considering all we’ve heard has included just about every promising prospect and/or every draft pick through the rest of the millenium.


  162. Wow, thanks Boom Boom.

    Too much thought is definitely frowned upon, unfortunately.

    It continuously amazes me here how people are more preoccupied with how I know stuff than what Im actually trying to tell them, even if it’s largely positive. Whatever.

    Can’t please everyone.

  163. im wathcing tsn feed of sharks/leafs

    mckenzie said real close carter to LA for jack johnson and a number 1.

    howson looking good here if true

  164. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    NYR_Fan –

    In panning Kreider because he has not yet played against “men,” while you are correct in that statement, you are also, and I believe unintentionally, overlooking just as germaine a point. And that is that players who have been in the league for a few years have a track record and so we know at what level they perform against “men,” and in most cases it is at a mediocre, journeyman level.

    You run an ability curve on all the current active NHL players, and something like 60 per cent of them fall into the middle category, 15 per cent into the above-average category, where Nash reposes, 15 per cent into the below-average categor and merely 5 per cent into the super star category, while at all times about 5 per cent of NHL rosters are comprised of dregs who will be replaced by kids, soon enough, at the rate of a couple every week of the season, in fact.

    So that while it is true that Kreider has no NHL track record as yet, so we don’t know which category he will ultimately belong to for most of his career, what we can deduct from the above percentages is that MOST NHL players, about 60 per cent, grade mediocre, and about 75 per cent grade mediocre to poor.

    Therefore, it stands to reason that giving a kid a full shot, knowing that he probably will grade somewhere in or close to the middle, is not taking that much of a chance, BECAUSE the man you would acquire for him is already mid-career and peaking, right now, whereas the kid you keep has a discernible upside and will be worth more than the established player you covet so much, inside of three year, even if he just settles at the journeyman level, but then again, he could ascend to the level of stardom or super stardom.

    Even if I could know that Nash would lock down one Cup for the Rangers I would not include Kreider in the package at the risk of killing the deal. Kerider’s unknown future NHL value is too precious to take the chance today that he will be a mediocrity or a even a failure. And even if he does fail, it is long-term prudent decision-making like this which carries with it the greatest ultimate payoff for an organization. There is no future in acquiring above-average, mid-career players as a short-cut to building with youth and ability from within and allowing the natural process of these individual and collective parts coming to their fruition lead you to much more than one-shot glory.

  165. “Kerider’s unknown future NHL value is too precious to take the chance today ”

    We all choose to take risks. Without risks, there are no rewards. I see the risk one way. You see the risk another way…

  166. Not saying I want to trade Kreider. But, to not trade him, with the expectation that he will be surely be as good as Rick Nash, is insane…

  167. I honestly don’t think it’s too much to expect Krieder to be Rick Nash, especially if you’re taking into account Nash’s recent stats. There are a lot more 60-point forwards than you realize, it’s just that they’re rarely on the Rangers.

  168. Simple math says that’s wrong. 30 teams. Few repeat as champions.
    You get a chance to trade a prospect for a sure Cup (not that there is such a thing),
    you’d have to do it.

    Not to mention, the math on prospects says way more than not fail to reach expectations.
    But even that misses the point;

    what you want is perennial contention.

    This team, with Nash, gives you that. Looks like we have it anyway for the foreseeable.
    But Nash makes increases the odds of actually winning it.

    Unless you choose to start worrying about the 2017 season now, in which case knock yourself out.

  169. dreger just said during 1st intermission of leafs game

    rangers remain frontrunners for nash that the rangers if they land nash would like to get it done by sunday because the nash deal is holding up other other deals rangers invloved in

    flyers love ott and jvr could be in play to dallas but it will take much more then ott to land jvr.

    souray to perhaps chicago or boston

  170. if you think Rick Nash gives the Rangers a sure Cup, your inside sources are either palm readers or psychiatrists.

  171. so, if the Rangers somehow managed to trade for Steve Ott, does Mike Rupp’s ice time drop to 90 seconds per game?

  172. There’s no such thing as a sure Cup, thought my post made that clear.

    I love how posters here ignore what they want so they can get off their wise cracks and try to look clever to their friends (it frequently serves the dual purpose of camouflaging their lack of knowledge, be it inside or not.)

    It’s what makes them dirtbags.

  173. hilarious mckenzie tweets

    carter at event tonight in columbus to 9 et. could he get moved while at event

  174. Rod the Greek:

    Rick Nash doesn’t give the Rangers perennial contention.

    You may want to consider scaling back your dose.

  175. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers sellout on Kreider and MCiilrath and Thomas not to mention our Mcdough and delztoo?!!!!! What gives? Can’t we get Nash for free!!?? I dont wanna lose anybody!!!!

  176. Who said Nash makes the Rangers a perennial contender?

    What are you mincing words, or putting them in my mouth?

    Don’t be an idiot.

    This team right now, given their performance & relative age, already shows most of the signs of a contender for the next 3-5 years.

    If you don’t think Nash improves that outlook, that’s fine. Whatever.

    But stop trying to be a wise-cracking dirtbag.

  177. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Hank is gonna deliver!!!!!

  178. Rod February 23rd, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    what you want is perennial contention.

    This team, with Nash, gives you that.

  179. I Rarely Speak on

    so getting nash doesnt make the rangers a perennial contender but NOT getting him does make them that perennial contender???? makes ZERO sense.. get Nash to New York and lets win a cup

  180. Jesus, Lloyd.

    Comprehension? Context? Maybe?!

    Everybody knows we’re a contender; we’re No.1 overall for Christ’s sake – without Rick Nash.

    Nash gives us that but better, AND doesn’t take away (assuming Kreider could goin the deal, which wasBoom Boom’s point which I was referencing there) from that in a 5-7 year window.


    Why not wait till later when your little girlfriends are around and you can all giggle together at the intentional mischaracterization of people’s posts.

    Real childish, dirtbag stuff LLoyd.

  181. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I saw on twitter that dustin brown may be available…

    matthew barry ? @hockeybuzzbarry Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    TSN’s Bob McKenzie: Dustin Brown is available.

  182. Rod,

    That could be the most incoherent babble I’ve read on here.

    Cute how you’re now backpedaling from your perennial contender statement – assuming your inside sources have told you what “perennial” means.

  183. Lloyd,

    Nobody’s backpeddling.

    Go back and read from Boom Boom’s post to here or continue to be a knob.

    Now please, more important things going on.

  184. Czechthemout!!! on

    If Brown is available, I would be all over that as a fall back option in case the Nash deal doesn’t get done. A number one plus Christian Thomas gets it done.

  185. u would think johnson going to columbus would make the rangers not have to give up mcdonagh or del zaster. both are untouchable i think

  186. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bernier sucks! I don’t get the interest in him at all. Hemsky for Brown is an absolute steal for the Oilers if it happens that way.

  187. conditional pick is 1st rounder for columbus from kings.

    if kings miss playoffs its 2013 if kings make it columbus chooses 2012 or 13

  188. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Dustin Brown’s avail also puts heat on CBJ to make decision on Nash…soon. NYR,Tor Philly, just to name a few are interested.

    adding Brown would be very good

  189. Czechthemout!!! on

    Oh, I am sorry I forgot.” he is the face of the franchise, the captain of the team” blah blah blah. He is now a salary dump an a resource to obtain a number one pick and a good prospect which Thomas is.


    HERE’s a COMMENT from the SISTER of RICK the PRICK and WINGERSO..you know- GERST?
    They have it all and they have it all due to KARL ROVE – HILLARY CLINTON- STING.
    So KSDON ” good-bye” in all that CHERR- ASOCHER.
    ASETOR – CHOMME just screwed BUNN and so did MARY PAT and GEDIE.
    ” Assholes”.
    And btw…see ya at the movies…” Kansas Kings”.

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