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  1. Teams with lots of highly skilled and speedy players have proven to be very dangerous to the Rangers. NYR’s grinding and fore-checking game is a great thing when run right. There were glimpses of that last night, but not enough. The problem is when the NYR play skilled teams like the Pens; they tend to get pushed away from their game and don’t control the puck enough. When the NYR set the tone of the game with a physical start they tend to control the game. This could be a big problem in the playoffs depending on matchups.
  2. We have to ask whether the team as currently constituted would beat the Penguins in a seven game series. Do their playmakers trump our grit and goaltending? Malkin is one of those guys who can take over a series. Do the Rangers have that? Hard to say. In theory, Gabby is that guy. But one worries if he has the strength, durability to dominate game after game, series after series. You have no doubt about that with Malkin. He is simply a beast. I am not saying we can’t or won’t beat them. But they have won two in a row, including a dominant game in MSG. Unlike the Flyers and Bruins, the Blueshirts are not in the Pens’ heads.
  3. 3. Give Marc-Andre Fleury the Academy Award for best theatrical goalie!!! First, he acts like he has made highlight saves on none too difficult shots. He has these exaggerated flourishes after making glove saves like he snared a guided missile out of the air. Add to this his sell-it acting job leading to goalie interference and it is fitting this game was a week before The Oscars. That said, he played a very strong game. He was quick, didn’t give up rebounds, he seemed to see everything. Give credit where it is due but please, stop with the theatrics. By the way, how out of control is this goaltender interference penalty now? …the league has to address it in the off season…they are treating goalies like they are all Golden Boy Tom Bradys.
  4. Anisimov played very well again. He was even able at time to slow Malkin when they were paired. He showed grit all night and was more physical than usual. Since that debacle of a 17-game stretch in the middle of the season, he has picked up his play with 7 points in his last 8 games and 4 goals. Where was this AA from the start? He may be playing himself out of a trade.
  5. PP continues to be a problem and arguably a liability. True, they did generate some chances, and if Mac buries that shot instead of posting it maybe this game turns around. The puck control is better but it’s always to the outside, and passes and shots continue to be a split second too late. Add to this the absence of a net presence to screen the goalie, no bomber from the blue line and it spells trouble with a capital T. Of course, this is hardly a new area of concern but in a tight game when you give up a PP goal and go 0 for 3 on the PP, that‘s all she wrote.
  6. The King played yet another stellar game. Needless to say he has been nothing short of amazing this season and always comes up big in these types of games; however the continued pressure from Pittsburgh was too much to handle. Hank seemed to be very downcast in the postgame, reflecting on what he described as breakdowns in his technique at times, offering that he was fighting the puck in the second but felt more on his game in the third. The guy is his toughest critic and you gotta love that he never seems satisfied. Now, if he could only start handling the puck better! Speaking of Hank, have you ever seen Torts pull him with two minutes left? I liked the move, but it seemed out of character.
  7. The progression of Michael Del Zotto continues to be apparent. He has been great in jumping into the play and reading when to do so. No question he made a dumb play leading to the first goal with what Torts called a “dumb” backhand flipper. Bad enough on its own but when his defense partner had also jumped up and both were at the end of the shift, it was poor judgment. But hey, the guy has been a force and let’s be honest, who among us thought he would be one of the top plus/minus guys in the league, and such a good playmaker? Good to see that Torts coupled his “dumb” comment with one noting that MDZ has been great all year. No need to drill the guy for one poor play. In fact, one could argue that it was Brad Richards’ pinch, or whatever that slide was, which really opened that play up and turned it into a goal.
  8. After the embarrassment against the Hawks (who, mind you, have won four in a row) and the almost humiliation against the Jackets, coupled with this loss, is there cause for concern in Blueshirt Land? Well, the easy answer is there is always cause for concern in Blueshirt Land but the truth is this was not a blowout, we ran into a goalie playing what Dave Maloney said was his best game of the year, and we did have chances. Worth noting this was game 9 in 17 days against some pretty tough opponents, and it was on the road against an inconsistent but elite level team (I do not want to imagine how good these guys will be if and when Sid returns although I will say Geno plays better w\o the Kid.). That said, there are no softies in this league and you only need to look at the Devils to see how quickly a team can rise or fall.
  9. What does Sather do now? It is clear to me that some added fire power is needed. Does he go for it all this season or continue on the current path of internal growth?
  10. The penalty on Marc Staal was questionable at best.  Bottom line is it led to a goal and effectively ended the game. The team really needed to clamp down and kill that one.
  11. How much do you want Jordan Staal on the Rangers in two years or less? That guy played with an edge and with skill. I say unite all the Staal brothers on Broadway. A man can dream can’t he?

Eric’s Three Rangers Stars
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Brian Boyle.


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  1. FIRST!

    These games clearly have the feel of a team that is being hunted. The rangers have a big bullseye on them now. They are going to have to work through it. I agree with Eric. The Pens don’t seem to fear the rangers. The bruins and flyers haven’t figured out the rangers.. The Pens think they have. This is dangerous. Can you imagine them with a healthy Sidney? OY!

  2. please stay the course glen,team is still young.mcilarath and krieder added to next years team will be better.just hope for a deep playoff run this year

  3. better beans than these on

    Nice read, Eric. A little classier than we’re used to here (no too, too funny mention of the congenital defects of opposition players, e.g., a constant since all of us are such remarkable beauties).

    1and 2) currently constituted, I think not. Not the Pens, not the Devs (if Brodeur can play a
    level better than his last two playoff years). They have to get a little lucky, the way the Giants did in not facing the Saints, if they are gonna get to and/or survive round two.
    Personally, I like the fact they seem to finally be leveling off a wee bit – they can do it for a while, and still get re-organized for a playoff surge. Wouldn’t be good if this was late March.
    Gabby, for all his better work, still doesn’t play like he’s paid; a problem since Brad isn’t, either, especially on the continuing farce of the power play, and no players this year (like the Devs’ Clarkson at 2.75 cap millions, the Flyers’ Simmonds (game-tying score with a few seconds in Winnipeg tonite – more goals (and important ones) than Rick from Ohio at less than a quarter
    of the cost) – are stepping up the way Boyle and Dubi did last to help clear that deficit.
    3) and when he is good, he is very, very good….and we know he can go the distance, unlike the
    Royalty on our side, who still has to prove he can do what so many commoners have done:-).
    4) agree.
    5) one of the long-standing black marks in Glen’s work. One of the few in Torts. But huge.
    Asked the other day how many thought the Rangers, if rules allowed, would score in a 5-on-2;
    even a 5-on-1. Bruins stunk it up last year ’til the finals, when they had a significant special teams scoring edge against the ‘Nucks. Rangers need it from the first round….
    6) see #3.
    7) like Brian Boyle on faceoffs, MDZ has sufficient credits on his sheet to more than cover an occasional, exuberant mistake. This one’s on Brad and the Captain, imo.
    8) again, if they are gonna retreat a while, now’s the time…
    9) I wrote the other day I’m afraid he’s gonna be trippin’ over his own resume’ (and ego),
    until the deadline. Like many here, I hope he can find a player like Simmonds, rather than another star albatross. (Wayne S. 20-plus goals, at 1.75 million cap charge).
    11) that would require the imagination and foresight of a guy like Red Auerbach; anyone
    EVER in Ranger GM shoes like that? But like the outsider thought:-).

    Thanks, again, for the fine work.

  4. better beans than these on


    Just scanned your blog entry on your own site.
    You were prophetic on that Malkin score!
    Well done…

  5. Rangers need to make a trade that is structured correctly for some key like player like Nash. Dubinsky WW 2 prospects and next year 1st Round pick for Nash and CBJ 2nd round and 4th round pick the next 2 years. That way the Rangers are restocking in the future in return for the relative “sure thing”.

    Additionally, if the Rangers really think Sauer is coming back, they should trade Stralman for a Rangers style grind bottom 6 forward preferably in the West

  6. Eric, nice job filling in. I recently took a job in Tokyo and arrived Sunday. I finally had a chance to check out the blog since moving and couldn’t appreciate this more (unless of course Carp was wrote it, jk…kind of).. Needless to say I’m going to miss the live action and checking in during game time. All that said, if anyone knows any NYR or hockey fans out here, please do tell! LGR!

  7. If this is the extent of the skid or slid that is due the Rangers, I think they are in fine shape. I believe the team will have another gear come playoff time, that they are seeing the opposing teams have now.
    Gabby had a bunch of chances, but was clearly off last night.
    The collapsing defensive style they play in their own zone can be VERY frustrating.

    Dubi will never live up to his contract with Boyle and Prust…..

  8. Anisimov played well? really? the first marathon Pitt forecheck was a direct result of Anisimov getting knocked off the puck behind the net. of course he always gets knocked off the along the boards or behind the net.

  9. This loss shouldn’t be a surprise. Teams start playing poorly before going into a bad stretch, and play well before they come out of it. The wins over the Blue Jackets and Bruins were not the best wins we had seen. Hank was the driving force in both. The losses to the Pens and Blackhawks were deserved. They are in a little funk right now. Better to have it now and let them work their way out of if than to have it at the end of the season going into the playoffs. Would rather have had them beat the Pens, but I think we have been spoiled this season with how well they have played. The Rangers have some weaknesses, but all teams do. Those weaknesses are amplified during losses and covered in wins. I am just glad the funk is happening now as opposed to early April.

  10. LOL bull dog using one play to hammer your whipping boy. It’s not like he pinched after the puck was turned over (Richards on the Malkin goal), forced a pass that was never going to connect on a golden two on one (Stepan) or did absolutely nothing of note (Dubinsky). And I’ll defend any of those guys when they’ve deserved it but those guys are as much at fault for last night for anything Anisimov did.

  11. This team reminds me of the 91-92 Rangers (I think that was the year, first with Messier), when they won the Presidents Trophy but really weren’t ready to win the cup, but developing the personality that would lead to the cup two years later. To me, the team is two players away from a real cup run. They need a BIG, crease clearing defenseman to take the pressure off the shot blockers and Hank, and they need a power forward with size. Not easy to find is it? If I felt they could REALLY win it this year, I’d say go and get Ryan Smith, who has played pretty well and might have one inspired run in him. As for the defenseman, it could just be Sauer coming back to solve that problem. I would not mortgage the future for Nash. I think he’s what they need long term, but not at the cost of what Columbus wants. Personally, if the NYR made it to the Conf finals I’d be satisfied. That should be their goal this year. It’s hard to say that when you lead the conference with the season almost 3/4 done, but that’s where I see them getting. I think the bottom of the defense is getting exposed now, and their scoring, while better than last year, is just not consistent.

  12. A very fine analysis of a poorly played game by Rangers.

    WHEN will they ever stop throwing the puck into a zone and then watch it come back out by the other team?

    When will they stop trying to make long passes to team mates who are already being checked?

    When will they stop trying to play Renney hockey?



  13. CT,
    that 2 on 1 was a perfect example of Anisimov not having any kind of hockey sense. he needed to get wide, instead he stayed in the middle of the ice, leaving Stepan nothing. even with that Stepan put a pass were only Anisimov could get it, and of course the scarecrow was not ready for it.

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, nice job on the hoops article. Those kids gotta be havin’ a great time, and High School Basketball > NBA.

    Mister Nova, nice write-up too. Too bad they (Rangers) didn’t give you a better game to write about. I find myself coming back to where I was last year around this time — don’t change anything. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t go after Nash. Stick with these guys, Slats!

  15. Minor tweaks please. That’s all we need. We are close. And we have a BRIGHT future. Don’t muck it up to make what could be an unrealistic cup run.

  16. Gotta figure if Crosby returns and is in form by PO time, the Penguins are the odds on favourite for the Cup.

    Do concur with Eric that Malkin tends to back-off when Crosby is on, but then again, I’ve seen plenty of instances when they are both on and it’s damn scary.

    All that said, remove Malkin from yesterday’s mix and one could argue the teams are relatively equal in skill. Malkin is good, but not that good, so why the dominance?

    I think in part, like the Rangers are with the Flyers currently, the Penguins are with the Rangers.

    They’re gonna have to find a way around it.

  17. Disagree bull dog, the D was playing for the pass, Stepan could have taken it in and tried a deke or at least forced Fleury to make a save. We’ve seen it enough this year that Stepan is a pass first guy, nothing wrong with that in general but Anisimov going out wider takes him out of a better shooting angle (where his only choice essentially becomes a short side shot assuming the pass gets through). Either way Anisimov is way down the list of players that caused last night’s result. The Pens had multiple shifts of keeping the Rangers pinned in their own end not all of them were caused by AA. Credit Byslma for exploiting the last change to putting Malkin’s line out against favorable matchups whenever he could. It certainly got Torts trying to play the matchup game a little too much.

  18. Nice job Eric and I was thinking all night where is the jam! I didn’t see many body checks and it looked like we were chasing guys most of the night.

    I think if this was a playoff game at home there would be more jam and we might need someone to be like Jan Erixon of the old days shadowing Malkin like Erixin did Lemieux.

  19. BTW, as incredulous as this may sound, I thought, save for a few stretches, once as the clock ticked down at the end of the 2nd and then in the 3rd now and again, I thought the Rangers last night looked small, especially the forwards.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice to see taking a regular turn, probably beside Richards and Cally (not not so large forwards) a legitimate, well established 6’4″ 225 pound power forward?

    Mmmm…yeah, I think so. Someone to match Malkin….

  20. Anytime the Rangers lose a game like this (to a team with skill and some speed) it is always because they were passive. If the Rangers come out throwing the bodies, they tend to do very well against the speed teams. No big deal. This game stings and they will probably be more active in the next game.

  21. CT,
    on Torts trying to play the match up game. I agree. I thought that in the first period when the Rangers seemed unable to get in any rhythm of the game. I am not a big match up guy. I would prefer to roll the lines, and try to match up Girardi, and McD when possible.

  22. czechthemout!!!! on

    Sorry Eric, Fluery was hardly tested yesterday. It was fat from his best game of the season.
    The King is 80% of the reason why we are where we are. He should be on the Hart trophy conversation.
    The only reason we have had succsess against the Flyers is because we have Hank and they have the space man.

  23. Remember how I said the other day that I’d rather have Carter than Nash? Well he scored a hat trick last night. and he only costs 1 million more than Dubinsky. The guy may be kind of a bitch, but he’s an absolute sniper. If the Ranger style of play could toughen him up a bit, he’d be a total beast.

  24. Good morning, boneheads!

    Very well written, Evan. Good, thoughtful and fair evaluation.

    Is it really that the Penguins are a bad match up, or is it that the Rangers are in the midst of an expected slump? Combination of both is an easy answer, but I tend to believe it’s more of a latter. The matchup this year is 2-2 so far, and the Rangers haven’t lost in Pittsburgh in two years. They haven’t been on their game for awhile now, even a few games prior to Chicago, for some stretches.
    The game last night shouldn’t be a reason for a knee jerk response. No need to panic. We have time and enough cushion to look around and do what’s right. Again, I don’t believe that whatever they do would derail the course they’ve been taking last few years.

  25. Joe: In a single game, Carter potted 1/2 the number of goals Dubinsky’s scored ALL SEASON!

    I concur in that Sather should be looking at what he’d cost, especially if the alledged return for Nash is accurate. Dubinsky and Erixon for Carter and the BJ’s 2nd rounder. And yes, Carter’s deal is nuts, but in the last 3 seasons, he’s actually paid $7,000,000 in total. More importantly, before his deal runs out there likely will be yet another CBA and like the previous one and the forthcoming one, there will be an amnesty period to buy-out deals.

    Finally, according to, contrary to what some have said, there is not a NTC or NMC attached to the deal.

    For sure, Sather would be foolish not to explore a Carter to the Rangers deal….

  26. Joe in DE

    Carter has attitude problems, questionable effort and has a 10 year contract. 10 foot pole…

  27. Carter had an NTC/NMC attached to his contract while in Philadelphia but he lost it once he was traded to Columbus. This is because his NTC/NMC wouldn’t kick in until this summer when he would become an age UFA eligible. I still wouldn’t trade for him. Doesn’t fit.

  28. Morning all,

    Eric – fine job with your guest post.

    #9 is the key here – Mr. Sather has some choices to make

    Perhaps the team is a bit tight leading up to the deadline

    Let’s see what happens after the Isles and Buffalo this weekend – remember, they do quite in back to back situations

  29. I look at the goal Malkin scored last night as a perfect example of why the Rangers should make the move for Nash (so long as the obvious players aren’t dealt).

    If that is any other player on the ice, the likely outcome is a great save by Lundqvist but Malkin has such skill that he buries it. Same thing with the goal Nash scored last night. Most rangers players that shot is blocked or sails wide but Nash overpowered the defenders off the boards and burst into the slot and buried it.

    That is the type of goal the Rangers have trouble scoring and why Nash would make such an impact in the playoffs. With Richards on his line, the opportunity for more goals is there…

  30. joe, hell no bro. cmon. 10 years? andhes still only got 15 goals. just 12 before last night. that is exactly what colombus hopes is that everyone saw his hattrick and will go gaga now. if ever there was a question of chemistry and disrupting the rangers locker-room, he would be the reason, not nash.

  31. For what it’s worth, I see carter being traded before the trade dead line but I don’t see Nash being traded before the dead line unless Howson lowers is asking price and NO to trading for Carter.

  32. So all you folks who say Carter would disrupt the dressing room and has attitude problems, are you certain?

    What have you seen?

    Yes, lots of stuff came out of Philly over the summer when they traded him and Richards away, but lots of stuff came out of Philly about Eric Lindros several years ago and time has proven much of it was Bobby Clarke being a loud-mouth jerk.

    The entire Flyer organization is putrid – arrogance and pettiness washes over that franchise like dirty oil from a 1/2 sunk barge.

    The contract the Rangers can buy out, if needed, 2 CBAs from now, so it shouldn’t be an issue…

  33. ilb,
    on Carter, I agree and disagree. I think Carter fits on the ice. he is a scorer, and he is versatile. can play center and wing. it is of the ice, and in the room where there may be a question. he would not be my first choice, but I would not be upset if they got him.

  34. Bull dog- you’re either using a Miami-esque approach in order to jump start Anisimov again, or you’re really being extremely unfair to him. He’s been our main goal/point getter over tge last 7-8 games, and continues to play well defensively. Every time you see someone being in an appropriate spot to clear, or pick up the puck- it’s AA. In fact, I suspect that he may be higher on the list of potential sellers than Dubinsky is.

  35. Jim- using the same logic, why can’t they buy out Nash then? NMC doesn’t prevent a player from that. And, yes bull dog, I was referring mainly to Carter’s off ice issues. But I’m also not convinced he fits on ice either. Unless Torts can change his attitude, he won’t go to dirty areas, and, despite his size, he isn’t overly physical.

  36. One more thing, folks. Last night during the game, and especially after, things got very ugly on the blog. A lot of names calling, personal, back and forth, repulsive stuff. Some people find it entertaining, but I can assure you that most of silent boneheads, and most of regulars do not enjoy it. In case we forget, it’s all just an opinion of different people, not the ultimate decision. That would be made by the management, not us. Doesn’t matter what we think. Just because we have different views, it doesn’t mean one is smarter than the other. Or better human being. Or worse. Or all other names that were called last night. Ease up, it’s a long season. And the playoffs. We hope :-)

  37. I agree with most of Eric’s assessment. Last night really called into question (again) the Rangers’ lack of top-end skill, and now it’s up to Sather to decide whether or not to take care of that problem now. It’s a tough decision.

    Fran above really makes some great points. Some of us, Carp included, get caught up in the “grittiness”, “toughness”, and all of those other Ranger buzz words. Those things are great and they’re necessary for winning hockey. But so is raw skill and gamebreaking talent. As we’ve seen, especially in the “new” NHL, every team that’s won, save for the Bruins, has had a bunch of top talent (Pitt, Wings, Hawks).

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get extremely frustrated watching the Rangers pack it into their own defensive zone and not even bother trying to make passes, content to chip it off the glass. I HATE the 100 foot stretch pass just praying for a tip into the other team’s zone, which is going to be easily recovered by the two defensemen and/or goalie standing back there waiting for it. You have to try and possess the puck in this league, especially through the neutral zone, and the Rangers never try to do it. They’re afraid of doing what Del Zotto did: turning it over and being lambasted by their hothead coach. Of course I’m not saying they should play reckless hockey without paying attention to defense, but nights like last night make you feel like the Rangers could have played 9 periods and not scored a goal.

    So the question: is Rick Nash the answer, and is he worth trading for right now?

  38. Manny,

    I agree with you.

    Carter is not a Ranger type player

    No dealing for the sake of dealing

  39. Jim,

    Got to agree with your take on the Philly locker room issues. If it’s not Carter and Richards partying it’s Lindros and his father being at odds with Clarke or it’s the head coach calling the players chokers after his team dropped a few games in the Cup final (97) or it’s Bryzgalov going off the reservation and telling the media himself that he’s not the WC starter.

    Very few of those guys ever seem to have issues when they finally get the boot from Philly. I wonder where the problem really resides?

  40. ben + manny = vibin’

    That’s exactly what I am afraid of. Dealing for the sake of dealing. I don’t like that idea AT ALL. And if we have a skid (lose two in a row! AH!) near the deadline I think that would lend itself to some awful move that will make us all cry and act like ilb is asking people not to.

  41. Actually….since you brought up Artie-Partie, Stranger – I have been very impressed with him lately. He always used to try to beat defenders and end up just getting knocked down or squeezed off the puck. Lately, however, he has actually been able to toss the puck, power through and usually get a shot off. That’s a GREAT sign.

  42. ilb,
    Nash would be my first choice. I think his style is an obvious need for the Rangers.
    about AA, he often gets a pass around here. while Dubi gets destroyed here. Dubi is having a crap year, no doubt, but with his crap year he has 4 pts less than AA. I suspect Torts babies AA as much as he gets babied here. it is time for him to stand up and be a consistent player. every time he flashes people go crazy about his potential. well I am one who like to see him fulfill potential right now, I am tired of waiting. right now he is nothing more than a checking line player who chips a few goals here and there. well the Rangers have a bunch of those guys already. if AA was what he is supposed to be, we would not even be talking Nash.

  43. ilb2001,
    I agree 110% about getting nasty on a blog. When I first starting blogging I used to get baited into that nonsense and it’s just plain idiotic and immature. I find now if someone attacks me I just ignore it and move on, I won’t let it bother me because it isn’t worth the key strokes.

  44. btw mornin’ head-zo’s. and i agree with oleo about nash. we cant kid ourselves that we can rely on gabby and probably cally to score every single game in the playoffs. in fact, gabby really hasnt done much in the 2nd half anyway. and hes had plenty of chances. hes not jagr. he cannot(richards either), take over and dominate games. yes, hes very quick an sneaky and 1 blown coverage he could be in on a break and score quicker than anyone. so he can change a game that way, but in the playoffs theres even less room out there and much tighter checking. either duby,boyle,AA and stepan step up and help balance the scoring, or we get a guy like nash to help. how many times do we find ourselves in the position we are now? im not saying trade kreider and mdz or mcD, but the reason we stockpile these draft picks is to be able to move some for a big time player. i know nash doesnt have much of any PO experience. 4 games tops i think. so of course its a big gamble no matter what. i personally still am not sure of what slats should do, obviously depending on the price, but no matter what, we need at least 1 more sniper if were gona make a serious run thisyear. i want us to win the cup. i would sacrifice all those guys from 94 for a sure thing, even if its just 1 cup, than hold them and possibly win 2 or 3 or none at all.

  45. Great job Eric!

    I agree with you and Carp that the Pens could be the toughest playoff opponent. I fear the Devils too. I think they are moving up.

    The game last night again was pansification of hockey as Carp would say. Poorly officiated game and clearly not a penalty against Staal. Goalie interference was a dive!

  46. the problem I have with getting Nash is the jackets can’t have it both ways. If nash was a free agent and sather signed him to the contract he has now, so be it but not to give up a bunch of young players and top prospects plus that contract, that’s a double whammy, no good.

  47. Like I previously stated, this team got exposed tonight like dirty laundry on a wind-swept countryside and you guys are arguing about which one of these clowns you’d be willing / not willing to give up.

    I’d give up every one of them, save Lundqvist. But were I to have one vesper, I’d trade him as well because you just know he’ll collapse and give up two-to-three glove-side goals a game come playoff-time.

    These weak-sauce wanna-bes are so far from Stanley it’s not even amusing. The Easter Island weekend rec squad has more championship pieces than this two-bit piece of bush-league we watched play against the Penguins.

  48. That’s a good point, tomg – getting baited early on. Honestly, it’s that behavior that makes me stay away from game threads. It’s not just other people, I might get baited and so I stay away. I get very emotional during games and recognizing that I keep to myself because I don’t want other people to know how hard I take the losses. I think that is something I am not personally willing to share.

  49. i personally would trade AA before duby ilb. duby is having a terrible time producing this year, no doubt. but i just dont see AA becoming more than he is now. at his best, and at duby’s best, duby is the better player. bottom line. i know duby makes more money, so he has to turn this around son, but forgteting money, i’d still rather have duby on a team trying to go deep in the playoffs.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, that was a good note on not personally attacking anyway.

    That said, you’re stupid, you smell funny, you have a misshaped head, and your mother wears army boots.

  51. goin to work, see youse later. im praying by the time i get home, paul gaustad an steve ott are wearing broadway blue baby!!

  52. bull dog,

    Rightly or wrongly a lot of fans soured on Dubi after he held out for his first RFA contract. I didn’t really care either way since that was his only leverage given he had no arb rights and honestly it’s a business for the players while only entertainment for us. Combine that with him having a slump this year in offense (at least in the goal scoring department) after signing a rich contract and yeah it’s easy to see why he gets a lot of the flack from the fans.

    As for AA he’s a couple of years younger and doesn’t have the stain of a holdout. I don’t see how he’s tapped out his potential considering he was given an extremely limited role in his rookie year and fit in nicely with last year’s best line and has been part of the only line that has exhibited consistent chemistry this year.

    Ideally both players would hit their potential, Dubi being a guy that plays physical and chips in 20+ goals and maybe hits 30 at some point. Anisimov being a Datsyuk-lite that puts up 50+ points and pairs nicely as the defensive anchor to more finesse lines and has a 60+ year down the line. Neither are anywhere close to elite players and if fans were expecting these guys to become the next Leclair/Tkachuk and Fedorov were probably hoping for too much.

  53. CT,
    I learned along time ago to not take hold outs personally.the careers of most hockey players is not that long, and they need to get there money when they can. I think we may have seen what Dubi’s ceiling is last year, as far as AA goes, I think it is his lack of hockey instinct that keeps him from being the player most hope he becomes. skill is not a question with AA, it is his head that is the question.

  54. I can’t wait for all of this to be over on Tuesday and we can focus on the games!

    Slats, Torts, Schoney and Gordie Clark have earned the right for us to TRUST them.

    Look at the YOUNG TALENT on the Rangers and also how prospect rich they are. The key of course has been development of late round picks. I trust those guys to make the right call. I think they have earned that.

    Yes, slats has made some mistakes and horrendous moves over the years. But, he is on the right track now and I really think he listens to the people around him.

    I believe that we have one of the best Talent evaluators in Hockey in Gordie Clark. If the price is too steep, I don’t think we will pay it and mortgage the farm. I think we will hold onto Kreider and I think that is important.

    I too keep going back and forth about Rick Nash.. Dubi or AA, Any prospect or even two not named kreider and this years first round would be as much as I would pay. (and I don’t think that would be enough for Columbus to pull th trigger)

  55. how ironic i have been mentioning for days on the blog the rangers should target paul guastad and now pierre lebrun has the article on that he would be an ideal fit. i love the fact that he could win draws which is clearly our weakness along with playing sound d in hi own end forecheck and also has 7 pts in his last 10 games.

    ufa at end of the year.

    gaustad upgrade over mitchell.

  56. eric,
    yes Gaustad would be an upgrade over Mitchell. but is that really the upgrade that will put them over the top? is it really even a need?

  57. Good morning, Sally! … can’t wait until Tuesday when she comes out of hybernation.

    Jeff “10-foot-pole” Carter … the Rangers would be better off doing nothing than adding him at any cost. Bad guy. He’ll be available next year at he deadline, by whichever team gets him this year.

    Great job, Eric! Thank you.

  58. Doodie,
    both of those players had great hockey instincts, but were limited in talent. they got the most out of there games because they were smart.

  59. So if AA is of such limited ability or limited potential then why is he being thrown into the pot for the gigantic overpay for Nash?

  60. at least one sharks player has told management they want to bring in avery. the vets on team could keep him under control

  61. one clear weakness for rangers is faceoffs which leads to puck control.

    winning a key draw late in game holding a lead could make a difference.

    stepan richy and boyle not good enough in faceoff circle.

    i know we need offense but we also need a gaustad type.

  62. Well I know you didn’t say he had limited ability but I’ve seen that criticism about him before.

    And honestly it’s not necessarily a bad thing if he becomes a permanent fixture as a role player on this team with a reasonably affordable contract. Not every guy is going to be a superstar and I’d rather they keep guys that have grown up with the coach and in the system than throw more expensive deals to the Ales Kotalik’s of the world.

  63. The odds of Nash moving anywhere for less than an expensive package of current players and prospects is pretty small. Nevermind what his actual ability might be, but CBJ doesn’t need to trade him if they don’t get the package they want and they’re trading away the most prominent player to ever play for their team while he still might have some productive years left. That’s going to command a hefty premium.

    Plus, if they can find a taker for Carter that clears up a decent amount of space combined with letting a couple of other expensive busts walk after this season they’ll instantly be in better shape. While I don’t think they’re in line for a Cup anytime soon they also don’t need the complete rebuild to put themselves back in the playoff picture. With just league average goaltending they’d be a lot more competitive than they are now. Look at the bottom of the playoff race in the West now, those teams aren’t really that good. The Wild for instance had an unsustainably good start. Take that away and they’re probably in the same boat as the Jackets.

  64. i love how the same people who reject carter on the evidence of one bad season, can’t stop making excuses for dubinsky and his terrible season. carter scored 48 goals — that’s more than anyone on the rangers roster has ever scored. last season he scored 36. yes, there are cap issues to take into consideration, it’s far to ask if the rangers need a center (maybe he plays wing, as well, i don’t know) and, obviously, there are legitimate arguments to be had over what would be worth giving up … but please, he’s a talented player. as for off-ice issues, i don’t buy into that either. first of all, people grow up. what is he? 27? moreover, the rangers have a coach who, i suspect, doesn’t put up with that kind of thing. i also think saving him from columbus would really light a fire under him.

    finally, how bad has dubsinky been? prust, boyles, even mitchell have added more to this team. the guy has been awful. if you saw dubinsky in the vacuum of this season alone (say, in the same way people judge carter), you would be wondering if he belonged in hartford.

  65. I agree that Nash probably does not get traded, but if he does the Rangers need to be in on it.

  66. Is Dubi supposed to have a goal a game with Boyle and Prust? His role has changed, and he is doing a better job on the shut down line now.

    This will finally be the year Ruff gets canned, don’t think B-lo will deal anyone.

  67. I want to see Nash in a Bruins Sweater and many of their role players and goaltenders in Blue Jacket Sweaters.

  68. Regardless what your personal feelings are for Dubinsky he has 6 goals and has a 4.2 mil cap hit and that is completely unacceptable. It doesn’t matter how good of a teammate you are or how good you are defensively or how physical you play. 4.2 mil for 6 goals is an awful bang for your buck…

  69. 4.2 mil for 6 goals is an awful bang for your buck…


    Exactly – so who is going to take on his contract?

  70. For this season, Dubi definitely warrants some of his criticism. But also most players have that season where things don’t go their way. He regressed back to a 40 point guy instead of growing on his 54 point season. I mean the difference between a 40 or 50 point season is just over a point every 10 games. That’s realisitically a lucky bounce here or there.

  71. I think Dubinsky isn’t getting any breaks this year on the scoring end. He also has some confidence issues and is definitely passing too much (as are many players on this team). I really like him, personally, and I think he will rebound and eventually excel. We aren’t going to move him with his contract situation so we probably just have to sit tight and hope for development.

  72. Good read by the Rodent

    I said the other day that I fear no team in a seven game series. Well, after the last two games against the Pens, with or without Crosby, they scare me a bit. The Devils are hot right now, but I am not making any decisions on whether or not they worry me until after our next two tilts. Whether it is Nash or not, we need more scoring, and it doesn’t seem to be coming from within. I expect a move to happen. If it is not Nash, it will be someone. We have not looked like a good cohesive team since the first period against Boston. That is not good. A don’t mind a little hiccup to show us what needs to be fixed, but I don’t want to stumble in to the playoffs. Yes, the PP could win us some games if we could get it going, but we really need to score more 5 on 5.

  73. Here is a few interesting tweets by Darren Dreger.

    “Howson also said he’s received a lot of “creativity” in trade interest with a variety of Blue Jackets players.

    Talked to Scott Howson yest. Says ownership has been very supportive so far. Says trade talks on all his players becoming more focused.”

  74. thought experiment: what if dubinsky doesn’t get better next year. right now, i assume, there are a bunch of GMs who believe this is a one-season downer and view him as a youngish worthwhile top-line player. two years of this, though, and dubisnky becomes an overpaid 27 yo whose value plummets.

  75. I mean the difference between a 40 or 50 point season is just over a point every 10 games. That’s realisitically a lucky bounce here or there.


    He’s been visibly invisible. There is really very little you can do or say to defend him anymore. The Rangers are trying to peak and he has held them back from being a clear cut favorite. We can afford to have Prust and Boyle disappear offensively after breakout years, but Brandon Dubinsky is not afforded that particular luxury anymore. HE NEEDS to be a 20-25 goal guy, at a minimum, for this team to compete for a cup.

    And it’s true, you read between the player quotes, they have thrown him under the bus.

  76. And Brad Richards being on pace for under 60 points and getting the most PP of any of the forwards isn’t holding the team back either?

  77. Good for Jeff Carter. It just probably raised his asking price that Howson is going to ask Dean Lombardi for.

  78. I do not think Dubinsky is holding the team back. He really has been a presence on the ice (even when not scoring). I just have to think that this team’s thing is DEFENSE first and Dubinsky is very valuable as a defensively responsible forward and a great Penalty Killer. This team is not built to outscore an opponent in a high scoring game. It would be great if Dubinsky started netting 30 goals every year but I don’t know if that is possible under this system.

  79. fchamps

    almost doesn’t count ;)

    but i agree…as much as i like Dubi, offensively, he has been a huge disappointment this year

  80. manny — rangers have a bunch of good penalty killers, what they don’t have are scorers.

    the bright spot here is that at least the rangers (we hope) will come out hungry against the islanders. i hate losing to them whether we’re in first or last.

  81. I don’t think this team is built to SCORE. I think they are built to score one or two a game and then grind down the opponent. We don’t get involved in many blowouts here so the empty net goals Dubinsky used to rely on are hard to come by.

  82. If Brandon Dubinsky had let’s say 15 goals and 25 assists right now, then getting Nash wouldn’t be that important but as currently constructed this Rangers team is going to have a lot of trouble scoring goals in the playoffs…

    Our top 2 lines are not productive enough for playoff hockey…

  83. i hope the rangers get some scoring. and i don’t care if they trade dubi. but if we end up with some overrated reconstruction job like hemsky — who is worse in every imaginable way — that would really suck.

  84. Dubinski is a key component on the PK. In case you haven’t noticed we are 5th in the league in PK and it is one of the reasons for our success. YES, we shouldn’t pay PK specialists 4.2 Million p/yr, but I believe that this is an off year for dubi and he will be a solid 25 goal scorer in this league.

  85. “but i agree…as much as i like Dubi, offensively, he has been a huge disappointment this year”

    Cosign that comment. Love the player, confident he’ll bounce back but this has been a rough year. Don’t doubt for a second he could rip off 14 points in 20 games if dealt.

  86. czechthemout!!!! on


    Totally agree on Carter. I would rather do nothing and bring in KREIDER for the playoffs than trade for Carter.

    To me, its all about who is replacable and who isn’t in a Nash trade. It’s why you stockpile players in the draft.
    Clark has done a great job of that since he’s been here. So you need to trade from strength.

    The question than is this. Is Dubi,AA,Erixon replacable? Yes with Nash and Kreider and Mcilrath.

    If you change it up to MDz and Dubi and a # 1 the answer is still yes. Erixon replaces MDZ Nash replaces Dubi and of course Kreider adds to the mix. Either way this trade is needed and should be done.

  87. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Very interesting back-and-forth here folks. Been reading the blog alot but haven’t posted in a while. Here are my thoughts:

    >Rangers looked a little gassed last night. It’s interesting to me that Hank said that he was fighting the puck– I saw him look a little off balance a good chunk of the time and was wondering if all was OK. Well, I’ll take 2 goals against on an off night– usually we’re in those things.

    >Penguins would only scare me if Kid Crosscheck came back fully healthy. Other than that, in a long series, I think the Rangers would beat them down and eventually win.

    >I don’t buy into the Devils run as yet. It’s February, they are making a charge, but I don’t think they’ll be near the top of the conference when it’s all said and done. I still see them with a 6 or 7 seed at the end, which when you look at the teams bunched up from 4 to 7, you see that is a real possibility (also true, dare I say, of the Rangers, but only if they really swoon, like lose 5 in a row or something.)

    >OK, about Nash. No way to Dubi, Kreider, and more. I think the Savior is looking to do a package of Dubi, prospects other than Kreider and picks. Would I do it? Probably not– I like the flexibility we have going forward to sign our own guys and maybe pick up a piece or two here or there. I think we might see a rental/other forward acquired for prospects– just hard to give up both flexibility and premier prospects at this point. I could be wrong, but I always thought next year was our year, and perhaps the future will outweigh immediate concerns.

    >One last thing– about Dubi. He is not playing on either of the top 2 lines any more so I think expecting 25-30 goals is no realistic. I do think he has underachieved offensively this year, but I am fine with the rest of his game. This is where his value is still high to other teams– teams that would put him on one of the top 2 lines, and I bet you he would be back to 25+ goals. Just sayin’…

  88. Manny’s point is accurate judging by the presence of ONE legitimate goal scorer on this team. Hopefully a Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin develops into one but the team has only one prototypical goal scorer and that’s not been a secret throughout the season. Callahan’s had a great year but I don’t think anyone would consider him a classic goal scorer. Richards is, supposedly, more of a passer. Anisimov, who has regressed badly in the last few months isn’t one. And then there’s Brandon Dubinsky who looks as if he’d be a lot more comfortable if every shift was a penalty kill. This team isn’t intended to be a scoring team, and given the success they’ve had so far, it hasn’t really mattered.

  89. As far as a trade is concerned,I think that Sather needs to carcillo or get off the pot NOW. The uncertainty about who might be going is starting to affect the team’s performance. Dragging it out only makes it worse. If there will be no deal, let the players know now, rather than waiting for the deadline to pass.

  90. Good point Barry – Dubinsky isn’t going to drop 30 goals on the 3rd and 4th lines playing with different guys every shift. The team has had enough success that they can do it this way for now. Maybe if Hagelin regresses Dubinsky gets a look on the top two lines. But for now, win win win. Don’t lose back-to-backs!

  91. reasonable observations Eric. Good blog post.

    only about 6 more days of Nash noise…

    Dubi is overpaid based on this years production and so is richards and gabby, and your point is?

    overpaying a guy $4.2 mill is a lot more palatable then overpaying a guy $7 + mill.

  92. overpaying a guy $4.2 mill is a lot more palatable then overpaying a guy $7 + mill.


    Amen. I would also like to point out that in the offseason plenty of people around here were demanding that Dubinsky get the “A” over Richards because of how he represents the style of play this team is forced to play. I think his regression represents that point well also. This team isn’t going to score to anyone’s expectations. It just isn’t their game.

  93. I’ve said this before, people on this blog and other sites who bash Dubinsky doesn’t see the big picture. Dubinsky has been playing 3rd, 4th line minutes allot this year and is one of the reason his goal scoring is down. Dubinsky value for the rangers is his two way game, heart and penalty killing. That goes a long way and if I’m not mistaking Dubinsky was there best player in the playoffs last year.

  94. overpaying a guy $4.2 mill is a lot more palatable then overpaying a guy $7 + mill.


    a better way to look at it is this: do you want to overpay a guy to score 7 goals or a guy to score 35 goals.

  95. “In case you haven’t noticed we are 5th in the league in PK and it is one of the reasons for our success.”

    Yup, and beyond just the PK, our team is built on goal prevention. Its simple to say “Dubinsky has 25 points in 55 games, he’s not doing anything”, but that ignores his defensive game. That would be my biggest concern losing him for 2011-12, to say nothing of my belief he’ll be fine going forward.

  96. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If “Hagelin regresses?” What the hell kind of expectation is that? He is playing over his head? He’s a fluke? He really can’t skate? He won’t get better with experience and more responsiblity? He can NEVER be trusted to be given PP time? He did score 14 PP goals in college, including 12 the final two years. It’s Hagelin’s fault the coach doesn’t know how to deploy all his skills and talent?

    Young players, barring injury, do not “regress.” they grow in confidence with experience, and bulk up, somewhat, physically. Too many marginal players on this team to pick on one of the few who is carrying his weight. Can you try again and do better, next time, starting with picking on Dubi or some other dead-beat around here? Or are “clubhouse mentors” who can’t cut it on the ice, anymore, above criticism because “they bleed Ranger blue?”

  97. Ok: instead of regresses – comes back down to earth and plays like a rookie. The kid bounced up to the NHL to fill a role and ended up on our top line.

  98. “Dubinsky has been playing 3rd, 4th line minutes allot this year and is one of the reason his goal scoring is down.”

    His PP TOI is down a full minute as well, from just over 3:00 last year to just under 2:00 this year.

  99. PK, like PP, is a hugely overrated aspect of the game

    and Dubinsky was playing with the top forwards for nearly half the season.

  100. Young players, barring injury, do not “regress.”


    I’m a pro-Dubinsky guy, but it’s tough argue this hasn’t been the case with him this year.

  101. MDZ “regressed” like a motherbyfugliener in his second year before bouncing back to awesome this year. Its not out of the question.

  102. tomg —

    actually, dubinsky averages 17 minutes a game — more than any third liner. in fact, it’s more minutes than hagelin, who has played less games and scored more, and more than anisimov. yes, dubi kills penalties, as well.

    and when you take a closer look at his minutes, you see that there are a handful of games that really eat into his average. most games he’s getting around 19-20 minutes a game. not third-line minutes.

  103. PK, like PP, is a hugely overrated aspect of the game


    Yup, let’s see the team go 0 for 40 on the next 40 PPs and see their PK efficiency drop by about 10% and tell me if you still feel the same way.

  104. I am with CT – PP and PK is not, at all, overrated. In fact, we are underrating it here all the time when people say, “Any AHL player can come up and kill penalties”

  105. history suggests you don’t need to be a top 10 penalty killing team to win a Stanley Cup, nor do you need to be a top 10 power play team. you just need to be adequate at both. Rangers are more than adequate at the one that doesn’t involve scoring goals because three of their four lines play every shift like they’re killing penalties anyway. and yes, it’s not that difficult to kill penalties, especially now.

  106. Not enough attention is being paid to Hank’s age. If this team can make a deep run this year, you trade a little bit of the future, because Hank probably only has a few more years left of top form, and the team has to seize its moment.

    Ciao Kreider!

    PP is an abomination. Cally in front consistently, please.

  107. carp just took a Rangers survey they emailed me one of the questions was where do you go for Rangers info.I made sure to tell them Rangers Report every day.

  108. i blame Torts for this loss… if he kept Hank on the bench and started third period with six forwards we could’ve had a chance to comeback! ;)

  109. “One last thing—about Dubi. He is not playing on either of the top 2 lines any more so I think expecting 25-30 goals is no realistic.”

    “Dubinsky has been playing 3rd, 4th line minutes allot this year and is one of the reason his goal scoring is down.”

    HELLO? HIS “Time On Ice” is directly related to his poor performance.

    To put it in other terms, No,

  110. CCCP, those would have been artificial PP goals. At least they could have improved that part of their game.

  111. Something on Brandon Dubinsky’s supposed lack of ice time…

    He’s played over 20 minutes seven times this season. In those seven games, he has a grand total of 1 assist.

  112. Dubi gets plenty of ice time and plenty of scoring opportunities….”miscombobulated” all over the ice….he isn’t exactly having a Selke season either….

    Hate to be a Negative Nancy…but when will the excuses run out?

  113. Apart from late December, when Brandon Dubinsky went on an absolute scoring tear (for him) with 3 goals in 5 games, he hasn’t scored more than one goal in any month this season. And since his scoring explosion, he’s play 19 games, racking up a whopping 7 points.

    so, yeah, he’s having a horrible season.

  114. Hate to be a Negative Nancy…but when will the excuses run out?


    When his current contract expires?

  115. Atta boy, NYR1979!

    You hit it on the head, as usual, CCCP.

    Fox, like that pathetic play during that four-game winning streak that included Philly and Boston?

    Dubinsky’s performance-to-contract level is unacceptable, without a doubt. But you can’t knock his PK work, which has been really good, and the idea that the PK is a big, big part of what’s made this non-scoring team succeed.

  116. Hank’s age=non-factor. He could play another 10 years at this level. Lots of goalies play well into their late 30s without a dropoff.

  117. “HELLO? HIS “Time On Ice” is directly related to his poor performance.”

    Sure, but then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If performance is down, lower his minutes and demoting him to less talented linemates only makes it harder to break out of a funk.

  118. Carp that’s almost like saying we should keep Dubinsky because of his one 3 goal spurt this season. The problem I have with Richards is that he was brought in to be a play-maker, and he hasn’t done that all season with no accountability from him or Torts. He’s also invisible on the defensive side of the puck.

  119. you don’t pay penalty killers $4.2 million per year, nor do you pay forwards $4.2 million to pin the puck against the boards at even strength.

    also, to say Lundqvist can play at this level at 39 is a bit of a stretch

  120. I wonder is Richards is hurt. Not trying to make excuses. He just seems even more passive than usual.

  121. Any Nash deal with Dubi as the centerpiece is a no brainer at this point, even if we give up prospects like Erixon or MZA.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a mistake to give up top prospects for a star. I think the bigger mistake is keeping Dubinsky at $4.2m and expecting him to become a 50 point player year after year….You know what you’re getting with Nash

    Does Howson see Dubi as someone who could lead his franchise? Yikes…

    But, if Dubi was reaching career highs in points right now, Nash would be moot (mute?) point right?.

  122. His play before this year indicated he was more than just a PK specialist. Sure, had the Rangers known he was going to slump they wouldn’t have paid him that much, but no one had any way of knowing he was going to have his worst year of his career. Stop retroactively applying his value.

  123. Does MZA actually count as a prospect in a major trade? It would certainly change my view if he’s a major piece versus Kreider/Miller/Erixon/McIlrath.

  124. Dubinsky has always looked like a 40-point forward, and he’ll probably end up close to that this year, too. he overachieved in his contract year like every other player in the history of sports.

  125. Yeah Nikolai Zherdev sure knocked the socks off people in his contract year.

    As did Alex Frolov and Chris Higgins.

  126. Even Hank said in an article somewhere, recently, that he didn’t know how many more years he had left in him. So, considering how obvious it is that getting a top-level team is hard, that he won’t have another year where he has bad, bad stretches, and that he could get hurt or just less reliable, it’s not hard to think it’s best to maximize his year if you can.

  127. so it is beat up on Dubi day, nice.

    the guy makes $4.2 for 4 years. Nash makes $7 + for 8 years.

    sure underperforming with 35 goals on the Nash contract is better then the DUbi 10 goal underperform if there was no salary cap.

    Guys the salary cap is reality, higher costing mistakes hurt more……RUpp makes pennies. I think he stinks and is overpaid but his cap hit is pennies so his lack of success hurts less…..Capeesh..

  128. if dubi, boyle and prust were performing like last year the gooal scoring difficiences were not be as drastic.

    BTW Rangers have 81 points and are first in the east. I got an idea why don’t we try to maximize what the Rangers have instead of looking for a magic bullet. A team bereft of top end talent needs to roll 4 lines and score from committee and also get the D to score some.

    the rangers d is scoring adequately the problem is 3rd and 4th line scoring is way way down.

    trade for gaustad and another rental with skill and add them to the lineup if they can score at a better rate then RUpp or Bickel and others are scoring at the net gain will help…..

  129. I think Dan has a point. Richards is hurt. I think he has a broken heart (at least) from that Munn girl.

  130. I want to run a team one day where all the contracts even for the superstars are one year deals with major bonuses attached to them. Let’s get back to the days when athletes loved what they did and didn’t think about the money. In basketball and player can score 6-8 points per game and make 7-10 per season, in baseball, well don’t even get me started with that and in football, come on no one really knows how that works unless you are connected to one of the teams.. Hockey has unfortunately followed in the other major pro sports paths on this one in over paying average playing and severely over paying superstars… When can we get back to the days of old? I know the answer and its Never… What a shame…

  131. I might add that, IMHO, there’s a much better chance that Lundqvist is still playing at a high level in his late 30s than there is that he’s done when he’s 34.

  132. TSN reporting that Nash is a Ranger!

    Stepan, MZA, Dubisnki, Kreider, and a 1st rounder.

    What a steal!

  133. Bob McKenzie says Kings inching to lead on Rick Nash. Our take is major factor is NYR refusal to put Derek Stepan into the bargain.

    Of course theyre going to want our best young guy. No shooting for Anis or Hagelin, they go for Stepan. Certainly not Dubinsky as the package starter.

  134. Did anyone hear about that creep Steven Tyler, he interviewed Carrie Underwood and was hitting on her throughout the interview. I hope her hockey player husband bashes his skull in! LOL

  135. We have several character players that one needs to win a cup. We traded Gartner, Amonte and got back Matteau and Noonan. You win a cup with character and grit…not with stars that are not 2 way players. Dubi is one of those character guys. he has toughness, size and tries hard every shift. He has hands of stone this yr, but you win cups with guys like that. Also, Columbus doesn’t think Dubi is the real chip in any deal for Nash. They want Kreider and 1 or 2 of our young guns. MDZ, Step and Mac. I wouldn’t trade any of them. Hoping that Slats will not panic, and will listen to Torts who has his finger on the pulse. Relax please!

  136. I think the recent performances vs the Devs and Pens is why we’ll get Nash. Nobody is going to like whatever we give up but it has to happen.

  137. I’m still leaning towards Nash not being traded before the dead line. I don’t see why Howson would be forced to come down with his asking price when he can wait to deal him around the draft day. Plus I would think there would be more teams involved unless Nash will only go to a few teams.

  138. I hope we trade away all of these clowns for Semin. He’s the character guy we need to move to the 2nd round.

  139. Tomg: Howson won’t get anything near what he’d get now if he waited until draft day. Plus he will in all likelihood draft Nail Yakupov anyway.

  140. Vermette has been a disappointment his whole career.

    Right now, the going rate for a role player is a 2nd rounder, if not more.

  141. Why does what Pitt or NJ have anything to do with us? Winning a regular season title means nothing. Positioning themselves for the playoffs is far more important. Giving the right price for Nash is cool. Overpaying for him is stupidity. Sather doesn’t have to rush to make any deals. Even if the Rangers play .500 the rest of the way, they are in the playoffs. Home ice means nothing to this team. Heck, they might be better off playing more games on the road.

  142. Dan: because we will in all likelihood have to get past one if not both of them in the playoffs and they both have offensive talent we can’t match right now.

  143. Manny: If no Crosby: no, but brings us enough to win a best of 7 on goaltending and defense. If Crosby healthy: No, but doesn’t hurt.

  144. czechthemout!!!! on

    Bob Mckenzie looking for hits on his blog. There is now aT that the Kings are inching closer to anything. Bernier is nothing special. Certainly not a franchise goalie. Jack Johnson is an overpaid under performing dman who is 4 years old than MDZ. They shot there load with the Mike Richards trade with regards to top level players and prospects. If Howson takes Bernier,Johnson,Loktionov( sucks ) and a number 1 over any combo of the deals we have been mentioned sending, than he is a moron who should immediately be fired.

  145. Vermette deal means you can cross Doan and Whitney off the potential trades list. Phoenix obviously buyers.

  146. Would you guys do this:

    Wojtek Wolski
    Brandon Dubinsky
    Bryce Lampman
    Dan Blackburn’s useless catching glove
    and a 3rd rounder

    for Nash

  147. The league wants playoff gate $$$ for Phoenix. Maloney ain’t sellin.

    The only sellers are Edmonton, CBJ, TB, Buffalo, Montreal, Carolina, and NYI. Hence role players going for 2nds +.

  148. Tiki XLII XLVI February 22nd, 2012 at 1:06 pm
    Our locker room chemistry would be really fluid with Semin.


  149. czechthemout.. your post makes me laugh. I live in LA. go to a few kings games each year, watch some on tv. my friends are kings fans. they hate johnson, he is a bad defender, takes to many chances.. not sure on berniers long term ability but I tend to agree the King offer is not remotely as attractive to the hypothetical ranger offers(which I think are way to high).

    WOW Vermette has 3 more years on his deal at over $3 mil per. I think he stinks. soft underachiever forever. PHX wants him on the books for 3 more years…

  150. the debbies defense and golatending is much inferior to the rangers. the debbie have 2 elite offensive players but there top 12 forwards I do notthink are better then the rangers, or the difference is minimal.

    the debbies d stinks if the rangers forecheck and hit them all night long…..

  151. There are no shootouts in the playoffs. Therefore, Jokinen continues to be the essential piece to our playoff success. His return is just what we need to win a 7-game series against the likes of Pitt.

  152. The Debbies have 3 elite offensive players in Kovalchuk, Parise and Elias and they have another guy in Clarkson who contributes as we’ve unfortunately seen.

  153. I love this team, and this is the team we’ve been watiing for. But let’s be real, as constituted but they are not a cup team. If Hank is not playing the way he is this year they are at best a hard working team with an above average record. Recent games against the Pens, Hawks and yes the high-powered Devils, are exposing this. Time to get the Nash deal done.

    Nash is an elite world class player, we’d be lucky to have him locked up for the next 6 years at 7.8m. Long term cap concern is a non-issue because Gabby’s deal has only 2 more years. I’d take Nash over Gabby now, and if anyone wants to bet that Gabby is more valuable than Nash 2 years from now please let me know.

    As for the cost, the only untouchables are Hank and maybe McDonough because he’s the only Ranger I see developing as a true all around No 1 defenseman. Otherwise I’d trade anyone including Stepan or MDZ (not both). Excited for Kreider but I was also excited for Brendl- keep him if any way possible but don’t let that hold up the deal. Have to give to get.

    Enough with the “let the prospects and team develop”. They’ve done that, done it well, and that’s why they’re now in a position to trade for an elite talent. And please stop with the chemistry talk- the players would be thrilled to have Nash, and on the ice it would open up opportunities for Gabby and others.

    I have a feeling the Flyers are going to figure out a way to get this done. All the anti-Nash people, I look forward to your posts over the next 6 years after games in which we just played the Flyers led by the Giroux-Nash combination.

  154. all this talk about shootouts means it’s time for an Erik Christensen update

    He’s played 8 games with Minnesota since being dealt, averaging a little under 12 minutes per game. In that span he’s got 0 points with a -6 rating. In addition, he’s registered a total of 1 shot on goal in the last 6 games. he is 1 for 2 in shootouts, though! – unfortunately they lost both those games, too. oh, and Minnesota is 1-5-2 since stealing away Erik Christensen.

  155. all this talk about shootouts means it’s time for an Erik Christensen update

    He’s played 8 games with Minnesota since being dealt, averaging a little under 12 minutes per game. In that span he’s got 0 points with a minus 6 rating. In addition, he’s registered a total of 1 shot on goal in the last 6 games. he is 1 for 2 in shootouts, though! unfortunately they lost both those games, too. oh, and Minnesota is 1-5-2 since stealing away Erik Christensen.

  156. Matteau!,
    flyers can have Nash, still not going to make a difference considering offense isn’t the flyers problem, it’s goal tending and defense, plus the flyers (Holmgren) already said the price was to high and have bowed out.

  157. Tomg, yes it is reported the Flyers bowed out, doesn’t mean they have. They have the extra goalie to trade and aren’t shy about trading prospects. They do have scoring but I have a hard time believing they’re not going to make another play at anchoring their team for years with Giroux and Nash. Players like Nash rarely become available. Very few on the Ranger roster or system are worth holding back for him.

  158. Why is it that those that dont want Nash for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons mention the cap hit right off, while the words Parise and cap hit are never seen in the same sentence?

  159. Because you’re trading players for the right to take on a huge cap hit, not just signing a guy at a huge cap hit.

  160. Mr Kruger????? WHY!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite Kruger moment is when he is given a physical by “Dr Van Nostrand” and kramer sees something suspicous and wants to “take a section” with his deli slicer!

  161. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    LOL!! That’s too sad and funny at the same time. Over a few toes, and he sounds so calm throughout LOL!!

  162. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I had my manicurist clip a cuticle on my pinkie a couple weeks ago, and I grimaced in pain. LOL!!

  163. i sense a thread in the islanders history: players weep when they’re traded to the islanders. and not for joy.

  164. This is really going to screw up the Super Troopers sequel or prequel or whatever they decided on.

  165. czechthemout!!!! on

    Stuart A

    I dont understand why my post makes you laugh. I think you and I are in agreement about Johnson and Bernier. Did I misunderstand your response?

    Dubi AA Erixon and. # 1 for Nash. Get it done Slats!

  166. “When I said, “yeah, sure”, but what… literally what I said was “yeah, sure, sir.” “

  167. If there was any chance that Wolski was on someone’s fantasy team I might think it was in reference to that Fantasy GM.

  168. Mister D. I assume you were responding to me. Point is that its a two-edged sword – yes you are losing players but you are also shedding some cap hit as you do. While its certainly not in the “Gomez” category sending away a potentially overpriced Dubie kind of solves a problem we will have for the next 3 years assuming he doesnt magically start scoring 25 goals per….

  169. Foster: “You know those really cheap Japanese cartoons? No? This is basically a cheaper, Afgahni knockoff. It’s this monkey that basically travels around the world, doing nasty things. His butler tries to keep him in line, but, uh… no.”

    Rabbit: “It’s really funny, Cap. It’s Afghanistanimation!”

    Captain O’Hagan: “The monkey has a butler? Great. Is that what they do in Arabia, Thorny?”

  170. stranger nation on

    has the smoked cleared? Is Sather doing the Monster Nash?

    Are the delusional smoking Dubis at the Artie party with Jan Erixon?

    Is B Rich hurt? Well he sure the hell is hurting most games…convenient excuse for a one dimensional player softer than Brodeur’s belly.

  171. Interesting about Richards- I don’t think we’ve seen the real guy at all this season- maybe post concussion syndrome- since he seems reticent to me to go “all in” while playing. Ditto Ryan Miller in Buff- just doesn’t look right- not awful, just not right.

  172. if Dubi gets traded, at least his Hugo Boss watch will match the Jackets’ blue and red color scheme

  173. chezchthemout.. I am laughing because I agree with you and I would have posted something just like that.

    No negative thoughts I my behalf. I agree with you totally and that is good.

  174. stranger nation on

    One common thread with over priced FA signings of Sather’s past has been the lack of toughness, size and goal scoring. Gomez, Redden, Richards and Dreary smaller players getting knocked around.

    Yes we are defense oriented, you cannot win without being solid in your own end, but you also need balance and someone to put the biscuit in the basket.

    If you can guarantee Kreider nets 20+ next season and Hags continues his amazing play and also puts in 20+, then maybe you do not need to deal.

    As far as Dubi is concerned, someone brought it up earlier – last seasons’ contract year push followed by a let down next season…

    If a player is mid/late 20s – take the last 3 seasons’ average – and that basically what you can depend on. Dubi last 3 seasons; points – 41, 44, 55; ave. 47 points; Goals – 13, 20, 24; ave. 19 Goals @ $4.2M is a waste. This season we will be on the lower end of the spectrum.

  175. i think Jack Johnson is a totally overhyped player and the Kings would have been better long term with Gleason instead…

    again people do not understand the ramifications(negative) of Nash’s contract time and amount.

    his contract is bad, he is not worth the coin he is receiving plain and simple, add the prospects/players and I have no confidence getting Nash will be a net benefit long term for the Rangers……….

  176. Who would have thought this weekend’s games could actually impact the season…….aside from the pts

  177. This is why you will never see me try to determine a lineup for this team. I don;t see these folks as much as you all do and upfront know their ins and outs. I have to judge game by game what I see on ice, and I see this team still trying to hold on to remnants of
    Renney hockey. When you cut thru all of the glittertrati. and the gee whiz golly stuff of the announcers you see a bunch of guys who still have big holes in their playing.

    Someone said that don’t have any players who can score………………….not true —yet. Jury’s still out.

    What they do have is a lot of players who can’t or wont shoot!

    What they need is a player or two who has the Ovechkin syndrome……Never saw a puck on ice that he didn’t want to put thru the wall. Any wall.He rides the bus and he foams at the mouth over the sides of the bus. If there were still phone booths around he’d be slamming the sides with his bare hands.

    HIs bedroom must be an adventure.

  178. hagelin playing out of his mind!!not sure on that 1. he should progress and improve over time. the guy is 23, a smart player, with elite speed. Why would you assume his performance will decline?

    On this site I notice all the time we undervalue ranger players and prospects and over value non ranger prospects and players.

    again maybe it is a mirage but the Rangers have the 2nd most points in hockey and have 2 games in hand on Detroit. No one could have imagined they would have progressed so far in 1 year. If you say this is a fluke and they are getting all the breaks, I disagree. SOme guys performances are pleasant suprises(hagelin, Mcdonagh) and other guys are underachieving or not meeting expectations.

    the rangers played porrly last night and they lost by 2 goals. they have been blown out maybe 4 or 5 games on the whole season. they are in almost every game. they have prospects on the way and young guys playing key minutes now.

    they have no old guy contributing big time on there lase leg…. if sather does things right they can be good for many years……..

  179. everyone says there are cap ramifications for signing Nash but what exactly are they? can someone tell me what important player we are going to lose 2 years from now???

  180. ruutu at $4.75 per. Man I am a real tight wad. I almost never see a contract that I think is not an overpay…….

    teams think $4 mill + is the going rate for a low 20 goal scorer…..
    i guess scoring is so for down that a 20 goal socrer today was a 30 goal scorer in the 80″s.

  181. Shore: Don’t want to ignore you but I’m not sure which comment. If its the “desperation …” one, that’s a Super Troopers quote.

    “What are these cells, 8 x 8? Ours are 9 x 9. No big deal.”

  182. Stuart: Could be that teams are getting better at valuing all aspects of the game rather than just focusing on scoring. Would love to know how advanced sabermetrics have become inside NHL front offices.

  183. olesmirf. who they going to lose? who are they not going to get? No one can predict the future but having zero cap flexibility can hurt a team big time. SOmetimes guys go for undermarket and sometimes the reverse, but if you have no coin to get in the game you cannot.

    No one knows what will happen with Parise and others and if the Rangers are handcuffed cap wise they are screwed….

    the same people clamoring for Nash will be whining to no end a year from now if the Rangers get him, are no better as a team, and have limited or no options to upgrade because they have no cap room………

  184. I assumed Wolski was signing his own death warrant with that tweet as well, but if you look at his @mentions (or whatever they are known as), it seems as if he was referring to a fan who suggested he play in Europe to help the team.

    Still not the smartest thing to put out there.

  185. scoring is down so much it is crazy… 20 goals scorers today are considered top 2 line type players…


  186. Sorry, CT. I must be miscombobulated on my guesstimation mathematics. Sorry for the adysmal misarrayment.

  187. With or without Nash this team has the opportunity to good for the foreseeable future. Personally, I don’t understand the rationale behind it being one or the other.

  188. 105 forwards last year scored 20 or more goals. So given that a top 6 player should encompass roughly the top 180 (6 players X’s 30 teams) forwards in the league, yes 20 goals should on average be good enough to get you a top 6 gig in today’s NHL.

  189. “can someone tell me what important player we are going to lose 2 years from now???”

    I feel like I’m walking into a trap here, like you’re being sarcastic because its come up so much, but … post 2012-13 RFAs are Anisimov, Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh and Sauer. MDZ is a UFA is something long term isn’t worked out after this year.

  190. Two years ago Dubi had 44 points in 69 games, which projects to 52 points over 82 games.

    So last years 54 points in 77 games (57.5 points over 82 games) wasn’t necessarily a huge jump in his stats due to it being the last year of his contract.

  191. I’d imagine MDZ gets Dubi/Cally/Arty treatment with his 1st RFA contract. 2 years, about $2M give or take cap hit. His sophomore slump probably cost him a couple of million. Had he shown the same strides last year as he had done this year he might be in line for a similar deal that Staal got, probably not quite as rich but something that buys out his remaining RFA/arb years.

    The big question marks or at least the biggest question mark after 2012-13 is McDonagh. If he continues at his current pace he can probably look at pretty much the same deal that Staal got. Stepan could also force the Rangers hand if he makes a decent jump in production next year.

    You’ll also have Artie and Sauer coming off their 1st RFA contracts and they’ll be arb eligible. I could see Sauer getting the boot if Erixon and McIlrath are both ready to take full time roles.

  192. CTBlueshirt

    I agree although we have to see how our young players improve. The way I see it none of our young players will be seeing significant raises this offseason or next. McDonagh probably wont have the offensive numbers to get big time money/years and Stepan will need to get out of the 40-50 point window to get more than 2.5 mil…

  193. Devils’ advocate: If they have Nash, Stepan, Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, Kreider on the top two lines, why are you sweating Hagelin/Anisimov (just to name two) contracts?

    DO you pass up the chance to get a bonafide first-line winger so you don’t have to be creative with one third-line contract in two years?

  194. Having that many guys that you WANT to re-sign in a few years is a good problem to have as far as I’ concerned.

  195. oleo,

    McDonagh has a good chance to put up as many points in his 1st full (2nd partial) NHL season as Staal did in his 3rd and 4th full seasons. He merely repeats what he’s doing now next season and I wouldn’t blame him for wanting Staal’s contract.

  196. Also – if we aren’t going to re-sign those guys we are going to trade them for some pretty good hauls.

  197. I mean Sather and Torts must have an idea of what they want to do two years down the line. I am sure that is all taken into account when signing Richards to that long-term deal and when considering adding yet another long-term deal.

  198. Not sure if this has been pointed out yet, but for those saying we need Nash, we are 12th GF/G in the NHL…

  199. I never type in caps, but I want to make my plea to Sather and Ranger’s management.




  200. Looking through cap geek and no team in the league has 4 players on their NHL roster that carry cap hits of $6M or more. There are teams like Chicago and Vancouver that have couple at $6M+ and then a bunch of players that are just under $6M, Calgary as well.

  201. Nothing really wrong with occasional lost games. My real concern is if Rangers will lose *momentum* and self-confidence. As we all can see, our team is not particular good talent wise and is successful so far just because it is at WAR (Wining Adrenalin Rush), skillfully managed and heated every game by Torts, who showed, that he is a really great motivator at least. That’s why it is imperative to win *decisively* Sunday, not a position wise, but for collective psyche, to avoid kind of (much more talented), Chicago team, type, multi games slide. For Rangers to climb back will be by far more difficult task, considered they can’t produce much more efforts, that team did whole season long, and accompanied by accumulated fatigue. Add declining morale and it turns to a recipe for unforeseen disaster in a most demanding period of time.

  202. ct blueshirt if the rangers get nash they will have 4 guys with that type of cap hit for the next 2 years……….

    gabby has 2 more years, henrik, nash, and richards… as i have stated numerous times nash’s contract is cement for this teams ability to add guys or pay young improving players what they will receive in the market.

    stay the course. get 2 rental forwards(gaustad, AK 47 etc.) and vishnovsky for the backline($5 mill hit) may be to expensive also and let things play out….

  203. 4everranger, how and why are you looking past Friday’s divisional game vs NYI toward CHI, out of conference game? Wow.


    What do you mean by this? What do you expect to happen if they trade for Nash? It’s not like we’re going to lose half the organization by acquiring Nash.

    You people worry too much!!

  205. ORR the deal is to actually trade the CT Whale to the Blue Jackets for Nash as well as Del Zasterm Stepon, McBust, Callahan, Dubinsky, Hagelin and Lundqvist.

  206. gmen 11, i agree big time….

    every move by sather can affect every other move or potential move. to much money tied to 4 guys and knowing at a minimum 1(Richards) is significantly overpaid can hurt a team bigtime…..

    how about Vishnovsky at $5 mill thru next year.. Too expensive?? He is very skilled offensively….I think too expensive…

  207. Carp

    exactly. If the Rangers get Nash then there is no need to pay Anisimov more than what he makes now. If they have to move him and replace him with someone like John Mitchell or a prospect then so be it…

    Adding Nash and Kreider to our potential top 2 lines would be awesome…

  208. off the cap…

    dubi 3.800
    wolski 4.200
    drury 2.000

    on the cap.

    nash 7

    savings, 3 million!

    trade for nash. for the cap!

  209. Salty, no I’m not convinced. I’m only convinced they want him. I have no idea how far they’ll go to get him, and I don’t think they will go near the rumored demands that include any of these guys: Stepan, McDonagh, Del Zotto … and I am taking an educated guess that they will make all attempts to keep Kreider out of the deal, too.

    I could be completely wrong.

    fchamps, yeah, those were killers.

  210. I think part of the concern, Jonny D, is that the Rangers have 15 regulation losses, and six of those were by shutout. And that every slump the last two years, and both of the last two playoff eliminations, were due to a lack of goal scoring and first-line skill.

  211. Carp – Thats why I am leaning towards it being a good thing if we get Nash. Mainly, because I agree that none of those guys you mentioned will be moved. Which most likely would a favorable swap as far as talent goes.

  212. Carp: which is exactly why if Rick Nash is available, the Rangers should do what it takes to get him. Even if we don’t like what they give up.

  213. I don’t disagree … though I think there are some “virtually untouchables.” I wouldn’t give up the three I mentioned and from the way scouts drool when they talk about him, I probably wouldn’t give up Kreider.

  214. And Wolski should be Whale’d ASAP. Unless some GM knows something that we here don’t, no NHL team will tender him a qualifying offer based on his 2011-2012 expiring contract value, no team wants him for a playoff run, and therefore he has no trade value. He also adopted some moron’s statement on Twitter re: Torts not playing him which is career suicide.

    All he’s doing is taking up cap space.

  215. I agree those guys are not going anywhere. The question is, can he swing something like Dubinsky, Erixon, Miller and our first rounder?

  216. Carp: Those top two lines aren’t exactly locks for future amazingness. Gabby’s only here two more years, Richards we all have questions about, Kreider has never played a game … I’d just rather spread the risk out. Or maybe getting a different guy for that 1st line and having the ridiculous luxury of a Dubinsky-Anisimov-Hagelin 3rd line and a Boyle-Prust anchored 4th line. Incredible depth, incredible protection against injury (versus what Boston is going through right now with Nathan Horton shelved) and half of those guys being pretty cost efficient in the near term. Big window.

  217. Richards is going nowhere, Callahan nowhere, I don’t think Stepan will be involved in any deal. Nash will be here for the duration of his contract. If Gaborik’s playing as he is now, they’ll have to re-sign him … and if not, then there’s a boatload of cap space right there.

    With all that spread-out risk/depth/whatever you want to call it, there is one legit first-line player, and that’s Gaborik (you could argue Richards will or may be). What if you spread out all that risk and Gaborik leaves/gets hurt, or his production drops off again? Want to grind it out for the next several years?

  218. I’ll take a stab at fantasy land. I wouldn’t mind seeing these lines or something of the sort next year.

    AA – Step – Gab
    Nash – Rich – Cal
    Hag – Mitch – Kreid
    Prust – Boyle – Rupp

  219. Carp, that’s exactly what I want to do. Look at Boston last year, do they have anyone you’d call a legit first liner of Gabby’s caliber? Maybe Lucic or Bergeron, but are either of them really better than Callahan, who I think we agree is a 2nd? One 30 goal scorer, three more over 20 and a lot of depth underneath. Guys like Peverly and Kelly at the deadline to add to a top 9 that has a lot of similarities to our own. So, more or less, that’s exactly what I’d love to see us do. Keep the core 9 forwards we have, bring Kreider in and, if you can add another top 6 wingerise at the cost of nothing but money, jump.

  220. Nothing at all was said about Torts not playing Wolski. Some guy was busting his balls, another guy came to his defense and Wolski retweeted what the second guy said.

    This guy tweeted to Wolski:

    _Adrian Mussanna @AdriaMus_

    @WojtekWolski86 “how about paying a price to help your team out any way you can? You can still make millions out in Europe”


    Then this guy tweeted to Wolski regarding the original twit:

    _Michael Mazal @Michael99420_

    @WojtekWolski86 “he is a dou_he who doesnt see that you bust your ass every day to crack the lineup”


    And Wolski retweeted the second guys tweet.

  221. 1940!

    Those forward lines right there would be awesome for next year. Even with the players they lose to Columbus, they will still have their 2 best offensive prospects and defensive prospect making their pro debuts so the farm will still be running strong.

  222. Yeah that all hinges on Columbus taking a deal like I mentioned earlier.
    Dubi, Erixon, Miller and our 1st rounder.

  223. Typically I would mortgage the future for the present (Nash), but I really think this is a bad idea. McDonagh is a stud and MDZ is so much better. Stay away from stupid trades that cost us a chance at legitimacy over the years for a depth winger. Plus, we saw how well that worked out for Reagan in the 1980s.

  224. 1940!

    That’s likely the max I would go as well unless Columbus has any interest in Wolski or Woywitka or one of our fringe prospects in Zuccarello, Bourque or Valentenko. I would add any of those 5 to the deal if that made any difference…

  225. not sure MDZ is better then Mcdonagh but they both are very good young d men.

    boston had a great goalie last year and 4 lines who played tough and scored a little here and there. there PP was horrible also so the rangers could relate to that.

  226. There is no way Sather moves either McD or MDZ…….unless they believe Erixon to be the 2nd coming. But I personally don’t see either of those guys going anywhere.

  227. I don’t think anyone is interested in the Hobbit Wizard and I think he’ll end up back in Europe.

  228. Mister D

    The Bruins Cup victory last year was a statistical anomaly as its been well documented that Stanley Cups are won by teams with superior top line players and top pair d-men. Very few teams have done what the Bruins did last season and much of that was the result of Tim Thomas having a record season…

  229. Oleosmirf: Carolina did it on the strength of a great year by Staal and Ward going nuts in the playoffs. New Jersey used to do it more on defense than offense. There’s no reason we can’t follow that pattern rather than Chicago or Pittsburgh’s formula. (Or, we can always chase a certain 1st liner this offseason and have the best of all worlds.)

  230. “I don’t think anyone is interested in the Hobbit Wizard and I think he’ll end up back in Europe.”

    DJ, it certainly is easy to assume that. But, Zuccarello is having tremendous success in the AHL and he remains Rangers property as a RFA. With the success he’s had at the AHL level and respectable numbers in his brevity in the NHL, I think Zuccarello remains an asset. Many folks here may disagree but he remains a Ranger prospect and has been nothing but cooperative and understanding of his role with the organization.

    Torts could have kept him on the team but I think he realized that the amount of ice-time he would wind up give the kid would be detrimental to his development as a pro.

    Again, we all should remember that not all prospects (even at 23) can crack the NHL the first time around.

    How many times did Ryan Callahan get sent up and down from Hartford in his first few pro seasons? Answer: Not many, and he spent most of the time with the Wolfpack…

  231. Mister D

    if the Rangers pass on Nash and try and sign Parise instead you will have no complaints from me, even if he signs elsewhere. I would prefer that anyway…

    As for Carolina and New Jersey, Carolina had a monster team with 3 30 goal scorers and 1 40 goal scorer and only the Devils most recent cup were they offensively challenged although having 3+ HOF on your team at all times certainly helps…

  232. The Devils won their cups so long ago it was basically a different game. Carolina won theirs the year out of the lock out…..the league was wide open, to say the least.

    Chasing a certain 1st liner this offseason.
    A.) There aren’t many out there.
    B.) No guarantee any of them end up here.
    C.) Most likely will create just as much if not more of a cap issue.

  233. Any word on Feds? If we don’t make some kind of trade…what we see is what we get. Odds are pretty much none we see Krieder this year. MZA is not coming up unless there’s injuries and WW is just waiting to see if another team will sign him July 1.

  234. Just a guess, but John Mitchell and Ruslan Fedotenko are probably not in the Rangers plans after this season…

    So, there’s room for an impressive prospect or two….and Kreider may still be a few years away, if though he’s dominating college kids who are half his size…

  235. I don’t see how Kreider gets a spot on this team over MZA this season. MZA has at least proved he can play at this level and have some success. The only reason he’s not playing is “supposively” based on ice time. Shouldn’t the same apply to a guy like Kreider, who’s supposed to be a top six player?

  236. Exactly, Orr! Kreider hasn’t played a single professional game and he’s expected to be on the first line come next season and be an impact player…

  237. *IF* Kreider signs, the only reason he should play for NYR is if he’s scoring in pretty much every game, and completely dominating every team he plays against. No reason to rush him! Let him fight for a spot in camp next season.

  238. Odds are pretty close to none we see Krieder this season. I have a hunch he’ll come up Hags style next year in November or December…if not later. That’s why we need to either trade or be good with what we have. I’m leaning toward sitting still but am really curious as to what trade Sather makes. If he makes a trade.

  239. NYR_FAN- the issue with the ^big guy^ next year is his contract. His current contract was two-way because of IIHF rules for European players younger than 23. With AHL salary and bonuses he is making less than $1M. He would make more in Europe for sure. So unless he is guaranteed a spot, or at least signs one way contract, I do not see him staying around next year.

  240. When was the last time a player from college came in and dominated the NHL after his senior year?

  241. mats, feds, and mitchell all will not be on the rangers next year. i would be shocked if kreider turns pro and is not on the rangers next year…

    Prust is a UFA, why would the rangers sign him at a increase in pay? his production is not good… What should he get fro mthe Rangers?

  242. I think WW’s potential and size are enough that he will get at least one more tempted team to sign him. I really thought he would silence critics with his play this year. How do I even begin to explain how wrong I was? Only thing for sure is that he won’t be a NYR next season.

  243. kreider will probably not dominate next year, if he can contribute at a nice level that would be fine.

  244. I’m sure Prust will be re-signed if only because he’s not going to make that much more than he’s making right now

  245. wolski will be playing overseas next year else his contract in the NHL will be a 1 yr very low salary deal…

  246. True story, ilb…

    I think the Rangers out to trade him if he isn’t in the future plans….he deserves a look in the NHL…

  247. Good evening all! Belated kudos on the review Eric….but you sure got me nervous now!!! Hey, carcillo happens….I’m trying to maintain my positive Greg zzzzzzzzzzzz attitude!

  248. “kreider will probably not dominate next year, if he can contribute at a nice level that would be fine.”

    What’s a nice level? If he puts up points at a lesser rate than Stepan and MZA….then what?

  249. Disagree on Prust, stuart a…He should be resigned. He is not here for his production. And I do not think he will be asking for an enormous raise either…

  250. if kreider can play on the 3rd line and score 15 – 20 goals that would be fine.

    Seguin took a while to get going, they really limited his time early in the season. Kreider is older but I am not sure if he is as capable.

    A stepan of last year next year for Kreider would be great…..

  251. news update

    i was watching the quiz on tsn with mckenzie dreger and pierre lebrun 3 prominent as we know guys

    one question was where will nash be at 3pm monday columbus rangers kings sharks

    mckenzie columbus-get more over the summer
    dreger sharks- thornton pushing hard for big move its time to win now
    lebrun rangers- to the point he says the rangers are waiting on nash going through all scenarios that its holding up moves on other fronts for the rangers

  252. Stepan skipped years of college and Seguin was drafted #2 overall and has won a Cup…

    Kreider is an untested asset and we have NO idea what he is capable of at the NHL level playing against men…

  253. AdamRotter: BUZZ: Rick Nash Is Impacting The Rangers Decision Making

    On TSN’s The Quiz/Insider Trading, Pierre LeBrun says that the Rangers are the front runners for Nash and that their discussions on Nash have been delaying other things that the Rangers are looking to do at the trade deadline.

    He picked the Rangers as the team that Nash would be on at 3PM on Monday.

    Darren Dreger said San Jose and Bob McKenzie said that a deal wouldn’t happen and he would stay in Columbus.

    Pierre LeBrun said that John Tortorella told Pierre not to do “The Quiz” and that “the quiz sucks.” Bob McKenzie says that when Torts worked at TSN, he hated being on TV but loved watching the games with the guys.

    Tortorella worked for TSN after being fired by Tampa Bay and before being hired by the Rangers.

    On January 1, 2009 during the Quiz Segment this exchange happened:

    *”Question No. 2: Should the New York Rangers bring back Sean Avery?*

    *John Tortorella: No, and I don’t even want to talk about Avery.”*

    LOL! Bring Avery back!

    Avery > Nash

  254. Paul in sunrise on

    Gabby is drawing top defense pairs and checking lines and BRich and Cally are not forcing the other team to pay attention to them instead. That’s why gabbys production is down. A gig like Nash will free up gabby and next thing you know then offense will roll again.

  255. It was a condition of him taking the coaching position. The Capitals owner/GM declared that Hunter was not able to change the “C”. This suggests that Hunter asked about removing that “C” and possibly putting it where it belongs (Laich) and was quickly rebuffed.

  256. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    NYR_FAN –

    Maybe Kreider will come in and establish himself as a star player in the NHL. But if he sinks to having merely a “journeyman” career, many will laud him as a valued “clubhouse mentor” asset.
    So that how can he miss, really?

    We have all learned here that it really doesn’t matter how mediocre- to- poor a player’s performance is, night after night, if he has been in the league a while and has “experience.” Dubi is the best example of a declining-production player being given a pass because of “intangibles” he is suppose to be adding to the mix.

    How the hell can Kreider have as dumpy a career as Dubi is having when Kreider’s floor is 10 stories higher than Dubi’s ceiling? You wouldn’t dump Dubi for Kreider, right now, if you could do that? When Kreider does come up, assuming it is here and not somewhere else, you would rather have Dubi than Kreider on your Fantasy Team? Kreider’s hockey career will be real, Dubi’s hockey career has sunk to the level of a smoke and mirrors mirage. I don’t want the Nash deal but Dubi is the one component of it that I will not miss one bit.

  257. Boom,

    I like Kreider. I hope I like him more *if/when I see him in camp competing for a roster spot.*

    Most likely, he goes to CT to start the season if he isn’t traded for Nash…

  258. Evening all,

    Couple of things:

    Prust a must: Re-signing Brandon Prust is a good thing for the Rangers. He is one of the “glue” guys in the room who is well respected by his teammates for his willingness to take on the other team’s tough guys and for the way he competes in all three zones. You cannot underestimate the value of a player like this. Watch him score a couple of OT goals in the play-ons. This is the type of player who performs heroics when they’re needed most.

    There could be stash other than Nash: Glen Sather is a shrewd dealmaker. We’ve all seen that.
    Do not be surprised is he pulls off at least one or two deals before Monday’s deadline that no one on this board expected. The asking price for #61 may be exorbitant – and thus Slats will have to walk away. All avenues are being explored. Its not an easy thing for a GM with a team that’s exceeded expectations to make the deal(s) that could put them over the top – or upset the balance/chemistry that got them this far.


    Not too shabby, folks.

  259. For what it’s worth I agree with McKenzie and posted earlier basically the same thing. My feeling is on Nash that Howson isn’t getting what he wants for Nash so he will wait until the summer. There is no rush for Howson to trade Nash.

  260. Boom Boom – you’re insane. A.) Don’t insult NYR. Ever (Period); 2.) Dubinsky’s career has been far from Dumpy; and D.) Everything NYR said about Kreider is 100% true.

  261. “Chasing a certain 1st liner this offseason.
    A.) There aren’t many out there.
    B.) No guarantee any of them end up here.
    C.) Most likely will create just as much if not more of a cap issue.”

    A. Nope.
    B. Yup.
    C. Sort of, in that they won’t need cap room because there won’t be any roster holes. If a hole opens up, its due to injury.

  262. “if the Rangers pass on Nash and try and sign Parise instead you will have no complaints from me, even if he signs elsewhere. I would prefer that anyway…”

    Right, this is all I ask. Take the chance to build an amazing roster, even if it fails. Its not like the fallback of exactly what we have right now is all that bad.

  263. It’s funny how people laugh at my statement of “depleting the franchise/organization.”
    Wake up and smell the coffee. If this is a different Ranger team that is going to make multiple runs at cups year after year, then they won’t mortgage their future for Nash or any other high priced player – and instead will trade lower picks for depth at the deadline.
    Good Ranger fans want this to be a cup contender for many years, not some flash in the pan one-run team in 2012. As much as I loved 1994, its way in the rear view mirror. It’s almost 20 years now.

    They will have to give up 2 top prospects, a top 6 forward, and at least a #1 draft pick, if not more, based on everything I read.
    I know, prospects are prospects, we all know that, nothing is for sure. But everyone finally says the Rangers have a multitude of good prospects they can build with for many years to come. I don’t want to see them become above average or good players somewhere else. You draft these guys to develop them, so they have futures with your team. If the Rangers can’t develop them and lose patience, and they blossom somewhere else, that would piss me off even more.

    Why is Nash a savior all a sudden? They may not even make the finals, let alone win a cup with him. You can’t pencil him in for immediate, impact numbers automatically either. From lonely Ohio where no one cares to NYC is a ridiculous jump, and he’s not even having a huge year with Columbus. C’mon now!
    The last part, which is a big concern, but not as much as the players they would lose, is his 7.8 mil salary. We won’t be able to pay our up and coming defenseman, as well as Stepan or Ansimov.

  264. I would be pretty shocked if Kreider isn’t on the team for the season opener next year. He has NHL caliber speed and size, the only issue with him has been his consistency but its not like he will be expected to play a top 6 role right away.

    They can keep him on the 3rd line like Boston did with Seguin last year and let him develop at his own pace…

  265. Gmen11,
    I agree 100& with you and have been posting the same sentiment since I heard the rumors. Hopefully Sather stays the course and makes mid level moves. I don’t know why but I got a good feeling Sather isn’t going to kill the future and farm system to get Nash. Like I’ve posted before. In 1994 the reason why the rangers traded all there good prospects and went for the cup was because the core was getting old. This is a whole different situation where the core is still young and with the prospects that are in the rangers organization this team will be good for years to come, the way the Red Wings have done it over the past 10-15 years.

  266. “He has NHL caliber speed and size, the only issue with him has been his consistency ”

    Hmm….sounds alot like former Ranger prospect Evgeny Grachev…

  267. after the last two games vs pitt the way they are constructed now the rangers I dont think they will have enough to get by the pens

  268. No ORR I would not. Why ruin the chemistry they’ve created this year? I don’t like that the Rangers sent down MZA so fast last year, because I like his upside. He just needs to be coached up in my opinion. Are the Rangers that soured on MZA already? If they are, I think it’s a mistake, but I would package him in a deal.

  269. I don’t either. Two top 9 forwards, a top 4 defenseman and a 1st? For a guy who isn’t earning his huge cap hit? No.

  270. What chemistry? Artie has been hot and cold all season long. Dublowsky has been horrific offensively. Losing them, and gaining Nash, how can that be a bad thing? That’s a no brainer, as far as I’m concerned. I like MZA, but I don’t think he has a place on *this* team, sadly.

  271. mza has ZERO future with team. hagelin took his place. dublowsky for 4.2 mil has 6 goals. if kreider and mcdonagh and stepan are off limits i am ok with the deal

  272. What chemistry? For real ORR? They’re only 2nd overall in the league. I haven’t been on this blog much since last year, but seriously, you sound hard-up for Rick Nash…why? If we are gong to argue for trading for a top player, I’d much rather have Bobby Ryan. Why the Ducks would trade him, I have no clue…and he’s a Jersey kid.

    I told a good friend recently who doesn’t watch games as much as me, that Artie and Dubinsky are having awful years. But they are still young, and I just don’t want to give up on them yet. Ansimov is still filling out, and you see his deadly wrist shot at times, albeit not enough. Dubinsky, I dunno what the case is this year. It’s probably between the ears like it usually is, but he can only get better right? I really thought he’d at least have Cally numbers so far this year.

  273. GMen11, I like MZA and the future is bright for the guy. Right now, there isn’t a spot for him. Rangers are at the limit….I expect him to compete for a roster spot next season or in the playoffs for depth…

    I don’t believe he is a Europansy and wants to go back to Sweden…

  274. mcdonagh and stepan???? No way they are part of any deal! That will happen before Duggie gets his suits etc. out of the 80s…..

  275. Rick Nash was the 1st overall pick for Columbus in 2002 if I’m not mistaken. HE is their team, and at 48 points and 18 wns, Columbus is going to want the world in return for him to restart their rebuilding effort. I’d be utterly shocked if Kreider, McDonaugh, and Stepan are all off limits. It’s not happening.

  276. Dublowsky, and Artie are not the reason why they’re 2nd in the league. I’m not “hard up” for Nash. If they don’t get him, I wont lose any sleep, and I don’t want him if one of Kreider, Step-On, Del Z, McDonut, etc are involved. But, losing Dublowsky and Artie, who both have gone from the top line to the 4th line, and back and forth, wont change this team for the worse. There’s no way.

    I don’t get why some fans think trading those two guys will ruin this teams chances at winning a Cup. It wont.

  277. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Good point, Tomg, re the core getting up there in years in 1994. An equally compelling reason to go for it all back then was the fact that the Rangers, that year, were the class of the league, understanding Jersey was also a solid contending team.

    This year you have Detroit, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver looking at least on a par with the Rangers, so that the competion is much deeper, this time around. The Rangers, in 1994 had two patty cake opponents in the first two rounds, in the Isles and Washington. This year just getting to the Conference finals will be tougher than winning the Cup was, in 1994.

    This is why the Rangers should not mortgage one piece from the future for a marginally improved shot at winning The Cup this year. They still look a couple pieces short this year, even if they add Nash. Plus, as they continue to improve, starting next year, the competion at the top doesn’t figure to be as deep.

  278. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I should add Ottawa to the list of contenders, given the sensational hockey they are playing since the all star break.

  279. CBJ fan here. Word is that Nash is on his way to NY. Deal is close to done. Hearing it’s Anesimov (sp? sorry) Dell Zotto, Hagelin and first round pick in 2013 for Nash and Tyutin

  280. I never said its because of Arite and Dubi that they are 2nd overall. It’s a complete team effort, evn though Arite and Dubinsky have been pretty awful for the most part – and Lundqvist is having his best year yet, until he admitted he had some mental lapses in the post game last night.
    I wasn’t sure if you’re a Nash fan in general or what.
    In my opinion, I don’t envision them giving up none of Kreider, Stepan, Del Z, and McDonaugh.
    Columbus would be nuts not to get at least one of them. They need and want major pieces in return.

  281. Are there links to these almost done deals? If they trade Del Zotto, that’s a huge mistake. He’s just starting to come into his own, and he’s their best offensive defenseman. They don’t need another Tyutin type, they need offensive type D-men, if anything.

  282. That trade is way too much of a salary imbalance. You should probably try to research these sorts of things first.

  283. It’s not a one year deal for me, ORR. I’m looking at the big picture, the loss of top prospects and probably at least 1 first round pick, that will damage them for years to come. Tomg made a good point before. Look at what the Wings have done. When’s the last time you could say they were not a seriously legit cup contender? That’s who I want to become.
    But I could definitely argue losing Artie and Dubinsky alone for Nash could hurt the Rangers this year. Do you really want another guy not living up to anything close to his 7.8 mm contract too?
    I could justify it a little more if Nash was having a great year.

  284. Gmen11

    i don’t have any links because this info was passed on to me by a trusted source. The guy’s name is Ben Dover. He’s a local blogger and usually 95% right

  285. Ach..sorry. Call me when it’s Feb. 28….I can’t take this anymore! Now I understand HAMBONE staying quiet…..

    um, I’ll be back….but niters…

  286. Well, the Wings are a legit contender because they drafted superstars in later rounds. The odds of any of NYR’s prospects becoming a Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, etc, is very low.

    Erixon is expendable based on the depth on defense, in my opinion. He’s a great trade chip. I’m not worried aboot losing first round picks for a guy like Nash.

    And honestly, when you really think of it, who’s really living up to their contracts? Pretty much everyone in the NHL is overpaid. That doesn’t mean you should be handing out expensive long term contracts to everyone.

    Nash’s numbers are not great, but playing on a team, where he doesn’t have to do everything himself, he could be really effective. He could be a huge help on the PP. It’s a risk worth taking, depending on the package.

  287. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You know, given the crap way Torts treats Hagelin, it really wouldn’t surprise me if he goes, too. If Hags, Kreider, McD or MDZ go, I will be quitting this team as a fan and just betting hockey (profitably, I might add), from now on.

    There is a certain freedom and a lot of power inherent in being able to walk away, be it from a hockey team, a baseball team (as I did from the idiot Phillies, last year), a political party (as I did from the Republicans four years ago, and the Democrats – who want to crap all over those of the Catholic faith, a week ago; an emotionally draining, blood-sucking woman; or a hot greasy slice of pizza on your plate.

    It is really the choices we have that makes life wonderful. And being able to say “no more,” or “enough” and really mean it, is the shortest route to power and regaining control of our lives we can demonstrate.

  288. I don’t really have an issue with Hagelin not being on the PP. There’s really no way to utilize his speed there, and that’s his greatest asset. I’d be willing to wager more of his goals came off the rush or shortly thereafter than not.

  289. I just watched all his goals on, and 2/3 of the came off the rush. So I don’t know exactly how Torts is treating a rookie playing on the second line like crap by not using him on the PP, Boom Boom.

  290. Latona, rush lunch was everything bagel with cream cheese and roast beef….point please? Got out of a ticket while getting said lunch…..3 points?

  291. Latona, you have no idea what I had to go through to get that lunch and a snack for a colleague who got his car broken into and his life/work stolen. Blech…I give me 50 points.

  292. Bacon, thanks….

    Latona…grrrrrr. Wait til my Sunday paper arrives….will beat your artisinal home-brewed whatever by a mile… bad tona, very bad.

  293. I’m off to bed…praying that the Rangers stand pat.
    Thanks for wanting me to post more, Mama. I dunno if I can handle it until after the deadline…haha

    ORR – don’t think the PP will be 5% or even 3-4% better with one guy. It’s another chemistry issue, and being able to consistently create chances as a 5 man or 4 man unit. I rarely see the Rangers making quick, short passes on the PP, tiring the penalty killers out while they try to set up for a one timer or slap shot. Nash might help, but I’m not too confident in him being what we need for PP help.

    As far as the Red Wings go, they have drafted stars in later rounds like you said, but they usually draft well every year. What’s to say the Rangers don’t have a star or two on the horizon that we don’t know about yet?
    Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen were not stars right away and few knew who they were when they were drafted.

  294. stranger nation on

    Making the PP 5% better is not a stretch at the current level of performance

    The reason Hags should get more ice time:
    1 – can carry puck into zone or dump, chase and possess
    2 – is one of the best stick-handlers on team
    3 – actually moves without puck and with makes good quick passes

    The kid has come out of nowhere and been one of their better players 5v5 which is very important when the PP is dripping down your leg.

    Enjoy watching his play for the break out season with little expectations on a team starved for offensive play. If he had another 20 lbs he would be the answer to our 2nd line LW. My concern is he will get beaten down during POs, but only if they catch him…

  295. stranger nation on

    Gmen – if Rangers’ have star on the horizon – this place would know about it! Welcome to the jungle, I mean, blog.

  296. stranger nation on

    late night triple play

    Cannot pro rate Dubi’s stats with excuses for injury time out. He stats are what they are. If he played 57 or 82 games doesn’t matter, because the numbers don’t lie. The team is counting on him to play a full season, not 3/4.

  297. stranger nation on

    Go Celtics! Bwahahahahahaha

    How about Tom Brady vacationing with Giselle and Welker; to quote Rodney, “hey, what’s with the midget”

  298. I want Lubomir if they really want to upgrade the Powerplay Defensmen position.

    I see a way they can land Lubomir regardless if they jump the gun and land Nash.


  299. gmen 11 you are right on all counts. why shoot your wad for 1 year. the are young, have a great goltender, have good prospects are the way.

    add a few cheap piecesw; ie gaustad, kostisyan, etc.

    nash would be good at our pirce only and that is no kreider, no stud young d men(mdz and Mcdonagh) and etc… again with his price rage(contract) I pass on Nash all together.

    if they traded dubi and a few pieces that is fine. I like dubi but obviously he is not a dominating player but giving up cheap, high end assets, NO THANKS…………

  300. “I actually heard the deal is Artie, Del Z, Hags, a first round pick for Nash, and a tutu, not Tyutin. Also a conditional blue jacket, from a brand of Slats’ choosing.”

    I actually think that deal is better than any deal giving up Krieder. I still wouldn’t like it at first… but I think I’d make that trade if they could replace Del Zotto with Lubomir Viznovsky.


  301. only problem with Lubomir is he costs $5 mill per and is signed thru next year…. he is old also but offensively he is talented big time……..

  302. so grachev did not pan out so every hyped Ranger prospect is going to be a bust.

    I get it… smart. mcdonagh is overhyped what you have seen for 80+ games is a mirage. mdz is a mirage, stepan will fade soon and hagelin is a 40 game sensation.

    kreider will not make it because Grachev did not.. I got it…..

  303. steven weiss and a 2nd round pick to the rangers for dubi, erixon and a 4th round pick.

    would that be a good thing for the rangers? would that be remotely fair…

  304. That’s not what I’m saying, stuart a.

    Grachev was “supposively” the next Malkin. During his time with the Brampton Battalion he dominated with Cody Hodgson and Matt Duchene. He had size, speed, and a pro shot. Scouts were crazy about him….

    Point is…Kreider has to live up to the hype…

  305. kreider absolutley has to live up to the hype and no one knows if he will be the next brandon shanahan or a dutin penner. No one knows except Ken Holland the best GM in hockey.

    Grachev did all his damage in juniors if I am correct. Kreider has been in college for 3 years at a big time program, participated in 2 junior WOrld championships etc. He has been on the big stage so far more times in my opinion, all prospects are a gamble. sometimes you get Pavel Datsyuk and some times you get Hugh Jessiman, no one knows for sure……

  306. weiss has been slumping, they appear to be fading or in a lull etc.

    just a question not saying it would happen or should. saw the blogger for florida on another site mention that he has been there 10 years, play seems to be sliding some, and they have 3 big center prospects on the way and need defensive help…

    just a question….

  307. William,

    That trade doesn’t work money-wise. We’d be taking on way too much salary while forfeiting very little.

  308. Stranger Nation on

    We take on $5M for a Dman but not $7.5 for 1st line LW?

    And whoever said putting Nash on Line 2 with B Rich is crazy. If it happens. he goes on Line 1 with Gabby and if Richards can pivot those two he gets the middle. If he canny, we are in serious trouble with that contract.

    Too bad Sauer is out, MDZ is being held back playing with Strahlman, not a big fan at all.

  309. I don’t think we’d be in serious trouble. Look, if he doesn’t fit, he doesn’t fit. It’ll suck, but it’s not like we’re stuck with him. Gomez is proof that there’s always interest in a player regardless of how much he’s being paid. I can’t see all 29 other GM’s in the NHL coming to the conclusion that Rick Nash is a terrible hockey player that will never work out.

    Look at Heatley. Guy scored 50 goals a few times, and he’s bounced around a few teams. He’s been traded, what, three times? But teams are always willing to take a chance if they have the cap room.

    That’s why I’m not worried aboot acquiring Rick Nash. If push comes to shove, he can be dealt.

  310. I think we’re going to see Staal partnered with MDZ very very soon (as in, this week) anyway.

    Stralman and Eminger were stuck to the bench for the 3rd period against Pitt, and Bickel seems to have a very secure place in the lineup (he’s fine as a 6th D who can fight). That leaves Emmy, Strahlman, and Woywolski to fight it out for the last spot.

    Would not surprise me one bit to see Girardi-McD, Staal-MDZ, and Woywitka-Bickel for the next couple of games.

  311. I said go after Viznovsky if they made the deal for Nash and it involved Del Zotto… If the numbers worked out… If he stays healthy this time, he’s a top pointman.

    I know the # and extra year arent ideal…. But he would be what the doctor ordered.


  312. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Kreider isn’t a lazy, under-achieving Russian in the best Lisin, Zherdev, Grachev tradition.

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