It’s Go Time!


Game 58.

Ya boys on a one-game winning streak, 5-1 in their last six, 9-2-1 in their last 12, 21-6-1 in their last 28.

They are 2-1 against the Ice Birds, losing 4-1 at MSG on Jan. 19.

The Penguins — minus Sidney Crosby (update coming soon, no doubt) — have lost two of three. Their piece of clarke Matt Cooke skated this morning, though he’s nursing some sort of injury, the pile of carcillo. Brooks Orpik is out.

Ruslan Fedotenko is a game-time decision for the Rangers. Otherwise, either Stu Bickel or Wojtek Wolski will play, and the other will likely be prucha’d with Jeff Woywitka.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Did you know the Staals are related?

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  1. I made it! Wasn’t sure…Been busy at work these days, so I haven’t been able to catch with every single entry. Probably a good thing, from what I was able to read. I can’t even tell who wants Nash and who doesn’t anymore. The good news- we can say what we want, it won’t be our decision. But I do have full confidence that the team will do what’s right. Took years to say it, but now I can.

    I also know there are 2 points to take home. LGR!!

  2. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    woo hooo! I love good news!! especially when the bad news from the other day is still an issue!!

  3. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    {{{{NYR}}}} howyadoin tonight?

    Games vs the pen()s are always nerve wracking, hopefully the boys are ready to kick some ass

  4. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    should come with little waffleboard chips and a pitchfork and knife to help you eat it lol

  5. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    just keep praying! Part of the bad news will be over and done with in about 51 and a half hours

  6. LOL Lin – GF out WITHOUT my credit card, MSG back on Slime-Warner cable, no chores – life is good!

  7. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    woo hoo headzo!! just get her some flowers for the friday and saturday night games lol

  8. Boomboombathgate:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    If you take Wolski’s contract off the books and swap out Brandon Dubinsky then the Rangers aren’t “crippled” cap-wise at all if they acquire Nash. Yes they have some big contracts that need re-upping 2-3 years from now but you worry about that later.

    Who said that the teams in the west would “roll over” because the Rangers went out to get a LW scoring, hitting grinder (which they dearly need)? Pardon my french but you’re an idiot!

  9. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Is the money Marc Staal makes called ginger-bread??

    Ok, sorry…had to say it!

    Back to work

  10. Could someone explain to me why it’s so hard that Marc Staal has to make an adjustment to play fewer minutes than normal?

    What if MSG combined all of their favorite updates? Sidney Crosby has three brothers who are figure skaters!

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    The penguins are so ugly, when they shower the water treatment plant skims ugly for three days…

  12. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Memo to Salty:

    Hey, if the short-term patching/”quick fix” crowd is the “in crowd,” here, please stay with them and continue to “laugh” at patient, prudent people who don’t buy high and sell low – or is stock market terminolgy too convoluted for you to understand, same as the tenets of human and poker psychology, and Game Theory seem to have completely passed you by? (And thanks for putting down your comic book to take the time to read this.)

  13. Penguins are considered the “dirtiest” team in the league.

    How much of that is attributed to #48 rolling around in carcillo all day before he takes the ice?

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    I hate that stock market mentality when talking about players.

    “prudent people who don’t buy high and sell low”

    Wouldn’t you want to acquire the high value players and get rid of low value players?

  15. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    For those with Pittsburgh video feed, you can get the Rangers audio feed to go with it by Googling: NHL Radio, and just click on NY Rangers. Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney, of course.

  16. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Mickey the pp is passing through the earths core and will come at at the south pole by april lol

  17. I don’t know if I’m on the facebook group…I definitely turned off the notifications at some point!

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    I left a message for you there, but I don’t think i see you on the members list :-(

  19. Pensys announcers giving the Rangers a lot of credit

    Something tells me this should change after a few goals and some flops to the ice w/ noncalls

  20. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hi Olga,

    The buy low-sell high, vs. buy high- sell low terminolgy simply refers to the value you are exchanging for the value you are getting. Yes, you can obtain a world class forward, but if you pay too much to do that you are buying high – at the top of the market, so to speak.

    This is the crux of all the rational and contentious Nash dialogue here. In fact, we ALL want Nash, but some of us perceive that the cost will outweigh the gain. Others want to go for it all this year at the considerable risk of future fall-out, which is almost certain. While the dialogue can get personal and nasty, at times, there really is no right or wrong, it has more to do with personal philosophy and psychological outlook on life, transferred to a discussion about hockey.

    Conservatives vs. high-roller/bet the ranch types, you could say. We all have a choice as to which camp we identify with. Seems like just about a 50-50 split, here. One thing we know, the “I told you so” crowd will surface here – after the fact – when the final results are in.

    I am not going to root against the Rangers to win the Cup just to be “right” as regards this web site discussion. No way in hell I would do that. Just saying I would rather see the team go for multiple Cups, starting next year, than mortgage the future for a one-shot, this year, which is what I see the Rangers restricting themselves to, if Slats swings this trade. Winning two or three Cups is still better than winning One Cup, where I come from.

  21. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    One things for sure, Sather will screw it up no matter what he does.

    Unless the Rangers win the Cup.

    Let the buyer (Slats) beware…

  22. not a good period but 0-0 so whatever

    nice behind the back pass by Richards in his own endzone btw. dude needs to stop thinking with his teeth.

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, Boom Boom, we can’t win two or three Cups until we win the first one. I would concentrate on that one. As long as the price is not TOO high.

  24. “I would rather see the team go for multiple Cups, starting next year”


    you don’t do that in the NHL, dude. you play to win.

    Kreider + 1st rounder + Dubinsky is hardly mortgaging the future. If they want more that’s a different story.

  25. Time to regroup. Glad to get out of that 0-0

    “Well, Boom Boom, we can’t win two or three Cups until we win the first one. I would concentrate on that one. As long as the price is not TOO high.”

    Exactly. Boomboom is acting like we are building a football dynasty franchise. In the NHL it just doesn’t work that way.

  26. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    some guy commented on a story that Ryan Callahan is the most *overrated* player in the NHL!
    wow, just wow

  27. we would be in major trouble in a seven game series for pens. they scare me more then anyone else in east

  28. that’s all well and good but I don’t think Nash gets you any closer to a Stanley Cup than you are without him.

  29. Linda – That’s like the Daily News polls where they ask if you want to keep or dump a player and there’s not a 100% for keep on Eli Manning or Ryan Callahan.

  30. “that’s all well and good but I don’t think Nash gets you any closer to a Stanley Cup than you are without him.”

    Really? The Rangers couldn’t use a scoring left winger? LOL

  31. czechthemout!!!! on

    Horrible first period. How many games has the king kept this team in this year until they finally wake up?

    By the way, just wanted to let everyone know that Jordan and Marc Staal are brothers. Also, Sydney Crosby is injured and still not able to play because of a concussion. The Staal family has four brothers who play in the NHL. And they are from a small farm in Canada.

  32. “This is the crux of all the rational and contentious Nash dialogue here. In fact, we ALL want Nash, but some of us perceive that the cost will outweigh the gain. Others want to go for it all this year at the considerable risk of future fall-out, which is almost certain. While the dialogue can get personal and nasty, at times, there really is no right or wrong, it has more to do with personal philosophy and psychological outlook on life, transferred to a discussion about hockey.”

    Pretty good post even though you still include your own spin on it. Agreed that we all want him and it’s not an easy decision. There are pros and cons to both sides, and neither is a guarantee.

    1-0 Pens

  33. noonan:

    they sure do, just not one who’s a defensive liability and is basically scripted to not gel with this team

  34. when you have two guys make braindead plays within moments of each other, there’s plenty of shame there – I don’t care who scored.

  35. the rangers have no answer the malkin line tonight and come april they wont as well. so damn frustrating

  36. Unbelievable save? My aasen. If he had just stayed in his butterfly and pushed off to the right it would have landed right in his chest. Typical Fleury.

  37. Haha thanks…I’m sure I’ll be poking around through the deadline and hopefully for the playoffs!

    It’s cool how Crosby goes out indefinitely and there’s a big time goal scorer there to fill the gap. It would be nice to have that kind of security in NY.

    Broadway Brad is having a rough game, huh?

  38. Bad news: The Pens’ third line has to get by without Kennedy tonight

    Good news: Somebody has had time to lay on some truffles for the team’s post-game meal

  39. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Orr,the crowd is so freakin dead… it sounds like there’s about 50 people there most of the time

  40. Question RE: Nash

    Once a player waives his no trade clause and is traded to another team, does the no trade carry over to the next team?

  41. billybleedsblue on

    Dave Maloney just said there are birds flying around in the arena? lol.

    Carcillo on Crosby! clap-clap clap clap clap!

  42. can’t take human error out of the game…….ref is staring right at the play and he still gets it wrong

  43. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    We’re halfway through the game. Havent any of you learned that the Rangers arent out of it?

  44. czechthemout!!!! on

    Yup. Nothing to see here. Another uninspired effort against an opponent with top notch talent totally outplaying us. Move along.

  45. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, Belief can be a powerful thing. Id be willing to bet we win tonight. $20 via money order?

  46. BTW, imagine this Penguin team with a healthy Crosby.

    How the hell did they get Neal and 1) Dallas traded him and 2) on a team with lots of offensive firepower, they got him?

  47. officials look the other way on a blatant trip to make up for calling a penalty on a non-trip

  48. First and second in the league in shots are Malkin and Neal (might be the other way around). Third is Nash.

    It’s games like this where someone like Nash would be oh so awesome.

  49. Sam and Joe are so busy drooling over the Pittsburgh Penguins, they are missing all kinds of stuff.


  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Jim, they are definitely not paying attention to what’s going on , that’s for sure.
    Ease up on the diarrhea from the mouth and talk about the game!

  51. czechthemout!!!! on

    Hey Sam the shill Rosen. How about the earlier shift when Boyle was tripped at the Pens blue lone? Was that a trip?

  52. DJK: Touche! If Crosby comes back for the POs and stays healthy, they gotta be deemed the favourite not only to win the east, but the cup.

    How flippin’ annoying….

  53. Jimbo:

    It’s a let down from the massive lift they anticipated in getting Fedotenko back, obviously

  54. iDoodie Machetto on

    Craig Patrick, senior advisor of hockey operations of Columbus, is at the game. Prust sayin’.

  55. If the Penguins could somehow combine Fleury’s teeth, Kennedy’s snout and Malkin’s second forehead, they’d almost have a kind of talented Jody Shelley.

  56. Patrick is saying “I wouldn’t trade Nash for any of these cruds” after that period….

  57. The players CBJ really wants aint in the lineup for us now anyways, Craig P. is merely gauging our desperation to deal em.

  58. Would like to see Staal on the point for PP’s with MDZ…seen enough of Richards there..put him up front..just sayin.

  59. iDoodie Machetto on

    DJK, actually, the players they really want ARE in the lineup, they’re just not for sale (McDonagh and Del Zotto

  60. horrible game so far by the blueshirts accept for the last 90 seconds.

    first goal horrible work by MDZ and straqlman. MDZ just gave up the puck for no reason and both were in deep.

    no takeaways in the first period for the rangers. did they forecheck at all for about 35 minutes of the game?

    first PP was horrible. when the rangers do not forecheck and hit the do not have enough talent to beat skilled teams…

  61. The difference in offensive flow and aggressiveness between the two teams is pretty wide…lack of goal scoring will eventually kill the team in the playoffs.

  62. prust loves to turn the puck over in the neutral zone. how many times does he go backhand cross ice on a silly pass and it gets intercepted? a ton.

    really not much good to tal about tonight, the effort or results have been bad. Lucky the rangers picked it up the last 90 seconds so may may reach 20 SOG tonight. Pittsburgh’s weakness is fleury handling the puck and there d men doing the same deep in therezone so the rangers do not dump the puck or forecheck at all.

    rosen saying orpik is there best d man, he must be drunk. 58 is by far there best d man and the rangers need to hit letang again and again…….

  63. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i am just seeing this for the first time but ,is Duguaywearing a suit made from a comforter

  64. yep if sather made a trade based on this game he is as stupid as the posters saying that.

    bickell with less teh n3 minutes for the game, again why is he in the lineup?

    if they are not playing the filthys or the bruins why is Bickel playing forward….No idea and stupid move…….

  65. billybleedsblue on

    “If the Penguins could somehow combine Fleury’s teeth, Kennedy’s snout and Malkin’s second forehead, they’d almost have a kind of talented Jody Shelley.”

    Ha! It’s like a totally weird LW3H mister potato head game… or would it be called something else, most likely more clever than that?

    I’ve always said Malkin’s better than Crosby btw… wait until their career stats come in. I think it will be night and day (I didn’t just start saying this since the head issues, by the way…)

  66. iDoodie, I wish Slats would have just listened your idea and signed Stammer to that offer sheet!! NO way Tampa could have matched!! They traded Downie because they cant sign him…

  67. Can’t decide whether Fleury flops in an exaggerated manner more when he makes a routine save or is lightly brushed by an opponent.

  68. if i was in that booth right now id choke Sam and Joe to death right now. sick and tired of them today.

  69. czechthemout!!!! on

    The two blind mice missed another penalty but with our powerplay, we are better off declining it.

  70. czechthemout!!!! on

    It’s remarkable and quite comical to watch Torts continuously try and play Mitchell in an offensive role and he continues to fail miserably at it . Both at even strengh and on the powerplay.

  71. No, Linda, I can get the Rangers feed every game this year. Still feels like I’m missing something by not having to listen to those reprobates on the Pens broadcast though.

  72. Nash makes no difference in this game…all our non scorers didn’t come to play tonight….no pressure…no hitting…winning few battles along the wall

  73. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i was almost tempted to change to the pens feed LW, because sam and joe were overdoing their penscrush.

  74. lin, Never watch pens games because of pens crush commentators, maybe the nausea could be a new diet?

  75. My only wish as a Ranger fan is to see my favorite little hobbit suit up for the Rangers and start picking up points like a wizard…

  76. 3 days before the next game, i think tomorrow’s the day to make a big move, have enough time to get 2 practices in.

  77. czechthemout!!!! on

    Right. Some of us can tell based on this game that Nash would make no difference in this game because John Mitchell is a better option on the powerplay, at even strength,and with the goalie pulled. And of course his presenceon a line would not create any extra space for his linemates to create offense. Brilliant analysis.

  78. btw hope you all saw that article i posted last night about the Rangers players thought on Nash after the game.

  79. I missed the third with a phone call. However, HOW WOULD NASH HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS GAME?????

  80. czechthemout with the classic stupid comparison. sure nash is better then mitchell. how would the defense be without mdz or mcdonagh and no AA and no 3 major pieces/prospects…

    classic zero sum game stupid arguement. yep nash is better then Mitchell and your point is?

  81. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Mickey, well the Rangers did get shut out, and Nash is a finisher with skill in front of the net. Callahan on the postgame just said they got a lot of chances in the last half of the game but couldnt finish. Not a proponent of gutting our entire team for Nash, but Prust sayin’

  82. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    ok, you guys have a good one, and the usual suspects, keep me informed by text tomorrow if anything goes down!!!

    Islanders Friday night, much better effort expected, demanded

  83. bad effort. first goal was stralman and MDZ train wreck. 2nd goal was PP goal.

    very little offense tonight. pittsburgh at least 4 times had the puck in the ranger zone for a minute or more buzzing non stop.

    bad bad effort, forecheck was no where.

    is this 10 + shutouts against on the season………………….

  84. Well, “supposively” Erskine has a great shot, so he’s the guy Slats should be targeting.

    Lets all complain aboot Mitchell! He hasn’t had his day of whipping yet! Not enough blocked shots! Not enough hits! Oddly shaped head! Yada, yada, yada!

  85. well for one Nash wouldnt have run the goalie….but hey Dubinsky…he’s doing the other things!!!

  86. Looks like Strahlman was in Chateau Bow-Wow in the third period…did he even play one shift?

  87. Orr

    good one you juvenile delinquent. after all my 1 stupid comment is greater then your hundreds of moronic childish comments.

    how was mommy’s macaroni and cheese tonight? Get your new issue of playboy or looking at Maxim on line?


  88. lev

    no one cares about leafs and jets getting points anymore. div teams need to lose. imperative we win div

  89. “Supposively” some restaurants serve fried macaroni and cheese balls. Somebody was telling me that. Anyway, I have to try that sometime!!

  90. it has become rather obvious that Hagelin is the best LW on the team, and it is time he was played that way. Dubi is in the middle of a lost season, and is playing a checking role now, and Artem ( the scarecrow) Anisimov vanishes for long stretches. Anisimov, by the way, the next battle he wins along the boards, will be the first battle he wins along the boards.

  91. OMG! Leaves are snake-bit – they may blow the playoffs this year again if they keep playing this way. How the hell did that OT goal get behind the TO goalie?

  92. Nash can make a difference in any given game. Sad to say but we’re probably going to overpay to get him.

  93. I really love the morons who come in here with the “blow it all because of one loss?” nonsense.

    You’re allowed to be critical after a loss – especially a bad loss – without wanting to see the franchise close up shop.

  94. Worst part about this game was that the Rangers were much better against Chicago than they were tonight

  95. Anyone think that despite what they are saying, that this team is actually worried/thinking about all the trade rumours? They’re tops in the conference and all these rumours of blowing up the team are coming around. This is still a young team and despite what they say, they are STILL human beings and they have to have that in the back of their minds at all times.

  96. Eric, I saw the final Debs goal on the NYR post-game, but I didn’t see how it got in – just *awfu*l goaltending.

    Philly doesn’t surprise me so much. After all, it was Winnipeg they were playing, but still…

    A brutal night for NYR fans…

  97. Latona, the Leaves goalie? They have been doing major goaltending suckage lately, and they’re gonna fall out of a playoff position soon at this rate.

  98. nobody buys magazines, guess you never go to a doctors office or go to a newsstand………

    fedetenko is needed on this team, that is scary..

    bickel should play defense or not dress end the story…

    prust did zilch. he most nights does zilch, bad in his own zone and when he is not forechecking he has zero confidence with the puck.

    pittsburgh had the puck 70% of the time. Not seen that occur much this year. reangers could not clear the zone and the pen’s d men held the puck in ton of times.

    boyle cannot score, same for dubi, and prust, then you throw in rupp and mitchell and this team has 7 or 8 forwards who can score.

    they need to win on defense, toughness, and goaltending unless slats listens to morons who want to gut the team so they can get an overpriced forward who will underachieve so they can boo him in about a year and complain why the rangers are in cap hell with no prospects ready to contribute….

  99. czechthemout!!!! on

    Stuart A

    My point is that you are an idiot. How could you or anyone else feel that Nash would not make a difference? He may or may not have. How would three prospects have anything to do with this game or anything.g else? AA is inconsistent and in his third year has not taken a step forward in his play. MDZ is a nice player but let’s not get carried away with his ceiling. He still makes many bone head decisions. He also has no shot from the point, not a good thing from a powerplay QB. The only prospect I would not trade is Kreider. I also would not trade Stepan,MCD, and three prospects and a number one to do this trade. The Rangers won’t either. Rick Nash is an elite talent who has played with nothing, zero both on defense,in goal,and at forward for nine years. I bet you that Even Malkin would not have done that much better if given the same circumstances.

  100. yep lets panic. after all they are only in first with 1 of the youngest teams in hockey with tons of prospects.The Rangers are always in first. If always means about every 14 years…..

    yep press the panic button they lost game 57 by 2 goals………

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    I really love the morons who complain about other fans saying “blow it all because of one loss?” When no one actually said that….

    You put words in other peoples mouths and then complain about them saying it…


  102. anyone remember the season after the lockout where the jagr led rangers were in control of the division for all of the seaso until like the final 15 games or so and the rangers lost there last 9 including the final day of the regualr season and the devs came out of no where to win div by winning there last 8 .

    i know its one game tonight but the devs dont lose anymore we still play them 3 times and the lead is 7.

    can this be deja vu all over again

  103. chezhthemout you are an idiot. You have probably seen Nash play 20 games maximum in his career. MDZ had a moron move tonight, and?????The guy is 21 and playing great.

    ANd if you can predict how MDZ will develop then give me a few stock tips also……

    AA is 23. Is he going to be Nash? Nope, but can he be a very good 2 way 25 goals scorer? absolutely.. You think differently then we just disagree…

    MDZ the nice player would get if the Rangers wanted to trade him a 1st round pick and more……Yep if QUincey goes for a first rounder then MDZ goes for more. He is 6 years younger and a better player…………..But he is a nice player….RUn of the mill d men.

  104. the biggest problem with this game is that it means three lackluster efforts in a row, and that’s probably enough to force Sather to put down his cigar long enough to trade away everyone in sight for Nash

  105. Eric, I didn’t forget it – I never forget things like that – and it is always in the back of my mind that it could happen again.

    You forgot the best part – then, in the playoffs, Gomez causes Jagr to blow his shoulder out, and we’re done like in 4 straight…or maybe 5, I forget…

  106. SO MDZ is only 3 yers older then you ORR>>>>

    again make sure you turn off your video games before mommy tucks you in…

  107. Lloyd,

    I don’t really think you can call Sunday’s game a lackluster effort. A lackluster result, perhaps.

  108. OMG, some of you are making me want to throw things. Or strangle something.



  109. jimbo

    yes playoffs game 1 jagr blows his shoulder out in 3rd per of a 6-1 game.

    people forget still 24 games to go. 7 pts not as much as you think when you still play div teams 2-3 times

  110. now now reginald, don’t upset stuart with your talk of trading for Nash. even if what you say makes sense.

  111. better yet Ill take it a step forward… 4 of the Rangers D-Men just threw Dubinsky under the bus by saying how good Nash is….fair conclusion no? dont answer that.

  112. czechthemout!!!! on


    Bingo! Just add Mcilrath to that package and that should be enough to pry away someone who clearly wants out of that hole team. I would then see what it would take to get Steve Off out of Dallas.

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