Rangers-Blue Jackets in review



1) On the Michael Del Zotto non-goal … I understand that the replay everybody saw on TV and in MSG was with the unofficial scoreboard clock. The NHL situation room in Toronto and/or the replay judge (John Damante in this case) in the arena, has the actual official clock burned into their video replay.  They should absolutely show the official video replay to the arena crowd. No reason to not do that. But this is the NHL, where offending teams get to choose whether they will kill a 5-on-3 or a four-minute 5-on-4, where cross-checks to the head are punished by a one-game suspension and elbows to the face are punished by couch-change fines, and where losers are awarded points just about every night.

2) It’s worth noting that Columbus got jacked out of a point when the clock stuttered in Los Angeles, apparently freezing for a second, and the Kings scored with .4 left earlier this month.

3) Say what you want about the way the game went, but a lot of Rangers played well, and you have to admit the Rangers almost always seem to respond … whether it be from a loss like that one to Chicago Thursday, or from a late goal to “We don’t want you” Rick Nash late in the third period, or whatever. Henrik Lundqvist spoke about it in the post-game interview a couple of threads down. It’s a pretty cool characteristic of this team, and it has become an absolute strength. Something that could/should serve them well if they make the playoffs (kidding).

4) Given that I already said a lot of players played well, I thought a few guys passed up shots when they had them and instead chose to pass … including that give-and-go with Brad Richards created by Carl Hagelin’s speed. And they missed the net high a lot, though one of those high misses hit the glass and ended up in the Artem Anisimov goal.

5) And if we’re going to praise him when he does well — to the dismay of some who don’t appreciate the guys who do the heavy lifting — we have to point out when he doesn’t. I’m pretty sure Brian Boyle cleanly lost two draws that ended up behind Henrik Lundqvist.

6) The power play. Despite the people screaming “SHOOT!” from the moment the player sat down in the penalty box, the 5-on-3 didn’t get anything of note to the net, and the 5-on-4 was mildly better. I am one who sometimes thinks “shot” on the 5-on-3 is a bad thing, especially a shot that could be blocked or misses the net. How about that first PP unit on the first PP: Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Brandon Dubinsky, John Mitchell and Anisimov? I know, it’s at the point where you pretty much try anything. … but …

7) People in MSG were actually cheering when they showed Jeremy Lin in a promo on the big screen. I don’t recall that happening since the Starks-Ewing days, if then; though it used to be cool when Anthony Mason came into hockey games wearing a Rangers jersey. The atmosphere in the building was pretty good. It amazes me how it varies from game to game, regardless of the opponent sometimes. You would think this would be a silent night, and it wasn’t.

8) I know it’s been mentioned before, but Glen Sather was Edmonton’s GM when Scott Howson was the GM of the Oilers’ minor league team. Just sayin’.

9) Here is the column I wrote for The Journal News and LoHud.com on the Rangers’ craving for Rick Nash … and though I’m not sure it’s the right move or the wrong move, I think it’s going to be a full-court press to get him. And I think the Rangers, right now, this year, will be a much better team for it; and for the next little while. People a lot smarter than me will have to figure out the salary cap implications later on.

10) Nash looks like a very good player on a very bad team to me.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Michael Del Zotto.
2) Derek Stepan.
3) Ryan Callahan.

AP photos, above.

Guys, I already have a volunteer to review tomorrow’s game. Thank you to all who offered.



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  1. Up too early in e AM again!

    Nash was big and he hits.

    My guess is it’s Dubi or AA and Sather somehow gets Columbus to eat WoWo so we all feel better about the cap.

  2. Realistico the Reticent on

    1 and 2): Typical NHL headshakers…reflecting poorly on the “New York Smart Guy”
    at the top.
    3) I like the “We Don’t Want You” – fans may finally be understanding cap
    fundamentals:-), and acquiring a guy that not many observers are sure about is bad
    long-term business at that extraordinary price (in dollars and youngsters -yes, some of
    whom probably won’t prove, but SOME of whom may – that’s why you draft and KEEP
    lotsa good youngsters – so you can find out which is which).
    5)Brian’s had so many great games in the circles he can have an off night for me. The guy who
    continues to hurt here is a way-too-casual Derek Stepan.
    6)Just bewildering. Torts and staff have so many +’s this year – and this HUGE negative
    (along with Uncle Slickslats and staff, who’ve brought in one fix after another, from way before
    Torts’ time, who not only didn’t solve the problem, but became caught in it, like tarbabies.
    Can we practice resurrection on Bob Johnson?)
    Had a thought tonite after the predictable 5 on 3 – if the rules allowed it, would the Rangers be able to score 5 on 2? 5 on 1?
    The Bruins won a cup last year pretty much without one – but it should be noted in that up and down final series, they had a big stat advantage on specials over the Rioters.
    7) Jeremy is not only starring on the court, but in his pressers as well. I mention that, ’cause
    even as an anti-Nash acquisition guy, I thought he handled this day’s awkwardness almost letter-
    perfectly. Nice work, Blue Jacket.
    9) Once more, with feelin’ – if y’ain’t sure he’s THAT GUY, then no NHL franchise under this system or any similar one (yeah, the grads of Fan College have the new CBA with a half-dozen pro-Ranger
    wrinkles to make the long-range consequences of this deal go POOF! and disappear) can afford to go gamblin’ with $8 million dollars of the money meant to feed the entire franchise – let alone to do that for an albatross of a six-year term. Even if you’re dead sure he is THAT GUY, and you have an excellent track record (Glen doesn’t, in spite of all the rosy talk, mostly about the theft from
    the Habs), it’s still scary in a cap system – suppose he’s as great as every optimist hopes, and then, God save us, gets an injury like young Crosby’s?)
    10) I’d start by takin’ the “very” out of both props – the Jackets did not look awful, and apparently haven’t the last ten games or so. And he looked, to me, like a “nice” player, not anything near an $8 million dollar one. And their power play looked absolutely professional compared to
    the home team’s.
    The tying goal by Rick would affirm Hank’s description of him the other day as a bonafide “sniper.”
    Problem with that “flash” of talent – he doesn’t do it nearly enough, and for the last coupla years, not nearly as much nor as efficiently as he did thru 2008-9. The drop has been almost precipitous. Physical reasons? Emotional ones? Competitive drive in neutral? Likely to pick it up with better team (as the Blueshirt in Connecticut recently pointed out, that expectation hasn’t been met by other hugely-paid guys coming from similar places the last few years)?
    Though plus/minus deserves some skepticism as a tool by itself, it is not UTTERLY without meaning. And the fact that you’re gonna spend almost $50 million and a bevy of young talents, to acquire a guy who led the NHL as of last Friday with a -24, needs some serious analysis and cogent, unemotional explanation (which is to say, you don’t go orgasmic just ’cause another witness seductively whispers “power forward!” in your ear:-).
    Does he score the hard goals (like he did at the end, tonite) often enough? Does he
    play like $8 million most nights? Does he make the guys around him better (apparently not last year and this, to any useful extent)? Does he respond well to physical challenge, restraints? Does he impact the game, from start to finish, at both ends of the ice? At his size, will he still be making that impact, physically, in another two or three years?
    If you can’t bring strong affirmations to these and about a dozen others, how can you risk that cap fortune?
    At least partially, from way out here, it has the look of Glen after another notch in his belt. And that can’t be good.

  3. Realistico the Reticent on

    Sorry about the “crossing out” – not sure what I’m doin’ there.
    That reads, “…as of last Friday with a -24..” – the “minus” sign
    being the obvious key….

  4. Realistico the Reticent on

    Nash is big and he hits ….when he gets to feelin’ like it, at least
    that’s how it seemed to me last night (too small a sample, yes).

  5. Excellent Review CARP as always. My question is WHO votes for the stars of the game at MSG and WHAT game were they watching???

    I agree that MDZ was the most dominant player on the team and is the poster boy for patience with young players. He has matured defensively, hits, plays with a snarl and meaness and clearly has offensive game! He is all of 21 years old and like Mac Truck, I think he will be an all star for years to come.

    I wonder how much of Nash looking disinterested is due to the fact that he plays on a really bad team and has for almost his whole career. That has to get to a person.

    Could we use him? NO DOUBT. Once again, if the price is Chris Kreider, I don’t want to do it. If the price is Dubinski or Anisimov, Erixon and a #1….. I do that deal. (Personally, I would try and include JT Miller or McIlrath before I would include Tim Erixon! (especially when we don’t know what Sauer will be if he ever comes back.)

  6. Have to give Nash some credit, he came to NYC after all the speculation, handled the media pretty well, scored a game-tying goal for a bad team against the best in the East and earned his team a point.
    If he was a rental, it would be an easy decision to go get him, but those extra years and cash on the end without the guarantee of some sort of amnesty clause in the next CBA makes me shiver at the thought of what the rest of the roster may end up like and the thought of losing a DZ, Staal, Girardi, Cally, Hank, Stepan, McD because we cant fit them under the cap due to the Nash $$….. plus if we traded Kreider i think we would regret it in 2-3 years time

  7. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Knicks turnovers, last four games…

    Lin – 30
    Fields – 10
    Shumpert – 8
    Stoudemire – 8
    Chandler – 8.

    In that time Lin has scored 91 points and missed 32 shots from the floor. Chandler has scored 46 points and missed 5 (!) shots from the floor. Damn, they have an all-world center and treat him like trailer trash.

  8. ..and to defend Boyle, goal #1 he won the face off.

    ..and another point, i am really liking DZ’s game this year – he’s been one of the highlights for me. His non-goal and the work for the winner in OT was just fantastic, he would be a fun guy to watch at an all-star game (not detracting from Danny G who is clearly our #1 guy).

  9. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Ahh, those “game tying” free power play goals. How fervently we marvel over gimmickry and crass rulebook stupidity.

    Let’s take a look at this “pulling the goaltender” crap for a minute. If it’s all so fair and wonderful, why didn’t Torts pull Beer-on for an extra attacker, down 4-0 early, vs. Chicago? (If he even thought about it?) I mean, with 2 minutes left in a game, down four goals, you concede. But with 50 minutes left, a couple quick 6 on 5 skater advantage goals would cut the deficit to 4-2, now you are are within range, the clock is not a factor, and you have regained the momentum. (And just ONCE when a coach pulls his goalie for an extra attacker, I would like to see the opposing coach do the same, so that you have six on six skaters and no gratis power play phony set-up situation.)

    So that the Rangers, in effect, were saying that they had a better chance of coming back in the game by NOT pulling the goalie, than by doing so. Really? How often do teams come back from a four-goal deficit to win in this league?

    This disgusting discriminating rule can be used intelligently besides just at the end of one and two goal deficit games. Better yet, it should be scrapped as the garbage pail gimmick it is and always has been. Meanwhile, when Joe Blow scores into an empty net, it should be a team goal, NOT an individual goal, and no plus or minus credits and debits should apply. This league is a dumping ground for stupid, frilly, rules and statistical manipulation, plus “insider trading” type game clocks.

  10. Get Nash! Very tough to get up for some games when your team has been bad for so many years…remember he is ONLY 2 years older than Dubi…just hitting his prime and he already has 528 career points in 651 games…I’m sorry Dubi, AA are NOT even close…Dubi 204 points in 307 games+ Nash has hit 30 + goals every year of his career except proably this year and another…Now give him Richards as a possible playmaker\Center and you can have a stud for the length of his contract…sry no brainer IMHO…an all star in his prime…Look at Kovalchuk in NJ…yeah there was a 1/2 season where he had to learn the NJ system and EVERYBODY thought he would never conform…well guess what?? Second half of last year he conformed and that long term deal isnt looking so bad right now is it??? NASH = Star…you build the system to make deals like this…you dont empty it you take a few parts from it…

  11. and think what this guy could do for our PP!! big body for in front who can score from anywhere on the ice!! OMG people come on. Also remember those that want parise…I was listening to NHL on XM and the Red Wings are going to have a ton of free cap space next year and supposedly will have enough to get parise and Weber if they want…and they want

  12. Boom… that’s just plain funny right there.

    someone explain the two clocks to me, are stopped and started by different people? And if so, how can they get within milliseconds of each other?..if two people timed a period with a stopwatch..they would get. vastly different results.

  13. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Nash is a Really good player, And if it was baseball it would be smart to get him. But in better run professional sports league (because of the salary cap), Nash would be a disaster. Have you seen his contract ? $$8 million a year for the next 8 years…beyond bad…he is really good, but he is not Kovalchuk….or Malkin…or Gretzky.

  14. Now with all that said I will say if this is the deal then you say no

    Brooks says that the players Columbus wants from the Rangers are believed to be Brandon Dubinsky, Michael Del Zotto or Ryan McDonagh, Chris Kreider and a first round pick.

    Mcd and MDZ and Kreider…no way no how…If Columbus wants to build they can build around Dubi, Thomas\Bourque\Miller\Mats Z and a couple of picks including a 1st rounder…

    Then you shoot for Weber or Parise in the summer…But be prepared to pay!

  15. I think Nash will be a Ranger. He’s the real deal and he is the perfect player for this team THIS year.
    Can we win without him sure. Can we win the CUP? Are odds are better with him than without. We need a power forward!!!

    Get’er done!!!


  16. As many have pointed out, Nash is a good fit, but his contract is not….no way I make any deal. That Sather is talking to the CBJs is a sign he is ready to send the Rangers down the tubes before he leaves.

  17. so the Rangers wont be able to give Artem Anisimov or Michael Sauer more than a slight raise 2 years from now???

    Neither player is good enough nor will ever be good enough to prevent you from making a move for Nash…

  18. Does anyone here subscribe to Newsday? I would love to see what Zipay thinks, but I am not a subscriber.

    stevezipay Reoffered (by overwhelming demand), why Rangers need Rick Nash, and counteroffers, from my Sunday Insider in Newsday, bit.ly/HHgEY

  19. Boom Boom Bathgate on


    An honest Commissioner would rectify unacceptable irregularities undermining his sport, immediately. Bettman tips his hand and his manipulative agenda by NOT addressing serious issues besmirching the integrity of this league, consistent with his own utter lack of any moral or ethical compass.

    And of course he is never going away. We are stuck with him forever, they will just rubber stamp him for as many more asinine years at the helm as he wants, every time his contract comes up for renewal. Rather depressing, isn’t it?

  20. “so the Rangers wont be able to give Artem Anisimov or Michael Sauer more than a slight raise 2 years from now???”


  21. And I totally agree about MDZ, McDonagh and Kreider. You do NOT do the deal with any of those players.

    one player our of AA and Dubi, a couple of prospects like Erixon or Thomas or McIlrath (who was the 10th overall pick for crying out loud) and our #1 pick this year.

    If they do that great.. If not….. PLEASE SATHER WALK AWAY!!!!!

  22. Funny… some of the same people who didn’t want,or didn’t think MDZ would even be on this team. Now think he is untouchable.

  23. Yev Kassem

    agree 100%. The best offer I would make is Dubinsky, Erixon, JT Miller, Zuccarello and a 1st round pick. If that isn’t good enough then we walk away…

  24. Personally, I think the Rangers should get Jeff Carter. He wants out, and CBJ wants his contract gone. He makes 2 mil less than Nash, but has put up similar numbers. Carter scores on the PP, and the Rangers need help scoring on the PP. Carter can likely be had for half of the bounty that getting Nash would require, and wouldn’t banish us to salary cap hell in the following seasons.

    The only issue with Carter seems to be his personality. But if his complaint was that he was upset after signing a long term deal with a perennial contender in a thriving city with a rabid fan base, to getting banished to some half-ass college town in Central Ohio, playing on a bottom-feeding team with no fans… well, I can’t blame him. A move to NYC could reinvigorate him and return him to form, which could be a huge upgrade over some of the current Ranger forwards.

  25. The chemistry that has developed (and continues to grow) between Gabbie and MDZ is wonderful to witness.

    These 2 are feeding off each other…

    Imagine adding someone of Nash’s ability to that mix. Wow – I sure get the lure, but at what cost? It’s not the cap issues I worry about – it’s giving up too much to get Nash…

  26. If Torts has as much say in player decisions, I don’t see the Rangers giving up players like DelZ, McMonster, and Stepan. Those are all players Torts puts out there in pivotal moments. It seems like it takes a while to earn his trust for that kind of responsibility. If Slats refuses to lose Kreider, then the alternatives are Dubi, AA, and a bunch of prospects and/or picks. Now that Torts has seen this guy play, I am sure he will have that much more input. The one thing Sather does well is trade. I don’t have the panic that everybody else does. Maybe they are really keying in on Nash if they don’t believe they have a serious shot at Parise. Who knows? I do know that Sather won’t give up more than he is comfortable with, and I know Torts is going to make sure his voice is heard.

    DelZ, McMonster… not in a million years is Torts letting those guys go. If they thought Erixon could replace Del Zotto right now, he would have been up and playing already.

  27. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    someone please refresh my memory.
    Didn’t Dubi fight Carter every time they played each other? Or, am i thinking of some other jackwagon.

  28. brooks says that howson wants: Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto, Boston College winger Chris Kreider and either a first-round pick or another of the Rangers’ top prospects.

    That’s nuts. dubinsky/anisimov, erixson, miller or thomas and first-rounder. you don’t have to give more because no one else will.

  29. Let Howson overplay his hand and hang onto Nash. If Parise doesn’t work out in the offseason, maybe revisit. Don’t F with a first place team with a big cushion.

  30. I wouldn’t be surprised to see DelZotto traded. Despite his terrific play this season, I suspect management may be anticipating that he will be a pain in the butt to deal with in future contract negotiations.
    There is so much talk by him and Torts about his “swagger.”. Making sure he keeps his swagger, but has the right kind of swagger suggests that he has a hard time balancing it and has a huge ego.

    This is just speculation, of course, but it’s the constant discussion of his “swagger” that makes me wonder if he is more moveable than McDonagh from a management perspective.

    Having said that, I hope he’s not traded.

  31. Great review, Carp!

    Michael Del Zotto continues to amaze me. The strides he’s taken to become a complete player are evident. He plays a very solid two way game. As he continues to find offense in his game, he’s becoming a very special player….I love that you made him the #1 star…I don’t believe he made the three stars of the game officially…

    Rick Nash is a very good player playing in a very bad organization. It is no wonder he wants to get traded…

    LMAO @ the pics of Tyutin and Prospal!

  32. enough with all this nonsense about nash

    can we get a rental player that can win a freaking FACEOFF. sick and tired of losing draws in key spots.

    paul guastad in buffalo is a ufa who would be an ideal fit here. could win draws play a def role and mix it up as well.

    sammy pahlson on columbus. if you remember pahlson r nidermayer and moen shut down spezza line in 07 finals. pahlson wins draws is a ufa and has won before. this is just two names that can pay dividends.

  33. eric

    I definitely agree there especially in regards to Gaustad. He would be an absolute perfect fit here but are you willing to give up a 2nd rounder for him?

  34. tyson chandlers range is literally 2 feet. he has not made a basket outside the paint in over a year.he is a good player for the knicks but to compare Lins turnovers to him is ridiculous. Lin handles the ball 85% of the time.

    on the Nash front. NO NO NO. again his contract is a killer….he is not a sure thing and trading Kreider is a NO…..

  35. duckbillthebuilder on

    Sather does not get ripped off in trades, so this high-byfuglien names being bandied about are just that high-byfuglien. Sather will not only rake the best players of your team, but in return, send you one foolish buffoon aka the ghost of scott gomez. After such trade the hometown fans will develop websites with clocks counting your one goal per annum.

    That is all!™

  36. Gaustad would be a good pickup. UFA, great on faceoffs, big and tough and better then Mitchell/ 4th liners.

    that would be a trade to help the Rangers in the playoffs and worth a 2nd round pick.

    that is a reasonable thoughtful move to help the team and not put them in cap hell…

  37. anyone interested in my pair of seats for the 3/30 friday night game vs montreal

    section 330 aisle seats face value $125 for pair.

    email me baum27@aol.com my wife has a school function and I need to be home with the baby

  38. duckbillthebuilder on

    question to the carpmeister: has the play of John ‘Extra Hold’ Mitchell made Dubinsky expendable knowing that Rangers have some depth to fill the gap until prospects can be groomed?

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Sather has done well trading, in recent years, possible exceptions being PAP, and Laurie K, both of whom I miss and was really sorry to see given the ticket out of town.

  40. duckbillthebuilder on

    it goes precariously. the father of duckbill is quite ill and this egg bearing mammal must tend to his children aka mom and dad duckbill.


  41. I can’t wait until the trading dead line is over and we can move on. It’s really bothering me all the speculations of trading delz, kreider, McDonut. I’ve said this before, people who want Nash and are willing to give up Kreider and/or Delz are nuts and if not those players than bringing in another huge contract in a cap era. These fans must be yankee fans. The only problem is this is not baseball and you can’t keep adding big contracts, it will ruin the talent on the team and the franchise in the future.

  42. i watch a lot of buffalo games on center ice package gaustad is def worth a second round pick. all the trades so far grossman h gill d moore kubina all had 2nd round picks in the deal. its a sellers market.

    to me this is a no brainer. do you think sather thinks of these things.

    faceoffs could be the difference in key spots whether we move on or go home in the playoffs.

    we all stepan can win a draw and after watching boyle last night who suppose to me our best in that spot we need someone now

  43. duckbillthebuilder on

    Latona, how is the most gracious wordsmith that I know? You are truly an inspiration for us to expedite the augmentation of our vernacular in a most stentorian fashion.

  44. duckbillthebuilder on

    tomg, McD and MDZ aint going nowhere…i cant assure you of Kreider, but find that unlikely. Dubi is going if Steve ‘Rick’ Nash is coming here.

    Anyone have an update on the play of young Steve Thomas child? What other prospects are under the Ray-dar?

  45. duckbill,

    Best wishes and warm regards. I earnestly hope my favorite family of monotremes heals, and if such a recovery occurs, it must be directly attributed to your benevolence and wisdom.

  46. duckbillthebuilder on

    id rather see the Rangers stay pat, and be allowed to compete as constructed for at least these playoffs. Teams that finish first overall usually exert so much energy in regular season that it takes a year or two to get to that Cup range. The rangers have some nice playoff experience and now they need some experience as the best team in the league…they going to be prime in year or two for their big runs…altho, our man Hank could own the playoffs at any time.

  47. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    morning ILB and all!!

    great review!

    I also think the rangers are pretty hot after nash, I really am neutral on the deal. Is he an upgrade over a lot of the forwards we have….yes! It’s a big contract, but in no way shape or form a killer. We can work the cap hit in, especially if we trade the right guys in the deal. Like I said before, I’d rather have iggy, ruutu, or hornqvist instead of nash.

    No way do I trade mcilrath, he is as untouchable as kreider IMHO. I also wouldn’t trade miller.

    Trade dubi, AA, bjork, erixon, sauer (if possible with his injury),thomas, the first rd pick (some conbo of those players for him)

    But whatever, love this team!

  48. duckbillthebuilder on


    Again you lay superlatives unworthy of this handsome, albeit, egg bearing mammal. Can you envision robert downey jr as a duckbill platypus? Then you can see the duckbill in your mind. Jupiter has seen fit to bestow disease in the assen of male parent of the stage iv variety. Any treatment is palliative and far from curative; however, there is no quit in the family of duckbills. We take to adversity like an obese kid to a pint of Hagelin-Daz.

    Kind regards,
    the Duckbill, friend of bob, hater of MAo™

  49. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    the jackets were scouting the whale the other night, so obviously they were looking at someone down there (maybe avery LOL)!!

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Stuart –

    Would you say the same about Turief, because he also was a high percentage shooter who was virtually ignored in the Knicks offensive scheme? And why does a center in today’s game need to be Dave Cowens redux? I mean, 46 points scored to go with FIVE missed shots from the floor and you don’t want him to see the ball any more than the coach does? Nobody else in the NBA can even approach that level of efficiency, long-term or short term. You and the coach prefer to have the hotshot / hotdogs put up bricks and errant passes all night, in lieu of winning – and the New Orleans fiasco vs. one of the weakest teams in the NBA cannot be excused.

    Winning in the NBA begins with high percentage floor shooting, and that means two-point range as much as three-point range. Do you say, as regards hockey, that one-timers from 30 feet have more value than rebound goals and tip-ins? Of course you don’t because a goal is a goal from whatever range.

    So really, by “outside the paint,” you mean to say “from three-point range.” How many NBA centers are big-time 3-point gunners? Chandler also has 23 Defensive Rebounds in the same span that he has scored 46 points to go with five missed shots. In the same time-span, Lin has 12, Fields has 19, Shumpert has 7, and Stoudemire has 21 so that Chandler is also the big rebounder on the team.

    Put me down as a Chandler fan who doesn’t feel the need to make excuses for him or apologize for his prolific contribution to the Knicks cause. It is not Chandler’s fault that the Knicks are blind to the fact that he is the best player on the team, by far.

  51. I still don’t see where PAP ever gets a chance on this team. Its also important to note that he plays with the best hockey player (aside from Lundqvist) in the NY/NJ area and another 30goal scorer in Moulson that inflates his stats tremendously.

    Put Parenteau on a different team and those assist totals get cut in half…

  52. duckbill,

    May you in all of your physical, intellectual, and spiritual glory battle valiantly this accursed malady! I shall refrain from all aspersion-casting as I shall fully devote myself to the intentions of Father DuckBill recuperating; the loss of such a special mammal would, verily, reverberate throughout this blog and all of Rangerdom.

  53. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Duckbill –

    Man, did you just nail it! Great and insightful assessment of the cost of winning regular season laurels in the NHL. Thanks.

  54. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Oleo, PAP was dynamite in the SO, also. Really liked him in Ranger blue and at least happy for him that he found his niche in the NHL, even if it had to be elsewhere.

  55. Yes he was but was Tortorella ever going to give him the icetime or the linemates to show off his talents like the Islanders did.

    Its the same thing with Zuccarello. Put him in Columbus. Winnipeg or Edmonton and he will put up 40+ points…

  56. I agree that Taveres is the reason why PAP is having a magical season but kudos to the guy who was also thought of as a fringe NHL’er for most of his time in NY….he’s going to get a nice contract in July…

  57. Zuccarello has more upside and can play the Rangers system. I’m not sure PAP is quite as skilled with the puck. I think the Rangers are still grooming the kid to be an NHL in their system…

  58. Nash is signed for a lot of money through 2018. I hear the going rate is Dubinsky, 1st rounder, and Kreider which sounds about right (let’s not overrate Kreider, boys). When you look at Dubinsky’s contract, the trade looks sweeter.

    But it’s dangerous to have so many big contracts on a team (i.e., 6million $ man), especially with key young players due raises soon (Del Z, McDonaugh, Stepan). Lots of risk especially with the lengthy ones.

    Nash is a perennial 60+ point player on a bad team that has lacked a center for a while. He can also grind and throw his body around. If the Rangers think they can win now with him I say do it. The window of opportunity for a Cup is so small with injuries and whatnot it’s a risk we can afford to take.

  59. duckbillthebuilder on

    Boom Boom “mancini’ Bathgate & Dearest Latona, your kindness knows no boundary..that is all!™

  60. Was just watching that play from last night where Dubi got that pass in the slot from Prust in the 3rd period…he hesitated and wen’t to the backhand…missed the clean shot

    The kid is so confused offensively….you have to shoot that puck right away or one-time it…ugh…

  61. I hate to mention this game, but Dubi’s goal in Game 4 against Washington last year that put us up 3-0 is how he needs to handle the puck. He just fired a quick snap shot on net. Isn’t that how he has a majority of his few goals this year too? Quick releases.

  62. I happen to like Zuccarello a lot but he is useless on the bottom 6 and he is not going to replace any of our top 6 players.

    Once Wolski gets sent packing, I would expect Zuccarello to be with the team just in case one of the top 6 gets hurt or the Rangers offense disappears and we become desperate for scoring.

  63. boom boom, you have no idea what you are talking about so I will keep it simple. Chandler is a very good player and he is limited. He has zero range and wins games defensively but offensively he is inept. He cannot be the best player on the team wehn he never takes or asks to take the big shot at the end of the game. He is a good player, I am happy to have him but if he was a higher then 4th offensive option his fg % would go way down.

    kredier in not thomas or st croix or other prospects, he is a stud.. No to trading Kreider……….NO.. And you think the nash contract would not hurt the rangers ability to maneuver you are dreaming. he ha sthe 5th biggest contract in the game…..

  64. The people who chanted “we don’t want you” are as dumb as the people who believe the soft goal Nash scored to tie the game is proof that the Rangers should acquire him.

  65. Yev, the three stars are voted by most of the beat writers in the pressbox. I have stopped voting. The problem is it’s not taken very seriously. Votes are collected with eight minutes left in regulation, so most nights the game is far from being decided. Then the results are often altered by somebody in the organization, I guess, to reflect what happened in the final eight minutes and, in this case, overtime, etc. Also, most writers are so busy writing, blogging, tweeting, buzzing, bamming, facebooking, surfing and whatever else they do on those phone things that consume their lives — sorry, got off track there — that they really don’t know who should get their vote. So they take a quick look at the stat sheet, and if Wojtek Wolski has two assists, he gets a star.

    By the way, I’ve been thinking of this the last few days — and since Hedberg, a loyal reader, suggested the exact same stars that I had last night, I think I want to do this. 1) Have a Bonehead make the three stars selections for the blog each game. Not sure how to divvy it up. Maybe just have a bunch of youse who are interested volunteer en masse and I can pick/assign one per game.

    and 2) Maybe set up the poll on the right so that youse can all vote for the three stars every night.


  66. this team can win it all as is with a rental player or 2 and not mortgage the future……………….

    stay the course if the nash rumours are correct and they want 5 pieces then no thank you……

  67. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    yep, it was the 15th of feb. Playoffs start in after next week

  68. Afternoon, Carp

    normally I don’t give a rat’s behind about the stars of the game, but Callahan getting the first star (unless the voting was held with 8 minutes left in the first) was a joke. I would have given Richards, who had a pretty solid game, a star over Callahan, actually.

  69. It’s kind of funny.

    When you watch Nash highlights on youtube, he looks like he’s dominating the opposition.

    When you watch Artie Anisimov highlights on youtube, he looks like he’s dominating the opposition.

  70. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I think they should trade for erskine, he has a big shot!!

  71. as far as Nash’s contract strangling the Rangers … so do you all think they should also stay away from Parise this summer? Because Parise’s contract is going to be just as big and long and strangling.

    Do they never try to get better, become more of a legit contender, finish off the first line that they haven’t had since God knows when? Because to do so, it might mean difficulty in re-signing a third-liner down the line?

  72. its go time for the rangers carp! i wish we could keep this team right now together for s long as possible, but its hard to pass up such a player. sucks to be slats. no matter what choice he makes, hes gonna get criticized. thers no answer to this. if we dont get him, and get to the finals and lose, everyone will say, why didnt we get nash?? its a no win for him

  73. I like Parise’s game more than Nash. I think Parise makes players around him better. I am not sure that the same can be said of Nash.

    Minnesota (the favorite, my opinion) has the space and may be able to give him more than the Rangers…

  74. I think Parise’s cap hit could be 6.7 or 6.9 if he signs a career contract, like Kovy. That is significant savings over Nash’s 7.8

  75. i like that idea of us voting for 3 stars carp.

    wicky- im kicking assen in our league. u better hope u dont face me. i dont have erskine on my team but i do have hagelin!

  76. “(And just ONCE when a coach pulls his goalie for an extra attacker, I would like to see the opposing coach do the same, so that you have six on six skaters and no gratis power play phony set-up situation.)”

    Er, yes, Boom Boom. Why have none of these genius coaches worked out that playing the whole game without a goalie clearly increases the chances of winning by at least a factor of pi?

    (I’ll accept that Columbus have effectively been trialling this tactic since the start of Steve Mason’s sophomore year.)

  77. I prefer Parise, too. But there’s no guarantee Parise signs here this summer, and Parise on July 1 does nothing to help this team now, and in order to sign Parise, the Rangers might have to ship out a few contracts like Dubinsky’s anyway. Other teams will have more cap space, and he will be just as expensive as Nash in terms of dollars and years.

  78. Parise’s a much better fit than Nash who you know full well will take up full time residence in chateau bow wow under John Tortorella and even more so with Rangers fan. The expectations on him will be enormous, perhaps even more so than for Parise since one of the fan favorites will mostly likely be shipped out to get him. I expect the reaction you’ve seen to Richards (who has basically identical numbers to Nash but is even instead of a -23) will be ten times worse for Nash.

  79. Like I said last week, I think the most probable scenario is that Lou Lam will deal Zach P. on draft day, to a Bestern Conference team…

  80. doubtful that Nash will have the disappearing acts for as long as those Richards has pulled this year. and what if he comes and, with a better team, scores 40+ … what would the reaction be then?

    or, you could wait until the next time they go through one of those seven-game stretches where they score a total of 10 goals to bemoan that they don’t have enough first-line skill. Especially if that happens in the playoffs again.

    His -23 is inconsequential. He plays major minutes for the worst team on the planet. It’s a miracle he’s not -60.

  81. The cap space argument is pretty silly since it will have no effect on the contracts of McDonagh, Stepan or Del Zotto. Not to mention that Nash has the same cap hit and Dubinsky as Drury combined.

    By the time the Rangers need to resign Stepan and McDonagh, Drury’s contract will be off the books and by that time we will have a better idea of what we have in our system as all of our top prospects will be playing NA pro hockey 2 years from now (expect for Fogarty and maybe Fasth)

  82. parise wont come here. he’ll go to minny. but i would prefer him over nash. we got the number 1 center, we need scoring now. its being done by committee but every playoffs we go on a drought. we really could use nash now guys. we dont need him when hank is over the hill. i doubt the asking price will stay the same. if kreider wast part of the deal, or mcdnagh, id do it. hes having a off year, but picture him an richards together, plus step and gabby on the other line. cmon!! who wouldnt like that? rangers wont trade krieder. look at hank. hes ready to win it all. get him the scoring we owe it to him and ourselves!! weve ben good boys n girls. we deserve it.

  83. I think we’d all prefer Parise but I also think it is unlikely he signs here with all the other teams that will be in the mix. People are so quick to say stay away from Nash because of his contract and then in the very next sentence say “Wait and go after Parise.” It will take just as much to sign Parise and then you’ll still have Dubinksy & his contract to deal with. Parise comes with a decent amount of baggage too and there is no guarantee he even signs here. I’m not saying you pull the trigger on Nash but for the right deal it sure has to be considered.

  84. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    L3WH –

    So let’s have your contribution and ideas for what a team, trailing 4-0 early with a shaky looking back-up in net, would be? Understanding that for me I pull the shaky back-up, go with the extra-attacker syndrome, and if I get lucky and cut the margin in half, put the #1 goalie out there and just maybe have a shot at coming back and winning.

    And if the score goes to 5-0 because of an empty net goal, I put Old Shaky back in there and give the Bicke’ls, the Eminger’s and the Stralman’s of the world about 25 minutes ice time just to play the damn thing out. So, pray tell, what would you try that is just as creative and maybe even better? I say you don’t have an original, creative idea of your own under the sun. Except maybe as regards having your “pigs in a blanket’ midnight snack repast. lol.

  85. Carp:

    That’s exactly what I expect will happen in the playoffs and I see Rick Nash making no difference in that. Look, I’d volunteer to drive Dubinsky to whatever team the Rangers can dupe into landing him, but I don’t think a weak defensive forward who will need a considerable amount of time to fit into Tortorella’s system is going to deliver any dividends this season if ever.

  86. The Nash-Dubinsky deal looks great on paper for both teams…but, its the other pieces that the Rangers would have to give up that makes me very nervous…

    I would not want to see Kreider, Erixon, or even Zuccarello get dealt…

    Anyone who thinks the Rangers wont have cap issues…I am looking 2-3 years down the road when we have to sign Gaby, Callahan, Girardi, Del Zotto, McD, and Stepan…the core of the team

  87. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Stu –

    If, as you suggest “Chandler is a very good player,” then you are reiterating my premise, minus my recommendation that he should see the ball more often, to upgrade the Knicks overall offensive efficiency. Pray tell, what do you think of Lin’s shooting percentage and turnover ratio? Michael Jordan country, or a bit over-rated? Because he is just a so-so shooter and is turning the ball over at an NBA record pace. This, of course to you is better than the unheralded efficiency Chandler represents.

    How I wish my 76ers could dump low percentage shooting SG Meeks, and Elton Brand on the Knicks for Fields and Chandler. You and the Knicks would take that, too, if it were on the table. I go for efficiency, as the key to success and winning, in a world where most go for inflated totals and glitz.

  88. hell we got zuccarello for nothing. id trade him nyrfan. he only had 6 goals last year. hes tiny and slow. i dont think he ever makes it back here. honestly. he was a novelty cuz of his stature and cutefactor with the girls. zuchini sanity baby. and his 1 shootout move he scored on the first 5 times wasvery helpful, but got adjusted to very quickly and was ineffective late in the season and playoffs. he didnt help the pp either. i like the guy, but he wasnt that great.

  89. Tony – No he’s not, but unless you are…… 1 of 5 players in the league, you are most likely being overpaid.

    I’m not saying yes or no on Nash, for me it all depends on the details of the deal but short of doing nothing, it is almost inevitable that we will have “cap issues” 2-3 years from now. Unless the argument is to stand pat and not bring in any big names.

  90. NYR_FAN

    Girardi is not going to make much more than he’s getting right now and thats assuming he continues this amazing streak of health.

    Plus the idea that Zuccarello has a real future on this team is quite funny. He has a good future in the NHL but it wont be in NY as he’ll never get the opportunity. He’s blocked to the NHL now and the Rangers will be adding at least 2 top forward prospects in North America next season.

    Personally, I would run things differently but given how Torts is, Zuccarello leaving by this offseason is inevitable…

  91. I don’t see a Nash deal happening unless Columbus drastically drops their asking price. Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t see Sather willing to part with McD or MDZ.

  92. Lev:

    that’s a wrist shot from way out that went between Lundqvist’s right arm. From that distance and angle, it’s a shot a goalie, epsecially Lundqvist, should stop. apart from the save on Carter, I didn’t think Lundqvist played a particularly good game.

  93. lets not trade a midget on the whalepack, but hell no to a 6’4″ beast who scores goals. its insane how attached people get to certain players. not that long ago, everyone wanted dz gone. now, cuz hes having a great season, hes untouchable. i can understand that because he is still young and improving, but some guys are maxed out in terms of potential. last year after AA had a career year in goals and points and stepan had a great rookie season, did anybody think theyd be stuck at 11 and 12 goals now? no. especially AA in that he got better yearly even by small increases in point totals each consecutive year. i thought he’d be up there with gabby with about 20 goals. what about grachev? we waited too long to deal him n got basically nothing out of it. a 3rd rounder which is what he was. if u dont include kreider and mcdonagh, i would have no problem geting nash. not every one of our prosects is going to pan out, and we wnt be able to kep them all if they all do anyway. that why u stockpile them, so u can make these types of trades when they become available

  94. I Rarely Speak on

    we are overrating our own players and prospects.. somebody really just said they didnt want zucc shipped out for nash.. good god

  95. oleo:

    you’re totally right about Zuccarello, I don’t care what Tortorella claims. with him, it’s the whole actions speak louder than words thing. no matter how much he says he likes somebody, if they don’t play, the words don’t matter. he may tell the world he thinks Wojtek Wolski is the greatest human being since Mother Teresa. is he ever going to play Wolksi? of course not. we’ve heard from “Rangers insiders” that Tortorella is high on Mats Zuccarello. has Zuccarello played a game in the NHL this season? it’s all just words.

  96. Agreed – I Rarely, there is some silliness out there today. Also on the silly list, in my opinion, is the idea that the Nash goal was particularly amazing or particularly soft.

  97. regardless how well hank played last night, the point is we barely scored enough to beat them. took overtime. once playoffs start, itsgonna be even harder to get goals. weve seen this the last few years. i wish we could get selanne on this team. anaheim keeps winning though. be hard to get him now.

  98. Amazing, isn’t it, Rarely?

    Also, I think way, way too much worry being expended on the cap issues and not nearly enough on the package it will take to get Nash. I don’t think the Rangers’ front office worries at all about the cap hit. But they don’t want to give up Kreider, McDonagh, Del Zotto, etc. That’s the sticking point, and the only sticking point.

  99. Afternoon all,


    To get on the goalie for the Nash shot is ridiculous – perhaps he didn’t get a clean look.

    The man is having a season for the ages. Geez.

    Tough room.

  100. Lundqvist said he was expecting a rocket from Nash, as usual, and got a knuckleball that dipped on him. I’ll have to check, but I think the knuckleball counts just as much as the 100 mph heater.

    I also think it’s crazy to expect Lundqvist to make 100 percent of the saves … otherwise he didn’t play particularly well. Huh?

  101. Aaron Portzline @Aportzline
    #CBJ GM Scott Howson: “We’re waiting for the right deals. We’re getting closer. But we’re not there yet.”

  102. also, ryan smythe would be great for the pp. getting that going for the playoffs could be just as important as anything during a cup run. hope this nash thing gets settled soon anyway just so we can explore other options before the deadline passes.

  103. Carp:

    Does your feed, you know, the one where Crawford had that puck trapped under his pads the other night, also show Zuccarello playing for the Rangers?

  104. The reason why I think Zuccarello is valuable is because he can give you top six minutes if someone gets hurt. His qualifier is under $1m. It’s no-brainer to keep him next season at that price. All quotes I’ve read from Zucc are quite opposite of the conventional wisdom. He likes being a leader in Hartford and appreciates the top minutes rather being a 4th liner right now…

  105. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I agree with carp on the cap issues, the sticking point, and the parise hit being about the same!!

  106. both bj’s goals were deflections. hard to blame hank on that really. yea it looked like a save he could make, but we shouldve been leading them by 2-3 goals anyway. shouldnt have mattered much. th 5 on 3 was awful, and shouldnt have come down to the wire with how we dominatedthe game offensively.

  107. Grabby:

    I agree that the Rangers should have blown out Columbus – Mason did play pretty well, so let’s give him some credit. But to act like that Nash goal was anything special…whatever.

  108. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    WW $$$$ will be gone, so will drury’s. Dubi’s more than likely as well as sauer’s. Mcilrath will be on entry level contract as well as kreider. Gabby probably will not be making as much…I still don’t really see a cap issue.

  109. unless you think his career is over because of the concussion, why would the Rangers not hang on to Sauer?

  110. Boom Boom

    I’m not creative enough to understand more than about 3% of your post, but boring as it is, the best way of coming back from a 4-0 deficit after 10 minutes is to keep a goalie in.

    I’m reasonably certain that a rudimentary analysis of goals scored with the goalie pulled would show perhaps a minuscule advantage to the team facing the empty net. Maybe even more than minuscule.

  111. just put on Tubbo Francesa

    Had the whole Lin thing yesterday, Rangers go 9 points up in the conference, etc.

    And what’s he talking about…


  112. chandler is tremendoudly efficient offensively but the mai nreason is they do not count on him to be a big time scorer. having a starter shoot 70% from the field is a huge beenfit. I agree. My only point is the elite scorers are not as efficient because they are counted on to do more and therefore will take more difficult shots etc.

    on to the rangers and nash. if they trade for him and do not trade any of there 4 star talent prospects/players i am fine with it.kreider, mdz, mcdonut, and miller are all 4 stars. if they traded dubi, thmas, a 1st , and another pleyer/prospect that is fine. I do think Nash’s contract is a long term problem, not Kovalchuk type problem but still a problem. Gabby is off the books in 2 years so that will help and by then Kreider, Miller, and others will be much better players then they are now but Nash’s contract is large………

  113. I Rarely Speak on

    when has Zuccarello ever shown he can play top six minutes??? thats just foolish to think that at this point

  114. sauer if healthy is the Rangers 5th best d man and a very solid player who would be an upgrade over stralman or emminger…

    sauer is a good player and only 25 also………

  115. it’s kind of a waste of time to argue about the cap, anymore. 1. it’s not really a problem. 2. (more importantly) sather doesn’t believe it’s a problem. now it’s about players. can the rangers get him without giving up dmz/mcmonster/kreider. if he can, this team is going to be very dangerous.

  116. isn’t zuccarello a ufa next year? why would anyone trade for him. plus, he’s worth to the rangers with the whale as insurance in case of a rash of injuries. but, frankly, if the rangers have to give him top 6 minutes, they’ll know the season is screwed.

  117. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I do not think his career is over and i really like the way he plays, my question is….where does he honestly play and what is his long term situation with the organization?

    Do you play him over staal, girardi, mcdonut, mdz? Probably not.

    Then there is erixon, who the rangers gave up 2 2nd round picks for (if I’m not mistaken), so he is probably going to get a spot sooner than later on the rangers blueline (unless he is traded obviously).

    That is 5 spots taken, and there is no way in hell he is the long term option over mcilrath in the top 6.

    So, long term, I just don’t see his fit. Now if erixon is traded then perhaps (or someone else), but that is a big IF.

    I’d rather see him moved some how for something and use an eminger/bickel for another season (if mcilrath isn’t here next season…another big IF).

    Again, just my opinion.

  118. I Rarely Speak on

    so because he had say a 4 to 5 game stretch where he was good in the middle of feb. last year that makes him a top 6 forward?? wow.. maybe wolski should be on the top line too

  119. Carp

    why is Zuccarello in HFD where he clearly doesn’t belong. I understand playing Stu Bickel the 30 seconds a night instead of calling him up but for a team that struggles scoring goals, instead of playing a 3rd line that barely score, might as well call up the kid who can score a bit

  120. Zuccarello is good enough right now to be a top 6 forward on a bad team.

    If he were on Columbus he would certainly be a 40+ point player…

  121. Oleo:

    Because supposedly everyone loves him behind the season. Unfortunately for Zuccarello, that just doesn’t translate into a way that’s anything more tangible than gossip.

  122. the third line has been invaluable this year in checking opponents’ top lines. Zuccarello doesn’t fit there at all. He’s not replacing Ansimov, Gaborik, Hagelin or Callahan on the top two lines. So do you bring him up and play him in Mitchell or Rupp or Fedotenko’s place? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    The Rangers haven’t been able to recall anybody because they’re at 23.

    If he was playing so well that Ken Gernander suggested he be brought up, he’d be here.

    If you’d rather have Zuccarello up here sitting instead of Wolski … I don’t get that, either.

    Not saying he’ll be back next year or he’ll ever play here again, because I don’t know that.

    But it’s not because somebody likes him or dislikes him. That’s ridiculous.

  123. Paul in sunrise on

    I apologize if this has been mentioned, but why is it forgone comclusion that Gabby resigns in two years at he same cap hit? He coul do a long term deal with favorable cap hit to free up money for younger players. Also Kreider assuming not in deal for nash may productively replace gabby. There are lots of thing to consider in making these trades all of which come back to getting Nash now helps the rangers now.

  124. Hey Carp-
    I think you’re sadly mistaken. The Garden fans aren’t yelling, “Shooot!”. They’re yelling, “Mooove!”. At least they should be. It drives me nuts how the power play unit stands around during the man advantage.

  125. Carp,
    Jordan Staal cross checks Braying Coburn into the wall but then stands over him, holding him and apologizes and checks if he can get him a glass of water or something to make him feel better.

    Now, to me, that’s the gentlemanly thing to do, unless you wanted everyone to know you are evil and wanted to paralyze the guy. Which often IS the case.

    I have a question -for the players, really…how come that display of respect/caring so rarely happens? I’d love to know what the players think. I know if there is not a whistle it isn’t usually gonna happen, but they never seem to apologize for nuthin!

  126. islanders are going no where for about the 12th year in a row.

    the rangers are younger then the islanders and much better. look at the defense of each team. NO CONTEST.

    bailey, opkoso, and neidereitter as of yet have underperformed. Jury is not out but they are not where they should be. the islanders goalie situation stinks.. dipietro and nabakhov are old etc………

  127. ooh ooh! I like the three star idea, makes me feel important! Don’t follow the trade bait rumors or the players involved like most of youse guys,, but that PP really is pathetic.

  128. Afternoon, ‘heads! nice discussion today. My take?
    Let me state it for the record that my preference would be not to do anything major and see what this team can do the way it’s structured right now. It’s playing together exceptionally well, and can do some serious damage this spring. Some minor additions, and let’s enjoy the ride. I’m still not convinced they can dethrone Detroit this year. But I think they can go as far as ECF or even SCF. Once there, you never now. Let them have some invaluable experience which should include losing a tough round. You could see last night that they feel they are entitled to have a W. Once the OT started you could sense the group was determined to make sure they get 2 points and prove they are much better. All 4 of them had that arrogant ( in a good way ) attitude :”I got it, give me the effing puck”.

    Having said that, I understand the management in terms of trying to add a true, AS winger and try to win it this or the next year. If that is the case, I would prefer Nash to Parise. Even though Parise may be a better all around player and might fit better on our team. Reasons?

    1. No guarantee Parise becomes available, or comes to NY.
    2. If he does, his contract will be worse than Nash’s. Will likely be the same cap hit, give or take, but it will run for more years. Just consider how many teams will be bidding. And you can rest assured it will have a NMC for the duration. Now, Nash’s NMC runs through 2014-2015 season, after that it’s NTC through the end of 2017-2018. Around the same time when another CBA will be in negotiation process
    3. Adding Nash, obviously, is giving them a better chance this year, considering the possibility of lockout next season.

    And I mentioned it before, there is a reason the management isn’t worried about the cap. Even my amateur look that included tossing around some numbers around the summer of 2013 suggests that they are just fine. I’ll be happy to share the specifics, but I think it’s a bit boring. But it’s more than workable, and they can keep everyone they want.

    Now, if Howson does insist on what has been tossed around by LB, I have full confidence that Sather will walk away.

  129. by the way, that snapshot of Fedor Tyutin looking at the rangers celebrate is a classic, it’s like he is saying to himself, man I used to be on that team, this sucks.

  130. Thanks, NYR_FAN…

    The clue to that supposedly difficult time after 2012-2013 season is that they will have too many pieces on defense, and some up front, that they simply won’t be able to keep. By then, however, they will know who they want to keep, and who can be moved. For example, there is no reason to have McD, Stall, Girardi, MDZ, Sauer, Erixon, McIlrath, as your one through seven. Who is playing 6-7 position? Isn’t it cheaper to have Eminger/Stralman/Bickel types to fill this role for less than $1M rather than paying more? Some of those will have to be moved for picks/players. Ditto upfront.

  131. Carp: “Do they never try to get better, become more of a legit contender, finish off the first line that they haven’t had since God knows when? Because to do so, it might mean difficulty in re-signing a third-liner down the line?”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    All of the other stuff about his contract is nonsense. He is 27 years old. He will be 33 when the contract is done. This is not Kovalchuck getting a contract until he’s 45. He will be thirty freakin’ three.

    Remember, the Blackhawks had Kane and Toews and still went out and signed Hossa. Then they won the Cup.

    If they don’t have to give up Gaborik, Richards, Callahan or Lundqvist then go for it. People crying about giving up second and third liners for a first line talent is not critical thinking.

  132. exactly, ilb. once it’s all sorted out — and it can’t be for a few more years — they can also re-stock the system by trading players/assets for picks/prospects.

    i appreciate the “don’t upset the applecart” idea, but I think the Rangers’ management’s position is to upgrade and improve whenever possible … and not many first-line players are ever available. I also suspect that most of the players in the room would very much welcome bringing in a better player to improve their chances in the spring.

  133. by the way, that snapshot of Fedor Tyutin looking at the rangers celebrate is a classic, it’s like he is saying to himself, man I used to be on that team, this sucks.


    And the way Dubinsky is making his way into the celebration of the 4 other joined Rangers…but almost a fooreshadowing that he soon will also be following Tyutin out into CBJ’s locker room, looking back on his time with NYR. That really is some photo.

  134. I definitely got the feeling Nash was out to prove something yesterday. I also got the feeling that Dubi’s days on the team are numbered and he will be sacrificed for Nash. I just pray that Kreider is not part of the package.

  135. how are the islanders getting better? i don’t see it. outside of taveres almost none of their young players have worked out. nabakov is one reason they won a few games recently — moulson and pap are 28 (around there i think) and aren’t going to be getting better. they are larded up with old players they can’t move. no legitimate free agent is going to that franchise.

  136. Stuart a:

    I agree with you about the Isles, but man they hit the JACKPOT with Tavares! Wish we had that kid……


    Thanks for the explanation of the stars of the game. When Del Zotto didn’t get even the 3rd star, I was shaking my head. I agree with you. He was the #1 star of the game.

    I think it would be GREAT to let selected boneheads pick the stars of the game. Would be fun and would also probably start awesome arguments and name calling! ;-)

  137. Yes that photo is a classic. Look at Dubi trying to skate quickly to the left. That’s the “I don’t wanna be traded to columbus so I better jump into the pack quick shot.”

    Maybe Toots was lobbying to come back the other way.

  138. I think that ref in the photo has some resemblance to Dubinsky…btw anyone else heard about a Defenseman from BU being arrested for sexual assault?

  139. But to act like that Nash goal was anything special…whatever.


    Yeah seriously, I mean all he did was tie the game with a minute and change left. Against the top team & best goalie in the NHL…while playing on the worst team. While all eyes were on him specifically.

    Pretty pedestrian if you ask me.

  140. I can see a few posts beginning with :” Oh, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about…”, or “I do not know what game you were watching…”, or “You forgot to bring your guide dog to the game…”

  141. CARP Wrote:

    “Yev, additional arguing and name-calling would be a bonus.”

    CARP, That is why I suggested it! As if there isn’t enough pissing matches here. LOL! By the way Carp, I am an attorney in my spare time if you ever need my services for mediating disputes here. Gratis of course!

    Here is an interesting take on the NASH situation with a focus on the Rangers great PK and Dubi’s contribution to it.


  142. But, yes, I’m for boneheads selecting the stars…

    Duckbill- I hope your father gets better, hang in there.

  143. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I havnt been reading peoples comments so i dont know if this was adressed already or not….BUT carp just made somethign dawn on me while i was reading his review….if there is an “offical” clock that is different then the game clock shown….How come in LA when that clock stopped and it was reviewed the goal wasnt dissalowed because i cant imagine the “offical” clock stopping like that…How come THEY went by the game clock but WE went by an “offical” clock?

  144. Ranger fans need to really need to keep the successes of this season in perspective also and realize the window of opportunity here….we are dominating a conference with a lot of holes…Crosby is out, Ovechkin having a bad year, Flyers lose Pronger…Not to sell the Rangers short in any way but you can’t ignore this window of opportunity to sign a legit STUD power forward for “prime” years.

    The more I think about it, the more I think this needs to happen.

  145. Tavares was the first guy picked. when you pick first you get guys like stamkos, tavares, and many other very talented players.

    this Ranger team should be better next year as is and for the next few years.

    they have kids playing big minutes and in key situations.

    richards is 31, henrik will be 30, gabby just turned30, after that no key player is over 28. Girardi is 28 and then they are all younger then that. staal is 25, mdz is 21, mcdonagh is 22 or 23, stepan is 21, etc…. that is sick good………

  146. The thing is none of our young players are 1st line players (despite the fact Stepan and Anisimov happen to play on ours) and aside from Kreider noone we have really has the potential of ever doing so (although Stepan does at least have a chance)

    The fact is both Anisimov and Dubinsky, while part of our core, are not essential components and the team will be fine without them. Same goes for Sauer (when healthy)…

  147. “Who would you be willing to give up, Salty? What’s the cost?”

    I really don’t know. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of it because I actually find temptation in trading Staal over Dubinsky, especially if Sauer was at 100%.

    I do think as fans we tend to hype up our own farm system and we really do see a lot of names we were VERY high on completely fizzle out. Where is Bobby Sanguinetti right now? I have no idea, just one example off the top of my head.

    I’d like to see Nash land in NY this week, and frankly, I have faith in Sather to make the right moves here.

    I have long been a “cap aware” fan and big albatross contracts used to put the fear of gawd into me…but NYR has been good about making things work. If Nash doesn’t fit, he could be moved. And people worried about resigning players X,Y,Z…let’s see where those players are when the time comes. Even a guy like Gaborik may be someone you eventually let walk away depending on where his game is when it’s time. Maybe you let a lot of these guys “up for a raise” get their money elsewhere and we bring up more kids from our system.

    I look at it this way….our Cup Run is coming a year early. I expected a “CHANCE at a run” next year in 2013. No one saw us dominating the East this year. Lundqvist is peaking. Let’s do this.

    Can you imagine how much harder the New York Rangers become to play against if we get Nash in the mix? Even if his numbers stay the same…that’s GREAT. Consider the possibility of what he could become once surrounded by actual talent.

    Huge opportunity here to sign Rick Nash at 27. Not to mention it gives a prime excuse to get rid of fan favorite Dubi…who may be a popular guy…but not even coming close to living up to his new big contract.

  148. Yeah, If we can give up Dublowsky, Artie, prospects [preferably defenseman] and picks to get Nash, that would be perfect. Honestly, I don’t see how we get worse my making that deal.

    Can’t wait until the deadline. I just want it to be over!

  149. Yeah, Orr, but the suspense! I’m sure you are gobbling pints of B&J while listening to all the moves…Enjoy the ride!

  150. >>>Can’t wait until the deadline. I just want it to be over!

    Me too! With the NYR a better team, but without breaking up the young core who have done well so far, and have great potential for the future.

  151. Oh yeah, for sure, Ilb!

    Speaking of, B&J’s is set to unveil some new flavors this week! Better be good! I wish they’d bring back Key Lime Pie, American Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Cheesecake, among others!

  152. I’m just wondering, if Nash comes this way before the deadline, will we have room to make a run at Suter in the offseason? If so, you can seem them maybe parting with certain defensive pieces.

  153. Ilb’s earlier analysis was great, BTW – thank you for that – and thank you, Carp for giving us your thoughts.

  154. 1940, they’d have to trade some d-man anyway if they got Suter. They have too many now, with the prospects coming … unless they all go to Columbus.. But they’d probably have to clear out some contracts to sign him, and it will be very expensive.

  155. I know there’s a lot of trepidation around the Nash scenario … but I imagine if they actually get him, this place is going to explode and you guys are going to be extremely pumped to get the playoffs started.

  156. Thanks Carp. Just trying to think it out. Obviously, Columbus has interest in some of the D men we have stock piled. Thought it could be a fit. How big of a bump do you see him getting from his $3.5 mil?

  157. Trepidation, indeed!

    Say, Carp – do you think that Hagelin looks a little like a very young Tony Amonte? Very fast skater, maybe without the Amonte scoring touch yet, and he needs to “grow”a little into an adult body?

  158. “I can see both sides of the Nash debate, however there is a big part of me that would love to see what the team could do with a cheap rental player.”


    Sure, if it were a video game. But this is a real year, a real season, a real opportunity. Nash IS getting traded before the deadline, it’s not like he’ll still be available after Monday.

    The Parise thing boggles my mind too…I can’t believe so many NYR fans lusting over the possible chance to throw a huge contract at another NJ Devil. It simply does not work. The Hockey Gods do not approve. The only way I’d want Parise is if he’s traded to another team right now as a rental and we sign him after he’s left NJ. Call me superstitious.

    This Nash opportunity is that once in a longtime chance you really do have to take.

    If I’m Slats, I would almost sit Lundqvist, Callahan, and Tortorella down and let them make the choice.

  159. I am sure Slats sits torts down, but doubt any player would have input, unless their name was messier…..

  160. Carp,
    Totally agree that PAP is too soft for this team. Thanks for the shout out about my 11:05 stars of the game matching yours. Since I’m sucking up to you, I think the next game I should be naming the stars since I got it right last night. Whaaaat ya think? I also heard Sather’s people want Nash. Does that mean scouts? I don’t know, but he’s been advised against by a long time trusted guy to say no for 3 reasons. Zac P. Next yr, chemistry issues, and most interesting and true you hurt the Rangers speed.
    Nash will gobble up large amounts of ice time MDZ AA or Dubi along with Chris K reported speed it changes the dynamic. Speed is needed no doubt in the new NHL. I was watching the Columbus feed and the were gushing about the NYR being the fastest transition they have seen, even on a night that wasn’t our best.

  161. since it looks more and more that columbus wants to trade Nash before the dead line and more and more the rangers are the front runners and probably will make the trade to get Nash, I just hope some how sather convinces Howson to take other players/prospects/draft picks and keeps Delzotto and Kreider.

  162. That’s what I was thinking, 1940, both Nash and Suter.

    Imagine that defense? McDonut with Danny G, and Suter with Stahl. Wow! But then you have Del Z on the 3rd pair, which is unfair, with the season he’s having. I don’t think it happens, with the free cap space or not.

  163. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I think Nash will be a Ranger…
    I know you hate to give up Krieder and want Nash for a bag of pucks… but Sather can’t resist especially after the wrister which beat Hank..

    This is old history of the Rangers.. what goes around comes around..unpopular trades will be made.. Bathgate , Park ,Giacomin , Middleton etc….its part of the Blueshirt tradition..
    Trade your first rounder..a mortal sin in the NFL but this is hockey and the Rangers.

  164. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Sather is going to make a deal before the deadline. Nash fits into his “lion for a day” mentality. He’s going to want to make a run for the Cup this year. He won’t get fleeced but he will try like holy hell to get Nash. Sather is definitely a proponent of whoever gets the best player wins the deal. Cap issues are pretty irrelevant.

    Not sure what it will take- Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, Zuccarello, Wolski, Sauer are all probables. I’m sure others may be in the mix. I’m guessing any three or four of the above and a 1st round pick and Sather will pull the trigger.

    Kreider? Not at all if Slats can help it. But Maybe… The Cup window is not as wide as Ranger fans may think.

  165. 1940, assuming you mean Suter, if he hits the open market … he’ll probably go over $5M easily. Who knows how far over?

    Nasty, they did that skit Saturday night again, with Bill O’Reilly and Kate Upton … and of course Lindsay Buckingham.

    Hagelin/Amonte? I could see that a bit. Amonte had a really good scorer’s touch early, though.

    Hedberg, as soon as I figure out how we will do the Boneheads’ Three Stars, I’ll let you know and you’ll be the first. But remind me. It won’t be for the Pittsburgh game. Maybe Islanders Friday. And I don’t see how Nash hurts the team speed. The guy can motor for a big man.

    I think Slats asked Wolski if he wants Nash.

  166. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    LW3H –

    When I have stats that I think offer some validity or insight, I share them. So I will be honest and say that I don’t have any stats re the successful come-back record of teams trailing 4-0 in the first period, but we may assume that it is such a miniscule number that the best strategy, at that point if you are not going to pull your hypnotic-trance goaltender, is to concede the game and give double or triple minutes to the support personnel and rest, as much as you can, the top contributors. And the Rangers, actually did that, to some extent.

    It comes down to whether you want to concede the game, and I am ok with that, or not concede the game. If you absolutely need to go for the win, then you have to jump-start the comeback effort by trying to score with a couple quick, “gimmicky” goals, which, if it works, means getting your zombie between the pipes the hell out of there and putting #1 back in there.

    That can backfire too, I know. The Isles informed Montoya he would be in net one minute before they took the ice, a couple days ago, he wasn’t mentally or physically ready for that, and he and they got blown out.

    So that perhaps the best strategy when you are out of it, early, is just to reduce the minutes of your core of top-production players. The worst strategy would be to stay with the back-up and burn Girardi and McD out with 30+ minutes in a losing cause, anyway. At least we didn’t see that.

  167. Easily over $5M has me officially disinterested……….How much of a bump do you see MDZ getting?

  168. Boom, the Rangers actually had chances to get into that game, despite 4-0, despite their PP … and despite not pulling the goalie.

  169. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Izzy –

    Why is the Cup window not as wide as Rangers fan think? I may agree with you in the aftermath of a long-term suicidal Nash trade acquisiton, but let’s see how much we give up, first. MZA, Dubi, Miller or Thomas and a #1 won’t exactly kill us, you know. Not like a Kreider, Hagelin, McD, MDZ, Erixon, AA, etc. package would.

    So let’s just see how this comes down and whether Slats pulls the trigger on a trade with more impact than the McCabe acquisition of a year ago at this time. Maybe he just brings Prospal back for a shoestring and an old Dell comic book.

  170. #7 – Games against Columbus are cheaper than games against bigger name teams and thus are louder.

  171. I know the whole +/- thing isn’t a super telling stat but Nash is a -24. That’s significant enough to mean something. You can’t have him on a line with Richards. You would have to play him with Gabby and Stepan.

  172. I think so, Carp. I have been looking at affordable tickets and it seems to me like the bottom-of-the-barrel-teams (dashes courtesy of Miami) are around $35 whereas other games are around $56.

  173. Stuart A, Yes about those first picks, and the NYR lost out to the Pens on a coin toss for the right to draft Malkin when we shared the cellar.

  174. Nash has played huge minutes on a a terrible team for his entire career. Minus 24 really isn’t that bad considering.

  175. disagree that Nash’s +/- means anything other than he plays a lot of minutes for the worst team on the planet with no goalie.

  176. I am not saying -24 is a deal breaker. I was only saying that a -24 means that Nash shouldn’t be paired with Richards because they both are weak defensively.

  177. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Boom Boom, you never know what may happen. Work stoppage, Cap Problems, major injury, Sather screwup, typical Ranger luck, Dolan stupidity. This is just one good year in the last ten. The odd are against us. Some people are glass half full type, others are half glass empty. I think the Cup is twice as large as it needs to be.

  178. Am I wrong in assuming that as an RFA Del Zaster will get something like…$2.4M? Is that just a pipe dream?

  179. One more thing to consider regarding Nash,

    In the playoffs – one line can be shut down completely – especially by an excellent checking line.

    But if you have two legit scoring lines, the chances of survival and advancement are far greater.

    Anisimov Stepan Gaborik
    Nash Richards Callahan

    Try shutting that down.

    Good luck.

  180. MDZ is finishing his Entry Level Contract that he signed when he was younger than 20. Not arbitration eligible. He needs 5 yrs of NHL experience to become arbitration eligible. He won’t get too much…

  181. Not in my opinion Manny. Great goaltender and 2 solid D men behind them goes a looong way to solve that problem.

  182. “The Cup window is not as wide as Ranger fans may think.”


    Exactly. Even with Nash and all the rest of our guys performing at a peak level, it’s still the Stanley Cup Playoffs where the regular season means just about nothing.

    I don’t get how you throw big time contracts at Gaborik and then Richards, both of which came with their own set of question marks, but raise your nose at getting a Legitimate Stud with no visible holes in his game and a contract that expires at the ripe age of 33.

    Getting Nash not only takes even more pressure Gaborik, but also keeps us afloat if he gets injured again.

  183. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I’m just saying the Rangers should take the best shot at winning one Cup, rather than worry about the dynasty.

  184. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Not to disagree at all, Carp, especially as 50 minutes were left in the game. But it’s what you do as regards strategic changes, especially in the first 30 minutes, which determine whether you will have a late shot at over-coming the big deficit.

    If they really thought they had a shot at coming all the way back Torts would not have cut back Girardi’s and McD’s minutes, to under 20 minutes playing time. But he did. So the coach conceded the game, in lieu of pushing the big boys the whole game. I am ok with that, just as I would have been ok with going for an extra-attacker gimmick goal or two. But to play Girardi, McD and other first rank players major minutes and NOT pull the back-up goalie following the worst 10 minutes of his career just would not have made sense, and they didn’t do that.

    You pull him for an extra-attacker shift or two, or you just pull him and put Hank in there immediately, if you are serious about giving yourself any kind of shot at a comeback win. To do neither just wasn’t going to pay off, at less than lotto-winning odds, anyway.

    I know Torts can do no wrong with you, Carp. I am not so solidly in his corner when it comes to his handling of this team. But on this occasion I can find no fault with his tacit “concession statement.”

  185. As much as I want him on the Rangers, I think Nash ultimately gets traded to desperate Toronto who will gut their team to get him.

    I think Sather will wait until the wire and see if Carolina, TB, Anaheim, Edmonton, Minnesota, or Winnipeg will make anyone available that maybe we haven’t mentioned.

  186. Around that figure, Manny. Depends on the length of the contract and whether they want to sign him through arbitration period, or if they want to buy a couple of his UFA years. Either way, he isn’t getting Staal’s money.

  187. Nasty, they did that skit Saturday night again, with Bill O’Reilly and Kate Upton … and of course Lindsay Buckingham.

    Carp, I love that you watched it, even if you don’t think it is funny. IMO there is way too much going on in that sketch for it to NOT be funny.

    Did you ever see the one when the real Lindsay Buckingham was on?

  188. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    All that is true, Izzy. I just think the best chance of winning one Cup is to build for three Cups by not breaking up the youthful core nucleus. As for the Sather, Dolan, and other possible negative factors, again, the best way to approach the mysterious unknown is not to voluntarily back-track from this high ground we now occupy where so much progress has been made.

  189. The reason that I wanted the team to sign Richards was because the team was in need of 1st line talent. They had enough 2nd and 3rd liners. They needed an infusion of talent. Despite all the hand wringing and the fact that Richards has disappeared at times, I think his arrival is partially the reason for the vast improvement in the team. To add another 1st line talent would be like Pittsbugh adding a Hossa…or Detroit adding a Hossa….or Chicago adding a Hossa. Wait a minute..maybe they need to trade for Hossa! lol

  190. Disappearing act or not, this team would not be where they are right now without Brad Richards. He helps a hell of a lot more than just on the ice. Ask DelZ and other youngsters on the team about his impact. Pricetag and all, it was a good signing.

  191. I did see that one, Nasty. And last week I saw the one where the real Nicholas Cage got “In the Cage” with the fake Nicholas Cage. Also hilarious. “That’s high praise.”

    Boom, I think you overstate that Torts can do no wrong in my mind. He does plenty wrong, and I’ve called him out on it. But overall I think he’s a fabulous coach who’s having a remarkable season. Might be the best coach in the entire league at the moment.

  192. agree on Richards, too, Nasty … but I still think it will possibly be Drury 2.0 down the road, especially when we’ve seen how bad his bad stretches are.

  193. a couple of things about the Chicago game:

    yes, the Rangers basically had all the opportunities after they went down 4-0. Biron, who was atrocious early, did get better. All the significant offensive opportunities and situations were while the Rangers had the puck. it looked like the team did start to play better after Tortorella took that time out.

    that being said, don’t overlook Chicago taking their foot off the gas when they went up four goals, especially after the Rangers failed to capitalize on situations like the 4 minute power play. it’s extremely difficult for a team to not think they’ve got a game wrapped up in those circumstances and they ease up a bit. I think this, at least in part, explains why the Rangers looked to be so “in the game” later on.

    everyone here knows I’m not a Tortorella fan, but he did absolutely everything the right way after they went down 4-0. in a game like that against a Western Conference opponent, you hope for the best and don’t overextend your players. this team has shown all season that they’re a resilient group; you don’t make desperation moves to try to gut out a game against Chicago when you’re 7 points up in the conference.

  194. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Can you imagine the pressure Sather puts on himself to make the Nash trade? He’s been so patient building the team, and now they are the best in the conference. NO MORE BUILDING! WE GOTTA GO FOR IT! He yells out to Muckler, and Muck isn’t even in the room. The trade deadline is coming up fast, other trades are happening… He’s Jonesing to make the big splash again. LION FOR A DAY! AN HOUR! A MINUTE!! He’s got three stogeys lit at the same time. Scotch bottles litter the floor of his office. Every time the phone rings he jumps and twitches then races for the phone. Keenan is out in the hallway calling him every five minutes on an untraceable cell, then hanging up and laughing like hell. Everything Slats eats just comes right back up. He’s downing antacids like they are Halloween candy, washing them down with swigs from a quart bottle of pepto-bismol. He hasn’t slept in a week, even his eyelids are blood red. Every few minutes a primal scream echoes through the upper reaches of Madison Square Garden.

    No way in Holy Hell he’s not making this trade.

  195. If Carolina would part with Staal, he would be a good pickup in case Nash goes elsewhere. I doubt that’ll happen though because he and Skinner are the only ones on the team that are any good.

  196. Carp,
    your take on adding Nash, and what it would mean this season and going forward is right on. they have held on to there prospects for just this moment. either to trade them in a package for a big player, or to replace the players they trade for said big player.

  197. not that anyone asked,
    but this is a far as I would go for Nash. either Dubi, or AA, but not both. Haglin, Thomas, and Erixon. a 4 for 1. if Columbus insists on Kreider, I remove Erixon Thomas, and Haglin. I make it a 2 for 1. Dubi, or AA, and Kreider for Nash.

  198. Dubinsky and Krieder aren’t getting you Nash, not unless Dubinsky scored about 25 goals last night and I missed it

  199. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Where’s the First round pick? That’s the one thing Sather can afford to give up. He doesn’t know what to do with one.

  200. Just wondering if Uncle Glennie, who’s been terribly absent here this year, might make an appearance before the deadline.

  201. Llyod,
    in that scenario, Krieder would be the centerpiece, not Dubi.
    if I am giving up my top prospect, you are not getting my number 1.

  202. Pierre Lebrun said anybody who wants Nash would have to empty the cupboard, that’s Howson’s asking price. If that is the case I do think Sather will walk away. I also think Nash won’t get traded until the off season where there will be allot more teams to get involved in talks for Nash.

  203. Columbus “supposively” said that they want players that can “make an impact now”, so it’s not going to be one roster player, and a few good prospects and picks. It’s gonna take two or three roster players, prospects and picks.

  204. Ugh! I just saw on the front page of some newspaper “Lin The King”. Made me want to vomit. The King? Are you fuggin serious?


    Overrated group of losers that are not getting past the first round. But they’ll get all the attention. Forget the fact that NYR have been, arguably, the most consistent team in the NHL, and sit atop the East, and are top three in the league.

  205. Carp: Uncle Glennie and Captain Clutch are associated with a culture of Ranger mediocrity which no longer exists.

    As for Nash, Burke will give anyone to get him to save his job and if thats the case Nash will be a LOLf.

  206. Agree with what Salty said earlier in the thred…I don’t know who you give up to get Nash here, but this is the best Rangers team, with chemistry and tons of confidence that I can remember seeing in a very very long time. Lots of things are clicking for this team right now ( minus the pp :/ )..Hank is playing out of his mind, and our D which has been getting better every year is playing insane. The stars are aligning for this team, and if you have the opportunity to get a player like Nash you freakin do it.

  207. Czechthemout!!! on

    I still say that the only way Kreider is traded is if the team believes that he won’t sign here. Absent that, there is no way he gets traded.

    I still think that any combo of Dubi/AA, Erixon/ Mcilrath , WW for cap reasons and a number 1 gets it done. If I were Sather I would not budge from that type of offer for a guy who clearly doesn’t want to be there any longer and eating a lot of cap space. They can then also dump Carter and his contract for another couple of good prospects and rebiuld with three number one picks plus a lot of good quality young players.

  208. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Good to know you both like him but also can be critical of the coach, Carp. I just seem to have missed the critical points you have made.

    As for his being the best coach in the league – “right now” – that is the problem, Carp. “Right Now” is not mid-June. “Right Now” is not this team having any steam left in the boiler after the “Battan Death March” late schedule.

    I hope I am wrong but I fear this team is spent, maybe even before the brual March schedule even begins. If it turns out that way, we can all jump off Torts’ bandwagon for being the “best regular season coach in hockey” – for which there really is no payoff, just payback to The Piper for shooting the wad way too early. It certainly looks like it is setting up that way.

  209. toronto isgonna get him. i just hve a feeling. theyr gonna have to give up colborne or gardiner. schenn too. nobody wans kadri anymore but after missig on richards, they will probably give up more than us to get nash just bcaue of the desperation to make the PO

  210. Jeez, Boom – this season’s team has shown us that they can (and do!) rise to a challenge – they don’t look “spent” to me yet – nor do i think they will. They’re a young team, with only a couple of guys at or over thirty years old!

    I can be as negative as the next guy, but it’s not that time *yet*, IMHO….

  211. boom boom- the reason why its good to be great in the regular season is so we dont have to blow our wad just to get there. your lookingat it the wrong way. would u rather us have to fight n claw all the way to 8th just to be spent by round 1? or would you rather us get into a nice position in the standings so we can rest our top guys. i think u got it backwards

  212. the only guys that could be spent at this pace is our 2 top d men mcD n Girardi. hank wont be. staal wont be, and we’ll need him to be in best condition he can. with having 2 good lines with richards on 1, gabby on the other, neither of them should be spent. its not like weve been a 1 line team. yea our 4th line doesnt get much icetime, but these guys are young enough, and in shape to go the distance. they got an easier travel schedule than the western conf. too. the redwings arent spent, and theyre older than we are

  213. I would also suggest that Torts’ training camp has something to do with them being able to go through the schedule just fine. And with their standings, he might be able to use the ice time accordingly, IF need too.

    On the other hand, the rest of EC doesn’t necessarily have a breather either. Boston and NJ has the same amount of games in March as the Rangers- 17. The Flyers-16, Pens-15. I wouldn’t call a big difference.

  214. hey orr- check out thisquote by mdz on rick cash-

    “He can skate, he’s big and he can score. Those are the toughest guys to play against, guys that can move and that are tough to KNICK off the puck,” said Del Zotto.

    can u believe thisguy?? even when talking about hockey, by a hockey player, the word knicks seem to slip in to the conversation. unreal.

  215. shes geting big. shes becoming quite the little ranger fan. so far she loves gaborik and callahan,and lundqvist. she likes gaborik cuz her friends name is gabby, so when he scores, she yells GABBY!!! with me. same with cally. she likes duby too. all easynames for her to remember.

  216. The rangers have enough star power, they have some nice prospects, the team is still young, let them develope, donot go crazy chasing names,
    We are winning, no need to start banging away, I feel real good about staying with the home grown guys.

  217. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Grabby –

    This is interesting re “The Red Wings aren’t spent.” And of course you are right about that. But there is a red flag to their season in that they are peaking much to soon. When they come down to planet earth for a two-week stretch will they be able to recapture the magic? The Bruins haven’t, as yet, and the Black Hawks have also crashed, big time, after showing so much promise right through the New Year.

    Look at the Bruins, maybe you saw their game, yesterday. Big territorial advantage early, couldn’t cash in, and even with putting 49 shots on goal they couldn’t get one past Backstrom.

    Can the Bruins recapture their fabulous stretch of two months from November to January? Probably not, but they no doubt will improve on their play since the All Star game, which has been awful.

    The Red Wings and the Rangers have yet to hit the wall the Bruins and Black Hawks have hit, but no team can expect to be dominant from October through April, and then at the next level through mid-June. Let’s just wait and see how severe the fallout is for the Red Wings and Rangers and how well they recover. We will know more about what is possible even before the fact, depending on what trades take place in the next days and hours.

  218. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Washington in the playoffs this year. I doubt they’ll make it. That Vokoun deal is turning into too good to be true

  219. not yet ilb. when we go to a live game sometime in the next year or so, im taking her to ny with me and i ill get her a jersey then.

  220. Per McKenzie the Kings are the front runners for Nash.

    Like I said, if it’s gonna cost us Kreider or Del Zotto, I’d rather sacrifice nothing from our current roster to get a guy who won’t light the world on fire, but is 1) capable of scoring a PP goal here and there in the playoffs and 2) has actually won the Cup before.

  221. Boom Boom – No offense, but pulling the goalie in the first period of a game, much less the first 10 minutes of the game is probably the most ridiculous ‘strategy’ I’ve ever heard in more than three decades following and playing the sport of hockey. There’s the obvious reason, which is that a 4-0 deficit is still easily surmountable in the first period with 5-on-5 and that there’s a high likelihood(probably 50-50 chance) that pulling the goalie will increase that deficit). But also because the speed the game is played at in the first compared to the last minutes of the third.When a team pulls its goalie at the end of the game, the opposition doesn’t have nearly the wheels it did at the start of the game. A team that plays 56-plus minutes of hockey simply isn’t going to have the giddy-up as one that’s played less than 20 minutes. You pull a goalie in the first in an NHL game, you’re going to see a couple quick goals.

    Anyway, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard complain about teams pulling the goalie. It’s actually a great move at the end of the game. I’ve been on team where we’ve come back and won from two-goal deficits thanks to a goalie being pulled at the end of the game. I’ve also been on the receiving end of that situation. Most notably, and unfortunately, last night.

  222. nice to see the craps get the crap beat out of them. Ovechkin didn’t show up for the All-Star game or the season:-).

  223. yes boom boom i’d rather we deal with a losing streak or hit a wall like u say before the playofs start. i think its good that were up in the standings so if we do hit that wall, we wont have to worry about not making the playoffs at all.

  224. kings can give them bernier though as part of a package. we donthave any goalies to give. thats 1 big edge for them. go for it L.A. do yo thing

  225. DJK,
    it makes sense now the kings are the leaders to get Nash because the rangers were first and sather told him the asking price is to high, than howson spoke with Holmgren and he said the price was to high. I actually think Burke over the weekend was talking with Howson about carter. The next team to approach is LA.

  226. there is at least one person here rooting for the Rangers to flame out so he can say he was right about the burnout.

    and probably one or two others — a number that will grow — who think this season is going to be an epic fail if they don’t win the Stanley Cup, which is a ludicrous notion.

    The Steinbrenner-ization of sports.

    Even though this is the most enjoyable season this franchise has had in 18 years, and in many ways more enjoyable than that one 18 years ago, people are going to be pissed off when/if they don’t win four playoff rounds. Idiotic.

  227. damn caps couldnt score openne. reminded me of brouwer whenhe missed a wide open net against us the last time. unlucky

  228. Good evening all! Grabby!!!!!!!

    Carp, I miss Uncle and the Captain too…..WTB?

    Just doing a quick catch up. FYI, if anyone is wondering where HAMBONE is, she’s staying away until after trade trade deadline cause certain conversations make her very very thirsty.

    I’m tired. Almost time to the pull the goalie, even though it’s way too early :)

  229. Everyone assumes the blue jackets get more in the off-season. I don’t know. Nash still chooses his destination and the teams on Nash’s list will have a lot more options and a lot less pressure to make a deal.

  230. i still can’t believe Howson thinks its a good idea to trade him, and that the owners think it’s a good idea to let Howson make that decision.

  231. I agree Carp, Howson is the same GM who has done nothing for this organization. Howson must have something on the owner:-).

  232. ya know what orr, if we end up with the top seed in the playoffs, we could potentially face the craps again. and even with the craps playing like crap, they always seem to dominate us of course thepast 2 seasons. obviously wouldnt think thesme would happen but still, if we dont get out of round 1, yea i’ll be pissed big time. but so what? we invest so much of our lives in this team, we have the right to b and m. if we were bandwagon fans we wouldnt give a cacillo.

  233. well babs, tell hambone that waffles misses her. and were all praying that du-stinksky doesnt get tarded.

  234. carp

    are you referring to me. i think for the rangers to validate there regular season they need a trip to conf finals. win two rounds and take your chances in the final four. there still a young team who should be going through this for years to come. they may need to taste defeat far in the playoffs first before they win it all.

    however ONE BIG IF if they blow this thing up and bring in nash and some roster players are moved not just dubi then to me u have to make cup finals


  235. did i say dustinksky? my mistake. i meant dustinksky doesnt get traded, not tarded. my mistake hambone!. j/k j/k!!!!

  236. Chris Drury (just regular Chris) on

    I just wanted to say that Carp has been very LLWS clutch today with his opinions and comments…

    I’m sorry buy my few interjections as Chris Drury can never top whoever was doing Uncle Glennie the last few years

  237. a 1 vs 8 matchup against montreal in the house of horrors the bell centre we may need to win all 4 at home because WE WONT WIN THERE.


  238. eric please. u know as soon as were eliminated, your the first one were all gonna call to check up on to make sure ur not hanging from the tree in ur backyard

  239. will do Grabby….get well soon! I miss you!

    I will say this about Nash, forgetting us…he is wasted on that team and deserves a better opportunity. And losing him isn’t going to help the Jackets’ cause for a while, despite their own rebuild efforts, but I guess they got nothing else to offer. I kinda feel bad for a team like them, except, of course, if they’re in our division :)

  240. grabby

    yes i will be extremely disappointed however i for one never say they need to win it all or the season was a waste. will i be pissed of course but for a team that is less talented then say teams in there own conf i cant say i think they are the best team in the league. i dont think they are.

    im very afraid of pitt and boston in a series.

    if the rangers lose a 7 game series to bost in conf finals will i be crushed yes however months down the line i could say they validated there great regular season with a playoff run

  241. looks like boudreau wasnt the problem there. must be kickin themselves after seeing anaheim go on a run like this while blowing their season at the same time

  242. Boy, Ovie is looking like a real dog tonight – I hope Ted Leonsis is happy with him! ;-D

  243. Carp,

    You ever get my email? A month ago I told you Nash for Dubi, Miller (grew up near Columbus), Erixon + a No. 1. By all accounts, we’re getting pretty close to that LOL.

    Still think the franchise is better served going all prospects (meaning adding Kreider to the offer and subtracting Dubinsky) and just adding Nash to our current squad, but whatever at this point.

    Hate when it becomes a circus.

    Never thought I’d have such faith in Sather but he will walk away if Howser doesnt smarten up. Either way, that’s a heckuva package for a team intent on recasting itself.

    And NYR have plenty of rental options if Nash becomes a King.

  244. Maybe Ovie will call Hunter a fat byfuglien behind his back – but I think Hunter would kick his aasen!

  245. this is a team thats been out of the first round once in 15 years its time to make a run especially is you are a top seed

  246. dropping some thoughts. hope to get some opinions.
    will check back later:

    1) been quiet on Jeff Carter talk. thoughts on LA paying through the nose for him and Slats not having to giving away A LOT for Nash because of it?

    2) have a feeling that Slats is working on his Plan B, C and D if he’s not into what Howson wants. wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what we get.

    3) as far as a depth player or a non-Nash player, thoughts on Mike Knuble coming back, Paul Stasny, anyone from edmonton or phoenix

    4) as much as we’re pleased with Hank and Biron’s play til last 3 games, do we have someone getting their act together in our system? if not, should we be concerned?

    5) btw, i’m not worried so much about $$ as i am about who may be traded. can always trade or Redden someone if worse comes to worse.

    that’s about it….for now.

  247. rod, why kreider instead of duby? that makes no sense. u cant even fit nash without subtracting 2 roster players salary, or duby, and then whaling wolski

  248. Paul in sunrise on

    By the way. Trading dubi is not gutting the core of this team. Trading a few prospects (hopefully not Kreider) is not gutting the core. The core is Cally hank step Staal mcd MDZ BB prust blockness monster

    One piece is not all pieces. Nash immediately is a piece of the young core by the way.

  249. could be on to something with carter and LA jpg. only cuz hes buddies with richards though. doubt it but its an option for them if nash doesnt go there

  250. still said earlier today the guy the rangers should target is paul gaustad from buffalo. a ufa at end of the year can win faceoffs play good d and mix it up. he also has 7 pts in his last 10 games.

    weakness for rangers FACEOFFS.

    sammy pahlson in colmbus help shut down spezza and alfy in 07 finals along with moen and r nidermayer. won cup olympic gold with hank and can win draws and contribute

  251. i think were all gone insane in the mother bumpin membrane with all this nash talk. be back ina bit.

  252. Rangers can add Nash w/o dealing Dubi, easily.

    Projected 6.9m free space at deadline, Sauer to LTIR, move WW’s 3.8

    Room to spare.

  253. yea, butwhat about the offseason rod? that 6.9 becomes 7.8 or is nashs cap hit lower? plus reddens hit comes back on. u cant leave yourself with no wiggle room at all. cutting it too close. and bj’s want nhl player or 2. not all prospects

  254. >>>They were too drunk to know, Jimbo!

    Hahahaha!! Sounds about right!

    >>>9 shots on goal for the ulcered sphincters

    Grabby, I’m getting entirely too much enjoyment out of their misery – must be all our first-round eliminations by that accursed bunch…

  255. I was really hoping that the Debbies would be in the position of the Craps at this point in the season – struggling against the quicksand just to make the playoffs, and ultimately failing., and sinking into the swamp….err…Newark…

  256. eric, no, I wasn’t talking about you.

    but I don’t get the “they have to make it this far or that far or this season is a failure” thinking. I’m not a fan, so maybe I don’t understand. But I would think that you should all be thrilled out of your skin with the season this team is giving you, and that you’d understand that the playoffs is a crapshoot in which any of the teams in can beat any of the others, and that it’s an extremely long shot that any team will win two rounds, let alone four.

  257. I just got this in my e-mail from Time-Warner Cable – I hope it doesn’t violate any rules or policies to copy it here, not in its entirety.

    “”As you’ve probably heard, Time Warner Cable has returned the MSG/MSG+ service to the Time Warner Cable lineups. We hope you enjoyed the chance to spend this past holiday weekend with your favorite hometown teams.

    Special offer for Time Warner Cable Sports Pass! You’ll continue to enjoy the free preview of Time Warner Cable Sports Pass through February 29, 2012. But, if you’d like to continue enjoying it after that, we’ve got a special offer for you, if you act by March 18, 2012: Add Time Warner Cable Sports Pass for $2.99/month for 3 months–that’s half off the regular price of $5.95/month, for up to 15 channels of non-stop sports information and action. To add the Time Warner Cable Sports Pass to your service, simply call us at 1-855-643-9135 or fill out this form, and we will contact you.””

    So – it looks like MSG is becoming a part of a “Sports Package”. I wonder if this is going to apply to everyone, everywhere that is on TWC..?

  258. yea debbies are making a final stand with fatso. mr cant fit thru the door brodeur is rejuvenated of lat. must be getting lard transfusions before games

  259. Maaaarty must have gorged himself at the poutine stands in Montreal last night – I’ll bet he looked like that character “Bat Fastard” (edited) in the Mike Myers movies when he got back to the hotel last night..

  260. carp

    but dont you think since they will be over 100 pt team a top four seed hopefully stay 1 and win div still some work to do that for a franchise that has been out of the first round once in 15 years its time to win some series. of all the teams the rangers have had that made the playoffs since the lockout this team now gives them the best chance to win. we need playoff success this year doesnt have to be cup or bust but a trip to conf finals could go a long way for years to come

  261. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    WRB??? I post a sentiment about the d man situation prior to ILB and you give him all the accolades?! Like he’s our captain or something!!! Sheesh!!

  262. Ovechkin has no character and is the biggest sore loser/ baby in hockey, what a chump, skates off the ice into the dressing room with 6 minutes left.

  263. carp, I totally agree, it’s amazing how some fans are/will never be happy. There are a couple guys on here that even if the rangers won the cup would have something negative to say about the rangers.

  264. “Hedberg February 20th, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    We are not getting Nash.”

    fine by me. Like I said before, the rangers have just as good as chance of winning the cup with or without Nash. Like carp said, it’s a crap shoot.

  265. re: carp:
    so maybe I don’t understand. But I would think that you should all be thrilled out of your skin with the season this team is giving you, and that you’d understand that the playoffs is a crapshoot in which any of the teams in can beat any of the others, and that it’s an extremely long shot that any team will win two rounds, let alone four.

    Carp, most of us are, I think, besides some who post here….I am…and we understand. I actually think this is worth a maybe, potentially interesting post/chat on its own….that’s why I’m not gonna go on a rant here……feeling bush leagued….

  266. And TA all! btw, who is this Lurchie you speak of? His team is for carcillo….hahahaha! Niters!

  267. I guess you’re right, Olga – no matter what happens, we consumers get it in the shorts!

    5-0 now! 2nd goal for Staal – I wonder if we could pry him from Carolina, if they don’t make the playoffs..? (they won’t)

  268. Jimbo,

    I mentioned Eric Staal as a possibility a couple of weeks ago.

    A dominant power forward who would probably thrive playing with his brother in NYC

    He’s already won a Cup – so he knows how to succeed under pressure

    Wouldn’t come cheap, though

  269. Yes – that’s the most amazing trade that ever took place – Gretzky – from Edmonton – amazing!

    Staal would be cool to see playing with his little brother – I know they won’t give him up easily, but maybe if he sours on staying with that team…?

  270. Of course, it would have never happened if Pocklington wasn’t broke and soon headed for jail…

  271. Staal, maybe the Caps will – Ovie hasn’t done much for them lately – and I think he’s wearing out his welcome with Leonsis, maybe….?

  272. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Delzotto or mcdonut…hmmmmm hard to pick , delzotto is weak but has playmaking ability , a sure future keeper and Mcdough is solid and a nice reminder that we ” got rid or Gomez!!”

    I like em both and i really dont want our defence ripped apart . Dubinsky is weak and cant finish but hes a Ranger true blue….

    Rangers need Nash to have that extra push but losing Kreider,Thomas , ect … is handing out our good kids!!! Giving up on Dubi or AA is CRAZY!!! Seriously now , were in first place …don’t wanna mess up a good thing here. Getting Nash is a big deal and in New York we get what avalible and Nash is on the menu . We will land Nash and at the same time CRY at the future being delt away….

  273. DJK, I think Ovie is a head-case. Something seems to be eating at him…he’s just not himself, and he hasn’t been for nearly two seasons now.

  274. Is Washington imploding? Only half serous, but he does seem unhappy there, do you think Ovechkin would be traded?

  275. If I were the Craps owner, I’d have him check in with a shrink – he’s got too much talent to be playing this badly. Maybe the captaincy is getting to him?

  276. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Delzotto is a offensive defenseman playing on a rugged team , he could falter and get beat up in the playoffs makin him a liability. Hes been sent down before and it wasn’t because of his offence.

  277. LOL! First, JR calls them the Carolina Panthers, and then he says “miscombobulated.” How does this guy have a job?

  278. Ovie got off the roids when the heat was coming down two yrs ago. Same with Tiger….. Just a thought

  279. Milbury should forever refrain from criticizing the Icelanders – more than almost anyone, he’s responsible for their awful situation…well, him and Wango-tango…

  280. Ref is probably thinking “you had a choice of what jersey to wear today and you wore that? Get outta here”.

  281. Hahaha!! I don’t think he had that choice, though – who decides which jersey the team wears? I’ve wondered that for awhile…

    How’s little CTB? Has she gone to any games recently?

  282. Thanks, Latona! The article didn’t say anything about the PRC, though – I was thinking it was gonna say that Wang had a factory over there where he forces the employees to watch Islander games while making cheap PCs if they don’t meet production goals…

    Apple has been taking a beating lately for subcontracting with factories in Communist China that abuse their workers. Gee, in a “worker’s paradise”, too – who woulda thunk it!?

  283. Hahaha!!! Sorry about that, CT! Hope it was just her commentary on the quality of the discussion here!

  284. well, knicks didnt bother me at all in fact i cheer for them if they make the playoffs but the linsanity and calling lin the king was too much. ive never seen so many men act like little hormone crazy girls over an athlete before. kinda fruity

  285. Columbus has leaked many times they want 1-2 ‘young’ NHLers in the deal.

    While Dubinsky certainly qualifies, it’s been surprising how many people have missed the angle whereby both Kreider and Erixon would be, in Columbus’ eyes, NHL ready.

    And that’s for a simple reason; the Blue Jackets’ season is over.

    Their focus would be young NHLers ready to step in next year.
    And there, you have almost universal agreement that both Kreider and Erixon are ready,
    to the extent they be given every opportunity to make the NHL team.

    Whether one or both are included is what no one knows.
    I’ve seen a lot of near-panic about this and it’s surprising;
    Sather won’t get taken to the cleaners.
    If they ultimate asking price remains along the lines we’ve all heard, he’ll walk away and go rental. Otherwise, he’ll get a good deal everyone can live with.

    And for what it’s worth, I see Nash becoming almost a younger Steve Larmer for this team, and then the sky’s the limit.

  286. anybody watching nbc sportstalk? theres an 11 year old man on the show. i cant tell he looks like a teenager but has a man voice.

  287. rod, i thought u werent coming back here anymore? dont take this the wrong way, i have nothing against you. i just thought u said u were done posting here cuz people were getting on ur case all the time. u back or was that someone else?

  288. that was me Grabby.

    For the 3rd time I’ve asked Carp if he received my prognostication from a month ago on this
    ‘trade’, which has now magically appeared virtually everywhere, from Mckenzie to Dreger to Lebrun to you name it.

    Still havent received an answer, but it doesnt really matter.

    While I was here someone asked a question (I think it was you) so I answered it.

    People definitely were getting on my case; or they would’ve known about this stuff around New Year’s. There’s been a lot going on – and it’s not over yet.

  289. Don’t see how Nash compares to Larmer in style of play. Or are you referring to the role that Larmer played on the 94 team?

  290. Bit of both CT. Both physically and in terms of being a dangerous, clutch scorer.

    I think Nash is off a 1/2 step, maybe a bit more, from his younger days.
    (never a speed merchant, Larmer was quite a bit slower by the time we we got him)
    Hard to tell overall, as with Gaborik. Some nights he’s supersonic, some nights not.

    Still plenty left in the tank for Nash but he’s playing a more economical game.
    And yeah, like 94, Nash wouldnt have to be a focal point (that won’t stop the media from portraying him as one if a major deal goes down), just like Larmer didn’t have to be.
    Just another great weapon to have in the arsenal.

  291. miscombulated…..oh that is so worth a wicky! he must have been disunderstood…..

    I’ve decided…no Nash. I want this team to win or lose on their own without a rental or lease or condo buyer….if we lose, so be it….LGR! and good for you boys!!

  292. sorry, rod. you sent me a whole boatload of trades going down, and asked that I not divulge them, remember — the one with colorado, then stralman for kostityn, the deal for Bobby Ryan, and this one:

    Dubinsky, Erixon, Wolski and the #1 with Nash and either Brassard or a #2 pick coming back……

    so which do you want credit for?

  293. Oh look who’s back! The bullpoop artist lol pretending to be the god of “know it all” again

    Anyway…JR thinks that we ABSOLUTELY need Nash! Tony Amante thinks we don’t need Nash because he has a big personality and will demand the puck…

  294. Carp, if they took Dubi, Erixom, Wolski and a #1, id pack all of their stuff and take them to airport myself….imagin thatd b a better trade than Gomez for No Gomez McDonagh and Gaborik (pretty much since cap space)

  295. Carp,
    This guy Andre Deveau continues to play well in hartford. As a big body with some skill do you think he will be used by the rangers in the playoffs?

  296. ORR

    Congrats on a pretty successful (beginners luck!) season! Did you see? You’ve been awarded couple of trophies! Now you got to rest for two weeks before your next match up..

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