Rick Nash pre-game


Columbus’ Rick Nash was mobbed by the New York media outside the Blue Jackets’ lockerroom before the game. He answered questions, but didn’t really say much.

Rick Nash:


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  1. Does this Nash guy play in Columbus? Is he any good? Maybe trade Jesu…I mean Avery for him?

  2. carp, if you think he is coming here, do you think sather will include Delzotto and Kreider besides dubinsky?

  3. In today’s columbus newspaper Aaron Portzline, beat writer for the Jackets had a article where he said Delzotto and Kreider can be had according to his sources.

  4. i think he’s coming here too….I think in the last two “no comments” you could sense in his voice he wants to be a NYR….maybe it’s just my biased ears.

  5. how weird would it be if half-way through the game Nash and 1-2 Ranger players get pulled and traded for each other…. awkward…

  6. Lev- maybe so, but it doesn’t mean Howson trades him here. And if he knew he was already traded to NY, he wouldn’t be in the lineup.

  7. “hey Rick, Katz Deli or 2nd Avenue Deli?”

    Nash “No comment”

    obviously he likes Katz’s Deli more! You can tell by his voice :P

  8. ilb, that was Nash, authentic as can be.

    And I think the Rangers really want him. How far they’ll go, I have no idea. Sather still operates behind the curtain. But the Rangers want him … as do several other teams, and as you all saw Toronto’s Brian Burke met with the Columbus GM today here in NYC.

  9. Carp – Nice snack before the Game.

    As Captain of the Blue Jackets he really can’t answer too many questions. And it’s out of his control at to where he goes amoung the top 5 teams he put down. But the Rangers are on the list, and why wouldn’t they be. Nash to make a splash in New York. It could happen.

    His scoring puts this team in a better position to win the cup THIS year. It will be interesting to see what happens……

    What are your thoughts Carp – sign him or wait and work a deal for Parise?

  10. Delzaster and Krieder? They’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands!

    Carp, is this a spidy sense thing or something you’ve heard?

  11. I know it was him, Carp…I was referring to a $58 “authentic” jersey.

    I hope Slats knows when to say “I’m out!”

  12. Come on CARP! why so cryptic? What makes you think he is coming here? I am SO WORRIED what the cost will be.

  13. I admit, I dislike change – and I’m afraid of upsetting the applecart. I really don’t want to see them part with Kreider before he gets into the NHL…

  14. to me, just not knowing what the new CBA is going to look like in the future is a mistake to bring in another huge contract (8mil per year).

  15. What a move for him if it happens. From the smallest market to the Biggest Market. From NEVER going to win a cup in this city, to a cup contender THIS year. It has to be every players dream.

    We have the best prospects to trade for him today, question is how many do you give up?

    I think he is a Ranger on the 27th!!! or Tomorrow if he lights up the King like Gabby did in Minnesota.

    Drop the puck already…..

  16. Oh, boy…Volchenkov just took a full speed puck right on his mouth. Didn’t look good. Hope he is OK

  17. I’d part with those players, Dubiii…but I don’t think that they will get it done – they want a starting forward and a starting defenseman (I think)….wouldn’t you, if you were in their place?

  18. Maaarty would have to have his post-game poutine through a straw, the poor fat bastage….

  19. nothing is more overrated than “chemistry”

    Ever heard of a losing team with great chemistry or a winning team with bad chemistry?

  20. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rick Nash was “mobbed” by the media. Really? I thought that was the exclusive domain of the Rudolph Valentino, Young Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Britney-types, not a club for the inclusion of an obscure hockey player maybe three people would recognize if he walked around Penn Plaza, and no one would recognize if he walked up Fifth Avenue.

    Even People Magazine can still find more compelling people than Rick Nash to foam over, starting with the fascinating and “charismatic” Bobby Brown’s, Jennifer Anniston’s and Ellen DeGenerus’s of the world. lol.

  21. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Im not a big proponent of chemistry, but hockey has a lot do with chemistry. Players need to instinctively know where each other will be on the ice, they need to trust each other to be in the right positions. Defensive pairings need to have great communication to be successful.

  22. Tiki- pretty much what you said. Excellent goal scorer, very tenacious player, good in both ends. Would fit prfectly

  23. We have a solid young core of players. We are deep on defense. We need a top line Power Forward.

    The deal isn’t done yet….. but it will be soon.

    Philly kind of scares me a bit in this deal. Something tells me if he’s not a Ranger, he will end up a Flyer. That would be something to talk about…..

  24. Flyers are weak on defense and in goal – those weaknesses usually kill you in the playoffs…

  25. I’d love to have Nash – but I’d love to have Parise even more – he just scored again.

  26. ok. maybe not mobbed. but backed up against a wall by 30 or so people with cameras, tape recorders and microphones. How about crowded?

    and I’ll repeat this one more time. I don’t have any inside information other than I know, for absolute certain, that the Rangers want him. Do I know how far the man behind the curtain will go to get him? Nope. Do I know that the Rangers, right now, are a much better team if they get him? I believe they are.

    Do I ask questions and answer them? Sometimes.

  27. Typical game so far for the Habs – they couldn’t put a BB past Maaaaarty in that first period.

  28. Carp, understood – but do you think that it really doesn’t matter how much we give up to get him?

    In terms of our young defense corps and our developing forwards, I mean?

  29. Jimbo, all things equal, I think I’d prefer Parise, too. But you can’t have Parise for the playoff run this year, and there’s no guarantee you get him over the summer. He might come in more expensive than Nash. Just think of what Toronto and Calgary were supposedly ready to spend on B-lister B.Rich last summer.

  30. Agree Jimbo – but the Flyers can beat everyone else but the Rangers this year. Wouldn’t him as a Flyer is all.

  31. And, no, I think it matters a lot. Personally, I wouldn’t give up McDonagh or Del Zotto or Kreider. Period. But I don’t have any idea how far they will go.

  32. Based on the contracts of Gaborik and Richards, Parise would have to be more expensive, I just don’t know by how much more. You can expect his price will be driven up even more if the Rangers (foolishly) trade for Nash.

  33. nash will be here early next monday morning on deadline day so he could be here for the devil game that night.

    if your sather makes your moves early get the players here.

    i agree with Lev the last two comments you can sense in his voice he is thinking new york

  34. Carp – An homage to the great Cary Elwes appearance on Seinfeld?

    Am I happy Beth let me? Of course not. Do I hope to pick up the pieces and move on? Absolutely.

  35. god damn devils starting to piss me off. never give up first goal anymore.

    pens lose
    bruins lose

    rangers win?

    2 for 2 so far

  36. Well, we agree on those guys, Carp – how about Sauer and Stepan? Staal? Dubi I think would be a foregone conclusion to go if Nash comes here.

  37. nash to flyers could be best for us for years to come no jvr schenn or couterier.

    jagr cant play forever

  38. Wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the NHL, the top team in the East to land the one player that make them even Better.

  39. We also have no idea how many teams are bidding for him, but just the notion that the Rangers really want him scares me in terms what they may give up…

  40. Eric – they never stop pissing me off – I hate them with the heat of the fires of 1000 Suns…

  41. Fella’s – if you have to trade one of these – Kreider -or- Del Zotto? Who do you trade for Nash?

  42. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Fascinating to learn that Rick Nash, someone three people outside Penn Plaza would recognize, while no one on Fifth Avenue would take a second look at, got “mobbed” by the media, in the best Rudolph Valentino, Rudy Valee, Young Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Britney tradition.

    At least People Magazine won’t be bumping next week’s “exclusive” features fawning all over Bobby Brown, Jennifer Anniston, and Ellen DeGenerus-types to immortalize yet another obscure, non-descript 70-80 point producing “Hockey God” who seems to have turned about 25 square feet of New York City into a Barnum and Bailey carnival side show amid the crush of frenzied beat-writers looking for that once-in-lifetime scoop and condescending quote from this budding “Winston Churchill” for the 21st Century. (sigh…)

  43. I’d very *reluctantly* trade Del Zotto – I think that Kreider has the chance to be a real star.

  44. I would think Parise’s cap hit would be less than Gaborik’s just over a lot more tears.

    I would expect Parise to get something similar to a 10 year deal 70 mil dollar descending contract…

  45. Boom, what are you trying to say? I think we all want the NYR to be a better team, capable of finally getting out of the first round of the playoffs. What do you wish for?

  46. I suppose, too, that Kreider might be nothing more than a third- or maybe second-line winger … or maybe a bigger, faster Callahan? But a big star? I don’t know. I wouldn’t give him up. I wouldn’t give up Stepan or Staal, either. But I don’t think Dubinsky, a No. 1 and somebody from Hartford (the Jackets scouted the Whale Saturday) will get it done.

    Sather’s pretty cagey in these situations. Maybe he expands it, includes a blue-chipper and gets something more back in the deal.

    And, yes A F L Y. It was an homage.

  47. what’s wrong with 60+ 70+ players?! The guy has world class skills! Get him here already and let’s start enjoying success of this team for the next 6-7 years!

  48. all I know is ever since Gordie Clarke took over as player personnel and considering he was the head of drafting for the islanders when he drafted Chara, luongo, spezza I would say in Gordie Clarke I trust. This guy is a great talent evaluator.

  49. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Sorry for the duplicate postings, first time around computer, I thought, was frozen, but surely you got my “drift.” lol.

  50. I agree Del Zotto would be easier to replace then Kreider. With Erixon ready by next year.

    So I think if Columbus gets Dubi / Del Zotto / 1st Rounder and a Wolski :) It could happen….. they would have everything they are asking for to start a rebuild in Columbus.

    The reason I say this, Del Zotto is a proven 1st round choice (Keeping Kreider) He has a +25 or so today Columbus is very weak on Defense, I can see them taking Del Zotto instead of Kreider.


  51. Did the PBP guy just say that the devils are outshooting the Habs 17 to 4!? Is that just in the 2nd period, or the whole game!?

  52. Volchenkov’s back on the ice. He left a piece of his upper lip in the locker room. Those guys are tough.

  53. tomg

    Gordie Clark has done a very good job but most prospects dont become anymore than a replacement level player like Steve Eminger or Kris Newbury. 2 years ago Grachev was untouchable and now he’ll be lucky to make it as a 3rd liner.

    Although its too early to judge, i still hate the McIlrath pick. I know it was a weak draft but I hated using the 10th overall pick on a defensive defenseman whose best attribute is his size.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nash potatoes for supper!!! ( thats dinner for youse americans)

  55. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp- do you know if the rangers are at 50 contracts? If they are then they would need to trade a player inder contract not just a pick to get a rental.

  56. Luongo was picked 4th overall and Spezza 2nd overall… hard to make a mistake there (unless your name is Alexandre Daigle) As for Chara… wasn’t his best attribute size as well? Look what happened to him…

  57. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao Jim! NUBBINS all about! Funny, the other night, Mark Levin said NUB on the radio, i almost crashed from laughing lol

  58. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    just wanted to share this with you guys, when the man and I FINALLY have our wedding, I hope all invited to the partaaay boneheads are prepared to do something similar to this…

    New York Rangers Wedding Entrance

  59. Hahahah!!! You listen to Levin!? I think I’m in love with another man’s woman! Lord, forgive me!

  60. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks for asking JIMBO –

    Not that what I want even matters to my family, let alone people I don’t know, but I do cringe when names like Kreider, Stepan, MDZ, Erixon and even McIlrath are mentioned. So that I would just be willing (grudingly) to part ways with Dubi, Miller, Thomas and Fasth types, along with a #1 pick.

    So that essentially what I want is for Nash to go somewhere else. Let Philly mortgage THEIR future, and come to think of it, that would, in effect, be a pretty damn good “trade” for the Rangers near and long-term chances of ultimate success being upgraded.

    Just sit back, Slats, and let the dumbos of the world bid eachother into obsurity for the next decade.

  61. this might be dramatic to say, but what happens this week regarding the trade deadline could be a historic moment

    I am very nervous for some reason. I love the team as is and have mixed feelings about losing any of the players mentioned in the potential trade – even Dubinsky. Most fans seem to find him expendable, but it’s rare to find a player so committed to a team and with the right attitude. I’ll miss him, that’s for sure.

  62. CCCP

    good point about Chara although he might be an exception as there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that guys above a certain threshold are more likely to fail.

    The 2005 1st round is a great example because if you look at the least successful of the 1st rounders, about half are 6’4 230+

  63. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you know it Ilbzo, boys are gonna be on FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH tonight!!

    Jimbo, Levin cracks me up. I learn some interesting NUGGETS from him.

  64. I haven’t stated this before until now but I’ve been thinking lately that the big fat turd (James Dolan) is putting pressure on Sather to make this deal whatever it takes just like Dolan step over Walsh to trade for Carmelo Anthony.

  65. World Class Skills has been a seriously lesser version of himself in his last two world
    competitions, compared to the version thru 2008.

    World Class Skills, before his last game (a goal and an assist, I think), had the WORST
    plus-minus in the league – by a fair amount!

    And all this for a mere near cool $8 millions.

    What a deal!

    Carp: 6:14 doesn’t work real well with 6:24 – especially for a pro.

    6:50 or so – “The Rangers will be a better team with him” – “but I have no idea what they are willing to give up for him.” Those two also don’t work very well together.
    In J-school, you probably flunk:-).

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