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  1. rupp fights. thats all. and he adds grit. hes better than a lot of other guys wev had on the 4th line lately

  2. kinda convinced that the 4th line, given the way this team works, is basically pointless 95% of the time

  3. ohh, andhe got 2 sweet goals in the wc. that alone is worth his being here. hes got more goals than prust too. yikes!

  4. You dont understand how hockey works, Lloyd. Our 4th line brings a physical presence, plays defense against other team’s top lines, and helps wear down other team’s top lines. They also penalty kill, and lay their bodies and lives on the line to block shots.

  5. Carp, what’d you think of Torts saying not too ask about injury updates? Gross seems to have taken offence to that.

  6. im more worried about gaborik and dubinsky getting their game back lloyd. gabby has been gettin primo chances and not getting much production. duby with 6 goals is terrible no matter how u look at it. but were winning. so, whattyagonado. nothin.

  7. except for trade for Nash :D. sorry, too easy. This weeks needs to pass by already, deals or no deals, the anxiety isnt healthy.

  8. you all may not want Nash but send him here and there aint too many I wouldnt trade him for…the guy is a tank buried in a bad organIzation and will score 30+ a year for thext 5 years or so if not longer…He is better than Dubinsky or AA any time anywhere…Give him one of them a kid (I agree Kreider has to be an untouchable) and a 1st rounder and throw in a second kid if need be…all these kids in the minors cannot fit here…you build a deep minor league system to make trades just like this! Get em Slats…would have been cool if he was traded between periods.

  9. I have to agree with Grabby – everything isn’t perfect, but we’re winning – I’m happy that we didn’t lose 2 in a row at home – that would have been awful at this point.

  10. Don’t expect a very eventful trade deadline. There are like maybe 3-4 sellers, standings are very tight.

  11. Rupper has his moment and is a good team guy. I liked Bell Biv as a fourth line guy but is silly to spend too much time talking about the bottom three dudes. Also, who is this Lou guy the garden was chanting about not wanting?

  12. I had no problem with tonight apart from them not scoring more goals when they were clearly the better time throughout. And I like a bit of what Mitchell brings. Rupp and Bickel on the other hand, I don’t think the outcome of games like this depend in any way on their presence. Maybe against some big hitting team it’s a different story, but with the 5 or 6 minutes he gives them, what’s the point.

    Gaborik looked good tonight, he just wasn’t able to finish. I thought he looked good away from the puck and created good opportunities. Dubinsky stinks, just like he has all year long.

  13. Lev:

    I’m not a huge fan of Pronger but the guy is dealing with a very difficult situation and having gone through a bit of what he’s experiencing right now, I don’t wish it on anyone.

    And holy crap, six years for Keith Primeau. I had no idea. That’s absolutely terrible.

  14. you guys do not get it. nash’s contract is horrible and therefore he does not make sense on this team at almost any price…..

    Over $7 mill a year for 4 or 5 years more… that is a big big overpay and then you throw in talent going back and this trade makes no sense NONE>>>>>>>>>>

    Dubi is offensively inept and they still have 81 points. I do not understand Bickel in the lineup tonight. Seriously play Wolski and if he sucks(most probably the case) dump him for anything or just sit him out, but to play Bickel 5 minutes when toughness is not needed is a total waste

  15. Lev:

    Agree with Lloyd. I’ve had three concussions. One lasted almost a month and was awful. Really awful. Could not imagine six years of that. I hope both those guys are able to recover sooner rather than later. I really liked Primeau and although I always saw Pronger as the scary meathead type dude who might snap unexpectedly at any moment, this is still a sad story.

  16. They should trade dubby and a first rd pick for carter… Dubby and carter have close to the same cap hit…plus can actually score

  17. stuart a, I understand what you’re saying but think…Meh? Sure Bickel is a waste at 5min but so would WW be playing 5min on the bottom three. At least Bickel will give us some toughness and through some hits. In the same role, where Torts would for sure stick WW, we’d get…?

  18. Carter is the Ghost of Playoffs Past, Present and Future. I think trading for Carter=Bad move cap’n.

  19. carters contract is much longer and much more expensive then Dubi’s. Carter’s problem is he does not try that is unnaceptable. Carter, Penner, guys like that are horrible players who’s lack of effort kilsls teams…..

  20. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    lev-ee, llloyd of london’s, rangers ‘adam’ west

    We all have our struggles and demons to deal with. This is the cycle of life. The beauty is in the manner in which we deal with adversity. It ain’t easy, but one eventually either decides to fight or admits defeat. Fairly simple strategy for our various complex struggles.

    that is all!â„¢

  21. Jeff Carter will retire before he’s 35. Once his scoring declines (It already disappears in the playoffs) no team in the NHL will have any use for him. Maybe he can be towel boy or an Ice Boy to cheer on the team but that will be the end all of it.

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