Players’ poll rates Lundqvist, Gaborik, Tortorella high


The NHLPA has posted its players poll. You can see it here.

In it, Henrik Lundqvist is voted the hardest goalie on whom to score (though not in proper English). Marian Gaborik is voted the best skater and the fastest skater.

John Tortorella is voted the most demanding coach, and is in the top five coaches for whom players most would like to play. Imagine? Yeah, that’s what I’ve been telling youse.


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  1. But nasty, we pay our hard earned money to go to the game, and I will boo if I want to boo.

    That is all fine and good, but this team would not be in the position we are in this year with out Biron. LAME

    This team would not have come out of our laughing stock hibernation without Jagr, LAME.

    Nash may very well end up a Ranger very soon, and you want to boo the guy for what?? Because a fan favorite might be traded for him. LAME

  2. FLyers getting kubina and grossman, now being rumored in on Nash sweepstakes….they are bulking up and i dont like it one bit….

  3. FLyers getting kubina and grossman, now being rumored in on Nash sweepstakes….they are bulking up and i dont like it one bit….


    but their goalkeeping situation still sucks bad and i love it! LOOL

  4. another thing is you look at how many goals nash has scored this year compare to Dubinsky you will realize that Nash Plays on the number one line and plays more minutes and shoots the puck allot more than Dubi. I still think Dubi can be a 20 goal scorer but Dubi has been playing 3rd and fourth line minutes. Dubi is a all around player, will drop the gloves if need be, I admit, not the best fighter but has improved, also he kills penalties, blocks shots and is a two way player. Nash is a goal scorer and that’s it, he doesn’t fight, kill penalties or play a two way game. People on here complain about Dubi’s contract. What are you going to say if Nash plays for the rangers and he is averaging 25-30 goals a year making 8 mill for the next 6 years with low assists and that’s it.

  5. and dubi grew up a ranger fan and bleeds ranger blue but fans look past the tangibles that you need on a winning team.

  6. Who is wearing what jersey today for hockey day in america? Ha, I have my whole family in jerseys today. I am wearing my Staal heritage. I would like to wear my Cally winter classic, but it is white, and when I am going out and about with the kids, it is not a good idea at all.

  7. please, let the flyers get Nash, they still won’t go anywhere because the main thind you need is good defence and a good goal tender, something the flyers are stil lacking. I hope they get Nash with that contract and giving up there young players would be great.

  8. And seemingly Mark Carkner got votes for toughest player and John McLellan for best coach, so maybe more evidence that the players don’t know what they are doing (or that the NHLPA needs better interns).

  9. I like our chances against anyone in a best of 7 right now. We have not lost more than 2 in a row all year. Our goals against is outstanding. I have a very good feeling about this team.

  10. So the penguins just signed Neal to a 5m per year cap hit. I think that is the end of either Staal or Kennedy at next years deadline.

  11. I hope Kovalchuk gets a bad bout of botulism though. That guy is on fire right now. The Devils are on the outside looking in without that guy.

  12. You mean because of Kovalchuk’s shoot out goals? Because they’re on the outside looking in without their ridiculous SO record.

  13. Kennedy or they could dump one of their overpaid D like Martin or Michalek. Doubt they’d dump Staal if Crosby’s health is an issue.

  14. Plenty of teams will be sniffing around Tyler Kennedy.

    No, that should say Tyler Kennedy will be sniffing around plenty of teams…

  15. game tonight. Since I got my authentic Richter jersey signed and framed, all I wear now is my authentic Messier jersey. Cannot afford to get him to sign it unfortunately.

  16. @I applaud the Knicks for building a team that the Rangers should envy, but I don’t give two Carcillos about them and will rather watch the ugliest team in hockey than them@

  17. Oh, right, a Knicks game is that thing that causes the Rangers to be bumped to an inferior channel and radio station, causes a Rangers game to be delayed by an hour, and causes the Rangers to play on ice that’s even worse than normal.

  18. Paul in sunrise on

    Dubi to take out nash with hit and put him out with lower body injury for four weeks. No trades. Haha.

    Just to be clear I like dubi. But this team needs goals. Without dubi boyler AA or stepan on last years pace they have to find it elsewhere.

  19. Maybe we can see a mid-game trade for Nash and he becomes the first player to score for both teams in the same game.

    I love it, CT. That’s some magical stuff for Page 6.

  20. “Maybe we can see a mid-game trade for Nash and he becomes the first player to score for both teams in the same game.”

    Marek Malik must’ve done that at least once already.

  21. Afternoon gang.

    I kinda enjoy the later start, let’s me get more stuff done during the day, like cleaning ALLLLLL the things. Which I am going to do now since I was lazy all morning.

    Be back for the game!

  22. Ok so I agree with you guys about Popeye’s but these KFC commercials are screwing with my mind. It looks SO good and then I can’t remember what Popeye’s even tastes like.

  23. I don’t like Popeye’s or KFC. I have this great fried chicken place near me – it’s the only place I go.

  24. Dear Rick Carpiniello,

    Your attempt at creating and feeding controversy where there is none is shameful. However, you chose the correct career path for such shamefulness.


    Chris M.

  25. They have THE BEST dinner rolls, NYR. I make mini-sammiches with them using breast meat. Delicious.

  26. Hey Latona – I didn’t ask about your favorite place. It was an EITHER/OR thing. I think our friendship is over.

  27. Happy the Rangers got some respect in those polls.. but Datsyuk won six. Six! I will always maintain he is the most complete player in the world.

  28. duckbillthebuilder on

    duckbill doesn’t want to see david dubinsky go from said team. hath the carp chimed in on chances of dubi being moved? can rod lurks give us a hint???


  29. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    I’m sticking with iggy (probably won’t get moved), ruutu (is he hurt?), or hornqvist as the 3 forwards I would like to get.

    I’m neutral on Nash, if it is the right deal, then yes, if not …no. I’m not concerned about our cap situation with him though, especially if you move the right players in a potential deal for him.

    Flyers are definitely getting bigger…not sure if better, but bigger. They did get better with the injury causing no sestito though!

  30. wicky,

    Never thought of Hornqvist. I agree it would be a good pick up.. he’s a young Tomas Holmstrom and his style of play, along with being coached by Barry Trotz, would make for what should be a relatively smooth transition. I dunno if he’s even on the market or what Nashville would want in return, though.

  31. Carp, I think Chris may have been trying to push your buttons.
    He may have been talking about your take on the Knicks and crappy ice, late start, crappy channel…
    However its hard to create controversy among boneheads who agree with you…Prust sayin’

  32. i had dream we got james neal and woke up and saw pens gave him a 5 year extension. imagine him on the 1st line lw. what did pens give up for him?? goligoski right? and now hes better than nash. or at least this season. we should not trade for nash. the leafs are tryin to get him. let them get something once in awhile. thy had to take connolly after richards came here. poor guys. hha

  33. pizza ranch has the best chicken. only in midwest though. mickey, do they hve one in missouri?? they have realgood chicken, not rally pizza though. they should change the name, cuz the pizza sucks

  34. if we dont beat the pis n snot out of bj’s tonight, im gonna be depressed. remember the 05-6 season where we had 100 points and then lost every game for like a month till playoffs? not happening this year but its always possible we go on a couple nice losing streaks, go into playofs cold as whitneys crack pipe. sorry that was terrible. my apologies.

  35. OK on Roy’s ORR – I always liked their chicken, but they closed just about all the franchises that I ever had the occasion to visit!

    There is still one right near MSG, apparently – but I’m seldom in that area, unfortunately.

  36. staalsy- its actually really good greasy food if u like to gain weight, just sit in the parking lot and inhale the fumes of grease wafting through your vents. dont even eat it, just smell it.

  37. Latona! Still waiting for you to mention the name of the chicken place near you that’s so good!

  38. >>>Speaking of chicken…the Wings aboot to win another game at home.

    They sure don’t *play* like chickens, ORR – more like eagles or condors! :-)

  39. Ryan Reaves with an “Avery special” on John Scott. Takes him down, then throws a sucker punch while he’s on the ice, covered by refs. Right to the back of his head. I wish the NHL would hand out suspensions for sucker punches like that. Classless.

  40. Grabby, I think we took the Hawks a bit for granted last game, what with their long losing streak, which we were nice enough to donate Beer-On to..

    I hope we do not do the same thing with the Jackets tonight, minus Beer-On..

  41. I’m glad they’re in the west – a few other teams will have to face them before we (hopefully!) do!

  42. do youse agree that Detroit’s record needs an asterisk because of the breakaway contest they hold after hockey games end?

  43. somebody snipe datsyuk or throw an octopuss on the ice just before he gets there so he falls down n hurts himself. if we ever reach them we will get destroyed at joe louis. and even if we manage to get a lead going into te 3rd with them, they are notorious for coming back.

  44. Carp,

    Only three of Detroit’s 26 home victories have come via the shootout, so I’m going to say no.


    It’s called Chicken Galore. Hole in the wall restaurant, delicious everything.

  45. Yes, I’d have to know how many SO wins they have, too – it seems to me that they beat everyone they play in regulation!

    Now the Debbies, on the other hand….

  46. Latona! OK on Chicken Galore – it’s funny, here in NYC, there used to be an outfit called “Chicken Delight” – but a lot of them closed down, and the ones that didn’t close took on the name “Chicken Galore” – I wonder if there’s any connection there in northern NJ?

  47. Those three wins have come during the streak, granted, so it would put them at 20, which is under the record, but the feat in and of itself is still unbelievable, so I’d still leave out the asterisk.

  48. Grabby- I don’t believe there are any Pizza Ranch’s here in STL. I do know they exist in Wisconsin cause I have to deal with them in my job. I hear Rally’s fried chicken is pretty good, although I will admit that when I want it, I normally got to KFC just cause I like their mashed potatoes and biscuits. Not a fan of Popeyes cause I had a bad experience there once and I prefer my fried chicken to be kinda bland and not spicy.

    Now if we are talking about pizza, stay the hell away from Imo’s. That stuff is nasty although people around here love it for some reason. Must be that godawful Provel cheese that put on it. YUCK. Domino’s is better than then and we all know that Domino’s really sucks.

  49. Yup. My Chicken Galore was formerly titled Chicken Delight. Never had any change of ownership, however.

  50. Speaking of asterisks, though, anyone feel like looking up how many shootout wins Brodeur had in his record breaking season compared to the win total of the second place netminder on the list?

  51. Tiki XLII XLVI on



    Sometimes, I get a good feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Detroit owns the single season record and the multiple season record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. OK, Latona – there must have been a reason for that name-change business. All the “Galores” that switched their names eventually closed down in this part of the world, though – unfortunately. As I recall it, their chicken was pretty good.

    Mickey! If you like cleaning so much, I have a house for you to get satisfaction from, right here! ;-D

  53. Tiki XLII XLVI on


    LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets light the dynamite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. I’d like to see the Wild help us out today – not likely, perhaps, but I’d like it!

    Same with Montreal tonight – I despise them, but since they’re playing the Debbies (in our division), I’d rather see them win, for sure….(probably won’t happen – fatso always plays well against the Habs…)

  55. With the way they’ve been playing lately, I’m surprised that Toronto still is in a playoff position. Frankly, the Fishsticks are playing well enough to overtake them, which doesn’t make me happy.

    I’d hate to face those bastages in round one – it would be like they’re playing for their fifth Stanley Cup in a row for them to have the opportunity to knock us out of the playoffs in the first round. Just sayin’…

  56. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    re hornqvist…I’m hoping the preds are going to be a bit tighter against the cap (trying to resign all their stud d men) and maybe would be willing to move him for a pick a younger player (bjork maybe). A pipe dream on my part more than likely, but I would love to add him!

  57. I agree, Jimbo; eliminating the Fishsticks in the playoffs would probably be difficult for that reason, but glorious. I would prefer Winnipeg in the first round; although playing in their barn would be intimidating at first, they haven’t really threatened us in any of the games we’ve played against them.

  58. I’d hate to face the Fishsticks, simply because of the way they always play against us – no matter what the points and talent differential is, every time they play us it’s like the Cup finals for them.

    Winnipeg doesn’t scare me. They don’t have the incentive that the fishies do…

  59. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    He took the midnight training going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever you care about in life, always give all your heart, and never stop believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you least expect it, the reward will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And anytime u see a homeless person, give ’em food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it rock Let it rock Let it rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. There wasn’t always overtime in regular season games correct? Should teams or individual’s (mostly pertaining to goalies) records have an asterisk if they were set in the period where there was regular season OT (but no shootout) that might not have counted previously? How about scoring records that were set in 80 something game seasons as opposed to 70 something game seasons?

  61. CT Blueshirt

    the Rangers had 2 second round picks in the 2011 (one was from the Sanguinetti trade) and both were traded in the Erixon deal so the Rangers do in fact have a 2nd rounder this year. Not like that matters since a conditional pick is only given up if the player resigns…

    Obviously Anaheim wouldn’t give him up for that which is why he wont be coming here…

  62. I mean Howe played most of his first 20 seasons with a 70 game schedule. Now Gretzky would have obviously still shattered his records even if Howe played 80 game seasons but the record books would certainly look different. Such as where Messier would have ended up.

  63. Oleo, even that 2nd round pick wouldn’t sweeten the deal that much. Selanne is having a pretty good season, Ducks are still on the bubble and 2nd round picks are fetching bottom 6 forwards and 5th/6th D. Rangers 1st round pick will most likely be a 20-30th pick.

  64. wow bruins are on a mission today. nice saves by backstrom. and ortmeyr with a callahan type pk clear. looks like the rangers dont they? the wild i mean.

  65. It’s really tough to compare players from the old days with today’s players. *So* many changes have taken place, like schedule length, watering down of talent with never-ending league expansions, rule changes..etc..

  66. Not much happening in the Bruins-Wild game..

    The current version of the Rangers is better than anything we’ve seen here in many years – perhaps since 1994.

    Wild scores!

  67. iDoodie machetto on

    Grabby, yes, but for a glorious three or four games he centered Ortmeyer and Prucha. There was a great photoshop of them in police uniforms

  68. btw, cccp n ilb, 4 everranger, any you guys seenthe show on hbo called exporting raymond? its the guy who created everybody loves raymond going to russia to make a russian version thats called everybody loves costya. i recommend highly to everybody

  69. go ny go ny go!!! lmao. rememebr the ire sather rally? i saw cccp and mouth there. good times in bonehead history.

  70. Oh yes, I do! But I have to say, compared to some of The Doc’s ditties, I wonder if Joe is so bad!

    Yes, I know – *consummate* professional – I just don’t like *all* of his colorful decsriptions of standard hockey plays..

  71. fire sather i mean. mannywaffle!!! whatup dawg? i think me, u cccp, lw3h and wicky are gonna have a nice playoffs in our league. hows stastny and mcdonut workin for ya? hossa has been a bust lately.

  72. Grabs keep it up youre doin fine.

    i got my work done so its cocktail and Rangers time to finish up the weekend

  73. so is everybody excited about us getting Rick Nash? ha ha ha.

    I think it should make this game a little more exciting.

    dont want him. dont wanna lose Dubi either

  74. I don’t want to give up on Dubi yet either – I’m hoping for a burst of production from him. Nash is a *very*good player, but I have to say, if there’s any chance that we can pry Parise away from that swamp-ghetto team across the river, I’d prefer to get him, and give up none of our core players.

  75. Aaron Portzline, beat writer for the Columbus Blue Jackets said in a article he wrote this morning for the Columbus dispatch “It’s unlikely, sources say, that the Rangers will part with young defenseman Ryan McDonagh, but Michael Del Zotto could be had, as could Boston College junior Chris Kreider, a forward.”

    I don’t know who his sources are but I think it’s time to find new ones. I can’t imagine that sather and the front office would consider giving up Delzotto and Kreider, unfortunately, dubi yes but the other two, no.

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