No Nash, No Kubina, No Nothin’


That’s what I’ve got for you at the moment. Been really busy with the “other” job.

But I figured youse needed a new thread to start your weekend.

So here you go. I might have something later.

Or I might not.

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  1. Late? The day has just started! Will be interesting to see if Sather pulls off another Gomez-type trade with a club that is enamored of an underutilized player like Avery or Wolski, to bring over the Son of McDonough.

  2. “underutilized” is an optimistic way to describe those two players…I like it, if Sather can convince some other GM that’s the reality of the situation!

  3. Watched the magic of a ton of youth with some has beens do its thing in Edmonton last night.

    take heed o collectors of youth.

  4. Johnnyboy: with all due respect, that is a poor analogy. Yes, we are one of the youngest teams in the NHL, but that is where the similarity ends with Edmonton. They suck, we don’t. End of story.

  5. Paul in sunrise on

    For what’ it’s worth I would trade for Nash. I know you guys have spent days on the topic. I just feel that this team is one or two players away. I saw the cup run in 94. And they turned over lots of that roster for the cup. Worth it. In this case it will be worth a small sacrifice to land Nash.

  6. Paul in sunrise on

    Don’t know if this was discussed because not involved with last thread or two but new CBA may allow some form of amnesty buyouts or deal reworking. So trade for Nash. Then rework his deal to a more cap friendly deal. Can do similar deal to BRich. Loads of upfront money add a year or two then reduce cap hit. Also there may be a salary rollback next year as well so that 7.8 may be at 5.2 or 6.0 (25-33 percent reduction). Still big numbers but manageable. Drury buyout off books likely as well.

  7. Paul in sunrise on

    Satty hatty

    Going to play at panthers bank Atlantic center this morning in my rec league. Cool to be in the big stadium. Our games draw better than the puddy cats

  8. Scott Howson knows his job is on the line and is trying to fleece the rangers in trading for Nash. I’m confident that Sather won’t bite unless Howson comes down to reality. Howson should realize you can’t fleece a fleecer.

  9. Add _more_ years and upfront money to Richards’ deal?

    Amnesty buyouts are one thing, but I can’t see the NHLPA being forced into signing up for contract restructuring being allowed.

  10. Johnnyboy: ANTYHING COULD happen! Anything is always possible. But, what evidence do you have that the Rangers are on the same path as the Edmonton Oilers? The truth of the matter is that the empirical evidence proves EXACTLY the opposite.

  11. There are two huge differences between the Oil and the Rangers. First, is that the Oilers routinely draft in the top-10 and always take(as most teams would) the most talented player on the boards. The Rangers almost always draft in the middle, where the talent is less guaranteed and where they’ve selected guys on a basis of how they fit into a future plan. For instance, Kreider, McIlrath, and Miller are the types of players that would shift seamlessly into this roster. Second, is that the Oilers lack any sort of top goaltender and the Rangers have the best on on the planet. They’ll probably pull themselves into a playoff spot in short order, but they’re going to struggle to do anything until they have a top goalie capable of competing with other top goalies.

  12. tomg – The clock to fire Howson starts ticking the minute he pulls the trigger on a Nash deal. There’s been plenty of speculation that he’s getting canned anyway and the only reason he still has a job is that the management wants to make a clean break with Nash, but needs a fall guy for the fans to blame if and when the deal turns out bad for Columbus.

  13. personally I don’t want Nash at all. I’ve said this on here allot, the contract alone is a cap killer and will hurt the rangers down the road from signing there young players who will most likely get better as the years go on. Yes, the cap might go up temporarily because of the new CBA bargaining but will go down. That contract doesn’t fit the quality of the player. It would be like getting another Scott Gomez contract, no thanks.

  14. Bc the new GM woudnt want his first order of business to be trading the vf ace of the franchise….talk about starting off on the wrong foot lol

  15. The White Plains Batman on

    Gang-The players the Rangers brought in for the 94 Run (Noonan, Matteau, Larmer earlier in the year, MaCtavish, and Anderson) all had either won Cups, or been deep in the playoffs before. Nash has not. Lauri freaking Korpikoski has more playoff games played during his Rangers tenure than Rick Nash has.

    This is not Butch Goring. This is not Mike Gartner.

    Nash is a very good player but not a proven winner; only four playoff appearances dating back to juniors not including the 04-05 lockout. He doesn’t make people around him better nor is he a top 5 player in this league.

    That cap hit is death and unless you’re trading for a healthy Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos, younger Datsyuk, or Ovechkin, you don’t give that up.

    I’d much rather have Kopitar than Nash.

    Nash may barely hit 30 goals this year. His production really hasn’t been greater than someone like Hagelin.

    Don’t do it.

  16. i cant wait to read these comments a week from now when the rangers trade for nash… that is going to be pure gold

  17. The White Plains Batman – I think that’s kind of overlooking the type of player Nash is. No doubt, he would be a dangerous asset to throw on any top line in the NHL. His lack of playoff experience isn’t the problem. His cap hit and cost are the real issues. I wouldn’t mind Nash here, I just can’t see how Sather could pull it off without either upsetting the chemistry this year or hamstringing the team cap-wise for many years to come. Honestly, I think Nash lands in either LA or Boston. The latter could be a significant problem for the Rangers chances in the east this year.

  18. “i cant wait to read these comments a week from now when the rangers trade for nash… that is going to be pure gold”

    I can write mine right now. “I hate this. I can’t believe Sather did this. We’re better this year but its a horrible long term move. I can’t believe he messed with the core and future cap of a young 1st place team. [barf]”

  19. sorry, I don’t see Sather making a trade for Nash, doesn’t make sense or fit into the rangers plans for the future. It would be suicide.

  20. I personally don’t think the Nash move makes sense on any front. Is he a talented player, yes, but he does not fit into this system, nor does he fit into our financial plans.

    He doesn’t fit into the system because he doesn’t do a lot of the dirty work along the boards, throw his body in front of shots, etc. He’s a great puckhandler, and strong skater, very much like a young Jagr, only problem is we have that type of player already, Gaborik, who we had to surround him with guys who do do the dirty things, like block shots and grind it out along the boards, and Gaborik himself even improved his boards play this season, however, taking on another player like this could potentially help take the identity away from this team.

    I think this is a young, gritty, first place team with a chip on it’s shoulder. Built to do the little things, well conditioned, built to be able to defend and win 1-0, 2-1 playoff games. And this team is built to play this way for years down the road as well. For the money we would give Nash, it would more than cover signing every FA we have this year for at least a year or 2 more. Then next year we have quite a few key FA’s which we NEED to sign too. I just think that 7.8 mil/year is better spent making a team that’s gonna compete for a stanley cup year after year.

    A big reason the 94 team did so well in the playoffs was because there was a lot of playoff experience being brought in for younger talent. Amonte, Weight, Turcotte, Gartner, all guys that it sucked to see go, and they all had successful carreers after wearing Broadway Blue. The idea then was to end the curse and do whatever it takes, so they traded players of like qualities with the difference being experience. The result, a stanley up, the result in the next season? 8th place, and yes that 8th place team beat the young Quebec Nordiques team, which the next year won the stanley cup as the Avalanche, and proceeded to be cup contenders every year until 2002.

    I would just rather see us take care of our young core, because this is a special bunch, throw in Kreider, Miller, McIlrath over the next couple of years, with the young core we have now entering into the primes of their carreers, this team could go places, not just be one and done. We’re not fighting a 54 year curse anymore, we’re not as desperate as we were then. Let’s build this team and ride them to the cup multiple times! And enjoy May and June hockey every year for the next 5-6-7 years!

  21. I would think Nash’s dominance during the Olympics might give an idea as to how he could handle the playoffs. The chemistry thing is way overrated. Getting players who fit the identity and system of a team are far more important than trying to make chemistry.

    “Chemistry” changes from game to game and season to season. Last year, Artie-Cally-Dubi had that magical chemistry. They didn’t this year. The GAS line has chemistry for stretches, then they disappear. However, somebody by Hagelin comes along who fits with the identity of the team and he fits right in. We have a revolving door of defensemen who all can make it work because they fit the identity of the team.

    Chemistry is way over-stated.

  22. But you can’t totally discount player-to-player chemistry either. Everyone thought Richards would come in and be the center Gaborik needed to go nuts. They never clicked but lucky for us Stepan and Gabby did. So, yes, chemistry is overrated but it does exist. We’ve seen it on this very roster.

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Let’s see, Howson is just about out the door, and Sather, a.k.a. “Father Time” does not have long to go here, and in his active front office NHL career. So that this Nash deal figures to get done because one GM is trying to save his job, while the other is trying to catch lightning in a bottle, on his way out the door to the Old Folks Farm. He certainly doesn’t have three- five years remaining to piddle around with developing Rangers system “futures.”

    So that this deal will get done for all the wrong / self-serving reasons and has little to do with organizational considerations coming first. Unless the Rangers win the Stanley Cup this year with Nash, this could be a “Titanic” redux, around here, given that Slats will have to part with at least two blue-chip prospects to pull it off.

    Trading a real shot at two or even three Stanley Cup championships over the next six years for one shot at the SC now, does not resonate in some circles. Best chance the Rangers have is that Boston has disintegrated in the aftermath of the Tim Thomas situation, and Detroit has peaked way too soon, also a strong concern as regards the Rangers, although they, like Detroit, haven’t gone into the tank, just yet, but figure to display some major downside liability come the month of March. This is really setting up well for Vancouver, at the present time.

  24. ‘and Sather, a.k.a. “Father Time” does not have long to go here,’

    You’ve found Sather’s medical chart and think he’s dying?

    Just asking?

  25. Larry Brooks seemed to acknowledge some possibility that Nash could be a Ranger before tomorrow’s game but he may just be joking

  26. Morning all,

    Boom Boom,

    Gotta give Slats some credit here – the man knows how to make deals (see Gomez for McDonagh) – he will not mess this one up. Not with what is at stake.

    Vancouver looks good right now – but personally, I think the Rangers would beat them in the finals. Grind them into ice chips. Look at the way the Canucks laid down in game 7 against the B’s last year. Rangers are too tough for those guys.

    I would love to see the Rangers play the Sharks in the finals – and make Jumbo Joe eat his “soft” words once and for all.

  27. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Success in the playoffs really has more to do with which team is peaking at the right time, than who has the most talent. Things can and do change dramaticallly from month to month in the NHL, such a physical game hockey is.

    We have seen the best Boston, Detroit and the Rangers have to give, already this year, while Vancouver has yet to reach its peak performance level. But that is just for right now and some deals shaking down soon could change the landscape, by quite a lot.

  28. for what its worth, this is the weakest the East will likely be for the forseeable future.

    As long as Crosby and Malkin are on the same team, they will always be the favorites in the league…

  29. Boom Boom,

    We’ve also seen teams go into the playoffs with nothing doing and making some big runs.

    All of a sudden a goalie gets hot – and a lower seeded team can steal a round or two

  30. we’ve also seen teams with great regular seasons lose in the first round…

    While I certainly believe we will win our first round matchup, it’s the next round where I’m not sure we’ll be able to win. Getting past better offensive teams like Philly, Pitt and Boston are going to be very difficult and if Marty starts playing like he did 5 years ago then NJ will very difficult to outscore as well…

  31. Paul in sunrise on

    The talk about future prospects is understandable but overdone. No one knows if miller will be Hugh jessimen. McIlrath be sanguinetti. But we know that Rick Nash is a 30 goal scorer. Kreider is probably the only untouchable prospect at forward. Erixon on defense probably the same.

    Kreider – step – gabby
    Nash – BRich – Cally
    Hags – boyler – prust
    AA – Mitchell – Rupp

    That team is young enough to develop new draft picks in the comin years. If you don’t trade for Nash sub in dubi somewhere. Then where is the room for miller/Thomas/insert other name here. To think that one day all of the prospects wil be on the team at the same time is sort of fantasy. There will always be traded and upgrades. Getting Nash now does not sacrifice future cup runs. Does it hurt in te rfa category for contracts. Sure. But at some point when will loyalty and a desire to play for NYR at a home town discount come into play.

    I still think that there will be a roll back or opportunity I restructure if new CBA lowered cap. also remember nhlpa Dom fehr was a baseball guy and used to a system of luxury taxes which may allow NYR to go over cap with a penalty to help smaller markets.

  32. Oleo,

    You’re right

    playoffs are a crap shoot

    But when you have The King between the pipes – all things are possible

    The man is on a mission

  33. Paul, interesting…
    1. What make you feel Kreider is qualified to play 1 line? (how many games did you see him playing?).
    2. Did you ever see Nash playing LW and how comfortable he will be if placed there?
    3. What is a hockey sense to keep type of player AA is on 4th line with limited minutes? (isn’t it better than, to trade him, because obviously his value on a market much higher than 4th liner).

  34. Oleo: not only that, but:

    PHI: Pronger done for year
    PIT: Crosby done for year (career?)
    WAS: Green out, Ovechkin having worst season of his career
    NJ: Poor first half
    MTL/BUF/TB/WPG/TOR/CAR/OTT: Not playoff teams this year despite each of those teams having star players of some kind.
    NYI: ’nuff said

    That really leaves us and Boston, and we can beat Boston.

    We’re not going to have all of this happen again and that’s why we need to load up for a run this year.

  35. Steve Zipay @stevezipay
    Dubinsky: “If it (a trade) does happen, it’ll suck. Obviously, I love it here.”

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    DKJ –

    Re: “We’re not going to have all this happen again” Baloney! If we hold the young core together, the serious run of this year can happen every year for the better part of a decade. Trading young blue chips and squeezing cap space for Nash is how this will not be happening again for a long time.

    Dammit, we got Gaborik, we got Richards, let the our system do the rest. Going overboard for big name players can have one nasty downside, when taken too far. Enough with the overpriced, fat contract signings, already.

  37. haven’t we been through that before, loading up with high price veteran players. How did that work out in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

  38. As I mentioned in the prior posting ( before getting Carped as often happens), but I see that someone is eager for Kubina….don’t be. He is very very ordinary.
    Oh a decent D man, but not any better than the average Rangers now, and yes he pots the occasional goal, but hey…but so does Gilroy.

    Certainly no one that is going to be worth the trouble.

    I can say this with confidence because I watch quite a few Bolts games, and eh….ok…..but don’t give up anything that is here now for him.

  39. thought i’d bring something else to discuss:

    just curious
    if Sather traded Avery or anyone else
    from the Whale who would need to
    clear waivers to join the Rangers
    do they need to clear waivers
    when joining their new team?

    if yes, then is it a gentleman’s agreement among
    gm’s not to take a player on re-entry waivers
    after they’re traded?

  40. Boom Boom Bathgate

    the one major downside with waiting for prospects is that very few prospects ever become above average players in the league and very very very few turn into perennial all-stars.

    Most top prospects turn into Grachev not Stepan…

  41. In the late 90’s we had no young core, just older than dirt players and mercenaries.

    Now I hear Columbus is talking to the Flyers about Nash.

  42. From the Trade or High Purchase Advocate standpoint.
    The popular notion that we have to be patient and wait for development of all our young players to a team which brings us SC, with all it nice attractiveness and righteous cause, is a little bit overstated. Comes reality check. First and foremost, measure of talent in each individual is, believe it or not, strictly limited by M(other)N(ature) and goes only this far… no matter how hard you try after reaching aforementioned limit. Secondly, regardless, how optimistic are we about our perspective players, I didn’t honestly see any Ovis, Crosbys or Leeches yet, and the better team will perform, the less are the chances to see ones in drafts. Third – in a long run for SC, team can’t rely only on two superstars like Hank and Gaby(I don’t consider BRich a super, albeit very good). If, god forbid, something happens (slump or injury), team will be able to just barely fight for a playoff spot.
    “Ergo” – sometimes you have to BUY a *real* talent-which is always one-time, special, “custom made” goods. It’s only the matter of price to value balance, vision and luck. Show me this in an art form.
    P.S. Saying that, I’m totally OK, if none of it will be done. It is interesting enough. I just have to reduce my expectations for ultimate result and watch my team’s “blue collars fights” as a lovely entertainment with adrenalin rush.

  43. Again if you can get Nash and only have to give up Dubinsky from the NHL roster while holding onto Kreider its an absolute no-brainer.

    To turn down a player that addresses our two biggest weaknesses because we might have to give up a homegrown player or two 2-3 years down the road is utter nonsense.

    Even the young guys we currently have aren’t good enough to the point where they are getting huge contracts. As good as McDonagh, Del Zotto and Stepan are, we’re not talking about Toews, Kane and Keith…

  44. Dubiiii

    There is no way that would be enough although I would certainly up the offer a bit since Whitney would look real nice in our top 6.

    In fact Whitney would be a great guy to look at on a 1 year deal in the offseason even if we brought in Parise as well…

  45. funny, reading fans of other teams on TSN about Nash being traded to there team and they have the same sentiment, don’t don’t do it, contract is a cap killer and not worth giving up prospects.

  46. Buzz: The Flyers Are Listening To Rick Nash Offers
    posted on February 18th, 2012 at 2:04 pm
    According to Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly, The Flyers are listening to Columbus about a deal for Rick Nash.

    Columbus GM Scott Howson is at the Flyers game for the second straight Saturday and is being joined by associate Craig Patrick.

    The Flyers are believed to still be searching for defense and Panaccio thinks that the players wanted by Columbus would be a combination of Braydenn Schenn, Sean Couturier, James vanRiemsdyk and Sergei Bobrobsky.

    WOW. That’s a LOT to give up.

  47. I hope the flyers do it, Nash fits right in, good offensive team that doesn’t play defense or a two way game. IMO that would make the flyers a worse team, not a good playoff team.

  48. I’m indifferent on the Flyers getting Nash. Doesn’t matter either way.

    In all seriousness, who would you rather have Brad Richards or Rick Nash? You can make an easy case for Nash. The difference is what you would have to give up to get him.

  49. Everyone keeps talking about the Rangers cap situation although whats funny is the Rangers will be able to resign everyone they wish this offseason, sign Parise and still have about 3 mil left over to sign someone else…

  50. I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no guarantee that the new CBA will allow players under contract to come off the cap…even with a move to the AHL…

    So, there’s a slight possibility that Redden’s contract may count against the cap next season…

  51. I don’t think we are going to get Nash. I think there are smarter moves out there to be made. And I think it will come down to the wire whatever we do.

  52. NYR_Fan,
    there is no way they are going to be allowed to retroactively make an already buried contract suddenly count against the cap…I don’t see that happening.
    If anything they will eliminate the option of burying a player in the minors

  53. What they should allow in the next CBA is for teams to pay part of a players salary in a trade like they do in baseball.

    They used to before the lockout (which made the Jagr trade even more of a steal)…

  54. Chicago leading Columbus 6-1…id say tomorrow will be ugly but Columbus is probably used to these lopsided games by now.

  55. Maybe Nash can just switch jerseys with someone tomorrow (AA) during the game.

    What do you guys think about that?

  56. Columbus play by play guys drooling over Wisniewski blocking 2 shots and how he’s a warrior…i guess tomorrow they will be slobbering watching NYR

  57. NYR_FAN

    it wont be a major issue. 1) The player still gets paid regardless of whether he’s on the team or not and 2) it affects so few players each year.

  58. Check out the following from the CBJ-CHI game: I wonder why 6-0 190 lb Derek Dorsett instigated a fight with 6-8 260 lb John Scott.

    Time Team Penalty Detail
    John Scott: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Derek Dorsett
    Derek Dorsett: 2 Minutes for Instigator John Scott (Served by Vinny Prospal)
    Derek Dorsett: 5 Minute Major for Fighting John Scott
    Derek Dorsett: 10 Minute Misconduct
    Derek Dorsett: 10 Minute Misconduct for Instigator John Scott

  59. The team that scares me playoff time isn’t the bruins it would be the Pens. The pens healthy with or without Crosby is a dangerous team.

  60. oleo, it affects small market teams that can barely spend to the cap as it is. The point of a cap system is to level the playing field for smaller market teams, right?

    Why have a cap at all then?

  61. That Dorsett guy must be like Tie Domi, wanting a piece of all the biggest guys … but that fight looks like Kramer doing karate against the children. Godzilla looks like he can’t believe this little bulldog is trying to fight him.

  62. Has anyone come up with any players for the Rangers to go after before the deadline that make more sense than Nash?

  63. Ye Carp it looked like Scott was like is this guy really doing this? and then when he landed the first punch Scott was like enough of this carcillo…but gotta give the kid props for showing guts.

  64. Mason has probably played his last game with Columbus…aside from sucking this entire year he apparently threw a hissy fit and yelled at the coach for pulling him today after he gave up 4 goals.

  65. Chara is 6-9 255, Scott is 6-8 258. Why does Chara look much thinner than that? Scott looks huge compared to Chara.

  66. it’d be nice to see Scott and Boogaard (RIP)….didnt Mason have an insane rookie season? or was that a different Mason?

  67. Too bad Blackhawks only play the Bruins once this year. I would have liked to see John Scott vs Zdeno Chara or Milan Lucic. Lucic would get his derriere handed to him.

  68. If Philties will get Nash, they arguably will possess The most impressive and deep offensive core in a league. Their only 2 problems will be: who will deliver ammunition (pucks)to snipers, and Brizg, having net behind him bigger than his universe.

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    OLEO –

    Re the merits of waiting for prospects to develop…

    Well, a couple years ago Slats could have traded MDZ and Stepan and not acquired McD, etc. while staying with the Gomez’s and the Redden’s of the world. How sorry are we that he chose the long-term, patient and intelligent (not desperate) course, which is now the short-term course, at that time?

    What I am saying is that the reward for staying with prospects and building a contender within the system is enormous – WHEN it works out, as it is never guaranteed to do, as you suggest. But it has worked out for this group of players and their fans. We don’t need a GM wrecking ball strategy now, this close to champagne as we are getting.

    Also, Slats has done this 180 reversal stuff before – remember trading Brian Leetch and others for kids, then turning around and trading the kids, within two years, for much older vets? We all painfully do.

    Consistent with that turnabout lunacy would be to now break up the young core he and we have all been patiently waiting to see develop – now that is HAS developed. Nothing is more self-defeating then to change course when you are right onthe brink of all you have worked so well to establish and achieve.

    If Slats wrecks the core of this team for yet another 30-goal scoring – cap killing, youth and depth stripping clubhouse mentor type, I think some of us around here are going to find a good book to read, rather than lend ourselves anymore to a lifetime of this waffling organization playing trade market shuffleball.

  70. Paul in sunrise on

    Ok. So no trade for Nash. The way everyone talks about Kreider you cannot play him on fourth line. On the left you have Kreider hags dubi AA. None of them deserve 4th line minutes. But only Kreider projects to be a first liner. It’s great to have prospects but they all cannot play at he same time. There are occasions to make trades to help your team by dealing from strength. The strength of having coveted prospects.

    If not Nash then who. This team needs more scoring. Whitney? Who else I really available?

  71. Whitney may not be available. To be honest there aren’t many teams ready to sell yet. But I’d imagine Winnipeg, TB, Columbus, and Minnesota are ready to deal.

  72. If the rumors are true with the flyers and bluejackets and Howson and Patrick have been attending flyer games than that make me feel better because it appears the bluejackets have move on from the rangers and are looking to fleece the flyers.

  73. also it makes sense that Howson and Patrick are now looking at the flyers in hope of getting a bidding war between the rangers and flyers. I confident sather won’t play that game.

  74. oleo- FWIW

    MDZ was 19 when he started his NHL career. He’s now 21, having played 183 games.

    He has : 18 Goals 60 Assists for 78 Points

    Duncan Keith was 22 his first year.

    His 183rd game was played 20 games into his 3rd season at the age of 24.

    By my calculations, after 183 games he had:

    14 Goals 46 Assists for 60 Points.


    Orr- Against the Oilers hank left the game because of a ‘skate problem’. I think that’s it though.

  75. I like the idea of seeing what we can get from the Jets. But only if we can get a lopsided trade that makes Sather look amazing. I don’t know if there’s a 95% chance or a.00005% (or less) that he can make this happen but rumor has it Dustin Buf is on his way out if not by the 27th…over the summer. He’s big can score and is able to play as a d-man or a power forward. Ladd might be interesting as would Burmistrov (Sp?). It’s just a matter of what the perception is of players like MZA, WW, Dubi, V-Tank, Thomas, Bourque, McColgan or Fasth. Also, it seems that Hobbs’ value as a prospect is rising. Sometimes teams may have a higher lower assessment of a player/prospects value than what the parent organization and its fans have. A trade could put us over the top but it also has the potential to be a bust and that will sting for years if we break the bank to make it happen. If we can trade one or two of the players I mentioned above plus a first and/or a second round pick for a Nash, Byfuglien or Ryan sure. If Sather gets laughed at for proposing such a trade at least we know we’ll have this great team to watch all in tact next year and I’m okay with that.

  76. There was an article on TSN yesterday where the jets’ gm stated nobody is untouchable on his roster. They may not be sellers but it seems they’re open to a trade.

  77. Vitaly, If we could get Stafford and Gaustad for cheap/the right price I would be okay with that. Gaustad, Rupp and Prust for a 4th line is pretty nice. I think Feds is out for a long time. Nobody in the organization has said the word concussion but they haven’t said it’s not either.

  78. Gaustad is a UFA and if we got him for cheap that would give us a killer fourth line. But Orr, you’re right in that we don’t really need him and Buffalo would probably want more than he would be worth for us to acquire him.

  79. I’m not totally against Gaustad as he would be a nice checking center. Sort of like a smaller version of Brian Boyle.

  80. By the way John Scott is an UFA after this season. His salary is $512,500. Do Rangers dare sign him in the off season? He could make them the toughest team in the league.

  81. If Sauer was healthy I’d say Staal + Brandon for Nash, straight up.

    Rangers got where there are with little to no help from those 2 pieces and the salary would pretty much even itself out.

  82. Just my uninformed opinion, but however big and tough John Scott is, he can’t play hockey. Have we not been down that road already? Which teams exactly have intimidated the current Rangers line-up, _sans_ one-dimensional goon?

    And Drew Stafford at $4m for the next three years would make Dubinsky and his similar deal suddenly look a million times better.

  83. Boom Boom

    again it depends on who has to leave to accommodate Nash. For example, when the Devils got Kovalchuk they gave up a top 4 d-man in Oduya, at the time a promising Bergfors, one of their better prospects (although not top 3) in Patrice Cormier and a 1st round pick

    Did that trade cripple them in any way shape or form?

  84. Vitaly
    i have no idea how Scott is
    but do some reading up on the guy.
    he might be worth it
    or he might be the next Brashear

  85. Salty

    if Sauer were healthy, he would be the one being moved. No way are they moving Staal especially since his value has plummeted now…

  86. I saw Scott play alongside D.Boogaard in Minnesota and I thought at the time he was tougher than Boogaard. The thing about Scott that is different than all the other fighters is he is so BIG he doesn’t allow himself to get hit and therefore has less mileage. I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world to sign Scott and only have him play a hand full of games on the schedule.

  87. “No way are they moving Staal especially since his value has plummeted now…”

    That’s why I’d move him if possible, ASAP. I’d think Dubi/Staal is a more tempting deal for BJs than Dubi/Kreider/Pick.

    And while that does “gut our core” so to speak, we have literally been fine without those 2 players all season. And I’m confident Staal will return to form… but Dubi will always be Dubi. He’s had the benefit of playing with world class players his whole career and I enjoy his personality on and off the ice…but he never developed into what we needed him to be. Staal also never became what he was supposed to be. I think the only true risk in moving those guys is a chemistry imbalance…otherwise I don’t think it hurts this Rangers team to swap those 2 for a consistent 60point 27year old.

  88. DJK
    maybe you can answer this
    i need a new phone

    going between a motorola w/ droid


  89. and btw,
    would love Byfuglien too
    especially if it meant that
    we put him up near the net
    on the pp
    like chicago did
    to great success

  90. Staal is going to be an all-star for a long time, barring further concussions. why would you trade him? You’d have a really good chance to regret that for years and years to come.

  91. Staal is offensively challenged and that will prevent him from being a Norris trophy kinda guy. He is a terrific defensively and a pretty good skater/puckhandler but his shot has always been pretty bad.

    No way is he getting traded, nor should he be. Good player, friendly contract…

  92. Staal was getting better in the offensive category
    last year but his knee/concussion
    stalled (sorry) his progress.

    i think he’s just returning to normal
    and i’m quite happy with Torts keeping him on
    the 3rd pair for most of each game.

    my only complaint about him
    past and present is that there are
    times where i wish he’d make a decision quicker
    and move the puck in his zone.
    seems like there’s a hesitation for a second
    or two which leads to him getting hammered
    by opposition forward and/or creating trouble
    in his zone

  93. You beat me to it, LW.


    What was Staal supposed to become?, he didn’t shut down the best of ’em consistently enough last year? And he’s just 25.

    I don’t get how you’d like to move Staal because he’s a more tempting deal for the BJ’s because his value has plummeted. If he’s more tempting it’s because they believe they’re getting value (buying low) -which means we are selling low, since “confident Staal will return to form”. (Which he will.)

  94. No way I would trade Staal unless it was part of a package that brought in Seabrook, Phaneuf, Suter or Webber.

  95. from last night:

    as jpg’s sister and i watched preds suter get deked out of his

    i commented that this is the guy that Ranger fans want.
    on the replay we saw that it was pavel datsyuk
    is the one who did the number on suter
    we both said

    “oh, never mind. that doesn’t count. it’s datsyuk.”

  96. does it matter?
    flyers, like pens, seem to be one of those teams
    who get much and give away very little.

    a rarity when it comes to the Rangers
    which is why trade time always makes me nervous!

  97. yep, gave away nothing

    Nick Kypreos @RealKyper Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Confirmed. #SNTrade Kubina to #Flyers for a 2nd and 5th round pick. Done.

  98. Kuber’s a Flyer. We didn’t need nor want him.

    If Byfuglien is available I’ll pony up what it takes to get him rather than Nash though.

  99. “DJK February 18th, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Kuber’s a Flyer. We didn’t need nor want him.

    If Byfuglien is available I’ll pony up what it takes to get him rather than Nash though.”

    Totally agree, I always liked him as a player when he was with the Blackhawks, big strong, has a ggood shot, good on the power play and can fight.

  100. seems like Flyers are constantly trading picks away….oh well at least their future is getting hit. Kubina is probably an upgrade for them, but not a big difference maker.

  101. Byfuglien>Nash. At least for this team and the way it plays and the need to not derail the rebuild they’ve done. The more I think about Nash and his six years of 7.8 million, the more I think a quality depth player or two might be a lot wiser. Even if we don’t make it to the cup finals with this roster, it’s likely we’ll make it to the conference finals, get these young guys some playoff experience and head into next year with the same mentality and core in tact, add some more youth and maybe a UFA or two and be in a much better situation to compete for the next few years.

  102. Byfuglien either becomes the Rangers’ highest paid (and dubiously able) defenseman or an extremely expensive 15-goal third liner.

  103. no way we get Byfuglien unless one of the main D-men is being traded away in some other deal (Nash? Ryan?)…just doesnt make sense…unless like LW said…he’ll be your 3rd-liner, which is ridiculous.

  104. wow, reading the flyers blog and it looks like the flyers have traded Shelley for a 5th rounder and supposedly the Nash talk is hot on going to flyers.

  105. Byfuglien is a top-pairing D man. He also won the Cup although he was used as a forward in that playoffs. He is also an absolute beast. He’s also young. He has some off ice issues though.

    Id target him.

  106. “seems every deal involves a second round pick”

    That’s the standard return for the slightly above average rental…

  107. Evening all,

    Gotta say – all this chatter about trading Marc Staal is absolutely ridiculous.

    Carp is right – #18 will be an all-star for years to come, barring concussions

    Are you all forgetting the massive strides he made last year? He was becoming a dominant player.

    And remember – he is 40 + games behind the rest of the team. Give him some time, folks.

  108. Oh – and if the Rangers can get WTB from WPG without giving up too much and then get Parise on July 1 – that would be something!

  109. The real dilemma is that Nash makes this team a 100% cup contender. Right now I say the hover around 90% because of sometimes missing offense.

    I agree Krieder cant be part of any trade however.

  110. i think/hope the Staal talk is
    just a bout of boredom

    but i am happier with
    him not paired with Girardi
    the two used to have brainlock
    too many times last year
    and cover the same man
    which left someone open

  111. Out of all this “trade” conversations, which I rarely pay any serious attention as unwarranted, empty guesswork, the very verbalized idea of trade Staal really made me mad and doubtful of sanity of some so called Rangers fans, exposed by that. I’m not even talking about rational, practical or technical aspect of that – it’s beyond stupidity, but how the same people, who claim and cherish here, more than anything else, team spirit and identity, camaraderie, developed close relationship with coaching staff, talking now about *this* trade, sending to ALL team members message, that after hardest in sport injury, anyone is just disposable. Not giving your’s one of the best franchise player, deserving captain assistant, even little time(1.5 month is just nothing) to come back to his proven self, is a travesty and sound even worse, when camouflaged by some, so called, business sense. There is no any. For most cynical, let me state: – High morale IS a big part of team games business, period.

  112. time to finally eat dinner!

    to leave you with
    is anyone still interested in Paul Stasny
    (does he play all three forward positions?)

    why does it seem as if the Rangers have to give up more
    than other teams give up?
    and i’m talking about other teams give up pick or two for
    a player or 1 for 3
    (we’ll see if that happens again this year)

  113. I actually quite like Byfuglien too, but he got horribly overpaid based on half a season of offensive production in his first full-time duty as a defenseman, not because he’s an *elite* player in that position.

  114. LOL- 4ever, I was writing this before I saw your post

    As much as people like to toss around their trade scenarios I find no pleasure in it. For me, the trade scenarios are hypothetical but the anguish of making the decisions is real.
    Giving up on a player, even in a no brainer trade, which will never come to pass – I can’t do it. I don’t know why.

    LW- Cap hit aside, Buff and NYC maybe not a great combo

  115. flyers traded 4 picks for 2 rental d men.

    long term that is how teams become Columbus. Miss on a few picks and boom….

    how is the Bryzgalov contract working out.

    ALmost no long term (5 year or more deal ) ever work out…. Gabby is in year 3 of 5 I think, his deal will be OK….

    Nash really competed today for the CBJ. Bet he shows up tommorrow… The CBJ are not going to move him because there valuation of him is ludicrous… the guy’s contract is a joke…….

  116. Good evening all! Sorry if this has been posted, but since it’s Hockey Weekend in New York, I’m assuming that’s why the Empire State Building is in red, white and blue!!!!! About time!!!!!

  117. Canucks dont celebrate when they score their goals…only when they will win the cup… not any time soon…btw 5-1.

  118. Today was a trap game for Nash and Vinny.
    Seriously though Nash only 15:46, averages 19:21, yeah they got blown out but it looks like they decided to keep him fresh early

  119. From SNY…

    _According to Eric Francis on CBC, the asking price for Rick Nash is an impact player that can help the team now, two top prospects and a first round pick_

    _Elliotte Freidman says that the Rangers WON’T move Michael Del Zotto or Ryan McDonagh but that they are interested in Nash_

    _Francis says that a deal isn’t likely to happen until the summer_

    _Freidman says that Columbus is trying to push Nash on the Flyers and then plan to send Jeff Carter to LA_

  120. I’m supposed to meet up with some friends only a couple blocks away but I’m seriously dragging. Complete lack of jam.

  121. Friends decided on the kind of place Erik Christensen would like*, I’m going to bed. Lets hope I wake up Nashless.

    * No idea what that means except that it sucks.

  122. As for that Nash guy…a read. The bigger question for me comes at the end of the story. Do I spring for the show or not?

  123. Funny thing is PA Parenteau still doesn’t even crack a Tortorella coached lineup. Same story with Zuccarello, put him on Columbus right now and he probably plays at a near point per game pace..

  124. Funny thing is PA Parenteau still doesn’t even crack a Tortorella coached lineup. Same story with Zuccarello, put him on Columbus and he probably becomes one of their best players instantly…

  125. Philly acquired Nash for some of Hartnell’s hair clippings and laces from Pronger’s skates. Good trade.

  126. BBB-
    Enough with the peaking, of course playing your best hockey when the playoffs start is huge. But teams can also spike and bumrush another team in the first round. Look at the Rangers-Hawks game as a microcosmic example. There’s no toeing the water, you’d better come out hard and fast or your done.

  127. They can have the speeding ticket I got today in exchange for Nash. That’s all I’m willing to give up.

  128. Carp,

    Still like the “idea” of having Nash but I fear the ghost of NY Rangers circa 1998. Also, I thought there were 3 years of 7.8 million left…not six years. Don’t sell the farm to by that contract.

  129. Have I already said this about MDZ? Calling him an “offensive defensman” is a misnomer.

    MDZ is fast becoming a complete hockey player.

  130. Mickey, I got several parking infractions waiting to be paid…..:) I may give those up…Oh, Feb. 27th, dang you be over already!

  131. Haha! Yeah, he’s probably at Home Depot picking up some kidnapping equipment. Ride on down to Connecticut and capture the little guy. It’ll be like that scene in Rocky II, where Rocky is trying to catch that chicken.

    We need speed! Speed is what we need! Greasy fast speeed!

  132. Why am I and you all still up!? Oy….niters all. Got a kitty, Stanley, all over me….now, where is (other kitty) Cup? TA! LGR!

  133. RE:Staal

    Although Staal has been a stand out shut down defenseman, he certainly hasn’t developed offensively as he was described on his way in. Sure, I agree he is VERY good defensively and that he could be an All Star for years to come, *barring concussions*. The one he had was no softy, another could be devastating. I don’t need to remind anyone what an issue it is anymore.

    The team was fine without him through the first half. Obviously, I like Marc Staal a lot – but the fact that he was ultimately not missed through the first half of the season definitely says something. There is also no guarantee he stays healthy/returns to form/develops further.

    Just thinking aloud. Staal still makes me nervous, there is an uncertainty about him and his game right now. Clearly I want nothing more than a LETHAL team. This season has been amazing so far.

  134. 5v5, Byfuglien is on the ice for a goal against more per 60 than his team scores. He’s a sieve defensively.

  135. Funny thing is PA Parenteau still doesn’t even crack a Tortorella coached lineup. Same story with Zuccarello, put him on Columbus right now and he probably plays at a near point per game pace..

    I’m sure the Isles would swap places with the Rangers in the standings if it meant giving PAP bottom 6 minutes rather than top line minutes.

    Nobody on Columbus is on a point per game pace, not even the almighty Rick Nash. What makes you think Zucc would be that good?

  136. Carp – MDZ’s had a couple of pretty good passes to Cally lately ;) and I love the way he’s jumping the rush. Artie had an awesome goal but he can’t fake a pass if MDZ wasn’t driving.
    I think he’s abandoned the stupid notion (IMO) of PP QB (_always_ looking that make that setup pass) and is learning to attack, shoot and be a general threat.
    Defensively, I think he separates the opponent from the puck along the boards as well as anyone.

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