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John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Martin Biron:




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  1. reposted:

    biron had a .923/2.13 last year and before this game had a .919/2.02 pct/gaa.

    boom boom – can you name one backup in the last 20 years that put up numbers like that? Maybe Hasek with the Red Wings? Not that you’re being serious with all this nonsense, anyway.

  2. OH I am sure that is why, Carp. I didn’t expect him to lose his mind. It was a bad game against so many good ones. Pick out a few key points to tell the team, then throw the game tape in the garbage, tell them to forget about it and move onto Sunday.

  3. During the HBO 24/7 he said:’You’re gonna have a night off. It’d better not be byfuglien tonight”. that’s your night off. Rathe 1/3 night off. Glad it was against Chicago…Night everyone! Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  4. From the twitter feed:

    That makes me happy. I do not like the Nash contract. Carp I know you answered me during the chat that Parise’s contract is likely to be for just as much. But ever since the lockout I can only think of two free agents who signed for over 7.8/year – Jagr and Richards (with the Stars). Jagr’s contract was ridiculous, and Richards was only signed until age 31.

  5. Hank just played both games of a back to back, then shut out the team closest behind us in the standings. Who cares if Biron has a clunker against an out of conference team if it means Hank will win 3 more in a row?

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