Live Chat, Feb. 15, 2012


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  1. Hey Live Chatters. I don’t participate in the live chat because I like to let other people, who rarely post, enjoy the chat.

  2. “Dubi, Artie, McD, DZ plus Kreider plus a first rd pick for Nash”

    yeah let’s also throw in Rod Gilbert into that deal! Nash is *NOT* Crosby!

  3. 3 times I tried to ask that question and I used a screen name. Officially on the poop list I guess.

  4. Don’t sweat it BANJ – your question will get answered. There is a pretty heavy lag time between questions and answers. I am sure everyone loves you. Because you’re special and we know it.

  5. Manny, they aren’t posting. Tried at least 4 times. My second one posted the first and the rest didn’t.

  6. Sure – Hey BANJ! Thanks for participating. That’s a great question. If the Islanders were to relocate I would believe that the Nets owners might have the most to say. While I assume James Dolan would protest the move I doubt there would be much that he could do aside from continue to compete by putting the best product on the ice.

    Can’t wait for your next question, buddy!

  7. Bit of advice: Don’t rent – they give you crap. You should probably just invest in a good carrier pigeon. Everyone should own one.

  8. A two hour live chat!! Tremendously tremendous! Doodie should the prize for best comment though. LMAO at Lintercourse!

  9. The question of mine that never got through, and the one I was most curious to hear his feedback on, is why Parise is the preferable option to Nash for reasons other than being able to sign Parise via free agent. Nash is the more physical player, and assuming he hasn’t tailed off, will give you comparable numbers to Parise. What’s the advantage to having Parise?

  10. Carp, thanks for the live blog but I had work to do. Nash would be an upgrade if only one body went west and the rumor for more is a price too much to pay. I am extremely happy with how well defensively they are playing and Boston only got so many shots because of the early 2nd goal. Bruins never came close Rangers kept them on the perimeter . The power play has improved. They have yet to hit on all cylinders. I will be estatic if they do.

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