Captain Callahan beats up Boston


Thanks, everybody, for participating in our longest chat ever.

I know that last night’s game was stolen by Mr. Lundqvist. But The Captain might have had something to do with it. In fact, six of the first nine photos posted by the Associated Press had Ryan Callahan in them. And Callahan, who’s been fabulous in all areas while scoring six goals in the last four games (all wins) and leading the Best Team In The East, pretty much did evertything else.

So here are four of the photos I didn’t get to use this morning, which I thought you’d enjoy, courtesy of the AP:


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  1. The question of mine that never got through, and the one I was most curious to hear his feedback on, is why Parise is the preferable option to Nash for reasons other than being able to sign Parise via free agent. Nash is the more physical player, and assuming he hasn’t tailed off, will give you comparable numbers to Parise.

    So, I’ll pose it to you guys: What’s the advantage to having Parise?

  2. I caught the very end of the chat, will have to read later. But I gather it was mostly about Nash, eh…

    Lloyd- same age, similar offensive numbers. Nash has much bigger size, Parise is a better backcheker. Would probably take less time for him to adjust to Torts’ system than Nash..

  3. Thanks again Carp. My only question that didn’t get through that I’m wondering about is if everyone is basing their Nash analysis off of his reputation or if people actually watch him play on a relatively consistent basis (my friends who also have Center Ice).

    I know there is no reason to watch them outside of Nash, Vermette, and good ol’ Toots, so I’d be surprised if people have actually seen him play.

    Also how do we know that Nash WILL improve the team? We assume, just like other assume Kreider is the next Gretzky…

  4. I’ll be honest … I haven’t seen Nash play all that much. Every time I see him I think Nash=Monster. Especially during the Olympics and vs. Rangers.

  5. Lloyd – Parise has proven to put up 80+ points before and when healthy is at least a PPG player. Nash put up 70+ once and while he is more physical, he isn’t as good defensively (especially blocking shots).

    Parise gives you the offense and isn’t as much of a defensively liability. We already have 2 in Gaby and Richards. Adding a 3rd will hurt the team, especially when Nash is only adding 10-15 more goals in a season than what we have now.

  6. I can see that, although Nash is the better shotblocker, and that would stand him in good stead here. Parise will probably also end up getting more money than what is currently owed to Nash, especially if he’s going to come to the Rangers. I’m not the biggest fan of dealing for Nash, but I do agree with Carp’s point that if you have an opportunity to make your team better, you do it. I’m just not convinced the team will be that much better if you have to trade fairly valuable pieces in order to get him. And I don’t buy this argument that it won’t take much to get him here.

    If it were up to me, I’d rather sign Parise and look for some role players and defensemen now.

  7. Since when is the Olympics a sufficient enough sample size or form, for that matter, to judge a player’s credibility?

  8. it isn’t. but you can certainly be impressed or unimpressed by how a guy performs on a big stage, can’t you?

    when do you judge a player? On preseason games?

  9. I admit that the Olympics is a bit different than the NHL but the same players excel in the Olympics that excel in the NHL. Hard to argue with.

  10. I Rarely Speak on

    well the olympics are against the best players in the world.. and the only time nash has been able to showcase his skills against high level competition in high pressure spots.. Everybody uses Henrik’s gold meal as a case that he can get it done in a big spot

  11. The Olympics was a complete different story. He was surrounded by superstars so he wasn’t the focal point of an offense. He also lights up All-Star games. Plus, he only had 5 points and I believe he was playing with Iginla and Crosby. Not to mention, most teams in that tournament aren’t as physical as NHL teams. While I loved the Olympics and that last game was probably the best hockey I’ve seen in a decade, the whole tournament wasn’t like that and there were some crappy teams.

    He also had 5 of his 7 points in the 2 games against Germany (8-2 win) and Norway (8-0 win).

    Patrick Thoresen had as many points as Nash in only 4 games, does that mean we should go look to get him?

    My point is he’s a star player, but he’s not going to help this team to the point where the Rangers have a better chance of winning a cup. Scoring goals? Maybe, but it’s going to take away from what the team does best.

  12. also, another fear is that if the Rangers land Nash, Tortorella will refuse to play him on a line with Gaborik and Richards. If his abilities as a two-way player are suspect, you can bet he’ll split those guys up, just the way he’s chosen to split up Richards and Gaborik for most of the season. and quite frankly if you’re not going to play a guy like that with your best offensive players, he becomes something of a dubious acquisition.

  13. Megatron Negatron on

    On “improvement.” Drury was supposed to do that (thought many); Gomez was supposed to do that (again, many); Redden was supposed to do that (at least the Majority of One apparently thought so). Nash MAY do it on the ice, but that’s in no way certain. Questions about his stat decline, this year especially, his ability to perform with THIS group, his comfort level with expectations he’s never had before (and, yes, that’s also true of many of the current Rangers, which is another factor in bringing in a “first-line” guy who has never done it in the playoffs).

    What is certain, in a cap system (George Young of the Giants never got it; many fans still don’t), is that “improving” the team is a much more complex question. The Giants had a talented but unready young punter in 2010 who was never replaced with a competent journeyman, even after a string of costly misfortunes – on a team that probably would have won the NFC East, POSSIBLY because there wasn’t enough cap room to sign said journeyman. BIG contracts impact EVERY
    personnel decision. Devil in the details…

    The balance has to be struck between product (gotta win THIS year, next year be damned – see Black Hawks; see ’94 Rangers) and process (if we do our stuff long-term well, we’ll be competitive MOST years, and the winning will take care of itself; if we’re TOO strict about process, we’ll lose a chance at championship product).).

    If, as often stated here and elsewhere, Sather and friends finally GET some of that, they have to
    consider how onerous that HUGE contract hit will be, any WISHFUL (’cause that’s all it is right now – don’t think a nice performance in Olympics is proof of ANYTHING in an NHL season/grinding
    playoff run) on-ice improvement notwithstanding. So “crossing that bridge” thinking is a virtual
    guarantee that the Rangers will remain Lord Stanley starved.

    Having rarely seen him, I have no even potentially useful take on Nash. But reading pros and cons, my gut is he’s another B-plus, A-minus guy being paid A-plus dough – and that is poison in a cap system.

  14. I Rarely Speak on

    why would u play him with gaborik and richards?? how bout nash richards callahan? that becomes one of the best lines in hockey

  15. Lloyd – Parise has blocked 34 shots this year. Nash has only blocked 13. Parise would be 10th on our team in blocked shots (between Feds and Richie). Nash would be 22nd between Erixon (who played a whopping 13 games…although he is a d-man) and Rupp.

    Parise is the better shot blocker. Or if not better, he blocks more shots and is willing to do so. Nash is like Gaby. He’ll go to the point, but he’s not laying down in the shooting lane.

  16. Jonny D:

    that’s my bad. I realized when I went back and looked at that that I typed shotblocker instead of hitter. Dunno why I did that but yeah. Nash has more hits than Parise.

    anyway, I agree with ilb that Parise is the better fit.

  17. Regardless of what the Rangers’ offense looks like on paper in its production, taking away anyone from that locker room (Dubi, Artie, etc…) equals a blow to the psyche of the players who currently are confident they can win with the personnel they have, because they’ve already proven they can in a multitude of ways.

    Jumping through hoops to get Nash = a sellout in the eyes of the players at this point in the season. Even he was the most productive player in the history of the NHL, which he’s not, and you told them it would improve their offense on paper. The camaraderie built by this team over the course of this season with the European trip, Canadian trip, dramatic wins, Broadway hat, perseverance through injuries, is more important than the prospect of adding a player who has produced in a completely different hockey market environment and is not guaranteed to succeed in New York.

  18. Carp’s point about team chemistry is valid, though. When you consider the ’94 Rangers dealt away some of their bigger pieces down the stretch and arguably became a better team because of it, the lesson is you can’t always sit pat if it means options are out there that will give you a better team. That being said, the ’94 team had far more weapons than this group, and I do believe that given some very real talent limitations, especially offensively, breaking up what’s in place now could have a more negative impact. It’s a tough call and one I’m glad I don’t have to make. I’d just rather wait and sign Parise, who I think is a considerable upgrade from Nash.

  19. I agree – wait for Parise. And it’s not like we are leveraging our future on Parise. If we don’t get him, then we have cap space to play with. We have a GREAT team here!

  20. My personal stance on the Nash deal is that for years, the Rangers have always tried to solve problems with “answers” from the outside. We didn’t know how they would play in a Rangers uniform, but we signed them anyway. From Jari Kurri to Eric Lindros to Fleury (one good season), Bure (injured), Jagr (eventually worked out), Drury, Gomez, Redden, etc.

    For once we built a team from the ground up with players that grew up in the Rangers system. We know what we currently have. We are in 1st place in the East and play a certain style that is frustrating for other teams. We haven’t lost two consecutive games in regulation all season. The last time we lost two games at all was in mid-December.

    Why now when things are actually working and our oldest player is a 31 year old Mike Rupp (meaning our team is filled with young players), do people think it’s a good idea to deviate from what has actually worked to go back to the plan that didn’t work with someone who’s Ranger career is completely unknown and relatively unpredictable?

    I would rather stay with what we know and have and if we don’t win the cup this year? So be it because we know what we’ll have going forward into next season. Getting Nash is that unknown. On paper we’re better in regards to scoring, but that doesn’t mean we’ll actually be better. Plus I don’t know if Sather wants to risk that considering everyone will rip him if that trade doesn’t work out and the team is locked up with 4 contracts around 7 mil.

  21. Megatron Negatron on

    PS: Hank is a pleasure to watch (and even listen to:-) these days.

    And an Olympic gold is hugely impressive.

    But has little to do with the ability to do what Tim Thomas did last year,
    in the unique grind that the quest for the Cup has become in the
    modern era…

    Having an Olympic gold ain’t worth spit in determining the cup winner.
    Hank still has to PROVE he is up to that.

  22. Parise isn’t a sure thing to be on Rangers roster next year. Even though we all agree he could be a better option for many different reasons, it may not be an option come July….

  23. It’s true, ilb, that we might not get Parise. But what we get by *not* getting him is a bunch of cap space to play with and the already great team that we have.

  24. ilb – he doesn’t really lay down to block shots or put himself in the way. He blocks them, sure, but he’s not giving up his body for it. He does hit when needed and back checks pretty hard. This year he’s been much better with effort on defense compared to years past, but as soon as he gets a chance to break and go forward, he does. Even sometimes when the puck isn’t fully out of the zone yet.

    Lloyd – The 94 team also had a ton of veterans that were used to guys leaving and coming into the team mid season and were also looking at a last shot at a cup. This is a very young group. If we had a bunch of vets right now that were used to dealing with trades and guys moving, fine. But I don’t think they’d handle a trade as well as that 94 group would’ve.

  25. I’m not pro-anti Nash because what the details of the deal would/will dictate how I feel about it. That being said, I do think we as fans constantly overrate the locker room vibe, chemistry, camaraderie, etc. These guys are professionals, doing a job, getting paid to do so; it’s a business and they know it…….. these aren’t kids on a high school team. Winning is mostly responsible for all those intangibles of a team. If this team were losing we wouldn’t be worrying about ruining the great vibe in the locker room.

  26. That third picture is a gem.

    I saved all the Marchand nose comments from last night. Also some gems there, some boogers too.

  27. I’ll take Lundqvist over Tim Thomas every day of the week

    the appeal of Nash is that he’s viewed as top flight talent in his prime, something none of the Rangers acquisitions (other than Jagr and Gaborik) either via trade or free agency has been close to being. I don’t think Nash is quite as good as the current climate makes him appear to be, but he’s better than the Gomez and Drury’s of the world without a doubt.

  28. Jonny D – you just described an offensive player who knows how to defend. That qualifies for a great player, not defensive liability. Ilya Kovalchuk qualifies for a great offensive player AND defensive liability. Datzyuk is a great two-way, complete player, etc….I can also argue that Richards has improved his defensive skills lately too. But I think Gaborik’s back checking is more efficient.

  29. This is all so weird. Usually when there’s a huge name to be acquired, fanbases are the ones irrationally chasing the guy then pissed when he goes elsewhere. Like we were all nuts for Bobby Ryan. Now we’re 75% (?) against trading for a really, really good player in Nash. That either speaks to our rationality in understanding the cap and double paying or our complete irrationality in loving our players. I have no idea which.

  30. ilb – fair enough. I’m just thinking of his last 2 seasons. He would go off for poor timed line changes and didn’t check hard. I realized after I wrote that I was kind of contradicting myself haha.

  31. ilb – Gaborik is remarkable to me. The fact that he has adapted to play in this system and play effectively is amazing to me. He takes a large hit in goals scored because of the system he is playing in and it seems like he has really warmed to the challenge. No more gliding back like we saw two years ago. Gaborik actually uses his speed to backcheck and effectively take players off the puck that would otherwise get open looks at the net.

  32. Megatron Negatron on

    Manny at 2:47, can’t be said enough.

    John D to Lloyd at same time. Nice take on the
    special makeup of this team.


  33. Mister D – Bobby Ryan is a different story. You are getting a player who is just as effective as Nash and not even in his prime yet. Plus his salary was much less.

    Look I’m no fan of Dubinsky, pretty sure most people here know that. I’d trade him immediately if needed and if I felt the deal was right. I just don’t see the point in getting Nash though for almost $8 mil. Not being able to re-sign Steps, McD, MDZ, and a few others isn’t worth it just for Nash. Crosby or Malkin or even Kovalchuk? Maybe. Not Nash.

  34. You wouldn’t put Nash and Gaborik on the same line. Both are puck hogs (in a good way) and need to be the primary recipient of the puck on the line. Nash floundered with Carter because they’re both shot generating machines.

  35. “Mister D – Bobby Ryan is a different story. You are getting a player who is just as effective as Nash and not even in his prime yet. Plus his salary was much less.”

    Absolutely, but it still seems weird for the masses to agree on this rather than do the standard “star equals want”.

  36. Well, Gaborik is on pace for about a 40 goal season. Considering his career high is 42, it’s not a big drop off.

  37. When Gaborik attempted to block Chara’s shot last night I though I’d have to ask my dog to bring me my heart back, it fell under the chair….

  38. also, I’m pretty much over Nash’s salary (as long as Dubinsky is shipped to Columbus). I didn’t realize $2.5 million of Drury is coming off the cap, and when you couple that with Wolski (who’s basically conducted continuous grand larceny since coming here) and Dubinsky’s salaries, you’ll still have money available to sign some big name in the off-season.

    my issue with Nash is I don’t see him fitting with this team. Parise seems a more natural fit and that’s why you wait for him.

  39. Parise gives you the offense and isn’t as much of a defensively liability. We already have 2 in Gaby and Richards.


    I respectfully disagree that Gaborik is a defensive liability. Not only does he backcheck hard, but I routinely see him getting in shooting lanes.

  40. Full season of Nash cap hit would equal about Dubi + Wolski’s full season cap hits. Meaning you’ll only net out the stepdown in Drury’s buyout.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Parise isn’t a guarantee to sign with NY, not by a long shot. Most insiders and reports place him with Minnesota or Detroit. Personally, I think he will be in LA.

    Trading for Nash would be a guarantee.

  42. he’s also the only way that trade makes any sense. you’re really tying your team’s hands financially by carrying 7 contracts owed roughly $4 million+ annually.

  43. Doan is a UFA that only makes $4.5 mil. Money doesn’t matter since it’s pro-rated so it’s only 1.1 mil by deadline day. Plus its off the books at the end of the year and he’ll cost less. He’s also a Torts type of player. Physical, blocks shots, chips in with goals, pretty much another Callahan that’s not as fast, older, and a little better offensively.

    Either way Doaner isn’t going anywhere. He loves Phoenix and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

    And as much as I don’t want Iginla, the fact he comes off the cap next season wouldn’t be bad. Don’t want him, but he’d be a better fit than Nash.

  44. You could argue that Parise has a much better knowledge of the teams that the Rangers will need to be concerned with going into the playoffs. They are both smart, smart players, but Parise’s smart might be a little better utilized here.

  45. Nash would make 4 deals on the team that are around $7M each.

    Nash 7.8
    Gaborik 7.5
    Richards 6.6
    Lundqvist 6.8

    Better pray to Jesus/Allah/Buddah that none of them get hurt.

  46. 1940:

    Yes, but you’re getting the better of the two players and you don’t disrupt what’s working now.

  47. to be totally fair, trading Dubinsky (and whomever else) for Nash leaves you in better cap shape than signing Parise, but this assumes Columbus will take Dubinsky and the Rangers won’t have to take any other players along with Nash.

  48. Lloyd, Parise will cost them something off the current roster when it comes time to sign RFAs in 2012-13.

  49. Thanks Lloyd, I was seriously asking. I agree Parise is the better player it just seems when discussing Nash, the cap hit is a huge problem, something we cannot get involved with. Where as when discussing Parise, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as big of a concern. I think it should be. It still leaves us with a ton of money wrapped up in a handful of guys and hinders our ability to re-sign our youngsters down the road. I just don’t see anyone really mentioning this when discussing Parise.

  50. “… you’ll still have money available to sign some big name in the off-season.”

    I don’t think this is correct. If you project out the roster for next year, assuming no Fedo and Mitchell resigned for less than $1MM, Erixon up and Bickel as a 7th for less than $1MM, Prust about double, MDZ less than double, you’re at $55MM and 11 forwards. Nash for Dubinsky adds another $3.5MM which leaves about $5.5MM on that last spot. And I think the raises might be a little conservative.


  51. (And, my numbers above are with 2012-13 being our cheapest year. There are big raises due for Anisimov, Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh, Sauer and MDZ in 2013-14 without any major salaries rolling off. We can afford, maybe, one more big cap hit and with that will come sacrifice. Nash and another and we’re in a ton of trouble after 2012-13.)

  52. well, the bottom line is that you’re not going to get any big free agent without taking on a big salary, particularly when you see what the Rangers are already paying to Gaborik and Richards. Parise is probably “better” than any forward the Rangers have and will command a lot of money because of it. Nash had some big years and signed a big contract with a jerkwater franchise. Ryan is considered bargain basement and he’s still a $5.1 million hit. you’re just not going to be able to land any of upper tier of the NHL without paying for them, and in the case of Parise, I think the investment is better than for a Rick Nash.

    in terms of 2012-13, I agree with Carp. you cross that bridge when you come to it.

  53. 1940: I don’t think the argument against Nash is that his cap is something we *can’t* get involved in, but something we *shouldn’t*, given that we can only get involved in one more over the next very long time.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Parise will cost just as much as Nash, if not more. So if you’re pro Parise but anti-Carter, you cant use cap or salary as part of your reasoning.

  55. Im pretty sure Jeff Gorton already looked at their cap situation for the next few years and gave them a green light since they decided to go after Nash.

  56. I’m not advocating for Nash. I won’t make up my mind on that until I see the details of the deal(if it were to even happen.) My point was people weren’t being fair, particularly in the live chat. They were not including the cap issue when discussing signing Parise, as if only Nash would effect the cap.

  57. “in terms of 2012-13, I agree with Carp. you cross that bridge when you come to it.”

    And that’s how you end up tossing away good young players looking at their first major raises. I can see not forecasting in dollars for someone like McIlrath, but we know who’s coming up in 2013-14 and we know we aren’t going to want to dump half of them.

  58. “They were not including the cap issue when discussing signing Parise, as if only Nash would effect the cap.”

    Ok, then I agree with you. UFA Rick Nash I’m not complaining one bit if they offer him his $7.8MM hit. Its that hit, plus the cost in talent, that I hate the idea of.

  59. 1940:

    I agree with you but all of the talk right now is about Nash since he’s in a position (supposedly) to be moved. In addition, Carp was pushing pretty strong for obtaining him. Parise just isn’t the issue right now.

  60. I think the issue, 1940, is that the Nash deal may preclude the Parise deal. That is why people are scared of the cap.

  61. Additionally, Parise will probably command a higher cap hit and a term that runs just as long as Carter’s deal.

    Carter has the potential to be a solid “buy low” deal.

    As for his locker room reputation, who knows how much of it is true. And realisitically, Philly seems to always have a locker room issue. If it’s not Richards/Carter, it’s Lindros and his father feuding with Bobby Clarke. It’s the endless goaltending issues. It’s Terry Murray saying “there’s a choking situation” during the Cup finals.

  62. Plenty of people offered Parise as an alternative in that chat, all I’m trying to say is he has his baggage too. Its obviously an either or situation.

    Nash, like I said before I won’t be pro or anti until I see the get details. If Sather managed to swindle him out of Columbus for Dubinsky and a bag of pucks I’ll be happy about it. There is no guarantee Parise signs here.

  63. No need to waive WW, Lloyd. They have around $6.9M cap space now. Enough even only AA goes to Columbus. This year isn’t a problem, nor is 2012-2013. The one after us an issue. But not as huge as people think.

  64. I don’t necessarily think we need Parise or Nash IMO. If we need player to help us in a year or two, fine since we’ll be able to trade a guy like Stepan or McDonagh or Sauer or Kreider since we know what we have. Obviously other teams will know what we have too, but guys that young always are a commodity, maybe even more so since they’ve proven they can at least compete at the NHL level. If they weren’t able to play in the NHL at all, well then we’d have a problem, but our young players are proving to be legit NHL guys and are still young so they can improve. They will still have trade value.

  65. I mean I thought we’d been over all of this a thousand times

    Nash for Dubinsky and co. isn’t an issue because of salary but because of disrupting team chemistry

  66. CT – you clearly have no seen the various pictures and heard the stories of Carter’s Crew (Lupul, Hartnell, Carter, and Richards). If Carter wasn’t a locker room problem, Laviolette wouldn’t have traded him. That locker room has been pretty damn solid since he’s come to town as coach.

  67. Carp great Chat.

    I like Nash …… for the right prospects/draft choice/Dubi-AA Player (Not Kreider, Hagelin, Stepan)

    I’m just not sure he is a Torts type player, but we will see soon enough if he is the missing peice they go after.

    If not what do you think of Shane Doan as a Rental? I don’t see Phoenex (or Calgary) trading anyone when they will both be fighting for the 8th spot in the playoffs.

  68. Also, I can tell you that Flyers fans were extremely excited to see him gone since they consider him one of the more overrated players in hockey. He doesn’t do much else outside of scoring (which he’s very inconsistent with even though he can net 30). I do not want him on this team.

  69. There’s no issue about fitting his pro-rated cap hit for this year. It’s the next couple of years where things are tight.

    For the sake of argument if Dubi and Wolski are the only guys on the current roster (that are relevant to the cap) that are moved for Nash, you’re netting out 0.2.

    Impending FAs:

    Prust (U)
    Biron (U)
    Del Zotto (R)
    Eminger (U)
    Mitchell (U)
    Stralman (R)
    Woywitka (U)
    Bickel (R)
    MZA (R)

    And the step down in Drury’s buyout hit

  70. Jonny,

    Was he such a cancer when the Flyers reached the conference finals and Cup finals in 3 years?

    And I’m sure the Flyers aren’t the first nor last team to have young 20 something millionaires living the good life. I think 24/7 showed us the Rangers players like to enjoy themselves no?

  71. CTBlueshirt:

    and since Dubinsky wouldn’t have come off anyway, you’ve spent about $4 million more than you would have had you not traded for Nash. you’re not crippling a franchise with that.

  72. I’ve already noted that Lloyd:

    CTBlueshirt February 15th, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    Lloyd, Parise will cost them something off the current roster when it comes time to sign RFAs in 2012-13.

  73. Personally I would like to sign a Rental Vet like Doan/Iginla/Sourey/Whitney for the playoff push.

    Then go after a player that fits the system like Parise in July. (Best possible player available in my opinion).

    Personally I think we have what it takes on this team already. With the power play working as it has the last few games, Richie playing better, Dubi stepping up a little more, Staal almost 100%. One skilled vet for the push and we are good.

  74. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If we acquire Nash we should change the name of the team from Rangers to Ramblers, like Nash Ramblers. It’s like he owns New York and the Canyon Of Zeros, already. lol

  75. CTBlueshirt:

    My post was about Nash and had nothing to do with Parise. Nash isn’t a cap hit, and he won’t prevent the signing of any of the Rangers free agents.

  76. “and since Dubinsky wouldn’t have come off anyway, you’ve spent about $4 million more than you would have had you not traded for Nash. you’re not crippling a franchise with that.”

    You’re not crippling it, but you’re wiping out the ability to bring in a guy like Parise. $9MM available versus less than $6MM available.

  77. “My post was about Nash and had nothing to do with Parise. Nash isn’t a cap hit, and he won’t prevent the signing of any of the Rangers free agents.”

    This is true. If you’re looking at Nash as the final major addition (without a major subtraction) for quite a while, its actually a better move financially than Parise. But you’re also down other assets with Nash so its not that simple. Its not a bad answer, its just not the optimal answer.

  78. Sioux,

    Doan and Iginla are the captains of teams that are on the playoff bubble. And Iginla isn’t a rental. Whitney is in the same boat as Doan. BIG NO on Souray.

    I don’t think the Rangers can be the highest bidder on Parise. A few teams out West like Minny and Detroit will have more cap room and are probably more desperate to land someone like him (particularly if Lidstrom retires in Detroit).

  79. reading Aaron Portzline. (beat writer for the Jackets) stated today in his Wednesday chat said the Jackets want a proven NHL player, top prospect and picks.

  80. (And, I should say, if the Rangers already have an amnesty buyout plan forecasted involving Richards, a lot of my future panic is pretty invalid. And that being a two-way understanding would certainly explain heavily front loading a no-movement, no-trade contract better than simply saying “they just told him after 6 years, you retire” and assuming the player won’t renege.)

  81. Nash absorbs the cap hit of Dubi and the money that letting Wolski walk next year would have freed up.

    Freed up cap space will come primarily from the step down in Drury’s buy out and any FAs the Rangers choose not to sign.

    They can sign DZ, Prust and Biron and maybe one of the bottom pair D and still have a few million but then the next summer (2012-13) when they have McD, Stepan, Hagelin and Sauer to sign with virtually nobody coming off the books, they’ll have an issue. Especially if McD becomes another Staal.

  82. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Johnny D –

    Not to be contrarian, but I think it reaches a point, with all these blocked shots during the regular season, that too many of them equal too many black and blue marks and bruised bones, and can hurt a team’s chances in the post-season. So that it wouldn’t bother me if Girardi and McD, for starters, had no blocked shots to this point in the season.

    Another way of looking at it is the QB, in football, sliding to kill a play rather than taking a monster hit to gain an extra yard. We know how extra hits foreshorten careers, and quite abruptly, in some cases. Blocked shots in hockey loosely fall into the same category, in that there is a give back.

    This Rangers team might be limping the most, going into the playoffs, what with all the blocked shots, plus the murderous March schedule. Not sure all this translates into much post-season success even if we acquire 10 guys like Rick Nash.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Regarding Nash during Olympics; the Canadiens have many stars to choose from when making up that team. While Nash is a very good player in his own right, he was one of a very few who adopted the role of banger/forechecker with reckless abandon. He was their most physical forward and a monster on the boards. Think Cally style at 3 more inches and 50 more pounds.

    That tells me he has the ‘heart’ of a winner and would translate well into a Torts’ system. Is it gruanteed? Nothing is. Do I think it is the right move for the NYR? Depends on what is going the other way.

    The Rangers have not had a talent like this since Kevin Stevens…

  84. That’s why I am totally against signing Nash, he is not worth 8 mil a year. That is like having a scott gomez contract all over again. I can see if it was malkin where getting but it’s not.

  85. CT – I’m not saying they don’t have a good time. I have nothing wrong about that. But the whole issue was that Carter and his crew were partying even during the Stanley Cup Finals and Lavy felt it effected their chemistry and their play. Pronger called him out on it since Lavy told them to cut it down during the playoffs. Carter and Richards both told Pronger to go F-himself, and the locker room was split because of that.

    We have guys that like to party for sure, but they at least respect each other and respect Torts. I could just imagine the blow-ups we’d see between Torts and Carter. We already know that Avery and Torts didn’t necessarily get along all that well. Could you imagine if Carter told Torts or Cally/Brad to F-off? I want nothing to do with that POS.

  86. The Rangers have not had a talent like this since Kevin Stevens…


    So you’re saying Nash is one bad decision away from ending up in an East St. Louis crackhouse?

  87. Boom Boom, everyone is beat up come the playoffs. The teams that don’t block shots and don’t sacrifice things to win games don’t make the playoffs.

  88. “The question of mine that never got through, and the one I was most curious to hear his feedback on, is why Parise is the preferable option to Nash for reasons other than being able to sign Parise via free agent. Nash is the more physical player, and assuming he hasn’t tailed off, will give you comparable numbers to Parise.

    So, I’ll pose it to you guys: What’s the advantage to having Parise?”

    Parise will be a NYR on July 1st. No need to trade assets.

  89. Stranger Nation on

    Rick Nash, Nash Bridges, Mashed potatoes, theme from MASH for doobie, I am the woolski, #1 nose-pick and doubting Thomas.

  90. Parise was every bit as good as Nash in the Olympics too. Parise will fit in better with this team. He is a LW. Nash a RW. We need a LW.

    See ya July 1st ZACH!!!!

  91. Stranger Nation on

    Pronger is a d-snozzle. Locker room better with him in another room with the lights down low and the music soft.

  92. Lloyd,
    I read it, but couldn’t believe what I was reading so I ignored the text. I answered the question better in the ensuing post.

  93. Plus, as my Flyers friends keep telling me, Carter doesn’t aim worth anything. He shoots from any angle and occasionally the puck goes in. My friend just said, “He’d love it since it’s close to Carter’s favorite target, the Atlantic Ocean.”


  94. I was curious how this team stacked up to the 1994 team in terms of record.

    Through 55 games, the 1993-94 team was 36-15-4 (W-L-T).
    The 2011-12 is 37-13-5 (W-L-OTL)

    Granted, the shootout gives them a few more wins (can’t seem to find their shootout record online), but it’s still pretty impressive, given the different styles between the two teams.

    Just thought someone else would appreciate this.


  95. I’d convert SO wins and losses to ties for to equal it out. And strip out the OT loss point.

  96. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So I’ve been pretty busy lately and honestly haven’t been filling the boys like I would normally, are we “officially” trying to get Nash?

  97. The main this is that any SO takes place after 65 mins, thus a tie in the olden days. And there was no OT loser point back then.

  98. “you pasted the question but didn’t bother reading it?”

    In two (really three counting the knee injury year), Parise has two scoring seasons higher than Nash’s highest. He’s a better player (who wouldn’t cost the assets).

  99. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Also the Boston game reminded me a lot of the ’94 team dump and chase….loved it!!

  100. Cut off my own comment: “In two (really three counting the knee injury year) *less pro seasons* …”

  101. Ok, so maybe in theory teams play it differently knowing they get the Bettman point or have a chance to win it the SO, but that’s impossible to quantify.

  102. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Lin-sanity vs. Lun-sanity. Who is hotter team right now? Knicks or Rangers?

    Ugh! That just pisses me the fugg off. Fugg the Knickerbockers. Crappy overrated team! Shouldn’t even be mentioned with NYR.

  103. So subtract 3 wins and add 7 ties to the record and put the one OT loss back into the regular loss column since there was no difference between the two in 94.


  104. Knicks have been good the last 5…Rangers the last 50. Lets check back w Knicks in a month and see how they are doing…..wipe that smile off Dolan’s puss….

  105. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I want to see Moore get his aasen kicked in the last game we play against them

  106. Ok, the 2011-12 Rangers are 4-2 in shootouts.

    So, to follow CTB’s point system (which I think is a fair assessment)

    1993-94 team was 36-15-4 (W-L-T).
    2011-12 team is 33-18-4 (W-L-T)*

    *converted Shootout Wins to Ties, and OT Losses to Losses

    which would make them 3 games off the pace of the 93-94 team.

  107. Some Nash talking points from the Hockey Rodent:

    Point: Since Nash broke into the league in 2002-03 only seven players have scored more than his 277 goals. Those players are Patrick Marleau, Vincent Lecavalier, Marian Hossa, Dany Heatley, Alex Ovechkin, Jarome Iginla, and Ilya Kovalchuk. Not too shabby.

    Counterpoint: Over that same period of time 24 players have tallied more points than Nash’s 527. Those include Ray Whitney, Alex Tanguay, Milan Hejduk, and Shane Doan. Not exactly elite company.

    Point: Nash has played in Columbus with an awful supporting cast. In Nash’s rookie season three players scored more than 60 points, and only five managed that feat in the seven seasons that followed. When the best teammates you can name are Nikolai Zherdev, R.J. Umberger, Antoine Vermette, and Kristian Huselius, you’re in trouble.

    Counterpoint: Franchise players should be great regardless of the talent that surrounds them. In fact, the truly elite players in the NHL are able to elevate the play of their linemates. Nash hasn’t done that.

  108. Matt L.

    Inclusive of the 5 OT losses were shoot out losses. Since Orr posted that they are 3-4 in SO, it means that 4 of the 5 OTL are SO losses. If memory serves, the only OT loss they have is vs LA in the first game of the season (wow!). So any SO, regardless of the outcome is counted as a tie since they all take place after 65 mins. And the one true OT loss gets moved into the regular loss column.

  109. Borrowing from Blueshirt Banter:

    Neil Greenberg’s been tweeting stuff all day about Nash, but my favorite is this:

    Here’s the list of players post that have put up 30G/70P every year from age 28 to 33:

    The overall list in NHL history – only two players, Marcel Dionne and Phil Esposito, have accomplished it. Only 21 players have even done it 4 of the 6 years.

    The argument that Nash becomes some kind of offensive machine on a better team is basically saying he’ll have unprecedented success for his age.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, change that to 30 goals and 60 points. Goalscorers never have as many points. I imagine that list will expand drastically.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    I shouldn’t say never, but you know what I mean. They typically don’t have as many total points.

  112. from :

    Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported the Rangers have had preliminary talks with the Blue Jackets about Nash, but a source deemed it a longshot. Brooks reported the “opening asking price” was Brandon Dubinsky, Chris Kreider and a first-round pick, but also said “it would be hard to believe” that Columbus GM Scott Howson wouldn’t want Derek Stepan and/or Ryan McDonagh in a deal.

  113. CTB – that’s a good stat and good points as well. Players who are elite stars usually put up their point totals no matter what. Even star players usually do. They might have one bad season and one really good season, but the rest are usually around their annual totals, no matter what team they are on or who is around them.

  114. Also, if players don’t hit their averages, it’s more likely for them to have a bad season and play under that than have a great season. First player that comes to mind is Zherdev. Guy was a consistent 50-60 point guy but fell off with the Flyers. Same with Gomez when he went to Montreal.

  115. Tony from AZ:

    Not really a surprise, I guess. Gun to my head, I’d actually give up Krieder and Stepan before McDonagh but definitely not for Nash.

  116. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Johnny –

    16 teams make the playoffs, many with ease and abundant talent so that they don’t have to “sacrifice” and block shots all over the place during the regular season to come up to the playoffs in decent shape.

    In the 60’s the Toronto Maples won FOUR Stanley Cups, while just once winning the regular season title, at that time called “The Prince of Wales Trophy.” The hallmark of coach Punch Imlach’s era was for the Maples to ice the puck throughout the third period of any game in which they took the lead into that period, to save their legs, spare their bodies unnecessary punishment, and conserve energy. This is how, given the heavily veteran team they always had, they were able to peak during the playoffs and get it done vs. more talented but also more expended teams coming into the playoffs.

    If, with a veteran team, and they were always the oldest team in the league in those days, Imlach had had them blocking shots and sacrificing the body all over the place, instead of winning multiple Cups they would have been the first team in the league to collapse, every year. In fact the Toronto style in those years was referred to as “position hockey”, if you were a forward you just patroled up and down your lane, you didn’t abandon your area to try to make spectacular plays so that you were not vulnerable to odd-man rushes.

    Torts has a serious problem in that he has this Rangers team coming up to every game like its the 7th game of the SC finals. This team is going to be run ragged in March, and probably will not recover or get a breather between then and playoff time. I will take the proven Punch Imlach approach to attaining peak condition late in the season, and reaping the ultimate reward for doing that, to the burn-out tactics of those coaches who act like their job is on the line on every shift of the season.

    Girardi is on borrowed time, already in his career, which won’t amount to much time remaining by the time he is 30. Grinding players into powder over 82 conditioning, dress rehearsal, and exhibition games – which is really what they are, is a nut-cake strategy destined to fail from the weight of its own short-sighted stupidity.

  117. holy crap, just put on Francesa and I think he’s got someone on talking about the MSG TV deal

  118. Boom Boom

    You are 100% right on that point however I think its important to note that this is probably the weakest Eastern Conference we have seen or will see in years.

    The Rangers, Bruins, Flyers and Penguins are the only 4 contenders in the East and the latter two will only be contenders if one of the Flyers goalies steps up and the Penguins need Crosby.

    If the those two things don’t happen we are looking at a two horse race in the East…

  119. I’ll repost this for the BANJing newbie:

    David Miller February 15th, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I haven’t commented here before, but it’s the point where I have to say something and offer some insight.

    I’ve been a Rangers fan since around 72-73, and that’s a lot of decades watching nearly every game and being through all of that with this franchise. Being a goalie myself, I pay close attention to who’s in net, and so it’s been me watching all the way from Giacomin up through Richter and now Lundqvist. (and elsewhere in the league, the other greats for the past few decades).

    Lundqvist “today” is the best I’ve ever seen; by far; and what we’re seeing (and still finding hard to believe) is what I think is the state-of-the-art best performance in goaltending, ever. Period.

    What he’s done is to go from being one of the best 5 (and that would mean: amazing, able to win games singlehandedly, have flashes of unbeatability… you couldn’t ask for better…. but it was still possible, in the end, for him to lose to a team that overwhelmed the Rangers in the playoffs – think back to the last few seasons)….

    To now becoming almost superhuman; he’s that good, that strong, the moves he makes routinely now are just… ridiculous. As in, every game is a candidate for a shutout, and you wonder how anyone is able to score at all, and it doesn’t matter how many shots, or the quality of the shots.

    He covers the net so strongly now – his speed and reflexes and POWER of movement – are by far the best I’ve ever seen. He’s playing at a different physical level and THAT is the difference that produces more shutouts; more wins; a lower GAA; even compared to the top-of-the-league level he’s been at the past few years.

    Just watch closely, during the game (when things are so fast, it’s harder to appreciate) or during replays, when slo-mo makes it even more obvious (and unbelievable) what’s going on. He’s not only moving like a cat now; he’s more like a lion (strength) or a cheetah (speed). Side-to-side, getting down and covering the corners for wraparounds, getting back up and coming out instantly to attack a shooter in position in the slot, forcing the issue more now on breakaways/shootouts and then backing in, etc.

    You see this happening constantly during a game, and it’s like watching a superman playing among normal humans – it’s just that good. I don’t believe “this” has ever been done before and he’s taken goaltending to a completely different level.

    By far, now: he’s the best in the game, and the best there has ever been, and barring injury, I’m hoping for a Stanley Cup again this year, and believing it’s actually going to happen.

  120. I love Lundqvist but to call him the best ever is insane and utterly premature

    He is unquestionably the best goalie in the league right now, though.

  121. In fact, take the assists out of it entirely and you still have five players who have put up 30 goals in each year from age 28 to 33, 33 players who have done it four out of the six years.

    Numbers start to grow a bit if you look at 25 goals and 50-60 points. Not sure you can argue that sort of production is worth $7.8m.

    (Clearly, you can make a similar point about what Brad Richards can be expected to do between age 31 and 40…)

  122. Tonight at 8 PM we discuss live the hockey juggernaut we call the New York Rangers. In what has been the most glorious of regular seasons so far, Jim and Eddie will be discussing the resurgence of the GAS Line, Ryan Callahan fantastic play and discussion of the numerous trade talks that are being bandied about . Plus Lots of laughs and Jim’s secret chat room surprise.

  123. Tonight at 8 PM we discuss live the hockey juggernaut we call the New York Rangers. In what has been the most glorious of regular seasons so far, Jim and Eddie will be discussing the resurgence of the GAS Line, Ryan Callahan fantastic play and discussion of the numerous trade talks that are being bandied about . Plus Lots of laughs and Jim’s secret chat room surprise.

  124. Lundqvist is on pace to have one of the best goaltending seasons in NHL history, even better than the late 90s where goalie stats were at their best.

    He is on pace to break both the goals against and save percentage records, just saying…

  125. oleo:

    he’s not the only one, though. Quick is having an unbelievable year. And the goaltending tandem in St. Louis is probably the best in the league.

    goaltending stats in general are way up this season.

  126. Lloyd

    correct but Lundqvist is on pace to be the only goalie in NHL history with a save percentage above 94% and his GAA is closing in on Kiprusoff and Turco although both played around 50-55 games in those seasons.

    Elliot is also on pace for a higher save percentage but he wont qualify…

  127. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lundqvist has been the best goalie over the last several years. Consistency and excellence. Not his fault he hasnt made it past the East Semis.

  128. The team is playing pretty good hockey right now and I’m affraid that a trade will offset the balance and chemistry, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Besides I’d hate to see Mr. Bean (Anisimov) on another team.

  129. as a Rangers fan, is Lundqvist my guy and the goalie I’d want to see in there? of course. statistically/objectively, however, you’d have a hard time selling non-Rangers fans that he’s been the best goalie over the last several years.

    to give some idea of how much stronger he’s been this year: he’d have to go 9-15-1 the rest of the way to have the same record he had last season.

  130. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    There’s only been 1 guy that have been as consistent and good as Lundqvist over the last several years. Luongo. You can make a case for either goalie being the best over the last several years. IMO, it easily goes to Lundqvist because of the less skilled teams he played on.

  131. New poll over there ——–>

    If Tortorella wins the East with this team, with the way it plays, he should win it, Voice.

  132. I have no idea what you based most of that on apart from being a Rangers fan. No statistically analysis would determine either Roberto Luongo or Henrik Lundqvist to have been the two best goalies in the NHL “over the last several years.”

  133. statistical, not statistically.

    anyway, I think Lundqvist is the best but that’s based primarily on passion and being a fan of the time. I couldn’t really back that up on paper.

  134. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Lloyd, just think how many goalies have played in 65+ games each of the last 7 years. There aren’t too many. The reason why both of them played so much is because they’re both very very good and injury free.

    For example, Thomas lost his job to Rask a couple years ago, the Thomas reclaimed it last year, now Rask is bettering Thomas this year.

  135. Luongo’s been out of the discussion for about 4 years, imo.

    If you want to argue based on games played/durability, Kiprusoff and Cam Ward should both be talked about.

  136. just something I’ll add about Lundqvist:

    if he stays healthy, dude is going to be the Rangers all-time winningest goaltender within two years. that’s kinda amazing.

  137. i sent this to Carp during the chat but i don’t think it got posted.
    either way.

    Nash — he is the FACE of the bluejackets since he got there and had
    a very good rookie season. he got paid what he did because
    he is the FACE of the team to fans/season subscribers.
    kind of like the franchise player in the nfl that’s paid the most on
    the team.

    from what i’ve seen of him he is a very good player
    like 99.9% of everyone here i haven’t watched him
    a lot over the past year or two since bluejackets games
    are on same time as Rangers
    and mario has screwed up my foxsports ohio channel
    and won’t allow bjs games shown in this part of ohio.

    overall, it’s a matter of what we give up to get him.

  138. possibly last thing on Nash
    we do need more scoring
    and even though we won
    last night
    we do need more skill players
    so that we’re not playng
    board hockey all the time.

  139. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Kiprusoff, yes. Ward, no. Ward’s only been around since 2005, and played half the season in 2009.

    Lundqvist’s play in 65+ games a year has more to do with his talent and the trust his coaches have in him than durability. But his durability also speaks loudly.

  140. I took out wins because Hank can’t score the goals can he?

    He’s been the best since the lockout…by a lot.

  141. Ward’s started 50 games this season and is on pace to have 70+ starts. He started 74 last year. 68 in 2008-09, 67 in 2007-08, And those teams are pretty much crap. That’s a consistent body of work. Let’s not sell the guy short.

  142. Ward’s best years are basically Lundqvist’s worst years.

    He’s among the most overrated goalies aside from Ryan Miller.

  143. I wouldn’t include Ward in the best goalie discussion…just pointing out that he’s played a lot of games.

  144. After the Rangers missed qualifying for the playoffs following the shootout loss to the Flyers.

    ORR..Supporter Of The Epic Beard Man !!! April 11th, 2010 at 6:31 pm


    You just don’t get it. That DOESN’T MATTER. He played great in regulation, and OT, nobody is saying he didn’t.

    But, he lost it in the shootout. He should have stopped that weak shot. It was like the Malkin penalty shot two years ago, he comes in, slows down, and takes the wrister. Simple play, easy goal.

    *Like DD said, Elite goalies win games like this, doesn’t matter how, if it’s in regulation or the shootout, they find a way to win, and he didn’t.*

  145. ORR..Supporter Of The Epic Beard Man !!! April 11th, 2010 at 6:57 pm


    *Hank is far from elite. I’ve never considered him elite. Fans just love to make up excuses for him each year.* And no, i don’t put the blame on Gabby, or anyone if they do their job in regulation but can’t score in the shootout, you have two other guys, and potentially more who can step up and help out.

    He blew it. Both he and Pigman. I can’t stress that enough. I’m sorry i can’t be the nice guy fan and hold Hank like a baby and tell him he did nothing wrong and he’s been a good boy, i just can’t do it.

  146. You google searched me?? Why??

    “I’m sorry i can’t be the nice guy fan and hold Hank like a baby and tell him he did nothing wrong and he’s been a good boy, i just can’t do it”

    Haha! I love that quote.

    I stand by what I said years ago. Cup rings make you an elite goalie, not just stats.

  147. To someone’s disappointment, Hank this season is not what he was in 2010. It is so obvious. Besides, great minds best ability is to change with a changing world not to mention goalies development. ORR was right and had all rights to express his opinion then and now. Was very silly remark and waste of time to look for…Don’t you just dislike ORR?

  148. True Blue Mike on

    Orr, how do cup rings make you elite? If you put any of those so called “elite” goalies on columbus right now, well i dont have to say anything further.

    This is a team sports. The only thing cup rings mean is they were on a good team at a good time.

    Hank is an elite goalie.

  149. True Blue, that’s how I look at it. Just my opinion. I’m not saying Hank isn’t an amazing goalie. I’m just saying, in my opinion, you’re elite if you have the stats *and* the Cup ring.

    I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

  150. True Blue Mike on

    What about a gold metal? The talent there is even better. He is facing even better teams in Canada and Russia for example and he won it all and that’s when he wasn’t even in his prime. Doesn’t that count for anything?

  151. True Blue Mike on

    I have a feeling Marchand is going to be suspended again. A lengthy one to. He just clipped someone again but it was different i am not sure but to me it looked pretty bad.

  152. Yeah, that counts for something. Doesn’t change my opinion. It’s just a word. Some choose to call him elite. I choose to call him great. Someday I will call him elite. I’m sure someday I might even call Chad Johnson elite! Maybe Matt Zaba? I don’t know!

  153. You alls’ lundsanity is lincredible. I am off to watch new Survivor (yay!) then crash… all having a nashing good night!

  154. I google searched you because

    ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! February 15th, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    But, we should still consider trading Lundvist! But I forget why!

  155. Clearly Hank is having his best year and it co insides with him having his best team in front of him. Should be MVP, but in the past couple yrs. He was still our best player but had a nasty habit of give a soft goal every other game. This yr. How many soft goals all yr. Not many. Answer is he was very very good up u til this yr. Great this season, maybe a season for the ages. Best part of him, is he hates to lose more than anyone.

  156. Every goalie gives up bad goals. Maybe if the Rangers weren’t perpetually a bottom 3rd of the league team in offense they could absorb some of those bad goals.

  157. Habs tie it up. Interesting situation, I so hate that team and want them to miss the playoffs. But I want the Rangers to keep their lead over the Bs in the conference. Classic “root for the roof to collapse game”.

  158. LMAO! Matt Zaba could be elite one day….you never know!

    Anyway, I liked the post that ddeb reposted…very cool take on Hank…I think Hank is probably the best goalie in the league…based on not just numbers but how hard he competes and keeps the Rangers in every single game….who else in the League do you want in net? Honestly. What team wouldn’t want Lundqvist as their starting goalie?

    I have to say that Luongo was the most overrated goalie in the NHL until last season…

  159. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Had to lecture during chat, but I would like to know does Marchand room alone on the road? One queen bed for him, the other for his nose?

  160. My bruthta…I also had to miss the chat…it was Nash Nash and more Nash…

    Nash…know what I’m sayin?

  161. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    5th grade music class somewhere in Canada

    Music teacher : mr Marchand put down your tuba, it’s not time to play

    Marchand : I don’t have my tuba

    Music teacher : what on earth is that in front of your face then

    Marchand: oh that, it’s my breathing apparatus.

    Music teacher: sweet jesus, I thought it was a tuba, my bad

  162. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    My Brutha from anutha – I could see talking about hash all day long…. But Nash …no need

  163. I think Luongo will always be considered overrated until he finally wins the Cup. During the regular season, everyone always says he’s among the best in the league. Then once the Nucks are eliminated, everyone’s back on the overrated bandwagon.

    Some other overrated goalies, in my opinion, are Price, Kiprusoff, and Niemi.

  164. I’m sitting a a PF Changs bar and they were showing Rangers hightlights … good omen … had to come here to get some work done since the clowns at Comcast refuse to properly install internet service at my pimp pad.

  165. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Even stash I could see warrant a chat… But Nash …, just say no

    Best team in the NHL – why tinker?

  166. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    My Brutha pimp – with your stable of hot babeolas – you don’t be needing no cable, you dig?

  167. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I just watched that YouTube of kate upton…. I sprained my neck and got 2 detached retinas

  168. Lundqvist has been far better this season than he has in years past. Hank was always prone to a bad goal every 2 or 3 games but this season he has gotten passed all that. Also his glove has gotten much better as that was always his biggest weakness.

    Hank is playing better right now than any goalie has since the lockout…

  169. Hate to start too much Cup talk too soon. But Buccigross over at ESPN has a video listing his top 10 Cup favorites, and the Rangers are #1.

  170. I imagine right now we’re about 23 minutes into the most bush league celebration of a 30th birthday imaginable.

    (Congrats on living 30 years.)

  171. Lol thanks, CARP, guys

    My celebration right now consists of finishing up a PowerPoint … bush-league indeed!

  172. re: Price

    he has to be one of the visually least impressive goalies I’ve seen since the advent of the butterfly. most of the time he looks like he’s barely moving, and just kind of falls to his knees and stays there. his movement is probably the slowest of any active goalie and it’s somewhat mystifying that he’s had any success at all. when you watch him, you kinda wonder how he’s ever able to make more than a primary save.

  173. megatron negatron on

    Re: Nash versus Parise. I’m in neither camp. A few months ago, I mighta been in one or the other or both, since I thought this was more a President’s Cup contender than a Lord Stanley one.

    But it seems to have gotten better almost every week since (or the conference has gotten
    worse:-), so I no longer view a good playoff run as an uncritical fan’s pipe dream. The Cup is still a longshot, IMHO, but maybe 20-1 now as opposed to 200-1 then.

    That in mind, I’ll repeat what I said earlier today: We don’t know what this young, currently ascending team’s ceiling is. Maybe the last week is as good as it’s gonna get this year. And maybe not. Maybe the PP is finally gonna get consistent/decent. Maybe they stop playing rope-a-dope in their own end for minutes at a time and actually make clearing passes with the same poised discipline they do so many other basic things. And their confidence continues to grow, much as the Giants’ did from the Packers game on (with a few predictable Coughlin-Giant bumps -eg the mighty Redskins). And maybe the tri-state area gets another magic run from a Little Engine that could:-).

    Why not sit back and enjoy that possibility? What’s the rush? I’m with that smaller gang that
    actually values what some teams do in the prelims. Love the hard, honest, connected-collective
    work done most nights. So if, without additional “stars’ they lose in the second or third round,
    ain’t that progress? Ain’t that part of a healthy process, to turn this wayward org into a consistent
    Cup threat? (And with some serious funds available for whomever?

    Another repeat: in a cap system, y’can’t get away (at least not very often) with “we’ll cross that
    bridge when we come to it.” Your personnel groups will be too much the “product” of reactive
    judgments (like those so typical of “Early Glen”:-), instead of a clear, imaginative and confident
    roster construction.
    And another: playing short-eyed math (add Nash, subtract Dubie and WW – voila – what a deal!)
    ignores how much flex to sign lesser lights (a la a Giant punter in 2010) is lost with ANY BIG, ENDURING CONTRACT. Albatross is not hyperbole here….

    Practically speaking, if some deals just have to be done, I’ll cast with the Doan Gang; barring that
    (and it sure seems like he’s not enthused about coming east as a Hessian), Iginla makes more sense to me, his contract up when it’s time to pay the Kids.

    I liked the repost about Henrik, a lot. I talked often about Eli finally playing to his money this year. Hank seems a worthy parallel (but still has much to prove in the Cup cauldron, as Tim Thomas did last year).

    Lastly, like a few other folks, if Nash was really a lion in Canada’s gold medal quest, I find it troubling he hasn’t been more of one where he plies his trade most days. That doesn’t say “heart”
    to me.

    PS: haven’t seen Nash at all. Saw Carter a lot as a Flyer. Never understood the fuss. Amazed at the bucks he got….

  174. Okay….

    I remember talking to this Habs fan a few years ago that gave me a ton of shyte for not knowing who Carey Price was. She made him seem like he was the biggest thing since air conditioning. You’d think he was a Broduer replicant on the Atkins diet.

  175. Megatron Negatron on

    Oops – the idea of “Cap Monies for a Rainy Day” came originally from Manny, at least for this discussion.

    I liked it so much, I tried to steal it:-).

  176. Marc Stahl needs to get going offensively…would like to see hm score a goal one of these days..Prust sayin’!

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