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Anybody up for that?

I must warn you, all these trade rumors are making me thirsty … er, I mean, I don’t know at how many of these trade-deadline hypotheticals I will be able to even take a guess or a stab …

I’m sure, though, youse will want to discuss tonight’s game in Boston, the season to date, the stretch run and, of course, the trade deadline.

So be there at noon Wednesday. Pretend to be doing work at your computer. Bring questions and comments.

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  1. Repost:


    I’m not suggesting that they keep everyone. I personally think there’s some wild overestimations of how many Rangers draft picks will A) ever become an NHL regular B) have that chance with the Rangers.

    Just saying that next year it looks like at a minimum the Rangers blueline will be: McD/Girardi/Staal/MDZ

    I’m not including Sauer on that list because it could very well take him a year to recover, maybe he comes back sooner than but who knows. If he does come back then that leaves the #6 spot up for grabs, which I’d say Erixon has the inside track for ahead of the journeymen players they’ve used this year. They’re handling him better than they handled MDZ who probably should have been sent half way through his rookie year had he been AHL-eligible.

  2. repost:

    I think carp was right, the source that started this rumor is garbage, RDS, the French-speaking equivalent of TSN in Canada. The only way the Bluejackets would ever trade Nash is if somebody proposed a trade the Bluejackets couldn’t refuse. It ain’t happening but there are some other players on the Bluejackets Sather might be interested in. I just hope it isn’t Jeff carter, OH Please not Jeff carter.

  3. repost:

    And Columbus will not accept 2nd level prospects and 3rd liners when the Rangers aren’t the only team in this race. Unless, of course, Nash decides he does not want to go to Detroit, Boston, Toronto, etc.

  4. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Rumor my sources are telling me

    MDZ, Hank, dubi for TT, lucic, chara

    Then rangers recall Avery and Boston trades the above 3 for the rights to Avery.

    Avery, once he hears free OJ fir life and speedy wifi agrees saying “the Internet is seriously fast in beantown.

  5. Is there any way the Ranger organization could be so reckless to let Feds pay tonight if he’d had an actual concussion from the Moore hit? Unlikely, right? Easier to believe all the secrecy is covering up that he had a sore neck and face and they were pissed about it.

    Hope that’s right, because I’d hate to see him jeopardizing himself so quickly.

  6. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Ogden Nash and John Nash for Robert Warren Penn and Sean Penn. My sources have confirmed the trade.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I know that the Nash rumor isn’t true because if the asking price was Dubi, Kreider, and a 1st, the deal would have been made already.

  8. I was just reading a chat room held by the Bluejackets beat writer. He stated that Nash is not going to be traded and it’s just rumors. He did list 5 players that are on the block for the Bluejackets in priority order.

    1. Jeff Carter 2. Sammy Pahlsson 3. Curtis Sanford 4. Antoine Vermette 5. Derick Brassard.

    I really hope Sather isn’t thinking of trading for Jeff carter.

  9. Random thought:

    How does MSG, who broadcasts his show every morning and shows replays on the network throughout the day, let that idiot Craig Carton demean the Rangers and hockey in general day in and day out? You would think MSG would want the co-host of its flagship morning show to be a little more supportive of one of the main products MSG puts on its air (though not for TW customers!).

    For all the watchdog behavior we’ve seen from Dolan and his cronies throughout his tenure, I guess I am just surprised that is still allowed to happen.

    I also despite Carton, for what it’s worth.

  10. tomg, one of the Columbus writers changed his tune today, said that Nash is in the market, according to the TSN link posted earlier.

  11. Noah, simple. MSG broadcasting, other than its teams games, is in the dumpster. Boomer and Cockroach are pretty big revenue producers, and at a reasonable cost because WFAN pays them huge salaries. So they can do whatever they want to do.

  12. Couldn’t all this Nash business be simple “woman in a bar strategy?” You know when you are interested in one woman, so you seem disinterested and chat up another. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see nothing get done with Columbus but Sather bringing in a player from another team. It seems like simple GM-ing to me. Obviously you do your due diligence and if word gets out so be it, maybe it forces the other guys hand or drops his asking price. I strongly believe someone will be added but I don’t think it will be any type of blockbuster deal.

  13. tomg — was that a new chat or an old one. according to tmz he just went on the market.

    jeff carter’s contract sucks but if you could get him cheap it might be worth it. i didn’t realize how good his numbers have been.

    another problem is that he plays center.

  14. Makes sense, Carp. Thanks for the reply.

    I look forward to Carton pretending to care about the team once they make the playoffs and the Knicks get swept in the first round by Chicago or Miami.

  15. I still think Columbus might as well start negotiating with Hamilton or Quebec City if they trade Nash. Does anyone really thinking that fanbase is going to sit through even more of a rebuilding without their most popular player? From a hockey standpoint it does make sense considering they can be a last place team with Nash and they’ll certainly be a last place team without him, but from a business standpoint they basically have to keep him.

  16. Aaron Portzline, who is having a live chat as we post answered a question is Nash was on the block and he said:

    “I believe those rumors are false. I’ve tried to stay in touch with as many people as possible regarding this, and I’ve yet to hear any indication that the Blue Jackets are willing to trade Nash. If they go “nuclear” — I’m really getting sick of that phrase, by the way — then I believe they should present Nash with the option of being traded to a contender or sticking it out. He’s wed that, I think. But I have not heard any indication that the club has reached that point as of today.”

  17. Typical, a game between average at best teams, with 13-15 & 9-20 records takes precedence over two teams battling it out for first place. Some things never change.

  18. With all this Nash talk today, I almost forgot the Rangers will be up by 9 Byfuglien points in the conference if they win in regulation!

  19. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I really love all of this trade talk (I honestly do)!

    Happy 26th Jake!

  20. from what I’ve been reading on that chat, the fan base would go crazy if the Bluejackets traded Nash.

  21. The more i think about it the more i want nash. If you can keep kreider and get nash you do it and run. Not totally against the idea of carter either

  22. TSN presented remarks by the same beat writer this way:

    “This morning, Columbus Dispatch reporter Aaron Portzline wrote on his blog that “for the first time, (the Blue Jackets) are willing to listen to offers for captain Rick Nash.”

    While it’s easy, and sometime necessary, to get hung on precise terminology on a story like this one — the differences between “on the market” as opposed to “listening to offers” as opposed to “being shopped” — here’s the bottom line:

    Last week, in no uncertain terms, NHL teams were told Nash was not available and this week, he is. For the right team, anyway.”

  23. My blue(shirt) Valentine!!! I’m soo excited to go to tonight’s Rangers vs Bruins game!!! Will the Rangers continue their league domination? Will I open my big mouth and get boooed by the home fans?? Will Sylvia cooperate if we’re caught on the kissing cam???

  24. If I were a Jackets fan I think I’d want them to move him. He’s going to bring a lot back in return and Nash isn’t getting younger, hard to see that team winning any time soon.

  25. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Bing Crosby, bill Cosby, and skid Crosby for brad gibert, Melissa Gilbert, and rod Gilbert

  26. Send the Blue Jackets to Seattle for 50lbs of smoked Salmon, roller girls and some medical marijuana.

  27. well, I don’t understand that guy than because what i posted he just answered to a fan. Talk about double talk, jeez.

  28. Not that power rankings mean anything, but a lot of Wings fans were miffed that ESPN ranked them #2. I guess they didn’t take into account the Rangers have a better win %, one point behind (with two games in hand), much better road record, and that the Wings are 7-1 in the BCATGE.

    Seemed to think there was a bias towards NY. Seriously? The Red Wings, whose aasens have been kissed for two decades (and rightfully so) victim of a NY media bias? They also didn’t seem concerned about their chances in a DET/NYR SC final.

  29. Trade talk really is the best. Let’s come up with some more trades!

    Maybe the Rangers will talk to some team we have never heard of? Maybe they will get a player we have never heard of?


  30. >>Anson Carter, Linda Carter, Sgt. Carter.

    Chris Carter.

    [Look up Chris & Cosey, or Throbbing Gristle.]

  31. There’s a really great article up on TSN…an in depth looking at Crosby’s breakfast routine.

  32. REPOST:

    Stranger – we can sign all of our RFAs. That’s the difference between Chicago and the position we’re in right now. Chicago was right at the cap with no significant contracts coming off. Byfuglien, Bolland, Versteeg, Keith, and Seabrook all had expiring deals along with a few other guys.

    If we make a trade now, we’re going to have to make some serious decisions come 2013. If we don’t make a trade now, we have plenty of money to keep everyone. We’re clearing about 9.3 mil in cap space based on guys that are definitely gone and part of Drury’s buy out (plus bonuses from last year). That doesn’t include the RFA/UFA that we’d probably keep. Even if the cap stays about the same, we’d have enough to keep DZ, Prust, Biron, and even Bickel/Mitchell. Now we could use part of that 9.3 mil to re-sign those guys and still have some left over to make a 1 year signing if necessary (which we wouldn’t need since we can assume Kreider or another AHL guy can come up).

    Now If we traded Dubi, that frees up even more cap space for us to play with and keep the core intact, but even without doing so, we have enough money to keep almost all of our RFAs.

  33. I guess it comes down to if somebody blows the Jackets away with a offer they can’t refuse than they will trade Nash. I don’t see the rangers doing this at all. Sather was probably doing his due diligence and just kicking tires.

  34. i suppose from a fan’s standpoint the good news is this: though it would be great to add a high-scoring winger, for the first time in a long time, i would feel completely satisfied if the rangers didn’t make any trades. they’re good and they’re young. when was the last time that happened?

    actually, i can’t think of any player that is overachieving. I assume the young Dmen will only get better. in fact, you could argue that a few players are underachieving — namely, dubinsky, staal and even richards and ansimov to some extent.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    CBJ actually have a pretty good fan base when the team is worth a damn. The problem is the team is rarely worth a damn.

  36. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Henry ford, Gerald ford, whitey ford for charlie watts, 60 watts, and power is measured in watts

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “That’s the difference between Chicago and the position we’re in right now. Chicago was right at the cap with no significant contracts coming off. Byfuglien, Bolland, Versteeg, Keith, and Seabrook all had expiring deals along with a few other guys.”

    Incorrect. The difference between us and Chicago was that they sent the faxes tendering the qualifying offers late, so they hurried to sign everyone to long term deals that were a bit inflated so they wouldn’t have to worry about a challenge from the NHLPA that could have resulted in those players being declared UFAs. It cost Dale Tallon his job.

  38. Also, CT, don’t forget the mistake that was Cristobol Huet. Prevented them from signing Niemi, I believe…

  39. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    THE PRUST, rod rust, and in god we trust for Tim Thomas, Danny Thomas, Terrell Thomas and Marlo thomas

  40. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Edzo, drew bledsoe, say it ain’t so for doc emrick, doc holiday, and the doctor will be right in

  41. Niklas Hagman, Carl Hagelin, and Mike Hartman for Sergei Fedorov, Fedor Fedorov, and a Borsalino fedora.

  42. I Rarely Speak on

    if the rumored trade of dubi krieder 1st round pick and another b level prospect is true for nash.. you have to do it! how many times do you get a chance to win the cup?? Nash with Richards and Callahan?? um yeah ill take that..

  43. Ryan Callahan, Brendan Shanahan, Joel Hanrahan for Ricky Ledee, Jason Bay, Faye Dunaway, and Brad May.

  44. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    4 way trade – Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey for staal, staal, staal for sutter-sutter-sutter and the other 4 sutters for hunter/hunter/hunter

  45. I Rarely Speak on

    its also rumored that he wants to go to a place where he isnt mobbed walking down the street and can go out in public without being swarmed.. well New York is perfect if u ask me.. Big Market, chance to win the cup, and nobody will know who the hell Rick Nask is when he is walking around the streets of Manhattan

  46. Wicky©Proud owner of the world's most persistent cold on

    Normally I wouldn’t say I am stoked to see a game against tampa, but that March 2nd rematch might just be a doozy after the feds incident!!!

  47. I Rarely Speak on

    dont know where u live ANF but time warner is running a free preview on center ice.. in upstate ny the game will be shown on the free preview

  48. knowing how good Sather can be at trading players… i am expecting him to ripoff CBJ management! Something like Dubinsky and Boyle for Nash lol

  49. I Rarely Speak on

    ya i know in Albany the games are shown on center ice.. not sure about manhattan my sense would be that its blacked out

  50. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Jack clark, Horace Clarke, Bobby Clarke, and petula Clark for bill flemming and Peggy flemming

  51. czechthemout!!!! on

    I don’t think Dubi will be the guy they want. I think it is AA and that is what the hang up.may be. Also, there is no way Kreider gets traded unless they feel he won’t sign here.

  52. I’d love to make the live chat tomorrow. Unfortunately I’ll be speaking at a women’s conference.

  53. NYR and CT – true, forgot that Kane/Toews were on entry level deals. And Tallon did screw that up big time. I still think we’re in a better position.

    DJK – Nash is nowhere near as tough as Graves. Pierre compared Cally with Graves. That’s a much more accurate comparison.

  54. @CCCP@ – don’t worry. She won’t. I doubt Kate Upton thinks about anyone who posts on a blog regularly. Not just because we are insignificant but because I am not sure of her intelligence level. Let’s just say she’s no Wangari Maathai.

  55. tomg February 14th, 2012 at 12:45 pm
    from what I’ve been reading on that chat, the fan base would go crazy if the Bluejackets traded Nash.



  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    mr. spock, dr, spock, richard speck for captain kirk, captain picard, captain von trapp, captain ILB, and captain my captain

  57. Kate Upton, B.J. Upton, Justin Upton, Upton Sinclair, Claire Danes, Dane Cook, Matt Cooke, Bill Cook, and Cookie Monster for Nash.

  58. Mister Delaware on

    ‘how many times do you get a chance to win the cup??”

    Up 5 points with the entire core roster aside from Prust under control next year. So atleast two, probably more.

  59. stranger nation on

    crazy eddie, eddie monster, edie brickell, another brick in the wall for Red Foxx, Black Peter, Whitey Ford, and the blue man group.

  60. If Howson trades Nash for what has been proposed so far, he should be decapitated.


    Seriously, Cookie Monster isn’t even real.

  61. Paul Newman / Reggie Dunlop: I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Tim McCracken. He’s the head coach and chief punk on that Syracuse team.

  62. Am I crazy for valuing Dubi moreso than AA? As much as I like AA, if it’s he that has to go in a deal for Nash, I do it 100 times out of 100.

  63. Mister Delaware on

    Point totals can be misleading and teammate dependent and all that but … Nash is T-65th in points this season. T-30th last year. T-36th the year before. For the 5th highest cap hit in the NHL. And (atleast) a 2nd/3rd liner. And a top prospect. And our late 1st round pick.

    (And the teammates argument can only go so far. The Islanders have as many goals as the Blue Jackets but Tavares seems to be doing ok finding the back of the net.)

  64. All things being equal, Duby is probably more valuable. Contracts not being equal, AA is more valuable.

  65. “Salty February 14th, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    tomg February 14th, 2012 at 12:45 pm
    from what I’ve been reading on that chat, the fan base would go crazy if the Bluejackets traded Nash.



    OK, lets be clearer, they WOULD BE VERY ANGRY if that happens.

  66. I just never quite saw what others have seen in Artie. He’s a solid player, don’t get me wrong. But, there is no way he should be a deal-breaker.

    That said, I’m a-okay with standing firm with what we have right now. I’d also hate to see Kreider go in any deal at this point based on everything I hear about him.

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    pardon my repost…..but i though my “i see your kate upton and raise a randy johnson” was hysterical

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    at the age of 20, TGO would never be doing what krieder is at the college level

    THX CTB, how is the lil baby? :)

  69. The baby is outgrowing her clothes on almost a daily basis. She should just wear one of my jerseys full time and eventually grow into it.

  70. Johnny LaRue, I don’t believe that for a minute.

    Lunch: Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, grilled prosciutto, mozzarella and crushed red pepper on a grilled panini. Wearing a grey hoodie.

    Matt Cooke and Bobby Clarke for Daniel Carcillo.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – gather ye rose buds while ye may

    thou almost mak’st me waver in my faith,
    to hold opinion with Pythagoras,
    That souls of animals infuse themselves
    into the trunks of men.

  72. In looks of fair unconscious babes,
    Or strangely in the coffin’d dead,
    Or show of breaking dawn or stars by night,
    As some dissolving delicate film of dreams,
    Hiding yet lingering.

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – that sounds yummy…….my lunch was oatmeal, honey, and a dash of brown sugar

  74. Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman for Kevin, Gene, Feldman and Vargas. The deal goes down at Reggie’s.

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    tis be done
    will be done
    servants ever speak,
    fair maiden, my love exits
    in shadows that abound

  76. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    I Rarely Speak:

    Re “How many times do you get a chance to win the Cup?” Well, one chance is what the Rangers will have if they decimate their youthful prospects and/or core for a Nash-type. Multiple times if they keep their core/talent nucleus intact.

    You really could raise your sights and throw away the psychological tin cup with the pencils in it, if you want to. You want one Cup this year – maybe, if everything breaks just right, or two or three Cups over the next five years? Not a difficult question for some of us with long-range vision beyond our nose to contemplate.

  77. Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire.
    My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly,
    Keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?
    A fallen man, I climb out of my fear.
    The mind enters itself, and God the mind,
    And one is One, free in the tearing wind.

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    my arrow sling around thy heart
    the chamber is aglow
    the fire breathes in the hearth
    ruth gehrig and lazarri were the murderer’s row

  79. Carp, speaking of under 40, about 20 years ago I was in a record store and 2 teen-age girls were next to me and one said to the other “Look Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings.”

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    thou want the cup, thy win it this year?
    trade krieder, dubi, and some cash
    for fedor tutin and rick nash
    watch jacket’s fans cry in their beer

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    it all be good, in my hood
    everlasting cheer
    rangers bruins in four hours
    boston sheds a tear

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    shore ranger – who is this band that you speaketh of?
    4 lads from liverpool, might they be
    whisper words of wisdon,
    let it be

  83. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    I, too, know that Paul McC. was in a band before Wings – loved those “Quarrymen”, a vastly under-rated skiffle group. In fact, how many know the the leading skiffle group singer of his day, and therefore a man who had to be a big influence on The Quarrymen, Lonny Donegan, performed at Madison Square Garden as part of a double-bill with a College Basketball All Stars vs. the Harlem Globetrotters game, way back when?

    So that Donegan’s hit recording of “Rock Island Line” is probably the most influential popular record every produced, considering what transpired in Liverpool, following its release and big success, in England and even here.

    (You definitely heard it here, first.) Check out Rock Island Line on Youtube if you want to see the music that was the roots-inspiration for what became a rather celebrated band.

  84. I Rarely Speak on

    hey Boom Boom.. trading one A level prospect and a third line player is NOT blowing up the future.. and if its the cap space you worried about nobody worries about that when signing free agents.. Its not like Nash is 37.. but thanks for being so condescending was really great in making your point.. trading for Rick Nash ruins the future of the Rangers?? give me a break..

  85. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Calling I Rarely Speak, lost out there on Mars or Jupiter or someplace – come in, I Rarely Speak…. do you read me?

    The rumour mill has a LOT MORE going to Columbus than the tin can package you suggest, and you know that. We all know the price for a Nash-type will be a major hit on the Rangers future. So come off the “posturing” already, just to pick up a cheap “debate point or two.” You can win the debate to your heart’s content, meanwhile, the Rangers are in jeopardy of getting fleeced on talent, depth, and taking a major cap hit, for what (?), a minor bump in terms of their chances for glory for ONE friggin’ year, before The Piper starts to take his toll, next year.

  86. Dubi and Kreider w/a 27th pick would be a GREAT deal….they should be asking for more.

    you really think our chances of winning two or three cups is better with Dubi and Kreider than with Nash ?

    Sather will chicken out anyhow.

  87. Mister Delaware on

    “trading one A level prospect and a third line player is NOT blowing up the future.. and if its the cap space you worried about nobody worries about that when signing free agents..”

    Its both. Paying $7.5MM for Nash is one thing. Trading 3 assets for Nash is one thing. Doing both is a terrible idea, especially when there are some very good UFAs coming after this season. You can have Nash or you can have Dubinsky and Kreider and your 1st round pick and a shot at Parise or Suter or a younger and cheaper guy like Bobby Ryan if he becomes available again. Nash completely locks the roster up and doesn’t make it exponentially better. Adding Parise without any subtractions makes it exponentially better.

  88. Mister Delaware on

    “The rumour mill has a LOT MORE going to Columbus than the tin can package you suggest, and you know that.”

    This. If Columbus were looking to get out from under Nash’s contract, that would be another conversation altogether.

  89. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    By the way, the significance of the Rock Island Line arrangement is mostly connected with it’s change of pace, from a ballad, in the beginning, to an up-tempo skiffle song, as the song progressed. You look at McCartney’s major song-writing efforts and some of the best of them were change of pace numbers, right out of the Lonnie Donegan playbook, with Band On The Run, Uncle Albert- Admiral Halsey, and Silly Love Songs readily coming to mind.

    No question about it, you could make a case that Lonnie Donegan’s “Rock Island Line” was the first rock (or “rock n’ roll) record, always a much-disputed topic, over the years.

  90. I Rarely Speak on

    Bobby Ryan would not be cheaper than Nash if u ask me.. and now all of a sudden Dubinsky who is ridiculed every day on the is boards is now a major part of the future.. interesting.. and when u go into FA u have absolutely NO guarantee they will come here.. but whatever.. apparently having Rick Nash is a detriment to the future of team.. and i still think i might rather have Nash than Krieder and Dubinsky.. i know to BOOM BOOM that makes me a clown..

  91. I Rarely Speak on

    and now people are listening to Larry Brooks about what Columbus wants.. when truth is NOBODY knows.. obv if they are asking for stepan hagelin mcd mdz.. u say no.. but we dont know what their looking for..

  92. Zero chance Columbus trades Nash for Dubi (or AA), Kreider, and no 1 pick, which may as well be a 2nd round pick given where Rangers likely to finish. Zero. If Rangers include Staal or Del Zotto, then MAYBE Columbus is interested in moving their franchise player. I don’t think Sather does this nor should he, and that’s why deal won’t get done.

  93. Mister Delaware on

    Bobby Ryan is cheaper than Nash, by like $2.5MM per year. Even if he costs the same in a trade, he’s cheaper and younger.

    I’m a Dubinsky guy, so “the board” may mock him but its not universal. I think, even in a down year, he’d be a major subtraction from the lineup.

    Your “having Rick Nash is a detriment” comment is just as condescending as you accused Boom Boom of being and a strawman on top of that. No one is saying Nash isn’t a good player or that he would hurt the team, we’re saying the overall cost (straight contract, overall effect on the cap, players and prospects sent back out) is prohibitive.

  94. Yes it’s a given that no one knows and that we are all speculating. My speculation is there is zero chance Columbus makes that trade.

  95. Mister Delaware on

    “Ryan is a lot smaller. Nash at 6-4 and 220 would fit the much better IMO”

    Small Bobby Ryan would be our second biggest top 9 forward behind Boyle.

  96. rumor:

    Montreal Canadiens talking to the devils in a possible trade that would reunite Scott Gomez with the devils. The proposed trade is Gomez to the Devils for Fart Marty Brodeur’s jock strap. Montreal than will raise Farty marty’s strap to the rafters at the Bell Centre as a Souvenir.

  97. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    No, it doesn’t make you a clown, Little Buddy, it just puts you in the “short-term patching” category, and that is your privilege and choice – to look through a narrow window of opportunity, as contrasted with my choice to look at situations for long-term value, given my personal experience of observing that when I take the short-term, expedient route, the cost seems always to be more severe than the gain is gratifying.

    Maybe the Rangers win a Cup with Nash, and will never win a Cup if they keep the roster players and prospects they would have to give up to get him. On the other hand, maybe the Kreider’s and the Erixon’s of the world help lead the Rangers to multiple Cup championships, we might otherwise not have won. I don’t have a crystal ball into the future, so that I just apply my own life philosophy of patience leading to the ultimate rewards into uncharted territory.

  98. I Rarely Speak on

    while patience is a great virtue.. sometimes the greatest rewards in life come from taking risks :).. but as long as im your little buddy i am a-ok!!!

  99. Like I have said previously, I will trade the 2 or 3 Cups they might have won in the 90s for the 1 I know they won. To sum it up, no Nash in the cap era, but yes Nash if there was no cap.

  100. I Rarely Speak on

    for everybody who says they dont want Nash they shouldnt complain the rest of this year after losses about lack of scoring

  101. Rupp_elstilskin. on

    The distant hope of a dynasty with everything falling into place is kinda silly.

    Take Nash with the trade, Gabby will not see another full injury free year,if he makes it til the end of this one, and we will need a PROVEN scorer.

    heck, Id throw in Erixon and Miller.

  102. From Spector’s Hockey…
    “The fact Howson won’t comment on the rumors is merely adding fuel to the fire. It’s possible he’s been gauging Nash’s value in the trade market, but he’s not going to just give him away for picks and prospects. The Blue Jackets, in my opinion, are beyond that now. They’re going to want at least a couple of good, established young players who can improve the team now. *While the Rangers would probably love to have Nash in their lineup (hell, who wouldn’t?), it would be madness on their part to blow up their successful team chemistry by parting with one or two quality players to get him. That’s not tinkering, that’s a friggin’ overhaul.* Sure, it’s possible Nash could be dealt, but moving a player of his caliber usually occurs in the off-season, not the trade deadline. It would be very surprising if they traded their franchise player now, and no offense to the Rangers, but a return of Dubinsky, a promising college player and a first round pick (as suggested by the Ottawa Sun) in my opinion isn’t enough to get him.”


  103. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Interesting, in that I am 100 per cent in favor of the entrepreneurial taking of calculated risk, in exchange for unlimited potential reward. Which means that you don’t always reap the reward, you can lose your investment stake many times before cashing in on the mother lode.

    Game Theory is now an accepted scientific study on the subject of calculating the best course of action, given the known variables. I do see great risk with minimal potential reward to the Rangers for “fixing what ain’t broken,” at this time. So that the club making any short-term patching trade, to me, is a net loser, over time, when cost vs. gain can be tabulated.

    Hey, it’s fun to poke at Montreal for their colossal McD trade mistake. Do we want Isles and Devils fans coming back on us for a similar mistake as regards Kreider in the years ahead? I know I don’t.

  104. heck, Id throw in Erixon and Miller.


    Everyone enjoyed the post Cup 90’s Rangers that much huh?

  105. Ya never know ct … no one gave Bickel a. second glance earlier, now he is a decent part of the team.

    now Erixon is reportedly 2 or 3yrs away.

  106. Johnny LaRue, Sorry, we already have a George. But which side gets Elaine?

    What was wrong with the post-Cup Rangers, CT. … oh, right.

  107. “now Erixon is reportedly 2 or 3yrs away.”

    According to who? He’s been on a tear in the AHL.

  108. Nash is a waste of time and cap space

    but if you’re going to trade for him, you have to include Dubinsky in that deal in order for it to make any financial sense. Dubinsky at his absolute best isn’t going to be what Nash is and some creative maneuvering (i.e. jettisoning Wolski) will mean a basic wash in cap hit if Dubinsky gets shipped out. including McDonagh in a deal for him is a colossal mistake – the Rangers won’t have the money available to sign either Suter or Weber if they bring in Nash and will be down to 4 d-men (assuming Sauer gets healty) and whatever table scraps are out there.

  109. Krieder, Dubi, Cally, The King, Prust, Richards and Step for Nash. If need be Staal and McMonster too. Fair trade…for sure.

  110. stranger nation on

    miller, kreider, erixon, thomas, V Tank, and McIlbust for Nash

    no messing with chemistry on that one and we can resign Vorros

  111. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Ahh – Rupp, you unintentionally imply a good point, in that while, in building for a dynasty, there is no guarantee you will enjoy one, EVERY SEASON during that process, you are in serious Cup contention, and capable of stealing one, or more, in any one of several seasons.

    Whereas, if you point for one, quick fix Cup championship, you then can lose the next five years to yet ~another~ rebuilding process. So sure, by taking aim to win three, you might have to settle for one, but that one would come in what otherwise would have been a rebuilding year. Would not the Rangers have been better off trying to build a dynasty, than wasting Slats’ first decade here with quick fix/short term patching bargain basement dealings?

    That was one lean decade for Ranger fans, when we were being told that “making the playoffs” was our ultimate goal, and defined “success” for the organization and the fans. Finally, somebody upstairs woke up to the reality of how championships are won by championship-mentality organizations, not with a “making the playoffs” low-ceiling philosophy.

  112. Mister Delaware on

    “According to who? He’s been on a tear in the AHL.”

    I bet 5’8, 157 pound Bobby Ryan told him that.

  113. No worries… Enough already with Nash. He is NOT coming. (also,leave hope about signing Parise – not going to happened, not now, not July,1st).
    I anticipate, something like rental Knuble (who hate it in Caps, btw) will come in a best case scenario, if anything at all… Let’s relay on our own recourses…for now.

  114. Mister Delaware on

    “Dubinsky at his absolute best isn’t going to be what Nash is …”

    Last year, Dubinsky averaged 0.70 points per game. Take a wild guess what Nash is averaging this year.

  115. About .5 pts/gm this year Lloyd. The difference is you could probably find a taker for Dubinsky if he has another bad year. You could not find a taker for Nash if he has another 26 goal season at $7.8M

  116. I’m glad I have a busy day, that Nash talk is making me thirsty….I suspect that if Columbus was asking for Dubinsky, Kreider and 1st rounder in exchange for Nash, the NHL would be registering that trade as we speak. And Howson would be looking for a new job come Monday. I think what they will be asking for, coupled with his contract, would make that trade prohibitive. Probably a good thing.

  117. I Rarely Speak on

    Nash is not just another forward.. im NOT at all willing to give up all our prospects for him.. BUT if you can get him for a major prospect, a mid level prospect and a 1st round pick along with dubinsky i think u do it.. ur never going to keep all ur prospects and if ur goin to trade a couple of them, Nash is the kind of guy you want to get

  118. If history is any indication, I doubt we trade for Nash, but then again, it’s been a long while since we had a chance to finish as a 1 seed.

  119. CTBlueshirt:

    Did you miss my dozen posts where I said I want nothing to do with Nash? My point is that the only way you could get him is if a high salary guy went in exchange for him. Personally, I’d leave both Dubinsky and Nash and their overblown contracts at a bus stop somewhere.

  120. I bet 5’8, 157 pound Bobby Ryan told him that

    Delaware.. you call out people being condecsending, yet your a tool.\
    I am sorry I was wrong on Ryan’s size and will bow to your Hockey knowldge.

  121. Lloyd, actually I think I do recall that you’re into the No for Nash camp. Dubi’s deal is still much easier absorb if he stays at 40 pts @ $4.2M for 3 more years vs Nash being at anything less than 70 or so pts @ $7.8M for 6 more years.

  122. I Rarely Speak on

    ya those numbers.. i take Nash every day of the week.. every second of the day without flinching

  123. Problem is that Nash has 1 70+ point season under his belt. I don’t see him getting that much better after about a decade in the league.

  124. So wait, Nash is not dime a dozen?
    But his numbers this season are worse than Dubinsky’s last season?
    So essentially we could get Nash with his crazy expensive contract for a boat load of prospects, Dubinski and another young player…
    sounds like a very very expensive Dubinsky

  125. I’m no Dubinsky fan, but I hope people realize we give up one of our top PKers for Nash, who plays absolutely no defense at all. With the way our team is built, Nash isn’t really going to help considering he knows how to hit and that is about the only defense he plays.

    If the amount of offense he’d provide would net that defensive loss out, then I’d say ok sure. But knowing how “stars” perform in NYC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him not net that out.

    Plus I’m more comfortable knowing in what he have in Dubi as a Ranger and less comfortable with not knowing what Nash as a Ranger would be. I’m sure he’d put up solid numbers, but I feel like fans here would be asking why he isn’t this superstar player (since he’s a star, not superstar) and people would complain about him when he’s averaging 60 points.

  126. Whereas, if you point for one, quick fix Cup championship, you then can lose the next five years

    – is Nash only staying for a year, where ever he goes????

    anywho… when we get Jager back for Kreider, everything will fall into place

  127. Eklund (ye…i know) just wrote that the latest he’s heard (made up) as of 20 mins ago is that Nash to LA looks DONE. Nash for Bernier, Hunter, Penner, and a draft pick.

  128. Nash seems to have no problems generating shots. He’s routinely in the top 15 and often in the top 10 for SOG.

    So unless he turns into pre-2010 Ovechkin and starts getting like 400 SOG/yr, I don’t really see him scoring much more than he already does, even taking into account that this year is a down year for him.

    Besides, we’ve seen first hand how elite winger + elite center =/= goals galore.

  129. Gaborik on one line, Nash on another. who is the top pair D going to play against? the other team is going to have to pick there poison.

  130. as big of a Rangers fan as I am, the Jeremy Lin story is quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in sports. That Lakers game was the most electric the garden has been since Messier and Ewing were here and has made an entire ethnic group take interest in the team and bring back fans they lost decades ago.

    I mean I watched an entire Knicks game for the first time in probably 7 or 8 years…

  131. Anyone taking their sweetie to the game tonight? Valentine’s Day is a holiday not care much, but if man in your life forgets about it…. not good

  132. Well Gaborik (and Kovalchuk) for that matter are actually good examples.

    Gaborik isn’t producing any more than he did in Minny. His career year in his first year here was as much due to him playing 76 games than it was being in a more offensive system.

    Kovalchuk has pretty much produced the same in NJ (we can debate how good we think the Debbies are another time but at least concede they’re better than any of the Thrashers teams he played on) as he did in ATL.

  133. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Johnny –

    You missed my point. Ok, Nash sticks around for awhile. Meanwhile, the core you traded needs to be replaced – that is the forced rebuilding situation that backs up a team’s championship timetable, no matter how well the acquired star player plays.

    How many Cups did we win with Jagr, here? Right, while we had a premier player, his supporting cast was mediocre at best. That is the trap we would do well not to fall into, Johnny.

  134. To be fair, Nash really hasn’t really played with any decent players, unless I’m mistaken. Federov, Zherdev, Modin, Brassard, Peca, Voracek, Huselius, Umberger, Prospal, Vermette? All average or below average players. Carter is the best of the bunch, but they’re both snipers, so they don’t compliment each other.

  135. I’d rather ship a top defensive prospect than Kreider. Our D is young and talented, we need young scorers.

  136. so you don’t think things may open up for Gaborik if Nash comes here, or for Nash if he comes here? I don’t agree CT.
    a thought on Anisimov, does Haglin’s play made him expendable? or does Haglin’s play make him someone Columbus ( or any team) asks for in a trade instead of Anisimov.

  137. Chris F,
    i agree. I would much prefer to trade a D prospect, than a forward prospect. D men take longer to develop.

  138. stranger nation on

    Chris F – word that – my proposal is Erixon for a young emerging winger without a wonky groin (EDM?).

  139. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Oleo –

    You are right re Lin, but the problem is that when Anthony and Stoudemire get back, they will cut Lin out of the offensive mix, same as they cut down the possessions for the center on the team, who is actually a better points producer, on the basis of total points scored relative to missed floor shots, than they are, by a country mile.

    It occurred to me, yesterday, that the 24-second clock is really detrimental to the team concept of baseball. It subordinates ball-handling skills, a team offensive-pattern concept, and promotes all this outside, really selfish gunning with little or no offensive positioning by teammates inside. You never used to take a shot unless you were open, had a good angle, and had at least one teammate in offensive rebounding position. But even good coaches today, cannot coach a high-percentage game, what with these garbage, unnatural rules dictating the style and pace of every game, in place.

    And the crapola three-point shot from medium distance just adds to the selfishness. So that NBA basketball is all race-horse, poor percentage shooting garbage and individual showboat time, not team-oriented play.

    By far, with these disgusting rules, basketball is the most junkie of all the major sports. Hockey could address some inequities, too, but is no where as bad as basketball for monotony and self-serving play. At least hockey is still a team sport with everyone on the ice involved in the play.

  140. I lean toward long term. Trade a second round pick and/or a mid level prospect for a decent 20 goal…2nd or 3rd line type guy. Nash would be nice but it might be a killer at the end of next season when we have a number of core players to re-sign or let go, trade, etc. Tough call because a Ryan or Nash would be mean come playoff time.

  141. Boom Boom

    it depends on who the Rangers were to give up and who comes in to replace them. For example if the Rangers can get Nash and only give up one of Hagelin, Anisimov or Dubinsky from the current roster and we can retain our potential superstar prospect in Kreider then its not a real blow.

    In fact one could argue that the Rangers could lose two of those three and still be in a great position going forward because Kreider, Miller and Thomas will be turning pro for next season…

  142. agree oleo,
    they could afford to give up 2 of those 3 in a trade. the one that is left becomes your LW on Stepan’s line, and Fedotenko goes back with Boyle and Prust on your checking line.

  143. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Agree, AA and Dubi, whether we like it or not, are expendable. I would certainly take Hags and Kreider out of any trade talks, if it were my position to do so. Look at our PK, with Hags and what he has meant to it.

    In fact, I would trade both AA and Dubi, and, grudgingly a #1, for Nash, and walk away happy whether Columbus turns that down or takes it, because its close to a coin flip, value for value.

  144. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Bulldog –

    Your call, but I don’t rank AA or Dubi anywhere near Hags for value, this early in Hags’ NHL career. And the best is yet to come if Hags ever starts to get PP time.

  145. bull dog line

    I don’t think there is a single person who honestly believes that Anisimov and Hagelin/Dubinsky are more likely to win us a cup than Nash and Fedotenko. That being said I still wouldn’t want to make that move.

    I would be rather give up more in the prospect/pick department since we have a lot of prospects that losing a few wont hurt us too bad given how young our current team is.

  146. Boom Boom,
    my thinking on that would be more about this season. I think Dubi or AA, with Nash, would give the Rangers a better chance at winning the cup this year. Haglin may very well end up a better player than both, but he is not right now.

  147. Obviously Anisimov is the most expendable of the three but Dubinsky vs. Hagelin is a very tough one. The thing about Hagelin is he has a special component to his game which is his speed. He can do things most players can’t and given that he is only in his first year makes me want to hold onto him the most.

    The Rangers can afford to trade Anisimov, one of Erixon or McIlrath and one of Thomas or JT Miller and obviously draft picks and still have a good farm system. I would think Erixon and Thomas would be more valuable since Erixon is closer to NHL ready and Thomas has the superstar dad…

  148. It would be funny if Columbus really has interest in Hagelin being involved in this Nash deal, because just last summer, that one guy said he should be traded for a 2nd round pick!!

    Trade for Nash! Then trade Nash for six 2nd round picks!!!

  149. Hagelin has shown me more in 6 months than Dubinsky has in six years. I wish I was being sarcastic.

  150. CT,
    I think Nash ( or Ryan) balances the team. he makes them built more for the playoffs than they are now. my expectations for him are that he would score as he always has, and become the physical power forward this team lacks. I think if Nash is truly available the Rangers have to be in on him.

  151. CT,
    you are a numbers guy, I get it, but there is more to a players value than just numbers. would Nash help Richards? do you think his presence helps Callahan? the answer to both those questions is yes. so while his numbers may be the same, Richards and Callahans numbers should increase because of his presence.

  152. bull dog line

    He would be a huge help for Richards thats for sure and Nash is a beast on the PP as well. We would be able to have Richards on the point, Cally down low, Gabby on the Right circle and Nash on the left circle with either Step or Del Zotto depending on whether Torts would go with 5 forwards…

  153. Bull dog, the issue I see is that for this year Nash isn’t scoring as he always as so maybe he isn’t the difference maker for this year’s team. Now I certainly believe in rebound years for guys but I also think a typical Nash year (35 G 65 pts) isn’t worth $7.8M. Ryan is a different story though.

    But the reasoning of will Nash help player X, Y or Z sounds very much like the rationale people used when Drury, Gomez and Richards were brought in.

  154. Bulldog,

    This isn’t about any advanced metrics, when you’ve got one of the highest cap hits in the league you’re getting paid to score (or save more pucks) than just about anyone else out there. Nash right now isn’t doing it and I have my doubts that he will be any better than he has been going forward. Look at the list of top scorers in basically any era and rarely do any of them get substantially better as they reach and pass 30 or their 10 year mark in the league, whichever came first.

  155. CT,
    there is a little difference between Nash and the players you mentioned. size of Nash, style of play by Nash, and the age of Nash. I don’t understand the the thought process of lets wait for Parise next year. thats what you are going to have to pay Parise, and there is no promise that he chooses the Rangers. who says they are going to be in this position again next season. they have a chance now! why wait?

  156. CT,
    by the way, I am not knocking your use of STATS to make a point. a lot what you use is valid. I just think sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

  157. Tiki,
    aren’t you the guy who in week 3 of the NFL season felt that the Giants were done, Eli sucked, and Gilbride was awful.

  158. This just in: Rick Nash, Steve Nash, Graham Nash and Kevin Nash to Nashville with Mike York and Dick York and the Duchess of York going to New York

  159. No matter who you are, the more quality players around you, the more productive you will be. He is on pace for 26 goals 31 assists, however, we would not be getting him for the regular season. Playoff history tells us that rookies and playoff rookies tend to struggle and that offense ultimately prevails.

    There is no questioning that Nash would be a perfect fit, the question is whether we can acquire him and not have major problems or lose too many prospects/young players in the process…

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