Rangers-Capitals in review



1) This sure wasn’t the most exciting game ever played. But you know what? Ya boys don’t mind that either. Want to grind? Want to make it a battle for chances? Fine with them. Afterwards, John Tortorella said this is the type of game the Rangers expect to have to fight through this last third of the season — like the game against the Devils — where scoring is low, games are tight. Again, that’s OK with these Rangers.

2) I did complain yesterday about the lack of noise in the building, and there was silence at times. I ducked for cover when I suggested that Knicks games are louder. But it was a matinee and it was kids’ day and there were sure a lot of youngsters in the building. And when the kids’ folks got going, the kids got into it, too, especially late.

3) I thought at times that the Rangers — even though there was no nasty to this game, and it wasn’t exceptionally physical — kind of dampened the Capitals’ compete level. It sure looked like some of them weren’t interested in getting involved in all of that, including, at times, Mr. Ovechkin, former monster. Ovechkin (on some shifts)=glider.

4) The first period was kinda like the all-star game, minus the offense.

5) How about this statement start: Dan Block Ness Monster Girardi takes an Ovechkin bomb right off the melon? Fortunately it caught all helmet. And Block Ness laughed all the way to the bench.

6) Nobody was laughing at Ryan McDonagh when he scored that goal and fell in a heap, holding his left knee. Apparently McDonagh has this trick kneecap that acts up, or moves, or tweaks every once in a while throughout his career. It hurts for a while and then he gets through it. McDonagh didn’t miss a shift, played an amazing game, and finally — despite all the great games and big goals he’s had this season — got to wear the Broadway Hat for the first time.

7) Tortorella also pointed out the group of five in front of Henrik Lundqvist who did such a number on Ovechkin’s line: That being Brandon (game-winning, 48-game-slump-busting, short-handed goal) Prust, Brian Boyle and Brandon Dubinsky, Girardi and McMonster. And that their best defensive work was owning the puck. And they did. One of the Washington writers sitting next to me said a couple of times in the first two periods, “My God, they’ve spent the whole game in their own end.” Again, maybe that’s not thrill-a-minute, but boy is it effective.

8) And while the grinders won this game, the Rangers got yet another goal from their heart, soul and captain Ryan Callahan, who lost his balance kicking a pass to his stick, and while falling scored a beauty of a goal. And they got another really good game from the GAS Line, especially that No. 10 guy who could have had a bushel of goals with a little luck.

9) You know whose game I’ve really liked a lot lately? John Mitchell’s.

10) The Caps really might not make the playoffs this year, and the Rangers will, and that trading place wasn’t lost on a  lot of people. Prust said, “I guess it’s a little different. They were the team with the bull’s eye on their back. Now it’s kind of us. It’s definitely a little different … I like it this way a lot better.” Washington really misses Nick Backstrom (concussion) and Mike Green (sports hernia surgery). Backstrom might not make it back this season. And Mike Knuble was a healthy scratch (deadline deal candidate?) All of those guys and Ovechkin and the Caps’ stars have been in the lineup together for eight games this year, and they’re 8-0.

11) Saw two of my favorite size small ex-Rangers tough guys: George McPhee (the Capitals GM) and  Pat Verbeek, scouting for Tampa Bay. I was able to clear up an argument that was ongoing up in Canada recently, when somebody suggested Ray Ferraro was the original “Little Ball of Hate.” Verbeek insisted that he was the original. That’s what I had thought all along.

12) I said so yesterday, that I thought it was a great idea to play Lundqvist back-to-back … and I’d certainly play him in Boston tomorrow. The guy’s a horse and a competitor and he wants to play every game, and there’s nothing wrong with letting him do it and feeling pushed once in a while. God knows he excelled when he had to play every game after the deadline last year, and he’d happily play every game from now on out, and he will be playing every game when the tournament begins.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Prust.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Dan Girardi.

Here is my column from the game, in The Journal News and on LoHud.com today.

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  1. 2nd!

    When the Dev’s were doing it and grinding and trapping win after win, I whinned that it was boring and they were ruining the game..



  2. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Morning Heads!
    I only noticed Ovechin on his first shift and his last shift….invisible

  3. Thanks for an intelligent analysis. This could be the Rangers’ year.

    For those interested, NY Times has an interview with Kathryn Tappen this morning…wondered about her background. She has an interturbable presence that many of her male counterparts seem to lack, and she seems to work hard behind the scenes to break the mold, much like a professor spending hours preparing a popular course. Good for her!


  4. Thanks CW! Great piece on Kreider. They would be STUPID to trade a 6’3″ 230 lb kid who can skate like Carl Hagelin and will be cost effective for years! I sure hope they hang on to him.

  5. This was the most exciting game I have seen since the Flyer pasting in the outdoors game a while ago………
    I recall the disappointment in last season’s game against these Washington folks, when they methodically eliminated the Rangers from dreaming about a cup spot.

    Ain’t revenge goooood?

  6. McPhee was one of my all time favorites and my first jersey purchase. (still have it) Ray Ferrara a ball of hate??? I always knew him as Chicken Parm??

  7. McPhee was a player on the Bowling Green ( Ohio ) hockey team and my daughter was earning her Masters there. She recalled him as BMOC, at the time, and also said that every time she saw him anywhere, he was well into his cups.

  8. Yev, I was thinking the same thing after reading Carp’s #7!!!! The Devils were a suffocating defense and Marty faced like 15 shots per game!!! Our boys are a bit different than the old Devils but the results, so far, are the same!!! And I’ll take it!!!

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Outstanding review, Carp! Love how you point out small details, not just an obvious picture.

    Mitchell shows some moves that make you wonder why he’s been a journeyman and struggled to find his team. He may be benefiting from playing for JT.

    This team is hard to play against, no matter how you try to beat them. You want to play it tough, they can be tougher. Gloves off? Be my guest. Grind it out? That’s their middle name. And if you want to exchange chances just remember that Lundqvist is in the net.

    I’d be very careful with any type of a trade, especially if it meant giving up anyone from their core.

  10. stranger nation on

    This team is not a copy of ‘Lou’s Left Wing Lock’ that took the fun out of the game in the 09’s. Our players have a defense first mind-set, but send two in on forecheck and like to press, not have two forwards sit back in neutral zone and attack strong side.

    Dubi has become an effective, albeit very overpaid, 3rd line checking winger – oy vey…

  11. I really hope sather doesn’t do anything stupid like he did his first 10 years. kreider is going to be a power forward the ranger fans have been waiting for and with a new CBA coming up not knowing what the new cap is going to look like would be foolish to trade top assets for big contracts. The rangers have just as good a chance of winning the cup with the present team than they do adding a top six forward because there are no guarantees of winning the cup either way. Trading Kreider or any of there top prospects would be a disaster. I want the rangers to be very good for many years and multiple cups than to mortgage the future for one cup. It’s important to keep your top prospects and young players in a cap league because your going to have to pay them sooner or later. Look what happened to chicago, they went for it and won but than had to dismantle there team.

  12. ilb: I watched Mitchell a lot as a Leaf and what you’re seeing as a Ranger was very much what he brought as a Leaf.

    There’s skill there for certain but he never seems to be able to build on it to the point where he’s a consistent 2nd line player (and in Toronto he had spells there because of their lack of depth when he was in their organization).

    The biggest difference I see in him now (as a Ranger) is his consistency – he sure looks like he’s found a home in RangerLand (finally). He’s a strong skater, isn’t afraid to be physical and has the skills to score a few goals. Another strong attribute is his versatility – he can and does play all 3 forward positions.

  13. On number 6. I’m sure their orthopedic team will look into it. While it may sound like nothing, it could become more serious. It sounds like McDonagh is suffering from unstable patella syndrome, since he mentioned it happens to him once in a while. If it happens often it may eventually damage his knee. Not to an extent that any of lay people would worry about, but it could be detrimental for a pro. He is too young and has too many years to play hockey. It isn’t a difficult thing to fix, but waiting too long my not be a great idea.

  14. BTW, is there any sense of urgency within Ranger management to get Prust a new contract?

    He’s an UFA this summer and I think letting him walk would be very silly – the value he brings to this team shouldn’t be under-estimated.

    Get him a 3 year $6,000,000 contract!!!!

  15. I agree that the Rangers don’t play the trap or left wing lock, but I totally agree with CARP that there style of play is not exciting all the time.

    But, I could give a flying……

    I love winning and I love the fact that there truly is team chemistry here. I know that is a cliche, but this group has it and then some. They seem like a very tight bunch on and off the ice!

  16. I am with you Yev – I don’t care how “exciting” this is. I just want to win. We definitely aren’t winning in any cheap ways!

  17. i will take 2-1, 3-2 type wins all year long. why? because they’re WINS. that’s all that matters.

  18. Stranger Nation on

    their defense first, grinding style of play has a tendency to throw off offensive minded teams with weak back lines; Bolts, Caps, et al. Seems very similar to Jagr led NYR squads of not so distant past.

    Having Hank as the backstop is a critical piece to that style. Starting to see teams make runs at him, which will only intensify as we move onward..

    B Rich has admitted this style has been an adjustment for him, as evidenced in his uneven play, but put him with 2 way players like Cally and Hags and they can pick up some slack on the defensive side. Starting to think playing Center may not be in his future as his game in this style more suited to wing.

  19. I literally cannot believe we somehow have a 7 Point lead in our Conference. How in the heck did that happen? What happened to the Bruins? What happened to the Phlyers? Oh yea, we beat them!

  20. I think if we find a way to get Nash without giving up Kreider, we should do it. Other than that like I said I doubt we’ll add a big money player if Parise is in the plans on July 1, just as we didn’t when we knew we could (and did) get Gaborik and Richards for nothing but money.

  21. Well, what is most impressive is that, while they built their lead, and while making the playoffs is almost a sure thing, they haven’t lost their focus an their intensity. You have to attribute that to the coaching staff, and to the young core players who believe in what they preach. It doesn’t hurt that their star player bought into it too, as well as the new acquisition ( Richards) played for Tortorella before. I’m going to say that Gaborik is turning into a finesse two-way player. You can not call him one-dimensional anymore. And, mind you, he did play for Jacques in Minnesota. But he wasn’t that good in his own zone as he is now.

  22. It really did, Sally! One day it was a neck and neck, 1 Point race up and down the standings and now it’s all getting sorted out.

  23. Staal: Chicago’s problem was Dale Tallon’s failure to send timely qualifying offers to all those Group IIs they had after they won the Cup. They thrn had to overpay those players to keep em or lose em as UFAs. He got fired for that. They then eventually dealt their entire Cup team away.

  24. Prust should not get more than 2 mil a year although there is definitely a chance some team overpays for him and as important a player as he is for us, you can’t give a single digit goal scoring forward that kind of money for multiple years.

    If i’m the Rangers, I give him a similar contract to Brian Boyle, 1.75 mil for 3/4 years.

  25. “Staal Wart and the Overachievers February 13th, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I worry about signing expensive free agents…I mean signing a Parise type player is great, but that seems to be what led to Chicago’s downturn…How can you then afford to keep all your homegrown talent?”

    That is what I posted @8:52am. People don’t get it. This isn’t pre-lockout days. There is a cap now you can’t keep adding big contracts. Look what happened to chicago so stop with the nash crap.

  26. Well, just for comparison purposes, Parise and Nash.

    Both are exactly the same age-27. Both will turn 28 this summer.
    Both play L wing.
    Statistically, both produce at .81 PPG. Nash played for two years longer in NHL
    Both are pretty durable, with the exception of Parise’s knee surgery last year.
    Nash is a beast at 6-4, 220lbs. Parise is much smaller, but is better defensively.
    Nash carries $7.8M cap hit through 2018. Parise will cost at least the same, probably for more years.

    Nash will cost an arm and a leg to get. Parise is available this summer. But can they sign him? There will be plenty of teams offering him what Rangers can.

    You make the decision.

  27. Who cares if we can fit him? There’s simply too much risk involved in messing with the chemistry of adding a “star” player to the team, with no guarantee he will take to the system, perform, or crumble. Not to mention the weight of his salary hit, a la past Rangers mistakes.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And right now with Kreider waiting in the wings (pun intended), we are right where we need to be with team development.

  28. “DJK February 13th, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Tomg: we can fit Nash by removing Dubinsky and Wolski from the roster.”

    really, than with Nash’s 7.8 mil cap hit for the next 6 years how are the rangers going to resign there younger players when there contracts are up and are going to get raises plus nobody knows what the new CBA is going to look like. If Buttman gets his way it will be less than it is now. I’m know accounted but it isn’t hard to understand the concept.

  29. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    DJK –

    When you remove two players from the roster to add one player to the roster, ANOTHER player has to be added to the roster, as well, and this is not free. So that if you remove five players from the roster to add one player to the roster, you are going to have to find four more players to add to the roster. Oh, well, I tried….

  30. It’s the smart move to wait to see if the rangers can sign Parise but again, not knowing what the new CBA is going to look like it might not be worth adding another big contract. The rangers young players are going to be up for raises and the rangers might be forced to get rid of them because of the cap. In a cap era you can’t keep adding big contracts. This isn’t baseball and the yankees.

  31. I would wait and see if we can sign Parise. We do offer a few things no other team can offer: Remaining in the same area that he has lived in, a legitimate cup contender (that may be a Parise away from a Cup) and tremendous goaltending

  32. Does anyone think that Nash will actually produce more at this point in his career? He better, because he’s certainly not worth his current cap hit. And when does he start to decline?

  33. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The only piece the rangers are missing at this point – None other than S. “Are the OJ refills free” Avery. Once we bring him and some unlimited wifi back to the team….. The cup be ours.


  34. Good morning all! What a tremendously tremendous weekend eh?!

    Happy 26th Fozzy!!

    I have no problem calling Verbeek a little or big ball of hate :)

    Ovie who?

  35. Hm, player X had a .82 pts/gm average going into his UFA year before he turned 28. He got a 7 year/$51.5M contract and was thought of as a missing piece to a Cup. He made the news recently for a one year anniversary. Must have gotten married or something.

  36. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The PRUST about to embark on a 30 game goal scoring streak.

    The two constants in the NHL at this point – The wings win every home game – the PRUST scores a goal in EVERY game.

  37. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Nice to see the flyers lose – Again. The rangers need to watch the video of the wings’ PP. Lots of puck movement, players moving to open spaces, plenty of short quick passes, and plenty of feet moving. Add to that a giant body like Bertuzzi setting screens and “it’s a pp goal”

  38. Though Dubinsky is having a less than stellar year in the scoring department, if I were GM I still wouldn’t get rid of him. I still consider him a pretty important part of the core of this team.
    I bet he has a good playoffs, and next year he becomes what we all expected this season, after seeing him play well offensively last season. I’m not comparing Dubi to Gabby but remember Gabby last season? How many people threw him under the bus?
    I’d be soooo hesitant to pull a deal that trades anyone from the core of this team.
    If the Rangers pull a deal to land a major star player at the deadline, I see the team taking a few steps back, not forward.

  39. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    CTB – don’t forget Oliver Cromwell as well…. Tho as a lad of Irish descent, I loathe even typing that name.

  40. Defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid…GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.

  41. the idea that the chemistry can be ruined by trading for a rental is absolutely ridiculous. Its not like you are blowing up the team here like the Knicks did last season.

    What the Rangers are going to stop blocking shots and grinding because John Mitchell or Ruslan Fedotenko is scratched in favor of the newly acquired Ryan Smyth, Ray Whitney or whomever they acquire.

    That is utter nonsense right there…

  42. Staal, agree 100%. People here can have such short memories sometimes. Dubinsky has played way better before, and he will be better again.

  43. If we sign Nash/Parise, you can say goodbye to McD and Stepan or Hagelin next year and quite possibly DZ this year. I really don’t see the point in getting those guys, especially with the way we play. Parise definitely fits better into the system since he’s a better skater than Nash, but with the cap probably going down or at least not moving up for awhile, I’d be a little cautious on who comes in. There are cheaper scoring options that won’t kill the teams cap space to sign younger players.

    Here are our FAs in the next 2-3 years:
    Wolski (RFA)
    Fedotenko (UFA)
    Prust (UFA)
    Mitchell (UFA)
    Del Zotto (RFA)
    Stralman (RFA)
    Eminger (UFA)
    Woywitka (UFA)
    Bickel (RFA)


    That doesn’t even include guys in the AHL. Obviously we’d let Wolski/Woywitka/Stralman/Eminger go (although I like Eminger a lot) and Feds/Prust might be gone if not at the right price (more so Feds than Prust). But you have to think DZ will get something around 2.5-3 for a few years, then Steps and Hags will be getting good money, same with McD.

    So based on how the new CBA works out, I’m not sure I’d want to just drop that money on those guys if the cap decreases rather than increasing.

  44. Also in regards to Dubinsky, he’s probably one of my least favorite players on the team, but he’s done much better lately and I think he’s going to be huge for us in the playoffs. His ability to hold the puck deep, protect it, and keep possession is something we really don’t have from other players on the team. I think we’re going to need him come playoff time.

  45. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Dubi and PRUST ran that shorthanded goal as efficiently as Chris Christie chowing down 4 buffet lines.

  46. Jonny D

    The Rangers have plenty of cap space in 2012-13. You failed to include Sean Avery and Chris Drury’s buy out there which is about 4 mil off the books…

  47. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I know its gotta be tough being duke mitchell’s kid….. I think #34, the former attorney general, is a distant cousin.

  48. Staal Wart

    I was talking in general as there is ridiculous notion by so many here that adding anyone is going to somehow disrupt the team chemistry.

    Even if the Rangers traded one of their young players in the process, you’re not going to lose chemistry that way. The only way to lose chemistry is to lose games…

  49. As much as I like the idea of Nash in a trade, I wouldn’t mess with this team as it is right now> We are always trying to create a stacked team year after year-well guess what Ranger fans…..we are a stacked team right now. We’re that team. Leave all the sum of the parts intact-they work very well and have confidence TOGETHER.

  50. Oleo – Avery isn’t on the books right now and we’ll still have about 2 million on Drury’s buyout next year. Stepan is going to cost at least 2.5 million considering he’s playing 1st line minute and is on pace for a 55 point season. DZ will be around the same considering he’s been by far our most effective offensive d-man. Depending on how Hags and McD play next season, I’m sure they’ll be looking for a decent amount of change as well.

  51. Also, we’re not winning the cup this year. I would just let the kids grow for another year. As shown with the Stamkos situation and what happened in Philly (even that that was because Carter/Richards were causing locker room problems), you never know what pieces you can get. If Bobby Ryan became available, I’d love to have him over Nash/Iginla/Doan. For the time being, we don’t need to bring in anyone. Let’s not make a move just to make one so it seems like we have a run at the cup.

    I think letting the young kids learn gets them a ton more experience so that going forward they can be more effective once the playoffs come around.

  52. stranger nation on

    I like Dubi, but one area of his game which has been suffering is puck possession. Opposing Dmen know his game (or lack thereof) and his back to the goal along the end boards only works if you can maintain possession. Too many times this year the puck is harmlessly poked away to a rush in the other direction. A little mind-boggling given the emerging skills he showed over the last couple of years.

    When he goes North South like yesterday, he is much more effective. Too much standing around and watching this year in O zone and not getting the ‘dirty’ goals. Must be his model girlfriend weakening the legs.

    Hope he turns it on in the POs, but right now he is not earning his salary which is at second line goal scorer, not 3rd line checker.

  53. Really torn on this “to trade or not to trade” situation for Nash. My gut is telling me to not to because I’m normally excited to see if they’ll pick up a star at the deadline. Now I’m almost worried as it approaches.

    I’ve never been a huge Dubinsky fan…he plays hard, but picks his nose too much. Not sure if I would ship him out at this point because his value is probably perceived as low right now. I guess I fall into the complimentary rental player category right now.

    I don’t envy Sather’s position right now.

  54. “Now I’m almost worried as it approaches.”

    I feel like I worry about Sather every deadline and every deadline things go fine. I need to stop.

  55. 8 pt lead on flyers two games in hand
    8 pt lead on pens two games in hand
    11 pt lead on devs one game in hand

    can things be any better this morning.

    i wont get wrapped up in 1st and 2nd until division is clinched but yes 7 pts on boston is nice at moment.

  56. the rumor of dubi kreider and a #1 to columbus for nash is enticing. the wildcard in this trade is kreider. how good will he be? will he be a bust? is he first line potential? we will never know so to me thats what makes this trade tricky. all you hear about is kreider is the ranger top prospect well can he be nash is the question or not.

    dubi and the first rounder(probably 29th pick ) is a no brainer the trade hinges on kreider. what do they think they got. none of us know. the rangers must decide

  57. I thought this game was plenty exciting – not really sure what the basis for Carp’s point was

    And this weekend was probably the most impressed I’ve been with the Rangers in a really long time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was completely shocked the Rangers didn’t get outscored 116-2 without the dynamic Ruslan Fedotenko in the lineup.

  58. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crack of Noon! What’s for lunch?

    Tomato Soup and Toasted Cheese Sandwich. A match made in Heaven.

  59. I am more concerned about Nash’s cap hit than I am about giving up Kreider. He seems like he may be an exciting player, but one thing I’ve learned from watching sports over the years is to never overestimate prospects. I would take a proven commodity 99% of the time.

    That said, I am not sure that Nash is worth the cap hit. He is struggling this year either because he is in decline (less likely) or he’s discouraged and somewhat given up. In either case, that’s not what I would want on my team. The reason the Rangers are successful is because they have competed, even when things weren’t going their way. Some players step it up in those cases (Malkin) while others just disappear (Ovechkin).

  60. stranger nation on

    statement game tomorrow night in Beantown? Bruins will be none too happy after recent slide and last game v. blue shirts, but will learn what the Filth has learned the hard way – you cannot intimidate this team, you can only win by outworking them – good luck on that one ;-)

  61. re: this hypothetical Nash trade

    I’m not a fan of Dubinsky and I’d ship him out in a heartbeat but I’m not sure Nash is even that big of an upgrade, let alone to package the most coveted guy in the system with him. On top of all that, his $7.8 million cap hit is ludicrous and he’s owed 7+ for three seasons after that. Granted, there’s no proof that Krieder will be a star in the NHL, but Nash has been above 70 points once in his career and while he’s not surrounded by top flight talent, he’s also performing in a market with zero pressure. His stats this year are on pace to be in the 50 point range which is just a colossal amount of who cares.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Words first heard at the Belmont in June ’73, the rangers “are moving like a machine”

  63. Jonny D

    Derek Stepan makes a grand total of $875,000 NEXT season. The Rangers have roughly 48 million guaranteed next season to 14 rostered players. (including the 1.67 million for Chris Drury). The Rangers carry 21-22 players so lets do some math. I’ll use 22.

    Brandon Prust and Micheal Del Zotto need to be resigned. Lets figure for 1.5 mil for Prust and 2.25 mil for Del Zotto. The Rangers need a backup goalie lets say its Biron at 1 mil. The Rangers also need a 6th d-man so we’ll give that to Stralman at 1 mil.

    Ruslan Fedotenko will seemingly be replaced by Chris Krieder and we’ll make the cap hit 1.5 mil. Steve Eminger will be let go as Stu Bickel will be our 7th dman at lets say 750K. Rangers need a 13th forward and John Mitchell is a solid choice there at let’s say 800k.

    Assuming the salary cap stays the same and my numbers for the RFAs are relatively close (I think I was pretty generous, overall) the Rangers have a maximum of 7.8 mil to spend on Parise….

  64. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I can see Ranger Fans overrating prospects. All the time. Seems like every one is the Next One. But I would at least want to see Kreider play a few Ranger games before its “Goodbye, Columbus”.

    This one’s for you, Pop

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I felt that after king richard II signed, nyr would make the CF. Now, after seeing this team this year, I believe we will have another parade sometime in June.

    Rangers beat the wings in 6 to win the Cup.

  66. JonnyD- after this season they can afford to add Parise, or Nash, for that matter. The issue is after 2012-2013. Look who they need to resign

  67. Can we just bring up MZA while Feds is hurt, please? I think he is ready for some NHL action.

    Also, don’t trade Dubi yet. Let’s see what he does in the playoffs. If he continues his inconsistency and horrid production, trade him the off-season or send him back to Alaska. There is no excuse for him if he carcillos the bed in the playoffs. It’s shape up or ship out.

    A big fat NO to Nash…

    The only rental I would entertain is Selanne.

  68. I doesn’t sound like Selanne wants to go anywhere. Iginla is staying put too, since Calgary is only 2 points out of the PO….Looks like they won’t be doing much by default. Which could be a good thing.

  69. NYR_FAN, it looks like Fedotenko will make the trip to Boston today … but if they were to bring up somebody it would have to be Wolski because he’s on the roster and they’re at 23. No way they’re playing Wolski in this game.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It also makes plenty of sense to resign Avery sooner than later or else we could be in a bidding war with the other 29 teams.

    I liked that stu Bickel was playing some forward yesterday. That, or my eyes were playing tricks on me.

  71. nyr fan

    please no mza. he doesnt fit this team anymore. if it took zucc to get a ufa as a rental doan whitney smyth a dman gill spacek kubina i would do it. the rangers have no use for zucc because he isnt a top 6 forward on this team.

  72. carp

    next time you see del zaster tell him to stop sliding across the ice and taking himself out of the play. i believe it was the first per yesterday. he did that against malkin and got burned. other then that i cant pick on del zaster too much.

  73. “Wolski because he’s on the roster and they’re at 23”

    There’s a guy to trade before the end of the month….

  74. Lunch time! I know that “you don’t make friends with salad”, but this is seriously delicious:

    Greens, broccoli, carrots, turnips, chick peas, avocado, and roasted sunflower seeds. Homemade lemon yogurt dressing. Munch munch munch.

  75. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Gravy –

    We have learned a different lesson. One thing I have learned over the years is never to under-estimate prospects, and certainly never to trade a blue-chip prospect for a journeyman grunt, or a star player, either, no matter how tempting it may be in the present moment.

    And if Kreider turns out to be a red chip instead of a blue chip, how bad is that? I mean, a Hagelin-type with size and speed to burn, how much coaxing should it take to hang on to Kreider and give him at least an extended trial?

    I can’t get over all the people we have here who want to dump Kreider for a Nash-type: “because he has no experience.” Hell, Gretzky had no experience at one time, either. Where you have enormous potential you don’t hastily throw it away, you put it to the test to see if it pans out.

    Apart from Cherepanov, is not Krieder the BEST prospect the Rangers have had in the Sather era? Enlighten me if I am over-looking someone. And please don’t say “Staal,” a solid (when right) defensive- defenseman who brings minimal offense to the mix.

  76. of kreider goes back for his senior year fans are going to be livid. he might not be available until april 7th, the last day of the season.

    how about jeff carter. if it took dubinsky/first rounder and someone else not named kreider? negatives 10-year deal, he plays center. but man, he’s still pretty young and a solid player — and it seems like he can be gotten at a relatively cheap price.

    i know the rangers are young, but you have a legitimate shot at the cup.

  77. I’m not saying I would deal for Nash, I probably wouldn’t. Not for what it would cost us, but I do feel like he is being undervalued. He is a hell of a hockey player and in a perfect world I would love to have him. His career numbers are pretty excellent considering he has played on some truly awful teams with little to no help. I’d be very curious to see what he would do on a team that has some other pieces and I’m not just saying the Rangers, as a hockey fan I’d like to see what he could do on any competitive team, rather then wasting away in Columbus.

  78. “please no mza. he doesnt fit this team anymore.”

    He’s a prospect. I reject the notion that the organization has given up on him. The Rangers would be unwise to trade him away for a rental like Smythe.

    MZA is further along in development than Kreider or any other forward prospect. He has years of pro experience. Kreider has yet to play a single professional game.

    Did the Rangers give up on Ryan Callahan when he struggled in the NHL and it was said he may be too small to be successful?

    Did the Rangers give up on PA Parenteau whn they said he was a bad skater? Yes, now he’s 5th in the league in assists. Good job.

    Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

  79. i don’t see why kreider shouldn’t be given a shot on the roster. i he’s really 6-3 230 or whatever… could he be any worse than anyone on the whale? the upside is huge.

  80. stranger nation on

    staal-wart – agree Kreider is a next season conversation. he better study hard so he can graduate this summer so we can definitely have him in 2012-13.

    Not sure who threw kreider in the nash convo, but that makes very limited sense. Nash was an absolutely monster during the Olympics which peaked my interest. Playing in a small market on a bad team should not be held against him. The reality is his cap # is way too high for a long time.

    and no carter, please no…

  81. Kreider has never played an NHL game and he would basically be thrown into the playoffs immediately. Not only will he not be used to the NHL game, he also won’t be used to Tort’s system. Also, I’m pretty sure it only takes one game and his entry level contract goes out the window. I don’t think Kreider should/will have anything to do with this years team.

  82. NYR Fan

    Zuccarello is a RW who can only play on a top 6 role (like Parenteau). With Callahan and Gaborik on the team for the foreseeable future, Zuccarello will not be able to crack the Rangers lineup as Tortorella wont play him over the grinders.

    Obviously he belongs in the NHL but unfortunately there is no spot for him here. He will be moved at some point even if its just for a draft pick in the offseason.

    What I would do is try to package him and a 2nd rounder and see what kind of value that has. I doubt it would be enough to net us a Ryan Smyth or Ray Whitney but Sather is the best at trades and could certainly pull off something good…

  83. @CCCP@ the secret wizard font is created by using a “^” on either side of the type.

    Miami – I thinke “this team blows” was easily one of your best posts this year. Simple and direct.

  84. Sally, it’s too much when I notice it, because I’m really oblivious to everything.

    BBB, no way to tell what Kreider is going to be. Like I said, he’s an exciting prospect. But for every Gretzky, there are 20 Jessimans. I have read a lot of positive scouting reports on him, but he is not labeled “can’t miss” like Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin, etc were. While there is a lot to be said for having guys grow through your system together, I would trade a prospect for a proven commodity more times than not. I would not do it for Nash given his current contract.

    Would I prefer to have Kreider grow on this team and become a superstar…sure. But, if they can get a proven player with a reasonable contract, then I wouldn’t regret it.

    And to answer your question, Kreider might be the most exciting 1st round prospect since Kovalev.

  85. Zuccarello can play all three forward positions. He has done very well at center this season. Prust sayin’!

    He can also play the LW!

  86. Rupp_elstilskin. on

    Did I hear a Kreider = Gretzky comparison!!!

    lol…. now I’ve heard everything!! see ya going to Vegas to lay down the Cup bet for the next 5yrs!!

  87. NYR-FAN

    Tortorella has already stated that in his opinion Zuccarello can only play on the RW so nothing will change his mind there.

    He is not in Tortorella’s plans anymore as its quite obvious. He is a RFA at the end of the year and I’m sure Zuccarello will want to go someplace he actually has a chance of playing…

  88. agree that Zuccarello is finished barring some disastrous circumstances. Tortorella wants nothing to do with him and believes the wings on the team now are better than he is. He’ll finish the team in Connecticut and wind up somewhere else next season.

  89. man…this Kreider kid better be good! Most of you talk about him as if he’s next Ovechkin or whatever! Has any of you actually seen him play? If yes, then how many times? Where is all that “Kreider > God” crap coming from?

  90. Oleo – ilb hit it on the head. We can afford one of those guys next season, but after that we need plenty of cap room.

    So if we max out on Parise, how are we fitting in Stepan the next season, or McDonagh/Sauer/Hagelin? We need at least 7.8 to keep at least 3 of those 4, if not all of them. Plus I think DZ is making more than 2.25 million, thats generous considering his offensive production this year. If he gets that, it might only be a 1 year deal, then it’s another RFA we’re going to have to worry about next season.

    We already have Gaby making 7.5 mil, Richards at 6.67, Lundqvist at 6.875, Cally at a generous 4.275 (considering he’s got the C and all). If it seemed like the cap was going to go up, I’d say sure because we’d have the room going forward. But guys like Stepan, McDonagh, and even Sauer and Hagelin are way too important to let go for just one player like Parise or Nash.

    Would you rather have Nash or Parise for 7-8 years or keep Stepan, McDonagh, Sauer, and Hagelin for that same amount of time?

    That’s the choice Sather would be making if he was to go after one of those two guys. I personally don’t think it’s worth it.

  91. Manny

    I expect him to be traded like we did with Grachev or hopefully in a package for a rental player a few weeks from now…

  92. Jonny D

    If Dubinsky does not have a season worthy of his 4.2 mil cap hit next season, he is gone. Also the Rangers are unbelieveably stingy when it comes to paying RFAs so they wont get the type of contracts you think they will.

    I do believe the Rangers will pass on Parise though (they’ll make a modest attempt though I’m sure). I believe the Rangers will make a small move this year at the deadline and make a major one this time next season…

  93. Also, I’m not even including guys like Erixon or McIlrath (Erixon is the much better overall d-man), JA-M, Thomas, Miller, or others who can potentially come through the ranks in the next 2-3 seasons.

    So I guess my reasoning has less to do with Krieder (although I’ve seen the kid play and his upside is huge) and more to do with eventually having to lose what we have now just to try to make a run when I don’t actually think it’s necessary.

  94. “Tortorella wants nothing to do with him and believes the wings on the team now are better than he is.”


  95. Dubi I agree will be gone unless he picks it up. And yes we’re stingy with RFAs and usually force them to go to arbitration. Based on DZ’s stats in his last two NHL seasons, I could see him being awarded around 3 mil in arbitration and I don’t think Glen would just let him walk like that.

  96. Tortorella THINKS VERY HIGHLY of MZA and is waiting for him to be NHL-ready.

    In reality, Torts wants nothing to do with Avery.

  97. NYR_FAN

    Care to wager on whether we’ll see Zuccarrello playing for the Rangers (barring injuries to basically everyone)?

  98. stranger nation on

    Christ Kreider – the second coming? No one said greater than the first, but most likely his equal. I hear he can skate on water!

  99. Torts does *not* like Avery! Fire Torts!

    Just kidding. Wait to see that 29 other teams give up on him and he’s off to the KHL in no time.

  100. for those who are interested and have direct tv i dont but tonight on i believe channel 628 on
    NESN the bruins network the championship game of the beanpot tournament is on Boston College and Kreider against Boston Univeristy) ranger managament will be in attendence.

  101. NYR_FAN

    Zuccarello is NHL ready right now, the problem is there is no room on the RW on the top 2 lines and he is not going to play a diminutive winger in the bottom 6 instead of a grinder.

    The fact that Stu Bickel is playing out of position over him pretty much says it all…

  102. stranger nation on

    MZA has been part of grand experiment in an undisclosed lab somewhere outside the Hartford city limits. They are using a new application of nano technology that can increase his height up to 10% which will make him 5’9″ tall with his skates and helmet on.

    Seriously, that guy is an insurance policy who is unfortunately (for his sake) languishing with the Whale.

  103. “Zuccarello is NHL ready right now, the problem is there is no room on the RW on the top 2 lines and he is not going to play a diminutive winger in the bottom 6 instead of a grinder.”

    What the what? Oleo, how is he NHL ready if there is NO ROOM for him?

    Maybe the Rangers are waiting for a spot to open up for him next season? Maybe they are developing him in a developmental league?

    Oh no, that’s too logical….

  104. Torts does like MZA, he’s just not sure how he’d fit in with this squad. When Hags got his first look, he was known as a great skater and solid PKer who could just in on offense. MZA needs top 6 minutes (Torts himself said that). He doesn’t want him wasting away on a line with Rupp and Boyle or something like that. That’s why he put Bickel up at forward since he knew he could use him for 5 minutes and not have to worry about him losing confidence/skill since his game his being physical.

  105. Correct me of I’m wrong, but isn’t/wasn’t Nash a Team Canada Olympian and also a former Rocket Richarc winner?

  106. Oh and Boom Boom:

    It’s OK to remove 2 players from the roster to get one back if one of those 2 players we give up isn’t playing anyway.

  107. NYR_FAN

    he’ll go back to Europe before he goes back to the Rangers and I dont blame him. There is no future for him here just like there was never a future for PA Parenteau either…

    He needs playing time which he will never get here…

  108. NYR – Oleo just means if the Rangers had at least one other talented player to make a 3rd line that was skill and grit, MZA would be up here. His skills are best utilized when he’s with more skilled players. Last year proved that. He had his best numbers when he was playing with 2nd line players. When he was on the 4th line he was pretty much useless.

    We don’t have that many skill guys yet. If Kreider comes up next year, MZA would have a linemate that while being raw in regards to NHL talent, has the same kind of skills he has (and is a much bigger version), so they would make a solid 3rd line with Arty in the middle.

  109. oleosmirf has just replaced Anders Hedberg as Head European Scout for the New York Rangers. Congratulations, Oleo!

  110. Jonny D

    exactly and considering Tortorella uses Boyle and Prust as a 3rd line, the only way Zuccarello can have an impact on this team is if he is playing major minutes with the top 6, something he will never be able to do unless Stepan, Callahan or Gaborik winds up on Injured reserve.

    Even next season, he can’t crack the lineup as the Rangers will be adding their top prospect and at least one UFA…

  111. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE, Love the Rupp on

    happy 26th fozzy!!

    great review carp!

    Off to work and I’m taking along this fabulous cold that I have had for a month and it just won’t go away!! FML!!

  112. The reason they didn’t recall anyone because WW and Woywitka are on the active roster of 23 players, an upper limit….

  113. Carter=invisible man in the playoffs. In the last thread, I mentioned only trading for a Nash/Ryan quality player if Sather can pull off a trade that makes every hockey fan in the world yell, “WTF, are you joking?!” If we can get a decent 2nd to 3rd line guy for a 2nd round pick and a Stralman or Bickle type roster player…why not? But at this point I feel pretty good as to where this team is at.

  114. I would also find it acceptable to trade WW for a Noid doll, day old chicken salad, VHS tapes of Hee-Haw, used Chapstick, or some Donny and Marie 8-tracks.

  115. speaking of Rick Nash, I wonder if the Rangers would be more interested in RJ Umberger. He’s a UFA and despite having a down year he’s been a good player in the past.

    He would definitely fit in with our grinding style but he’s averaged 50 points the past 3 seasons so he can score also. Would be a good addition to our 2nd/3rd line I think and wont cost us a top prospect or 1st rounder…

  116. So….a Bruins “fan” at my work just said this to me,

    “Fan” : “We will be playing you guys in a few days”
    Me: Yea. Tomorrow night.
    “Fan” : You better hope that Festomenker guy can play. Whatever his name is…
    Me: Oh you mean two time Stanley Cup Champion Ruslan Fedotenko?
    “Fan” : Yea good luck!
    Me: We have a 7 point lead in the standings so this game is really more important for you guys.
    “Fan” : Oh really? I haven’t looked. I thought we were in first.

    aha aha i like it aha aha bandwagon aha aha bandwagon i like it aha aha

  117. CCCP:

    I have seen Kreider play once live, and once on TV. I was at the 2010 Beanpot tourney at the TD northbank center.

    He is an impressive kid. Imagine Carl Hagelin’s skating ability in the body of Todd Bertuzzi. That is Kreider. And he has a good wrist shot and slap shot and soft hands. He scored an amazing goal during the beanpot game I was at. He rushed down the wing and totally underessed the defenseman with a brilliant move and then finished strong and put the puck in the net. That move took my breath away!

    I saw him play this past Friday on TV. Watched the whole game in which he scored 2 goals and had an assist against the Univ of Vermont.

    Between Periods, Kerry Fraser and Dave Maloney were doing analysis and were raving about Kreider and saying that he was NHL READY NOW!!!

    On 1050 ESPN Radio yesterday, Dave Maloney said, “This guy is a horse folks. He was a man amongst boys. Rangers management all going to the Beanpot tomorrow night to get a look at probably the next big young player to join the Rangers”

    If I were you, I would listen closer to what Dave Maloney says than anyone who posts here. But, having seen this kid play live, I can tell you that he was impressive. Does that guarantee he will be an impact player? Of course not. But, in this system and atmosphere under Torts, I think he has a chance to thrive and be an impact player for the Rangers.

  118. Umberger’s not an impending UFA. An extension kicks in next year. Five years, $23m. Which can be filed under “Yikes”.

    He did nothing last time he was a Ranger anyway…

  119. Dave Maloney is also now in the widget ——>

    and I can proudly say, as a friend who covered him when he was a kid captain, Dave Maloney=RR reader.

    everybody says the same thing about Kreider. NHL-ready body, NHL-ready skater. Does that mean there won’t be an adjustment period to the pro game as there was with McMonster? We’ll see. Probably not this year, though.

  120. “aha aha i like it aha aha bandwagon aha aha bandwagon i like it aha aha”

    I live up here and can verify that there were only 3 diehard Bruins fans before the Cup run; my two barbers and the 3B on my softball team. The rest jumped in last summer.

  121. Not allowing Krieder at least as long as Artem Anisimov to develop is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Let the kid play for a few years. Let him develop into a dominant force or a bust. That is what you do.

  122. Kreider = crossing my fingers and toes
    that he stays healthy
    and goes about progressing the Right Way.

  123. I can only imagine how bad it is up there, MD (a/k/a the Dr.). The accent plus the loudmouth thing plus the arrogant-chip-on-your-shoulder crap must make it really rough.

    That said, I love *real* fans. I grew up an NY fan in Southeastern CT and had to find real Red Sox, Bruins, Pats, Celtics fans to watch sports with because the fake ones are BRUTAL.

  124. I heard Kreider has a sick shotgun celebration. Gotta at least let him do that in the NHL before he’s TRAIDED.

  125. Yesterday Filip Bondy found out NYC still has a hockey team and it has been doing ok *the past week.*

  126. Carp
    this request goes out to anyone on the board
    with the capability and to you
    as far as posting the results.

    since we’re all so interested in Kreider
    (and any other Ranger prospects that we
    can watch on tv)
    please let us know if any Boston College games
    will be broadcast
    and/or what other (college) teams
    to pay attention to over the next couple months.

    i recall watching Mike York playing for Michigan State
    and watched most of Krieder the other night
    during that broadcast

  127. so did my friend Mike Vaccaro over at the Post … maybe/probably the best columnist in New York (present company obviously excluded :).

    but neither columnist’s presence could get NYR anywhere near the back page. Disgraceful.

  128. I wish Dave Maloney would replace Joe Mich. He and Sam would make a good duo. Hockey Sock Rock!!

    And a big Broduer-fat hell no to RJ Umberger!!

    Tonight, the 2012 SI Swimsuit cover girl is revealed. I’m hoping it’s, NYR fan, Kate Upton!

  129. “Not allowing Krieder at least as long as Artem Anisimov to develop is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Let the kid play for a few years. Let him develop into a dominant force or a bust. That is what you do.”

    True. Unless, you are from Norway and tiny. Then, you get a taste of the NHL, some AHL All-Star fun, then….it’s back to the Euro-pansy leagues….

  130. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    RJU chose NOT to be a New York Ranger. If he came here now, I will just bet you he will play about as passionately as Dreary in a trance. Damn, I hate rumours linking us with career losing-attitude players.

    Some just don’t like New York and play better elsewhere, before getting here AND after leaving here, from Dick Duff to Luc Robitaille and of course, Gomez played better before coming here, then fell into the abyss whereby he has reached the point in his career wherein he doesn’t like playing anywhere, period. How can he be worse in Montreal than he was here?

    I really think Gomez lost his focus when he got close to Sarah Palin’s perfume for that ceremonial opening face off in Philadelphia, during the last election campaign.

  131. ilb,

    This is in response to a post you made earlier this morning (I generally don’t get to the blog earlier than now, that’s why it’s so delayed); I agree with you when you say that Gaborik has become a better defensive player under Tortorella, but I still feel there are certain things Gaborik does in their own zone that, after I witness them, I think “Lemaire.” Would you agree with that?

  132. Afternoon all,

    It would be great to see the Rangers get more air time and premium space in the tabloids.

    But who cares, really?

    Jeremy Lin will come and go.

    The Rangers are built to last.

    And just for the record:

    The Knicks – only 13 wins

    The Rangers – only 13 losses

    ‘Nuff said.

  133. no no no Carp
    i know you’re a busy man
    not expecting you to do the
    “leg work” to find out what
    Rangers prospects are playing where
    and when they’ll be on tv

    that’s a request/encouragement for ANYONE on

    just saying that if if you notice any mentions
    or if anyone emails you such info
    if you could put it up as UPDATE or
    something like that.
    that’s all.

  134. Manny

    don’t have the time to go over posts
    as much as i’d like on some days
    so i’ve probably missed a lot of those

    knew about Kreider due to checking tv schedule.
    will try to scan more often and stay aware.

  135. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    DKJ –

    Let me guess, you majored in “Fuzzy Math” at the Julliard School of Music, or was it the Joffrey Ballet?

  136. Jonny D –

    Please deposit the first sentence of your 11:38 post in your minds nearest trash receptacle, post haste.


  137. Player Z. Parise, no no that might reveal his anonymity, player Zach P’s rookie year:

    81 GP
    14 G
    18 A
    133 SOG
    13:08 ATOI

    That was after an even more impressive NCAA career than Kreider. So be careful about thinking he’s going to make a deep and immediate impact in the NHL.

  138. “Let me guess, you majored in “Fuzzy Math” at the Julliard School of Music, or was it the Joffrey Ballet?”

    It’s very simple math. If you trade one player who plays for the Rangers and one player who plays for the Whale then you would only need one replacement for the Rangers, not two…

  139. Jeremy Lin is here to stay, it’ll die down once people realize that he can actually play. Won’t be a 25-8 guy, but a 15-8 guy is really all the Knicks need anyway.

    ddebened – I hope I’m wrong, I’m just not sure they have the horses for it this year. They play the way they need to play, for sure. I’m just not sure they can sustain enough offensive creativity to get all the way there.

    CT – that’s in 13 minutes of ice time though. Those stats aren’t that bad at all for a rookie, especially one that is barely 5’11” (which is generous) and came into the league around 175 I believe. If Kreider comes right in and produces like that, I’d be happy.

    I’m not saying Kreider is a sure thing, nobody is. But based on what I’ve seen, his skill set, and his size, he has the skills to be a top player on this team. Won’t be immediate, might not be fore 2-3 years, but he’ll be a very good player.

  140. Also, like I said, this isn’t about Nash/Iginla for Kreider and Dubi. It’s also having to give up 2 of either Stepan, McDonagh, Sauer, Hagelin, Del Zotto, or Prust.

  141. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What is this Oleo, “bait and switch.” One player from the Whale Boys was not part of the orginal premise.

  142. All I know in Gordie Clarke I Trust. When Clarke was promoted to head player and development in 2007 the rangers draft picks have been allot better. Everywhere I’ve read about Kreider is telling me this kid is going to be a power forward who can score 30 a season. Ranger fans who so easily want to trade him in a package for Nash should educate yourselves before making ridiculous trade proposal and Nash at who is getting paid malkin, crosby numbers is half the player. That would be another Scott Gomez situation, no thank you.

  143. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    As regards The New York “Basketball” Knickerbockers, Lin is going to have to do better than the 8-24 from the floor, he put up in a game, last week, or he’s just another ball hog, plus some really good rebounding.

    Key to the New York “Basketball” Knickerbockers season is working the sensational-shooting center into the offensive mix, more, so that he is not invisible, nightly. But the other two ball hogs up front, of course, are too busy putting up “numbers” to put the team ahead of their selfish, self-serving agenda. In fact, take away the selfish aspect to this team and it can play with anybody on any given night.

    This team needs a take-charge coach who doesn’t put up with the me-first “Hollywood” garbage we are seeing, game after game.

  144. Boom Boom – I think Lin put that up in a game where Melo and Amare were not playing. That makes it tough on this team. He distributed well when he had to. People can have an off shooting night.

  145. Boom – they had just played the night before against the Lakers in a tough game, Lin was going from not playing any minutes to playing 35+ a night. The kid was tired. He’s playing himself into shape. I think Melo is a little pissed that people think he’s a ball-stopper and wants to show he can play with the kid. In the Nets game he became a shooter instead of a ballhog and they did just fine.

    CT – no I don’t, but that’s his rookie season. We’ll still have Gaby just barely entering his 30s, Richards will be 32-33, Cally and Dubi will still be under 30. We won’t need Kreider to come in and play top minutes and put up 30 goals. He’ll need time to develop. In 2-3 years, if he develops as expected, he’ll be a top forward on the team and only be 22-23 years old while Gaby and Richards start to fade out of their prime. Now instead of focusing on them and forcing them to carry the offensive load, we can focus on our younger players and build a longer lasting team, similar to how Detroit has done it. By restocking and bringing in guys through their system, giving them time to develop, and eventually filling them into spots left by others.

  146. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Yes, I agree with those who are suggesting it takes time, even for Kreider if he is the real deal, to ascend to the level of stardom. Gordie Howe and others did little the first two years, then exploded into the stratosphere. Phil Esposito, too, for his first couple years took the rap that he was amassing points on Bobby’s Hull’s coattails. This, in fact, is why Chicago let him go for the then much-heralded D Gilles Marotte, who could play with the best of them, but could not, by himself, offset the Black Hawks losing Espo and Hodge as the major components of that trade with Boston. Damn, Boston has done well in trade market, over the years, at least with the Rangers and Black Hawks.

    The real test is how much a player with unlimited potential like Kreider improves, say, month to month and in year three compared with the first two years. By then you know what you’ve got.

  147. Oh please. Talking about the Knicks isn’t that bad. It was only momentary. Plus everyone knows Prust-mania is the next thing we’ll all be discussing. Or Ave-sanity.

  148. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What a (partial list) of outstanding acquisitions for the Bruins, over the years, from Park, Ratelle, Middleton, Esposito, Hodge, Ron Murphy, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny McKenzie, Marc Savard, young Johnny Bucyk for old Vic Stasiuk = man, it just goes on and on. Very impressive historical record in the trade arena.

  149. Ave-Sanity!!!!!!!!!! bwahaha. Good one.

    Yea. Also guys. Calm down. Stop hating on a sports team that plays in your arena and that your heroes, the New York Rangers, regularly show up to root for.

  150. Cam Neely? Which was actually a steal. But the Bruins traded well years ago. Up until the last two years, they were pretty terrible at it.

  151. Hating on sports teams is *so* cool! Like a dagger through my heart there, Eric.

    Also though. The chances of them losing out are pretty poor. Now the Wizards on the other hand…

  152. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Two days ago so many here were discussing a sad loss for all of us, in Whitney Houston. I like the versatile aspect of this blog. It transcends far beyond the “one dimensional” aspect of so many others. Hell, we even have a few proud Rangers-haters here, and at least one Black Hawks fan. Quite an eclectic, diversified site, yes.

  153. @CCCP@ maybe it’s just a barrier here…….not caring would mean that people ignored it. Actively seeking to degrade or demean is akin to hating.

  154. stranger nation on

    Look at bright side – Knicks getting spotlight takes Jimmy Dolan’s attention off the Rangers – that can be only a good thing.

    Melo will be the black cloud hanging over that franchise for the foreseeable future. what a punk!

  155. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Jonny –

    The 8-24 night was the one bad game Lin has had. We need to see a lot more of him, and whether he will work in with Anthony and Stoudemire, at all, which is a big question mark, given that they figure to not get the ball back to him, once they get it from him.

    Team chemistry on the Knicks is the big question, now, because the talent-base is really in place.

  156. any 2 of Dubinsky, Anisimov, MDZ, and Sauer Id be willing to part with in a package for Nash. Note that that means I WOULD NOT part with McMonster, Hagelin, or Stepan.

  157. Actually, Staal, I bet they show up because there are tons of celebrities on the floor and it’s really fun to be there. Also, they can afford really cool seats so the electric atmosphere is really fun for them. Like going to work but watching other people do the work.

  158. Yes!!!!! Thanks Staal.

    I like to take my wife there so she can see the arms of the basketball players and then I can go home and be jealous that she thinks they are really attractive.

  159. New York Newspapers back pages this spring:



    ^Rangers win Stanley Cup^

  160. All of the sudden, Rangers could be a real contender this season. Why are they keeping winning? Well…because they are *winning* games. Sometimes, and that was a start, winning games they supposedly and logically had to loose, then gaining momentum and having elevated collective adrenalin and, after learning the way, developing healthy, slightly arrogant confidence, making *any* opposing team more nervous and getting used to that situation. Besides, now, guys know for fact their capabilities and believe themselves and in each other. They remind me this season a wolves pack in a persistent hunt of big, strong moose, with an Alfa Dog-Torts as a head. Wind in a sail!

  161. Staal, the single guys who live in and around the city love to go to Knicks games … have you seen the widget? ——–> Prust, McDonagh, MDZ, even Wolski.

    The best tweet was Prust after the opener. He said something to the effect of “they put me behind the Celtics bench to keep an eye on things.”

  162. the Rangers are presently built to be a good regular season team. they will end up with well over 100 points, but they are not built for the playoffs. they are not big enough or skilled enough up front, and they are not mean enough on the back line.

  163. TomG

    I could not agree with you more about not letting Kreider go……that’s what they’ve done for years and it has been disastrous.

  164. Latona- agree. I don’t think anyone can play for Jacques and not know how to defend. I just do not think Gaborik was doing it as frequently, or as efficiently as he is now. He started during the last season, I attributed it to him compensating for his sub par offensive production. This year you can see he fully bought into Torts’ system.

  165. CCCP,
    lol. what I am saying is to win the cup this season, they need to be active at the deadline. look for a rental on D, and if one of the big names are truly available they need to be in on them.

  166. by the way CCCP,
    have you noticed who has quietly gotten hot in the Carped for life league. thats right, me!

  167. I agree with you on that, ilb. I just think some of the turns he makes along the half wall and his distribution of the puck in the zone are elements of a Jacques-game that some of the other Rangers just don’t have, through no fault of Tortorella’s or his own.

  168. stranger nation on

    Interesting comment by Torts in the last ‘Behind the Bench’ – (paraphrasing) “Gabby came back hungrier, listened to feedback at end of last season about getting goals from in close, competing more”

    The entire show was entertaining with Shoney serving as torts’ Ed McMahon – Hey-oh!

    Torts pressing all the right buttons, especially the ejector seat button for Wusski.

  169. I just want to say that I, like so many of us, love to nitpick, bitch and focus on the negative. But this team is fun to watch and has the cajones to be special. It’s nice to be proud of the Blueshirts.

    Remember how many other seasons sucked?

  170. “Rental” being an operative word, bull dog…They can afford to take a big contract for the rest of the year, and one after. It gets very difficult, cap-wise, after 2012-2013 season….And I do believe that despite our seemingly deep defense, they will look for a defenseman with size and experience. Plus some scoring help.

  171. Boom Boom

    I believe he said Anisimov and Wolski. One plays for the Rangers, one plays for the Whale…

  172. As much as we all like Parise, I do not believe a one bit that we will get him. 1).75% – Devils will find the way to sign him.2).If not, they will have some kind of stipulations not to trade/go to any division’s team. 3). Price, considering fierce fight for him by teams with much better cap situation, will be too steep for our. Finally, I absolutely don’t share notion (verbalized here almost as a matter of fact), that he will choose Rangers, as a desirable team. I didn’t see a scintilla of indication anywhere, which makes me feel otherwise. Too many implemented obstacles, which objectively make it quite impossible to even dream about it, much less doable. I would love to have him on my fantasy team, but I don’t understand all this euphoria about reality of it. Not going to happened, really sorry.

  173. and my mistake. Capgeek listed him as a UFA but obviously pass on that contract. If he were a UFA though he would have been the perfect fit…

  174. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You missed the original conversation, which was “two Ranger players, including Dubi, plus a #1 draft pick” for Nash, as the proposed deal.

  175. ilb,
    do you think that the way the Rangers are playing may force management to move up the timetable on when they were expecting to win? or do you think they still feel they are a year or 2 away? there are no guarantees that they will be in this spot next year.

  176. Bull dog- this is a very interesting point you brought up. I was thinking about it the other day. I have a feeling ( and it’s not substantiated by anything but my own speculation ) that the management may actually feel that they can win it all this year. Remember, Sather isn’t getting younger, he wants to see them win now. That could be even more urgent in his mind because of question mark about next season altogether. But I also think that Torts, on the other hand, doesn’t want to rush team’s development. So it will be interesting to see what kind of moves they make at deadline. But the short answer is yes, I’m afraid the management may want to go into the “win now” mode.

  177. I’m shocked. Not only was hockey actually discussed on ESPN’s Around the Horn earlier, but all 4 “know nothing” sports columnists on the show picked the Rangers over the Red Wings as the best team in hockey……..apocalypse 2012 continues!

  178. bull dog

    yeah you’ve been doing well lately. Keep it up! Btw, “carped 4 Life” Participants – there is a new poll! Please vote!

  179. Oh, and Kreider situation is not like second coming of Christ either, not in this year at least, that’s for sure. It’s just silly even to discuss. BTW, I saw him in action few times live in Boston and the same on TV and obviously professional scouts are right – guy IS outstanding *among* other college players by sheer combination of size and skating and posses a very descent shot, which is wonderful for perspective Ranger, but honestly, for me personally, it was not a “wow! factor” at all. Very doubtful, that he can immediately play on NHL level, – too raw IMO. Nothing wrong with all this…just lower your expectation, folks and you not going to be hurt.

  180. ilb,
    if they feel they can win it all this season, then say good bye to Kreider. they will have to sacrifice him to land the big fish( Nash, Ryan, or Getzlaf). I did not think about the CBA when I was asking you that question. the CBA may very well come into play in there thinking. if there is no next season, why not go for it now.

  181. 4ever- I do not think the situation with Parise is that simple. One thing I can tell you- NJ simply won’t be able to sign him for financial reasons. There is no money. They are still defaulting their payments from November and the NHL is giving them advance payments to avoid bankruptcy. Parise will not go for a long term contract with a team that is about to default. But I’ll tell you where his going to go. Where the most money will be available. Remember, he will sign his contract in July, 2 months before the old CBA expires. Most likely, the players will have to give in on revenue sharing ( expect 52-53% range, if not 50%), there will most likely be a roll-back. So if he signs, say $60M contract, he may actually get 15-20% less ( just speculating, last time it was 24%). So if someone offers him a large signing bonus (ala Richards), he pockets that money right away. That’s where the Rangers may have an advantage. Plus, he knows he is going to a young, well built team, a team that is ready to be contender now and not in rebuilding mode.

  182. Bull dog- I honestly believe that if Gordie Clark is as high on Kreider as most of the people on this blog, and other places are, they will not trade him. But they do have enough blue chips and high draft picks to pull off a decent trade. The long term, large contract, however, may mean that they won’t be able to resign some of the Stepan/McD/Sauer/Hagelin/AA/ etc. group.

  183. Unless Stamkos, Tavares, Giroux or Malkin is coming here, then Kreider is off the table.

    This time next year, I expect the Rangers to make the big move since all three of Kreider, Miller, Thomas will be in HFD or NY. I think its fair to say that one of the latter two will be packaged in the future…

  184. Someone mentioned RJ Umberger. Boom Boom is absolutely right. I wouldn’t offer him a soft dog snack at the moment. Rangers traded for his rights from Vancouver in 2004 and Sather couldn’t sign him no matter what he was offering him. He promptly signed with Philadelphia because he wanted to play there. How is the weather in Columbus these days, RJ? And do not get me started on his ridiculous contract extension…It makes Dubinsky’s contract look like a bargain.

  185. question 1: does anyone here consider Rick Nash (or Bobby Ryan for that matter) a superstar?

    question 2: does Krieder have a shot at being a superstar?

  186. ilb2001

    capgeek still has him listed as a UFA that was my mistake although Sather never had any intentions of signing him, at least from what I remember. He wanted the compensation more than anything (we got a 2nd rounder)

  187. Lloyd Braun

    Nash was a superstar but has since faded and I would consider Ryan to have star potential although this year has not been good for him. That being said I would give up a lot to get Ryan since he is young, controllable, cap friendly and could be a top 6 player for years to come.

    I would give absolutely give up Dubi/Anisimov, Erixon/McIlrath, Zuccarello and a 1st rounder for him although I would prefer to do it in the offseason…

  188. Lloyd,
    Q1: take a super from last word and answer is – definitely yes.
    Q2: A shot he has for sure, but guarantee is not.

  189. That was the speculation on some Philadelphia website, Oleo…IIRC, Larry Brooks mentioned that the Rangers gave up Rucinsky for RJ and Sather could not reach an agreement with his agent….

  190. oleo:

    those packages are pretty much completely unrealistic, though. I like Ryan but because he’s relatively cheap, you’re going to have to give up a lot to get him. Nash, on the other hand, may have been top player a few years back but as you alluded to, he’s simply not there anymore. And when you consider what he’s owed, he’s simply not worth it.

  191. Oleo- let’s not pronounce a 27 year old Nash as “was a superstar” yet. Just remember that Columbus was never able to give him enough players to play with. He is still a 6-4, 220 lb monster with Gaborik’s hands. You put him on our team, take off some pressure to be the most productive player, and you have a deadly weapon. It’s not only how many goals he scores himself, it’s how many goals everyone else scores because the opposition has to deploy their best, and the biggest defenseman/men against him. His contract, and what we may need to give up make this deal almost prohibitive.

  192. Lloyd Braun

    I agree and I would be willing to part with basically any prospect we have except Kreider. I would not give up McDonagh, Stepan or Hagelin either. I would try to keep Miller as well but not sure if that is possible.

    I do think some combination of 4 of Dubinsky, Anisimov, Thomas, Zuccarello, Erixon, McIlrath and a 1st rounder can get it done.

  193. oleo:

    oh, giving up four I would agree with you could be enough. I’m not really sure that the first round pick is so quite the selling point it may seem since this draft isn’t likely to have anything too special when the Rangers are going to pick.

    (honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if Hagelin was packaged to land some big player)

    but I think all of this is just for our fun. I genuinely don’t believe the Rangers will be involved in any major deals this season.

  194. I didn’t realize that Nash’s contract is backloaded, too. He’ll be making nearly $8 million per at the end. Forget that.

  195. LOL! Orr, I’m just bitter because I wasted all my good draft picks on star forwards and didn’t pick any starting goalies except for Theodore. My team has no chemistry!!!

  196. Wow, hattrick, all I have to do now to go outside to *assist* some old lady to cross Queens Blvd. and immediately after, to punch in a face someone in my weight category to make it Gordie’s!

  197. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re: “Boom Boom is absolutely right.” I don’t quite know how to take that, thinking that NO ONE has ever agreed with me here, before. Did I get up on the right side of the bed, for the first time in my life, this morning, because it feels like it? lol

  198. Lloyd,
    Duby or Anisimov, Erixson, Miller + if needed, 1st pick- (not a big deal this year anyway, but sounds good)

  199. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Oleo, for my money Kreider is off the table unless God A. Mighty is coming here, and even then it’s a coin flip.

  200. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Serious question: I am just wondering if there is another prospect in another organization more highly regarded than Kreider, or if, in fact, we do have the best NHL prospect in the world at our doorstep?

  201. If it looks like not enough, think about how desperately they need a young blood and free their cap, Jerome, realizing ticking time with no perspective for him + Sather, famous to make this kind of unequal trades, convincing all parties that Rangers IS a right team and guys he is giving are pure gold.

  202. Boom, while many of our resident experts may disagree, I think Erixon, MZA, and McIlrath are also very highly regarded by the Rangers’ brass…(I.e. Hedberg, Clarke, Schoenfeld, etc…)

  203. 4everanger:

    has Sather made a regular-season trade for a player of that caliber since getting the Rangers job? I guess Jagr for Anson Carter would qualify but Washington was desperate to run him out of town.

  204. Nash has a huge and long term deal, I pass big time…..

    Kreider will be on the roster next year for sure…..

    people are willing to trade MDZ like he is another guy. He is a very very good 21 year old d man, he is quietly having a very good year.

    this team needs to not trade any core young guys on the roster. they are on the cusp of being a legit contender for years…..do the rental route… bobby ryan is 3 years younger then Nash, cheaper, and his contract is not as long. He is a much better option on the trade front but I would only make the move at the right price and that includes mainly AHL guys, prospects, and picks……….

  205. I haven’t seen anyone looking to deal Del Zotto. The only way he isn’t back with the Rangers is if he tries to fleece the organization for an absurd amount of money – which isn’t going to happen.

  206. on snyrangersblog

    2 nhl sources say nash is on the market. no movement clause he controls destiny.

    arty zucc erixon 1st rounder for nash.

    keep dubi and kreider and we will be a dynasty.

    god someone wake me up out of this dream

  207. HockeymanRangers on

    I’m sure everyone is aware but Justin Case, Beanpot tourny is about to begin. Hopefully it’s a good close game. NESN network on direct TV it’s 628

  208. I’m reading they want dubi, kreider, stephan, hgelin, 1st. If sather makes this move I’m done. The rangers are finally on the right track and Sather is going to blow it up on a guy who is over rated making malkin and crosby money to try and win it all now. The rangers have just as much of a chance of winning the cup with what they have now than they have with Nash. This will be a gigantic mistake.

  209. I wouldn’t call Nash overrated. He’s really had no help throughout his career. Horrible drafting, along with crappy FA signings. He’s pretty much all alone in Columbus. No decent playmakers to make life easy for him.

  210. TSN reported that the Jackets are asking for Dubi, 1st rounder and Krieder for Nash. If this is true I’d say no. If the substituted Thomas and/or MZA for Krieder, I’d still say no but be really tempted to say yes. If the report is true.

  211. I want to see the rangers not only be good this year and possibly win a cup but be good for the next 5-10 years.

  212. Lately I’ve had faith in sather when it comes to trades but I have to admit I am getting nervous that he might revert back to his old tricks like back in the late 90’s early 2000’s with his trading.

  213. Beanpot update. 1-0 BC on a SH goal with assist by … .Chris Kreider! Ranger mgt at the game…

  214. tl, dr

    yeah if they want Krieder in that Nash deal, then no way. and Nash is a waste of time unless they’re going to take Dubinsky and a bunch of other salary back in return.

  215. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Kreider, Stepan, Hagelin and a 1st? Not for all the gold in Switzerland. We can counter with MZA, Erixon, Miller or Thomas and a #1, that’s it! And that is plenty. Man are they testing Slats’s S.Q. as in Stupidity Quotient. Watch that asking price come down, fast.

  216. Nash is tempting as is Ryan. Just nervous nancy about breaking up the core. I guess if they would take Dubi, MZA and 1st it’s worth the risk. In two years Gaborik’s contract is off the books. Although waiting for Parise seems a lot better than Nash…if we’re going to take on a heavy salary. But having a 30 goal scorer power forward for the playoffs would make us much better in this year’s playoffs. Especially if Nash gets fired up. He’s shown in the past that he can be a force. But how much is there to the TSN trade rumor report? It may nothing of any substance. Making all of this talk moot.

  217. Paul in sunrise on

    No to trading Kreider or Erixon. Both will be strong foundations. All other prospects i agree are fair game.

  218. Paul in sunrise on

    There was a report that good friends parise and suter will sign together this off season. “report”. But NYR could not afford both based on your above discussions.

  219. so what team would have an extra 10-15 million
    to sign both parise and suter.
    that’s about what would be needed
    and is that a team that is badly in need of
    a bunch of other player to be a contender.
    they could be very rich
    and play on the same line
    but be in a
    miserable situation.

  220. Paul in sunrise,

    That’s an interesting proposition.. I would reckon they’d sign in Minnesota if that were to happen; they have cap space as it is, and they have many contracts expiring at the end of the season. And although Minnesota may be considered a smaller market, the passion of the fans there is undeniable, and they have some pretty solid pieces in Koivu and Backstrom. If Heatley and Setoguchi could find their scoring touch, and the two above sign there, they could become pretty dangerous. Really dangerous.

  221. Czechthemout!!! on

    Chris “big game” Kreider scores to put BC up by one goal. Yet another big game and another big time performance by Kreider. 1 goal 1 assist.

  222. Miami, don’t ever pull crap like that again here … if that was you. I’m serious.

    tomg, wherever you’re reading this: “I’m reading they want dubi, kreider, stephan, hgelin, 1st.” stop reading there.

    and remember folks, this whole freakin rumor of Dubinsky, Kreider, and a first, or whatever it is, was generated by one of the great rumor mongers in the NHL up in the northern nation’s capital. for what that’s worth.

  223. Czechthemout!!! on

    There is no way Kreider gets traded for anyone. He only goes if the Rangers think for some reason that he won’t sign here.

  224. True Blue – I Am A Ranger
    NEWS: Several members of the Rangers front office in attendance at the beanpot tournament championship to scout Chris Kreider, it’s been rumored Glen Sather is considering signing Kreider after the College hockey season finishes and bringing him up for the playoff run – Joe

  225. Rinaldo got two games for trying to main that kid in Detroit. So in his last what, five or seven games, he’s committed, what, five or six suspendable acts, and has been suspended two games. Nice work Shanahan. Clown.

  226. MichaelDelZotto Spending valentines day with @DerekStepan21 @RMcDonagh27 @BrandonPrust8 @Anisimov42 committed relationship to doing it the right way!


  227. Is it me or has Shanahan been worse handing out suspensions. What can you expect, he was a player, they stick together.

  228. Evening all,

    Dubinsky, Kreider and a 1st for Nash?

    Are you smokin’ hash?

    No deal.

    Wait ’til July 1 – sign Parise. He would fit perfectly with the Rangers.

    Not sure about #61.
    Gotta think about how a player who has performed in virtual anonymity his entire career would fare in the cauldron of the Stanley Cup play-ons.

  229. Im watching NHL on NBC and mike milbury needs to be shot. He applauded an Eric Staal elbow to the head of Tomas Plekenac. Plekenac totally embellished the hit but Milbury says he likes it when a guy throws an elbow to the head! If the NHL is serious about eliminating head shots (and they should be) they need to suspend milbury and/or take him off the air forever!

  230. milbury’s stupidity is just another example
    of the d-bag plague that runs through
    much of sports talk

    there’s a lot of commentators who
    are hired to be jackaasens
    in order to stir the pot and
    get people interested
    (what i guess is the reason.
    just ignorant stupid)

  231. Milbury was a s##mb@g as a player, sc%%mb#g as a nbc analyst but he did do one thing right, he ruined the islanders organization.

  232. “I don’t even think it’s fair to Don Cherry to compare him to Milbury, CCCP.” AGREE.

    We can’t write “scumbag”?

  233. at the very least i find it pretty cool
    when Cherry brings up positive
    plays/actions done on the ice
    (i.e. moving the puck along the boards
    the Right Way)
    and highlights that for
    younger viewers/players

  234. I agree, jpg. He did win a Jack Adams for a reason. Whether or not you agree with his outspokenness or his eccentric garmentry, or even his opinions on the way hockey should be played, it would prove difficult to challenge his knowledge of the game.

    Milbury is just putrid.

  235. I don’t wanna see the Rangers make a move for ANYONE outside of a playoff rental.

    Making a play for Nash reeks of mistakes of the past. Who’s to say he doesn’t come to NY and pull a Hugh Jessiman? Makin’ Gomez Dollars? He’s spent his career in Columbus…which means about as much pressure as playing beer pong. New York might crush him, like it’s crushed damn near everyone else who’s come here.

    No. The Rangers right now have the BEST RECORD IN THE NHL. And they are, I believe, the fourth youngest team in the NHL. Don’t screw it up by falling for the temptation to land a so-called “Superstar” player.

    And everything, EVERYTHING, being written about Kreider is that the kid is a stud in the making. And not just his talent, but his mental make up. Kid sounds tailor-made to fit right in with the mindset of the New York Rangers.

    Let’s see what THIS team can do come playoff time.

    Hope Sather resists the temptation. But even through all the recent success I still remember all too easy his idiotic moves of the past. Who’s to say he doesn’t suddenly find an urge to “make his mark” on this year’s team?

    We got the best goalie in the NHL…one of the best D-corps in the league…the best captain since The Captain…young, talented players that any team would want…

    I say don’t fix what ain’t broken. If you can rent a part for cheap, do it. Otherwise, leave it alone.

    Just my own opinion. THIS is the team I’ve personally waited 18 years for. A true home-grown team that hustles EVERY NIGHT. A team that we’ve grown to love. Not a sad collection of mercenaries and has-beens.

    Let’s see what they can do. Give ’em a chance.

  236. And Mike Milbury is the single worst representative for the sport of hockey.

    His only claims to fame are beating a fan with his shoe and completely and totally ruining an NHL franchise.

    How he is allowed to pollute NHL broadcasts is beyond me.

  237. Boom Boom

    In my opinion the #1 prospect in the game (I don’t count players currently in the NHL) is Vladimir Tarasenko (St. Louis) with another Russian, Evgeny Kuznetsov (Washington) right behind him. There is also a 16 year old kid, Nathan McKinnon draft eligible in 2013 who many are comparing to Sidney Crosby although he doesnt have the dynamic numbers Sid had at that age.

    Kreider is definitely the top prospect in the NCAA however he has been inconsistent there as he still has some games where he gets 0-2 SOG and for someone of his caliber his numbers are a little underwhelming. Now the reason for his lack of top production might just be that he doesn’t have teammates around him to help him out.

    Im hoping he plays in HFD on an ATO after the frozen four but that might not even happen if he chooses to finish up the semester which would end late April/May

  238. Sally,

    Remember that time you were equally LOUD about earning lunch points this week? Well, you have four days to go..

  239. is BU’s Gilroy the brother of Matt Gilroy?
    if so,
    hmmmm….we’ve usually been on the wrong side of
    brother combos.
    we tried one, maybe the other one is
    The One?

  240. Latona, ignore the fact that it was a salad. It had avocado, toasted sunflower seeds, and homemade (!) lemon yogurt -dressing- sauce! It was really delicious.

  241. yes Sally
    some “debaters”/”analysts”
    do LOUD
    just for that reason
    reasonable don’t want to deal
    with LOUD

    thus, the jerks “win” the argument

  242. And, Latona, how did you know that I was wearing a hot pink and orange plaid jacket when I was lunch-boasting?

  243. The Keeper of Lunch Points knows more than anticipated, and with that, more than one probably should.

    I’ll give you one though.

  244. Latona, I’m useless in the kitchen. If I actually made something that’s *edible* I feel slightly entitled to a point, at least for the effort. But thank you and it is appreciated.


  245. are we soon going to need pics of lunches and lunchwear?

    i had PB&J with fresh bluberries squished into the sandwich, while wearing a red hoodie with a muddy cartoon dog on the front, that says “Dirty Dogs Have More Fun.”

  246. i had chicken w/ whole grain noodles from a can
    (actually i opened it last friday but felt
    too sick with headache to eat it
    so it sat in the fridge til today)

  247. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! YES! Maybe if Sean Avery isn’t busy he can be the Arbiter of Lunchtime Fashion Points?!

  248. You guys (including CARP) can’t handle the truth!

    Fans, we root for a sport that has the Stanley Cup. And that Cup has to be won by men with skill. Who’s gonna do it? The Rangers? The New York Rangers?

    I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for my crude comments and you curse me. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that my comments, while tragic, are the real deal. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves this blog …

    You don’t want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on this wall. You need me on this wall.

    I use words like bush-league, amateur-hour, two-bit…Iuse these words as the backbone to a life spent criticizing this team. You use ’em as a punchline.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to men and women who rise and sleep under the blanket of the very entertainment that I provide, then question the manner in which I provide it!

    I’d rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a hockey stick and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to!

  249. Kreider

    only got to watch him during parts
    of 3rd period and OT

    seemed like he was gliding a bit when not involved
    with the play
    as in not Stiff
    but then again Mike York did that and lots of energy to
    seemed odd that
    he wasn’t out there at the end of the OT period
    when you consider that he’s one of their top offensive guys

    (and yes, i’m basing this on just a half dozen or so shifts)

  250. and BC just won the Beanpot with 6.4 seconds left in OT off a supposedly ridiculous goal by Bill Arnold.

    Between ESPNU, NBC Sports Network and CBS college sports its a shame this wasnt televised nationally…

  251. Milkberry just said that the Rangers need to take a long, hard look at bringing Kreider in for the playoffs.

  252. I want allllllllll the dogs in the dog show.

    We are in a ‘winter weather advisory’ for 2-4 inches of snow. And 2 people were killed on local roads due to the conditions. JEEZ

  253. Sally
    didn’t mean to do that but in reality i’ve been dealing with a LOT of sinus pressure headaches since last September. sometimes they’re just annoying while other times i spend much of my day trying to get the throbbing under control.

    (put in a loooooooooooooooong line just for you!!)

  254. just tweeted this to Kreider

    Congrats to Boston College for winning 2012 Beanpot! now, @ChrisKreider sign up and get your a** to #NYR #therightway

    (cleaned up for Carp’s sake!)

  255. jpg, it was just a tragic story all around. I felt bad for the opened can of soup just waiting around and I feel awful for you… bah that’s rough. Hope you feel better real soon.

    Aaand I’m off. Night ‘heads!

  256. No need. And I’ll keep Overtown Pimp away as well. No guarantees I can keep South Beach Pimp from popping up though.

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