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First the news. Ryan McDonagh said he’s not worried about his left knee at all. He said it’s an injury he’s had in the past where the kneecap tweaks and there’s some pain but it subsides. He also got the Broadway Hat for the first time this year — hard to believe considering how he’s played and some of the big goals he scored early in the season. John Tortorella thought Brandon Prust (first goal in 49 games) should have gotten it.

Tortorella said there was no update on Ruslan Fedotenko, whose injury still hasn’t been made public, but relented that he thinks Fedotenko will probably make the trip to Boston. And that Stu Bickel at wing is a temporary thing.

Sorry for some of the noise in the background. There were a lot of reporters today, and also a lot of other people in the lockerroom — no idea who they were. Here are the post-game interviews:

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan McDonagh:


Brandon Prust:


Brandon Dubinsky:


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  1. That was the best part of the deal, wasn’t it.

    I’m eating my words about this disaster of a team now. 7-1-1 last nine? what a disgrace.

  2. I BANJ’d…

    MickeyM February 12th, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    I don’t think anyone knew how good McD was going to be

  3. Like I said, I was close with my Caps 7-0 prediction. They just ran out of time. You saw how completely overmatched we looked at the end of the 3rd. Like the amateur-hour squad we are, we barely managed to close out the game. Bush-leaguimus.

  4. Carp, not sure if you saw my last post, but agreed that today’s crowd was the quietest of the year. Kids day + 12:30 start on Sunday = pre-season noise levels

  5. Albany Devils @AlbanyDevils

    The Devils go up 2-0 with a Providence player redirect a pass of a teammates skate. Tim Sestito credited with the goal #adevils

    Tostitos has a brother?? HAHAHAHAHA

  6. The crowd was quiet ’cause they are intelligent enough to realize what a pile of kangaroo dung this team has become. 3 goals? On that clown, Neuvirth?! What is this, the Ecuadorian women’s league?

  7. My grandmother could have scored more goals on Neuvirth from her wheelchair.

    And don’t get me started with Callahan’s misses.

  8. Lol, Miami…

    By the way, I do not think there were any contract issues with McDonagh in Montreal….He remained their number 1 prospect for long time. There were doubting his offensive game progress, at least not to their likings. The emergence of P.K. Slewfoot made him available in that trade.

  9. Oh, and what’s the deal with OV? Is it that the Rangers are that good or is it that he has regressed as a player?

  10. Miami, reading that amateur-hour, cookie-cutter, two-bit, half-MZA website is an utter BUSH-LEAGUE!

  11. it is obvious why Moore got off easy from his dirty hit on Fedotenko. Shanny is a buddy of Yzerman from his Det days.

  12. I read:
    – this blog
    – hockeyrodent
    – hockeybuzx
    – spectors
    – gross’ blog

    Am I missing some good ones?

  13. I hope sather stays with the course, doesn’t affect the chemistry with this team and just make minor moves, like dumping WW for a body, pick. It would be foolish to make any big moves not knowing what the CBA is going to look like next year, if there is a year. Jury still out on that one.

  14. the Rangers have the best record in hockey and are a pretty young tea,. the only “star” over 30 is Richards that is it.

    making a big move is foolish. AA, Dubi, Kreider, others will improve and the D is deep and young.

    This team can compete at a high level for the next 4 years or more.

    Get a expiring contract that can help for the last 20 or so games, I only trade for Ryan or a Nash type if the price is mostly prospects or D depth else fughedabboutit…..

  15. I’d trade any of these clowns, with the exception maybe of Henrik. But even he would be dangled for say, Selanne.

  16. The Fishsticks are turning their season around, I see…..4-1 down to Florida after 2. Nabokov with the spectacular .733% SV%…..

  17. “My grandmother could have scored more goals on Neuvirth from her wheelchair.”


    Sorry I missed the game today but I’m very happy the boys got a win and that my bulldog got a big goal!!! Way to go Prusty!!!

  18. The thing about Dubi is that you have to look at DZ last season. Awful year for him and look how he’s bounced back, improved by leaps and bounds. Honestly, I think it’s a combo of bad luck, not moving his feet (which he talks about endlessly) and that he’s been pressing all season, trying to live up to his contact.

  19. Carpie, thank you so much for this audio. It is especially awesome after a NBC game with literally zero postgame coverage. But were the Rangers honestly listening to Katy Perry after the big win? Whatever works…

  20. whoever said Montreal was going to lose McDonagh had they not signed him is incorrect. Teams keep an NCAA players’ rights for the full 4 years and he never would have been eligible for the draft again. If you don’t sign a player out of college, they become a RFA like when the Rangers “failed” to sign RJ Umberger.

    McDonagh came out after his junior year and was traded right after his sophomore year which meant the Canadiens had another 2 years to get a contract done.

  21. CARP, can we please get this audio thing to work on iOS devices? Just tell your amateur-hour tech department to stop using Flash

  22. Thanks oleosmirf. Although I doubt Montreal would have traded him if indeed they were going to sign him.

  23. Megatron Negatron on

    The Caps – when are they ever gonna learn to play the start like the finish?
    McDonagh. So the head won’t get too big for the hat: he scored against Henrik,
    then let Ovechkin eat him up a minute or
    two later. It was his ill-advised clear when up 3-0 last spring that started the game
    4 collapse. Which reminds me:

    I haven’t seen it discussed much when I read here, but almost every game the
    locals go thru a stretch, or two or three or ten, when they simply can’t make a clearing
    pass. Other than the PP, it’s been their most consistent weakness. Sometimes they
    have time and don’t use it; sometimes they act as if they have time, but don’t; sometimes
    their stick work is flawed; and sometimes they get cramps way high in the anatomy.
    They haven’t paid for it a lot, since their defensive positioning remains almost a clinic;
    but it scares me a bit for second season.

    Passing, still a ways to go, looking much better last few. Keep it up. One of the funnest
    aspects of the game:-).

  24. McD was put into the deal because he had dropped on the Habs’ depth chart and they thought he wasn’t going to be the offensive dman they had hoped they drafted. Glad they didn’t realize what a stud he’d be defensively.

  25. I haven’t commented here before, but it’s the point where I have to say something and offer some insight.

    I’ve been a Rangers fan since around 72-73, and that’s a lot of decades watching nearly every game and being through all of that with this franchise. Being a goalie myself, I pay close attention to who’s in net, and so it’s been me watching all the way from Giacomin up through Richter and now Lundqvist. (and elsewhere in the league, the other greats for the past few decades).

    Lundqvist “today” is the best I’ve ever seen; by far; and what we’re seeing (and still finding hard to believe) is what I think is the state-of-the-art best performance in goaltending, ever. Period.

    What he’s done is to go from being one of the best 5 (and that would mean: amazing, able to win games singlehandedly, have flashes of unbeatability… you couldn’t ask for better…. but it was still possible, in the end, for him to lose to a team that overwhelmed the Rangers in the playoffs – think back to the last few seasons)….

    To now becoming almost superhuman; he’s that good, that strong, the moves he makes routinely now are just… ridiculous. As in, every game is a candidate for a shutout, and you wonder how anyone is able to score at all, and it doesn’t matter how many shots, or the quality of the shots.

    He covers the net so strongly now – his speed and reflexes and POWER of movement – are by far the best I’ve ever seen. He’s playing at a different physical level and THAT is the difference that produces more shutouts; more wins; a lower GAA; even compared to the top-of-the-league level he’s been at the past few years.

    Just watch closely, during the game (when things are so fast, it’s harder to appreciate) or during replays, when slo-mo makes it even more obvious (and unbelievable) what’s going on. He’s not only moving like a cat now; he’s more like a lion (strength) or a cheetah (speed). Side-to-side, getting down and covering the corners for wraparounds, getting back up and coming out instantly to attack a shooter in position in the slot, forcing the issue more now on breakaways/shootouts and then backing in, etc.

    You see this happening constantly during a game, and it’s like watching a superman playing among normal humans – it’s just that good. I don’t believe “this” has ever been done before and he’s taken goaltending to a completely different level.

    By far, now: he’s the best in the game, and the best there has ever been, and barring injury, I’m hoping for a Stanley Cup again this year, and believing it’s actually going to happen.

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