It’s Go Time!


Game 54.

Boy, it’s an early one … 12:30 on NBC, so no real pre-game or post-game.

The Capitals visit for the first time since Game 4 of their playoff series last spring. You remember that game, right? Rangers up by three in the third looking to tie the series … and a double-OT loss. No Humpty-Dumpty today, though. He’s gone, replaced by Dale Hunter.

Ya boys on a two-game winning streak and 6-1-1 in the last eight, 18-5-1 in the last 24. They play the second of three in four days, with a visit to Boston on Valentine’s Day Tuesday.

Henrik Lundqvist starts back-to-backs for only the third time this season — the first two games in Sweden, and Nov. 25-26 against Philly and Washington also.

The Rangers go with the same lineup, which means Ruslan Fedotenko remains sidelined and Stu Bickel is the seventh D-man/winger, as the team has the minimum 20 healthy bodies.



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  1. Rick Nash? If I’m a GM in Columbus, I do not do this deal. Number one overall pick, who is still 27, your captain, the face of the franchise. The only way I do it, is if I’m sure Kreider turns into Nash right away and starts selling tickets. And if the ownership tells me to do it in order to shed his salary, I tell them they will have issues renewing more than half of their season tickets if Nash is gone.

  2. Manny, no update … super-duper secret. I have no problem with Bickel playing up front yesterday. Don’t think that’s necessary today. Not sure why they did it.

  3. I had no problem with Bickel up front either. Maybe they liked what they saw and want to see him get in there against a different type of team? No clue.

    Would be fun to bring up Wellman for a few. Just to have fun with his name.

  4. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Bickel as a fourth line forward could be an interesting trial. I mean, he HAS to be better than the NHL all-time worst fourth line regular, that elephant skating in sand by the name of Hollweg. Of course those were the Renney years, and our standard performance level is a bit higher, now, in all categories.

  5. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Ha, I was BANJing…….

    I’d do that Nash deal for sure. Kreider is an unknown NHL quantity, I honestly like the way dubi has.been playing lately, but he is no Nash, and our first rounder is likely going to be a late first rounder.

    Great review! Thing I loved about the game was Boyle and dubi dropping the mitts, prust taken out of the game with a bogus misconduct (I know why they did it…pansificatipn) and we still had Bickel and rupp to throw bombs…love this team!!!

    LGR !!!

  6. Sather and Leonsis and McPhee tell McConnell and Howson how it would be beneficial for them to send Nash and $4 million plus interest to the Rangers for the next 5 years, and Sather sends Dubinsky and 2 second round picks. Simple see?

  7. Hi Carp, thanks for the response in the prior thread. I really appreciate it.

    Interesting theory – and one that you’ve gotten me to agree with. It seems that perhaps the refs are reffing more to enforce excitement of the game, as opposed to protecting players, or dare I say, “objective” penalties (which really do not exist in a man made game, but w/e). The holds, slowing down, interference stuff decreases the flow of the game, so it must be stopped. The dirty hits are fun to watch, so they can continue (ditto for head shots in the NFL, minus the huge stuff). The only cog in this theory is the hit-from-behind rule, but the NHL has to do something to show they’re protecting player safety, and they have to call the penalty by the book (or, as my tax professor would say, they are emphasizing form over substance).

  8. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on


    even though we’re stuck with the four horsemen of the asshatpocalypse for the next 2 1/2 hours..


  9. Ugh. Good morning gang. I feel like I have a hangover after sleeping for 12 hours. Need coffee and food.

    I hate early starts.

    Hope the boys are more awake that I am.

  10. Im going to love watching these guys embarrass themselves on national television.

    My bold prediction: Capitals 9 – Rangers 0, Semin with 7

  11. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    if ANYONE out there needs a link, i just heard from a good friend that is streaming the game

  12. My bad on the Giroux goal. I thought Artie fell, looks like he lunged to break up the pass. Sorry Artie!


  13. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOOOOHOOOOO i get to watch a game on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So sad that the Caps highlights of the past couple of seasons have been at the expense of the Rangers.

  15. Quiet in here again.

    Saw lots of scouts here, including Pierre Gauthier … probably looking to trade Gomez for McDonagh and No Gomez.

    also, two smallish former Rangers tough guys: George McPhee and The Little Ball of Hate.

  16. Bicker – Mitchell – Rupp has to be one of the biggest lines in the NHL. I wonder what the coaching staff saw in him that made them think he should be a forward. He doesn’t look that out of place.

    Look at him drawing a penalty.

  17. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on



  18. LMAO, all it took is one TV timeout for Torts to readjust their brains. Carp, was he saying much during that timeout?

  19. Dubinsky slows himself down going for that rebound by spreading his lags so far apart. Why does he skate like that??

  20. I agree CARP, but not when it comes to playoff time.. That is when MSG ROCKS for Rangers games.

  21. Carp – Right now they are because of Linsanity. And you don’t have to pay as close attention to baskeball. Hockey is more nervouse because each point (goal) means more. Have to prevent them.

  22. Whatever about the Knicks … there’s no excuse for the lack of noise in this building for hockey … other than a lot of the real fans are getting priced out. … and a ton of people can’t put down their phones. Embarrassing. And it didn’t rock for the playoffs last year, either. It was louder, but nothing like it used to be. That’s why Humpty made his remark. He was damn right.

  23. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    i think a lot of the fans were under the hypnotic trance of Captain Lunesta last season

  24. It was very loud in the Playoffs last year. But I agree Carp, not like the old days. Many average fans have been priced out of the building! Same has happened in Yankee stadium!

  25. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    the Knicks are watched by the proletariat, us, the bourgeois fans of the Rangers of Manhattan are clearly defined by the 18th century version of the term and will often not cheer as loudly to avoid being considered crass. Knicks’ fans are among the lowest common denominators of sporting watchers.

    LETTUCE GO RANGERS (said rather quietly).

  26. When I first got my season tickets, they were $16 per seat. When I gave them up (when I was pissed off about the lock out) they were $48 per seat. And of course they totally jack up the price even more at playoff time.

  27. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    ENOUGH with the jeremy lin crap! Between that and the dog show stuff, this is ridiculous

  28. Heh. Just realized the last time these 2 teams played, I was at the game. Pretty nice Club Seats too.. at a ridic price but hey, I was with a Caps fan friend and had a great time. Man, I miss the East Coast.

  29. Stu Bickel plays forward exactly like he plays defense. Goes behind the net, hits and grinds it out. Just a different net. Can’t go wrong with that approach. Put him on the L with Richards and screw Rick Nash :-)

  30. Priced out is exactly it!! I dont go to games anymore because I refuse to spend $95 for a decent seat and then $9 a beer.

    Same goes for Mets games!

  31. Manny, got an answer to your earlier question (and it’s not “Wellman”). If the Rangers wanted to call up a forward for Fedotenko, it would have to be Wolski because he’s still on the active roster. So I guess they’d much rather have Bickel on the wing than Wolski. So would I. Woof.

  32. Carp & Manny – Also, The Rangers are currently at the roster limit of 23 (Wolski and Woywitka count). So unless they put Fedotenko on IR, they can’t call up anybody else anyway.

  33. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    why the lambada of course mickey lol

    so Banjy, when i come up in May we’re NOT going to a Mets game lmao

  34. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    lol barry, and that included two tickets two hot dogs two cokes and a popcorn lol

  35. Beer is $8.50 at Scottrade and I paid $9.50 for one in DC. Was $7.50 at Busch this summer (and that was Bud Select!). So it’s not just MSG that jacks up beer prices. It’s everywhere.

  36. I f you wait till game day and look on Craigs List you can sit on the field for $40 at a Mets game

  37. Barry= $200 plus for the Club Seats in DC at the Phone Booth. But I paid $80 to sit 5 rows from the glass at Scottrade and at Busch, I think they were $20 something for 3rd level. So I see your point.

  38. Your attention please: The NY Rangers announce that their captain has changed his name to Ryan CalLINhan.

  39. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    i am asking the man to change his last name to Callahan so whenever we get married i can be Linda Callahan lol

  40. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    CARPY!! i forgot to say HAPPY BLOGaversary! And to all the Boneheads who welcomed me so kindly 3 years ago, Happy Friendaversary!!!

  41. Dubinski is GREAT at cycling low and protecting the puck with his body. He does that as good as anyone on this team!

  42. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    maybe some are at the game Carpy? I know Noremy has no internet or tv because FIOS does not have Sunday service

  43. Rangers are in the habit of scoring some pretty goals lately. 2-1.

    Oh gosh, it doesn’t look good for McMonster. It looks like a hamstring pop.

  44. glad he’s back but if he’d be out for rest of the game do you think Bickel would move to play D or would they go play with 5 D the rest of the way?

  45. Cally has had so many chances lately – if he could sink half of them, he’d have 30 goals in no time…

  46. Prust with DAD play with seconds to go….For a team that fights for the playoff spot, considering how important this game is, the Washington’ defense looks pretty porous.

  47. This isn’t the best defensive effort on Rangers part either. But if you compare the standings, one should be very surprised by Washington’s approach today more.

  48. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    lol Carpy, like we said, when you write the Bonehead Book, that pic of Brash and the walker has to be on the front lol

  49. PRUSTER! He’s had a few good chances today. Good to see him bury one.

    Gaborik has to be next. He’s had several great shots but hasn’t hit the back of the net yet.

  50. That was a great pass there by Dubi. Instead of trading Krieder for Nash lets just get Dubinsky going.

  51. Chimera is playing like he wants to be a Ranger – you know, a player that tries to kill us every time he plays us…

  52. I think one area Gaborik is very underrated in is making the right decision with the puck in the defensive zone. He controls the pace and makes the correct distribution so well back there.

  53. Henrik show. Dog show by Ovechkin today. Real dog show tomorrow. The World’s Most Showing Arena.

  54. Chimera’s “breakout season” tempered by the fact that he has 2 goals in his last 21 games.

  55. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    MVP! VEZINA! hell they’re gonna need to name a trophy after Hank when all is said and done lol

  56. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    Carp, do the guys in the press box read the blog all the time? and if so, do they contribute?

  57. Most of them check in. But I tell them the really good lines. They usually crack up. Sometimes I think they’re tired of me telling them. Jealous probably :)

    The Prust Pajamas line went over pretty well.

  58. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    lmao @ jealous!! that’s awesome! You really need to write the Book of Bonehead lol. All the best lines and conversations lol

  59. Thank goodness they made it interesting at the end. This season is getting boring. They win too much :-)


  60. who was trying to give Hank
    his stick back at the very end of the game
    (and Hank was telling him to
    “Get the Byfuglien out of my way!!!”)

  61. Woop woop.

    Only 8 more wins, and we have 93 points, which should be just about good enough to clinch a playoff spot, no? Would be nice to do it with like 3 weeks left in the season.

  62. The most important thing of the day is that Mac Truck is not injured. If he went down, we would be in a heap of trouble…

  63. get to watch the Red wings beat the philthies tonight on NBCSN, lovely, can’t wait!!! Let’s see there goons take penalties against the wings tonight while the wings score relentlessly on the power play :)

  64. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    i may actually have that on later too tomg… gonna be interesting to see if the chode brothers play

  65. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    doncha just love smashing the weekend afternoon games and getting 4 pts!?! WOOOOO

  66. On 1050 ESPN Radio, McDonagh told Kenny and Dave:

    “It was a flukey injury I have had over the course of my career. My knee cap just gets tweaked and it’s nothing long term or serious. Everything is okay.”

  67. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    seriously Dubi? i ask because i mentioned on FB it looked like his kneecap dislocated lol

  68. HageLinMcCalPruBoylhan on

    just think, Valentines Day against the Bruins! to hell with dinner, jewelry or chocolates, I WANT TWO REGULATION POINTS

  69. ohh damn im too excited. wht a season so far!! carp, im sorry for that. ive been chatting on hockeystreams an forgot my manners. wont happen again.

  70. Mister Delaware on

    “I was really hoping for an ENG for Dubisnky. If we get that man going it’s like trading for a young top 6 forward.”

    Do we need a SAVE DUBI campaign or is it all just hollow speculation? I’m willing to be treasurer.

  71. To think that not only did we get rid of that disaster Gomez and his huge salary, but we got this stud defenseman as well is just MIND BLOWING..

  72. Yev, surprised Gauthier hasn’t been tarred, feathered and strung up for that trade. Must be the fact that he speaks French that is saving him.

  73. The Gomez/McD trade was one of those joke trades people like to make on the board (like Wolski for Malkin), but then it actually happened in real life.

  74. >>>yea, that was a nice highway robbery done by the old cigar smoking GM I’m very happy to say :-).

    Humbug!! I’m ticked off that Slats didn’t also steal Max Pacioretty in the Gomez deal!!

  75. LOL! the trade sure was a THEFT! I mean, McDonagh was the #12 pick overall. Not really sure what Montreal was thinking? But the idea that we got him and got rid of a huge problem just blows my mind. Must give Slats props for that one.

  76. McDonough was unsigned and would have went back into the draft before Sather made the deal. Gomez had a great post season a couple years back.

  77. Really Vogs? Mac Truck wasn’t going to sign with Montreal? That is the first time I have heard that. Do you have a source or a link about that?

  78. I thought as long as McD remained in college he would have been Habs property. I remember reading they were not as enthused about his progress though.

  79. I’m relatively sure there was a contract issue with McD and Montreal. Montreal was not going to give him the money he wanted to turn pro so they would have lost him potentially in the next draft.

    It sure turns out to be a great deal for us. But Gomez did have a monster post season the year they upset the Caps and someone else only to lose in the Eastern finals.

  80. I know I’m two hours late to this convo as I was at MSG but today’s crowd was the quietest crowd of the entire season. I guess it was the combination of the very early start time plus it was kids day so lots of kids in the stands but it was almost pre-season like for much of the game today.

    I’ll disagree though on the Knicks vs Rangers. I’ve been to a fair share of knicks games over the past decade and they’ve been just as bad as pre-season hockey games for a long time. Knick games are also different because they play music/cheer music during live action.

    I certainly don’t disagree that the crowd isn’t as loud as it used to be and that many have been priced out of the building but I had thought the crowd has been pretty good the past few games until Period 1-2 vs Tampa on Thursday and today, which was much worse than even Thursday.

  81. he looked like gumby when he fell on his knee. they mighve given him a shot of demerol or something. these boys are just tough as nails. but who knows if we hold them off without mcdonagh.

  82. And not only did he get “something” in return… he got a player that I think will be an all star for years to come….

  83. >>…today’s crowd was the quietest crowd of the entire season.

    That was just a strategy to keep Ovechkin quiet. It worked, didn’t it?

  84. I was close with my Caps 7-0 prediction. They just ran out of time. You saw how completely overmatched we looked at the end of the 3rd. Like the amateur-hour squad we are, we barely managed to close out the game. Bush-leaguimus.

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