It’s Go Time!


Game 53.

Fifth of the season against the Flyers. The Rangers have won the first four … but none of them in the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes … three at MSG and one at Citizens Bank Ballpark. The Rangers are 6-0 in the last six meetings going back to last year.

They won’t see each other again until April 3, in Philly.

Ya boys have won one in a row, are 5-1-1 in their last seven.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal, against Sergei Bobrovsky. The Rangers will be without Ruslan Fedotenko, which means Stu Bickel goes back into the lineup and they’ll dress seven defensemen … not a bad thing considering the number of fights in the last meeting on Super Bowl Sunday.


About the wimpy decision against Dominic Moore for what was obviously a provoked head-targeted attack against a player without the puck … the wimpy NHL found one replay angle that suggested Moore’s shoulder to Fedotenko’s noggin was impeded by Fedotenko’s stick. As if that should change what was clearly an attack aimed at the head. Ridiculous.


As for our ticket contest. We had many entries with 4-3 Rangers. Only three had Brad Richards with the game-winner. So we went to the third tiebreaker, Rangers shots (closest without going over). It appears that Kyle V won with his prediction of 28 (Rangers had 31). So, if anybody believes he or she had a better entry, you have until 5 p.m. tonight to contact me via e-mail at Otherwise, Kyle V will be declared the winner. Kyle, please e-mail me your mailing address.

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  1. Carp, pretty ballsy of Shanahan with a $2500 fine for the hit on Fedetenko, huh? I guess it’s open season on the rangers.

  2. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    i dont know about youse guys, but people on FB talking about the Cup are starting to get on my nerves!

  3. Went up to Kingston to see Jerry Marotta’s 3rd annual 53rd birthday party. Nice to know I have so many famous cousins!

  4. Ha! #Thingsthatpissmeoffinthemorning is trending on twitter. I could make a list a mile long of those.

  5. I don’t tweet i don’t twit i don’t facebook. I guess I’m behind the times. By the way, mambo anyone? Lets Go Rangers!

  6. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lets get out of the FIRST round Ilbzo lmao! and these are NOT kids i’m talking about!

  7. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lentil soup and multigrain english muffin with hummus and roasted sweet red peppers..yum

  8. Carp, Just put the meatballs and pork ribs into the gravy, gonna let it simmer while the game’s on. Dinner at 1 tomorrow. Want to come?Thinking ziti with ricotta on the side.

  9. I said fifth, ilb :)

    c giacomo, would love to … but I’ll be at MSG.

    iNYR, last week NYR wore WC jerseys and Flys wore their regular crud.

  10. It’s ok, Carp. I’ve seen worse movies and I’ve seen better. I had Forrest Gump and Iron Man2 already today, lol.

  11. Oops, BANJed. Repost:

    Sally February 11th, 2012 at 12:43 pm
    Linda, “I Wanna Be A NY Ranger” by the Misfits :)

  12. doesnt feel like a Rangers-Flyers game without the fighting…..on the other hand this keeps the crowd out of it so maybe that’s good for us.

  13. Did anyone see that golden opportunity Dubinsky blew in front of the Flyers net just before that PP?

  14. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    they’ll be out of the game now…. damnit

    i hope that sestito dorito tostito is sterile and does not futher dilute the gene pool

  15. It’s nice to see a nhl official call it the way it should be called instead of letting these philly idiots do what they want to do.

  16. Listening to the flyers feed is almost unbearable! These guys are ridiculous homers! Cry baby asshats!

  17. WOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOooOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    you guys gotta give Carp his due.. he said the past few days the pp was showing signs of life, and he got carcillo for saying it!

  19. The first pass by Goborik to Stepan was even better. It trapped three Flyers on the left side and opened up for Richards to move in.

  20. Richards looks to be back. The PP is looking useful. We were in 1st without those things. Sky’s the limit with them.

  21. I said it before. Richards is the best playmaking center we’ve had since Gretzky (I dont count Nylander). He couldn’t suck forever.

  22. Did I just misspell Gaborik? Lol

    Both teams played an excellent, high quality hockey. Can’t ask for more

  23. I’d like to think the average Flyers fan is now thinking (at least the ones capable of thinking):

    “The game was tied when Sestito was playing. Get Sestito back out there as much as possible!”

  24. I’d love to see behind-the-scenes footage of the Rangers celebrating when they get the official lineup and see Sestito’s playing.

  25. When I see Hartnell I see a parasite. He’s a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.

  26. Mixed blessing of living in South Jersey…having to watch the Philly broadcast and watching Al Morganti sorta down in the dumps.

    Cheer up little chihuahua

  27. >>(at least the ones capable of thinking)

    I believe the few humans amongst Flyers fans are indeed capable of thinking.

  28. >>Kenny Jonsson still looks like he just hit puberty…

    And his sweater is being retired? Did I hear that correctly?

  29. >>i know one of those very few

    Even if they appear human in the daytime, be extremely careful around them. They might turn into something else at night.

  30. Mrs. LMAO at little chihuaha (sp?).

    Johnny, he hopped a steamship. And it was a big one.

    johnny, Rupp’s hand isn’t close to 100 percent.

    Somebody close that damn gate. Or shut the front door.

  31. thing is Orr that Rupp cant fight him because of his thumb, Prust has been told not to fight waste of hockey roster space such as Sestito, and Bickle is probably sick and tired of punching that POS in the face already.

  32. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    how ridiculous.. 61 pts get them number 3, while the rest of the teams have more points

  33. >>how ridiculous.. 61 pts get them number 3, while the rest of the teams have more points

    Only in the NHL!

  34. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. I don’t wanna say I told ya so, but I’m pretty sure I said they needed to put Cally in front of the net on the PP and throw it at the net. Nice.

  36. The Flyers still are trying too hard to hit people. And leave some huge defensive gaps…..almost had another one.

  37. if the Rangers are the 1 seed then having Florida or more likely Washington lose their opening round game will be huge.

    Will make us bypass the Crosbys in round 2…

  38. Would bad D change have happened playing 5?! Nope.
    Deveaux should be up today. cancel out Seespool.

  39. I see the officiating is back to the nonsense, non call against prust but calls a ticky tack against emminger, ridiculous.

  40. you got to be kidding me, callahan gets a golden opportunity to score, gets taken down and no call but emminger is more of a penalty than prust getting cross check and callahan take down. I think the flyers coach must have paid these moron officials between periods.

  41. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    nothing sells like the truth, unless you work for the NHL front office, or are a politician

  42. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! INTERMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got Prustie and now Cally!!!!!!!!! Thank you baby Jesus

  43. Average Flyers fan now saying: “We’re only losing cuz of penalties and the other team having a better goalie.”

    As he’s been saying for 35 years.

  44. true story …tailgating at winter classic walked by a bunch of flyers fans and they called us homophobic slurs while they were blasting miley cryus out of their car… lie

  45. I’m waiting for the flyer fans to turn on there team. That’s a true flyer fan or should I say a philly fan.

  46. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    miked, just made that my line of the day on facebook! Thanks, hilarious!

    Oh hubby in a brawl

  47. >>Where are you hearing Tappen…?

    From Joe Micheletti. He kept going on about the Rangers goals being “easy Tappen”.

  48. Its been a weird game. They’ll usually get their crowd into it and they weren’t able to. We look like some western conference team w little toughness. Just weird

  49. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on


  50. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    There once was a man named Ryan Callahan
    He brought life to the Rangers C again…

  51. There once was a man named Ryan Callahan, give him the puck ..he will bury
    thank the hockey gods we got rid of the man called chris drury

  52. it’s not hard to understand, Sam. The Rangers have much better goaltending, and are tougher, and if the Flyers want to dress all their butt-heads, that helps.

  53. I wish dubi would have connected on that upper cut he just missed on cause that flyer dirtbag needs to be knocked out.

  54. Only if those Rangers fans are like 6’5″ 250 lbs JB. I wouldn’t want to be a Ranger fan walking in a large group of Flyers fans right now.

  55. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    LW, i was quietly wondering if this would be the first game in years where we did NOT get one lol

  56. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! YOU CAN’T BEAT US!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN’T BEAT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. What a SOLID win by our team. Efficient and clinical win as Dave Malone just said. Very satisfying!!!

    Do they start Henrik again tomorrow or rest him for Bruins game on tuesday?

  58. And BTW, if Boyle didn’t learn to fight having to grow up with 12 Irish brothers and sisters, he probably never will!

  59. Flyer defensive coverage on the last 2 Ranger goals was HORRIBLE.

    Nice to see some skillful goals scored – the chemistry between MDZ and Gaborik continues to shine. On Cally`s 2nd goal it was Gabbie who once again found MDZ going to the net and put the puck right on his stick. MDZ then made an equally pretty pass to Cally. Gone unnoticed was another glorious set-up for Cally, this time by Richards, shortly after the Gabbie to MDZ to Cally goa.

    Richards did indeed have a strong game.

    Must say, I don`t like the Bickell on forward experiment it means he`s gonna get 5 minutes of icetime. All these games means 4 lines must be rolled as regularly as possible.

  60. Comcast’s own walking dead Al Morganti, shut his partner up with ” the Rangers proved today they will beat you not only with goaltending, but with.special teams…the gloves off or any way the Flyers want to play ”

  61. jimbo, Maybe Boyle was the son protected by Mom? My Dad sure learned to fight with 4 Italian brothers Still think BB is GREAT though

  62. “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.”

  63. Could be, jpg’s sis! That might be the answer – I’m Italian on my mom’s side, but I had no siblings, so I had to fight with the neighborhood kids instead! ;-)

  64. jpg’s sister, didn’t we see on “24/7” one of Boyle’s sisters saying she could beat him up as a kid, and adding, “I can still handle you today.” or something like that?

    Also, Sam said it was a good trade when he and Simmonds went off for fighting with the Rangers protecting the lead. I disagree. Boyle is one of the best players in the league when it comes to protecting a lead late.

  65. Carp,

    Couldn’t you interpret Boyle’s taking Simmonds off the ice as him protecting a lead? Simmonds had already scored in this game and was looking rather dangerous otherwise.

  66. So fortunate to have so many experts on here. Another great game, we own those goons. I will choose to enjoy the ride for now and not anticipate another disaster. Plus, the gravy is ready.

  67. Pond hockey game going on in Pittsburgh – Pens leading Jets 7-5 in 3rd….Malkin going wild…

  68. Jimbo,

    Are you watching the game? It’s listed as being on NHL Network here by me, but they’re showing the OTT-EDM game. I can’t find it on the Center Ice channels either.

  69. Latona, it’s on the NHL Network on my cable system – channel 458 on Time-Warner Cable of Queens.. 8-5’s a minute from being over…

  70. THis may well cause a bit of , ah, consternation among Ranger fans ( of which I am a very l long long time one of, but despite the sugar coating the announcers put on this game, anyone who believes that the Ranger passing game is any where near equal to PHilly’s is self deluding.

    The ONLY reason Rangers won this game so decisively was due to Lundqvist. All you had to do was note the accuracy and intensity of the Flyers passing and the mopy dope passing of Rangers and the truth will set your free. Yes they took advantage of some choice rebounds and attacking intensity, but several of those goals were strictly of the , ah, fortunate category…and an inadequate Flyer goal keeper, and it will be plain. More of their passes wound up on the sticks of the Flyer players than makes me comfortable. They’ve got to work on their passing accuracy more than they have been…….it will be their undoing otherwise.


  71. Someday the Oilers will be a good team, if they keep stockpiling these high draft-choices. Their young kids really are good.

  72. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Actually, when your passing game is “inaccurate” for you, where the puck will wind up is unpredictable for the defense, too. Predictability has been the albatross for the power play for half a season, now. Must have been some randomity going on, today. I say we will benefit from seeing more of this.

  73. You’re a hard man to please, Fran. Not saying it’s been like that all year, but the first four Rangers goals today were due in large part to good passes (albeit aided by some loose defense and average goaltending).

    The difference between the teams today was more than just Lundqvist.

  74. Absolutely, the reason for the success of the PP was the random and totally unpredictable way the puck was moving from tape to tape. Sometimes it’s good to be “inaccurate”.

  75. watching the replay (reason why coming up)
    looked like Prust was laughing at something
    hartnell said.

    can watch game MUCH MORE RELAXED
    than all of you.

  76. Dugay was probably the last Ranger to score a hat trick in the regular season in philly. Brian Leetch had one in the 95 playoffs in philly. probably the most dominating performance I have seen by a ranger player ( Leetch) in that game. a game they lost in OT. yes including Messiers guarantee game.

  77. missed watching the game live
    because i was travelling with
    a friend who had a meeting in central ohio.
    barely got 40 minutes into the drive
    and we were stuck on highway.
    no one moving for several miles on our side.
    roads weren’t bad at that point
    but 45 minutes of barely moving
    allowed the snowstorm
    to arrive
    and we were in a whiteout
    cancelled the meeting
    turned around to go home
    in a whiteout
    for about 20 minutes
    and then sunny skies the
    rest of the way.

  78. I know he’s never been a huge penalty taker, but for Girardi to only have 12 PIMS at this point of the season, given how much he’s played and who he’s played against, is pretty impressive.

  79. You missed a great game, jpg – but you can watch the replays today, if you wish!

    Good that you got home safely – there will be other wins against Philly, because they suck and are stupid! ;-D

  80. jimbo, at least you got to practice fighting with someone, jpg was told not to hit me and we had mostly senior citizens in t he neighborhood. told not to fight them either, ha, ha

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