Rangers-Lightnings in review


I don’t know what you guys thought about the game, but I sure thought it was a fun game to watch, even if it took the Garden crowd 50 minutes to get into it. The second and third periods were pretty wild.


1) Not to be one of those Negative Nancys, but you wonder when this team will actually lose a few in a row. They haven’t deserved to have a losing streak, but, my gosh, every team since the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens (who went 60-8-12) has had a losing streak at some point, right? These Rangers haven’t lost more than two in a row in regulation all year, and haven’t gone more than two without a win since starting the season 0-1-2. It’s got to happen. And of course, I have no doubt how most of you will react when it does.

2) That said, and we’ve discussed this a whole bunch of times, it’s pretty remarkable how the Rangers bounce back after losses … and how they play the same way, no matter what happened the day before, the week before, or the minute before.

3) I’ll get to tabulating the ticket contest results later on.

4) The New York Football Giants’ offensive line arrived late, left the game for the end of the first period and the start of the second, then stayed through the end. Matter of fact, I saw three security guys escorting them toward the Rangers locker room later on. Yeah, they needed three security guys.

5) The G-Men must have been shocked at how quiet Madison Square Garden can be for a hockey game.

6) That Stamkos guy is going to be pretty good. Some combo. Size, great speed, great hands, deadly shot. Quite a goal he scored in the first.

7) I don’t say anything definitive about the NHL’s Department of Alleged Player Safety anymore — not after it has given stamped approval of slew-foots, leaving the bench to join altercations, attempts to maim from behind, hair-pulling and stitch-gouging. But if there was a textbook example of targeting a player’s head, Dominic Moore sure did that to Ruslan Fedotenko after Fedotenko clobbered him cleanly, maybe borderline cleanly, into the wall moments earlier. Let’s see what surprises Brendan Shanahan has in store on this one, or how he jumps through hoops to find a reason to not suspend Moore.

8) And, by the way, Moore said after the game: “To be honest, I was coming into the slot and trying to make myself available for a shot. Their guy, and I didn’t know who it was until after, tried to come over and take me away. I was just trying to compete for body position and I guess he wasn’t ready for that.” Uh, huh. Listen to the start of the Boyle interview a couple of threads down. He said Moore was yapping about the hit that Fedotenko laid on him before the shoulder to the head shot.

9) It was a little funny to hear John Tortorella say that Brad Richards was not on the fourth line, even though he was playing with Mike Rupp and Fedotenko. And I thought Richards made some strides late in the Devils game, and was OK in this one. Give the guy some props, though, for his seven game-winners, and a lot of them — Phoenix, Winter Classic, last night — have been pretty darn dramatic. Alternate Captain Clutch?

10) To borrow a line from some of our esteemed Boneheads: What in holy hell was last night, Dec. 21, 2012 on the Mayan Calendar? Richards scored. The Rangers power play scored. And, my God, Scott Gomez scored! I didn’t take the subway home because I feared birds flying out of the center of the earth.

11) I keep noticing the way the guys with the shovels fly onto the ice for every TV timeout, and you know what? One of these days there’s going to be an altercation at that moment , and it’s going to be really ugly.

12) That’s two or three (or more) really good games in a row for Brandon Prust. Brian Boyle and Artem Anisimov, too.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Brandon Prust.


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  1. 2nd!

    Feel asleep after the 2nd period. Woke up to a nice surprise that the Rangers had come back and won!

    Can you imagine Steve Stamkos on the Rangers? Stanley Cup dreams…..

    We do have a guy with fantastic size and speed at BC . I don’t expect him to be Stamkos, but have seen the kid play, I do think he has the chance to be something special.


  2. Third!

    Yet another GWG for Richards, he may not be on pace for a high scoring season (17g18a so far), but when 40% of your goals win games we can cut the guy a little slack cant we?

    He’s so clutch, they have to put silkolene in his drinks bottle in the 3rd and OT!

  3. I was very happy with the effort the boys showed last night. Boyle and Prust really showed some heart all game and played really hard. It makes torts giving them 3rd line minutes a bit less painful. Hopefully that game really gets the ball rolling for Richards because I think all he needed was a confidence booster. Another nice confidence booster would be someone like Shane Doan playing on his wing ;)

  4. Watched the video of the overtime goal. WHAT GREAT WORK by Anisimov and Del Zotto to set up the overtime goal. I really hope Anisimov is not traded away. The guy is still so young. Big body and good skill set! BAD D on the play by the lightning. Three lightning players go to anisimov leaving Brad all alone and he buried it.

    Yes, Brad Richards is NOT having the year we want. But, who can disagree that he has come up BIG in the Clutch again and again this year?

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Glad for B Rich, but MDZ Made a great pass to Artie and Artie showed another glimpse of that potential. Wow, what a pass!

    Moore’s hit was exactly the kind of play the league wants to get rid of ‘supposively” Shanny must have had his authority reigned in, because the lower number of fines and suspensions as we have moved into second half is very telling.

    Does Hags warrant the second lowest minutes for forwards? And why is Step on PK and not Hags?

  6. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    I’d like to see Prust show Moore how to dance.
    Carp any loosing streak and it’s gonna be tough to read the manure that gets thrown around here…

  7. Yev, and Stranger,
    don’t get fooled because every once in a while Anisimov flashes. he has been this way for 3 seasons now. he will have another couple of good games, and then he will vanish for a month.

  8. I think you got yourself disqualified, Swede.

    Nothing about how the Rangers were dominated for most of the game (while somehow only giving up 17 shots), Carp?

    Can’t see Moore getting anything mo(o)re than a fine, if that. Did read some opinions from TB fans that it wasn’t even a penalty and one Lightning beat writer said he watched the replay four times and concluded that Moore didn’t even make contact with Fedotenko’s head. Can’t see how that is possibly true (or how it was a roughing call), but enough dissent to suggest there won’t be a Shanaban video coming.

  9. Hate to be a NN, but that review sucked. Same bs about Shanny and the Gmen with shovel kids and Mayans mixed in. Did you watch the game Carp? Or were you looking for offensive lineman?
    Usually get some insight.

    Biron with 3 goals on 17 shots??? First game back for Emminger??

  10. Hey Johnnyboy, there is a way to disagree with CARP as an adult. Watching sports and evaluating games, players and teams is a subjective exercise.

    Writing that Carp’s review sucked makes you seem like a douche nozzle.

    That is just my subjective opinion of what you wrote. ;-)

  11. Yeah, I don’t know about roughing on Moore but it was definitely interference and a hit to the head.

  12. True Blue Mike on

    Carp, what do you mean there is going to be an altercation when the guys with the shovels come on the ice? I am not seeing were your going with that

  13. Is there something going on with Staal? Least time on ice of NYR defensemen except for Stralman (18:19 v 17:59) – not counting Emminger’s time for obvious reasons…is his comeback regressing in some way? Prust askin’

  14. Sorry Yev..will search for more appropriate words next time. Thank you for bring that to my attention.

  15. Good morning, boneheads!

    “dominated for most of the game”, LW? Is that from the same Tampa beat writer? Maybe he should watch the game again. That would be #5, doubt it’ll be helpful….

    Was a fun game to watch, for sure, but not if you’re Torts. Biron was far from sharp, tough to blame him for Stamkos’ goal, but he seemed to be fighting the puck all night long, his rebound control was questionable, and every time he handled the puck he seemingly gave it away to the opponent. But he did make a couple of crucial saves on Stamkos at the end. His counterpart was not brilliant either, btw…

    The PK failed them on Gervais goal big time. All four of them were watching the puck at near boards, while Gervais was all alone and had too much time.
    But they won at the end, that is all that counts. And despite all the mistakes, the effort was clearly there. And the GWG was a combination of hard work by DZ and brilliant pass by AA. It was right in front of me and I felt that even Richards was somewhat surprised by the pass, that is why he had to reach for it….

    Does anyone know why Staal picked up the puck after the GWG? And who did he give it to?

  16. I am not the CARP police; but I do believe there is a way to have a respectful discussion about evaluations that are SUBJECTIVE. I have been reading Carp for a very long time and he knows his stuff. I don’t always agree with him; but when I don’t, I certainly don’t come here and say, hey CARP, you SUCK or your review SUCKED. I think that is just plain silly.

    OK, back to our regularly scheduled programs….


  17. Watch out haters, Boyle is picking up the pace. Trade Richards? Retire his number?

    Give the “A” back to Girardi and move on.

  18. By the way, Fedotenko has almost certainly suffered a concussion. When Ramsey helped him out off the ice, his legs were wobbly…Expect to see WW or MZA….

  19. No Boyler on the 3 stars, Carp? Huge game-tying goal? Taking the body all night especially last 10 minutes?

  20. what I got out of last nights game is the refs in the NHL are a complete utter joke. It is amazing how bad the officiating has become in the NHL. Where did they get these idiots of welfare. In my wildest dreams I never would have thought that it could be this bad. The NHL is a cracker jack league.

  21. Wakin up for my (26th) bday today was amazing wit my son surprisin me in bed wit a gift and readin Carps review of another Rangers WIN…last nights game was great, flaws and all (except Feds bein hurt), and we WON again…..love this team

  22. they better call up Zuccarello and not Wolski or even worse Newbury.

    Reunite Hagelin-Mitchell-Zuccarello and see what happens…

  23. March 2nd, is the next Tampa game. Let’s see if Moore is still a member of the Tampa roster.

    Cheap hit, dirty, especially while not having the puck.

    Good Devils loss, screw them. Hope we meet that bush-league team in the playoffs.

  24. Yeah, Gomez can now relax for a year or so….Considering the world ends in December, he might want to frame that puck from last night as “My last one!”

  25. The PP clicked because they moved it quick and shot right away. In previous games (or the last month) teams attacked them because they knew guys were holding onto the puck too long and the others off the puck weren’t moving. Props to MDZ for just shooting and hoping it got through.

    It you notice, Tampa attacked them early in that first PP and once they scored, they packed it back in and weren’t as aggressive on the other PPs. So by just putting the puck on goal and getting a chance that ended up going in (even if it was a weird goal) they then gave themselves more room since it forced Tampa to defend more and not be so aggressive.

    A few more games of just firing it at the net with Cally/Dubi in front and eventually they’ll have more time to setup and pass around since teams will have to respect it, something they haven’t had to do since mid December.

  26. I want the ^hobbit wizard for he is lord of the rink^ back up here immediately. Get him in the darn lineup and see what happens.

  27. PP might have also clicked because the puck was triple deflected on it’s way in. Sometimes you need some luck though.

  28. CTB – Yes, but I just meant the other PPs they didn’t score on. By moving it quickly and just shooting it rather than holding it, it opened them up to have more room since Tampa couldn’t be as aggressive. Obviously that was a lucky bounce, but it was due to them not wasting time. After that they were able to move it around easier and actually setup some plays.

  29. Their PPs recently have looked better, I’ll give them that. When was the last time they scored PPGs in back to back games?

  30. I know Biron wasn’t at his sharpest, but those 2 saves he made on Stamkos late in the game was his contribution on getting the 2 points.

  31. Carp,

    Was at the game, here are my observations:

    Rangers were as listless at dormant as the crowd in the first period. No hitting, bad passing, not enough shots. But they always seem to come on as they game goes along and the crowd responded in the third period.

    Tampa started out playing the typical road game keeping the Rangers to the outside and waiting for a mistake.

    Strahman should lasso Stamkos in that situation and make sure he does not get a shot off.

    Thought they would play Lundquist and split Lundquist and Baron over the weekend. But another move by Torts works out. Now they have Lundquist ready for both games against top teams.

    Nice to see Emminger back. Bickle was getting too many penalties although Em took one too.

    Richards had a solid game. Made some nice passes and led the PP.

    The new concouse is nice, but still not wide enough and the bathrooms are too small. It looks like they need more men’s rooms. There was a line for every one between the second and third period.

    I think I’ll pass the lobster salad and prime rib sandwiches.

  32. When was the last time they scored PPGs in back to back games?

    Dec 10th and 11th vs Buffalo and then Florida.

  33. Definately a cheap shot to the head. Don’t think sucked was accurate for your write up Carp. I’m eating oatmeal, supposed to be good for the cholesterol.

  34. That hit was exactly what Wolski did to Alfredsson earlier in the year. Wolski was fined I believe, so I can see Moore getting the same. He definitely went to engage Feds and Feds wasn’t ready, but it’s still a penalty/cheap play. Thought the call could’ve been a 5 minute due to injury, but I guess the refs didn’t see it that way.

  35. Carp – Any word on Fedotenko? Sure looked like he got a concussion.

    oleosmirf – Awesome idea(re: Hagelin-Mitchell-Zuccarello). Those three had quite the thing going in Hartford at the top of the season.

  36. I got blacked out of the Rangers play by play , and had to shift over to the Bolts play by play action. They started to drive me a little nuts because they started
    out calling Garon ( Bolts Goalie) “Gearon”, and then a moment later they would be talking about “Bearon”, and they kept me off balance most of the night trying to figure out who they were referring to… Cheesh!

    Other than that though I thought it was a pretty good and hard fought game throughout, and questionable calls on both sides…….

  37. Rupp_elstilskin. on

    Bell biv Deveaux if Rupp’s hand is not 100%.. Im sure Sestito got a huge pat on the back after last game by Lavy, and will bring his sideshow.

  38. stranger nation on

    Ah…the biggest problem with Moore’s hit is Feds was nowhere near the puck. That is the same hit as Woolski, but also same hit that Crosby took that had him out for a long long time. No two are the same, but very, very dangerous play, particularly since Moore lifted his shoulder into Fed’s jaw, complete BS.

    The game in general was pretty nasty, which our boys like. At one point Mitchell and Cally were flying down on the Bolts’ Dman who turned away from Mitch only to be plastered by Cally – that is what this team is all about.

    They do not have top line talent like the Bolts’ first line save for Gabby, but they leave their heart out there every game and although they may not go very deep in POs without more O, they make you proud to be a Ranger Fan.

    Still cannot believe Hags had bottom 6 minutes and Step was on PK instead of him. Step on PK was ugly.

    MDZ is really stepping up his Offensive game when paired with Staal – cannot do that as much with Stralman as his partner.

    Team continues to amaze me….

  39. Hey – anyone who tweets – follow me @spikesup (whatever that means – you guys know from my history that I *do not* understand Twittering)

  40. Just want to say again that it was great to meet Carp and ilb last night!

    Nice review!

    Get Zuccarello up here, pronto! Capiche? We need ^the big guy^.

  41. please no mza. i have zero confidence in him producing over a period of time should feds be out. besides torts will only play him 8 mins a night.

  42. MZA isn’t going to do anything up here. He’ll maybe chip in with a few goals, but I don’t think he’s going to make that much of an impact. He’s a dwarf, he’s slow, and as stated he isn’t going to play too many minutes.

  43. *Jonny D* February 10th, 2012 at 11:01 am

    He’ll maybe chip in with a few goals


    That isn’t helping? How many guys on are team now are going to score “a few goals” before the end of the season?

    Also, he’s not a Dwarf – he’s a Hobbit. Maybe you aren’t a huge J.R.R. Tolkein fan but the difference is *more* than negligible.

  44. stranger nation on

    They won’t bring up MZA because they need a checker to replace Feds. Do they have anyone down in Hartford who has NHL experience, plays the body, can fore-check, and occasionally pop one in????

    HMMMMM…..*AVERY* bring his on up!!!

  45. LOL! You people have selective memories….

    Zuccarello had an excellent NHL start last season (considering he was a rookie who never played on NA ice), was putting up points on the PP, and was playing 18+ minutes a night for a long stretch….

    Yeah, never call ^wizard^ a dwarf. He’ll cast a spell on you like he did to Avery….

  46. stranger nation on

    Did Dubi go to harvard? Is Dubi providing an offensive spark?

    Can Lin play from his knees? Does he play with his back to the basket for 20 seconds and then turn it over?

    sorry – no similarities…

  47. stranger nation on

    bring up DEVO and have him play with Rupp and Prusty against the orange crud. I would also dress Bickel against the filth.

  48. stranger nation on

    Great article on Lin in today’s comPost – sleeps on his younger brothers’ coach downtown –

  49. Just so you guys know: There is no chance (zero, zilch, nada, none) that Avery is going to rejoin this team at any point. Ever.

  50. stranger nation on

    If Rupper’s hand is hurt. need Bickel *and* DEVO. Can’t have Rupp unable to put a smack down on the filths’ goons, unless he will net 2 like in WC.

    Artie playing better, yes he is inconsistent, but part of growing pains. He is skating better, getting PP time and taking the body more. Be interesting to see Artie in the middle of Hags and Gabby with MDZ and Stralman – put on the afterburners and watch em all fly.

  51. @Josh Yohe @JoshYohe_Trib@ Nothing official yet, but every indication is that Jordan Staal will return to the lineup tomorrow against Winnipeg.

  52. stranger nation on

    Watched replay of Step’s goal. Right before Gabby comes cutting through in front of goal and the Bolt’s Dman follows him without knowing where puck is which allows Step to gather rebound, spin around and whip it in. Movement without puck…very under appreciated activity.

  53. johnnyboy, what would you have liked to read about? please tell me and I’ll try to provide you with some insight. That Biron was wobbly? That Callahan was great? That Eminger was OK in his return, and limited Staal’s ice because the pairs stayed together? That Richards was on the puck more, but still a step behind? That Dubinsky was hot and cold again. That the grinders were really good, and so was the GAS line? How many times can I write these things?

    I also don’t watch the game.

    Good morning, Sally!

    How about Bickel on the wing in Phila? That’s not Torts’ style, but I’d think about it.

    I’d watch the widget ——> for Fedotenko updates. Won’t be any coming here.

  54. Mister Delaware on

    Not surprised that Moore was “yapping” after the Fedo hit. There were atleast 3 times where you could see him demonstratively whining after absorbing a hit during the game, most notably when getting squared up and popped by Boyle after moving the puck out of the Rangers zone.

  55. czechthemout!!!! on


    The crowd was quiet because the they played like crap. Did not generate anything on offense until the last period. This to me is the biggest problem facing this team. The offense has gone to Renney era. Every play is on the boards. No one carries the puck. The passing is awful . No one for a to the front of the net . Everyone goes behind the net, all three forwards are always there. They desperately need to figure out the offensive part of the game or their time in the playoffs will be very short.

  56. Zuccarello had a two goal game against the Flys last season. Bigger story was Cally with 4 in the same one!

  57. There has been a lot of talk here about chris kreider….

    great opportunity to check him out for yourself on this non ranger game night.

    NBCSports AKA: Versus is carrying college hockey on Friday nights.

    Tonight BC (WITH CHRIS KREIDER) VS. Univ of Vermont….

    Looking forward to hearing what people think of this kid…

  58. czech, that’s the way they play. that’s what lets them win. when they try to trade chances against a skilled team, they’re going to have problems. they didn’t play like crap, even a little like crap. they played a typically solid NYR game. And this time they got some goals. Guys went to the net. I’ll give you that the D-men have to get more involved when the play’s down low, but they’re careful to not have four in too deep, especially when Stamkos, Levavalier, St. Louis are on the ice.

    would you rather have exciting and a struggle to get into the playoffs?

  59. Carp February 8th, 2012 at 12:42 pm
    who scores first, Gomez, the Rangers’ PP, or Beavis & Butt-head?

  60. Passing? I’d argue that 2 passes by AA- one for the GWG, and another long pass to Gaborik in the second period were the best passes last night by both teams.

  61. High power offense of Stamkos, VL, and MSL ( $23.5M of salaries between the three) is good enough for 1 game below .500 and 12th place in EC.

  62. To be honest the big 3 in Tampa isn’t the reason why they’re struggling. Having a combined 76 years in goal and absolute crap aside from Hedman on the blueline is the more likely culprit.

  63. Here is something to chew on. I wouldn’t put this past Buttman and the idiots who run the NHL. Is it possible they appointed Shanahan to be the one to view dirty hits because he was a ex-player and to show the players union that they are being fair on giving out suspensions and with the CBA up after this year trying to be on good terms with the player union. This way it’s a ex-player doing it and therefore lies the reason why Shanahan isn’t hard on players who should get suspended because he was a player. The frat stick together. I got news for Buttman, fehr is a hard a** and I will state this right now. There will not be a season next year but this time the owners are going to lose.

  64. Manny – for the record, I am a MZA fan. I like his game, but I think he needs to be used in the right spots. Playing him on the 4th line in limited minutes isn’t going to get the most out of him. He’s be better served with Stepan or Anisimov, but realistically he’s not going to play there right now.

    As for who we are going to bring up, wouldn’t be surprised to see Newbury back again or Deveaux. Most likely Newbury though.

  65. LMAO, B&BH. They’re never gonna have a beer, they’re never gonna have a couch, and they’re never gonna score. Dammit.

  66. CTB- Tampa scored 151 goals this season- only 6 more than NYR. Played one more game too. They let in 180, however. But my point was, if we had their team now, we would be screaming: “Trade one or two of those bums for someone who can play defense and who can stop some pucks!”

  67. I don’t know ilb2001, St. Louis had a pretty sweet pass that broke Lecavalier sometime during the 2nd….but since its the opposition we can agree to list it as the 3rd best pass of the night.

    Not only was Moore’s hit a complete cheap shot but it was direct retaliation for a hit Feds put on him earlier in the shift, combine that with the hit itself and Brenda Shanaban can’t ignore it, although I’m sure he will.

  68. Their top line has insane creativity and talent, their other lines have decent young players, but mostly grinders. Lets not forget that Dominic Moore and Adam Hall are KEY players on their team playing 2nd and 3rd line minutes. Both of those clowns (Hall moreso than Moore since I like his game) were 3rd and 4th line fodder on the average Rangers teams a few seasons ago.

    The Rangers might not have the offensive talent of their top line, but 4-12 I think they have the advantage. People can hate on Boyle and Feds all they want, but many other teams would love to have them for their ability to play a decent two way game.

  69. Hate to say this, but there’s one angle of the Moore hit on a video on Puck Daddy that makes it look like Moore’s shoulder hit Fedotenko’s stick, and the stick hit Fedotenko in the head … not the shoulder.

  70. stranger nation on

    Girardi’s hit on Moore was perfect – clean and hard – that’s the way we play. Later in that same sequence, Moore took a run at Girardi after he passed the puck and Danny boy just took hit and played on. Bolts tried to go hit for hit with the Rangers and found out that is not the way you beat this team.

    If Biron was on his game, we win 3-1. Rebounds were a problem, but also some brain fart passes trying to move puck out of zone.

    take the W and move on…

  71. Yea I saw that as well Carp. Should that really change anything though? Not in my opinion. Brenda Shanaban will use it as excuse to do nothing. Moore still threw his shoulder up in the direction of his head and would have caught him square in the face if the stick didn’t get in the way.

  72. In summary, I now have the following in my arsenal:
    – Bush-league
    – Amateur-hour
    – Mickey-mouse
    – Two-bit
    – Cracker-jack

  73. There will not be a season next year but this time the owners are going to lose.


    I think the fans lose.

    Players and owners will still be richer beyond out wildest imaginations regardless of the outcome.

  74. Ps. These bunch of cracker-jacks deserved to lose last night. The clowns have no offensive skill and that’s a fact.

  75. stranger nation on

    Beanpot final Monday night 7:30 – BU/BC

    #19 Chris Kreider (the second coming)

    28 16 14 30 24/ 48 4 3 4 0

    20 11 12 23 14/ 28 3 3 2 0

    Career GP G A PTS
    98 42 35 77

  76. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Why am I the only hockey fan in the world (or at least that I know of, and it would be nice to be contradicted, here), who has harped on the problem with all this grotesque officiating, as to how it became exacerbated with the P.C. addition of a second referee and with it, the complete draining of what was a small officiating talent base, to begin with.

    I say P.C. because it is a pale copy-cat imitation of the NBA going to three referees. And we do have that “wider nets” NBA-mentality clown occupying the NHL’s Commissioner’s office.

    So please, let your voice be heard as regards your problem with NHL officiating, but ~always~ link a proposed solution, not just a complaint, to your observation, by lobbying for a reverting to the one referee system in hockey, which was never broken and never needed fixing for about 70 years until the meddlers and those who tamper with what is not broken were given, by default, control of our game.

    Our game – not their game, by the way. All these damn changes – from the shootout, to the second, whistle-happy referee, to the insane combining of two and three-point games into the standings mix has driven hockey over the top as a bad joke on we who support our favorite sport. They can’t do better, but maybe we can, starting by leading them out of the wilderness and fog they seem to be comfortable living in.

  77. I beg to differ, CTB….I highly doubt that the teams on a financial bubble can afford one year without revenues. I suspect the NHL will be very careful this time. Unless the new TV deal is sufficient to keep them afloat, I think the NHL will not be as stiff as it was last time.

  78. There was a comment about the team returning to the Renney days offensively earlier. I agree that the style is somewhat similar (working down low, along the boards, etc.) but this team has many more talent and skill up and down the four lines than any of the teams that Renney coached.

    Sure we had the Jagr-Straka-Nylander line and for a time, Gomez and Drury but there is really never a shift where there are five guys out there when you can say, no way they’re scoring on this shift. I’d take Rupp-Feds-Hags or Boyle-Prust-Dubs over Moore-Ortmeyer-Orr line any day.

    Also thought that as quiet as the crowd was during the first two periods, thought it was electric the last 20 minutes. Also thought it was a highly entertaining game (if not sloppy at times) and boy does Tampa have some weapons.

    I will say that the one thing that has struck me is that the MSG crowd, for whatever reason is not very good at being loud when the team comes out sluggish. The only home crowd that I’ve seen that does this consistently is Montreal. You get Go Habs Go early in games whether they’re up 3-0 or whether they’re down 3-0. Not sure if this has always been the case, but it has been so at least since the Lockout and I get to 30+ games a year at MSG.

  79. stranger nation on

    will the Players Assoc have enough ‘jam’ and ‘b@lls’ if the league is ‘stiff’?

    Fehr is a bull dog and will not think twice about shutting it down if the owners wants to play games.

  80. Maybe the teams as a business entitiy will suffer, but the owners (who as we know don’t always have the same interests as the teams they own) are still going to be wealthy people whether there’s a season or not.

    The league would take a major blow if they even have another lockout, let alone another lost season, but the owners themselves and the players would be fine.

  81. Boom Boom – the NHL actually has the best reffing out of the 4 major sports IMO. And it’s the toughest sport out of those 4 to referee. The game is so fast and so physical it’s hard to keep track. The only thing you can ask for is consistency out of the referee. Not necessarily night to night, but if you know a ref calls games a certain way and he consistently does that, then I’d argue that’s pretty damn acceptable.

    Evan – I think that has to do with ticket prices/corporate mentality. Not as many diehards at the games, especially now with the new lower bowl suites, so less people are as into the game as diehards. That crowd noise though has little to do with the teams performance. If they come out swinging, the crowd will be loud. If they don’t, the crowd will be flat. Crowd reaction is an effect caused by the teams play, not the other way around.

  82. Boom Boom Bathgate: I agree with you on the one ref versus two but when the change was made, the arguments were that the game was too fast for one ref; that one ref was missing too many infractions away from the puck, etc. Perhaps going back to one ref is the answer because they’re simply aren’t enough good refs out there to do the job but it seems to me that having two refs isn’t the problem, its that they’re not trained as well or not consistent enough to actually enforce the rule book as written for 60 minutes. There is never going to be a perfect answer though.

    What I’d like to see is more conferences between the refs and the linesmen. In football, you see the refs conference all the time after a flag is thrown to try and make sure they get the call right and sometimes even pick it up after discussion. That never happens in hockey. The arm goes up and whether its the right call or not, the call always gets made even though a ref that might be closer to the play or had a better angle might disagree.

  83. NHL officiating is actually abhorrently bad, and it’s the constant stream of people arguing that it’s so wonderful (in the face of clear evidence that it’s not) that perpetuates the abhorrence.

  84. What would be good: Feds is fine, but Rangers realize there won’t be any real discipline if he appears not to be injured, so they’re keeping him out temporarily.

    That would be good. Feds being injured would be bad.

    Glad to see Richards score that goal. Hate to see him become the next Malik/Rosie around here.

  85. Please no newbury or bel biv, the desire to out goon philly is foolish; 1st in E.C. and 4-0 against them this season. Boyler or someone mentioned “stock piling” points last night and thats the name of the game. Bring up the hobbit for the weekend. If the trade off is a shoot out goal or a Sestito face rearranging i’ll take the goal…Sestitos face is already Byfugelin’d up.

  86. “Players and owners will still be richer beyond our wildest imaginations regardless of the outcome.”

    Speak for yourself, CTB…

  87. That’s a good point there, Alec. The player that got Philly most off their game this year has really been Artem Anisimov with the sniper celebration. More goals!

  88. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    My point is and was that the officiating has never been worse, than it is now. It may not all be linked with adding a second referee, but that, to my mind, is most of the problem. And the game was always fast, and out in the open. Instead of adding a second referee the NHL could have given the linesmen some play-calling responsibility, starting with being part of consultation with the one referee. Why didn’t they think of that?

    Also, how many NHL linesmen go on to become NHL referees? Seems to me that would be the best apprenticeship for qualifying as an NHL referee, would it not? I know we used to have “lifetime” linesmen, who had to know the rules of the game and what to call and what not to call, better than anyone outside of what was then a small group of referees.

    Basketball has to be the most difficult sport to officiate. Even so, hard to believe one ref outside and one ref under the basket is not enough to run a game reasonably well.

  89. Guess you saw that Fedotenko does not feel right today (concussion slang?) and will not make the trip to Philly. And that Torts took my advice and will dress seven D tomorrow. You’re welcome, Torts.

  90. “The G-Men must have been shocked at how quiet Madison Square Garden can be for a hockey game.”

    So true. Last night it was The World’s Most Quiet Arena. SOOooo embarrassing. The crowd got in it during the third period, a little, but DAMN.

  91. Yeah but you want McBust out there to be able to neutralize guys like Giroux and as much as I hate to say it, Hartnell.

  92. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I’m all for bringing up the bahama bomba!!!

    Put stu in as well, and give Staal a game off.

    I’d trade for hornqvist from the preds

  93. Carp..I apologise for the wording.
    I didn’t know you were struggling to find insight to write about.
    I’m stuck in Comcast land and sometimes only am able to catch the highlights of games. The movement of the Giants offensive line, however interesting, is not why I read your blog.
    Not to worry though, there were some great posts so far that made for some good reading.
    I DO think this is by far the best Ranger blog around.

  94. Ps..if Rupp’s hand is not 100%, I would like to see Deveaux up for Filthy. Self preservation.

  95. no problem, Johnnyboy. I’d like to make everybody happy all the time :)

    ANF, I did. I mentioned it in the comments. Cracked me up.

    I think Bickel is only going to play a couple of shifts and some of those might be on defense, and I’d guess they’ll be against Sestito/Rinaldo, which means that he’ll play 20 seconds, sit in the box for five, play 20 seconds, sit in the box for five, and sit out the third period.

  96. hopefully they call up Zuccarello for the game on Sunday. It would be flat out stupid to play 7 d-men for that game

  97. With all the hi tech systens that abound today, why not some enterprising inventor come up with a goal that has “smart” goal lines and automatically blinks a large frame size light in a bright visible color that shows automatically whether a puck goes completely over every last area of the entry and alleviates all these goal arguments and re runs? Or better yet, a light AND a great thunderclap of sound. Call it the voice of doom or whatever, but that would be an improvement over this antique system they have now.

  98. Because, ORR, as eddie eddie eddie pointed out, 7 D-Men on the ice at once would equal a “too many men on the ice” penalty.

  99. eddie eddie eddie on

    we said our goodbyes the night before, love was in your eyes the night before……were you telling lies, the night before…..was i soooo unwise, the night before

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – once the rangers make the playoffs this season, the rangers have a great chance to get to the second rd., if they can win 4 out of 7……if they are unable to win 4 out of 7, it will be a tough row to hoe to make it into the second rd.

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    big weekend….if the rangers can score more goals than their opponents, there is a fairly good chance that they can possibly win

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    everything really boyles, errrrr, boils down to scoring that first goal…..if you score first, it stands to reason that you just might be up 1-0

  103. Quote from Brodeur in nhl.com article on Hank: “He’s playing well. I think it’s a combination of having a really good team in front of him. They don’t take too many nights off anymore. Early on in his career, it was different. He was playing really well, but sometimes you’re as good as the team that’s in front of you.

    Not taking nights off…anymore? Early on in his career, Hank took nights off and said, nahhh I really don’t feel like it tonight? Hank’s numbers this season are simply because his team is playing better in front him?

    Spoken like a true Debbie, first of all. And second, you can totally taste the bitterness in the air from those words, it’s hilarious. Brodeur simply can’t admit that a modern era butterfly goalie has an amazing record against him, first of all, and second of all is absolutely comparable in talent, for having two different styles in different eras.

    Spare me and the rest of Rangers nation…

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    i dont want to say that i have been unhappy with you, but as of today i have met somebody new

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    the early vegas line has chris christie as the 9-5 favorite….interestingly enough, while the race to eat 800 doughnuts in one hour is the goal, the over/under is 40,000,000 doughnuts in 1 hour

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    is it right that you and i should fight, every night, just the sight of you makes nighttime bright

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha….if yo assen be chilling like horace greely, you gotsta check in with the eddies…know what i am sayin?

  108. stranger nation on

    Ex3 – too bad ‘par’ at spyglass was 66 yesterday given sun and fun at the beach…

    Belicheat played as well and when asked for comments reverted back to his caveman like persona.

    7 D is an interesting formation. Line them up across blue line and play ring-o-levio 1,2,3

    It’s a power play goal!

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    open up your eyes now, tell me what you see, it is no surprise now, what you see is me

  110. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha s.nation – the inclination of your indignation, is speculation of the eradication, and the education is the repudiation of the investigation…


  111. with regard to Brodeur’s comments about Lundqvist, when La Greca talked to Zipay during the intermission of the Flyers game last weekend, they both said almost the exact same thing, and Zipay said Lundqvist himself felt he had concentration lapses in big spots in the past.

  112. also, where did Boyle say Moore was talking about the hit Fedotenko put on him? the clip below doesn’t include that

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – you needs to be coming west and be timing yo visit with the ran ja’s (rastafari) game vs the sharkies next season…the eddies be gettin tix fo that …know what im sayin?

  114. stranger nation on

    Eddie – you got 2 tix to paradise? that would be money…

    watching the golf now – showing the surf – it be huge!

  115. “They don’t take too many nights off anymore. Early on in his career, it was different. He was playing really well, but sometimes…”

    Broduer’s are pretty on point. Remember how hard Hank had to play for the Rangers to even have a chance? During old post game interviews Hank would be on the verge of tears with pure frustration. He was the only one giving it his all while the team just blew goats — remember at one point so many people were saying he should be captain because he was the only guy stepping up. No so anymore, thank god…

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    eddie money, he be funny, my eggs be runny, i play gin rummy, i aint no dummy, easter bunny covered in honey, jim tunney, ….was a ref, i lean to the left, g-cleft


  117. stranger nation on

    don’t forget Barton hall ’77 (Cornell) – classic

    we were all ‘dancing in the streets’ Sunday night

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    the 5/7/77 show one of my favs…even more that the cornell show…..it was billy’s birthday

  119. I mean what Brodeur said was pretty much true. The Rangers are a much better team than they were a few years ago.

  120. stranger nation on

    77 was first tour I saw – was just a pup, but had an older bro happy to wield bad influence

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    waitress : are you ready to order

    marty: yes

    waitress: what would you like?

    marty: the menu

    waitress: you want to eat the menu?…what?

    marty: no, i meant, i want to order the entire menu

    waitress: is this to go?

    marty: oh no, i will eat here

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    s nation…the recording sessions for terrapin made them very tight…and it showed that whole tour

  123. stranger nation on

    Marty knows the mantle has been passed and the Rangers are the team to be reckoned with in this town.

  124. >>Eddie – you got 2 tix to paradise? that would be money…

    And the ladies would probably be shakin’ and snappin’ their fingers too.

  125. stranger nation on

    he was a bit of a cosmic charlie who knew jack straw and bobby mcgee. not afraid to beat it down the line with casey jones to terrapin station.

  126. stranger nation on

    Ex3 – technology helped as well – quality from sound board was a factor in the taping

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    s nation…the band itself was incredibly tight…the taping aside……they were put thru hell down in LA recording terrapin…there was major residual benefits….that and keith was finding himself and added some lovely tinkling (plus i loved donna)

  128. czechthemout!!!! on

    Kreider sucks! I don’t get what anyone sees in him. For that matter, so does Hagelin and Stepan, McD.

    I would rather have a team of Prust’s , Boyle and Feds, and Eminger.

  129. And welcome back, eddie3…We missed some of your solid stuff. It’s been very…umm..dry lately :-)

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – i have busier than a bee, sadly…:(….but i hopes to be more active in the days of future passed

  131. Guys,
    Do you know any websites that show Rangers games that’s already being plaid (not live)?
    I won’t be able to watch it live tomorrow and trying to find a workaround.
    I really appreciate your help!

  132. TSN has a pretty cool video of the 15 round shootout between the Craps & Rangers, with some comments from a few involved. Strudwick said when he was called up to shoot, some of the Rangers went to the locker room LOL!

    Best shootout of all time! Even better than that scene in “Heat”

  133. Carp, havent been to a game in years and am in Time Warner hell right now; are you serious about the lack of noise at the Garden? If so, why do you think the fans are being so quiet?

  134. Kreider
    another goal on pp
    (it was a 5 minute major)

    of course he was support
    around him that moves
    the puck and moves around the offensive

  135. if someone didn’t post it earlier
    the boston college game is
    on NBC sports network now
    if you wanna watch
    in action

  136. sorry if i’m late on all this
    been dealing with a headache
    all day
    and i’m not kinda coming out of
    the fog

  137. Educator, because real fans can no longer afford to go to all the games. And because whenever there is some spontaneous noise in the building thee arena drowns it out with canned noises, loud music, and mostly idiotic sponsored contests.

    Freakin’ joke by Brendan Shanahan, who continues to embarrass himself.

  138. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    The league is a joke…
    Moore gets a fine???
    So are hits to the head now just a fine?

  139. Anybody else enjoying all this college hockey? I was never really into it, but I’ve been rather entertained by the games tonight.. there’s also one on CBS Sports, for those of you who didn’t know. Minnesota-Duluth v. North Dakota.. good stuff.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Latona – college hockey is the best. Do yourself a favor and watch Yale at the Whale if you are local. More up and down action than the pros, IMO.

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