It’s Go Time!


Game 52.

The contest is now closed. No more entries. Hopefully one of youse got the score right this time.

End of a three-game homestand. Ya boys haven’t lost two in a row since Dec. 13-15, which is quite remarkable, actually. Interesting next few days with Philly, Washington and Chicago coming up, so the Rangers need to pay attention tonight. But they have kind of shown us that they’re pretty good after a (regulation) loss (6-2-2 by my calculations), and that they don’t really look ahead.

Steve Eminger (shoulder) returns on defense, his first game since Dec. 17. Stu Bickel therefore will be prucha’d. Martin Biron starts in goal.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Lightnings are still mad about Artem Anisimov’s Elmer Fudd impersonation. They should be thankful that Brendan Shanahan dared not suspend Steve Downie for leaving the bench to join an altercation. Why? No idea.



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  1. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think i offended too many of my non hockey facebook friends tuesday night with my cursing, so i’ll be using our blog curse words there tonight………well, hopefully won’t have to use them

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Time to win , time to shine!! Time to hit , time to score!!! Time to play and time to KO THESE MUTHHHAAAAAS!!!!!




  3. >>…so i’ll be using our blog curse words there tonight…

    Have you tried no cursing at all?

  4. Just met another wonderful bonehead: NYR_FAN. Geez, the boneheads are getting younger and younger.

  5. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    that WOULD be the proper thing to do JB… i’ve tried that in the past, it never lasts long

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    lets go go gog og go go og go go go go go go go!!!!!!!!!

  7. Just spent some time with ilb and NYR_FAN during warmups.

    Greg, you psyched?

    Lin, let’s try to keep it light tonight. Did you get that Brashear photo?

  8. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, i thought you’d been ignoring me! lol i sent you an email after i opened it, and i thanked you on the game thread about 4 times lol!!

    The guys are gonna play well tonight, nothing but hearts and kisses on my insane game postings on FB lol

  9. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    oh sure mr fancy ilbzo lol!! have a great time!! give NYR and Carpy a hug from me! and while you’re at it, give one to yourself!

  10. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    wait? Keep it light!! LOL I was trying to calm down situations the other night! You guys were making me sad, all fighting with each other, all in pissy moods!! I am insulted lol ;-)

  11. am I the only one who thinks the Garden of Dreams promotion/segment before every single game is a bit too much overkill?

  12. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    so, Brandon Jacobs apologizing to manjaw is ‘front internet page’ news on NY Daily News? Oy vey

  13. >>>i think i offended too many of my non hockey facebook friends tuesday night with my cursing, so i’ll be using our blog curse words there tonight………well, hopefully won’t have to use them

    I *loved* them!! ;-D

  14. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lecavalier is starting to look like sylvester stallone in the 2nd rocky movie

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    wohoooooooooooooooooooo GAMETIME folks, the good guys will win tonight!!!!!

    I Gaurenteee!!!!

  16. >>that’d be funny JB!

    Oh yeah! Lecavalier would get offended and rush up the stands with shoe in hand.

  17. There’s like 15 Lombardi Trophy winners here tonight.

    Lin, I don’t think I ever got that email. I’m going to try to not fight with anybody tonight.

  18. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    aaaaw poop Carp! I’ll send it again. You really made my day with that pic! highlight of the entire 24 hours

  19. has anyone discussed getting
    Dominic Moore back in a Rangers

    thoughts at some point….

  20. Time to show some Giants on the big screen, because this place is silent. I can hear ilb talking to the guy next to him way over there.

  21. ORR!!
    must not have been around when discussed.
    lemme know why?

    not saying giving up anything significant
    for him but he seems to be
    a gritty type that would fit in on this squad
    is he viewed as not that much of improvement
    just a change?

  22. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    wait, he actually threatened to kill someone and did not get suspended??? hmmmmm

  23. Jpg, I think Ilb pointed it out that day, the last two times he’s been traded, it was for a second round pick.

    He’s just not worth it. We have too many guys like him. If NYR trades for anyone, it has to be someone who can help the PP.

  24. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp tweets??? aw man, now you’re gonna make me have to get twitter going? I really need a 2nd monitor for all this action

  25. “Some of the Giants are taking up more than one seat.”

    Evidence would suggest it’s tough to maintain a svelte figure when you are an athlete who uses his hands and plays in New Jersey.

  26. I’m kind of tweeting my idiotic comments that I’m also making here. So no need to go to twitter, wherever that is.

  27. dammit!!!
    looked like Marty
    was caught watching
    and then realized
    “oh, i’m gonna have to stop a shot!”
    too late

  28. why is Trautwig asking McDonagh about the Giants getting applauded

    dude is just the worst

  29. Probably get killed for saying so but i finally caught a replay and i won’t call it totally soft, but thats one Biron should stop. On the plus side they looked pretty good except for that 20 second meltdown.

  30. Dominic Moore would have never
    have allowed stamkos to score
    (if he was a Ranger)
    he would have taken the body
    and then skated 200 feet
    and scored

  31. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on


  32. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i gotta go make sure the moon has not fallen out of the sky

    and here’s asshat downie 3rd man in ???

  33. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on


  34. not going to blame Callahan for that since he plays his byfuglien heart out

    Biron and Del Zotto both spit the bit on that

  35. The season subscriber of the game brought a sign that said, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

    By the way, the Super Bowl champs arrived late, stayed for about five minutes and left.

  36. remember in the beginning of the year when the rangers defencemen were flopping all over the ice, well, it looks like that’s back tonight.

  37. I thought it was a penalty shot when the the defencemen covers the puck in the crease, oh yea, what was I thinking, that applies only against the rangers.

  38. am I going to see the rest of the season a actually good ref game. I realize there is no conspiracy against the rangers, it’s really bad ref games in the nhl. It seems to be getting worse by the day.

  39. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    only lightning players can stick out their legs? Prust, please remove Hedmans blockhead

  40. NYR_FAN via Android on


    Stammer, Hagelin, and Gilroy all go to the same barber….or don’t go at all…..

  41. Lousy PK, too. Stepan had pucked stripped by St. Louis to start the whole problem,then Girardi and McDonagh ended up on the same side of the net.

  42. I think I need to step away from watching ranger games for a while because if the refereeing is going to be this bad for the rest of the season than I won’t waste my time and they called this a professional league, yea right. Where do they get these morons, off the street.

  43. This ass-clown Pit Bull, if he has to take his sunglasses off every time he wants to check out one of those girls, why doesn’t he just leave them off?

  44. such a ridiculous call though……..Moore tries to avoid getting hit and causes the knee to knee contact so we’ll penalize Eminger.

  45. Linda:

    I like Richards but lately he’s had 40-50 minute stretches of games where you wouldn’t have a clue he owned a uniform

  46. Garon is a hump. Rangers need to tighten up defensively and get more shots on him. He’ll crumble.

  47. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    he’s been MIA going on two months now Lloyd! I hope he finds himself, we really need him contributing

  48. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Gabby’s been kinda quiet tonight.. he’s gonna be the silent assassin of this game, mark my words

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rodent was right. The Rangers follow the puck around like those baby Penguins follow the laser light…

  50. some of the d-men going down is attributable to teams like Tampa who can skate circles around the Rangers. the talent disparity is especially evident in games like this one where the Rangers are forced to run themselves ragged to keep the game close.

  51. i have counted 9 times this year we have giving up a goal within two mins of us scoring.

    2-1 lead boom 2-2 del zaster gets beaten on the wall by vinny

  52. the Knicks are 11-15. John Giannone is talking them up like they’re on the verge of a three-peat.

  53. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    ok, first, did ANYONE really think they’d finish number one overall? i know i didn’t! I figured them for 5 or 6 this season. We have too many guys who are killing us offensively, Richards, Dubi, Artie and even Boyle , although he does so many of the little things. these guys need to freakin get it going on offense if we’re going to have a shot to get to the 2nd round.

  54. lw

    with the flyers on tap saturday and caps sunday boston tues and the devils flying right now

    we could be 5th seed by next week.


    flyers are due to beat us we need points tonight

  55. Olga: a defenseman with a shot from the point and any forward who is capable of scoring a goal in a game such as this one where Brad Richards has decided to do nothing.

  56. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Torts is probably scorching some flesh in the room. Hopefully the boys come out with an agenda and kick some ass in the third. we need the points with the orangecrud and team boredom winning

  57. those little things the guys with no offensive skills do seem a whole lot less impressive when the team is unable to score goals and/or play defense

  58. this would be a very bad game to lose…

    you know Flyers are due, especially being at home, so they are potentially facing a three game losing streak

  59. My thoughts exactly Tom but apparently the Rangers, Sharks and Bruins are interested…….but who knows how interested.

    Hold them scoreless for the 3rd and net 2 goals for a regulation win……..sounds like a good plan.

  60. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i’m torn between being worried, and remembering that i had them slotted 5 or 6 to start the year. This is the first time in a long while that they’re facing a 3rd loss in a row. I think they’ll come out fired up for the 3rd, but there are issues that really need to get resolved. Only thing is, how do you resolve what Richards and Dubi are going through? Do ya sit them for a game or two, or just keep playing them until they pull themselves out of it? So torn, i’m like jekyll and hyde lol

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    DJK- you know it, and I know it but does Stogypuss? Look at his track record for picking over the hill veterans…

  62. we need another forward if its ray whitney for a draft pick or prospect do it. hes a ufa no commitment past this year

  63. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    aaaaaaah defenseman with booming shot from the point. why must you tease me!

  64. Agreed Eric. If he can be had for not too much do it. The guy has 49 points, although I don’t think he will come cheap enough.

  65. Linda:

    There’s no doubt that there is a significant amount of overachieving this season for the Rangers, but because they’ve managed to maintain their position despite not having done much of anything for over a month makes it easy to forget they’re a pretty mediocre group. But start throwing in some lousy efforts without Lundqvist there to bail you out and things will get ugly.

  66. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    and we have the orangecrud to look forward to on Saturday afternoon… good times lol

  67. Wow don’t see that from Moore, he must have been ticked off about the hit earlier in the shift.

  68. This moronic, amateur-hour, bush-league squad is going to lose AGAIN?

    What a bunch of Minnies out there.


  69. you know things are going
    bad when Prust is the team’s
    best playmaker.

    no offense to the Prust-man

  70. back to back pp in 3rd to need to produce now. dont want to hear about puck movement. get it done

  71. stranger nation on


  72. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    they got a bunch of free butterfingers, i’d call that winning something lol

  73. Why do they never seen to anyone in the slot when there are rebounds right in front? grrrrrrr

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    yeahhhhh Rangersss!!! Keep it up!!!

    GO FOR IT!!!!

  75. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    no cookies for the Mayans! They are making sacrificial altars all over Alabama! The Baptists are worried

  76. stranger nation on

    No Orr, I choose to root for the Rangers during the winter

    Worse case, I can always watch the Super Bowl replay

    aha, aha, aha, aha

  77. OK, tell me right now. If they had ties and the Rangers got the one point would you be happier than if they lose in a shootout and get the same point?

  78. better go all out in OT because Biron vs this line-up in a shootout is…….lets just say not a good match up.

  79. stranger nation on

    ORR – you and all the cheating mass-holes enjoy those stained wins.

    must hurt to have NY smack you around last couple of times, gotta hurt

    aha, aha

  80. tie
    one point

    good enough
    since it’s 2012
    i hope we get the second point

  81. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    you guys are bringing the comedy since Flavah scored! first FO win of the season lmao

  82. I noticed Feds was out on the ice for the stick salute, hopefully he doesn’t have a concussion.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS WIN!!!!! Sweeeeet my gaurentee is GOLDEN!!!

    The boys did not let us down!!!

    2pts for the good guys!!!!!

  84. outplayed most of the game, lousy goaltending, chasing their tails all night, yet they still find a way to win: the 2011-12 NY Rangers

    pretty amazing

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Winning , on the road again…back to winning again, all is good again….

  86. Wait – we didn’t lose 2 games before this one – we won against the Filthies on the weekend…lost to the stinkin’ debbies, but now won tonight…

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Chalk up anutha 2 pts…I’ll have anutha slice of that 2pts!!! I’ll have a cup of that 2pts!!!!

    2pts in the bank!!!


  88. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao jimbo you are correct.. those 2 devils games just seemed like they lasted an entire freakin week lol

  89. Yes Lin, they did – they practically made us forget about the great win against PFilthy!

  90. Yeah, Jimbo, but after two periods we were already staring a three-game losing streak in the face after losing tonight and the next game.

  91. i wouldn’t say outplayed most of the game……..definitely outplayed at times but most of the game? not in my opinion.

  92. How’d you know, Carp? :)

    I missed the second, third, and OT. Had a practice of my own. Good W though!

  93. Looks like three people got the score right with Richards having the GWG. Closest to the Rangers’ 31 shots was someone who picked 32.

    Bad luck, Sally.

  94. You’re right, LW – I was not feeling confident about this game – sooner or later, Pfilthy has to get lucky against us…

  95. >>Parise BLOWS the final shot in the SO – beautiful!!

    Too bad they earned a point. Aren’t most of their wins from shootout?

  96. awesome play by Anisimov. I don’t think there was anyone else in the building expecting him to pass there…

  97. McHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    LMFAO MICKEY! dying!!

    time to work out!
    Have a great Friday ‘Heads! Orangecrap on Saturday

  98. >>>Devils have got 9 shootout wins.

    Incredible! And how many OT period wins? Must have a few of those, too….

  99. great win tonight. Thanks to all who went to the game and brought the team good luck in person.

  100. Evening all,

    Brian Boyle.

    Dime a dozen.

    Not so much.

    And enough about the Rangers getting outplayed tonight.

    They’re not going to paint 82 Rembrandts.

    No team does – not even the Stanley Cup Champs, who got their clocks cleaned 6-0 by the Sabres last night. The Sabres by the way, sit 13th in the Eastern Conference – two points off the bottom of the pile.

  101. And Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty didn’t play tonight because his wittle ankle has a boo-boo! Good work, Cally!

  102. Brad Richards lets face it is probably the best playmaking center we’ve had since Gretzky, if you put an asterisk next to Nylander for playing with Jagr. It isn’t possible for him to suck forever.

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