It’s Go Time!


Game 51.

The ticket contest is now closed. No more entries. Thanks for playing and good luck.

Rangers play the Devils for the second time in eight days — so I offer this warning to Henrik Lundqvist, who didn’t start in the previous meeting: Watch out for the bounces off the glass partitions!

Lundqvist vs. Martin Brodeur (I presume). Rangers will use the same lineup, which means Stu (Battlin’) Bickel remains in the lineup and Steve Eminger is prucha’d.

Ya boys are NHL-unbeaten in four (3-0-1, with the 1 coming in the Breakaway Contest After The Hockey Game Ends — or BCATHGE — at Newark after the gift goal by Clarkson) and 16-4-1 in their last 21.

The Rangers have 99 all-time wins over the Devils (a Mickey Mouse number).

Also, remember, if there’s a fight tonight, it is now perfectly legal to pull hair or gouge out somebody’s stitches, to go along with other new rules we’ve learned this season such as, it’s OK to come off the bench during an altercation and join that altercation, and it’s acceptable to attempt to maim somebody from behind. Just don’t celebrate a goal too much. That’s a misconduct.


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  1. Hagelin is on the 4th line? I guess Torts really wants him to jump-start everyone….What’s next, third D-pair?

    LMAO at your new NHL rules, Carp…

  2. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    crappy day at work, so the hockey better kick some assssss!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Carpy, new rules rools! I want to see the fight over the renaming of slewfoot!
    will it be Malkining, Subbaning or effinflyerssignaturemove

  4. >>…Just don’t celebrate a goal too much. That’s a misconduct.

    They can do the Jagr Salute, yes?

  5. JBytes:

    Have it but haven’t yet listened. For what it’s worth, Eddie Trunk just tweeted that he likes it a lot.

    I guess that’s basically worthless

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    IT IS TIME!!!!!!!

    3 periods of non stop Ranger hockey!!!

    Lets go go go go go go go gog ogog ogo go!!!!!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    yeah baby!!! it is time to go!!!



    Ahem, just clearing my throat.

    And I get the Rangers telecast! YES!!!!

  9. N.CountryNYRFan on

    gonna have to find the game online again…damn you MSG and TWC….get a deal done already!

  10. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – Right on the money but be careful or Shanahan might fine and suspend you for those comments deemed to be “detrimental to the integrity of the NHL.”

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  12. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i did too WInston.. looks like Rupp and Prust are getting our frustrations out

    but this IS a bit overdone

  13. considering all the cheap shots Rupp throws, a few coming is way are pretty well deserved

  14. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    so far this game is as crappy as my day was

    LETS FREAKIN GO RANGERS!!!!!!!! wake the hell up

  15. They’re not generating any offence; they’re not being physical; they’re not playing “The Right Way”.

  16. it’s why they call it a team game
    because the WHOLE TEAM
    is playing like carcillo mixed with cooke/clarke
    so far
    and did carcillo
    on that pk.

    your team gets a penalty
    you kill it.

  17. Micheletti just said the Rangers have seldom had a bad start this season. Is this his first game of the year?

    ilb: please find a life somewhere

  18. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    wow you boys need to simmer your onions tonight! it’s bad enough the guys are not going so good right now.. don’t need the freakin infighting

  19. is the ice that horrible
    are we just that horrible?

    talk about playing as if
    you don’t give a crap
    whether or not you win.

  20. when in the hell are they going to stop
    with the dump in plays
    since they never bother to
    catch up to the puck?

  21. >>>Someone needs to go for Selfish-chuk’s knees…

    I’ve been thinking that same thing for weeks now, C3…..but I was reluctant to post it…

  22. time to start measuring power play success according to whether the Rangers get one shot on goal

  23. Online ability to watch the game ended by the US government. Site shut down. Are there any links for the game for those who are victims of the tWC/MSG pissing match?


  24. HockeymanRangers on

    Hey all,
    Thought it was about time I checked in, it’s been awhile. Yep the boys better step it up a notch, the good hustle is not there yet tonight.

  25. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i think the Rangers should get credited with a penalty kill each time they don’t score on the power play

  26. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    PacMan Edchards … he may get a goal tonight.. new flavored hay in stores now

  27. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Mickey, as we’re talking about Richards and you said that, all i could think of was ‘they shoot horses don’t they’

  28. The Rangers’ PP would be better if they were allowed to rest for 2 minutes and the opposing team had to skate around without the puck for 2 minutes.

  29. wow, the devils are skating circles around the rangers. It appears the rangers can’t keep up with the Devils in the 1st period. If the rangers don’t pick up there game it will be a long night.

  30. I’m starting to think that concussion (that Brad got last year) did something to him…he’s been a fraction of the player he was before that….

    Just very, very weak and predictable with the puck….ugh…

  31. Wake the bleep up, boys – the debbies look like they want this game a lot more than you do at this point…..

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    This would be the point in the movie where they give Richards a blanket over his head and all beat him with a puck in a sock.

  33. Spider, it’s called — watch Sunday’s game and see what should be expected of him every night … and understanding that this team with that Dubinsky is better. But it’s up to him to bring it every night, and he sure hasn’t.

  34. I completely disagree with the idea that that first period had anything to do with effort. They played lousy. but it wasn’t effort.

  35. there was effort in the last few minutes of the period. before that, they didn’t do a damn thing.

  36. they didn’t do a damn thing, but if you think it was because they didn’t care or weren’t trying hard enough, then you haven’t been watching the last 132 games.

  37. They actually played better before DZ took a penalty…and the second PK was strong.. Woke up right after they started to hit everyone. This one is far from over.

  38. MMhmm. Every team in every game has bad games, innings, whatnot. It happens.


  39. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Every team occasionally takes a period or a night off in terms of effort. You cant bring your A effort game every night. But the first period was not a lack of effort.

  40. yes Joe
    and how many times
    have Rangers played
    the devs and they still
    haven’t figured out
    how to play ’em
    as far as dumps
    in the zone?


  41. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Orr why the hell would he care? He’s getting paid handsomely for our hatred lol

  42. is this the Rangers
    sadomasochism game
    where they enjoy all the
    given to them by the devs
    and barely dishing
    anything out?

  43. skipped going to soak in
    a jacuzzi for this
    i have some sort of
    upset stomach happening

    this carcillo play
    ain’t helping matters

  44. why does it matter if Prust missed the net he’s not supposed to do anything but pin the puck to the boards

  45. Carp
    just read your comment

    they played and they showed lack of effort
    NO hitting
    NO skating
    NO work ethic in offensive zone

  46. very few times this year I have felt the rangers have gotten out worked. this is one of those times.. come on.. get it together!!

  47. I think my favourite part of the experience of being a Rangers fan is hating everything they do and most of the team.

  48. I hate the Devils so much! Watching then dominate us for a period and a half now if like two knifes in both of my eyes!

  49. Carp

    ask ’em how in the hell they are
    completely unable to pass to
    one another?

    just overly pathetic!

  50. way to go Hank.
    pass past your guy
    and to the devil

    were you thinking of guitar chord
    and forgot what you’re doing now?

  51. Carp
    both teams are playing on bad ice
    yet devs are making passes
    that go to teammates
    and are making it to the
    puck before the Rangers

    ice has got nuthin’ to do with that.

  52. I am not using the ice as an excuse, jpg. I’m stating that it’s awful = advantage a team that counts on turnovers, especially playing with the lead. I guess I’m not allowed to disagree with you guys tonight.

  53. Staal:

    Absolutely, but given what I’m seeing here, I don’t see them coming back if they go down 2-0

  54. Debbies playing Rangers game – tireless forecheck,grinding, low scoring, more offence threats though…Hate their cooke guts!

  55. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Bad ice, super bowl party hangovers, lack of scoring, dead and decrepit power play…
    OH THE JOYS of loving this team! Gotta take the bad with the good. and stop sniping at Carpy

  56. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Carpy, was that the answer to my hijinx question? lol i had a bad day at work , i’m a bit behind tonight

  57. McDonagh proving tonight why he’s going to be the Rangers best defenseman for years to come.

  58. Linda:

    I basically never say anything inflammatory but because I make the mistake of not posting OMG TORTORELLAZ4JACKADAMSLET’SGORANGER OMG every single post, I get to deal with Carp ringleading a bunch of these guys taking shots at me

  59. Staal, it has something to do with the attendance …

    also might be because I just got back from a wake. And because I can’t stand when people speculate as fact, especially those who repeatedly prove they don’t know what they’re watching.

  60. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i miss everything that goes on during the day. I guess i just don’t get it. you make me laugh. we all bitch about them from time to time, i thought it was ok. Maybe you need boobs to get away with it like the women folk do lol ;-)

  61. I’m objective about the Rangers and that’s not allowed here. Sorry to disappoint, Carp.

  62. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    OK BOYS COOL OFF THE ONIONS!! you’re supposed to be making me laugh after my bad day… our team certainly is making me cry !!!

  63. you actually have to substantiate the things you say. just saying “no” and then waiting for your lemmings to pile on doesn’t prove much of anything.

  64. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Carpy, sorry for your loss! It’s always rough to have to deal with such a sad personal issue and then come here on a night the team is not firing right and all of us are in pissy moods!

    ANd in case you haven’t checked your email in the past half hour.. I THANK YOU AGAIN!!! i loved that pic

  65. doesn’t look like they are playing THAT bad. But they seem to miss the net a lot. also, both teams have to play on the same sheet of ice/slush, whatever you want to call it. no excuse there. Carp, did I miss something? Who died? Email me.

  66. I thought so too on first glance, ORR, but he had his skates wrapped up by a diving Devil. Right play.


    What for? One of my favorite Italian restaurants is there…

  67. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Why take shots at me? You’ll never grow up Carp. Oh well, Im in heaven right now, and nobody’s gonna take away my unbridled joy!

  68. Sorry you’ve had a bad day, Carp – mine wasn’t great either. I was hoping for a Ranger win tonight.

  69. this team is back to playing October 2011

    forgot how to do all the things
    that a successful nhl team does
    oh, like
    shoot the puck before you’re too close
    to your opponent.
    head to the net in order to get a rebound
    shoot the puck on net rather than wide and wider…


  70. You know why I take shots at you. that’s never going to change. you came on here like a total ass-hat the other night, taking shots at people you know are my friends, calling other people criminals when you defend the worst perverts and felons we’ve ever seen.

  71. >>>What for? One of my favorite Italian restaurants is there…

    I was there for a surprise birthday party for a friend and business associate – it was at Mezza Luna Ristorante…..

    What a trip it was getting there – whew!

  72. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I was so deliriously happy 2 nights ago, I just wanted to share my joy with people I love and care about i.e. Linda, Laurel, ilb, etc. I’ll shoot u an email later, maybe we can work things out, Id like to get along with you, that’s something that’s very important to Laurel, and I value my relationship with Laurel. Ok?

  73. >>Shut up, Lloyd. Seriously, shut the hell up.

    Time to hit our Ignore button. See the name, skip the post.

  74. On a positive note: Richards is bound to come out flying, seeing as how rested he must be from not playing the first two periods.

  75. There sure is a lot of crying going on tonight! I’m going to have to take the tissues out of my bra to dry my tears!

    Devils are just playing better than us tonight so far. We seem out of synch. Of course, if our power play could do anything at all the game could be tied.

    We’re still only 1 goal behind, can’t give up hope yet!

  76. ilb2001, winner of most passive aggressive contributor for three years running

  77. The amount of time it took to get there, Latona – I was using public transportation, and it was a draaaaaaaag!

    The place seems nice – the food was good, but it was a pre-arranged party deal, so we didn’t get to pick from their complete menu.

  78. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    All I can do is make the effort. The rest is up to you. Ruin? The people Ive met, and some I havent met, from this blog have become like family to me and Ive become like family to them, (I hope that didnt sound arrogant)

  79. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    EXACTLY MESS! as disjointed as they’ve look so far, they are only down by ONE!!!! ONE!!!!


  80. JBytes, I know, I know, I know. Just had to say it once. And now that policy is in effect. ‘Sides, nothing can kill my mood today, not even a Rangers loss to the Devils.

  81. I’m cranky tonight as well don’t know why, weird everyone on the same page. Guess we need a comeback

  82. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Nothing in the next 5 months can kill my mood!

    This team is special, we got this game!

  83. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    LET GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANGERS, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe, stop with your clarkson sludge crush

  84. As far as I’m concerned, you come here to do nothing but aggravate me after all the attempts I’ve made to be nice to you. Then you come back with all that fury, even celebrating the death of a fine, fine respected woman. To me, you ruin this blog with that crap. And not all of your “friends” always feel the way you think.

  85. Brodeur should be fair game when he comes out to play the puck. He can absorb a hit; he’s fat enough.

  86. please explain to me, why do they just dump the puck in? Why don’t they shoot it on net? At least a shot, maybe a rebound or at least a faceoff in the offensive zone

  87. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    JB, i think they are afraid of opposing players getting stuck between the wads and rolls, having to delay the game to pull them out before the suffocate

  88. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Not sure why you’re putting “friends” in quotes. These people are more than just friends, they’re family.

    Most of the time, none of the people Ive grown close to, like Laurel, Linda, ilb, feel the way I feel. They just know that I dont mean a lot of the stuff I say, and that most of the stuff I say is just meant to release anger.

  89. Nothing worse than seeing Brodeur putting a doughnut on the board. Unless you are putting the doughnut up and are standing between Brodeur and the board.

  90. check how bad the rangers power play has been the past 12 years

    27th at 13% – 2011-12
    18th at 16.9% – 2010-11
    13th at 18.3% – 2009-10
    29th at 13.9% – 2008-09
    22th at 16.5% – 2007-08
    8th at 18.5% – 2006-07
    8th at 18.9% – 2005-06
    25th at 14.2% – 2003-04
    15th at 16.2% – 2002-03
    19th at 14.7% – 2001-02
    11th at 17.9% – 2000-01

    only twice in 12 years the rangers have been in the top 10 in pp percentage. I just can’t understand why it has been so bad for so long. TRY SOMETHING NEW BOYS…..

  91. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i am hoping so Mickey.

    i’ve also gotten to the point that moving back to the NY area may be a good thing. I’m sick and tired of being alone, so i’m trying to talk myself into sucking it up and putting on my big girl undies and dealing with the weather so i can be around my friends!

  92. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    surf, that’s a strong indictment of the crappiness of this power play through several regimes… and all those pp qbs slats has brought in…….blech

  93. Ok. Lin. And I hear ya, trust me, I hear ya on the moving back to NY thing. In fact.. check your fb messages in a few, I’ll send ya something about what I did today.

  94. Good info, surf. I’ve been trying to find those numbers but got too aggravated while doing it!

    The only 2 years that it hasn’t been garbage were the first 2 full years with Jagr.

  95. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on


    and that fat slob at the other end should be getting winded by now.. that between periods buffet and the fact that the game is still going on is sapping his energy

  96. Not only Gretzky, but Leetch too.

    Man, I love our D, but I wish we could clone Leetchie in his prime and stick him back there. Imagine what the PP and the team would look like with him back there?

  97. Brodeur’s been ok when he’s had to be…Rangers haven’t been able to sustain any pressure in this game

  98. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, they’ve looked better this period though.. need a nice nifty deflection in front and SOON!

  99. I would pay good money to have one of the Rangers hop over the boards with a bag of McDonald’s in his hand and skate it right over to leave in front of Bad Marty.

  100. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    I dont ever go away mad. I dont have the time anymore to visit here much, and no desire to read the bitterness you were probably born with. And since you asked so nicely, Ill be sure to try to be here more ofthen, just for you! :)

  101. It’s amazing that with 9:00 left in the 3rd period that we’re still dumping the puck in hard around. And Fatso continues to help clear it.

  102. They just showed there is no giving up this season….McD made a few suttle plays against Parise tonight that should make him untouchable regardless who’s coming back …..

  103. LW3H:

    Yes going from 1st in the conference to barely making the playoffs is a minor dip

    tell us about your tv

  104. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao Olga! I hope Cally doesnt get high cholesterol by osmosis after that roll on thunderfoot

  105. Not much, billy. A lot of crankiness, including by me. people who hate their team and can’t wait for them to lose one game so they can say how much they stink. and one ass-hat who idolizes perverts and felons as long as they play for his favorite team

  106. Who used the words “minor dip”?

    I’m glad we’ve finally identified a player that actually contributes to the team though.

  107. HockeymanRangers on

    What is Stepon doing there?? He has done that before just pushes the puck at the net???

  108. Kaiser Permanente on

    I told the wife if the Rangers scored on that power play I was going to smack her ass with a yard stick. She got lucky. I might do it anyway.

  109. billybleedsblue on

    Hmmm, perverted felons? Smells like the NFL…

    Awww geez, it’s no fun when everyone’s cranky around here…

    What is the DEAL with this POWERPLAY? I guess nobody has been studying the films… Pay close attention @ about 15 seconds…

    I’m in such a good mood right now, maybe I can help cheer things up around here…

  110. just reviewed old posts.

    Carp– sorry for your loss

    do you think the full moon is the cause for the crankiness?

  111. first off Carp
    sorry about your loss

    i’m not paying strict attention to board
    tonight because i ate something today that
    didn’t sit well and….well, you can guess the rest.
    with that and the Rangers not making up for last
    week’s loss
    i’m super-cranky

    which is why while i understand what you meant by bad ice
    being advantage to the devils because of their play
    and the team being in the lead
    at the time i posted the devs were still making passes
    that went to a teammate
    and the Rangers were still putzing around as if
    they were incapable of making a pass to a

  112. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    as LW mentioned early, there must be a slow gravy leak. his powers are waning.. we need to pepper (and salt) him with shots on net

  113. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, “what’s a super bowl? is that the thing on top of the Stanley Cup?” hahahahaaa

    Aren’t we all glad we now have a 2 week window with no football and before pitchers and catchers?


  114. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Thats bullcarcillo. Terrible call, and the ref was looking right at it. Well, they cant take away our Super Bowl, even though God knows they tried to!


    Don’t blame Torts for being PO’d. The postgamer should fun. Good luck, Carp!

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    im so upset…….I BETTER NOT BLOG RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Wel, that’s a fitting end for a miserable game….Fatso gets a shutout, Clarkson with the GWG..

  118. billybleedsblue on

    How many powerplay chances did we get tonight? Just curious…

    We gotta get back on track of stringing wins together…

    On the radio, Mister Maloney is calling the goalie interference a ‘hockey play’ but he says he can’t disagree with the call as that’s how that call has been going, and they (the refs) are being consistent. Mister Maloney’s a reasonable guy, I’m gonna trust his judgment on this one although I haven’t seen it…

  119. the more you see it, the more ridiculous that call was

    regardless, Rangers didn’t do enough to win the game

  120. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Torts emotion was priceless. Im growing to love this guy. He dont take carcillo from nobody.

  121. correct call. Probably not a penalty, but definitely not a goal. No way Gaborik would’ve stopped on his own, was barely pushed.

    First non-contest post in months, let’s see what y’all think :)

  122. billy, he’s probably right, too. best-case scenario in one of those collisions is that they wave off the goal but don’t call a penalty.

  123. Yev

    no it wasn’t legit. Gabby was being pushed into marty
    and Sam pointed out u can see snow from Gabby trying to stop
    his progress.


  124. Don’t look now, but the ghetto slug debbies aren’t that many points behind us….that’s 2 wins they’ve got from us in just a few days…

  125. Sorry, that was the right call. It sucks, but it was. If the same thing happened to Hank we’d be insanely pissed if they didn’t wave off the goal.
    Maybe this team should try and score on the powerplay once in awhile?

  126. also, Joe Michelletti needs to shut the (carcillo? Subban? What name is the f-bomb on this site?) up. That homer stuff is what bugs me when I watch other teams’ announcers, Rangers are supposed to be above such nonsense.

  127. the devils whole season turned around from the carom off the boards last tues night.

    havent looked back since.

    a real threat now along with pitt and phil for div title

  128. Tiki XLII XLVI on

    Fought til the end. Same warrior like attitude the team has shown all season. And it aint gonna change.

  129. They looked like the team from last year in this game…bad start…falling behind early and trying to comeback in the third. Good or bad call they have nobody to blame for this one but themselves.

  130. In all honesty, I don’t know if Gabby could have stopped from running into fatso even if he wasn’t shoved into the goalie, but we’ll never know, because he was definitely guided into fatso by Volchenkov..

  131. billybleedsblue on

    I believe “Byfuglien” is the f-bomb, although there are plenty of other alternatives…

  132. At the risk in inciting the ‘oh the sky is falling’ crowd and bringing out those who seem offended when anyone dares make a negative comment about the Rangers lately, gotta say this:

    If this game isn’t an indication of what this team needs to find, I dunno what is. Despite Idioletti’s gushing, Brodeur’s wasn’t really tested (how many times was he forced to make a 2nd save, despite lots of rebounds?); the Devils kept the Rangers to the perimeter most of the net and that’s what PO hockey will be all about.

    More upfront skill is needed. Not saying the wheels are about to come off – just saying I honestly don’t see a deep PO run with 1 premium winger and 1 semi-premium center.

  133. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    As i said on FB, you cannot continue to wait until the waning seconds of a game to do something. They have 59 minutes and 55 seconds to take care of business, and for 40 of those minutes, they were not good!

  134. As much as I hate losing to the Devils… the RANGERS are STILL in FIRST PLACE in the conference. And it’s only one loss, after a huge win over the Flyers. Everyone chill out and they’ll get ’em on Thursday.

  135. Either way, it shouldn’t have come down to that final play. We generated nothing for 2 periods, so you can’t expect to win like that.

  136. And IMO, that was a lousy call, but usually called that way – officials cannot see it in slow motion.

    Too bad the PP totally sucks….

  137. They won’t get the *Devils* on Thursday, Mickey – we dropped 2 games to them in a week….

  138. that’s a legit point, Jim.

    but watch how many players are going to be called garbage, and how many need to be traded in the next 24 hours here.

  139. Staal: I;m being nice because he was quite effective for the first 2 and 1/2 months…I have no idea what’s happened, but I maintain part of the problem is the lack of a top winger to play with.

  140. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    TRADE GABBY!!!!!!!! set Edchards on FIRE! TAR AND FEATHER TORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! take the c away from Cally and give it to faux gawd……. blah blah blad

  141. True, Jimbo. But there are other games against them this year.. and they;ve beaten up the Flyers this year, so… glass half full?

  142. So to me, how do you address that missing top 2 line winger?

    Is Chris Kreider the answer? If so, that’ll be next year….

    Is Zach Parise the answer? If so, that’ll be next year….

    Is Jeff Carter the answer? If so, well, what will he cost?

    Is Rick Nash the answer? If so, well what will HE cost?

    Is Alex Hemsky the answer? If so, go get him now!!! lol

  143. billybleedsblue on

    Fast forward a couple of months from now, “And Erik Christensen scores another power play goal, leading the league in all power play scoring in playing only 20 games!”

    hahaha, seriously though, is there any hope at all for the power play?

    Hank post-game says it should have been a goal. I think that’s easy for him to say from his end of the ice…

    The league is trying to protect the goalies, no?

    I missed the entire game, but it seems that if the game comes down to that play (the interference) than things didn’t go so great the rest of the game…


  144. The stanchion goal last week and then this fizzle-out at home tonight aren’t making me feel like a glass-half-full guy tonight, Mickey….and that miserable byfuglien Clarkson gets them both…galling, just galling…

  145. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    billy, i mentioned the curse of Judas earlier

    DJK, i’ve been coveting Mr. Weber for 3 years. don’t tease!

  146. I find the Kreider option the most exciting, but it’s probably the least likely (because he’ll need time, not because I think he’ll suck) – so I’ll go with the Parise option, although don’t be surprised if he ends up resigning with the Devils in the end.

  147. That was just one of those games that felt lost right from the get-go. Disappointing. Maybe it’ll act as a reminder that this team needs to come out hard every night, shift one.


  148. You can talk back’n forth whatever you want, but it is total bull-cookecarsilloclarke. Period!
    Not to say, that Rangers played their best game by any means. To begin with debbies goal itself, which was a square dance among stoned solders – 4(!) rangers were surrounding freaking smiling Joker, like a wax figures in Madame Tussauds museum. Damn, double trouble!

  149. Weber is the one thing that we absolutely, positively, have nothing even remotely resembling on our team.

  150. Carp: You’re obviously closer to the game than we are – is your Carter response based on what we all hear/read or are you more aware of the truth??

  151. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! February 7th, 2012 at 9:34 pm
    I believe I won the contest


    I think I got something to say aboot that! Go check out the last thread lol

  152. No, I don’t know him at all. Just going on how much the Flyers wanted to get rid of him … and now doesn’t he want out of Columbus? and don’t you think they don’t want him? Plus the contract. Plus it means no shot at Parise.

    Maybe 10-foot isn’t a long enough pole.

  153. PP needs to sit someone (Cally/AA/Feds) in front of the goal, in a mimic of Graves, then move a lot around him, and take a lot of shots. That is my ignorant opinion.

  154. Torts doesn’t say anything, except that they had a slow first half of the first period…..I think it lasted longer than that!

  155. And you know what? This makes me wanna puke to type it, but lately Brad Richards is reminding me so much of all those overpaid mercenaries signed to FAT contracts by first Neil Smith and then Glen Sather.

    That’s how bad he’s looked lately…

    He turns away from more potential hits (and I’m not talking about taking the guy thru the boards contact) in a period lately than scoring chances he’s involved in in an entire game.

    So recent retro Ranger it’s gives me the willies…

  156. blame the pp again. i dont want to hear any nonsense about they looked better its about results.

    another game with no pp goals

  157. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Jim, either Swebs or Suter, but not both. one of them will be available.

    Webs will command large coin IF and that’s a huge IF, SLats trades for him now. I’d think if Slats was working on something like that, he’d make sure he’d sign him to an extension so he’s not giving up a ton for a 2 month rental.

  158. Chris, that’s a good opinion, in my opinion. And I think the last two games the PP has started to get shots at the net with people in front. And often when the puck and player arrive, it’s not usually one of the guys with the best hands. Anisimov had a great PP chance in this game, and had the “non” goal at the end on what was essentially a PP.

  159. Carp: Mmmm…ok…was just curious. I get the hestitation, that’s for sure.

    But the upside, if he’s simply over sensitive and would respond in the right environment, is enormous and IMO, precisely the kind of player Richards needs.

    Big IF, I know…

  160. billybleedsblue on

    Linda, curse of Judas indeed.

    I say Sally should win and should take me to the game, *yeah!*

  161. As has been mentioned before tonight, maybe Richards is harboring some kind of injury…he sure looked better than he does now earlier in the season….

  162. >>Stan Fischler. Why is he allowed to even cover the Rangers?

    He’d probably sue MSG for age discrimination if they were to can him.

  163. Mister Delaware on

    Atleast two points stolen in two games against the Devils this month. Gross. New Jersey is the worst state.

  164. Well, we’ve seen that Richards can’t work with Gaborik, and now he can’t work with Callahan. Those are pretty good wingers. What’s to say he could work with another mercenary?

    Dru 2.0.

    Seriously, I said that on July 1, and only because I thought they were giving too much money for too many years for a very good, but definitely not great, player. But what if this is the player they have for the next 8+ years? Yikes.

  165. Anisimov with the only play of the game that made me relize he even plays for the Rangers and it gets waved off, lol.

  166. billybleedsblue on

    Stan Fischler is nice to have around for comic relief. If you stop taking him so seriously, it works.

  167. Carp: He’ll eventually be Reddened if that’s the case. Obviously, not for a couple of years in the least (unless the new agreement eliminates that ability).

  168. Jim (if you’re still around)

    i think people get on “negative comments”
    when the team is doing well

    it’s time like these when i’m just at a loss of what this team
    needs other than talent

    like i said tonight
    it looks similar to the team’s play back in october
    when we’d win some games, lose others
    but either way
    we looked like strangers who got together to
    play and happen to wear the same jersey
    lack of effort for most of game
    as in
    far far FAR
    from The Right Way

  169. Well, the Fishsticks beat Philthy in a shootout tonight – but that doesn’t make me feel any better, either….

  170. Evening all,

    Twenty games over .500

    33-11-4 since the 0-2-1 start

    And most of you react as if the Rangers record was the opposite

    Torts is right not to talk about the officials – especially after the Winter Classic

    Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong – like tonight

    And the coached spewed quite a bit of venom before he left the ice

    But that’s where it ends

    The Rangers will get their share of breaks as the season moves along

    They didn’t play well enough tonight over the course of 60 minutes to get the two points

    Stop your sobbing

  171. HageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, if your last paragraph is the reality, it’s gonna be a long 8 years and 5 months, that’s for sure!

    AAAW OLGA! i thought you were unblushable!! XO

    Gonna go work out my dark side sith angaaaaaaah now!

    We’ll get back on track Thursday! And don’t let the DD’s and NN’s and general asshats tear the place apart tomorrow!

    XO Heads!

  172. Richards has sucked ever since Olivia Munn dumped him.

    Short of getting St. Louis or Loui Eriksson I honestly don’t know who to put with him.

  173. NYR_FAN: Ooh…ouch. Well, maybe there will be a clause in the next agreement to get out of those silly contracts.

    Definitely could be a haunting contract in the years to come – Sather SUCKS!

  174. authorben: “Most of you react is if it’s the opposite”.

    Right – that’s as silly as those who call BB crap and call for 1/2 the team to be traded after a loss.

    Extremes work both ways….

  175. funny things is i thought that the
    allstar break was going to be good
    for this team because they’d get to rest
    their beat up bodies and come back fresh
    but instead
    they’ve gone back to the way they played
    at the beginning of the season.

  176. GySgt. Hartman on

    Rangers played a good game for 2 and 1/2 periods tonite. Marty played like Marty of old – we can’t win them all…

  177. GySgt. Hartman on

    Also, IMO its crap that the national felons league giants get a parade but our troops don’t? Total BS.

  178. I don’t know, jpg. They played pretty well in Newark (got a bad break), played pretty well in Buffalo. Played very well vs. the Flys Sunday. Didn’t think they played horribly tonight. Sure didn’t give up much.

  179. I’m not advocating the break-up of the GAS/GHS line, but I do think everyone was too quick to decide that Richards ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT PLAY with Gabby. I think at some point that deserves a longer, sustained look.

    I do think that Richards has had more significant goals already, despite his ghostly play, than Captain Clutch did during his entire tenure with the Rangers.

  180. Agreed, Chris. I thought it should have been made to work. But the coaches hates it, which I might speculate means that Richards didn’t like playing with Gaborik. But Gaborik has played great without Richards.

    and, yes, Richards has had some enormous moments for this team this year. But he’s been MIA for a while now. And I thought the contract was ridiculous before he signed it.

  181. Carp
    ok, i see your point but offensively it looks
    like they’ve regressed

    i guess when i talk about regressing to
    their days at beginning of the season
    i’m referring to how the team played at that time
    versus when they got their act together
    –the inability to pass to
    one another
    to do anything in the offensive zone for
    the majority of the game

    when things have gone good with this team
    they look involved rather than dumping
    the puck
    yet never having anyone to catch up to it.

    things like that.

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