Rangers-Flyers in review


I truly believe that these four wins over the Flyers won’t mean jack-squat if the Rangers wind up in a playoff series against them. It doesn’t work that way. But I also truly believe that the Rangers are better. And here’s the thing. The Flyers have more skill. The Rangers — can you believe this — are tougher.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from my story in The Journal News and on LoHud.com today:

The Rangers beat the archrival Philadelphia Flyers for the fourth time in four meetings this season, 5-2 at the Garden.

Beat them all over the ice. Beat them in a game of knuckles and stick-slashes, stitches and bandages and ice packs. Beat them in battles. Beat them in skill. Beat them in will. Had an enormous advantage in goal — what else is new?

OK, maybe that’s the bottom line. If you switched Henrik Lundqvist for Ilya Bryzgalov, maybe the Flyers win this game. Maybe.

But the East-leading Rangers, for all they did well, got a win they deserved. Again. When things got rough, even downright nasty, they thrived. Again.”

And this:

The thing is, the Flyers didn’t dress their muscle for the Winter Classic and lost to the Rangers that way, and Sunday went back to their blood-and-butter. The thing is, the Rangers are tougher — in the true sense — than the Flyers. And they also controlled most of the game tactically, at times pinning Philadelphia behind its own net with an aggressive forecheck.”


1) The head coach made a couple of interesting decisions. He reunited the GAS line, and that sure worked. And he dressed Stu Bickel, even though Steve Eminger was healthy and cleared. That worked out, too. Kid’s got some onions. Keep him here. He doesn’t have to play every night, he doesn’t have to play in third periods. But he’s an asset. No doubt about it.

2) Does it just make you laugh when you think of Henrik Lundqvist vs. Ilya Bryzgalov? Could there be a bigger edge in a bigger role than the one the Rangers have there? Lundqvist made some monstrous saves in this game.

3) Maybe Brandon Dubinsky needs to play the Flyers every night. Maybe they should hypnotize him and tell him it’s the Flyers every night.

4) Saw some signs of a Brad Richards return. Baby steps, I guess.

5) You could say the same for the power play. A few good moments. Not nearly enough. But baby steps.

6) Do you love the way this team plays? And the way it talks about the way it plays? And the way it understands that this is how it has to play? And the way it sticks to that?

7) I was thinking this while the Giants were celebrating that Lombardi Trophy (no comparison to Lord Stanley’s prize). A bad team can’t get into the playoffs and win a championship. But a good team that gets in can run the table. Though I think it’s a lot easier to win four football games than it is to win four best-of-sevens. I wouldn’t dream of calling these Rangers favorites for anything this spring, and if they don’t have much success at all, that’s typical of the sport in which they play. But I also wouldn’t be shocked if this team ends up near the finals, and even in the finals.

8) The Flyers obviously didn’t think they could outplay the Rangers, so they reverted to their old ways. That Sestito is a total clown with no ability, and I’ll be very interested to see how Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Soft Fines and Alleged Player Safety treat his hair-pulling. And if he did indeed intentionally scratch at Brandon Prust’s stitches, that’s plain disgusting and an example should be made of him.

9) Speaking of which … That Rinaldo, who was fined the max $2,500 each for two separate incidents Saturday against the Devils, got away with about three uncalled charging penalties. He got away with about eight minors overall, and the one time he did get called, the refs let him veer from the penalty box and go commit another uncalled penalty. They’ll probably retire No. 36 in Philly one day.

10) Back to the GAS line. Marian Gaborik has become a guy — I’ve said this before — who gets fired up when he gets hit. He took a big one yesterday, then scored that late goal at the end of the period. Derek Stepan and Artem Anisimov … same thing.

11) The grunt guys were sure incredible in this game. That includes, now, Dubinsky, Prust, Ruslan Fedotenko, Brian Boyle, John Mitchell (Mike Rupp’s hand was apparently too banged up for him to get too involved, but he played well). I always feel the need to point out some of the Boyle subtleties for some reason. There was a play along the wall. Jaromir Jagr had the puck and turned his gigantic backside so that Boyle couldn’t hit him. Boyle read which way Jagr would go, cut him off, and banged him cleanly into the wall.

12) I don’t even have to say how good The Captain was in this game, do I? Ditto for all the D-men … especially Michael Del Zotto, and Marc Staal in his best game of the season.

13) Now that football’s over, maybe some of New York might wake up and realize what’s going on at the World’s Most Famous.

My Three Rangers Stars (could have been about 18):
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Artem Anisimov.
3) Stu Bickel.

AP photos, above.





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  1. First?

    Very niceee win as it always is against that pile. It’ll be interesting to see how the standings look after the next 17 games….

    Got a feeling the cigar smoker will pull a couple of rabbits (deals) out of his hat in the next week or two…

  2. “Beat them all over the ice. Beat them in a game of knuckles and stick-slashes, stitches and bandages and ice packs. Beat them in battles. Beat them in skill. Beat them in will. ”

    Great writing Carp!

    Go Blue!!!

  3. I did actually think to myself during the third period: “I bet Flyers fans are saying that if the goalies were switched, the Flyers would be winning. They’d be wrong.”

    And I keep saying it, if the Flyers (or anyone else) want to fill their fourth line with no-talent lunkheads like Sestito and Rinaldo, then let them do it (Bickel or no Bickel). It makes their team appreciably worse.

  4. Great write up Carp! There is no doubt that the top teams have more talent than the rangers. But, this is a special bunch with a ton of that cliche.. CHEMISTRY!

    It is so beautiful that the Flyers spent 51 Million on Universe! He is a head case…

    Had so much fun at the Garden yesterday and that Prime rib sandwich..Smoky, with onion and pickles and au jus was delicious.. ;-)

  5. Philadelphia is nothing but a city full of knuckle dragging neanderthals. They DESERVE Bryzgalov.

  6. Funny listening to Flyer fans at the Garden say they feel safer here then in Philly .

    Cally’s grind up the boards in the third is why he is Captain.

    A LOT of teams had more talent than Boston last year.

    Missed who got the hat?? My vote would be Bickel!

  7. IF…the NYR make a move to get a player to make a cup run, this player better be made for games like this. I am not saying Iginla, but…

    Rupp? Now is he “fine” from his little slash he took from Boulton, or is that little whack just a convenient excuse? The Winter Classic alone will keep Rupp here, but…

    Anisimov’s value had a little spike yesterday. Your move Glen.

  8. “Funny listening to Flyer fans at the Garden say they feel safer here then in Philly .”

    Philly is like the Bangladesh of the USA. Would be better served as a National Landfill.

  9. CARP:

    as far as #13 goes….. Was just listening to Boomer and Carton talk about the Giants with Gov Chris Christie. As soon as Boomer and The Gov started talking about how much they love the Rangers this year.. Carton and his crew start in with the “Nobody cares about Hockey”.

    The Garden was PACKED yesterday on superbowl sunday! I am sick and tired of the NY Rangers being invisible. As soon as the parade ends what are they going to talk about? The Knicks? Pre-season baseball?????

    Well, at least there are some good podcasts out there for us hockey fans. I really enjoy “SNY NYmetro” with Chris Botta as well as “Holik on Hockey”

    CARP, have you ever thought of doing a podcast? I think you would be great at it!

  10. Good morning all! Yay, Stu with a star!!!LMAO at blood and butter…I am so tired….oh well, off to work…..later all!

  11. Johnny, MDZ got the hat.

    Great win yesterday! I noticed while watching how often during the course of any given game I hear Sam say, “(insert name here) stopped by McDonagh.”. He’s done a monster job shutting down the opponents’ top players night in and night out.

  12. Smartest move of 2012:

    I did not drink at the Super Bowl party. I feel GREAT!!!

    …oh, and Philly is a dump.

  13. I know it’s not the smartest move against a team with more skill, but I wish one of the Rangers would have targeted that sack of carcillo Rinaldo after they were up by 2 goals. Even if they would have taken an instigator penalty. I know the 2 pts are worth more but it would have been fun to see Prust or Bickel neat the p*ss out of him. Dirtiest player I’ve seen in awhile, would have made my day to see him missing his two front teeth.

    This team really has a good thing going, hope Sather can pull off a miracle and pick up a Doan / Smyth / Iginla / Suter without disturbing the chemistry too much.

    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  14. Getting Iginla now would be the equivalent of getting Larmer in the ’94 season Cw.

    I still think the most important player to get is Shea Weber.

  15. I do not endorse signing Iginla, but this cup run is gonna need a Lucic/Iginla/Doan type to get thru Phillthy, Boston, Pitt. in a best of 7 series.

  16. great eval. rangers as tough as any team in hockey in a good way.

    who could imagine that??


  17. One Iginla/Lucic/Doan type player wont make a difference against those teams. He’s just one guy. It’s all aboot team toughness. We can go 7 games with Philly and Pissburgh. Boston, I’m not sure yet. Can’t come to any conclusions based on one game.

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Every time there is a battle for the puck along the boards that involves 3-4 players, Rangers would emerge with the possession. That is what this team has become. Gaborik is also turning into one of the better two-way skilled player, something that Jagr could never accomplish. He wasn’t doing it in Minnesota even though Lemaire was his coach.

    One more little detail: the way it looks now Philadelphia might be the main challenge to NY in terms of winning Atlantic. Well, yesterday the Rangers made sure that they have an important tiebreaker should they end up with similar amount of points and games won.

  19. Taking today off was the smartest thing i have ever done!


    This could be a *great* year for NY sports.

  20. Even if that piece of carcillo Craig Carton loved the Rangers, I still wouldn’t be able to listen to him. Absolutely the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. How did he end up on RADIO???

  21. I agree with you ORR! Perhaps the hockey historians will wonder how the Rangers won the cup with this hard working, well-coached teach without an Iginla or a Doan. I believe in them. That doesn’t rule out a trade, but don’t think it is essential. Their acquisition of (some defenseman from a Canadian team) didn’t seem to help much last year.

  22. Laviolette was heard after the game saying…………

    “The Universe is so humungous big, right? But, my team, you know, like, and you see it and it is so small. You can’t even see it, our galaxy is like huge, but our city is like small, tiny. So with so much room and space, HOW THE #### DID BRYZGALOV WIND UP HERE?

    You think, you some problems here in NY? Dubinsky not scoring, Sauer has boo boo, can’t get rid of Wolski? These problems are nothing. Just be happy. Don?t worry, be happy right now.”

  23. Good morning, Carp! BTW, you forgot to add: “We can beat them in a park. We can beat them in the dark. We can beat them on a train. We can beat them in a plane. We can beat them here or there. We can beat them ANYWHERE.”

    Lips Mcgee! BAHAHAHAHA!

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Remote post from Indy…what a game! Coach Tom, Easy E, J Tuck gave us one for the ages.

    Patsies lose again and Bellicheat and the Brady Bunch are done. Brady blaming Welker on his horrible pass, real classy Tom. Welker and pasties come up short

    Aha, aha, boom!!

  25. Rangers – Flyers in review? HUH? Not Giants – Patriots? ;P

    Great review (as always!), Carp! We pretty much beat the dirty flys at everything! I hate that team!


  26. Michael Biehn? Yeah the rest of his career he became known as one of those actors that dies in just about every role he’s in.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Orr – Tom Brady’s v Eli Manning in Super Bowls….prust saying

    Time for you to shut your pie hole, pull up your pants and get a job

  28. C3, that’s hilarious! The Sedins/Cricket from It’s Always Sunny… perfect! Gomez actually *almost* scored last night – 8 min shy from his 1 year anniversary.

  29. “Show Me the Money…Scott Gomez has been paid $7,821,296.10 USD by the Montreal Canadiens since his last goal.”


  30. Carp, always love to read your re-cap, especially now when, as a TWC subscriber waiting for my FIOS install (more on that at a later time). I will have to disagree on the Lohud summary of the game. As tough and gritty as we are we did not control the entire game. In fact, prior to Gabby’s gritty goal, there were more odd-man rushes against us in the second half of the 2nd period then we have had in the last month.

    Fortunately for us and where our KEY advantage lies is the obvious superiority in net. Torts has built the team identity since our struggles early last season around our main asset, The King. We have only been a puck possession team in spurts this year – December dominance of the GAS line and the occasions when the Boyle line block the sun against outwieghed opposition. Otherwise our ability to bend and not break and be bailed out between the pipes while we find a way to score dirty is the way we’ve done it with no excuses.
    We will continue to do well as long as: 1) the goaltending stays healthy (pray), and 2) we keep to the gritty team identity. I am not for bringing in anything that will alter this chemistry because the team we’ll wind up with is a dime a dozen.

    Some quick comments on the lyer Comcast feed I was watching: 1) At times ‘Coatsey’ and Jim Jackson were more interested in their teams fighting ability than possibly winning the game. I guess when things are not going well you need to push your supposed strength, 2) after whining about the non-Ranger penalties (I agreed on a bunch) they gave up since it is a nightly game as to what will be called and wha will be ignored.

    One last thing, Carp you truly have rose-colored glasses on when you think our PP is looking better. The ONLY reason might be because it can’t get any worse. Picking assignments and players out of a hat might work better. Bringing is a PP messiah is not going to help if the rest of the PP skaters continue to look defeated before they step out on the ice.

  31. >>Bryzgalov is a nightmare…

    I’d pay money to have MSG play The Beatles’ “Across The Universe” next time he’s here.

  32. As for #13, the only thing some New Yorkers (and pretty much all of the non-hockey media) are going to realize what is going on at MSG is to see just how much a trainwreck the Knicks are. They have become the pre-lockout version of the Rangers – all flash and no substance.

  33. The only parade I want to see in new York is in June. Not this fortunate and lucky giant team. Hate them.

  34. Exactly, Eric. That’s why I don’t root for any other NY team. I only want to see NYR have success. Fugg the Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Isles, Knickerbockers [especially], Red Bulls, or any other NY team I’m missing.

    Well, I don’t care aboot the Red Bulls. Not like anybody really gives a crap aboot the MLS anyway.

  35. ulfie, I said they controlled most of the game tactically. don’t put words in my mouth. and, if you can take your fan hat off for a moment (are you one of those guys who yells “shoot” during PPs) you might see that they created some chances and moved the puck pretty well on a couple of PPs yesterday. I didn’t say they were great or even good or even mediocre. just a little better.

  36. Still think and will continue to say so the rangers need to avoid being in a 4 vs 5 matchup against the penguins. It is imperative they hold off philly pens debs and take this division.

    If we were to lose Div I would rather Pitt win it and play Phil or devils.

  37. As soon as Dubi got in the fight I told everyone that he would score a goal in the game.

    It is often the case with him.

    We keep rolling. Now it gets tough with a ton of games. We have a few games in hand on a lot of the teams, I am sure we will catch up soon.


  38. Carp, glad you had the courtesy to ask how big my fan hat is rather than tell me. No, I don’t yell ‘shoot’ during the PP, but I sometimes will mention the word ‘decline’ since the recent wasting of 2 minutes is the worst I have seen it in my close to 50 years of watching.

  39. No more football…no baseball…anyone want to bet that thru 2/28 Knicks are on the back of the Post more than your First Place New York Rangers. Makes me want to puke.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Giants are lucky, very lucky, I guess Better to be lucky than good. See you at the parade Eeyore, not!

    “That exactly why I don’t root for other NY teams” – makes no sense, but consider the source.

  41. Do the Mets pitchers and catchers actually have to report Carp? Do they have to show up for this season (or the next few afterwards) at all?

  42. If we can get Mark Janssens, Jody Hull, Bob Frose, Troy Mallette and Chris Nilan to all come out of retirement–we’re so set. Cup delivered–post haste!

  43. 6 sets of back to backs left to play this season. The March compressed schedule is worse than the tour around the world to start the season.

  44. I think it’s funny when hockey analysis does the “if they switched goalies” comparison. Brooks did it today. As if goaltending is an accident or outside of team design. No one is ever like “if they had one another’s top scorers, the outcome would have been different.” The Rangers have great goaltending (including Biron) and design a style of play and a system that relies on that. Good on ’em.

  45. Carp-what is the “mainstream media’s” aversion towards hockey? Why do I get the feeling that the media feels that hockey is beneath them, but they will all jump on the bandwagon if the Rangers go on a deep run?

  46. Not looking to shill here, but . . . .Made the decision a couple of weeks ago to switch to FIOS from Time Warner regardless of the whether the current situation with MSG gets resolved or not. Only problem I had was getting a 4 hour time slot (only can do it on Saturday) to complete the install in my FIOS ready building. Couple of my buddies have made the switch and are extremely happy with the results.

    For a comparable product (triple play and extra channels – HBO / Cinemax, Extreme channel includes NHL channel) I will be saving close to $50 per month. Until then it’s low quality computer streams from Europe hooked up to my 40″ HDTV with an HDMI cable. The only good thing about them is practically no commercials.

    Caught a long Carl Hagelin interview (at least 10 minutes) in Swedish during the Flyers game. Looked fascinating but all I could gather from it were isolated words (John Mitchell, Zuccarello, Thanksgiving, turkey, Hartford)

  47. that’s a pretty deep question, ANF. Got a couple of hours?

    short version: media equates TV ratings with popularity. NHL’s is still minute and always will be.

    also, media gauges hype, then jumps on the bandwagon. So, yes, when they start advancing in the playoffs, newspapers will again discover hockey.

  48. “One Iginla/Lucic/Doan type player wont make a difference against those teams. He’s just one guy. It’s all aboot team toughness. We can go 7 games with Philly and Pissburgh. Boston, I’m not sure yet. Can’t come to any conclusions based on one game.”

    That is why I prefaced my comment in a capital “IF”. And I never implied that those players were more important/necessary that the existing group and their success.

    Which begs the question: At this pace, are the NYR obligated to add a significant player for the cup run?

    Remember Hank’s, Gabby’s, and Brad Richard’s age.

  49. Chris, I didn’t say it was an accident … more to the point, I inferred, as usual, that Philly once again has screwed up the most important position on the ice. Because that’s a really good team over there.

  50. Thanks Carp!

    Just think, the league is “bigger” and more “popular” now than it was ten years ago and the “coverage” we see today is an “improvement” that is telling right there.

  51. When I was covering the team, every newspaper had a beat guy/gal who traveled to every game. The NY papers also traveled with the Isles and Devils. No more. My paper doesn’t cover it like a beat, either. If it wasn’t for the blog, we might not cover the Rangers at all … but things are different now. We don’t cover the Mets, Giants, Jets or Knicks on a daily basis, either. Just the Yankees.

  52. >>what is the “mainstream media’s” aversion towards hockey?

    Perceived popularity drives everything that mainstream media does. Hockey and football [the real kind] are not popular amongst Americans; so they get next to no coverage.
    Instead of complaining about it, I avoid those papers, web sites, TV and radio stations that do not cater to my interest. I know where to get my hockey news and games; I don’t care if the local newscast shows a ten second highlight.

  53. Carp, when Hank surpasses Eddie’s 49 career shutout mark, does that mean Hank’s #30 will hang from the rafters (upon his retirement, of course) despite what else might happen in his career?

  54. I remember, Carp. In fact, I watched the “Oh Baby” documentary the other day (yes, I could use a better hobby) and was astounded to see the amount of media that covered the Ranger-Devil Conf final.

  55. Marji, he might have to win something first. And I say that with all respect for Lundqvist. Giacomin played in the finals and won Vezina trophies and went to the Hall of Fame before his number went up.

    I don’t think the shutout record puts him in the rafters.

  56. LOL @ long in the tooth!

    If nothing else, maybe surpassing Richter as an all time winningest NYR goalie help Hank’s jersey go up to the rafters.

  57. I guess this is the time of year Carp’s theory (of wanting to cover a really good team or a really bad team) will come into play regarding who gets more coverage. I say Knicks get more coverage 1, because they are stinking it up, and 2 its the NBA vs NHl…no brainer who get more coverage.

  58. Carp, while you may not cover the Rangers like in the past…you do an awesome job here. I don’t just say that. I go on lots of hockey sites/Ranger sites….nothing compares. Your reviews are something I look forward to after every game. The “commenting” community makes Ranger hockey that much better.
    I don’t just say this to toot your horn, get on your “good” side or ~massage your Bickels~ …lol…I mean it

  59. The March/April schedule is clearly pretty brutal, but I’m not sure the Rangers are at a competitive disadvantage.

    When it came up before on here, I looked at the Bruins’ schedule and it was pretty much the same (if not slightly worse) in terms of number of games and back-to-backs. Without checking, I suspect it’s similar for most rivals. Maybe not the Senators, who play Game 82 on March 18.

  60. As I’ve said it time and again, this team is a complete farce / tease/ whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

    Even CARP wrote that the other team “has more skill”. No $hit. Any EHL squad has more skill than this bunch of clowns.

    But you foolios keep on coming here to rant about how you’d “rather play the Devils than the Penguins” and all sorts of related nonsense. Save your fingers and stop typing because this amateur-hour collection of no-talents isn’t going to come close to sniffing Stanley. In fact,I’d be surprised it they snuck into the playoffs.

    Smoke-and-mirrors, ladies and ladies. That’s what the modus operanti is for these Disney characters. But you can go ahead and continue believing in that two-bit equals greatness.

    Myself? I know bush-league when I see bush-league. And I’ve seen it for 50 games now.

  61. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I didn’t have a horse n the race, so I kinda thought the super bowl was bleh, but good for all of youse who root for the giants! Did anyone else see madonna almost fall on the bleacher section of her skit?? (I can;t believe I just asked that question)

    carolina putting stewart on waivers apparently —>?

    I have been on dubi like white on rice all season, but he had some onions stepping up with sestito yesterday, good on him. His interview was also very very good IMHO!!


    thanks for yet another stellar review!

  62. Interesting note, the Rangers and Bruins are about even in terms of their records at home and on the road. Detroit on the other hand is 20-2-1 at home, but 15-14-1 on the road and St. Louis is 22-3-4 at home and a terrible 8-11-3 on the road.

    The other Western playoff teams don’t have great road records either, but the Eastern teams have road records that are all over .500. Makes be believe that a team from the East will win this year.

  63. I’ve been trying to figure Miami Pimp for a while now and the best I can come up with is that he is here for what old time film producers used to call “comedy relief”
    which usually amounted to a segment of assinity as the audience drew a relief breath. Yeah…that’s about it..because there is nothing there that remotely approaches an intellectual or even rational commentary or opinion. Yep…comedy relief. I can relax now and stop trying to make sense out of nonsense.

  64. Another random fact (courtesy of NHL.com this time), the Rangers are in a stretch where they aren’t leaving the Eastern Time Zone for 36 straight games. That will end on March 9th when they go to Chicago.

  65. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    miami intentionally is bush league in a routine that some of us are aware of and greatly appreciate in order for our rangers to continually be successful.

    The actual deep down inner story to how it all began is far above my pay grade however!!!

  66. there is no “inner story” … I truly believe this team is complete and utter garbage

    CARP knows it all too well. He just offers your carrots like “this team is tough” to keep you reading and blogging.

  67. fran, i was thinking that it might have started as a one time bit of satire by a dedicated NYR fan but as the Rangers continued to roll he figured somehow this is working i better stay with it…???

  68. With some time on my hands today, here’s a look at the (potentially) top eastern conf teams and their schedules starting March 1 through last regular season game in April:

    TEAM Games BtB
    Rangers 21 4
    Bruins 21 4
    Flyers 20 3
    Devils* 20 3
    Panthers * 20 4
    Pens 19 4
    Caps* 19 3
    Leafs* 18 4
    Bolts* 19 3
    Senators* 17 3
    Jets* 17 3

    * – potential Ranger 1st round plauoff opponent, of course without a major collapse, heh, heh

    Don’t really see a significant advantage in fighting for a seed. All the teams that have a shotl will be gasping for air and it will be trades and injuries that could make the difference.
    On the other hand some the the eastern conf bottom seeds maybe be slightly fresher but still I think the schedule will not be the biggest factor.

  69. No seriously… the Rangers are nothing without Miami. He is forbidden from changing his tune on this blog. Miami = monster.

  70. Unfortunately, Miami needs to stay here since he would not make it as a bad guy on the WWE. There you need a person everybody can truly believeably hate without any questions in order to be entertaining. Miami’s hyphens and bush-league generalizations are mostly a reminder that things could turn on a dime because it’s hockey. He’s not scary enough or I might not be paranoid enough to give it much thought.

    If he was truly a real villain / despot, you think he would still be able to post on this highly democratic blog?

  71. Another great victory for 3-0-5 … add that to the “Car Theft Capital” and “Worst Drivers” trophies.

  72. Was honored by a visit from “The Man” himself in section 112. The boy was pretty psyched with his brush with fame yesterday. Thanks Carp! Great seeing you. Keep up the great work here.
    You know one gripe I have about the chairs in the garden? You can’t pick them up and dance with them!

  73. Wicky, no joke I thought I saw you yesterday. You following me around again? THAT’S bush league.

  74. LMAO! Miami took it up a notch…

    I think I’m going to find my story about Miami that I seemingly have to repeat at least once in two weeks and bookmark it…..

  75. ‘you can’t beat us chant’ at msg was awesome yesterday.

    also, off topic…

    but with all these talks of Islanders moving to brooklyn, how about this proposal:

    -move Islanders to Hartford. Move Connecticut Whale ( would be renamed) to brooklyn. Would make more sense having the rangers farm team in town.

  76. Haha! Sorry, Miami. All this “please” and “thank you” business from you has been really distracting…

  77. loved the ‘you can’t beat us’chant from msg yesterday.

    off topic, but with all these talks of the islanders maybe moving to brooklyn, i have this proposal:
    move Islanders to Hartford, move Connecticut Whale (rename team) to brooklyn. Would make more sense having Rangers farm team so close.

  78. Connecticut isn’t a real state, therefore they don’t deserve a real sports team.

    Wait a sec, the Islanders aren’t a real sports team…

  79. Izzy – you don’t have a championship to celebrate, the team that you are a fan of does.

    Us Jets fans can enjoy knowing that our team celebrates the championship we like to call “Week 2”.

  80. I dunno

    I like having the the Isles here…give us something to watch when Rangers aren’t here (and there’s NO way I’ll follow the Devils. New Jersey? I’d rather Buffalo.

    A lot of folks seem to regard them as NY light, but they aren;t even a NY team. (Fishler etc.)

  81. thanks, Carp for pointing out the subtleties of Brian Boyle’s game. I am a fan of his hard work, and dedication.

    Congrats to Giants! Mario Manningham is from the same county as jpg and jpg’s sister’s Parents’ home.

  82. Mister Delaware on

    Is Scott Burnside at ESPN usually bad? Because this was his answer to a question about the Rangers and acquiring a top 6 forward …

    “I doubt if Glen Sather will give up anything from his everyday roster and certainly none of the top assets in Hartford. You’re right, this team has been very carefully constructed and no sense in disrupting that rebuild for a rental guy like Ales Hemsky etc.”

  83. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    I ummm, have no idea what you are talking about! Yesterday I was, well, ummmmm, busy doing some uhhh, stuff

    Move the fishies to KC, I’m all for it!

  84. “Now that football’s over, maybe some of New York might wake up and realize what’s going on at the World’s Most Famous.” Yeah, right. I wish! Some sort of back page recognition would be great. But now that football is over it’s time to wake baseball back up. YAWN.

    When is it bandwagon time? Now that the team is pretty much the best team in the NHL I don’t mind, bring ’em on!

  85. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    I will say this, the rangers organization has finally figured out how they need to get to the top of the east and stay there

    top 3 fighting major teams in the NHL

    New York Rangers 42
    Boston Bruins 39
    Philadelphia Flyers 38

  86. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! February 6th, 2012 at 2:33 pm
    Sally, you have to stop that!!

    Orr, I totally agree with y- WHOOPS I did it again!

  87. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    I can only imagine what rupp said to sestito after he left the penalty box to go to the lockerroom after the prust fight, but I bet it had a lot of expletives and a wait until my hand is healed in there somewhere!!

    Love the Rupp

  88. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE, Love the Rupp on

    you two are freaking me out, the blog of competitive agreement!

  89. Wicky, yeah. Whenever I agree with ORR it makes me worry the earth is going to stop spinning on its axis and we’re all going to be hurled into outer space. So…

    Hey you know who I think is the best player on the team right now? Dubinsky. Man is that guy consistent! …Consistently NOSE PICKING! Hahaha! No seriously though, he’s still 100% my favorite.

  90. Can anyone confirm if the Empire State Building will be festooned with orange crud during the Giants’ Superbowl parade to pay tribute to Semi Tostito’s avoidance of supplementary discipline?

  91. CARP:

    Hopefully I will meet you one of these days at a game. I did see you yesterday though! Got a great Xmas present from my wife I am now taking all of my VHS tapes and converting them to digital and saving on my external hard drive.

    I was going through my ton of ranger tapes. I taped every playoff game and all of the post game stuff after every game.

    I have a clip of none other than CARP predicting:

    RANGERS IN 7!!!!


    (Lynn Zinser also picked them in 7 right before CARP did) ;-)

  92. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    How could Shanny let that dirtbag get away with what he did to Prust ? So I guess now we will see more “girlie fighting” aka hair pulling . You truly disappoint me Shanny you have no guts!!!

  93. So what was Shanahan’s explanation? Not a repeat offender? As in he never pulled anyone’s hair before? Prust doesn’t have that much hair left anyways? He didn’t pull it hard enough? What’s next: scratching up someone’s face or spitting in someone’s face?

  94. Prust should shave his head next time they play the Flys. Though Tostito will probably be back riding the bus by then.

    Sally, forgot to mention earlier, I will not beat them here or there, I will not beat them anywhere. … I do not like them, Sam I Am.

  95. Afternoon all,

    Carp – you’re so right about the Flyers.

    They are a supremely talented team with absolutely no goaltending.

    I’m sure Mr. Holmgren would unload The Universe’s contract in a microsecond if he could.
    It appears that he has made a 9-year, $50 million mistake.

    A cruddy goalie for the Orange Crud.

  96. Not so long ago someone mentioned the name Wellwood as someone the Rangers should be looking at

    ….uh…..I dunno. Did he ever play for the Leafs and is his first name Kyle? I recall a guy with this name on the Leafs a few seasons ago, and he looked quick but ah, not overly effective. And I do believe that when he took his helmet off, I thought he looked like a 16 year old girl. Maybe a brother? But I wonder…………………

  97. The talk was about Kyle Wellwood, Fran…He does look young. He is a smallish center, not sure how he can help the Rangers. He currently is playing for -Atlanta- errr Winnipeg.

  98. Wellwood is not Rangers material.

    Too small.
    Too soft.

    How could he possibly withstand seven-game Stanley Cup death matches agains teams such as the Penguins, Bruins and Orange Crud?

  99. Talking to flyer fans they are resigned that the NYR are better and want no part of us. What a great feeling and they envy Hank.”……… Actually I think the whole league is looking at Hank that way. Nice

  100. What a glorious day! I think this smile will be on my face for at least the next 6 months, then another 3 months after the Rangers hoist the Cup!

  101. If Prust can’t take a little hair pulling–he’s a wuss. Also, why aren’t there more Youngblood style hockey jousts in the NHL? The people involved with that movie really knew hockey.

  102. I really cant wait to enjoy The Masters! To actually enjoy a sport and to hear the devastation in Jim Nantz’ voice!

  103. No to Kyle Wellfed. The tri-state area’s caterers have enough work to do on the west side if the Hudson.

  104. Good time to be a New Yorker !

    My ride on the 5 train from Fulton to Grand Central tonight and tomorrow’s ride downtown clusterByfuglien would leave me to believe otherwise. But hoist the Cup in June and I will forgive the MTA as long as they get me down to the Canyon of Heros then.

  105. Just got back from Delaware, where I almost got myself killed yesterday, watching Rangers-Philties game among their fans. What a pathetic, ugly bunch, totally deserving reflection of despicable team. After Rangers 4th goal, in a total silence I was screaming from the top of my lungs: “Eat this, morons. You’re done!” By some reason, the rest patrons were not enthusiastic at all. Too bad, idiots. I was more than willing to explain them more, but my son, who is twice my size, regrettably, grab me and forcefully put in a car, pitiful bastage. My only regret is that despite of more than enough of drinking, I still had shortage of saliva to spit in every drink and sistito’s face of that lowlife’s crowd.

  106. Now, on a lighter and pleasant note, after reading Blogfather’s post:

    You’re motivational speaker, Carp, and a good one. Your post is so good and encouraging, so emotionally charged (not your usual calm analyses), that I would let someone read it before every game and maybe even between periods at Rangers locker-room. At least it makes me proud and emotional because it is right in every letter. Kudos!

  107. Hey, Tiki!

    This Eberle is some player. I think I read/heard somewhere that he used to figure skate as a child, which would explain his skating skills of today.

  108. oilers need a dman to this young forward group

    should move gagner for some d

    ryan smyth for tim erixon

  109. Edmonton (if season ended today) is looking at the #3 overall pick for the 2012 draft….unreal…So many top picks in that org! Will they finally draft a d-man?

  110. nyr fan

    not saying i would do the deal either but if you dont give up someone from current roster then edmonton would want a d man. who besides erixon down there would they want.

  111. You guys know hockey’s a glorified niche sport, right? Obviously I love the hell out of it and it’s awesome, but you can’t really expect it to demand the type of popular or media attention of baseball, basketball, or football. At least you can’t until a heck of lot more kids have access to playing hockey regularly. It’s hard to get into a sport you can’t relate to at all. Or, it’s a lot easier to follow a game you have played.

  112. Why not Valentenko? I feel like he’s a decent moveable piece that wouldn’t leave a gaping hole in the Whale as a club or in the organization, as part of a package. But I don’t really know.

  113. Every time I think of the Knicks I have to think of the loss to the Houston Rockets with john starks’ epic choke….i despise the knicks so much that i was rooting for the rockets that day…was a wonderful celebration….thank you rockets for destroying knicks’ fans dreams that day.

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