Super Saturday


… or, not so Super. This three-day break seems longer, doesn’t it? But we won’t be bored after this. Starting tomorrow, games every other night, seven in 12 days. Then two days off, followed by five games in nine days. Then two days off and a ridiculous 17 games in 30 days in March.


It is now official. Congratulations to our friend Koy for winning the ticket contest. We will have another contest soon, maybe as early as Tuesday’s rematch with the Devils.


The Rangers never officially announced the Erik Christensen trade yesterday. Just sayin.’


Sources tell me that, with the Winter Classic rematch tomorrow, the Empire State Building will be lit in Orange Crud tonight, to honor Ed Snider, Comcast, ankle-breaking Bobby Clarke and the rest of the Bullies. With the full approval of the NHL, of course. Then, to celebrate the Super Bowl tomorrow, it will be lit in Orange Crud, to honor Ed Snider, Comcast, ankle-breaking Bobby Clarke and the rest of the Bullies. With the full approval of the NHL again, of course.


Also, tomorrow we’ll do the whole nine yards with the game against the Flys — a 1 p.m. start. Pre-game through post-game. Then, if you like, we’ll have a Super Bowl “It’s Go Time!” as we did last year, for any Boneheads who want to watch the game together. Who wants to bring the chicken wings and the little hot dogs?



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  1. Morrow injured again, Smyth refusing to waive NTC to come to NYR, and the first of the dominoes to fall with the EC mercy killing?

    Zach Parise will be a NYR July 1st.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Tomorrow sounds great.

    Can the website be revamped for the day, say to an orange based color scheme?

  3. Cw: I gotta believe that Parise has been in the Rangers’ plans since the minute it became obvious that the Devils couldn’t keep him. Torts coached him on the US Olympic team.

    Which means any forward we trade for will be a rental.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’ll watch Super Bowl with you. That’ll be the only football game I’d watch all year. I promised Tiki I’d root for Giants, so now I have to. I’d need some rules clarification during the game though, lol….

  5. Great day tomorrow.
    get to beat a team from Philthy and Boston in the same day.

    Jints 28 Pats 24

  6. Please Slats go on vacation. Get Kreider up here to play with StepChild and Gabi. Keep Pruster/Boyle/Feds as insurance. Then pair up Haggy and Cally for the 2nd line and Mitchell and Richards and see who sticks out of Aasen, Rupp, Artie, Dubi. 4 players for 2 spots. But please give up no one for any aging rentals. The youth has got us this far. It has been built, Parise will come.
    Give me that spatula! Im back baby!

  7. Anybody see this relapse about Josh Hamilton? I know it’s baseball and all but jeeez.

    A few drinks out is considered a Relapse? What does that make everyone else’s life about. As a great man once said, “You call them hangovers. I just call them ‘mornings’.”

    How did his teammates feel about it? You know, the guys that were forced to have a “dry” celebration upon reaching the World Series because of his troubles.

  8. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Happy Saturday ‘Heads!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! huge sports day tomorrow! Not because it’s also Super Bowl Sunday, but because the Giants are in it. If it was any other team, I’d not be watching until the last 5 minutes, like last years.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed that Cryin Ryan won’t waive his no trade clause.

  9. I love how its just assumed that Chris Kreider is NHL ready right now. Can we at least see him practice with professional hockey players first?

  10. Good morning all! Wow, work has kept me out of the loop….thank heavens TOMORROW’S GAME IS AT 1 P.M. :)

    jpg, lol

  11. The only way Tortorella will let Kreider play is if the Rangers clinch #1 in the East with games remaining and guys like Girardi, McDonagh, Gaborik, Callahan and Richards get time off…

    There is no chance that Tortorella is gonna let some college kid with zero pro experience get minutes in the playoffs or the final stretch of the regular season, let alone play a top 6 role… He is going to the AHL if he even turns pro before the season ends…

  12. Kreider Watch:

    Monday 2/6 8pm- BC vs. Northeastern Beanpot-TV-NESN.
    There must be a link out there somewhere.

    Friday 2/10 4:30pm or 7:30pm at Vermont TV-NBCSN.

    If BC wins the Monday 2/6 game then:Monday 2/13 4:30pm or 7:30pm vs. Harvard or Boston University Beanpot TV-NESN
    Again, link needed.

  13. I doubt they’d start Kreider’s pro contract clock ticking for the sake of a couple of meaningless regular-season games this year.

    Good morning, Sally!

  14. Hey guys – what time is the game tomorrow? Do the Rangers play tomorrow? Who starts? Is Ruslan Fedotenko a Ranger yet!?

  15. Zach Parise’s short list includes what team will give him the most guaranteed money. That’s about it…

  16. Derek Stepan 08/09: 40games 9G 24A, 09/10: 41games 12G 42A
    Chris Kreider 10/11: 32games 11G 13A, 11/12: 27games 16G 14A
    Stepan made a pretty smooth transition and Kreider has 50pounds and 3inches on Stepan. Prust Sayin. Unless Don Maloney is going to hand over Doan for Wolski, Bickel and 4 rounder, stay pat with what is already is here. IMO
    “I take an eye test, flunk it, next thing you know im swinging to the sweet sounds of RISK MANAGEMENT”

  17. Stepan also had a full training camp to evaluate his skill and NHL readiness and was “fortunate” that Drury had to start the season on the shelf.

  18. $21,507,223

    That’s how much Cap space Minny has going into next season….they can easily fit him…I can see Lou Lam making a splash on draft day and trading Zach to the Wild…

  19. Alec Berg

    Derek Stepan also EARNED a spot due to his play in training camp and in preseason games. Not to mention he’s had a much more productive NCAA career.

    I’m not saying Kreider wont make the team out of camp but its silly to think John Tortorella of all people is going to put some kid in the lineup he’s never evaluated or probably even seen in a live game before when we are in the thick of a playoff race.

  20. and as Carp said, the Rangers wont start his clock now and lose a year of him at his entry level contract…

  21. How about Chico coming right out of the gate and calling it “a nice goaltending matchup: Bobrovsky vs. Hedberg” … Huh?

    Note that Flys have both Shelley and Sestito back in the lineup (they scratched both in the Winter Classic) … which I’d guess means Bickel plays tomorrow, especially with Rupp’s hand less than 100 percent.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on


    Kreider has already played against pro in WC’s. There have been plenty of players that have jumped right from college and into the pros and playoffs. Rob Blake, Kelly Miller, just to name a few. Kreider is NHL ready. He would right now be the teams 5-6 best forward.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on


    The bottom line is that team doesn’t have enough offense and absent a trade for a Ryan,Nash type of player, the only rental that may work is Iginla. But I would not trade the pieces that it would take to get him here. Absent that, no rental would have any impact here. That said, Kreider becomes the only viable option. As for what Carp said about starting the clock. I don’t think Dolan cares so much about that. Money is not a issue with him. Winning is.

  24. Why do they call it Madison Square Garden? The building is round, the puck is round… they should call it Madison Round Garden.

  25. >>How about Chico coming right out of the gate and calling it “a nice goaltending matchup:

    You did say he was a good goalie and a great guy. Are you questioning his judgement?

  26. >>Why do they call it Madison Square Garden? The building is round, the puck is round…

    What shape is Herald Square?

  27. hopefully the flyers give every last bit of energy to try and come back today and spend it all so they have nothing left in the tank when they play the rangers tomorrow. It also could go the other way. The flyers could be nasty tomorrow and take there frustration out on the rangers which could lead to a nasty game.

  28. Chico pads were to small to be a decent goalie.
    Hartnell manning up against….Ellias?? Or who was that.

  29. I bet you could get in a Rangers in 60 during halftime of the “big game” tomorrow.
    These Latkes are going like hotcakes!

  30. most likely the flyers head coach will rest his better players in the third period for the game tomorrow against the rangers and tomorrow’s game is going to be ugly. The flyers are going to play nasty tomorrow. Hopefully none of the rangers players get hurt.

  31. Czech, money isn’t the point. You start a kid’s career with just a few games and his entry-level contract begins … which could mean he becomes a UFA a year earlier, or you have to offer arbitration a year earlier, and of that crap.

    Johnny, I love jokes you don’t have to think too much about. Like the shopping cart with one bad wheel.

  32. Czechthemout!!!

    yes and how many players in that tournament were good enough to crack this Rangers lineup? Remember Stepan was one of the best players on that USA team.

    Should I also point out that Kreider did well against teams like Austria, Norway and France but when it came to the games against Sweden, Canada, Switzerland and the Czech Republic he was held without a SOG in all of them except one. Not to mention he has had a very inconsistent career.

    There is a reason he went back to BC last season, he needs work and I highly doubt he would do anything and would likely be overmatched if he were up here come playoff time…

  33. BANJ, I usually watch the Beanpot at alumni viewing parties in the city, but may not be able to this year, so yeah, I’d like a link too. Especially bummed I will likely miss the final, which I know BU will win!!!!! (Sorry Kreider. I can still love you, like BB, even though your school choices are questionable)

  34. iDoodie machetto on

    I had a dream last night we traded for Jamie Benn. I was very happy. Too bad that couldn’t happen in reality

  35. Perhaps I’m wrong, though doubtful, but I thought one of the reasons Kreider stayed is because he also just wanted to finish school…shocking decision! Hey, I may hate them as a rival, but it’s not bad earning a BC degree.

  36. Very torn here. Would hate for Debs to get another win, but also hate Flys to get such a comeback…can we hope for a skills comp?

  37. I’m glad the flyers have come back, hopefully they used all there mental and physical energy and won’t have much left when they play the rangers tomorrow.

  38. tomg, I generally hate afternoon games, but in that vein, I’m thankful for one tomorrow :) Wonder who will be in goal against us???

  39. did I seriously just hear “defensive defensemen.” ? wow, that is tremendously tremendous

  40. that’s kinda what I figured…..

    here’s a question for the stat/google pros…when was the last time each team had a back-up goalie v. back-up? has it ever?

  41. I’d reckon it happens more often than we’d think, Mama.. couldn’t say for sure, however.

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    Good job man

  43. Biron and Enroth went at it earlier this season in Buffalo, didn’t they? Although that may have been due to Miller’s injury. Or I could be entirely wrong.

  44. Is Jim Ramsay a doctor? Or has he just been a trainer so long he’s given the decision on when a player can suit up?

  45. Think the Flys will be up for tomorrow’s game, what with them getting beat today and humiliated at the WC?

  46. Chris, the Rangers have a team of doctors, and Jim Ramsay is one of the most respected athletic trainers in sports … was on Team Canada’s staff for the Olympics.

    Tony, I’m there. Any macaroni being served?

    Bobrvosky started today and got his doors blown in. So I’m pretty sure we’ll see Bryzgalov tomorrow. Vs. Lundqvist.

  47. Dear Lord, let the Rangers beat the Flyers & the Giants win the SUPER BOWL & I’ll never do anything bad again !
    This time I promise …. really, I promise !

  48. Mickey, haha I love it!

    Tony, I just assumed that your house was pants-optional all the time. Tomorrow’s a big day!

  49. Pants-less fans win!!!! Who’s wearing only tops tomorrow?

    Dang, Tony, no good flights in time……

  50. Carp,

    I knew he was the man. Just wondered if he was also a doc. I feel like he has a certain Josh Thompson age thing going on.

  51. Sally! I know it’s early, but I worked 11 hours yesterday…oh yes I did!! therefore….niters! Must be awake for the game tomorrow…I think it’s at 1……yawn……

    Carp, never challenge Tony, oh yikes, he will deliver……

  52. ha! a wicky…clutterhartnell or clusterbuck….potayto or potahto….it’s all the same carcillo…..

  53. Thank you, Sally!

    I can be pants-less tomorrow since it will only be me, myself and I in my apartment the entire day. I’m not leaving for once second.

  54. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Three things to point out…

    That was some kind of cheap carcillo slew foot by the flyer guy!!!

    Bieksa=beast (still love to have him as a ranger)

    Orpik’s hit HAS to be hit of the year…AWESOME!!!

  55. See, in this world there’s two kinds of people my friend those with loaded guns and those who dig…. you dig.

  56. There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window.

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